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leia-imogen · 12 minutes ago
MORE aaron minyard headcanons ( more relationship-focused )
okay so skater boy aaron!! i absolutely adore this concept and i can just imagine how freaked kevin would be bcs how tf did you just do that omg. he tries teaching kevin but as talented as our queen is on the court, he is absolute shit at skateboarding
he was class valedictorian! i have no idea how you find that out but you KNOW that aaron screams and nicky screams and tackles him to the ground in what was probably supposed to be a hug and neil just grins and fist bumps him bcs they're now totally ( grudging ) friends. andrew meets his eyes after he's escaped nicky's iron grip and he looks,, proud
aaron's still really good friends with katelyn even if it was a little bit awkward in the weeks following their breakup. he'd fought for her for a reason. she's a lively, wonderful presence and he has no idea what he'd do without her. katelyn goes on to date and marry one of her fellow vixens ( we stan bi katelyn ) and they're really sweet together
aaron and dan, weirdly enough, become like best friends. literally none of the foxes saw this coming, least of all them, even tho kevin and dan are basically siblings anyways
they always kinda had mutual respect for each other, like aaron admired dan for just being an all-around kick-ass captain and dan admired aaron for being able to juggle exy and pre-med classes so well. oh, and ofc the extremely grudging mutual respect that all the foxes have for each other for being survivors
so basically they're both animal lovers plus science nerds, which is a good combo. matt's an animal lover but not a science nerd, ya know? he adores them but doesn't really wanna read a billion articles about them
they can spend,, SO long at zoo exhibits. just trading facts about the animals and observing with huge eyes ( kevin and matt are looking so smitten behind them it's adorable )
aaron and renee are pretty good friends too. not renee and andrew close obvi, but aaron has always thought that renee was insanely cool
yeah her constant optimism is a little annoying at times, but it's also very refreshing, and tbh how could you not think renee is insanely cool
aaron and allison bond over their same taste in music. i saw this one post that mentioned both of them having an avril lavigne phase?? and idk why but i can totally see them watching glee together, with nicky too
ooh imagine aaron teaching allison how skateboard! she's the only one who wants to learn and he's like why not. she gets pretty good at it. like she can't do all the fancy tricks but she can go really fast and she totally fits the skater girl aesthetic too!!
aaron and matt also become surprisingly close. like they share a room and everything, and matt's super easy to get along with. aaron tries to learn to box once, but it doesn't go very well. he can't be good at everything after all, and matt's nice about it
also they play video games together and aaron beats him most of the time. ( sometimes matt gets lucky. ) i think we all seem to forget that aaron is a video game nerd
aaron and neil still hate each other's guts with the passion of a thousand suns, but like in a loving way. like i said, neil is constantly getting injured, and aaron minyard, future doctor, helps abby patch his dumb ass up way too often. oh and the bonding over shitty moms who they shouldn't care about but still do
i'm not gonna do the rest of the monsters, bcs i wanna make a separate post with cousins' relationship, and another about kevaaron
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obnoxiouslylongandboring · 20 minutes ago
Daddy Issues
Zemo, as a young man, is frequently neglected by his father. When he grows up, he is extremely receptive towards approval from men older than him and subconsciously chases after their stray bits of affection.
Helmut finds that he converses more easily with adults. He leaves his peers behind, waits for them to leave the classroom before he goes up to the podium where his professor was arranging his papers. He tiptoes up to rest his elbows there, tips his chin up to smile at the man. The professor, Mr Weber, looks down at him curiously.
"Helmut, is there anything you'd like to ask me?"
Hearing his own name, a slow curl of warmth settles into his belly. Helmut resisted the urge to giggle- it would be unprofessional. This was already toeing the line as it is, he shouldn't try his luck. Instead, he handed Mr Weber his worksheet.
"This question, I don't understand it," he said softly as one does when they are savouring a moment. Here, he didn't have to be loud to be heard, didn't have to shout halfway across the manor to match his father's booming voice, didn't have to entertain any guests.
Mr Weber takes the worksheet, looks carefully through Helmut's calculations. His eyebrows are scrunched up in concentration, a single strand of hair slips out from where he's tucked it behind his ear. Helmut breathes out slowly, matching the rise and fall of Mr Weber's shoulders.
His professor frowns. "Helmut, we went through this in class yesterday," he chides. But there's no disapproval in his voice, no harsh rebuke, and Helmut preens under the tone like a flower facing the sun. He shuffles a little on his tiptoes, rubbing one foot on the other, wringing his hands. Sheepishly, he asks if Mr Weber could go through the question again, and his teacher complies with a fond sigh.
"Come a little closer," Mr Weber says, and Zemo complies. Standing almost side-by-side, his teacher is taller than him by a head, maybe even more. Helmut looks up in blinding adoration, but his eyes dart back to the worksheet shyly as Mr Weber starts explaining with that calming, instructional voice.
You could tell me to do whatever and I'll do it, Helmut thinks breathlessly.
He tries to understand the best he can, and gets it quite quickly when he actually listens. Mr Weber had taken him under his wing and taken a liking to him, as Helmut slowly worked his way down to one of the assistance-required and remedial-required students. He liked it, to be honest- it was a guilty pleasure to know that his teacher would take care of him, would give special attention to help him. He'd find himself leaving little careless mistakes on the paper every now and then, just so that he could hear those words - Helmut, you'd do so well if you would just check. Be more careful next time, alright?
At home, he must be tall and proud and stick out his chest. His voice must be like a bull's roar, it must be like rolling thunder. His father expects him to be a man, when all he wants to do is stay a boy.
But here, with someone else, that is what he can be.
He can be short. If he didn't wear high-heeled shoes, he would receive pats on the head from other men tall enough to rest their elbow on his shoulders.
Here, he can be stupid and dumb and slow on the uptake. If he wasn't manipulative or cunning, he would be confided with the small little trinkets of their secrets and feel oh so warm on the inside.
Zemo smiles easily at older men, for they give what his father denied him.
When he joins EKO Scorpion, he takes a shine to one of the older, more compassionate commanders, a man of 6 foot of solid muscle. Commander Muller. But now, twenty-three years old, it is time to be a man... even though he's never really received the nurturing love that would guide him out of childhood.
Helmut is a Baron, after all. He joins the political ring, plays coy games with a foreign ambassador twelve years older than him. Mr Lanto, he remembers. It makes the conferences bearable. He must be cold, cunning, ruthless. He speaks into the microphone with a sharp growl that makes the speakers tremble. But under the table, one of his gloved hands is clasped over the other, drawing slow circles on his wrist in the parody of a grounding touch.
Helmut marries. His wife is sweet and kind, her skin smells like flowers. She wants to have two children. He wants to be a better man than his father.
But sometimes, it's not what you want, it's what you know.
And when his first child is born, a beautiful boy with his wife's eyes, he panics. Helmut leaves to rejoin the military and EKO Scorpion, goes back to the days where he can stop thinking, where there are only barked orders that he needed to follow. The innocent, starved flower within him had erupted into a raging inferno, an animalistic craving.
Helmut stays faithful. But when he returns from the civil war, he brings back a determination that has doubled. This time, he gives his son the love that his own father denied him. He makes sure that his precious boy would never have to seek out warmth in the arms of another older man.
Sokovia comes and goes.
Helmut is broken out of the Raft by a group called the Thunderbolts. John Walker has broad shoulders and hands that can crush a man's skull. He is attentive and instructional when he points at the map and lays out their plans of attack. He challenges and provokes, so much so that Helmut gets dizzy trying to keep up.
The moment he realizes is on one winter day- when John drapes an arm over his neck, and he could feel the warmth of the man burning at his side like a furnace. Helmut's breath hitches, but John doesn't seem to notice.
The boy in him rears his head for the first time in years, and Helmut thinks- oh god.
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kitwalker64 · 49 minutes ago
Baby, I'm Yours
Kit x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Rating: General
Word Count: 940
Warnings: anxiety mention (nothing detailed)
requested by @thatspookyagent: Maybe some Kit Walker fluff with a pregnant reader, where he's consoling them because their anxious about the baby and he gives the baby bump and reader some good night kisses? :3
You cherish nights like these; just you and Kit lying together, limbs tangling in the peace and quiet of your bedroom. You’re occupied with some light reading, head reclined against the downy pillows while Kit’s rests on your shoulder; he places soft kisses along your neck every once in a while, making you squirm, much to his amusement.
“Y’know,” he begins, moving a hand down to your swollen belly; a smile grows on your face as he gently runs it back and forth, and you melt into his touch with a tiny sigh. “I was thinkin’, since I’m free tomorrow, we could stop over at that department store, the one by the post office? Maybe pick up a crib?” You turn to face him, nodding thoughtfully.
“Yeah, I guess it’s time we figure all that out, huh?”
“The little one’s gonna be here before we know it. He moves in to place a sweet kiss to your lips.
As if on cue, you there’s a faint fluttering against your stomach. You giggle and Kit grins, having felt it, too.
“Seems like they know who we’re talkin’ about,” he muses, pulling back with a toothy grin. “God, I can’t wait ‘til they’re here.”
“Neither can I,” you agree, and it’s the truth… Though you can’t deny the wave of doubt that briefly washes over you. Not doubt that you won’t love your baby. You already love them with your whole heart. But thoughts that you won’t be a good parent, ones that have been plaguing you on and off, are at the forefront of your mind once again. “Kit...” you whisper, half hoping he doesn’t hear you.
But he does, of course. “Hey... What’s the matter?”
“N-nothing, really… I just…” Rubbing a hand along the back of your neck, you exhale deeply. “I guess it’s just starting to hit me. Kit, this kid’s gonna be here in three months. Three months. I dunno, it feels so soon, I’m just not sure I’m ready.” Your husband’s face begins to blur as tears well in your eyes. You let out a shaky breath, reaching a hand up to wipe them away with a short laugh. “Sorry,” you whisper, shaking your head. “I just… I don’t wanna screw this up, Kit. I wanna be a good mom.”
“Honey…” He pulls you as close to him as your belly will allow, one of his hands still running over it slowly while the other reaches out to cup your face. “You’re already the most amazing mother I’ve ever seen. You do so much for our baby. You’ve given ‘em a home, and I know you love ‘em more than anything in the world.” You can’t stop a small smile from spreading across your face at his words, and you nod; it’s the truth. “I love you so much, I’m gonna do everything I can to take care of you both, okay? And I know you’ll do the same.” When you look into your husband’s brown eyes then, you can’t help but wonder if your baby will have have them as well... And despite the nervousness that still lingers within you, you can’t wait to find out. You wrap your arms around Kit’s neck, pulling him into a tight embrace, silently thanking the universe for bringing the two of you together.
A small yawn escapes you then, and Kit chuckles as your eyes begin to droop. “You ready for bed?”
“Seems that way,” you reply with a laugh, marking your spot in the book in your lap, before setting it on the nightstand. You lie back against the sheets, adjusting slightly to face Kit again, who has warm smile on his face. “You’re gonna be a great dad,” you murmur, and his smile widens further.
“I’m gonna do my best. It’s what you both deserve…” Suddenly, he’s crawling down your body until he’s face to face with your bump and you laugh contentedly when he cradles it in his hands gently. “Hey there, squirt,” he whispers, and you immediately feel tears welling in your eyes again, though this time, for a completely different reason. “I just want you to know how much your mom and I love you. You’ll have the most amazing life, I promise.” He places a kiss just about your belly button, laughing delightedly when the baby begins kicking again. “Yeah, I know! We’re gonna make sure you’re taken care of, okay? That’s one thing you’ll never have to worry about. I love you so much, honey.” The baby begins kicking a bit harder, and the tears are falling freely from your eyes now as you beam down at Kit, who places several small kisses all across your trembling stomach. “Now, try to let your mom get some sleep, huh? We’ll see you in the morning.” He pats your belly gently before making his way to lay beside you once more, both of you shifting so that you’re able to rest your head on his chest, your favorite way to fall asleep, especially since you’ve been pregnant.
“Get some rest,” he whispers. “I love you, sweetheart.” Hips soft lips meet yours again and your adoration for him in this moment is unlike anything you’ve ever known.
“I love you,” you breath, not only to Kit, but to the beautiful little human growing inside you; the one who, despite all of your fears, you’re excited to meet. You know it’s going to be a long road ahead, but knowing how much you love this baby, knowing that you’ll have Kit by your side…
You end up with the best night’s sleep you’ve had in weeks.
taglist: @therenlover, @ladyfogg, @kitwalker02, @liandav, @kitwalkerangel, @elaineygrace, @milly-louise, @thecountessesglove @americxn, @tatestripedsweater, @mossybank (please feel free to fill this out to be added/removed here!!)
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beatrice-blaze · an hour ago
[pm] Just so y'know, theres a girl from my synagogue whose can explode and Nell is going on magical Karate Kid with her. Welcome back Necro Houdini.
[pm] Oh, how I have missed receiving messages like this from you
How exactly do you mean explode? Is this about Bex the baby witch that Nell has decided to mother? 
Please change my contact name in your phone to Necro Houdini
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simonxriley · an hour ago
I wonder how much Elias and Hesh hate that they know nothing about Liz’s life but everyone else does. It has to be killing them.
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chi-townsky · an hour ago
Tumblr media
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captainpikeachu · an hour ago
I’ve find it very interesting that more fans treat Lemar as “the black sidekick” than actually Walker himself does in the story, Walker actually treats Lemar like an equal and important partner, not just a sidekick
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tiny-maw-walker · an hour ago
Can't perfectly visualize a shitpost today, so instead have a Tiny Maw Walker™ in it's place
Tumblr media
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captainpikeachu · 2 hours ago
Walker actually acted more mature than them especially bucky the petty king ultimate.
Walker spends almost all of episode 2 trying to be cooperative and get along with Sam and Bucky, even with Bucky insulting him directly, he still says he gets why Bucky is upset and isn’t trying to take things personally. But at some point any person’s goodwill is going to start to thin out against relentless bullying.
And I get why Bucky is being upset, I do, I sympathize with his situation. It sucks. But I would have rather seen Bucky taking it out on government officials who actually are responsible for what happened than Walker who was put in a difficult position by the government. 
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gospelofme · 2 hours ago
Possible The Falcon and The Winter Soldier spoilers!!
You have been warned!!
Okay so this may come off as an unpopular opinion, but I am catching up on TFATWS and frankly, I feel sorry for John Walker. Like really sorry for him.
He was essentially trained to be the next Captain America, sans the super soldier serum Steve got. He had this idea of what it would be like. But got his ass kicked frequently by Karli and by the Dora Miljae. He sounded so defeated when the Dora kicked his ass, saying “they weren’t even super soldiers”. I don’t know, I feel like that made him depressed maybe? Like he was doubting who he was, who the GOVERNMENT implied he’d become with their training.
John became desperate and when he saw an opportunity to even the playing field (as he saw it), he took it. He took the serum to become what he believed he was supposed to be. Who the Government had told him he was meant to be. When Lamar died, he lost it. When he was standing before the men who built him (as he put it, which isn’t wrong) saying he only did what they trained him to do, I believe it. He sounded so lost. So abandoned. Like he did what they trained him to do, and now they’re tossing him aside because of it.
Killing an innocent (sort of) person was wrong, John should have never done that. That was completely opposite of Captain America. But I do think the government needs to shoulder some of that responsibility. They put a man, a regular human man, in a situation where he would be going up against super soldiers and highly trained fighters. They gave him the title of Captain America, but left out a key part. True the serum isn’t what made Steve who he was, but without it, I don’t think he’d have been Captain America.
I think there could’ve been potential with John Walker as Captain America if they had given him the serum and then trained him properly.
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agropuff · 3 hours ago
as you can tell I have no idea how to draw fire,
anyways what do you guys hc for the ninjas eye colours bc I don't really know what to pick hehe
Tumblr media
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soypeor · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@liftedrelics​​ asked:
❛ everyone’s fucked & they don’t even know it. ❜ - Grace D' Argento @ Savannah.
Tumblr media
                        Eyes widen slightly in concern ,    she hadn’t heard anything online about anything happening .     Maybe this lady was just crazy but curiosity got the best of Savannah as she leaned in a bit closer to ask ,    “  what do you mean ?  “
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longveil · 3 hours ago
Interlude: Waygates
Tumblr media
“Self-righteous fools, so easy to manipulate.”
Haverty muttered to himself as he shuffled through Oribos, the hood of his robes drawn low over his features. Not that they were his features, any more than this was his body. But after his deaths, the Apothecary had come to regard bodies more as - clothing. This one was not as comfortable as what he was born into before Lordaeron was scourged. Or how that same body had grown awkward with rot and decrepitude as one of the Forsaken, until his second death at his prize’s hands.
It didn’t even have the charisma of the tall, lean body he’d been given to recruit the Renovator, Uvexius Grimm. Madriga had been far less generous after that death, granting him this body only reluctantly when he promised to deliver his rediscovered prize to her. For her Master's use.
“Ah, Attendant.” Haverty gave his voice a pleasant, if uncertain, quaver as he approached one of the imposing guards of Oribos. “It has been so long since I have seen these halls. Where is the Waygate to Maldraxxus found?”
The armor construct peered down at the hunched, robed form. Just another Maldraxxi acolyte from the House of Rituals. At least that’s where Haverty assumed the body he wore had been harvested.
“Take the pad to Ring of Transference,” the attendant protector intoned, “the Pathscribe will see you on your way, Maldraxxi.”
“My thanks, Attendant. Keep to the Purpose.” Haverty nodded and moved in the direction indicated. The attendant none the wiser.
A shame Madriga had been equally frugal with the Mawsworn she assigned to his task. So new to the Jailer’s service that Haverty could have sworn the former Kyrian was still blue behind the ears. Still, he’d almost been surprised when word came that the Mawsworn had failed to return with his prize, both of them lost somewhere above Revendreth.
Almost. She’d killed him before, hadn’t she? And if she could kill him, why couldn’t the conduit, his prize, not be able to dispatch a single, inexperienced Mawsworn? Haverty smiled a rictus grin under his hood and stepped onto the pad that took him to the Ring of Transference. His prize had grown in his absence. He was almost pleased.
Still, Madriga’s wrath was the more immediate danger - the Herald believed in her Service and would undoubtedly make good on her threat to cast him into a soulforge for this failure. And so, even as word of the loss made its way up the chain of command, Haverty took the action he’d learned was most effective when jaws were closing upon him. He ran closer - into the depths of Torghast’s twisting corridors.
“Listen to yer father, Jasper,” his father had told the child that became the Apothecary, “a dog bites you, you don’t run, you don’t pull away. That’s what it expects, what it’s built for. You push in, son. It ain’t expecting that. Make it choke. Then you can get away.”
Haverty had expected to lose himself in the tower’s labyrinthine depths, beyond the Herald’s reach in a place she would not think to look. To plot his next move and await opportunity. He did not expect, in his wildest flights of fancy, for that opportunity to arrive in the form of a Maw Walker.
But there he’d been. Swathed in armor and self-confidence, brimming with power borrowed from the Covenants. Striding through the corridors of Torghast as if the Jailer was already laid at his feet. Self-righteous purpose in the eyes behind his helm. So like Madriga.
“You’re a long way from home, Maldraxxi,” the armored figure boomed, and Haverty almost gagged on the condescending beneficence in the “hero’s” tone. But he forced thankfulness and subservience into his own voice nonetheless.
“You-you’re a Maw Walker. You must be.” The Apothecary stepped forward, forcing himself to grasp at his “savior’s” arm. “I’ve been here so long, tormented here. You can help me escape this place, can’t you?”
“I need to press forward, see what souls I can save from this dark place. But you?” He pressed a small, enscrived stone into Haverty’s mock-trembling hand. “Take that. It’s attuned to the Waygate. Follow the trail of bodies back; you’ll be safe.”
“Thank you. I don’t deserve this.” And Haverty was grateful, just not for the reasons his “rescuer” might have thought.
The armored figure gestured to the carnage left behind him, “Nobody deserves this. Now go.” And without a glance backward, the Maw Walker strode deeper into Torghast. Haverty could feel the bile rising in his throat.
“More deserve this than you think,” he’d murmured once the Maw Walker was out of hearing. “Self-righteous fool.” And followed the trail as directed. Out of Torghast. To the ancient Waygate of the First Ones, to Oribos.
“Where does the Purpose take you?”
The Pathscribe’s impassive question drew Haverty from his reverie, a biting rejoinder silenced before he could speak it. Not yet. There was still a part to be played.
“Maldraxxus. I have been here long enough.”
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mags-stevie · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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morethanagame · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
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kinglouiescomics · 3 hours ago
Falcon and the Winter Soldier recap🎯
I’ve been having a lot of thoughts on this series, and the Disney+ shows as a whole, the past couple of weeks and I figured this would be a great platform to exercise those thoughts. Looking back, I quite enjoyed a lot of elements of this show. The action sequences were insane, the Falcon, Winter Soldier, and John Walker fight is now one of my all time favorite MCU fight scenes. Wyatt Russell had to be the highlight of the show for me, he now stands alongside Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. in terms of quality MCU characters that I am permanently invested in.
My issues with the show stretch much further though. To start off, I do not think Falcon and the Winter Soldier were portrayed as heroes in this show. Even though we’ve been with them for so long and I love their characters, they felt more like irrational bullies whom I had to defend their decisions to myself, knowing the whole time that they were in the wrong. From releasing Zemo from prison to alienating John Walker, our beloved heroes were acting out of character. To me, John Walker felt like the hero of this show. John was chosen by the government to represent the shield and the name Captain America, Bucky and Sam were the first people he went to for support on that because he has the entire nation watching and expecting a lot from him. Instead of helping and supporting him, Sam and Bucky instead alienated him and went against him every step of the way because he was using their friends superhero name. A name which Sam had already decided he did not want. After pushing him to the edge all season, they only became on good terms in the final episode, after John was operating under a different name. I love Sam Wilson and I adore Anthony Mackie even more, but this show did a poor job selling his character as Captain America. That role is one of someone who would never abandon and isolate a person who is just trying their best to do good.
While I have many other issues, I think this post has gone on long enough and I thank you very much if you’ve made it this far. I would love to hear your thoughts and talk about the show more in the comments or even my messages.
What do you think of the show now that it’s over? Do you share any of my views?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mads-weasley · 3 hours ago
Legacy: Part Five
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four
Part Five
A/N: Hey y’all! I hope you’ve had a great week! Sorry for the large gap between these few parts. I have been swamped on schoolwork because of AP exams coming up. I do not own any of these characters except (y/n)! Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!
Summary: Zemo has one plan to get to the source of the serum in Madripoor; the winter soldier. After a fiasco in low-town, the three of you run into an old ally who is willing to help you in your mission.
Warnings: mentions of blood, minor character death, typical cannon violence, angst, some fluff
(y/n) - your name
(y/l/n) - your last name
(y/n/n) - your nickname
(y/h/c) - your hair color
Italics - flashbacks
Tumblr media
(Y/n) pov:
As I was slowly waking up, I hear the words I never wanted to hear; “James, you will have to become someone you claim is gone.” Suddenly wide awake, I shoot up out of my chair.
“No! Absolutely not! Bucky, you’re not him anymore!”
“Hey, take it easy, (y/n/n). You’re still hurt.” Bucky says softly. “As much as I hate it too, it’s the only way, doll.”
“You’re serious? James, come on! This is the same Zemo who made you fight all of us in 2016!”
Bucky stands up from his chair and walks towards me, gently grabbing my uninjured arm. He leads me away from the cabin and into the small kitchen where we could have some privacy. To my surprise, he immediately envelopes me into a hug, careful of my injuries.
Burying my face in his shoulder, I quietly ask, “Bucky, how are you actually feeling about this?
“I’m okay.” I know he’s lying because I can physically feel him tense up at the question.
“I’m terrified, (y/n). The last time I was him, I fought you, Steve, and the other Avengers.....I know I just have to act like him, but it just brings me back there.”
I pull away so I can look him in the eyes. “You didn’t have a choice then, but you do now. You’re finally in a good place. Please don’t do this Buck.”
“I hate this, but I have to. It’s the only way to find out where the serum is coming from.”
I sigh, stepping back from him to lean against the counter. “If I can’t change your mind, I’m coming with you.”
His expression hardened. “No. Absolutely not. You’re still hurt. You still have to wear a sling and have a cast on your hand!”
To make a point, I quickly take my arm out of my sling before he could stop me.
“Damn it, (y/n)!”
“See?” I move my arm around in a circle, biting back a groan because of the pain radiating from my bicep. “I’m fine!”
“You’re so damn stubborn!” He huffs before storming out of the room.
I can’t believe he’s actually going this, and I really don’t know why he’s trusting Zemo. I can’t help but think back to Berlin and all the problems surrounding our “Civil War.”
Zemo’s voice pulls me out of my thoughts. “James has informed me that you are going to be accompanying us to Madripoor. Here is your attire for the mission.” I take the dress he was holding out to me and hold it up to my figure.
“It doesn’t leave much to imagination, does it?”
“You will have to play as Smiling Tiger’s date. Sam will be playing him and James and I will be playing as ourselves.”
Scoffing at the fact Zemo thinks Bucky is only the Winter Soldier, I turn and walk into the bathroom to get changed.
The dress is upper thigh length, form fitting, dark green, and completely covered in sequins. It has a plunging neckline that makes me very self conscious of my physique. As I’m looking in the mirror, my mind wanders to the last time I got dressed up like this. Nat and I had went out for a girls night just a few weeks before the tragic mission in Lagos. She always had told me that I had to be willing to go out of my comfort zone for missions and just everyday life. Our current situation definitely qualifies as out of my comfort zone.
With every movement of my arm, it sent sharp pains through my bicep. I sneak into the kitchen and take more pain medicine without anyone else seeing, then go back to the bathroom. When I was almost done fixing my hair and makeup, I hear a knock on the door.
“Here are some shoes.” It was Bucky. I can tell he is still angry at me but I really don’t care. There’s no way I would let him go anywhere with Zemo without me, even if Sam was there.
“Thanks.” I open the door and grab the shoes as I walk past him. He grabs my uninjured hand, stopping my movement. I turn towards him and I was not expecting the look I got from him. It was like his anger had faded away as soon as he saw me.
“Wow. You look so beautiful, doll. I really like that on you.” His warmth filled eyes roamed my body and lingered where the dress was tightest on my curves. That was when I noticed the uniform he was wearing. It was very similar to the actual Winter Soldier vest that Bucky wore in D.C.
“Thanks James. I wish I could say I like yours.”
“I know. I don’t like it either.....look, I’m sorry about earlier. I just don’t want you getting hurt again.”
I nod as I sit on the seat to look at the heels he gave me. They were four inch black block heels with ankle straps. Surprisingly, they fit me perfect. Standing up, I pull the dress down, trying to cover as much exposed skin as I can.
Bucky looked like he was about to say something but stopped at the sight of Sam walking in the room. I look over to him and immediately start laughing. He was wearing a dark red suit with yellow circles and all types of decorations.
Looking to over to Bucky, I continue to laugh as a smile cracks on his face.
“Shut up, (y/l/n).”
Zemo walks in. “Time to go.”
Bucky and I haven’t said much to each other since his apology. We’re currently walking on a bridge, making our way to Madripoor.
“We have to do something about this. I'm the only one who looks like a pimp.” Sam complains.
“Only an American would assume a fashion-forward Black man looks like a pimp. You look exactly like the man you're supposed to be playing. The sophisticated, charming African rake named Conrad Mack, aka the Smiling Tiger.” My eyes widen and a laugh threatens to leave my lips at Zemo’s words.
“He even has a bad nickname.” Zemo leans over and shows Sam a picture of Smiling Tiger on his phone. “Hell, he does look like me, though.
As I take a deep breath, my nose burns from some horrid scent. “You smell this?”
“Yeah, what is that? Acid?”
A car approaches us and stops about 10 feet ahead of us. As we all walk towards the car, Zemo starts talking again.
“Madripoor. No matter what happens, we have to stay in character. Our lives depend on it. There's no margin for error. High Town's that way. Not a bad place if you wanna visit, but Low Town's the other way.”
Bucky opens his mouth for the first time in a while. “Let me guess. We don't have any friends in High Town.”
He gets no response as Zemo gets into the car and waits for the rest of us to get in. Bucky opens the door for me and gently grabs my hand.
“Please be careful. And know I’m sorry for whatever I may have to do.”
“Always, James.” I lean up and kiss him on the cheek before getting in the car, where he gets in next to me.
Arriving in the club, I could practically feel every man’s eyes on me. It made me feel so objectified, and Sam caught onto this. He pulled me closer to him by my waist and whispered, “Don’t worry, I’ve got you,” into my ear. Looking over at Bucky, I see that it’s hard for him to keep his cool at all of these men looking me up and down. Even though he is frustrated with me, and vice versa, he still is my boyfriend. We make eye contact for a short second and his eyes convey a thousand emotions.
As we’re walking through the club, the people surrounding us start to notice and chatter about who was with us; the Winter Soldier. Finally making it to the bar, a bartender approaches us, looking at Sam.
“Hello, gentlemen.......and lady. Wasn't expecting you, Smiling Tiger.”
Seeing Sam somewhat panic, Zemo saves him. “His plans changed. We have business to do with Selby.”
“What would you like, sweetheart?”
I clear my throat, “Just water please.” He gives me a weird look but hands me a glass.
This time he turns to Sam. “The usual?”
He nods and the bartender turns around and grabs a snake from a jar on a shelf. Sam looks at me with wide eyes as I suppress another laugh. The man cuts into the snake’s stomach, grabs something out of it, and drips
“Ah. Smiling Tiger, your favorite.” Zemo jabs with a smirk.
Looking extremely uncomfortable, Sam picks up his drink. “I love these.”
“Cheers, Conrad.” They clink their glasses together and Zemo drinks his shot straight away. Sam, on the other hand, just puts the glass to his lips. Getting a whiff of the strong stench, he groans, moving it to his eye level.
“Mmm.” He brings it to his lips once again but hesitates on drinking it. With a final, groan, he downs the drink while I just sip my water, trying not to laugh. Bucky subtly nods and looks away with a tiny smirk in order to stop himself from laughing too.
Eyeing Sam suspiciously, the bartender walks away. Immediately, our attention is stolen by a bald man with a bushy beard.
“I got word from on high. You ain't welcome here.”
“I have no business with the Power Broker, but if he insists, he can either come and talk to me...” Zemo gestures mover to Bucky.
“New haircut?” The man asks.
Taking a breath, Zemo finishes, “Or bring Selby for a chat.”
With that, the man walks away and I find myself drawing closer and closer to Sam out of fear of what might soon happen. Zemo turns towards Bucky as he grumbles.
“A power broker? Really?”
“Every kingdom needs its king. Let's just pray we stay under his radar.” This is the first time I’ve ever seen Zemo even moderately scared over a potential adversary.
Sensing there was something he wasn’t telling us, I break my silence. “Do you know him?”
“Only by reputation. In Madripoor he is judge, jury, and executioner.”
Within a few seconds of Zemo’s comment, another burly man walks towards us. As soon as the Baron started speaking Russian, I knew what was about to happen, but there was nothing I could do to stop it. The only thing I could do was hold onto Sam and try not to act like it bothered me.
“Зимний солдат. Атака.”
When the man placed his hand on Zemo’s shoulder, Bucky sprang into action, grabbing his hand and clotheslining him. As more men ran towards him, he continued to take them out.
Zemo leaned over to Sam and I, whispering, “Didn’t take much for him to fall back into form.”
At his comment, I almost punched him but Sam gripped my waist tighter, warning me not to. As if he felt my blood pressure rising, Bucky ended the fight by slamming a man onto the counter with his hand around the guy’s neck. Suddenly, guns were being cocked all around us and Sam placed a hand on Bucky’s vibranuim arm.
“Stay in character or the whole bar turns on us.” Warns Zemo in a whisper.
He turns to Bucky. “Молодец, солдат.”
The whole bar is silent until the bartender from earlier breaks it. “Selby will see you now.”
Bucky slowly lets go of the wheezing man who then falls onto the floor. He quickly looks over at me with a look I can’t identify except as shame. I wish I could run to him and give him a hug, saying everything is okay. Sadly, we have roles to play.
As Sam and I walk closer to him, Sam asks, “You good?” All James does in response is inhale sharply and nod quickly before walking away. Having enough of the act, I reach out for his hand. I’m quickly stopped by Zemo who gives me a death stare that reads, “Stay in character.” As much as I hate it, he’s right. Taking my place on Sam’s arm, I silently pray nothing else will go wrong in our mission.
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wojira · 4 hours ago
Au were Jay stayed as a serpentine? because Nya's theory was wrong
Anon you are big brain ajsjsjdksjfsjfksjfjdfj
Okay so, consider:
its not Lloyd but Jay who tries to infiltrate the serpentine at ouroboros in season 1, he only got caught because he got recognised by like Pythor or Skales or someone idk
then season 4 Chen lets Jay in on his plan because hes serpentine and so he assumed Jay wouldn’t be loyal to humans, and thats how the ninja find out more details about Chen’s plan to turn everyone into anacondrai (also someone, probably Kai, would probably make a joke about how if they did the spell on Jay he’d be Serpentine², nobody would laugh at it but it’d still be there).
season 6, Jay assumes that Clancee was turned into a snake just like he was because of all the other people on the misfortune’s keep that were transformed by Nadakhan, and he tries to get Clancee on his side via that, ofc it all falls through though when he finds out Clancee hasn’t actually made any wishes yet. Oo and speaking of season 6, Nadakhan tries to get Jay to wish he wasn’t a snake anymore, but Jays just like ‘idk man im kinda chill with it these days :/‘.
Wait also season 11, he was able to disguise himself as one of Aspheera’s guards long enough to find out more about her motives
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