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#watched this yesterday and it was ironically great
thedappleddragon · 6 days ago
ugh im big stupid and haven't been posting my shit here for a while. I've still been typing it out in my notes, I just havent transferred them onto here lol. im putting it all under the cut, don't worry
Today was pretty dang nice! I spent a little time outside because it was nice and warm out, I drew a little in my sketchbook and digitally rendered a picture of Anna’s new princess outfit, ran an errand with my mom to pick up a graphing calculator and a pack of soda, ate some Wendy’s, and did a lot of sewing for my dress! I joined the bodice lining and exterior, and did a little over half of the sewing for the skirt. I’m doing French seams so there’s no raw edges on the inside, so I still have to iron it and go over the second round of stitches. My machine malfunctioned for a moment with the thread tangling up in the lower bobbin thingy, so I left it alone for like an hour and it fixed itself lol. I’m very happy with how the bodice came out after clipping all the extra fabric in the corners and test fitting it. I think it’ll be great when it’s done!! Although I may or may not need to seam rip a little bit of the skirt to extend the zipper down so I can get it over my fuckin DUMPTRUCK when putting it on. Right now there’s enough stretch to put it on, but Idk how well that’ll stay after attaching the 2 pieces. Also it might end up making me look fat/preggo in the end with how the skirt lays lmao. I also did a really quick test fit with the sleeves, and I might actually like it better sleeveless? I’ll put one on anyway and go from there to see which I like better. HOORAY this dress has pockets!! But I may have put them a little low lol. I wanted to do a big dress debut at prom, but turns out graduates aren’t allowed due to covid restrictions :( so that really sucks. But we’re still gonna hang out a little bit beforehand, and I can still do a debut. I made a little bow out of some scrap dress fabric, which I want to put in my hair for pre-prom. I think I’ll braid my hair, maybe get some fake flowers from dollar tree and ribbon to add somehow, and put the ribbon either at the bottom or the top, wherever the hair tie eventually goes. I’m so exited to work on it more. I’m kinda running out of white thread tho so I’ll have to get more. Later in the evening i got hungry and made ramen while my dad and I watched a documentary on some of the horrible shit that went on all around the world during 2020, some of which I had forgotten about, some that was really surreal and out of a dystopian movie, and some stuff that was just upsetting to watch. It was still pretty good tho. I got work tomorrow and I’m really sleepy even tho it’s only 12:30 so I think I’m gonna grab a snack and go to sleep soon. Gnight mwah
Yesterday I worked and sewed until I ran out of thread and drew a little bit. Spent most of my shift watering flowers, then I went home and ate for a moment, then watered more and picked dead flowers and talked about avatar and other animated shows with the highschool girl I work with. Came home and hung out for a while, that evening made some good pasta. 
Today I justly hung out, then went with mom to pick up a bookshelf and went through strawtown which I thought was a very funny name for a town. There was a cute antique shop in there tho. On the way back we stopped in a sewing shop called Always in stitches. I expected it to be a very small shop, but it was SO much bigger than I thought it would be. They had tons of fabric and quilting supplies, and lots of old ladies working and talking. I picked up a cone of white thread and a fabric sample pack. Then I sewed my dress a little bit. I still have lots to do, and only like 2.5 days to do it. I’ll get there tho. All I have to do is add the skirt hem, add the pockets back in (I took them out so I could see them in normally), add sleeves and hem them, and add the zipper. And attach the skirt to the bodice. I think I’ll be able to do it. I had yogurt for the first time in forever today. Tbh I used just enough to hold together the strawberry and granola bits kgelgskgs. It was pretty good tho. I drew ELEVEN pages in my sketchbook, about 8 of them being a comic about the pony au of our royalty au. I could have done the comic with human characters but ponies are so much easier to draw aggsssdh. I spent 40 minutes typing out the dialogue and editing it on top of the rest of the comic so my friend could read it, but she still hasn’t read my text :( oh well that’s fine lol. The original plot was supposed to be Sam talking to an accidental illusion of me being mean about her blight, but then I accidentally made it something different. I might just draw the alternate ending instead. Update I just did
Yesterday I sewed and went to Menards to buy tile for moms bathroom.
Today was VERY productive, I feel like. I woke up and immediately took a shower and did laundry. I spent some one just sitting on my bed scrolling and researching while listening to medieval remixes of songs lol. At some point I went out to buy subway for everyone and stopped at dollar tree for nail polish and satin ribbon. I made the ribbon into a little choker and wanted to use it for the hem of the skirt, but I was too short. In total I spent HOURS hemming and pinning and seam ripping and ironing and sewing today, but it’s still not done. I gotta kick my ass into high gear if it’s gone be done by Sunday afternoon. I started sewing the bottom hem, but my machine has been doing this weird thing where the fabric scrunches up right past the sewing foot and leaves wrinkles and gathers so loose I can move it around with my hands easily. I think it’s just my tension being too tight or something, I adjusted it a bit and I’ll test it in the morning. I’m too tired and it’s too late at night to be doing that much sewing. I seam ripped the entire back skirt seam so I could extend the zipper a little further down, and I’ll sew it back up once the hem is done. After that all I need to donis connect the skirt to the bocice, fix the zipper, and hem the arm holes. I don’t want to use the sleeves I made because the edges don’t line up at all and I don’t think I would be able to lift my arms, the way it’s built. The nail polish I picked up works way better than I thought it would, leaving a pretty good metallic sheen after just one coat. Way better than I thought for a dollar. I helped mom lay down tile a little bit, ripping up one old tile and helping a bit at a time throughout the day. I kept asking if she wanted help with the actual tiling part but she said no. We also couldn’t get the fuckin box cutter I bought to work. It’s supposed to be easy to replace the blade, but we couldn’t figure it out lol. I’m falling asleep fun. Washed my face twice, trying to take good care of myself before prom so I look good in photos. Gotta wash hair tomorrow. Made hamburger meat
Spent all day sewing and listening to bardcore remixes. Dress is as done as I bother to make it rn
Tbh I was hoping for a little more for today. I’ve spent the last like week or longer working towards this, and going especially in depth the past 3 days. I got all silky smooth, worked for hours on my dress, thought about pretty much nothing except prom day. I was late because my dad had my neighbor come over to take pictures of me in my dress. I thought it was just going to be her holding my dad’s phone to get a picture of us together, but she brought her whole ass professional camera and spent several minutes taking pictures. Then I took the weirdest way possible to get to my friend’s house on accident because google maps said it was the fastest way to get there. But HEY when I did get there I enjoyed hanging out with my friends. We ate some dinner AND??? Sammie I’m sorry if you’re reading this but THE MASHED POTATOES?? WERE S O BLAND????? AFAJSTSTHJST ily but girl. Just a little salt could have gone a long way <3 the steak and especially the green bean casserole were good tho :) dinner was good with the sparkling juice and little desert. Overall everything was just very loud, but that’s to be expected when this is everyone’s first time seeing each other in a goddamn while: actually I think they’ve all seen each other at school without me but hey whatever. I think I fucked up my phone screen on accident by sitting on it while it was in my pocket with my keys, leaving a spiderweb crack in it. I checked and yeah it’s not just the screen protector :( eh I don’t care that much, It didn’t fuck up the lcd screen or anything. We went up to Sam’s room and hung out and talked while she did Liz’s makeup and took pictures, and I borrowed a little of her concealer before photos. There was a little photo shoot in their front yard, and looking at the photos I look a little fat in them but I LOVE all the photos taken in Sam’s room where we were all just hanging out. Idk why but whenever you have to do photos and they say to do a silly one, it never turns out good, but the fun ones you casually take always turn out way better. They’re more genuine :) but then it was time for everyone to go to prom and for me to go home 😔 we only hung out for like an hour and a half. I didn’t want to take off my dress, seeing as I put in so much effort to sew the whole dress and shave and look pretty, so I wore it around the house for a bit until I got tired and went to lay in bed. I watched the mitchels vs the machines, which is a fuckin DELIGHTFUL movie!! Everybody go watch it it’s so cute <3 I also played some Pokémon and watched a little YouTube in bed, but feeling unfulfilled and wanting to do something different, I just didn’t know what. So instead I started typing this up as my sister brought me a cupcake from prom :) I had a bite and put the rest in the fridge, since it was so big and in a plastic container. I texted a friend over Snapchat asking if they had fun at prom, and they said it was kinda ass. I tried relating and saying yeah all school dances are a little ass, and my friend group once had anti prom and played dnd instead, but they just said ‘that’s nice’ back and idk if that means they’re annoyed at me or they’re just tired and didn’t wanna text or what but :( idk. Either way it’s fine, right now all I care about is going to bed. Gnight I guess. Also I keep thinking about that textpost that’s like “diary of icarly” and she talks in these simple-ass sentences and now I feel self conscious about how I write these snafnfs. I already know I write like a child in these, but that’s just because I don’t wanna go through the effort of making this sound nice and professional every day lmao. So child writing it is. Also painted my nails really horribly and it took forever to clean up which made me late
Woke up, went to work, spent a little time stocking, watered indoor plants, then attempting to work the register, and organized plants the rest of the time. I stood behind one of my coworkers as she checked people out, kind of understanding what she was doing but not that much, and read the manual in down periods. She had me check out a couple people, and it was NERVE WRACKING AS HELL. Thankfully everyone was very nice, and my coworker stood by and helped, and right as I was getting my foothold, my boss called for me to work outside and bring in the new shipment of plants. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT WAS REALLY NICE?? I was actually able to help some people today!! :D I’m slowly getting better at my job which is nice :) originally I was only gonna work 4 hours, but there were more plants to get and I felt like I could keep going, so I ended up working 6 instead. Every time I come home from the end of my shift I feel bad for not working more and like I should have stayed longer. Tbh I think I could do it if I had a proper break! I’ve been doing 4 hour shifts with maybe a water break in the middle because i don’t know how to ask to go on break ;-; Ike my secondary boss in the garden center is super nice and approachable and friendly but the main boss is like. Terrifying. I never know when he’s joking or being serious and I don’t understand him and assffsfamms it SUCKS. But whatever, I went home and ate some Mac n cheese and laid in bed because my back hurt and played on my ds for the rest of the night. I tried a couple new games, none of which I spent very long on. I tried okami den where you’re the wolf puppy child of the precious games protagonist I think, and idk maybe I’ll give it a better try in the future, but I wasn’t feelin it. I spent like 30 minutes on a pro bass fishing simulator and couldn’t clear the first level because the fish wouldn’t get close enough to my boat lmao. Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games was fun until I lost at table tennis to Mario. I’d play it again. But I have work again tomorrow so I gotta go to bed good night. Having to blast my fan and play drawfee on my phone to drown out moms tv again >:(
Ate a pbj for breakfast? Went to work, moved plants around, took my lunch break, went to subway with an expired coupon, ate at home and times it perfectly so I could watch one section of the new drawfee episode, went back to work, made myself sad thinking about the god girl homunculus from fullmetal alchemist, picked dead flowers off the petunias, left a little early, hung out at home, left to go get mom’s medicine, found my dad at the store, followed him around and shopped for a bit, can home to unload everything, talked with him about buying one of the cars from him so it would be under mom’s insurance after the divorce, talked about being able to hang out at dads apparent after we help him move, ate some of the stuff we bought, and now I’m hanging out in bed again. I picked up my Pokémon black save and played a while today which was nice. I think I’m gonna work more in the next few days, be really busy with shit for like a week, and finally have a breather after the 15th. I really need to switch brain gears back into college stuff soon so I can sign up for orientation and figure out finances and shit, but for now it’s midnight and I don’t have to think about it lol
Today was pretty good, but also pretty boring. I played Pokémon all day since I didn’t have work, cooked some hamburger meat, and went on an errand for mom but got the wrong thing so I went out later to buy the right thing. I got spicy chicharrones instead of regular ones oops. On my drive back from getting the right thing, I rolled all my windows down and loved the feeling of driving around right after sunset when the weather was nice but cool, especially after standing in mom’s loud-ass room trying to ask about her bank card. I thought about going back out to aimlessly drive around the park and back, but instead hung out in my kitchen as my cat fell asleep on my lap. I think I’m gonna get paid tomorrow, so that’s exciting :D I probably made a solid couple hundred dollars if I had to guess. Idk what I’m getting paid per hour, but it’s probably ~$10 and I COULD go through my texts again to see how much I’ve worked, but I don’t really wanna lmao. I should just start putting that in my notes app instead...
Just had probably the most involved, longest dream ever?? It was a mix of infinity train and dangenrompa, we were mostly stuck inside my house, one boy left for years to search for supplies, I tried biking along a tail that disappeared into tree roots and a ditch with grass, cried because we had been in the same car for so long I was afraid they were gonna make us kill someone to get past, and at the end we escaped or something and had to fuck up security cameras and get past loopholes and lots of cereal boxes were involved? Idk there’s just so much I don’t remember. I wasn't sure if I had to go to work today, so I sent my boss a text and just kinda hung out. was making  hamburger meat for my mom when my boss called asking me to come in, so I took a shower and worked from 1-5. spent some time at the register, and got way better at checking stuff out :) I learned a couple things, and there was one old lady in particular who was very patient and nice to me while my coworker went to go find a smaller bag of birdseed. when it stopped being busy inside, I went ut to the garden center to help price plants and spent the rest of my shift out there. I got paid too! $9 an hour, 22 hours, $200 in total. hell yeah. not bad, although I literally have no frame of reference on if this Is good or not. after work I went home for a second, then got Hardee’s (or carls jr in the western states). I used a coupon for chicken tenders for me and my sister :) and while I was driving around today, I found myself wishing that everything in life could be as smooth and easy as driving my car through my neighborhood. and then I kinda laughed thinking about how I cried my first time driving on a major road asdjfasjdhf. but seriously I love driving my dad’s silver Volvo!! its so comfy with 4 wheel drive and good petal control, its like always driving on freshly paved roads <3 unfortunately that's the car my dad is taking when he moves into his apartment to use as his full time car instead of his shit-ass blue Volvo, and we’re gonna be stuck with the red Volvo with a really touchy gas pedal and slow break pedal. (idk if you've noticed but we really love old Volvos in this family. they’re all old and boxy as hell and I love em <3 ) then I played Pokemon black and beat the elite 4 and champion in one try with a lot of revives lmao. I was kinda underleveled, right at 48-50 range, same as them. I was angry about stuff and in pain earlier in the shower as I washed my hair, but I dont remember exactly what it was. now I have my soft Spotify playlist going so I can maybe go to sleep soon. oh wait I remember being angry that all I could thin about all day was work, even tho it only takes up a few hours of my day, and then I do nothing all day afterwards. idk it’s just weird.
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themotherlessmom · a month ago
Long Post Alert: I always contemplate how or what to post when in truth some of the dopest people I follow are followed because of how authentic their post are. So heres to no longer diming my light in fear of rejection.😌
So today I came across @vsg_ashli instagram page while watching @iam_baegoals ig story . Even how I started following her is ironic or Divine timing for me and I'll tell you why. I had been consistently working out for about a month and per usual when I come across videos or post that I really enjoy or find inspirational, I save them. For me the save feature is just as great or innovative as the screen shot. I Love It! So I have a bunch of videos I enjoy saved or that have been saved so I can come back to later. Anywho I came across @iam_baegoals weightloss reel one day and was hooked from there. I was motivated and inspired by her real and relatable post. I had just got my waist trainer vest from @whatwaist, I had minor results happening already, so I was feeling like coming across her post was definitely a sign that I'm on the right track. And just fyi most of the pages or people I follow on my personal instagram page are motivating in some shape or form. So she was now added to my daily line up.
Fast forward to today. My husband and daughter are gone to work and school. My one year old son is in his bed sleeping, and I am in my bed stretched out with plans to relax back into a slumber. But per my usual I decide to scroll my insta. I check out @iam_baegoals story's from yesterday and come across @vsg_ashli. I go to her page and her post are simple and honest and very relatable to me as well. I'm and instant fan!
See it doesn't take me long to figure out if I want to invite a certain energy into my daily viewing. Being a stay-at-home mom for practically five years, I've spent A LOT of time on social media. And I know the effects of seeing certain images all the time. You begin to compare and contrast yourself with people who are generally wearing a mask. So over time I've had to change what I allowed myself to view to decrease any unhealthy influences.
When I was a new mom I followed other moms and drew inspiration and sometimes strength from their stories of the ins and outs (and highs and lows ) of motherhood. After my son was born I decided to create my own space to expel my creative writing and Mommy humor. So I created @themotherlessmom (@_motherlessmom Twitter) I figured if these mamas can make a living or at least bring in some revenue from being open and honest about motherhood than so can I. If I was feeling so seen and heard and encouraged by these other women sharing their truths, think of who I can help- who I can encourage to keep going.
So getting back on track, I'm now a Mother of two and have been struggling with my weight what seems like my entire life. I'd start and stop and get motivated and unmotivated again. I teetered between wanting to achieve this goal of weightloss and settling for the idea that I should just accept how I am and keep it pushing. But this time around I got clear about what I actually wanted.
With the Pandemic rolling into the new year I knew I had to make a conscious decision and commitment to myself. Before I thought that once I lost weight I'll feel better about myself. I'll be able to walk into the woman I'm meant to be. However, this time I realized that I needed to do the inner work first and then that can start to flow to the outside. So I did meditation and journaling.
I participated in the 40 Day Abundance challenge twice ( I missed some sessions the first time). I got clear about the vision I had for myself. I started to be intentional with my thoughts and words and deeds. But in order to do this I had to get quiet and alone. I had to make me a priority. My mental health had to have a reset. My heart and mind had to get into alignment. Then and only then was I able to commit to the process of bettering myself.
See I have always had academic success to lean on. Once I finished that part of my life I became a mother and in the first 3-4 year I was giving of myself and not so much too myself. And I had read about this and I knew other moms were guilty of this as well. So this time around I had to tap into my ancestral powers. I had to remind myself of who and who's I am. My family is known for overcoming obstacles meant to break us. I have this same ability inside me. I just have to allow it to push through.
And just like @vsg_ashli I too hope to partner with companies and brands in the future but will for now enjoy what's already in front of me. I believe that it is my responsibility to share my story so that others can find encouragement or empowerment through my words- through my Truth.
Surely, if I can gain this from @iam_baegoals and @vsg_ashli someone will gain it from me.
So heres to just going for it! Putting yourself out there and seeing what might happen. Who knows! The opportunity of your dreams could be waiting for you on the otherside.
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bookgoodies · a month ago
A Change Would Do You Good by Pinar Tarhan
Janie desperately needs a change, and she needs it yesterday.
Ever since her boyfriend died and her best friends moved to Canada, she’s been lost and unable to enjoy life.
So she gets a new wardrobe, job, car, and apartment. In another city.
The new job and apartment are great, but her colorful neighbors will be a challenge to get used to:
– Agoraphobic Michelle and her car-crash happy son Ian who is obsessed with curing his mom, – Part-time model/fashion designer Ben who seems to be competing for the worst boyfriend award and his miserable girlfriend Linda who hates her job, – Goth metal chick Ashley who loves drugs, guns, and weird parties, – Lackluster cops Tom and Sam who want a more exciting life.
Luckily, Janie has met Greg, a handsome therapist who might be the best friend a person can have. And her downstairs neighbor Kevin, a pro surfer with the looks of a Norse god, seems fun and friendly enough.
With all the antics and the chaos going on, only one thing seems certain: Her neighbors provide her with more distraction and change than she was ever ready for, including an epic romance.
Targeted Age Group:: Adults
What Inspired You to Write Your Book? When I was 15, I spent a month in Santa Barbara, California. I loved everything about it and had a blast. After I came back, I had this idea about a woman getting over the death of her boyfriend with the help of the quirky new people in her life, and the story was born.
How Did You Come up With Your Characters? One day, I was sitting and thinking about story ideas. (A very natural and instinctive thing for me to do for as long as I can remember.) I thought about writing about a woman getting over the loss of her boyfriend. And how easy would it be if the new man in her life was understanding and sensitive. So instead, I made him the opposite of that. I watched the sparks fly and conflicts grow. I kept thinking about a beach town in California and what my characters might be up to. One by one, they came to me, though the details have always been fuzzy.
Book Sample Chapter 1
Los Angeles
Janie sat in her therapist Dr. Lucia Lopez’s office for the twenty-seventh time. She had been seeing her for about seven months.
Eight months ago, her boyfriend Lenny had died. Seven months ago, to add insult to injury, her two best friends Sarah and Andy had moved to Canada. That was when Janie knew she wouldn’t survive this without professional help.
It was the right call. They had talked through her pain, as well as feelings of abandonment and betrayal. Who would move abroad when their best friend was mourning the loss of her boyfriend? He had died two days before her thirty-fifth birthday. And a few weeks after his.
But, of course, it wasn’t that simple. Sarah and Andy weren’t just Janie’s best friends. They were also Lenny’s. Not that grief was, or ever should be a competitive sport. If it were, they would all probably be sharing the medal for first place: Sarah and Lenny had met when they were in diapers. Literally. Their parents were neighbors and dear friends. Luckily for them, their kids — both only children — had taken to each other immediately. Sarah had been inconsolable when Lenny’s father took a job in New York; they were in ninth grade. That’s when she met Janie.
Andy was Lenny’s college roommate. The two bonded over their dream to become Formula 1 drivers and realized it together.
Lenny had introduced Sarah to Andy, and after their move back to LA the four of them had been inseparable. Lenny was a close friend for years before he and Janie started dating.
Yes, the three of them were in immense pain. The difference was Sarah and Andy had each other. And Vancouver had them.
To be fair, Janie did see the appeal of making a new start in a new environment. Yes, she still felt a bit let down. But she was no longer angry with her friends. Talking things through with her therapist had helped immensely.
Lopez observed her patient as Janie studied the beautiful scenic photos of San Diego sprucing up the walls. She was particularly drawn to the blue-dominant one, where high, wild waves crashed onto the golden beach sand. “Ever been?” Her therapist asked. “When I was a kid. We vacationed there a lot. It was lovely.” “Still is.” Janie could hardly look away from the pictures. She was thinking. Planning. “I never went there with Lenny.” “Might be just what you need to start over,” her therapist prompted. “I turned down a job there a couple of weeks ago. Loved the firm. Loved what they offered. But I wasn’t sure I could handle such a huge change.” “And now?” Janie leaned back and smiled. Her therapist continued. “Being the new person in an environment can provide a lot of distraction. And I definitely encourage you to go out and meet as many new people as you can. Still, never hurts to have someone you can call.” Lopez picked at the neatly stacked Rolodex on her desk. She searched a bit before she found the name she wanted. She took the card out and handed it to Janie. “Greg’s a good friend of mine from school. He’s a therapist himself, but he works for a corporation.” Janie threw her a curious look. “I’m sure he can recommend a few decent local therapists should you need one, but I’m really just giving you the number of a friend. He can show you around. Introduce you to people,” the therapist explained. “Won’t he be weirded out? Me being your patient?” “Janie, you’re just going through a tough time. And honestly, I think you will hit it off.” Janie looked horrified. The therapist laughed a little. “Relax. I’m not matchmaking. I know you’re not ready to date again. And Greg is seeing someone. But he makes a damn good friend.” “Thank you,” Janie said gratefully.
Janie wasted no time calling Greg when she went home. If she were going to change cities, she might as well start making friends. He sounded even more pleasant than described.
She made her second call to Ellen Parker, the head of the San Diego fashion design firm who had offered her the job.
* Janie was in her bedroom, hastily packing the remainder of her wardrobe into the suitcase on her bed. She wanted to be out of there like yesterday. Her older brother Peter sat next to the suitcase, disapproving, which was his default mode. Janie kept ignoring him. That was her default in their relationship. He’d never change. And on the plus side, he couldn’t stand being ignored. Janie looked at her almost full suitcase, and then at the other fully-packed carry-on on the floor. Her closet was far from empty. Peter read her mind. “That’s what happens when you shop non-stop for three weeks.” Peter pointed out the obvious. Janie kept packing. “You don’t have to do this, you know,” he pressed. She went into the bathroom. The moment she was out of sight, Peter unzipped the suitcase on the bed and threw the clothes back into the wardrobe. Janie returned with her toiletries and saw Peter unpacking. “What the hell?” She darted to her bed, pushing him aside. She dumped the toiletries on the bed and quickly recovered the items from the wardrobe, throwing them back into the suitcase until it couldn’t take any more. Then she zipped it shut with one swift, angry pull. “Hey, take it easy. You know I have nothing against you moving on. But transforming your whole life to do it?” “Remind me, when did the love of your life die?” She lifted her suitcase from the bed and put it on the floor. She dragged the carry-ons as she exited the room. Peter followed her outside. As soon as he saw the new red Chevrolet Camaro parked in the driveway, his eyes almost left their sockets – cartoon style. “What was wrong with your perfectly normal car?” Janie just placed her suitcases in the trunk and shut it. The backseat was full of photo albums, DVDs and CDs. “Do you have any savings left at all? And why are you still traveling like it’s the 90s?” Janie smirked at the question. Peter looked like he might have a heart attack soon. She got in the car and closed the door. She took out what looked like a brand-new phone from her bag, gestured him to call her and drove away. Peter frowned, then instinctively fished out his phone to test his theory. He dialed Janie’s number. No longer in use.
Janie sped away in her convertible. Her car’s speakers blasted AC/DC’s Highway to Hell for good measure. She smiled as she mouthed the lyrics, ironically feeling like she was escaping hell.
Janie looked out of the window of her new fourth-story apartment. She could see the beach down the road. On quieter days, she bet she could hear the waves splashing on the shore. The neighborhood was stunning with just enough colorful buildings. Not too crowded. The tallest ones had five or six floors at the most, giving everyone space to breathe. The inhabitants were intent on making the most of the beach. People who lived here weren’t exactly rich, but they didn’t have money problems either. Not that Janie cared about that. It would just be nice to hit Peter with the facts when he started nagging that she’d downgraded her life somehow.
A couple of hours later, Janie sat on her sofa and took in her spacious two-bedroom apartment. It was modern and vibrant without being too quirky. It was completely her. She had only a few boxes left to unpack. She smiled to herself, dialed her mom on her cell and left a message. “Hi, mom. Just calling to say I’m almost settled. This place is amazing. Remember, you can’t give this number to Peter. Or my address. Not yet.” She hung up and dialed Greg. Got his voicemail. “Hey! You were right. This place is something else. Thanks for everything. Let me know when you want to meet up.”
Past midnight, Janie was sound asleep in her bed. Suddenly, loud hardcore metal music with brutal vocals blasted from downstairs and jolted her awake. “What the hell?” she yelled and tried to go back to sleep. She buried her head in her pillow. The music continued. Frustrated, she took her MP3 player from her top night table drawer. She put her earphones on. Before she could push play, she heard the loud crack of a gunshot. Then another. Shaking off her initial panic, Janie dialed 911.
*** End of Chapter 1.
Links to Purchase eBooks – Click links for book samples and reviews Buy A Change Would Do You Good On Amazon
Have you read this book? Tell us what you thought! All information was provided by the author and not edited by us. This is so you get to know the author better.
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ugh period starts today. im still gonna be light watching but im gonna need some red meat or something for iron in the next few days u g h
really need to just. keep a halo top supply or something.
yea lost yesterday morning now im back up after friends visit. ill probably plateau or gain fluids the next threw days 😣 upsetti spaghetti about it
probably gonna get back down to 169 and then see if i can do weekly weigh ins, or maybe every 3 or 4 days instead of every day. mood variance of that level is uh not great and i am hoping to be able to go SORTOF back to normal after i hit ugw. its probably wishful thinking but im allowed to hope and dream
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meghand · a month ago
tagged by: @unadulteratedcolorkid speedy you’re so nice thanks for tagging me buddy!!
name/nickname: Meghan / megh / meg/ meghand/ meggles
gender: she/they nonbinary
star sign: libra
height: 5' 4"
time: like what time it is right now? 6:40pm
birthday: October 20
favorite bands: Fleetwood Mac, Talking Heads, The 1975, The All-American Rejects, Destiny’s Child, HAIM, Darlingside, The Wombats, Queen, The Supremes
favorite solo artists: Ingrid Michaelson, Iron & Wine, St. Vincent, Hozier, Alisa Amador, Lizzo, Lorde, Stevie Wonder, Dolly Parton
(these music lists could go on - i have a lot of trouble picking favorites)
song stuck in my head: “Hypotheticals” by Lake Street Dive
last movie i watched: honestly i don’t remember - i don’t really have the attention span for movies very often these days
last show: Bob’s Burgers
when did i create this blog: well, this iteration of it evolved sometime around the end of the summer... but i’ve been on tumblr since around 2009-2010
what i post: the easiest description is probably just “a little bit of everything with an emphasis on fictional lesbians”
other blogs: if the chaos on this blog isn’t an indication of the fact that i don’t bother with side blogs idk what is
last thing i googled: ace wanted fish and chips yesterday so i looked up somewhere nearby for that
do i get asks: tbh not recently but i used to on occasion
why i chose my url: when i joined my friend group in college there was another Megan but she didn’t spell it with the h so my friends started calling me Meg-hand bc it helped them get it right and i still think it’s hilarious
following: 778
followers: 3905 but i’m pretty sure at least 2/3 of that are bots that i haven’t bothered to clear out
average hours of sleep: probably 6 or 7? idk it’s v variable
lucky number: 6
instruments: i took piano lessons as a kid but don’t remember much... i’m really good at guitar hero and drums on rock band if that counts for anything
what am i wearing: t shirt and sweats - it’s a staying in the house kinda day so i’m keepin it comfy
dream trip: eating my way across italy, no question
favourite food: again, i’m not great at picking favorites so i’ll list a few - chicken pot pie, bolognese, mulligatawny, a nice beet and arugula salad, spicy ramen, pretty much anything with cheese
nationality: american
last book i read: Forest Primeval by Vievee Francis (poetry collection)
top 3 fictional worlds I'd like to live in: idk if i know how to answer this one... part of me wants to go with one of the many apocalypse scenarios bc adventure sounds exciting, part of me wants to go with a low stakes cartoon where everything always has a happy ending.... i don’t know where to begin or how to choose
favorite color: pink (the exact shade is called french raspberry and i’m already preparing for ace to make fun of me for it)
i for sure can’t come up with 20 people to tag off the top of my head but anyone who sees this and knows me should feel more than free to add themself to this list (seriously!! i’m just bad at thinking of people on the spot!! if ur not listed blow consider yourself tagged!)
@primaryass @lil-bastardo @beaujes @maybemattt @thembokorra @solipsisticarrogance @s-cullayy @ordinary-traveler
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trans-hannibal · a month ago
Villains x Sidekick with so many feelings. They're gay Harold. Sidekick does not get any respect from their team, luckily the cute villains do respect them.
"We have to go back for them Criss-"
"There is no going back for them!" Criss-Cross shouted. "We are not in a place to just impulsively start rescue missions! Snowy's already gone, even if they weren't, we can't afford to lose anyone else for a damn sidekick,"
Brass looked aback, shocked at Criss-Cross's words. "You-they're not any damn sidekick, they're yours,"
"They aren't worth the damn team Brass," Criss-Cross slumped over the table, holding her head in her hands. "You wouldn't understand the tough decisions I have to make,"
"This is Snowy, not whether to retreat or keep fighting-"
"Not a word more Brass!" Criss-Cross shouted. "Or I will send you to get Snowy on your own. Is that clear?"
Brass looked at her, face hardened to a steely glare. "Perfectly,"
"Good, now go on and see if Gecko needs help,"
Snowy came to slow. Their head ached, their whole body did in fact. They had been too close when the blast went off, and the ensuing rubble probably hadn't helped either. Their fault anyway.
Snowy sat up, looking around. This wasn't the sickbay, or their bunk. It wasn't anywhere they recognized in fact. It was a bedroom, presumably, the only indication that it was happened to be the bed they were sitting on and the fact it didn't look like a prison cell.
"Hello?" Snowy called out. No answer came. "Hello?" They repeated, standing from the bed and almost collapsing.
"Is anyone here?" Snowy breathed deeply and continued on. They approached the door, and slowly opened it, peaking their head out of it, still no one. But there was the sound of singing, and cooking.
Snowy exited and approached the room where the sound was coming from slowly. Their wings tucked close to their back, making them smaller, less noticeable.
They nearly jumped when they saw who was in the room. The three villains, one cooking, and the other two sat at a table watching and listening.
Snowy's heart rate spiked, as domestic the scene was, it was still Them. And Snowy was unarmed, defenseless.
Shit, Drift noticed them. Think think think-
"You're awake!" Drift rushed over and began checking them over. "Are you okay? That was a pretty nasty blast you got caught in. I apologize no one was there when you woke up, we thought you'd need all the sleep you could get-"
Mockingbird walked over from her place at the stove and set a hand down on Drift's shoulder. "Breathe Drift, the poor thing just got up," She looked over to Snowy. "I am glad you're awake though, you looked something awful after all of that,"
"Yeah, listen to Songbird Drift," Blackout joined the conversation. "The poor helpless thing just woke up, wouldn't want to break their fragile wings,"
Mockingjay flicked Blackout's head. "Hush,"
"I'm just saying, Snowbird here isn't weak or fragile, small as they are,"
"None of us said that," Mockingjay sighed. "Anyway, as Drift was saying, how're you feeling?"
Panicked, confused, vulnerable, weirdly comfortable, all apt words to describe the feeling Snowy was having. Confused was most of it.
"I-uh, alright? I...guess," Snowy said. "I-uhm, why aren't you keeping me prisoner?"
"Prisoner?" Drift asked, confused. "You were hurt, we couldn't keep you in any old cell,"
"But I'm with Criss, they're your sworn enemy," Snowy added, bewildered.
"Yes, but I'm afraid they aren't with you darling," Mockingbird said. "And we don't stoop that low sweetheart,"
"Not...with me?" Snowy said. "She's my friend, my best friend, her and the team will be here to get me in a few days, I know it," Snowy was surprised at their own defiance in the trio's faces, but didn't regret it yet.
The trio looked at each other, a sad look in their eyes. Even Blackout's.
"Honey," Mockingbird began. "It has been days, you were out cold,"
"No," Snowy said. "It can't have been, we were just freeing the hostages yesterday..."
"Look, we aren't messing with you Snowbird," Blackout assured. "Drift's not doing anything, Songbird isn't, and I'm not, it's been days since your team and you attacked,"
"You will stay with us while you heal," Drift said. "Wait and see if-" A look from Mockingbird. "When, your team comes back,"
Snowy knew better, they should have rejected the offer and tried to get out. But they, against all logic, felt safe. And it wasn't like Snowy was going to get out any time soon on their own in their state.
"Fine," Snowy said.
"Great," Mockingbird said, smiling. "I'll get you some food,"
"Oh, Snowbird," Blackout began. "Do you have a name? A real name? Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine,"
For as trusting as they were being, they didn't feel that safe. "Not one you'll be hearing,"
"Alright, alright. Spicybird,"
Weeks passed, weeks. Not a sign from the team. Not even the smallest clue that they'd be coming to save them. They even continued fighting on against the villains without them.
"There we are," Drift removed the final bandage from their torso. "That should be if for your chest. It might feel weird without the slight compression, so you should build back that part of your core once you feel well enough,"
"Uh, thank you, Drift," Snowy sighed.
"Hey, are you okay?" Drift asked.
"I'm fine, I'm only being held prisoner by my team's sworn enemies," Snowy lied, they didn't feel like prisoner. Maybe that's what they wanted, make them turn over to their side. But Snowy didn't have much in them to care, it felt nice. The care and attention, physical affection that stopped at the drop of a word, Snowy liked it.
"Is it your team?"
Snowy sighed and nodded. "They still haven't come back for me. They should've found me by now, but they haven't," Confiding in a villain, add that to the things Snowy knew was wrong but didn't have the heart to care anymore.
"I know," Drift sighed. "Truthfully I do wish they came back. You deserve a team who will do that for you,"
"It's...okay, I'm just the sidekick Drift, they have more important fights to win," Snowy sighed.
"Hey," Drift said firmly. "Don't...don't discount yourself like that, just because they can't see how great you are, doesn't mean all of us don't,"
Snowy looked up and blinked. "What do you mean?"
"We think you're amazing, Snowy," Drift smiled. "Even Blackout, xe would kill for you,"
"Of course," Drift said, taking Snowy's hand. "You're strong and smart and sweet, so small and cute too. Oh, the others would have to agree to it, but I'd love to have you on the team," 'Team' felt like so much more than team, and Snowy didn't mind.
"You don't have to say yes, I won't make you," Drift said.
"No, I..." Snowy thought a moment. This would forever separate them from everyone on the good side. They could never go back. Part of them didn't want to. They had left them for dead, didn't even seem to care, but the villains did, ironically. Blackout had gritted teeth watching Criss on the news, acting like nothing happened to Snowy. They cared. And maybe, just maybe, Snowy was tired of acting all rights and no wrongs. "I want to join. If the others allow me too,"
Drift blinked, then grinned. "Oh, really? Well, why don't we go ask then?"
"Yes! Come on!"
Snowy let themselves be dragged off, any reservations left from their choice floating away as they ran.
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calypsoff · a month ago
Thirty Seven.
Tumblr media
Chris is being a little weird again, he won’t come to the door to see his parents. They have arrived, I paid for their flight here too which they did refuse but I insisted, I still feel to blame for most of the things that happened to Chris, I feel like if he didn’t come to Cali on his own then he wouldn’t have got in that position so I said I would. They flew here first class; I have to make sure my in laws are well now. This is the first time they are meeting my mother, Mel and the crew here here because I’m leaving today so it’s like a changeover “can y’all not act like animals please, they have arrived” I announced “sorry, let me put on a show for Robyn’ in laws” Yusuf said, he knows damn well he needs too, walking off to go and answer the door, Chris could have come out and seen them but he isn’t, I don’t need him to play up now when he’s made such progress with everything “I’ll come with you” looking behind me “awww mommy, thank you. It’s like meet the parents all over again, in this situation though. I hope they don’t hate me; they say they don’t but still” I sighed out “I can’t wait to meet the people that took care of my daughter when she came, they seem so nice so I can’t imagine them being mean” I have done nothing but praise them, but they are great people. Dragging open the door “wow” Clinton said, they both look in awe just looking around the neighbourhood. I know it is a lot to take in when you first come to this place.
They are shocked “I have never been to something so nice, oh hi Robyn” Joyce walked by Clinton that is still looking around “nice to see you again” hugging her “likewise, thank you so much for letting us come here and oh my god, the flight here. Thank you” I cooed out “it’s fine honestly, this is my mother. Monica Fenty, this is Joyce” stepping to the side “just how my daughter explained, I have always wanted to meet you. I want to thank you for taking care of her” Joyce waved off my mother “don’t be, she is like a daughter to me” thank god this is a good meeting “I am just in shock, this place is just mind blowing. Thank you” he came over to me, Clinton hugged me “don’t say thank you, stop it. You both deserve some luxury with putting up with Chris” stepping to the side “Clinton, nice to meet you Monica. I can see where Robyn gets her looks from now” Clinton is fast “oh stop it, my daughter is beautiful. Please come in, bring your things in. I know my daughter had things she wanted to speak to you about so make yourself at home” look at my mom taking over “where is Chris? I expected him to be here” Joyce asked, she caught me rolling my eyes “he didn’t want to come out of the bedroom, my mother had enough of Chris and braided his hair” Joyce laughed out “is he still being stubborn about shaving his hair, that boy of mine. Thank you for taking care of him, allowing him to be in your family this way” Joyce is too kind “mom can you take Joyce with you, I’ll be with you both after. Clinton” I’m speaking to him because Chris only allows his dad to do things for him, not that I am leaving Joyce out of this, but I know Clinton does most of it because Chris won’t let her do a thing, this is why I am shocked he let me.
Clinton and I walked side by side towards the back yard, I would take him to see Chris, but I don’t think he would appreciate that, he’s moody “how is my son? How come he didn’t come to see us at the door anyways? He sounded happy when we last spoke to him” sliding open the door “he is doing well but he got frustrated with himself yesterday, the rehab is long and it’s hard and he just got angry at himself that he lashed on myself, like I mean he just punched his leg because it wasn’t working as he said, he’s been great for most part, he’s been settled but now it’s time for me to go he’s playing up and just remains in the room because he wants too, he’s just being a little off with things. Chris will need his sleeping tablet at ten around then, he eats about eight the latest. He does take them with me, but I don’t know, he needs a little bit of help with things, he has to pee sitting down so like many of times he leaves pee on the seat, he’s a messy in terms of leaving things so every day I tidy everything up, keep on top of him with daily clean. He generally does it but I don’t know with how he will be” Clinton and I stopped walking “wow, you really do love my son don’t you, you don’t have to put up with this” I chuckled “I do, I love him with my whole heart and I would do anything for him to make him happy, just worried about leaving him” my concern he will play up but he’s promised he wouldn’t, I just think he’s a little sad I am going but won’t say it.
Clinton laughed; I don’t know what he finds funny, but he finds something funny “what’s funny?” I questioned “my son never leaves his stubbornness, but overall was he good with you. I would like to know he did treat you right?” I cooed out, this makes me a little emotional like a father figure just looking out for me “he is, I can honestly say he does do things when I ask. Yes he does some stupid stuff like when I tell him don’t he does it, like in the shower I told him not to do it, but he did it. But other then that he does listen to me, the affection is a little low, I miss it. I miss that touch right now; I feel like I am missing out on that touch from him, but he is going through it, so I just accept it. I can honestly say that he does respect me, if he didn’t then he would have not done what he did for me, he wouldn’t have gone to a therapist, he wouldn’t have stayed. I can’t blame him for what he is like, but he is not bad with me, just miss that touch. I miss his touch” I sighed out “let me stop” I waved Clinton off; I don’t want to get emotional “it’s ok” Clinton placed his arm around me, I get emotional when he does that to me, he treats me like a daughter and I just think to my own dad, he is so bad with me unless I give him money “you’re going to make me cry, that won’t be good” I announced “just know we appreciate you so much Robyn, you are a daughter to us. Even with Chris being a pain, you think he will see us?” Clinton moved back from me “I will go and see to him, talk to him. Get him to leave the bedroom, I am sure he will” he is a pain, but he will eventually.
I decided to do my makeup, Chris is in bed. I was going to ask him what is he playing at but I thought why be on his case, do your makeup and just do your thing. This way I can gather my thoughts and what I will say to him, closing my blusher “women really do a lot” Chris has been watching me the whole time “we do” I smiled through the mirror at him “what are you going to do now anyways? Being quiet with me does not help me or you so please talk to me” I worry about him, I really want to stay here “you look so beautiful Robyn” he put his head down “forget me, I asked what are you going to be doing when I am gone, I will be gone for two months, I want to come back to you being better. I don’t want to hear you did what you did with me again, I am still very annoyed you did that. Ok you got annoyed but why punch your leg? Frustration, I get it but no. Chris you are pushing yourself, stop” I have already told him all this, I just want better for him “tell me Chris, when I come back what am I going to get? You promised me a lot” turning in my seat, I want to look at him “a better man, I want to be better for you and I will, but a month is a lot, I mean two months. Every morning I see you in bed with me, I am going to miss that. I am going to miss your face, your presence, your vibe, your energy. With my parents it’s work time, I need to just do it because I don’t want them to listen to my shit” he shook his head “then I think this is what you need Chris” he needs me gone, I am maybe bad for him.
I have put my hair in a bun, and I am ready to go and leave for Morocco, I am not going just yet. I just wanted to be ready to leave. Chris came out of the bathroom hopping out “are you going to put some clothes on, so you can see your parents?” I have been avoiding asking him that question, but I want him to go with me and see them, it’s not right. Chris paused on his crutches staring at me “you are so beautiful, I am literally not worthy of you Robyn, it’s been a while since you have done your makeup, even though I enjoy you without makeup. You just look amazing” I smiled looking down at my makeup bag as I zipped it up “thank you Chris but, answer me. Are you going to get your clothes on? Your parents are here Chris, I need to know you’re ok before I leave. Don’t play up on me, please” I pleaded with him, I don’t want him to play up with me now, not now anyways “yeah” he mumbled “thank you poppa” I miss his touch a lot, like so much and I wish there was more affection with us but it’s sweet of him to say what he said about, made me smile anyways “I have cleaned and ironed all your clothes so don’t worry for now ok?” Chris sat on the edge of the bed “thank you Robyn, look. I am resting my foot on the floor like this, and then I add a little weight on, I can get up a little look” I really wish he didn’t, but he did it, I cringed but he did. He got up a little bit off the bed “I am so proud of you, that is so good baby!” he is trying his best and that is all I can ask of him “I won’t get annoyed with myself again, not like I did before” nodding my head, I pray he doesn’t because he needs patience with himself.
Fixing Chris’ jacket on his shoulders “I would have never imagined you with a full grown beard but look at it. I hate it” I added, I really do hate the fucking beard but he refuses to let go of it “the beard loves you too” turning to the door, I want him to sit with us and then I can see what he will be like for a while, dragging open the door “come on then, let’s see my in laws” I grinned looking at Chris “what in laws?” he retorted, now he is just being troll “be quiet” side eyeing him “come on, go ahead of me. They are waiting to see you” I want him to be ahead of me, I want him to be the man and not be behind me. He is the man of the house “they not going to like me like this” he hopped by me, he is right, I don’t either. I hate it but what can I say, I will wait for it. I can hear my family being ever so loud but that is a good thing, Chris looked behind him at me like it is some clarification, but I smiled at him “go on” I said laughing “it’s just family, nobody else” Chris turned the corner “Christopher!” Joyce spat, I knew she would have shouted seeing him “ma, hey” walking into the living room “You bought caveman out, chile. I am dying to shave him so bad” Yusuf said “should be glad he let my mother braid his hair” rolling my eyes.
I am judging Chris I want to know if he will be ok but the way his parents are fussing over him, I am content. They are showing him so much love, like he is a child again “I missed your face so much, I mean what I can see of it. Are you happy I am happy baby” Chris smiled nodding his head “Robyn has been the strength that I needed, everyone that has been here. Like you all been nice enough to deal with me, to be kind. I know that you all know I am going through some things, but you haven’t changed on me, I respect that. And I thank you, Monica you have been my second mother here. Patience you have had with me, knowing Robyn has been upset. Robyn has been my rock and I wouldn’t have done it without her, I recognize it and I will get there” my baby made a speech, everyone cheered in the room “caveman made a speech, if you want me to shave you I am here baby” I am so proud of him, I winked at him smiling. He is there, he will get there, and I know it “no problem from me Chris, you have treated me with so much respect even when you are down” my mother said “I am so proud of Chris baby” Joyce kissed his cheek, the buzzer went off which only meant the SUVs are here, Mel looked at me knowing full well what that meant “I guess this is us” Mel announced.
I paused staring at Clinton watching him lock the house up again for the third time, he did it twice just fine “it’s all done from this tablet, you will be fine. Its so easy, and then you open the blinds from this too” Clinton will be able to do it “call me if anything, like honestly. If you struggle on anything. The door is automatic lock, as soon as you close the door it locks, pretty good security” moving back from Clinton “he will get used to it, his old mind is trying to catch up. You go now, have a safe and lovely tour. Don’t work yourself too hard” Joyce hugged me, hugging her back. She is hugging me so tight “thank you so much angel, you have saved my boy” I chuckled “stop it, I love you all so much. I know you will take care of him” I am not going to get emotional, but Joyce needs to stop doing this, I am going to end up crying “thank you” she moved back “this is amazing Robyn, take care for the tour and travelling” Clinton said, he is so engrossed in the tablet now “thank you” turning to the door and there stood my poppa “you not tired from standing yet?” I want to make this light hearted “no, not yet. I will wait for you always” standing in front of him “that is the sweetest, coming from you anyways. But remember what you promised me Chris, don’t break it now” smiling at him, Chris dropped his crutches and hugged me, it’s been so long since Chris has held me “Chris, your leg” is the first thing I said, I melted in his arms instantly “I didn’t want this moment to come, it has and I hate it. You’re going to be so far from me, you better come back to me. I love you Robyn, I really do” wrapping my arms around his neck “I love you too poppa” I sniffled “I don’t know what I’m going to do now” closing my eyes trying to not get too emotional “you’re going to get better for me, you’re going to be ok Chris. I love you so much” Chris moved back, I instantly wanted to get his crutches but Chris is stood up “poppa, oh my god. You’re stood up” I gasped in shock “Chris, oh my gosh. You’re standing” Chris smiled with tears in his eyes “for you” he put his head down, bending down and picking his crutches up “I am so proud of you, I can’t wait to see you soon ok” he is making me not want to go “you’re making me crying” a sob left my lips “you too, don’t ruin your makeup” he took the cutches for me “I am going to be ok, I will see you soon” Chris leaned forward and kissed my cheek, nodding my head “bye, take care all of you” I need to go before I don’t leave at all, letting the tear fall as I left the home.
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kawaiitriumphtriumph · a month ago
Slot Machine Bb Code
Tumblr media
Igrosoft's Monkey slot machines are a huge success in the gaming business. Like all successful projects, this slot was continued in the Crazy Monkey 2 slot machine, and now no assortment in the casino is complete without them. Ok, so I know I'm stupid.but I can't be that stupid. How the hell do you play slots machines? I'm playing on PS4 and I touch R2 and nothing happens.
From my childhood, one of the things I remember was playing an old slot machine in my grandparents garage. A nickel slot machine, I really knew nothing much about the machine, other than my grandpa had bought it from a place he once worked at, repairing pinball, slot, and jukebox machines. It didn't turn me into some chronic gambler and ruin my life, and at the time, I didn't even have a clue what gambling was. My grandpa would pass away in 1992, and the slot machine would sit in my grandma's garage for many years, until one day she asked whether I wanted it. Sure, it was a piece that I always thought was cool, and no way I was turning it down. Instead of hauling it up to Detroit, to my apartment, I took it next door to my parents, where it would sit for at least another 10 years or so. Yesterday, I finally figured it was time to bring it home. I put it in the back of our truck, and to Detroit it went. I knew it needed some work, as it had quit working later on in my childhood, so I knew I'd have to drop some coin to get it fixed. Today, I emailed a repair shop in Chelsea, MI, ironically, not too far from where I grew up. I was surprised to learn that the slot machine was a 1936 Caille Cadet, manufactured by the Caille Brothers Company in Detroit. The company was originally in Saginaw Michigan, and relocated to Detroit. In addition to my slot machine, the company built 223 machines dating back to 1897. They also built outboard boat motors, which they would later sell off to Sears and Roebuck. At it's peak, the company employed some 500 employees. I was curious where they were in Detroit, and more importantly, whether the building was still there. I was shocked to find that the building has not only survived, is mere blocks from where my wife works, and blocks from where I patrol at work. In addition, it's probably about 1 mile from where we now live. From the cornfields outside of Adrian, Michigan, back to within a mile from where it was built, it made an already sentimental piece to me that much more significant. I had estimated the machine to be from the 1950's, judging by the style, and was somewhat surprised to discover it was in fact a 1936. The older I get, the more I appreciate the older things in life. My milk shakes at home are still mixed by a 1942 Hamilton Beach milkshake mixer, and it works as good as ever, ways a ton, and screams American ingenuity with long lasting quality. I love watching Pawn Stars, American Pickers, and American Restoration, more than anything, because they take pieces of Americana save them, and often times, restore them. I often wonder, what will we treasure 25,50, or even 100 years from now? I find it hard to believe that anybody will see value in items bought at Home Depot, made in China, or whoever the next cheap 3rd world country sweat shop that makes the junk we buy for pennies on the dollor. It's sad really, as the collectibility of items made today is basically non-existant, as we've become such a throw-away/recycle it society.
I was bored and that can be a dangerous thing. Like doodling on the phone book while you are talking on the phone, I doodle code while answering questions on DIC. Yeah, it means I have no life and yes it means I was born a coder. During this little doodle I decided to make a slot machine. But not your standard slot machine per say, but one designed a little bit more like the real thing. Sure it could have been done a little more simpler and not even using a Wheel class at all, but what fun is that? In this entry I show the creation of a slot machine from a bit more of a mechanical aspect than a purely computerized one. It should provide a small sampling of classes and how they can represent real life machines. We cover it all right here on the Programming Underground!
Slot Machine Bb Codes
So as I have already said, this little project was just something to play around with. It turned out kinda nice, so I thought I would share it. But what did I mean about it being mechanical in nature? Well, if you have ever played a real slot machine, not the digital ones they have in casinos now, you would see a metal case with a series of wheels. Typically it would be three wheels with pictures on them. When you put your money in and pull the handle the wheels would be set into motion. They would spin and then the first wheel would stop, followed by the second and then the third. After they have all stopped, the winnings are determined and you are paid out in coinage or credits.
I thought, why not be a bit mechanical in this slot machine design and create the wheels as a class called “Wheel” and give it the ability to spin independently of the other wheels? Have the wheel keep track of which picture (or in our case number) is flying by and report the results to the actual slot machine class. I could have done this mechanism without the need of a wheel at all and instead load up an array and have it randomly pick a number from the wheel. Little slimmer, little more efficient but wouldn’t show much programming theory.
What do we gain by recreating these Wheel classes and spinning them independently? Well, you gain a slight bit of flexibility. Independently we are able to control the speed of the spinning if we wanted to, we are able to grasp the idea of the wheel as a concept in our mind and manipulate it. We could easily built in features like if the wheel lands on a certain number it will adjust itself. Like some slots in Vegas, if you land on lets say a rocket in the center line, the machine would see the rocket and correct the wheel to spin backwards 1 spot (in the direction of the rocket as if the rocket was controlling the wheel). We could spin one wheel one way and another wheel another. We could inherit from that wheel and create a specialized wheel that does a slew of new different behaviors. All encapsulated into one solid object making the actual Machine class oblivious to the trickery of the wheel itself… encapsulation at its finest!
The machine class we create will contain 3 pointers. Each to one of the wheels. The machine itself will be in charge of a few different tasks. Taking money, issuing and removing credits, determining when to spin, telling each of the wheels to spin and checking our winnings based on some chart we create. It has enough on its plate than worrying about the wheels and reading their values.
So lets start with our Wheel class and its declaration/implementation…
As you can see the wheel itself is not a difficult concept to envision. The bulk of the work is in the read() method. Here we simply read the values from our internal array of integers (the values on the wheel) and return those values as an array of the three integers… representing the visible column. This column will then be loaded into our 2-Dimensional Array back in the Machine class. The 2D array represents the view or screen by which the user sees the results. Remember that the user never gets to see the entire wheel. Only the 3 consecutive values on the face of the wheel.
Here is how it may look in the real world. We have our machine with the three wheels and our 2D array called “Screen” which acts as our viewing window. Each wheel will report its values and those values will be put into the screen…
Below is our machine class…
Slot Machine Vb Code
Tumblr media
This looks like a lot of code but really it is not if you look at each function. Most of them are very very simple to understand. We have a spin method which essentially spins each of the wheels, reads their values back from the Wheel class into a pointer (representing each column), then they are loaded into the 2D array one column at a time (our view screen), printed for the user to see the results and lastly the winnings are checked. The checkwinnings() method determines which rows to check based on the amount of the bet. If they chose 1 line, it checks for winning combinations on the middle row only. If they choose 2 lines, it checks the middle and top lines, 3 line bet checks all three horizontal rows, 4 line bet checks the first diagonal as well and 5 line bet checks both diagonals in addition to the lines.
How does it check the lines? Well each line is given to the checkline() helper function which compares the 3 values of the line against an enumerated type of various symbols. Here we are just assigning a symbol against each numbered value to help the programmer determine which numbers correspond to which winning combos. For instance, luckyseven represents the number 3 in the enumeration. So if it runs across a line with 3 number 3s, then it knows it hit the grand jackpot and credits the player 1000. This method makes things easy because if we ever wanted to change the win patterns later, we could change the enum and checkline method to do so. We could also build in multiple types of symbols and even let the user choose what slot machine game they want to go by. It becomes very flexible and is a testament to great design!
Lastly we can put some tests together just to show some the various aspects of how this thing works and how the programmer can use the classes…
This simply inserts a 5 dollar bill and a coin for good luck. Then bets 5 lines and spins. Despite the outcome we go and bet five lines again and spin once more. Hopefully we win something this time around! But either way, those are the classes for you and I hope you like them. As always, all code here on the Programming Underground is in the public domain and free for the taking (just don’t cause a mess in isle 3, I am tired of running out there for cleanup). Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. 🙂
Tumblr media
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andthisisuseless · a month ago
March 16th
It's still good with 1 here, but her time here is almost up. I woke up Wednesday and she was watching Netflix. When I sat down on my computer chair, she got up from the easy chair and playfully pushed me on my shoulder with a couple of fingers. We watched a movie called "Our Idiot Brother," which was funny and cute. She then watched some of her programs so I listened to some podcasts. I got a message from Karaoke Queen (see below) so I hopped into the bathtub & got ready to leave. I asked her if she was playing poker and she said yes, so I said I'm going to dinner with Karaoke Queen & I'll see you later. She said if she sees me, she will, but if she doesn't, she knows I'm getting laid. I chuckled and said I haven't even so much as gotten a hug yet. I left and had my dinner with KQ and then made it to poker on time. She was already there & we got started. She mentioned it's been years since she's had sex, so I wonder if the last time was with me in August of 2018? The math suggests so; Poor girl. I busted her twice in the first game & she wanted to go look at TVs to kill the time between games, flicking me on the head on the way out. She texted one of the other players that she was at KFC and wanted to know if any of us needed anything from there. We all declined then she returned empty handed. We started the second game and she lost twice again, but this time it wasn't me. She dealt until they got down to heads-up (I finished third in both games), which lasted only one hand, so we packed up & left. She went another direction but I kept on to home. She didn't come home until after midnight, saying she got a free breakfast for dinner. I assume that meant she went to the restaurant ran by one of the other players. We watched TV and chatted for a bit, about what kind of house I should buy & what plans she has for her new place. Eventually, about an hour later, she went to bed. She got up before I went to bed Thursday morning and said something but I didn't hear her. I said "What's that?" but she didn't respond, and she was gone when I got up. She got back mid-afternoon with shopping bags and a crab rangoon pizza from a locally famous pizza chain. She offered a small piece to me so I could finally sample it, and while it wasn't bad, it didn't grab me as something I would go out of my way to eat. The shopping bags had clothes and shoes for her upcoming massage job, and new bras, of which her last good one broke. We hung out for a bit and watched some HGTV. She got a beer, then asked if I would peel an orange for her. I thought she wanted a wedge for her beer, so I started cutting one up, but apparently I all I had to do was peel one and hand it to her. She got what she wanted and I ate the rest. She said she knows when she's really tired because having a drink doesn't make her horny, just tired. I ate, got dressed, and left for work. I went to bed Friday morning before she woke up. I did hear her take a shower in the morning, but she was gone when I woke up. She called me in the late afternoon telling me all the things she did & places she went. She mainly babysat her oldest granddaughter but also picked up some stuff from her ex-mother-in-law and the now-framed mermaid picture. She asked me to unlock the door so she wouldn't potentially damage it, I said okay, and she said she'd be home in a couple of minutes. She came in with it and it was indeed quite striking, and I can now understand why she wanted it. She also showed me some paint samples and we laughed about some of the names. I told her I was going to see KQ again, and she told me to be honest with her. She also told me she warned me about C.O.N.'s bad reaction to her moving in, so I should listen to her advice. I told her she was right, but C.O.N. did overreact. I took a shower, got dressed, and left. On Saturday, I didn't sleep well, but oh, well. I got up & she was watching Netflix. One of the characters in the show she was watching got cheated out of thousands of dollars by a woman he was seeing, and 1 said she could see someone doing that to me. I told her I thought I was more careful than that. I had to leave for my nephew's birthday party, so I got dressed and left. I came home a couple of hours later and told her I had to get on the ladder and clean the gutters. I'm glad I got that done, but it wasn't fun. I did get kind of sweaty and she suggested I take a shower, so I said I would. However, I lost track of time, so when I noticed, it was time to get dressed and leave, so I did that. Once again, on Sunday, I swear I heard her talking on the phone before I got up, but when I came out of my bedroom, she wasn't here. She got home mid-afternoon and was talking on the phone with her ex. She apparently went over to his parents' house to help, and I found out her ex-father-in-law may not live much longer. I thought it was sad but she said he was old and it's expected. She also bought some candles made out of beeswax and lit one of the smaller ones, but it didn't last very long. We each ate sitting on the couch, then I showered, got dressed, and left for work. Yesterday, I stayed up late enough, thanks to the time change, that I thought I might see her when she woke up, but no, she slept in. I did hear her get up, take a shower, and leave, all of which woke me up, so I got up. She returned about two hours later and interrupted me masturbating, which I didn't need to do, anyway. We hung out in the living room for a couple of hours, then I took a long nap. I got up just in time to eat, get dressed, and leave for work. Today, when I got up, she was playing Dr. Mario while sitting in my computer chair. She got up but I said I won't need it for a bit, so go ahead & sit for a bit. She said she was playing a lot better because of the better angle to the TV. I went to the bathroom, then I claimed my chair when I came out. She said she wished she could still sit on it, so I said I'd have to sit on her lap if she did. She said "Ohhh. Mmm, not today." I took that to mean she would some day, if you know what I mean. I was running around the house because I had a bunch of stuff to do today before leaving for my parents' house. I got them done & she was on the easy chair on her computer. We chatted for a bit, then I left. I didn't get home until late, so she was already in bed. I think the rest of the time she is here, our time together is going to be limited. She takes possession two weeks from tomorrow. I'm going to miss her terribly.
I only saw 2 once, and it was in passing in the hallway by the locker rooms. The woman that my former co-worker introduced to me messaged me Wednesday afternoon asking when was my poker game. I said 7pm, so she asked if I wanted to go eat at a Mexican restaurant on that side of town beforehand. I said yes, so I took a quick bath & went over there. She was waiting for me outside, so we went in and sat down in a booth. We both had margaritas & our meals were delicious. Our conversation was great & we tried to iron out our plans for this week. Apparently, I didn't remember asking her out for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow, so she reminded me. She said she will take the next day off so she can stay out late & doesn't have to worry about having to get up early for work the next day. We had a few minutes before I had to go, so we sat on the benches out front & chatted. It was windy & getting a bit chilly, so we went to leave. She finally gave me a hug & a kiss, and I grabbed her ass, too. Since we will go out a few more times, I'll give her a nickname- she loves to sing & is good at it, so I'll call her Karaoke Queen. We messaged each other on Thursday, and she told me about her living plans. A couple of my messages didn't go through, so she gave me her phone number, and we started texting each other. She asked about my schedule so I gave it to her, and she asked if it will change, but I said not until we add more tables or expand hours. She texted me Friday morning saying her apartment application got approved (side note: It's across the street from 1's former and soon-to-be new complex). I said congrats, then she asked me to dinner before work, and I accepted. When I got to the restaurant, she was already there, sitting at a high table. I sat down and we chatted for a bit. I found out she's not going to divorce her husband for financial reasons, but they're going to live separately for the foreseeable future, and she's completely uninterested in getting married again. That means we have no future together, so after going out tomorrow we'll go our separate ways, and to avoid any entanglements, I'm not going to sleep with her. She texted me yesterday saying she gets her keys tomorrow, so she & her ex are going to move her bed, then go out of town to get the rest of her stuff. I assumed that meant she wouldn't be available for going out, but she asked me if I had found us something to do. I said I haven't but there are options. She messaged me this morning saying she won't be available until 7pm or so, and I said that's what I figured. She then asked if I wanted to go out tonight, but I said I was planning on playing poker. She said she didn't think she could get me both nights. We'll see how tomorrow goes. Nothing from 3, BFF, Long-Lost Friend, or Cute Older Nurse.
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nowinnablewar · a month ago
Hello! can i request a lewis nixon / reader, angst/fluff where she’s a nurse or a medic and sometimes when she runs to help the soldiers she’s a little reckless and he’s worried about her?
thanks! have a great day ✨
Angel's Keeper
Ah sweet Nix, time to scare him to death! I know ppl who ask for that kinda "nurse running into live fire" premise expect a Roe-in-Bastogne vibe but I just watched A Bridge Too Far so u get my Market Garden feels, hope u enjoy~
1.7k words
Tumblr media
Objectively speaking, Eindhoven was the easiest part of Operation Market Garden. Close to Allied land, benefiting from ground support in the form of the armoured XXX Corps, and all in all welcoming of troops once the city was seized. Nixon could only imagine what troubles the Brits over in Arnhem would have to endure while they forged a path to the Rhine.
So why, among the festivities of liberation, was he so tense?
Even squeaky-clean Winters hadn't objected to a few celebratory kisses in passing, though he'd remained the most professional of Easy Company (unlike Talbert, who was demonstrating to all Dutch dames how effective his mouth-to-mouth technique was. The French truly had nothing on that heartbreaker).
Amid the singing and mirth, a starkly more violent wave gripped the good people of the Netherlands. The men wrestled women to an empty circle in the crowd, an artificial space engineered in the confusion, an agora where they could be shorn like sheep under the vitriol of virtuous citizens. Traitors, traitors, traitors, the ugly lot of whores.
The American soldiers watched on, claiming disdain or disgust, but feeling mere indifference. Ultimately they didn't deign oppose the locals' ritual, and certainly wouldn't let it dampen their mood. With a cynical smile, Nixon noted how fortuitous it turned out to be, that you'd be sent up to Nijmegen with the rest of the Airborne. If you'd seen that brutish spectacle, he could hardly fathom your outrage.
It's barbaric, Lew, barbaric! Those poor women, suffering the brunt of years of war and oppression, do you think they had a choice? Any say at all? Why should they suffer just when they thought they were finally free?
Yeah, maybe it was better you didn't have to see it. He wouldn't know what to tell you.
Taking a drag from his cigarette, Nixon shouted over the clamour to Winters, "When are we getting back on the move? We're behind schedule."
"We still ought to link with the Dutch resistance for information," he said with an assured nod as he read his map. "Don't worry. Y/N will be fine. She's got more life in her than a whole battalion."
That wasn't what he'd asked, but it was his tacit question. Funny how simply Dick could read him. Not well enough to assuage his bone-chilling concern, unfortunately.
Nixon had seen you on D-Day, hopping from trench to trench as if to rival Speirs in recklessness. And although you'd saved untold lives, he couldn't help the deadly panic that seized his heart each and every time you sprinted under live fire. No man's land — you didn't get the memo, evidently. Or did it not apply to nurses?
He'd witnessed bullets plough the ground at your feet, some bounce off your helmet, shrapnel lodge itself in your calf. Always benign in your eyes. Always terrifying in his. Above all, always, always, without fault, you smiled through it and delivered necessary aid to men who were sometimes less wounded than yourself. As long as you carried syrettes and bandages, you'd heal soldiers in spite of your own safety.
And now he was expected to keep his cool while you were 40 miles North, doing God-knows-what to get yourself shot?
Absolutely not, no sir.
The 82nd Airborne had lost a baffling number of troopers in Normandy, of which too many medics, resulting in your transfer from one Easy Company to the other. If it hadn't been for that coincidence offering a delightful icebreaker, you doubted the veterans would've adopted you quite so fast. Couldn't blame 'em. Hell, you would've been as reluctant had Roe or Spina died and been replaced with some guy from the 508th.
Field Marshal Montgomery had seen it fit to drop you above Grave. Despite Sergeant Thomas Van de Berg assuring you it was pronounced with the same A as America, you couldn't help but think of a sepulchre.
Off to a fun start.
You landed in an open, quiet field, less than a kilometer from the DZ. Around you, paratroopers shed their chutes and adjusted their equipment, gun at the ready, an odd air of tranquil habit to their movements. The company assembled within minutes, not one man lost.
"Already better than Normandy," said Bug, a bucktoothed sniper who made the same whistling sound when he breathed through his mouth as when he shot an enemy. "We could almost stop for tea time!"
"Shoulda jumped with the Brits then," you snided. If you stared out towards the Rhine, you could make out dots in the sky over Arnhem and imagine they were allies.
Had Lew landed as safely as you?
Bug shrugged. "Eh, gotta give the Krauts a fightin' chance. It wouldn't be fair if we took every bridge."
"I dunno man," piped up Simmons. "The faster we take Berlin, the sooner we get home."
Bug quirked a brow at the replacement, but didn't comment on his decidedly uncombattive attitude. In a way, the silent judgement was worse, and Simmons hunched on himself with an abashed grimace.
"Not to mention how many more Krauts we'd get to shoot on the other side of that river," said Thomas.
"See? That's a good argument. He gets it," Bug laughed with that involuntary whistle of his, jabbing a thumb at him.
"Enough chitchat, boys." Lieutenant Shelly came forward, map in hand, and waved the company over. "We've got a bridge to take."
They lost Randleman, the bridge on the Wilhelmina Canal, 36 hours to build a Bailey, and Nixon's mind.
"It'll be all right, Lew. Our boys are all doing their best," Dick's reassurances fell on deaf ears. "We can't get to Nijmegen any faster."
They weren't supposed to go to Nijmegen at all — the 101st's mission began and ended around Eindhoven. But since finding out you'd jump up there, Lew had insisted to link up with you, which convinced Dick to come with, which eventually resulted in the whole of Easy Company hitching a ride North. Sink had never let out such a long, weary sigh.
"If that's what you all want," he'd said with a mix of reluctance and admiration, "then I'm sure the 82nd will be glad to see you. They need all the support they can get."
Thus, rows of tanks and armoured vehicles from the British Army advanced into the Netherlands, an impromptu American company in tow. Nix gripped the frame of the truck until his knuckles whitened. Behind him, the members of Easy who hadn't been evacuated were still celebrating Bull's miraculous resurrection and joked about pulling the same trick with their dear nurse.
"Need the support?" Lew practically shrilled. "Need the support? God damn, what does that mean? How bad is it?"
"Communications are down," said Dick. "Sink must have meant it in general. We can always use support, no matter how well we think it's going."
"We're at war. It's never going well."
Three hours and half a dozen German outposts later, Nijmegen wasn't in view, but well within earshot. Panzers, mortars, machine guns — beating back paratroopers who hadn't more than the Thompson they landed with. Paratroopers who should've received ground support yesterday.
"Medic!" was the first word they heard from the 82nd.
Roe's head snapped to Winters, and the Captain nodded in tacit agreement. He leapt out of the truck to tend to the men of their sister division, syrettes and tourniquet at the ready, following the cries like he could see a bright trail to the maimed soldiers. Soon, all of Easy Company was deployed to aid and attack.
The Shermans fired at the Krauts posted in town. Explosions doubled; bullets whizzed by; shells boomed. The ringing in their skulls grew and grew and grew — until the last house blew up, the last Tiger broke down, the last sniper died. When the artillery fell quiet, dust and smoke hung in the air, wafting with an iron tang, ethereal and visceral.
Nixon stopped every person he came across, even a few dazed farmers who'd come out to check on their bloodied fields. "Have you seen Y/N? Nurse, really pretty, about yay tall? Y/N? Anyone?"
"Y/N?" A bucktoothed soldier stopped in his track. "The nurse from the 101st? That Y/N?"
"Yes, yes, exactly," Nixon drew in a sharp, impatient breath.
"She got evac'ed almost an hour ago."
You hated being on this side of the hospital bed. Laying down on it. As a nurse, it was worse than humiliating — it went against the very core of your existence, insulted your role in the scheme of war. You ought to be on the battlefield, tending to the soldiers' wounds, not resting with them.
What a waste of resources you had become.
"Y/N!" boomed throughout the ward, followed by much hushing and shushing from doctors.
You sat up, alarmed and exalted. "Lew?"
Your name echoed again. Now, you could hear footfalls hurrying down the labyrinthine corridors. The nurses tending to your wounded fellows kept working, administering medicine and changing bandages. They didn't even bother glancing up when Lewis Nixon shoved his way past the guards and trekked up to you.
"Oh my God, Y/N, you're alive." Lewis hesitantly brushed your cheek, scared to apply too much pressure on your wounds. "I don't know if I want to send you home or keep you in Easy Company forever."
A low, airy chuckle echoed — technically, you never left Easy Company. The sober worry darkening his face didn't lend itself to such quip.
"Keep me," you said, "or I might resent you all my life."
"But it's so dangerous on the front line."
"That's exactly why I must be there. What will you tell their mother if a soldier dies because the nurse was away?"
"What will I tell your mother?" Lew squeezed your hand and lifted it to his lips. "You kill me, you know that? You kill me every time I have to watch you dash into the line of fire to save someone. I'm not — I can't blame you, nothing like that, but... I just wish you wouldn't put yourself in so much danger."
You smiled sarcastically. "I know I'm no good to anyone dead."
"No — yes — ah, stop messing with my head." He pinched the bridge of his nose and scrunched his eyes. "To Hell with it all. I love you, and I'm not letting you die whether you like it or not."
"Don't you dare put me away," you gritted your teeth.
"Of course not. But I'm assigning you to me."
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mysticalglitterglitter · 2 months ago
888 Meaning Law Of Attraction
Tumblr media
Repeating Numbers: 333 Meaning This is a trinity number and it often starts coming up when you need to align your mind, body, and soul. It could be a little alert to let you know that one of the areas of your life is out of balance and you need to fix it. Understanding just how the Law of Attraction is a fundamental key to your success. If you want to change your life, and empower yourself to create an amazing future, then you need to understand your role in the Law of Attraction. Expect miracles. The Law of Attraction allows for infinite possibilities, infinite abundance, and infinite joy. The Law of Attraction-invented by Satan-instructs us to focus on what we don’t have and continually take massive action while working toward our goal. Eventually our efforts will end in some sort of success, and this too is a trap from Satan! “You may say in your heart, “The power and the strength of my hand has made this wealth for me.”.
Law Of Attraction Book
888 Meaning Law Of Attraction Act
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If you are unfamiliar with this website, my name is Amber but 36,000 people on YouTube know me as The Love Gal. I give my honest review on love and findings with the law of attraction. In this world, nothing is coincidental. I look into everything as a sign from the universe. Messages from spirit angels come in many forms, but angel numbers are the most common. In this article, I am going to tell you exactly what happened when I saw the 888 angel number repeatedly, and what happened after that. You are most likely here because you keep seeing the number 888 and you would like to know it’s meaning. There are multiple meanings to the 888 angel number but in my case, financial abundance came shortly after. Angels use numbers to give you messages. Pay attention to what you were doing and what you were thinking when you see your angel number.
I have witnessed angel numbers my entire life but as I became more aware, the numbers started to change. As a child, I would always see 111 or 1111. Gradually 222, 333, 444, 555, entered the conversation. As of the past couple years, 777, 888, and 999 greeted me. However, we are here to talk about the angel number 888.
I remember the first time seeing the number “888”. I was in my room, on my bed, playing a game on my phone. Ironically, the game had to do with “money”. I received eight hundred and eighty eight points. Most people wouldn’t think anything of it. However, I am a very “what does that mean” type of person. I paused my game and looked it up on Google. The article that I chose to read mentioned financial abundance as the reason why I was seeing 888.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I was excited because I was in dire need of some financial blessings because the last year or so wasn’t the least bit pretty. I recall seeing the number sequence a few more times before not seeing it again.
What Happened After I Saw the Angel Number 888
There was a period of time where I stopped seeing the angel number 888! However, I didn’t think anything of it because I wasn’t used to seeing it anyway. I thought about it from time to time when I saw other angel numbers though. When that happened, I wondered when the money that I desired would start rolling in.
I received my financial abundance the moment I became overly grateful for the life that I was already living. Although my finances were in shambles, I just had a random feeling of joy come over me. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I went to my grandmother’s house for a small gathering that consisted of myself, my grandma, my mom, my two sisters, and my three nieces. I was sitting on the couch watching my grandmother play with my young nieces. The moment made my soul smile. This happened in February 2019.
I didn’t realize that this was the turning point until Snapchat reminded me of that moment a year later. I replayed a “snap” that I recorded and I was talking about how blessed I was. I said, “I am so blessed. Nothing big happened but I am extremely blessed and I am grateful.”
A week later, I recorded a video teaching people my manifestation routine to attract anything I wanted. I didn’t put much thought into it. I just needed a new video to put out. Ironically, that video wasn’t related to anything on my channel at the time.
Tumblr media
Long story short, that video changed my life. I jumped up two tax brackets.
I Am Seeing the Angel Number 888 Again
Law Of Attraction Book
A year after seeing my first 888 angel number occurrence, I am seeing it again. This time, I am seeing it more often. I see it all over social media, receipts, and more. I can do nothing but smile. The first time I kept seeing 888 was life changing. I know in my gut that this time will be even bigger.
The angel number 888 has numerous meanings but for me, it indeed meant financial abundance. I hope it means the same for you.
I Teach People How to Manifest, Click Here to Read Testimonials
Ashley Batz/Bustle
The concept of manifestation is something you might have heard of in relation to the Law of Attraction. For instance, you can learn how to manifest love using the Law of Attraction, meaning, if you focus on something you want, surround it with positive energy, and truly believe it will happen, it will come into your life. Having the ability to manifest something amazing and huge like having 'The One' finally enter your life may seem kind of out there. But according to psychics and experts, manifesting the love you want is very possible and surprisingly simple.
Like anything, if you believe in manifestation, great. If you don't, you don't. But you shouldn't write it off right away. 'Manifestation for the non-believers out there is without a doubt something you should try at least once before surrendering the idea altogether,' intuitive and tarot card reader, Jennifer Harry, tells Bustle. 'The idea that you can materialise a thought, whether it is a positive or negative one, is an easy thing to do.'
According to Harry, manifestation is just your way of asking the universe to 'grant you permission' to acquire something. 'If you want to manifest the love of your life, it’s best to open your mind and ask the cosmos exactly what you are looking for,' she says.
It may seem surprisingly simple, but that's because it kind of is — or at least it's supposed to be. So here are some simple things you can do each day to manifest your ideal partner or relationship, according to experts.
888 Meaning Law Of Attraction Act
If you want the universe to work in your favor, you also need to do your part. According to Harry, manifesting the love you want really depends on you and how open you are to receiving it. 'Opportunities can occur immediately or it could take some time, this depends on how aware you are,' she says. For instance, if your friends keep asking you to go out with them on a Friday night but you keep turning them down, you're limiting your opportunities. Maybe the universe is just waiting for you to say yes so it can introduce you to the love of your life, but you keep saying no. 'This phenomenon works like magic,' Harry says. 'Just make sure your eyes are wide open and you observe everything that goes on.' So always be present and be aware of the opportunities the universe throws your way.
As Harry says, manifesting doesn't have to be complicated. There are some really straightforward and pain-free ways to incorporate it into your everyday routine. One really great way to do it is to stay positive. 'When you tell yourself that you are going to only have positive encounters with others every day, people will eventually start to see you in a different light,' she says. But when you think negatively, 'it is surprising what kinds of rejection will head your way.' So try to remain positive as much as you can. After all, positive energy is infectious and can draw more people to you. It may get difficult sometimes, but the more you practice incorporating positive thoughts into your day, the better you will be at it.
'Though this may seem counterintuitive, my advice toward manifesting your ideal relationship is to spend plenty of time really getting to know yourself first,' Amanda Dobra Hope, holistic life coach and pre-marital counselor, tells Bustle. You can do that by writing in a journal, meditating, or standing in front of a mirror and asking yourself questions about how you feel and how your day is going. Once you really know and love yourself, it's much easier to attract the healthy, positive, and long-lasting relationship that you really want.
If you want the universe to deliver your ideal partner, Pam Thomas, Chief Change Officer and Intuitive at What’s Within U, tells Bustle, you need to be really clear and specific on what kind of person you wish to attract. 'It’s like going into a restaurant and placing an order,' she says. 'If you say to the waiter, 'I’ll have a meat dish with a side of vegetables,' you're leaving yourself wide open to being served cow tongue with a side of creamed spinach.' Unless you're into that sort of thing, you probably won't be happy with what you get. So be specific. Ask yourself what your ideal partner and relationship really looks like to you.
On the other hand, trying to manifest a specific person can be extremely challenging due to a number of factors outside of your control. Instead, it's better to ask for specific traits or qualities that you like about the other person. It opens you up to more opportunities.
If you're ready to meet the love of your life, wear that one thing that makes you feel confident. It can wear a shirt in that special color that makes your feel good, or a symbol that has a special meaning to you. 'When you wear those earrings, or shoes, or belt, or scarf, you're telling yourself and the universe you're ready, available and open to meeting your partner,' Jess Bubbico, manifesting expert and mentor for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs, tells Bustle. Then, keep your mind open and ready to receive. 'Many times, opportunities to meet a good person present themselves, but don't look the way we think they should,' she says. 'Be present to what you manifested and open to what it will look like when it arrives.'
Don't be stagnant. Your ideal partner isn't going to come any faster if you're just sitting around, waiting for them to show up. In fact, Rachel Christie, Law of Attraction Life Coach and Reiki Master, tells Bustle. 'When we are vibrating in a space of needing someone or something, this lack energy actually pushes away what we desire.' But if you want the universe to be on your side, it's all about trust and allowing it to work its magic.
One way to do that is to keep moving forward. Keep doing things that make you feel fulfilled and happy. 'Do things that help you create a positive vibe while you're waiting for that ideal person to be delivered,' Thomas says. 'Whatever creates that positive vibe and energy is going to be essential in attracting an ideal mate.'
You've probably heard how gratitude can help you feel more positive about your life and relationships. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that being being grateful and giving thanks can help attract your ideal partner to you. 'Give thanks for all of the little signs that your ideal partner is getting closer and closer,' Christie says. 'Gratitude is one of the highest vibrating emotions we can connect to. When we feel gratitude for all that we do have already in our lives, our desires can flow to us much faster.' Spending a few minutes each day writing in a gratitude journal is one really easy way to keep you on track.
This may sound ridiculous, especially for anyone who's been hurt by rejection. But think of it more as a change in mindset. 'Rejection is just the universe’s way of protecting you from someone who is not a right fit, so that you have room for someone who is,' Thomas says. Besides, when you no longer fear rejection, you're more likely to go after what you really want.
Being positive all the time and having the ability to brush off rejection isn't easy. But according to psychics and manifesting experts, the universe does have your back. If you truly believe you can manifest that relationship you want, you will.
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cowboisadness · 2 months ago
Hang ‘Em High {Arthur Morgan x OC} Chapter 14
Tumblr media
Pairing: Arthur Morgan x FemOC
Summery: Belle Hawthorne is high society looking to escape her mean husband. A robbery by the Van Der Linde gang could be her chance. Can she escape his cluches and possibly discover what love should feel like?
Warnings: None
Chapter 14
Walking back into camp from the river, dumping my belongings at my small tent then borrowing one of the girls pocket mirrors they keep by their bedrolls. The dye definitely did its job. My hair now a deep earthy red reminiscent of the red chestnut Arabian my mother used to own and spoil like it was her fourth child. Happy with the outcome I then set off in search of Hosea. I couldn’t see him anywhere in camp but as I was passing John I asked if he knew where he could be. Told me he was going to meet him at the moonshine wagon they had stolen yesterday. Following him out of camp to where it was hidden. Hosea was there, inspecting the many bottles of moonshine that filled the back of the small wagon. Both of us greeting him as we approached. 
“Ahh, Miss Bella, Just who I wanted to see. I have a little plan with this shine here and I was wondering if you want to join.” Hosea asked, climbing down from the wagon. He seemed to sense my hesitation, coming over to stand beside me and placing a hand on my arm in the hopes it would ease me. “Don’t worry, nothing dangerous and you won’t be left alone. I was just thinking, having a lady present would make us seem less threatening.” 
He looked at me expectantly, waiting for my answer.  
The chance to do something more than camp chores is something I wanted, not that doing chores wasn’t important but I desired to do something more to help. Maybe even bring in some money plus having a few dollars to myself. Growing up on a large farm I’ve never been one to shy away from hard work. Getting my hands dirty on a daily basis was normal, but getting them dirty on the kinda jobs the gang does will involve more than just soil under your nails and hay in your hair. But I’m sure I could trust Hosea seeing as he was one to avoid bloodshed and fights whenever possible, instead, running scams to take what they wanted from right under the noses of unsuspecting folks. “Okay. I’ll help if you think it will be of benefit.”
“Great! I'd suggest it would be better off if you wore something other than pants and equip your gun. Just in case,”
I nodded, feeling a bit more apprehensive about having to be armed. Better safe than sorry I thought as I turned to head back to camp.
“Oh, and Bella,” Hosea called back to me “Love the hair.”
 I changed into a plain baby blue skirt and a white blouse, donning a shawl to avoid the inevitable chill of the evening. Styling my hair into a loose bun allowing a few strands to fall around my face. Once I was ready and had my Cattleman holstered securely to my hip and the knife I still hadn’t returned sheathed beside it I made my way back to Hosea and John. Arthur was there too, asking Hosea what the plan was as they mounted up on the wagon. I sat at the back, feet dangling off the edge acting as the lookout. With this much moonshine just passing the wrong people could cause an unwanted interaction. Arthur called over to ask if I’m sure I’m okay coming along to help. Hosea butting in before I could speak to tell him Arthur will be just fine as I won’t be leaving their sides. Arthur looked over his shoulder at me either waiting for my confirmation or some words of worry. I just gave him a smile and a nod as we made our way along the roads in the direction of Rhodes.  The two men conversed on the plan. Returning the liquor to its owners for a ‘finder's fee’of sorts and to make a formal introduction to the Braithwaite family. In the back of my head, that name sounded familiar but I couldn’t place any faces to the name that dealt in the moonshine business. As they talked about the two apparent rival families in the area, Arthur mentioned a couple torn between both families that he has been helping keep in contact with one another. Imagine that, a big mean outlaw helping two young lovers. The ride wasn’t long, the historic plantation house sitting only a little further south to where we are situated along Flat Iron Lake. The men at the entrance let us go through to make our way towards the house, the grandness of it not being unfamiliar to me.
As we came to a stop the doors ahead opened revealing an older woman, Catherine Braithwaite, followed out by several men. “What you want?” She called out to us from the porch.
“Found something...out on the hills, thought...thought maybe you was in the market for it.” Hosea called back as he made his way to the steps.
“For what?”
“Some liquor.”
“I ain’t in the market for what’s already mine.”
“Way we see it, it’s ours,”  The three of us dismounted and made our way to the foot of the porch. I stood back a little and decided to stay near the horses.  “What with us possessing it, and i-i checked it all over for the life of me I couldn’t see your name on it.”
Now I could see the woman clearly, the faces to that name came flooding back to me. I had met Mrs Braithwaite months ago regarding a couple of horses Frank was wanting to buy. Surely she wouldn’t recognise me considering i had only met her once before and let’s face it, I looked a bit different then. She didn't seem to pay any mind to me. Looking me over once before returning to Hosea as their conversation continued.
“The alternative is you get shot.” a man stepped out behind Mrs Braithwaite, one of her sons I believe, shotgun in hand. Arthur instinctively going for his sidearm, hand hovering over the pistol just waiting for the word. Hosea quick to step in, “Now who wants to get shot over a bottle or two of liquor?” 
The man raised the gun but the woman was quick to stop him, pulling the weapon from his grasp. “Pay the man.”
“Pleasure doing business with ya,” Hosea said as he was handed a clip. “And, listen, we didnt take it, least not without orders from…”
“Oh, I know exactly who gave you your orders. Old sheriff Gray. You know what? I don’t want it. In fact, sir, now you can do me a favour, there’s an extra 10 bucks if you do. Drive the stuff into Rhodes head over to the tavern run by Mr Gray and give the stuff out for free,” She said, shushing one of the boys at her side. This feud between the two families ran deep for sure since she was willing to lose out on some business just out of spite.
“I believe they call that a promotional expense.”  Hosea huffed out a laugh, giving the woman a nod and turned to climb up on the wagon again. Mrs Braithwaite leaving us with parting words regarding playing a game of cribbage.
Heading into Rhodes was the last thing I wanted to do, especially so soon. I just had to make sure I kept my wits about me and to not leave their side for too long. Lord, I felt pathetic being as scared as I was. My pistol being the heavy presence at my side reminded me I could use that if need be.
“I ain’t playing dress-up. You know how I feel about that.”
“Of course you’re not...You’re a clowns.... idiot... brother.”
“Hosea, please…” Arthurs voice taking on a deep tone, one of irritation to whatever Hosea was proposing.
“I’m the clown. You’re the idiot. Just...look sad and keep quiet. Even you can do that, Arthur”
“Do I have to?”
“Put this hat on.” Arthur didn't have a choice in the matter. Hosea already removing his worn gambler hat and replacing it with a wide brim flop hat that was anything but attractive. Without missing a beat Hosea hands him a pipe to smoke and instructing him how to form his face. Despite Arthurs reluctance, he still followed whatever Hosea instructed, but he wasn’t happy in the slightest. I couldn’t help but giggle minutely as I watched. Arthur turned to me with a look of anger and disbelief before huffing out a quiet “shut up.” Covering my mouth to stifle my laughter. 
“What about you?” Arthur now turned his attention back to Hosea
“Shh. You can't speak. You’re turned idiot,” Hosea and I both started laughing now. “Quite broke poor mammy’s heart.” Hosea continued putting on a voice to get into the part causing Arthur to gruff in annoyance. He was hating this. We were loving it.
“There there, Fenton, there there. Don’t get mad now.” The humour had calmed me some. A warm sensation in my stomach overcoming the dread I was feeling the whole ride here. The ache on my cheeks a pleasant one. We pulled into Rhodes parlour house, Arthur dismounting and making his way to where I was sat. Hosea still spewing this little backstory he had created on a whim. 
“Okay, Fenton, stay calm now...for momma, she loved you so...just a shame you had to strangle her in a rage. Right, grab two cases of that stuff and follow me.”
Arthur held out his hand to help me down from the back of a wagon, his expression one of exasperation as he looked at me. Both of us reaching for a crate. 
“You, erm, gonna be okay?” He asked in a whisper.
“I’m sure I will be,” I replied with a smile
“Just stay near me. I’ll keep an eye out, make sure you’re safe.” “Thank you, Arthur - I mean, Fenton.” I couldn’t hold back the grin forming on my face, Arthur just looked at me deadpan as if to say ‘not you too’ as we followed Hosea towards the Parlours side entrance.
This was going to be fun.
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