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arnosa day ago
bro... bro... bayek having the memory of his son with him every moment of his quest for justice. bayek not wanting to complete his journey of revenge because he doesn't want to let go of khemu's memory. arno being haunted by 茅lise's memory and refusing to let go of this pain that's left him so cold and cynical until l茅on shows up because it would mean letting go of her. altair seeing, hearing maria in his final moments in the library, her memory being one of the last things on his mind before death. eivor choosing the memory of her parents over glory and wisdom despite the fact that she doesn't even have them anymore. the way ezio's pain stays with desmond after he leaves the animus. basim waiting to get the bleeding effect as soon as he gets in the animus and having that smile on his face after he saw eivor giving him that familiar smirk. 鈥淢emory invites itself, and is hard to turn away."
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clown-of-konohaa day ago
Baby girl you wouldn鈥檛 begin to fathom the trauma my f*ther bestowed on to me
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jspooky2 days ago
teyo, while very much so an otherworldly entity, and one of very high standing and importance, doesn鈥檛 have anything in the way of actual offensive abilities. he can鈥檛 curse you, he can鈥檛 summon anything, he doesn鈥檛 have another form 鈥 he鈥檚 definitely someone of morally gray standing, due to his obligations to the council and his role as an observer rather than a mediator / action - taker, and because of this he will act as his intuition wills him to, but, like. all he has are his hands. his body. if he punched you, it would just feel like a regular guy punching you 鈥 maybe with some more bone to it, but you get the gist. teyo doesn鈥檛 have the pomp and swagger that comes with being an eldritch and immortal entity; if he didn鈥檛 look the way he did, you honestly just wouldn鈥檛 know he was something inherently other.
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sirpepperston3 days ago
I had a dream last night where I was hanging out at jermas house playing this really weird video game I didn't understand but he knew it perfectly and we were just chilling and then he started streaming out of no where and I just went with it. upon waking up I think i was just this dog
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r2danger23 days ago
Love how we all have this communal set of AUs in the Star Wars community centered around Anakin, like - the AU where Anakin doesn鈥檛 turn to the dark side and the Empire never happens, the AU where Anakin doesn鈥檛 turn to the dark side but empire still happens, the AU where Anakin turns evil but Padme doesn鈥檛 die, the AU where Anakin is Darth Vader but without the suit, the AU where -
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needsmustleap3 days ago
i'll be on tumblr doing tumblr things and my bitch brain will be like "wooowwww stop stop what are you even doing, idek what you're trying to accomplish" and like excuse me???? wtf do you mean "accomplish"???? this is tumblr. please calm down
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matteoamiras5 days ago
Head cannon on how iggy is doing these days? If he and mickey still talk?
i have this hilarious image of iggy on a beach somewhere sipping a pina colada like, picture this: iggy goes down to mexico to find mick 鈥 cause terry let slip that was where he had headed, he's got this big idea that they're gonna be kings down there together, but when he arrives at one of mickey's old haunts (he had to ask around, it took a while to track down), he finds out his dumbass of a brother had got himself thrown back in prison. word on the street is he ratted, but iggy never really gets the details (not until he eventually goes back to chicago after a few years and holy shit mickey got married to gallagher and they live on the west side now?) 鈥 but, in the main he spends his days running drugs and drinking booze on the beach.
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jellophoid5 days ago
You asked for requests..? If its alright could i request Levi talking to Henry ? Maybe he's going on a rant or rambling about TSL?
Levi and Henry watching TSL for the millionth time
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bessonbae6 days ago
Mean It (C.B)
Hey guys! This is my first fanfic I鈥檒l posting here on the advice of #jonahlovescoffee. It鈥檚 based on the song聽鈥楳ean it鈥 by Gracie Abrams and heavily inspired by #randomlimelightxxx鈥檚 fanfic called聽鈥楲ong Sleeves鈥. I hope y鈥檃ll like it!! (Sorry for any mistakes)
Song lyrics: Bold and italics聽
Past memories: Italics
Present events: Normal lettering
Warning: Curse words, mentions of rape, heavy angst, toxic relationship. Read at your own discretion. This work is purely fictional.聽
Corbyn walked in, the similar fragrance of cinnamon and vanilla hitting his nostrils, making him sigh in immediate relief, his face splitting into a tired smile as he set down his bag on the floor by the door. It had been a long day at the studio and all he wanted to do was to go home and sleep. Soon enough, he heard rapid thumping on the floor and before he knew it, you jumped into his arms, your legs wrapping around his middle as you attacked his face with kisses. He broke into a fit of giggles before wrapping his arms tightly around your small form and walking into your shared apartment, all the stress and tension that he previously had, fading as he buried his face in the crook of your neck and inhaled your scent that he very much missed. 'Hey' you mumbled, your voice muffled as you spoke into his shoulder. 'Hey Baby' Corbyn replied, wrapping his arms tighter around your body, pulling you closer as he sat you both down on the couch. 'I missed you' you said, pulling away from him to look at him. You ran your hands through his soft locks, knowing that it always calmed him down. 'Me too' he nodded, leaning into your hand before pecking the inside of your palm, 'A lot'. You smiled, leaning down to kiss him, your hands wrapping around his neck to pull him closer. He readily agreed, his hands traveling towards your waist before lifting up the hem of your hoodie, his fingers tracing shapes under your shirt 'Aeternum?' Corbyn asked, resting his forehead against yours, those beautiful ocean eyes boring into yours as your silent pants filled the silence. 'Ad Astra per Aspera' you whispered back, your lips breaking into a large smile as soon as you saw his. Talk to me more
Corbyn walked in, to be met with the unfamiliar air of tensed silence that he wanted so bad to get used to, kicking off his shoes and removing his bag to lay it against the door, his feet hesitantly carrying him towards the living room where he caught sight of you on the couch, scrolling through your phone. He silently put away the car keys before heading towards the room and changing into more comfortable clothes. You're a little bit bored, I'm a little bit tired 'So what is my princess making for dinner?' he asked, his warm arms snaking around your waist as he rests his head on your shoulder, his eyes following your hands as you stirred the boiling white liquid in the pot. 'Your Queen-' you emphasized, earning a chuckle from your boyfriend, 'Is making your favorite' 'Oh my god, pasta?' Corbyn exclaimed, his eyes twinkling as he pulled away from you and lifted the lid of the steaming utensil to reveal boiled pasta, his face splitting into an excited smile. 'Oh yeah sure' you chuckled, your heart fluttering as you gazed at your boyfriend who was currently jumping around like a little child, 'Along with that white sauce you love' 'Oh my god, I can't wait' he said, dipping his finger into the pot and licking it, his eyes widening at the flavor, 'It's wonderful, baby!' 'Really?' you questioned as you took a little of the liquid with the spatula and tipped it on your palm before licking it, 'Eww Corbyn, it sucks' 'No, it doesn't' 'It does!' you said, your eyebrows furrowing as you turned away, towards the stove, your nose wrinkling in disgust, 'It tastes like literal glue' 'No it doesn't', Corbyn said turning you around and pulling you close, your hands raising to rest on his chest, 'It might need a little more work but it's your first time right? You will tend to make mistakes' 'But I wanted to make it perfect, just how you like it' you defended, looking away from him in frustration, 'Ugh, I ruin everything'
鈥楴o honey' Corbyn tutted, pressing his lips against your forehead, 'The fact that you made it just for me-' he continued, his hands reaching up to your face, 'Makes it even better'. This made you smile as you laid your head against his forehead, looking at him through your lashes. 'Siempre?' 'Siempre y para siempre' He silently headed towards the kitchen, grabbing a water bottle from the fridge before heating his dinner that you had carefully separated, sighing as he watched his food spin inside the microwave, tapping his foot to the rhythm of the small beeps that were coming from the machine, counting down to the seconds that passed by. When the final beep sounded, he carefully slipped the food into a plate before walking towards the dining table and setting down the plate. He sat himself down quietly on the chair, his eyes falling back on your bent figure. He froze when he saw you getting up from the couch and turn off the television before walking towards the kitchen and grabbing a bottle from the fridge. He tried meeting your eyes but you never did look his way, too consumed in your phone to look up. His heart began picking up pace as he cleared his throat, trying to catch your attention. 'Y/N?' We don't fight though You looked up, your empty eyes locking with his as you adjusted the glasses on your nose and put on a stiff smile, his heart faltering at your expression. 'Oh hey,' you nodded before unhurriedly sauntering towards him and placing a peck on the top of his head, withdrawing almost immediately. His breath hitched in his throat when he saw you slip into the empty chair before him and fiddle with your fingers as you contemplated what to say. 'How was your day?' Corbyn asked, trying to revive the olden times when they used to actually talk to each other.
'Good' you muttered, looking away to the floor. Corbyn suddenly reached out and grabbed your hand, the feeling of his fingertips tracing shapes on your hand feeling familiar yet distant. You hesitantly looked up to meet his eyes boring into yours, filled with worry and confusion. 'What happened to us?' he whispered as if saying it any louder would break his voice. You looked away, tears stinging in your eyes as you pulled your hand away from his grasp. 'I don't know' you replied after a pause, your tone bitter as you gulped, wanting to get away from his piercing gaze. 'Talk to me Y/N' Corbyn pressed making you look up at him, your nose flaring. You've been acting so cold, I don't know what you wanted 'About what?' you snapped, throwing him a glare, ' What do you want from me?' 'Why have you been acting so distant lately?' he countered, trying his best not to raise his voice. You just looked to the floor, your lips quivering. 'No, I haven't' 'Oh sure you have' Corbyn continued, his eyes constantly studying your expressionless face, his voice thick, 'We never talk anymore or barely make eye contact. It's been weeks since we last even sat together on the same table-' 'Maybe if you quit acting like a lovesick asshole, it'll help' you intervened, making him widen his eyes at your sudden change in demeanor. 'What in the actual hell-' 'I know what you've been doing all those late nights in the office-' you paused, shooting daggers at him, 'Probably cheating on-' 'You know that's not true' Corbyn countered, his blood boiling, 'How on Earth could you think-' 'What then huh?' you said, your voice shaky, raising your hands to your head as the tears began to flow down your cheeks. 'Baby, you know that I love you right?' Corbyn said, rushing towards you and holding your flushed face in his big hands, 'You know that I will never cheat on you right?' 'Yeah but-' your voice broke as you broke down into sobs, 'I-I don't know what's g-going on w-with me. I-''Hush baby, it's alright' he cooed, wrapping his hands around your trembling body, his heart panging with hurt on seeing you so wretched. Every time we touch it's like the last time 'No it's NOT!' you cried into his chest, your shaking hands clutching his t-shirt, as your chest heaved, your eyes frantically moving, 'I-I have been a-a terrible g-girlfriend, I-' Corbyn's breath hitched as he noticed how you clutched his shirt so tightly between your fingers as if you were holding onto something for dear life, his eyes following your frantic orbs that were looking everywhere but him. 'No honey, that's not true-' 'I-I have been acting so c-cold and d-distant lately' you stuttered, your rapid pants filling the silence, 'L-Like I d-don't care anymore, L-like I d-don't love y-you anymore-' Corbyn noticed how your eyes widened, your jaw-dropping as if you had just perceived something. He watched with bated breath as you looked up at him, your eyes brimming with tears as another wave of tears began to dash down your red cheeks. 'H-how could I even say t-that?' you questioned, pulling him closer by the shirt, 'I l-love you Corbyn, l-love you s-so m-much-' 'I do, I do love you' you iterated, pulling at Corbyn's shirt as if you were convincing yourself that you still loved him.聽
Holding onto something when it's not right The two of you stood there in the middle of the night, rocking slightly on your heels as you bawled your eyes on his chest, his hands wrapped around your body, pressing kisses to the top of your head. 'Y-you love m-me r-right?' you asked, looking up frantically to meet those sea-green orbs, searching for the familiar reassurance and comfort that they never failed to provide. Instead, now they were tinted with a cloudy texture, glossed up and almost lifeless. 聽鈥榊-yeah' he exhaled shakily, bending down to pick you up bridal style, before walking towards your bedroom, carrying you gently. You wrapped your hands around his neck and curled up into his chest, your eyes closing slowly as sleep took over your senses. Corbyn put laid you down gently on the bed before stripping off his shirt and laying down, pulling you into his chest and resting a tired arm around your waist. 'Forever?' 'Forever and ever' But Corbyn wasn't too sure how long forever meant anymore. Corbyn's eyes shot open, his chest heaving. His eyes frantically landed on you, his breath immediately calming at the sight of your peaceful sleeping form, your soft and hushed breaths playing like music in his ears. Almost immediately, you stirred, your sleepy eyes opening to reveal astonishing y/e/c orbs that fell on him, your brows furrowing as you noticed the expression on his face. 'Are you alright honey?' 'Oh um y-yeah, yeah' he told himself rather than you, trying his best to not break down before you. 'What is it, baby?' you cooed, your hands reaching out to caress his flushed cheeks.'It was just a bad dream' he admitted, his breath shaking as images of his nightmare flashed through his mind. 'You wanna talk about it?' you asked sweetly, his heart swelling at your gesture. He nodded, tears beginning to flow down his cheeks as he revived the memories that were clearly imprinted before his eyes. 'Oh, no Baby' you cooed, the pads of your thumb, 'You're never gonna lose me alright?'. He nodded, wiping his nose with the sleeves of his shirt, his heart calming down at your subtle endearings. 'I will always love you, never leave you whatsoever happens, alright honey?' Corbyn nodded, his lips splitting into a trembling smile, as you rested your forehead gently against his sweaty one. 'Ti Amo' 'Ti Amo tantissimo' Tell me to my face that you're all mine You don't know what I am feeling 'What? I just told you to stay away from that guy, okay?' 'And why exactly-''I just don't like the way he's being so close to you okay?' Corbyn defended, his fists clenched, 'Do you even care what he was trying to do to you?' 'Shut up, you can't tell me what or what not to do, you get that? Get over your jealous ass.' 'I am not jealous okay, didn't you even notice what he was doing to you?' 'Yeah, I would be lying if 聽I said I didn't like what he was doing -' 'Do you even get what you're saying?' he argued, his eyes widening at your words, 'If I hadn't pulled you out from there, you would have been fucking raped by now' He saw you open and close your mouth before gulping and folding your hands before your chest, your eyes looking away to the floor. Corbyn was going to stride away when he stopped in his tracks, his heart skipping a beat as he heard the words leave your mouth- 'At least better than ever being loved by you' His head whipped up to look at you, his eyes studying your flushed cheeks and widened eyes as you watching him with bated breath. But Corbyn's face didn't flinch one bit, his intense stare not reducing one bit, his eyes growing empty, his breath fastening. Maybe that thing you said under your breath, you mean it His eyelids sprung open, his palms clammy as his mind collided with thoughts and images. His eyes flew towards your sleeping form, his breath quickening when you came into focus, his heart beating at his chest so fast that it hurt. Holding onto thin lines until we just walk between 'em He hadn't noticed the tears that were involuntarily rolling down his cheeks at the sight of you, so terribly wishing everything would go back to the way it was, how everything would just be the way he wished it would be. You stirred, your hand falling on his chest making him gasp slightly as you continued sleeping, not aware of how he was hurting so bad, how he cried himself to sleep every day after that day that he had just dreamed of, that had been ripping his heart into shreds.
Getting so loud, I can't pretend that I don't hear 'em
Hey!' you called out, stooping down low to put your ear next to the radio, your face brightening up into the beautiful smile Corbyn would do anything to see. 'You know you can turn up the volume right?' Corbyn joked, his hand sliding across the dashboard to reach for the dial and turn up the volume. 'Shut up' you groaned, swatting his arm playfully, earning a chuckle from him. 'Ugh I love this song' you declared, raising your hands in the air and swinging your head to the beats while you and Corbyn yelled out the lyrics. 'This is our song' you exclaimed, clapping your hands together, the smile on your face growing by the second at the realization, 'It describes everything about us' 'Yes, it does' Corbyn agreed, his cheeks hurting from bearing the large smile on his face for so long, his eyes crinkled. Maybe that thing you said under your breath, you mean it I know you mean it He turned up the radio, in hopes of draining out the deafening silence that had come to be in your car, his face involuntarily brightening up into a slight smile, his eyes flickering to your face as the tune of your song, the song that was once yours flowed through your ears. But you just stared blankly through the front view mirror, your face stone-like, your eyes empty and almost lifeless making Corbyn look back towards the road, blink back tears that were stinging at the corner of his eyes as his hand reached up to turn off the volume, not able to handle it anymore. Do we let go Are we too far gone I don't know where we started
He sniffled as he tried his best not to breakdown, his mind constantly replaying memories as he kept racking his brains on what could have gone wrong between the two of you. I guess I don't know Where took a wrong turn, everything got harder His head hurt as he went through every single one of your fights, your words, however hard he tried to forget, ingrained in his brain. What had changed between them? Where did it go wrong? And then it struck his head. Hard. So hard, as though his life had been just sucked out of him. You were falling out of love. Every time we touch it's like the last time 聽 You were in front of the mirror, your bloodshot eyes staring at your reflection that didn't seem to belong to you anymore. You groaned as another wave of tears rolled down your stained cheeks, your chest heaving. You began frantically swiping at them, muffling your sobs so that he would not spot you bawling your eyes out. Holding onto something when it's not right 聽 You broke down into muffled, angry sobs as you took in his sleeping form in the reflection of your mirror, your heart bubbling with guilt as you sniffled. Your eyes caught the glinting metal of your pendant, shaped like half a heart, the other half lying askew on your boyfriend's neck. You're hurting. Don't hurt him too. Tell me to my face that you are all mine 聽
Corbyn slowly sat up, his body numb, moving your hand slightly so that you would not get up. He listened to your breath that once helped calm him when he was anxious or stressed, making sure that you were fast asleep. Dropping his feet on the cold floor, he slowly tiptoed towards the closet, pulling out a duffel bag that he had bought just for traveling. He had never fathomed ever using this bag for what he was going to do. He needed to travel. Far from what he thought was home.
You don't know what I'm feeling He slowly began stuffing his clothes, his accessories, whatever belonged to him, trying his best to leave behind all those clothes that smelled like you or the ones that he knew would remind him of you. He quietly headed towards the bathroom, emptying the shelves of his contents before walking out and wrapping them in his handkerchief. His eyes shot up when he heard your breath quickening and your slight stirring in the bed. Your eyes fluttered open, Corbyn quickly rushing to your side, trying to cover up the mess on the floor, using his frail body. 'Corbyn?' 'Yes, honey?' 'What are you doing out of bed?' 'Oh n-nothing' he hesitated, thinking of a convincing alibi, 'I just went to the bathroom' 'Okay,' you nodded, your eyes fluttering close making him want to get back in bed and scoop you in his arms, fall back asleep while being entangled in each other's arms. But, he just sat down on the bed, petting your waist until he felt your body loosen up and your breathing slow down. Then pressing a kiss on the edge of your mouth, he got up resuming his packing. He had been packing his spare shoes when he heard a slight gasp, his head immediately shooting up from the bag to rest on your face, which instead of peace now held shock. 'You're awake-'His breath caught in his throat as you just nodded as if you understood what he wanted. He gave a slight smile before turning back to the almost full bag, his heartbreaking when he heard your silent cries, turning his back away from you so that he would not tear up as well. When he finally finished, he zipped the bag, getting up slowly and hanging the bag on his shoulder, turning around to face you. 聽 'It's the best for us' he whispered, his eyebrows furrowing slightly as he caught glimpse of your teary and wet face. You sniffled, dragging your sleeve across your face before nodding, biting your lip to prevent from breaking down any further. He flashed a sad smile, before reaching up for the dainty necklace dangling from his neck and removing it, and placing it on the vanity. Exhaling, he walked out, freeing himself from the weight that had been placed on his shoulders, his heart fluttering. You slid down to the floor, your knees buckling as soon as you heard the door slam shut, breaking down in ugly tears, sobbing as your eyes fell on the other half of the pendant that belonged to you, lying on the floor, making your lips quiver and tremble as the truth cut through your chest like knives. He was gone forever. I know you mean it I know you mean it I know you mean it 聽
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