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bootlegpokedex · a day ago
#505 Watchog
The queue thing got messed up. I dunno if it thought I said “shuffle” or whatever but it got messed up every time I would try to fix it so I’m just going to post a bunch of bootlegs in a row until it fixes itself. I’ll probably give each post 10 minutes or so in between.
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oakhold-cheerios · 9 days ago
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Huckle, my shiny watchog!
I still have him around since i first randomly found him at P2 labs in PKMN White 2.
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a bunch of random pokémon idioms
walking on eggshells-> walking on exeggcute
a leopard can’t change it’s spots-> liepard can’t change its spots
you can’t teach an old dog new tricks-> you can’t teach an old stoutland new moves
wild goose chase-> wild swanna chase
lone wolf-> lone lycanroc
the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree-> the applin doesn’t fall far from the tree
let the cat out of the bag-> let the purugly out of the pokéball
beat around the bush-> beat around the bulbasaur
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush-> a pidgey in the hand is worth two in the ball
break the ice-> break eiscue’s ice face
comparing apples to oranges-> comparing applin to oranguru
don’t count your chickens before they hatch-> don’t count your torchic before they hatch
bigger fish to fry-> bigger bruxish to fry
hit the nail on the head-> hit the taillow on the head
raining cats and dogs-> raining glameow and watchog
the early bird gets the worm-> the early spearow gets the berries
the elephant in the room-> the copperajah in the room
straight from the horse’s mouth-> straight from the mudsdale’s mouth
off your rocker-> off your rockruff
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magmarashii · a month ago
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Orig: FFI85 by Midori Harada
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mspaintdex · a month ago
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neonheartz · a month ago
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504 / 505
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puppetmaster13u · 2 months ago
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What’s this? Another Hermitcraft Au? Yeah, uh I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, so here we are! 
Joe: Watchog- Keen Eye Egg Moves: Hyper Fang; Iron Tail; Tearful Look; Helping Hand Confuse Ray; Sand Attack; Detect; Rototiller; Hyper Fang; Slam; Bullet Seed; Aqua Tail; Helping Hand; Seed Bomb; Hidden Power; Round Held Item: Glasses- Increases the wearer’s vision & critical hit ratio
Stress: Bewear- Fluffy Egg Moves: Baby-Doll Eyes; Charm; Zen Headbutt; Focus Blast Payback; Rollout; Ice Punch; Thunder Punch; Charm; Protect; Hyper Beam; Dragon Claw; Attract; Substitute; Darkest Lariat Held Item: Flower Crown- Increases the power of Grass and Fairy type moves
Docm: Dubwool- Fluffy Egg Moves: Take Down; Electro ball; Wild Charge; Growl Hyper Beam; Thunder Wave; Payback; Agility; Substitute; Zen Headbutt; Bounce; Protect; Retaliate Held Item: Steel Plating- Drastically increases the power of Electric type moves
Would you guys be interested in this au being an ask series, once all the hermits are done?
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saltnpepperbunny · 2 months ago
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Old artwork I drew as a gift for @zeropro! Be sure to check out her comic, Jet’s Black Nuzlocke.
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vgckenny · 3 months ago
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I came up with ideas for Sinnoh variants for BDSP and I thought I'd try my hand at making them. It'll be slow going but I thought it would be fun. Also I'm not a great artist. First, Sinnohan Watchog. A Normal/Fairy type. The light radiating off of it is more mystical than its Unovan counterpart. It also produces a healing mist for Pokemon and people in trouble. It is the perfect traveling companion for those who get lost in dense forests, dark caves, or blinding snowstorms.
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flailingpeanut · 3 months ago
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Tumblr media
When in doubt, draw pokemon
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skittikyu · 3 months ago
Pokemon Gen 5 designs were actually good y'all are just mean
strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree
Like okay listen there are a few i’m not crazy about but there aren’t any that actually annoy me the way a decent few in Gen 8 do
Hell some of my all time favourites are from Gen 5 like??
The Litwick family? The Duosion family?? Deerling? Foongus? Trubbish? Maractus?? 
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evevoli03 · 3 months ago
Opinions on gen 5 (my favorite)
ahhhh i actually started playing black for the first time a few months ago and i love it so far!!! it’s been a few weeks since ive touched it but i really want to keep playing
i think my only complaint is that there are only a few gen 5 pokemon i actually happen to like in terms of design :< def not my favorite New Mons wise haha but the story is :eyes: very nice
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randompokemonfacts · 3 months ago
Random Fact of the Day
Daily Pokémon that was randomly selected: Watchog!
Did you know that the patterns on a Watchog’s body will shine in order to threaten predators? Using luminescent matter, Watchog makes its eyes and body glow and stuns attacking opponents. Even in the pitch black with the low light, its keen eyesight lets them see their opponents in the dark!
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making-dough · 4 months ago
Fishy Business - & Helbindi
It’s time for the seasonal fishing tournament! This year, however, it seems a strange mixture of fish has been added to the pond. Why do these fish have teeth!? And why does this one give off an electrical shock!? Some anglers might find this just an exciting change to the ordinarily boring tournament, but others might feel they need to investigate the sabotage… Or perhaps YOU’RE the one who dumped these exotic fish in the pond. [grants Axe +1]
♠  ~ “Hey, did you hear? There are some really weird fish in these ponds.”
“Yeah, huge ones. With teeth. And fangs!”
Well, they weren’t exactly kidding about the teeth, Farina had to admit to herself, glaring into the jaws of a particularly squirmy eel she’d only just managed to fish up, her rod and tackle still lying nearby. Well, some kind of eel-like thing anyway. Long, thin and way too slimy. And were they supposed to be yellow and spotty and have that many teeth? Razor sharp teeth at that. 
Well, it wasn’t as if she was any kind of marine expert, she supposed, shrugging her shoulders and lazily kicking back at the stagnant waters, splashing merrily. With armoured boots on, of course. Things like this often have buddies. Buddies that like to nip at bare feet and she’d very much like it if her feet were un-nipped, thank you very much. 
Still, she could feel them trying. Slowly nibbling away at metal and leather and cloth, piece by piece. She gave the water another firm kick, splashing wildly, trying to scare off any more wrigglers from encroaching on her boots and greaves. Leaning back down all the way until her back hit the ground, Farina turned back to study at her newly captured specimen. Well, she says ‘study’, she really means more like ‘wrestle with’, grunting slightly as long eel flopped and struggled in her hands. She’s, uh, not really an expert of any kind on the subject after all.
Well, she didn’t particularly need to be an expert to know that something else was up. These wasn’t exactly the sort she’d normally fish out of that damned pond. Might be dangerous. Those teeth clearly weren’t just for show. She could feel its buddies coming back for an appetiser. And speaking of stuff being up, since when was there a giant shadow blocking her sunlight? 
Glancing up from where she was still lying down wrestling with her eel, Farina spied a towering giant of a man marching past. Darkened skin and a wicked-looking horn on his forehead. He didn’t seem like the sort she’d seen before. Somehow, he didn’t even seem to notice her as he made his own way down, seemingly unaware of what was wriggling beneath. “Hey, buddy!”, Farina called out in warning. “I, uh, wouldn’t recommend goin’ down there! There’s all kinds of nibblers in there! Like this one! They’ll-ouch!” Almost in reflex, Farina lifted a leg out of the water, to reveal another wriggling eel clinging onto her heel. Well, it was more annoying than painful but it was starting to be nuisance nonetheless....
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