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#wait is that where people do the *clap clap* thing
illshineforyou · 28 days ago
there’s a gasp in ybwm??
Yeah! It was right in the bridge! Like:
“Oh, I remember you driving to my house/In the middle of the night/I'm the one who makes you laugh/When you know you're 'bout to cry
And I know your favorite songs/And you tell me 'bout your dreams/Think I know where you belong/Think I know it's with me”
And it always made me feel good because I have horrible breath control and I was comforted knowing that I’m not alone but present Taylor was like rip to you but I’m different now lol
Plus it felt dRaMaTiC 😂
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melancholy-pal · 3 hours ago
How to Find New Psychiatrist
About 5 years ago, I stopped taking depressants (xanax was the first, then lyrica). I did not taper slow enough, and the stress of a new school combined with some unprocessed trauma precipitated a psychotic episode. This was the first time I had any really serious (i.e. beyond moderate depression/anxiety) mental health problems.
I've been seeing a psychiatrist since then, and I'm pretty dissatisfied with how I have been treated. My psychiatrist is fairly young, and used to work in the prison system, which I think affects how he works. Interpersonally, he's a real unimaginative Richard Dawkins/Christopher Hitchens type.
A couple years ago, while attending school, something unfortunate and pretty bizarre happened. I had been drinking a lot and was pretty promiscuous at the time, and I think that may have given me a very negative reputation, especially in the neighborhood I was living in at the time. One night, I was . . . entertaining myself with some pornographic materials. When I, ahem, finished, I took off my headphones to the sound of people in one of the nearby houses clapping and cheering. I thought maybe it was just a coincidence at first.
But some weird stuff kept happening - for the next few evenings, whenever I was using my phone or my computer in my bedroom, I would hear people in the neighboring houses talking in what seemed like bizarrely coincidental ways. Finally, I realized what was going on. I was working on a powerpoint presentation, trying to find the right text color to stand out against a background when I heard one of the neighbors say "Just use yellow!" I winced and quickly googled "how hard is it to hack into your neighbor's computer." Of course, it turned out that it's not all that hard if you are technically competent and your target is not properly secured.
So for the next week or so, I would hear my neighbors comment whenever I was using my computer or phone (it was a pretty quiet street), though I couldn't see which house they were in. This was pretty awful - it felt like a deep violation of any right to privacy I possessed. Many of their comments were belittling or mocking. I considered briefly that I might be going insane. I didn't really know what to do, so I tried reaching out to family. Given what had happened when I went off of anti-anxiety meds earlier, they just assumed I was hallucinating. I can understand you might wonder the same thing if you were just reading this, but wait till later.
I was pretty distraught - I didn't know what to do, how to get it to stop, and which house it was coming from. My family picked up on this and made a surprise visit to the room I rented. They forced me to talk to my psychiatrist on the phone - I later learned that they'd been in extensive contact with him, which I can understand retrospectively. He offered to prescribe me antipsychotics, which I accepted. I later learned that he had told my parents to come to my house with the cops and to forcibly commit me to a hospital.
I filled the prescription, though I did not take the pills. A few days later, things came to a resolution. My rented space was on the second floor. It had a bedroom and a separate crow's nest where you could look out the windows into the backyard. Now, when I started hearing people comment on what I was doing online, rather than freezing, paralyzed, I rapidly got up and went into the crow's nest. From there, I could see three kids in the backyard of an adjacent house sitting around a firepit (two had laptops open). They were looking up at me, and as soon as we made eye contact, they started freaking out. I remember one of them saying "delete the rootkit!" (which at the time I didn't understand, but this is a way of spying on a target device). They called their parents to ask for advice, apparently afraid I'd sue them. I was pretty shocked, but I took some pictures of them with a digital camera I had lying around.
After that, "the voices" stopped - it was clear that my neighbors had been messing with me. Of course, it's possible that I hallucinated even the confrontation with the neighbors, but that seems just as likely to me as the possibility that you are hallucinating this post. Later, when I brought all this up with my psychiatrist, he refused to accept that I might not have been hallucinating. He renewed the antipsychotic script, which I never took.
Especially after learning that he had tried to get me committed with the aid of the police, I am totally done with this guy. Though I could understand anyone just hearing about what happened to me, without the direct experience of being there, might think I was going crazy, he has been more harmful than helpful. Especially because his understanding of my experience as a meaningless psychosis prevented me from working through the behaviors that had led to my neighbors wanting to mess with me in the first place (sleeping around too much, using drugs excessively). I have a lot of anger about it, but it doesn't matter; regardless of those feelings, I need to find a different psychiatrist. However, I also understand that I can't just call up a new psych doctor - isn't there going to have to be some kind of transfer of care? And if so, wouldn't that just involve him transferring his biased understanding of my history to another psychiatrist, who then will be biased in the way he was towards me? How can I get a clean break from this b**tard? I don't want to not see a psych doctor at all, because I think I do need it, so I can't just stop seeing him, but I don't know how to transfer to a new one without his perspective on my problems destroying the chance for an open and trusting relationship to be formed with a new psychiatrist. Any help or support would be much appreciated (sorry for length).
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fandom-sheep · 4 hours ago
Fundy 10 MAY 21
Chille Peppers Part 1/1
Our streamer is suffering.
I got here like 45 minutes late, and he’s already had 4 and is on his 5th.
Oh this poor fox man. He sounds like he’s in so much pain.
Man’s smiling through the pain.
Build those legos you funky man.
Piano smack.
Oh bless his heart.
Oh yeah that’s right. Chat was trying to bully him into playing subnautica weren’t they.
Imagine if someone redeemed a hydro check right after a pepper. Water just makes it burn worse.
...I have points that I’ve saved for a hydrocheck... I could be that jerk.
But I don’t think I will.
I have almost enough points for TWO hydrochecks.
Oh your eyes do itch with stuff like that. I remember how bad my friend’s burned when they were doing Carolina reapers.
Phil isn’t there. He’s doing hardcore.
Oh Lovejoy gave us a new video. I’ll have to watch that after.
The glasses are going on things are getting serious.
Fire... awooga. Yeah he can read chat. That sounds like us.
All the fire emotes.
Oh no. The instructions have failed him.
This is why I don’t follow the steps with legos. I just build from my heart.
Man. People finding love through chat. Look at em go.
“I don’t give a give” -Fundy
Oh he started it every 50. Oh honey how many peppers has this poor mans eaten?
Wow. Chat is so mean.
Ah we hit 600. This poor man. He sounds so defeated.
Oh look a hype train.
All Fundy’s chat does is cry and bully streamer.
Oh he’s in so much pain.
Speed run building that little car honey.
Imagine if Boots got onto the table. Lego pieces everywhere.
Yeah your stomach will make funky noises after spice like that when you aren’t used to it.
This man doesn’t eat normal food and we’re giving him chili peppers.
Poor Dutch White Boy.
Asian peppers? They are just straight up sketchy peppers.
Meow? Why are we bullying him into meow?
That vacuum was spooky. Maybe that explains why I hate vacuums now.
He’s almost made it. He’s almost survived.
But chat still has time. If Wolf shows up they can change all of this.
I’m reblogging things on my iPad while typing this on my phone. What a time to be alive.
Someone needs to bully this boy into eating real food. And not you know chili peppers.
You go IKEA. Two cardboard boxes instead of a table. Yeah it happens.
Fundy’s chat spamming E feels like falling into the twilight zone where every chat is Technos.
We are bullying this man over his box table.
Wait? We’re done? What’s are the other pieces for?
Oh right it’s lego. They throw in a few extras. Or it at least feels like it.
Chat and Fundy so confused over the extra pieces.
Why do the donos sound kinda wholesome for a moment? Stop it.
Car go vroom.
He’s so proud of his car. And he deserves to be.
Now chat go ham and get those last few subs in.
A fox has fallen in the river in Lego city. I love that donation so much.
Second Lego?
Oh good. Glad you are done. No unaliving from chili peppers.
Showing us the work table/box
Stickers on PC? What?
Ooo sticker car. Noice.
Oh I don’t think that how it’s done. But that works.
It really is a box with like a piece of wood on it or something.
The car attacked.
Did it break?
Nope doesn’t look like it.
Our poor streamer. He seems so done.
Chat just clapping when he asks why we are here.
Our streamer at chili peppers and had a Lego car fall on his foot. What a day.
Oh off to Phil. Time to annoy the crows.
Well that was fun. Glad the streamer survived.
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the-dreamerslibrary · 4 hours ago
Requesting for enemies-to-lovers poly relationship headcanons for a s/o + Barbara and Hannah (LWA)! Maybe the s/o said something that angered them, like a snarky comment about how they worship Diana or waste time bullying Akko. At first, the three bicker often — how does hate turn into love, and when do the signs start appearing? is anyone not surprised when they end up together?
A page has been turned...
Charlie smiles at the request. Putting a strand of hair behind his ear, he starts talking.
"Well, thank you for requesting! Hannah and Barbara from Little Witch Academia, was it? I hope this piece pleases you. It took me a bit of time to finish it, but I think it was worth the wait."
He writes the title of the writing in the register, wanting to keep a record. The moment he lifts his pen, Charlie looks at you from above his glasses.
"Be careful, though. this contains a bit of verbal violence, as the girls are being... Themselves, towards Akko, and we don't really like that, do we?"
With a new smile, Charlie hands you the manuscript over and disappears.
⋆┈┈⋆ ˚ ° ஐ ° ˚⋆┈┈⋆
Tumblr media
⋆┈┈⋆ ˚ ° ஐ ° ˚⋆┈┈⋆
✧You knew from the start that these girls were going to get on your nerves.
✧You didn't especially disliked Diana, not a little bit, but Hannah and Barbara were worshipping her like a goddess, and... That was so annoying, in your opinion.
✧Plus, you had a friend -Akko- whom the girls seemed to find utterly funny. They loved to make fun of her, which was really, really a pain.
✧One day, after another mockery, you turned to Hannah and Barbara, cheeks burning with anger.
✧"Could you stop that? What would it cost for you to stop being bitchy towards Akko? Nobody asked you to be mean, yet it seems like the only things you're able to do are this, and worshipping Diana like she's a goddess. She's not."
✧... Now that wasn't the best idea you've ever had.
✧The two girls seemed to be very, very angry. Was it because you "insulted" Diana? Because you put them back in their place? Who knows. But they were angry.
✧They turned their backs to you and went away, their heels clapping on the floor.
✧The next days, they did everything they could to avoid you, in a ridiculous and apparent grudge. They apparently started to dislike you -not that you were surprised.
✧As an answer, you started to try to meet them in Luna Nova's hallways as much as possible. The whole school was exasperated by your childish "war", but you three couldn't care less.
✧Actually, as time went by, you found fun. From laughing when you met to muttering "Caught you, you're the seeker now", when you accidentally brushed their arms, you all found that pretty funny.
✧Why would they admit it, though?
✧You insulted Diana. That was pretty much unforgivable.
✧On your side... They mocked Akko, and probably a bunch of other people as well.
✧You hated that side of them with your whole soul, but the playful game of hide and seek you three had going on was... Cool.
✧A bubble out of reality, where your respective resentments didn't exist.
✧Nobody noticed, or so you thought. Akko was clumsy, a bit dumb sometimes and oblivious in most cases, but you were her friend. And she knew. Trust me, she knew. Even before you noticed.
✧You noticed that maybe, just maybe, you didn't hated the duo that much.
✧Barbara's occasional -and supposedly secret, as she asked you not to say anything- fangirling over nightfall was adorable, and the way Hannah's ponytail waved as she was walking was gorgeous, and...
✧Oh no.
✧Oh yes.
✧After many conversations with Akko, she convinced you to face reality.
✧You fell head over heels for your hide and seek partners.
✧And a few weeks passed without anything new.
✧One day, though, as you passed the door of the cafeteria, you saw both of the girls crying.
✧That wasn't in your plans. Like, not at all.
✧You ran to them as fast as you could.
✧"What's happening?!"
✧"We already explained everything to your friend once, do we really need to repeat?" Hannah sniffled.
✧You stood there awkwardly, before building up your courage and pulling both of them in a tight hug.
✧"I'll ask Akko if you don't want to answer." You said, pulling them closer -if it was possible. "I just really, really hate seeing you like this, okay? I love my game partners too much to let them feel that hurt."
✧Nobody really talked. Words weren't enough to say it all, and only small sobs, and "it's okay"s broke the silence, so many things left unsaid.
✧These things... You three knew it all.
✧Because it was just the three of you.
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isbus · a day ago
The House of Villains Chapter 2
Tags: (tags from original) Funny Valentine/Scarlet Valentine, hints to nsfw but not nsfw, memes, bad jokes, another member of the House,
Chapter 2: New Neighbors 
A knock on the door wasn't too unusual. Most of the time it would be girl scouts, neighbors, even random people introducing them to the neighborhood. But today was quiet. No knocks. Well, until a car pulled into the unused driveway. 
Let's pretend we're following the car's passengers and NOT the house of villains! 
"Oh my! I love it! Do you think it will be a great home for us?" A woman with dark brown hair and a red sweater dress spoke to her spouse. 
The man chuckled then responded. "Why! Of course darling! This will be such a beautiful home for us and our future children! I can almost envision us..." 
Umm... Let's go back to the house. 
When hearing the door open on it's own, Doppio (who just so happened to be in the living room) freaked out. He thought the house was haunted and nearly screamed. He tried going towards the door but freaked out even more when seeing a couple. 
When the blonde man in pink sighed and said 'ta-dah!', Doppio screamed. The man's eyes opened up and he was startled to see a pink haired boy in his soon to be house. "What the?!" 
"What's going on Doppio?" Dio and Kira peaked out of their rooms while Pucci and Diavolo rushed to Doppio's side. Then they saw the intruder and got scared by the bland man. 
"Who are you and what are you doing here?!" Kira shouted. The new man and the businessman bickered. 
Pucci and Diavolo worried in different ways. "Doppio did you lock the door?" 
"I did! He unlocked the door and came in!" 
"He must have some kind of unlocking locks stand..." 
Dio growled. "Shut up! Everyone calm down! I'll solve this." Dio spoke as if the intruder wasn't there. "Sir. Who are you?" 
The blonde intruder crossed his arms. "I'm Funny Valentine. Who are you stowaways?" 
"We aren't 'stowaways'. We live here." Kira tried to continue asking questions but Doppio told the man his name. 
"I'm Vinegar Doppio!" 
"As I said. We live here. Explain yourself." 
Funny looked at them and started. "We were moving in. I unlocked the door, and then Mr. Doppio screamed. Easy as that." They were the only ones who had the key, so how did he open the door? "Before you ask, I have the key as well. I presume you do too?" 
Kira pulled out the house key. "Of course I do. Once again, WE LIVE HERE." Yoshikage put emphasis on his repeated words. "Who gave you the key?" 
"The owner of this home, Robert Speedwagon." 
Press "x" to doubt. Kira was spamming the x button so hard. 
Press "a" to truth. Funny was, in fact telling the truth. 
They sat in silence for a while. Kira was wondering about what they should do with this weirdo. Funny was staring at Kira, waiting for an answer. Dio walked to the other blonde and whispered important things to him. 
"Ugh... Apparently we have another room open that you two can stay in. Dio, which room is it?" 
Dio knew exactly where. "There's a basement, it hasn't been claimed, and it comes from the living room. So you won't be coming out of another's area." Funny's eyes widened at the thought of it. 
"No. Absolutely not! I wouldn't want to live somewhere a vampire would live in!" Dio at first was enraged, but then realized that Funny didn't know the coincidence. How- dare I say- funny! 
"So will you live somewhere else then?" Kira's voice raised when he felt he knew what the foreigner would say. 
"Wait!" They stared at Dio. "As much as I hate to live in drab places, I will... 'take one for the team' and move my things into that... wretched room..." 
Funny clapped lightly. "Oh! How nice of you, Mr...?" 
"Brando. Dio Brando." He looks at the camera and winks... wait. WHAT?! 
Kira groans. Yoshikage knew that Dio was up to something. Dio, on the other hand, didn't have a clue as to why he moved into such a disgusting area of the house. "Well thank you men so very much!" The woman finally entered the conversation. 
"Oh! This is my first lady, Scarlet. I hope you, me and Scarlet, enjoy our time together and come to appreciate America as much as I do!" The last part was a little confusing but overall they got the message. 
- Time skip brought to you by: Two Americans packing their stuff in a house with "people" they have no idea about! -
"Ah, at last our stuff has been moved in! My love, this requires celebration..." He winks at Scarlet. 
"NO!" They all shout. 
"How sinful..." 
"That's weird..." 
"Ugh, eww..." 
"Human lust is so gross..." 
"Why can't I do something like that..?" 
They all muttered to themselves. Mostly about how gross it was, but Dio needed answers. But we won't talk about that. 
"Fine. we won't do that, at least until everyone is asleep." Everyone tried to hold back the vomit that came from the idea of two strangers doing... IT. "Do you have any games to play? We can be brought together by it. Or maybe some hunting? Do you guys have stands?" Funny kept asking questions, inquiring to "bring them together". 
This is going to be a long night... 
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kpopmademyday · 2 days ago
All an Act (Vincenzo! Jang Junwoo)
Tumblr media
Type: Angst Fluff
Request: Could you do a Jang Joon Woo from Vincenzo where y/n knows who he is the entire time because she is like his assistant/ personal assassin. And they are together. So while he is undercover she is there as well.
Innocent looking but very deadly would be an easy way to describe you, You had known Jang Junwoo or Jang Hanseok a long time. You met in college while studying in the US. He was instantly drawn to you because he felt like you were hiding something serious. It was interesting to learn that you knew how to well to put it easily...kill. Along with law you had an interest in forensics, and a skill with weapons. You were everything an evil man would need. Wrapped up in a very attractive and seemingly innocent package. It helped you get into Wusang along with Junwoo, with the story of two college buddies who stayed together through it all. Everyone working there found you similar in personality to Junwoo and looked down at you. Oh that pissed you off a lot. 
You sat calmly cleaning the weapon in front of you before you felt the presents of someone behind you. You turned and held a brush against the throat of the person “hate to know how you could kill me with that” Junwoo said as he grabbed your hand “calm down” he said taking the brush and tossing it away from you. “I’m in such a bad mood. People talking to me like I’m an idiot all the time. I just want to-” you shook your hands as he smiled. “I can’t wait to see you do your thing” “no one has” you gave a straight face “you just get to know what happens afterwards” you said. “I work in private” you remind him. “You’re like a passionate” you shrugged as you pulled away from him and sat on your shared bed. You leaned back on your hands as you stared at him. He gestured easily for you to scoot back on the bed as he took off his suit jacket as you smirked. "Instead of staring at me let's have our fun" he whispered.
His lips were on yours as they quickly went to work. As it grew deeper his phone started going off. He pulled away and grabbed his jacket pulling out his phone. "Hey boss" his cheery English voiced said as he threw himself down on the bed as you climbed over him. He rolled his eyes listening as your hands wondered "first thing in the morning" he promised "okay bye bye" he said as his phone was thrown away as he pulled you down.
"Good morning" your cheery voice came into the room. Today was a big day as Junwoo was letting people know the big secret behind him and Babel Group. "Where were you?" Seunghyuk asked "I got a coffee and there's a table that gives free pens when you enter-" you stopped as the coffee was taking from you by him. Your hand tightened around the pen as Junwoo grabbed your hand "calm down" he hummed softly.
You two followed the others, you offered a smirk to Hanseo. To say the least he wasn't as scared of you as he was his brother but found you scary. "Hello CEO Jung" you offered him a bow as he nodded slightly before you took a seat and leaned on you hand looking at Junwoo. You gave him a wave and a thumbs up as his exciting nervous acting continued.
He stared his speech and by the time he was finished explaining the family hierarchy of the Jangs you made a sound of excitement before clapping passionately. "Did you know about this?" both Seunghyuk and Myunghee watched your face shift from the upbeat one to a devilish smirk "of course I did" you cooed.
You made your way over to Junwoo who instantly brought you into his side. "Ah my little killer did well no?" he pinched your cheek. "Killer?" was asked "ever wonder how people who oppose Babel just seem to go?" you asked "I make them go away" you cooed into the ear of Seunghyuk before reaching around and fixed his tie. "If you ever treat me so lowly again. I'll kill you with your tie and no one will ever know it was me" you pulled it snug to his neck as he jumped. You patted his shoulders as you rushed back up to Junwoo who smiled.
"Now you guys have to report to him. How does that feel?" you teased them. "Are we going to play dirtier now baby?" you asked him "not yet. I promise you'll get your fun" he said as you nodded. "I love when your intense side shows. The gullible act is nice but the real...always better" he pinched your cheek . "Aren't we both adorable?" He asked those in front of him. You were quite excited to see how the rest will play out for everyone involved.
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Do you ever learn something about your parents and suddenly you understand something about them? Not necessarily something new, but something more?
Soon after dad died, I went through some of his old photo albums and found a diary he kept while travelling through the United States in 1980 and 1981. There were lots of little notes he kept about the places he visited, the things he saw, stuff related to the 1980 election, but then he got to New York City and the whole journal stopped. He went on a tour of the World Trade Centre, and he was absolutely transported by the twin towers.
He wrote page after page of facts about the towers, glued in every picture or piece of advertising material he could find, listed the names and nationalities of all the people who went on the tour with him. He had been to some pretty incredible places, but he recorded none of in that level of meticulous detail. He was, evidently, absolutely astonished by the scale of the twin towers, by the marvellous feat of engineering that went into building them.
I don’t know how he felt about their destruction, but it must have deeply upset him. He must have felt the way I did when I watched Notre-Dame de Paris burn; that aching sense of loss that something so beautiful, a true marvel and wonder, had been lost.
I understood something more about him, then, especially because it was like seeing into my own head. The pages and pages of seemingly inconsequential detail about these two buildings? If you’re reading this, you follow my blog; scroll back a little and see how much shit I’ve been posting about the space program, or Giotto, or Star Trek.
When we were in Arles, mum and I were waiting for the sun to set at the spot where Vincent painted Starry Night Over the Rhône, and the first light in the sky was bright and moving quickly. We quickly identified it as the International Space Station, and mum stood absolutely transfixed, watching it carve its path above southern France.
I asked her tonight what it was like to watch the Moon landing in 1969. She was eight, and she remembers that the whole endeavour had been pretty much inescapable; it was on the radio, in the newspapers, her whole school was building models and learning about the Moon and the Apollo program. 
After Eagle touched down on the lunar surface, just before Neil and Buzz were going to set foot on the Moon for the first time, the whole school was led into the corridor of the main building, where there was a staircase to the upper floor. They all sat on the steps, and the school’s television, a tiny black and white set, was rolled out. Mum remembers that everyone, “even the naughty boys”, were absolutely pin-drop silent until Neil stepped foot on the surface and said what he said and then she remembers that everyone cheered.
The teachers were hugging, the kids were crying and clapping, and she has never, ever forgotten that moment; she still marvels about it, and I think it’s maybe why she was so indulgent of my sci-fi fandom as a kid, taking me to see Star Wars (over and over again) when it was re-released, watching Star Trek with me, all of that.
But also, suddenly her reaction to the International Space Station made so much more sense; she sees them as the heirs to the saints of her childhood, heroes who blaze paths through the heavens.
It’s beautiful. I so rarely understand people that when I get an insight into them, especially the things that make them marvel, it’s always precious.
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wosolo · 8 days ago
Sucker Punched into Friends (Christen Press x Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: After an altercation at a game, Christen tries to reassure you that Alex Morgan is over it.
You didn’t have the best temper. It had gotten in the way of quite a few things, including you being called up to play with the USWNT on several occasions. Now, you were getting called up, but now it was your first camp since you were in college and you were dreading it. You didn’t get nervous, Christen joked that you covered the anger for the both of you and she covered the nerves. Today though, you were beyond nervous for the first little team gathering at camp. 
“Can you stop pacing?” Christen asked you. You, briefly, did stop pacing around the hotel room as you looked at your girlfriend. “I’m pretty sure that Alex is over it.” 
“Pretty sure isn’t certain. Chris, she’s like Captain America. I might as well have tried to fight her in a Denny’s parking lot. My career here is over before it could even begin.” 
You started pacing again and Christen sighed. There was only so much of you freaking out that she could take. Still, she let you get some of the nervous energy out with movement. Then, it all started to settle in your features and she didn’t like that you were so caught up in your head about a little squabble during a game. So, she grabbed your wrist and pulled you over to the bed to sit with her. 
“If Alex really had a problem with you, she’d have told Vlatko that you shouldn’t be here. Other people would have weighed in about you too and you’d be back home waiting for me. Where are you?” Christen asked you. 
“I’m at the hotel booked for our camp,” you answered. 
“Exactly, which means that Alex doesn’t have a problem with you being here. You’re good Y/n and just because you punched Alex, doesn’t change that. If anything, it means that you’ve got courage,” Christen reasoned with you. You gave her a quick peck on the lips and then grabbed your jacket. 
The two of you walked to the elevator together. Christen liked being about 10 minutes earlier than everybody else, so the two of you were running late in her eyes. You arrived in the lobby right on time and in the corner of your eye, saw Alex talking with Tobin, Allie, and Kelley. Kelley spotted you first and waved you over to join their group. 
“How’s your hand?” Alex asked you. You tensed up at her question and Christen rubbed your back as she glared at the other forward. “Sorry, I’m just teasing I swear. You know, if soccer doesn’t work out, I’m sure that you’d bring a lot of attention to women’s boxing.” 
“Dude, she boxes at least once a week after practices,” Kelley said. “At least she did at Utah. She went easy on you Alex, I’m telling you.” 
“Well Y/n will just have to take me sometime,” Alex said as she put a hand on your shoulder. She pulled you aside from the group and you looked at Christen for help, but your girlfriend’s back was already turned to you. 
“Look Alex, I really am sorry for punching you. I wasn’t thinking.” 
“It’s okay. We’re okay Y/n. I mean, you did get ejected out of the game and they disallowed that goal you assisted,” Alex reasoned. You clenched your jaw at the memory of that, the one game your team didn’t win against Orlando. “You’re passionate about the game and I admire that a lot. We should hang sometime. Maybe you can come down to Orlando and check things out. I’d love to see you do a little 1-v-1 with Marta.” 
“I think we’d need an octagon for that one,” you joked. You’d played against Marta before and the two of you were very heated. Alex laughed and clapped your back. “So, we’re good?” 
“We’re better than good. I think that punch is the start of a great friendship,” Alex told you. 
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harknesswife · 8 days ago
It was you all along (Agatha HarknessxFemale Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: This is a sweet self-insert love story between Agatha and a Westview citizen. Everything that happens follows the original events of "Wandavision" and MCU, like a parallel.
Chapter: 02/10
Word count: 628
Last night could as well be a dream. Me and Agnes drinking wine, in silence, just staring at the sky in that quiet street. After we finished that bottle, she told me about a charity event that would happen the next morning, before getting up and waving a quick ” bye-bye”. Was she inviting me? 
Sure thing.
  She didn’t give me an address, tho. But it was Westville. I could drive for a while and stop when I spotted a bunch of folks around one big stage. Maybe she knew that I wouldn’t need too many details to get there. So I dressed up in a really nice dress, got the car keys, and went to my garage, really excited about the possibility of seeing her again. 
  I got in the car, sat there, and… nothing. Keys in my hand, feet on the pedal. I had no idea of what to do next. People have those “blanks” sometimes, forgetting your ID or phone number. But forgetting how to drive? My head was pounding with the effort. I turned the keys to start the car and grabbed the steering wheel, feeling dizzy again. When I was about to give up, Agnes showed up right by my door and I got so scared that I honked. Right at her face. She took some steps back and I closed my eyes, wishing I could crawl inside the trunk and stay there. 
"Opsie", she said, laughing. 
"Hey", my voice was barely a whisper. I turned the key again, turning off the car. "I don’t know what happened, I just…" 
"Are you heading up to the show?"
"I was trying to, but…" 
"Don’t you worry, sweetheart. I can walk you there. It’s not that far!"
  Agnes opened my door and I hopped off. She kept looking at me when we were outside as if waiting for me to pass out or something, but whatever happened in my garage ended as we walked side by side down the street. People passed by shouting “For the children!” and we would respond with smiles and claps. She told me that it was the reason for this main event: to gather funds for the local kids. 
  When we got there, I realized I wasn’t so wrong. They had a big stage, after all. And some tables, and chairs… I just thought more people would be there. 
"Ok, you can sit right here!" Agnes said, taking me to a place in the back.
"Won’t you sit by me?", I asked, protecting my eyes from the sun while looking at her.
"Oh, I’m part of the committee. Our places are up there", she pointed to some chairs a little ahead.  
I nodded, trying to hide my disappointment.
Her eyebrows did something… else. She stared at me as if she was trying to understand my reaction. I looked right back at her. Not sure if it took seconds or hours for one of us to look away.
"I have to check on a few details", she smiled, but her eyes didn’t follow her lips. "Hope you like the show, dear!" 
  The show was pretty good, actually. Some people dancing and singing... One of the couples did magic tricks and funny jokes. The husband was hilarious! I even forgot a little bit about being pulled aside by Agnes. Maybe it was just my needy self trying to find something meaningful, some spark, where clearly there was none. 
  We shouted “For the children” a few more times and at the end of the show I got up, ignoring all those happy perfect people marching along my way. Agnes wasn’t anywhere to be found, so I decided to walk on my own. It took me so much more time to go back home.
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sushiferr · 8 days ago
A/N: Another soulmate au because I’m a sucker for them
Tumblr media
The one thing Mammon never understood was the flower he had on his arm as a symbol of his soulmate. Satan had told him that it was a rare flower, one that hardly ever bloomed and when it did, it wilted in the morning. He had been afraid that it would happen to the flower on his arm or worst case scenario, something bad would happen to his soulmate.
He couldn’t wait to meet his soulmate. After centuries of being told about the soulmate flowers, he was impatient to meet his own with no avail. None of his brothers had ever found their soulmates and some of them were fine with it, like Beel, Levi and Satan. They were more focused on their own things, so Mammon couldn’t ask them anything. Belphie was almost uninterested and Lucifer was a straight up no. That left Asmo.
The day after the student council meeting regarding the foreign student exchange, Mammon sauntered to Asmodeus. “Asmo!”
“Oh no.” Asmodeus said under his breath.
“Hey! Don’t be mean to me, I’m your older brother!” Mammon responded before shaking his head and pushing his sunglasses up. “Can I ask you something about the flowers?”
Asmodeus’s eyes lit up. “The soulmate flowers?”
“Yeah. Satan told me that my flower only blooms at night and even then it hardly ever blooms. So what’s going on?”
Checking the tattoo out, Asmodeus clapped his hands together excitedly. “You’ve got the Queen of the Night flower. Satan probably told you the gibberish version of it and with that little brain of yours--”
“HEY! Can you stop insulting me?!”
“It probably made no sense. So those flowers are only for the people that will have a soulmate different than them. For example, take Simeon. He’s an angel right? What if his soulmate was a demon or a human? He’d have that flower. For you, it’s the same thing. Your soulmate is different than you. However!” Asmodeus poked his arm with his fingernail. “That does not mean you should go and look for them, these flowers do not like to be under pressure. Does that help?”
“Yeah, thanks, Asmo.” Mammon left him behind, going to his room in order to process everything that he had been told. So his soulmate was different than him. What if it was one of the exchange students? No, that’d be impossible. That’s a one in a million chance, a snowball’s chance in hell. Instead of thinking about it any longer, he decided to go outside and increase his debts or gamble. They were both the same.
The day of the exchange students arriving, Mammon was standing in the room with the others, huffing. “Why is this last human taking so long?! The sorcerer didn’t take this long.”
“It’s a normal human, Mammon.” Satan said calmly. “Just wait. You’ll see them soon.”
Satan was right. Not even five minutes after he had spoken, a human appeared in front of them with a flash and she was already in the RAD uniform. Shaking her head, she blinked at the ground before whipping her head up, her eyes landing on Diavolo. “What--?”
“Welcome to the Devildom!” Diavolo sadi cheerfully, holding his hands out. “My name is Diavolo, I am the Demon King. You have been brought here because you’ve been chosen for the foreign student exchange!”
The human blinked. “The what? Demon King? Devildom? What’s going on? Where am I?”
“Clearly she can’t tell from what Diavolo just said.” Lucifer sighed, stepping up next to him. “You are in the Devildom. This is the Demon King. My name is Lucifer, I’m the Avatar of Pride. What is your name?”
“MC.” The girl said inaudibly, taking a step back. Obviously she was scared, not knowing where she was. She was definitely different than the sorcerer and it showed. 
Mammon put his hands on his hips once he stepped forward. “Shouldn’t we just tell her everything and wait for--” He stopped, feeling a tingling sensation on his arm. When he looked down, he saw his own flower blooming, more beautiful than what he had seen in the books. What had Asmo said? Your soulmate is different than you. Glancing up, he saw MC staring at her own arm, her matching flower blooming right in front of them. She locked eyes with Mammon and he could feel his breath being taken away. He had found his soulmate. After so long, he had finally found his soulmate. 
MC hadn’t expected to find her soulmate in hell of all places, but when she looked at him, she immediately felt her fears wash away and be replaced with a feeling of curiosity and fondness at the same time. He was staring at her the same way and that’s when they knew fate had made sure they’d find each other to be together. 
“Mammon, wake up!” Lucifer bellowed right next to him, making Mammon jump. “What’s wrong? You look as if she’s murdered your dog.”
Merely showing him his arm, Mammon stepped forward to go to the human. MC didn’t cower away, just looked at him with wonder. Gently grabbing her wrist to turn it over and ensure that they did have matching flowers, Mammon started grinning. “You’re my soulmate, then.”
“I did not expect my soulmate to be a demon.”
“I didn’t expect mine to be a human. My name’s Mammon, I’m the Avatar of Greed. Lucifer, I’ll explain everything to her, I want to talk to her.” Mammon didn’t even wait for a response as he led MC out of there, talking enthusiastically with her and her responding with just as much energy. It was clear that the Avatar of Greed was already getting weak for this human. Maybe love at first sight did exist and maybe with the help of their tattoos, it pushed them in the right way. 
Either way, Mammon wasn’t going to let go of her any time soon. She was finally with him after him waiting for so long.
Asmodeus grumbled, “How come he gets the human? She was cute too!”
“Asmo, you think everyone’s cute.” Satan sighed. “If they breathe, they’re cute, that’s Mammon’s soulmate. I have a feeling that he’s definitely going to change after this.”
“He’s already head over heels for her!” Diavolo smiled, crossing his arms, satisfied. “We did a good job, didn’t we, Lucifer?” 
Lucifer blinked and shook his head, rubbing the bridge of his nose with his index finger and thumb. As happy as he was for his younger brother, he knew that this human would give him more trouble than it was worth. But as long as Mammon was happy, that was all that mattered. Especially considering all of those years of loneliness he probably had to endure. Yes, this was going to be the start of a new chapter in all of their lives.
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thefanficmonster · 9 days ago
Proper Delinquents
Corpse Husband & Reader (Gender Neutral)
Warnings: Swearing
Genre: Platonic Fluff, Humor, RPF (Real Person Fic)
Summary: A run-in between old high school friends neither of them expected has Y/N and Corpse reminiscing, looking back on the short but eventful time they spent together in high school, being troublemakers and delinquents. 
Requested by Anon. Hi darling! Thank you so much for this super cute request! I love writing platonic Corpse fics and I’m more than happy with this opportunity you’ve given me. I just wish I could’ve gotten around to writing your fic sooner but here it finally is and I hope you’ve stuck around to read it. If so, please enjoy! Love, Vy ❤
“How is everyone busy today? Did we miss a memo or something? It seems like everyone has something important going on and we’re over here streaming Among Us.“ Rae complains, slamming her phone down after the fifth time her offer to join the currently created game lobby has been turned down.
“Hey, that offends me. Streaming Among Us is important to us, ok? Don’t underestimate the importance of the job we do!“ Toast intervenes, setting the record straight, scolding Rae.
“I’m sorry, Toast. Sorry to all the Among Us streamers I accidentally insulted. I’ve just been super frustrated lately. I constantly feel like I have zero time and like a million things to do, you know? I don’t know where that mindset came from but it’s haunting me.“ Rae huffs exhaustedly, like a car engine that’s been turned off after working at full intensity for days.
“I feel ya, trust me, you’re not the only one.“ Leslie offers her reassuring input, “I feel like that all the time. I mean, it was a lot worse before I hired my new editor, but it’s still pretty hectic.“
“Remember I said I’d hire an editor eventually? Yeah, that eventually still hasn’t happened. It’s been five freaking months! One could find and entire editing team in such amount of time. Worst part is, people sent me their portfolios and I came to find out I’m so goddamn picky! I was acting like a parent would when picking a nanny for their kid! For goodness’ sake, that’s why my exhaustion and disorganization are my own wrong doings!“
“Don’t call it picky, you’re just being mindful of the quality of your content. You can’t leave it in the hands of just anyone. It’s completely understandable.“ Corpse pipes in comfortingly, “Though I can’t really relate cause I don’t have as many things going on, I can assure you that your behavior is completely justifiable.“
“Yeah, I totally agree with Corpse. I was the exact same when I was scouting for editors for the first time. Now I have a whole team of them.” Jack huffs out a laugh, piping into the conversation himself, “It gets easier and you trust more people as you go. In fact, I just got a new intern and, not to be biased or anything, but they are doing an immaculate job. I’d definitely recommend giving them a chance.“
Rae’s contemplating lasts less than three seconds before she replies, “You know what, I trust your judgement, Jack. I’d still like to meet them prior to hiring them though, so can you give me any contact info of theirs?”
“Sure thing, I’ll text you their socials and email....wait! I have a better idea!“ Jack interrupts himself mid-sentence, “Would you guys be ok with me inviting them to join the lobby? I know they are working on a video of mine right now and chances are they are in a desperate need of a break so it’s a win for everyone. What do you say?“
Rae claps her hands together, “That’s why I trust your judgement - you’re a literal genius! Call em up!”
Five minutes pass, filled with chit chat between the members of the seven person streamer group, when suddenly, an eighth avatar pops up in the lobby, putting the conversation at a brief halt once it’s noticed.
“Hey everyone, I hope my microphone is working. Anyway, hello! Thank you all for the invite.“ The tempo of the conversation is once again picked up by the new, unfamiliar voice in the Discord call.
“You’re good, no worries.“ Jack reassures them before ‘turning’ to address everyone else present, “People, this is Y/N, my newest intern editor. They work so much and so hard and aren’t even receiving a full paycheck yet, God bless their soul.” He lowers his voice to a theatrical whisper, “This is my public apology for laying so much work on you, I hope you accept it, Y/N.” 
A quick greetings exchange with each member later, Y/N addresses the audience real quick, “I want to clear my boss’ name for a second here so no one gets the wrong idea - I love working. I love it. And I don’t even mind the low paycheck. I’m doing what I love and I’m doing it for a person I’ve admired since I was a teenager. Basically, I’m living my best life. Jack is a wonderful boss - he’s super chill and laid back, so don’t get any misunderstandings.”
A round of cheers and applause sound and take over the call for a few moments before Rae speaks up: “Speaks positively of employer, add ten extra points.”
You can hear that Y/N’s heart has dropped by the tone of their voice, “Oh crap, Rae, you’re the one looking for an editor, right? Shit, I’m sorry, Jack didn’t mention who needed someone for that job position - thanks a lot, boss - but I can have my portfolio sent to you asap. I always have it ready. Hell, I’ve had it made since high school and I just keep adding stuff every now and then.”
Accidentally, Corpse lets out that chuckle he meant to be mental and internal instead of out there for everyone to hear. His eyes widen ever so slightly as he goes in full justification mode, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh at you. Well, I really wasn’t laughing at you. I was laughing at a memory from back in high school. I had a friend just like you, very ambitious and driven. They had their resume and CV ready before they even entered high school and then they started building their portfolio. Unfortunately, I never got to see how it turned out.”
“Oh, that’s so cool!“ Y/N says amusedly, “My high school was very run down and I was honestly not happy there. Not a single soul had a vision for the future, not a single professor was encouraging, nothing. My ambition was met with either mocking and underestimation or disinterest and dismissiveness. I had one friend who supported me and even he dropped out mid-sophomore year. I was devastated!“
Corpse pauses for a second, piecing together what he’s just been told with the small fragments of memories in his own mind. Surprisingly enough, the pieces all add up perfectly, creating an image he’s surprised he couldn’t envision before. But, just to be 100% certain, he asks: “Wait what high school did you go to?”
“Southfield High.“ Y/N answers casually, clearly not picking up on the shift in Corpse’s tone, “What about you?“
A grin plasters itself across his face, “I don’t know, you tell me, Two-Bucks. You tell me.”
The rest of the call members are rightfully confused by where this conversation has swerved off to. However, Y/N’s got an idea of where all this is coming from if their gasp is anything to go by. “Oh Lord, no way! Kruger?! How the hell did I not connect the dots? Damn, better question, how did your voice get deeper?”
Corpse laughs, “Morbid back then, morbid still - now I go by Corpse. And as for the voice, I believe it will one day depth of a bottomless pit so you’d be right not to recognize me.”
“Oh no, no, no, I’m sure that if I could get a look at you I’d recognize you immediately! I could never forget the poor boy I got into so much trouble with me! For every painted wall you got detention along with me, that’s some next level friendship right there if you ask me.“ They reply, basically beaming, warming Corpse from head to toe with their enthusiasm despite the undisclosed distance between them.
“Painted walls? Detention? Two-Bucks? What is going on here? Corpse, either explain what’s going on or leave this job interview immediately!“ Rae interrupts, bringing the reminiscing between the two to an abrupt halt. “One piece of info at a time, guys!“
“Alright, here’s the gist of it: Kru-Corpse and I went to high school together. I was that weird art kid that couldn’t keep their hands nor spray pain cans to themselves so I got in trouble often. And I mean VERY often. Being the amazing friend he was, Corpse never left me alone in detention - he’d either find a way to make himself involved in my trouble or legit climbed in through the window of the detention classroom I was in. Needless to say, we got in a lot of trouble together. Most of it I deserve to be blamed for completely, but one could never be a proper delinquent without the other, you know?“ Y/N explains energetically, speaking with a single breath filling their lungs. Yes, one single breath. “That being said, you can imagine how broken I was when he dropped out and never contacted me again!“ They put extra emphasis on their last statement, making it as accusatory as possible.
“Ok, in my defense!“ Corpse is quick to argue, “You never contacted me either. I freaking fell out of a window for you once and you never bothered to check up on me!“ It’s said light-heartedly but meant seriously, just like their accusation.
They scoff, “I pried out each and every one of those thorns from your limbs and now you’ll guilt trip me?”
“What is even happening anymore?“ Toast mutters, expecting to not be heard by anyone since everyone’s so engrossed in this quarrel.
“I lit a firecracker to get you out of detention that time we were supposed to go to the cinema, remember? I never got caught though.“ Corpse laughs, thinking back to the one instance he ran the longest and fastest he’s ever run.
“Fucking hell, that was an adrenaline rush like no other, of course I remember! Remember when I helped you steal that goldfish from the professors’ office?“ Y/N replies through laughter of their own, the image of themself climbing out of the office through the window with a plastic cup containing water and a fish in their hands flashing before their eyes, strengthening their laughter.
“That goldfish stayed with me longer than I stayed at that school, how could I forget.“ Corpse replies, “Sand, was it?“
“I wasn’t gonna let you name it that but you won the damn rock, paper, scissors game!“ They bark back, their tone snarky and mock-evil.
In the meantime, the audience - the stream observers and the streamers observers - are overpowering their brains to grasp each and every element recounted by the pair of high school friends who have A TON to recall, suggesting this stream won’t be progressing anytime soon.
“So...“ Jack speaks up hesitantly, “Rae, will you be hiring them?“
“I don’t know, Jack.“ She replies, slowly shaking her head, “Seems to me if I hire them I’ll have to hire Corpse too. And I like my goldfish residing with me.“
Jack nods in understanding, “Yeah, you’re right. What can I say, they’re proper delinquents.“
There’s a short pause before Sykkuno pipes in out of the blue, “Wait, Rae, since when do you have a goldfish?”
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dreamsclock · 10 days ago
Hear me out! Vegas Team 2.0, but with an added EW!Ranboo who hates almost everyone there except C!Dream.
HELL YEAH !!!! god poor c!ranboo - he deserves so much better than this HELPPP,,,, then again all of them do :’) i had to write a little thing about this, i hope you don’t mind !!
warnings: blackmail, manipulation, violence, fighting, trauma, toxic relationships, dissociation, death mention, torture mention, dark themes
Ranboo couldn’t look more uncomfortable if he’d tried.
Wilbur loves it.
“Aw, chin up, Ranbo!” He says cheerily, clapping Ranboo on the back and ignoring Sam’s half hearted protest that his name is Ranboo. “You look like you don’t want to be here!”
Ranboo squirms. “I don’t,” he mutters, eyes downcast, slouching down further in his seat, “that’s the problem. I don’t want to be here.”
“You know you have to,” Quackity says, a tight-lipped smile on his face that’s a little too sharp to be friendly, “we don’t wanna have to leak your secret.”
And that’s the problem with sleepwalking and acting different from how people expect, isn’t it? Wilbur muses, watching discomfort and defeat trickle over Ranboo’s face like a downpour. None of them (minus Wilbur) had expected Ranboo to appear, purple eyes glinting, and try to rescue Dream. None of them (minus Wilbur) had expected Dream to refuse. And none of them (minus Wilbur) had expected Ranboo to wake up into his normal state and instantly end up backed into a corner via blackmail and a lot of persuasion, least of all Ranboo himself.
And now he’s stuck here. The same way Sam is, the same way Quackity is, the same way Dream is, the same way even Wilbur is, who, really, is the one who wants to be here the most. He does enjoy little group business meetings like these, where Sam is tense and curt and Quackity is only a shade left of cruel and Ranboo is uncomfortable and miserable and Dream is...
Wilbur lets his eyes trail to his hero, lighting up when they land on him.
“Dream!” He calls easily. Dream leans towards him, tilting his face in his direction, and even behind the mask Wilbur can tell that his friend isn’t all there: he’s somewhere else, so he digs his nails into Dream’s wrist to pull him back and Dream jumps, startled. “Knock knock, anyone home? I was just saying to Ranbo,” he continues, without waiting for a response and without listening to Sam’s wearily interjected Ranboo, “how miserable he looks. Don’t you think he looks sad?”
Ooh, and there’s a problem, a juicy one, because Dream’s head turns towards Ranboo and Ranboo pulls back and Dream’s shoulders tense in hurt and frustration, because this side of Ranboo doesn’t trust Dream as far as he can throw him and because Dream doesn’t appreciate how scared and unfriendly Ranboo is like this. Wilbur loves it, he really does: it’s like watching his own personal soap opera, one he produces and directs and acts in, and it’s bloody brilliant, even if nobody else seems to appreciate just how amusing all this suffering and hatred is. 
“Yeah,” Dream replies obediently, voice clipped, “but he doesn’t want to be here, to be fair.”
“...So you want to let him go?” Wilbur posits for him, eyebrows raising in dramatic surprise. “That’s what you’re saying?”
Dream stiffens. He knows he’s walked into a trap, and Wilbur grins as he tries to make his clumsy escape. “No, no, that’s not what I said, no-”
“We can’t just let him go!” Quackity snaps at Dream. “Don’t be so fucking stupid, either of you, holy shit. He knows too much about this organization we have going on, and we know too much about him. He stays.”
Sam pinches the bridge of his nose, looking exhausted. Wilbur wonders idly if Sam sleeps anymore, or if he’s succumbed to the same white noise they all hear in their heads when it gets too quiet. “Big Q, we can’t keep him here against his will,” he says, “look, Ranboo, if you want to go, and you promise not to talk about this to anyone-”
“Did you know, Ranboo,” Wilbur interrupts brightly, watching the kid squirm in absolute horror and misery, “that Quackity and Sam tortured Dream almost to death in prison?”
And then he’s dodging an sword being swung his way with a laugh, and Dream is between him and Sam with a snarl, pushing Sam out of the way while Quackity shouts at Wilbur, axe in hand. He looks murderous.
“Why the fuck would you tell him that? Why the fuck would you- Wilbur, you’re an idiot! You’re a fucking idiot! He’s going to tell everyone now!”
Wilbur wipes his eyes, tries to regain his breath enough to answer. Ranboo does it for him, voice quiet, horrified, sharp. “No,” he says, softly, “no, I won’t. Because then you’ll hunt me down and kill me, and you’ll tell everyone about my secret.”
He meets Wilbur’s eyes, and Prime, he’s almost impressed: there’s fire in Ranboo’s eyes, almost but not quite completely drenched in fear.
“Right, Wilbur?”
“Well said, Ranboo,” Wilbur says breezily, “sit back down, Sam, Quackity, please. We’re only ten minutes into the meeting. Dream-”
Dream comes to his side obediently, and Wilbur can see he’s twitchy, can tell it won’t take long before he manages to push him and the others and himself to breaking point. 
So he smiles.
Sam stiffens in suspicion.
“I think it’s time,” Wilbur continues, “for another group therapy session.”
Silence: thick, heavy, if-anyone-speaks-they’re-in-trouble kind of silence, where all four wait with baited breath for the statement to sink in and the gravity of their situation to become apparent.
Wilbur pulls a self-help book out of his pocket, opens it to where he’d last left off. “Chapter eight,” he says serenely, “finding inner peace.”
Pandemonium erupts.
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jaehyunsssslut · 10 days ago
Inked Up- N.YT
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yuta x female reader (small appearance from Johnny and mention of Taeyong)
Genre: fluff, smut
Warnings: smoking, mentions of cheating, mentions of abuse, mentions of drinking, mentions of death, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it peeps), fingering, oral (male and female receiving), cum eating, creampie, slight dirty talk, choking, nipple play, yuta has a big dick, idk if there’s any more lol
Words: 3,339
Taglist: @nakamotocore @luvdarkbin @bobateastay @loveyukhei @winwiniee​ 
You walked into the tattoo studio, the smell of cigarettes and weed hitting your nose. Your presence made the guy at the front desk lift his head, smiling it you. “Hey y/n. You here for your appointment?”, the guy, Johnny, said. You and Johnny are basically friends as you’re a regular at the studio. You nodded and smiled back at him, striking up a conversation while you wait.
You loved the idea of having your body covered in art since you were younger. Whenever you saw people walking past you and you noticed their arms covered in pieces of art, you loved looking at the colours covering them and you always asked your parents when you could have colour all over your body. Their answer was always the same.
When you turn 18, you can get as many tattoos as you want. Just make sure you won’t end up regretting them.
And here you are, at 24, covered in tattoos and you don’t regret any of it. Your arms covered in pieces of art that you designed, and some not, but you love every piece. You and Johnny continued talking until he remembered something.
“I forgot to tell you but, Taeyong called in sick today so someone else is going to be doing your tattoo today. He’s new but don’t worry, he’s really good at his job”, Johnny told you and you just nodded, wondering who this new tattoo artist could be. Johnny clapped his hands, which startled you, and Johnny called for the new guy. “Right, you can go through now. Yuta, y/n is coming through now”, Johnny called to him and you walked into the room where you’ll be getting tattooed. Saying that you’re excited is an understatement.
As you walked into the room, you noticed drawings along the walls which you assume the guy, who you found out is called Yuta, drawn them. You admired them until a voice got your attention. “So, I see you’re the one I’m tattooing, am I right?”, as soon as you looked at him, it felt like time had stopped. His short, jet black hair that nearly covered his eyes, which you noticed had smudged eyeliner. His piercings attracted you, you’ve always had a thing for piercings. His arms covered in tattoos, mixes of colour and black. You just admired him and didn’t realise you were staring until you heard him laugh.
“You know, taking a picture would last longer”, Yuta teased, making you blush. “Uh, I, s-sorry”, you stuttered, causing a chuckle to escape Yuta’s mouth. “It’s ok, I think you’re cute so I guess we’re even”, Yuta’s words made you blush and you sat in the chair while Yuta prepares everything.
“So, where we getting this tattoo done then?” Yuta asked and you proceeded to take your t-shirt off, so it doesn’t get in the way. “I’m having it here”, you pointed to your rib area, and Yuta placed the stencil on the skin and took the paper away, and waited for it to dry before he could start the process.
As soon as he knew the ink was dry, he started the tattoo gun and started outlining. You’re glad you have a high pain tolerance, as when the tattoo gun started gliding along the skin area, you winced but after that, you were fine.
Throughout having your tattoo done, you and Yuta had a small conversation and you found out that Yuta had been working at the tattoo studio for around 3-4 months, and he fitted in straight away.
“Aaaand we’re done”, Yuta announced, turning the tattoo gun off and putting it down, wiping any access ink off and putting some cream on the tattoo and let you see the finished piece before covering it up. You got up and looked in the mirror, pleased with it. The tattoo is of a skull with roses around it, the red of the roses adding colour to the skull. “Wow, thank you so much Yuta. I love it”, you said with a big smile, Yuta returning the smile. He then covered the tattoo up, being careful not to hurt you, and you put your t-shirt back on.
You went out to the front desk and paid and left the tattoo studio. As you were about to walk to your car, you felt a hand on your arm, stopping you. You turned around and saw Yuta with his hands in his pockets. “Hey, I know this is so sudden but, I was wondering if I could get your number? You seem really nice and uhhh…. I wanna take you out for coffee some time?”, Yuta sounded so nervous but you smiled and gave him your number, and he gave you his.
You got home, your cheeks hurting from smiling so much, and you jumped up and down from joy when you got through your front door. You’ve never felt like this over anyone before so it was a new feeling, but you loved it.
A few hours had passed and you were admiring your tattoo in the mirror in your bedroom, really happy with the outcome. Your mind then wandered to Yuta: the way he sticks his tongue out when he’s concentrating sticks in your mind and that’s how you found out he has a tongue piercing. Your mind started wandering places and you wondered what it’d feel like, the cold metal of his tongue piercing against your-
No stop, you can’t think that way, quit it y/n
You shook your head and got changed into some comfy clothes, and decided to light a joint. You laid on your bed, the smoke engulfing you and your mind hazy. The more puffs of the joint you take, the more free you felt from society. The whole reason why you started to smoke in the first place was because of a bad breakup you had, and because of family issues. Your boyfriend cheated on you, physically and verbally abused you and that’s when you made the call to end things, which was 1 year ago. Your dad left you and your mum when you were 15 for another woman, which broke your mum. She turned to alcohol to cope, but thankfully she got the help she needed and she’s stronger than ever now.
You closed your eyes and you blew smoke out of your mouth and you put the joint in the tray on your bedside table once you’ve finished. As you laid there, feeling intoxicated from the joint, your mind started wandering to Yuta again. The way his hands were so gentle on your skin and, even though he had gloves on, you just know they are soft and beautiful. The way his lips move whenever he talks and how his tongue glides over his lips whenever he licks this. Your hands suddenly went south and slipped into your pants and your panties, and your fingers circled your clit before inserting a finger into your pussy. You pumped in and out and moaned, imagining it was Yuta’s fingers and not yours. You arched your back and you moved your fingers faster, getting closer to your high. Yuta’s name suddenly slipped out of your mouth in a moan and your breathing got heavier. Before you knew it, your arousal spilled all over your fingers and sighed. You brought your fingers to your mouth and licked your arousal off them.
Suddenly, the sound of your phone pinging caught your attention. You picked it up and saw that Yuta had texted you. Seeing his name on your screen made you smile and you texted him back.
You texted back and forth throughout the night and you felt your eyes closing. You tried to keep them open so you could continue talking to Yuta, but you felt too tired, so you texted Yuta that you’re tired and should get some sleep and Yuta agreed. You both texted goodnight to each other and as soon as your head hit the pillow, you were in dreamland.
A couple of months had passed, and you and Yuta have become closer the more you talk to each other. In those couple of months, you have found out that Yuta has a motorcycle, he has 2 sisters and he has a back tattoo. You both love hanging out at either your house or his while getting high and drinking. You also found out that he prefers to stay in than go out to parties, which is why you got on with him well as you’re the same. You, Yuta and Johnny (and on the rare occasion, Taeyong) love the get together every Saturday night and get high while you talk about life. Johnny doesn’t drink like you too but that doesn’t stop him from getting high with you.
One time, when Johnny went home and it was just the two of you, the both of you had a bit too much to drink and high, and ended up making out on the couch, you on your back and Yuta on top of you, his face buried in your neck. Moans and grunts leaving your mouths and you were left breathless by the end of the night.
You and Yuta were currently in his bedroom, Yuta sitting at his desk drawing while you were admiring his room. His walls were covered in drawings, which ranged from quick sketches to coloured pieces of art. As you were looking round the room, you saw a picture of Yuta and someone you don’t recognise. You picked it up carefully to get a closer look. “Hey Yuta, who’s this?”, you asked out of curiosity. Yuta stopped drawing and looked at you, and noticed the picture you were holding. You didn’t recognise the look on his face so you thought you have offended him by asking. Yuta walked over to you and took the picture off you and admired it with a small smile. “This is-was- my girlfriend. She, uh, died last year”, Yuta said sadly and you frowned, worried that you upset him with that. “Oh, I’m so sorry I didn’t know. I shouldn’t have asked, I’m sorry”, you kept apologising, panicking that you accidentally triggered something.
As you were panicking, you didn’t realise that Yuta placed the picture down and stood in front of you, until he placed his hands on your shoulders. “Hey, it’s ok, you don’t need to apologise. I did love her and that’s why I kept that picture: to keep her memory. I’ve moved on now”, Yuta explained, looking in your eyes. You realised just how close Yuta is to you and so did Yuta, as the both of you could feel the others breath on them.
You don’t know who leaned in first but, you suddenly felt his lips on yours. His lips felt so soft and tasted like cherry, along with the taste of the cigarette you both shared before. Some people might think that’s disgusting but you love that. Your lips felt right against each other and molded perfectly. You felt Yuta tug on your bottom lip and you opened your mouth, letting Yuta slip his tongue in your mouth. Your tongues fought for dominance, Yuta’s winning and you moaned into his mouth, you feeling his smirk against it. Yuta walked forward, making you go backwards and you felt the back of your legs hit the bed, making you fall backwards, Yuta falling on top of you.  You both got comfortable on the bed and you admired Yuta as he took his shirt off. There was a mirror facing the bed so you sat up to look at his back tattoo in the mirror. You saw that his back tattoo is a pair of angel wings, making him you fall in love with him even more. Though you’re not sure if that’s because you’re slightly high or if you’re actually in love with him.
Yuta attached his lips to yours again, his hands going to the hem of your t-shirt, playing with it. You got the hint and pulled away from his lips so you could take your t-shirt off and unclasped your bra, throwing them both to the side. Your nipples were hard, and Yuta saw that you had nipple piercings, the bulge in his pants growing from seeing them. His lips attached to one of your nipples, his hand playing with the other, pinching the nipple, making you throw your head back with a moan. “Yuta, don’t tease me”, you moaned out, making Yuta smirk. He pulled away from your nipple and kissed you with so much force, you fell backwards, your head hitting the pillow. Your hands travelled to his zipper and unzipped his jeans, trying to pull them down his legs. Yuta noticed and helped you, pulling down his jeans as well as his boxers. You saw how big his dick was, worried it won’t fit. Yuta saw the worry on your face and chuckled. “What? You worried it won’t fit? It’s ok baby, I’ll stretch you out to make sure it fits”, Yuta whispered in your ear before placing a kiss on your earlobe and nibbling on it, a moan leaving you.
Before you knew it, the both of you were naked, Yuta working his mouth on your dripping cunt, the cold metal of his tongue piercing causing tingles to go through your whole body. Yuta sucked on your nub, before inserting his tongue in you, making you let out a loud whine at the sensation. Your legs were shaking, meaning your close to your high, and Yuta held your legs down while he continued moving his tongue in and out of you. Your juices spilled out of you, Yuta licking your arousal off of you.
Yuta crawled up your body and attached his lips back on yours, tasting your arousal on his lips. Your fingers clawed at his back, dragging your fingernails down it. You could feel the tip of Yuta’s cock against you, causing you to moan in his mouth. Yuta smirked and pulled away to look at the look of pleasure on your face. Yuta decided he teased you enough and thrusted into you, the both of you moaning. The look of pain and pleasure on your face from how big he is. The sound of skin slapping against each other as he thrusted in and out of you, his lips making hickeys all over your chest. You arched your back as he hit your sweet spot, loud high pitched moans leaving you.
“Fuck, Yuta”, you moaned out. “You like that baby? Love my cock stretching your tiny pussy?”, his thrusts got quicker and his hand went to your throat, choking you softly. Your hand went to hold his and you asked him, “harder”, and he did. The pressure around your throat got tighter, making you feel lightheaded.
You felt him twitch inside you, signalling he’s close and you were too. “D-daddy”, you accidentally moaned out, making Yuta’s dick twitch again. “Fuck, say that again”, Yuta’s thrusts got sloppier the more he reaches his high. “Daddy”, you moaned again and soon after, Yuta released inside you, some of it dripping down your legs. You came after him and you both panted. Yuta felt himself grow soft inside you and pulled out, moving off of you and lying beside you. He pulled you into his arms and kissed your forehead. You cuddled up to Yuta and fell asleep in his arms, Yuta falling asleep not long after.
The sun shone through the curtains, making you open your eyes. You blinked a few times and looked around the room you were currently in. You realised you weren’t in your room, but Yuta’s. You sat up and felt Yuta move beside you.
“Good morning”, Yuta said in his morning voice, his voice raspy. He looks beautiful in the morning, the sunrays casting on his face. You leant down and placed a chaste kiss on your lips, before getting up. You still felt the arousal between your legs from last night and decided to get a shower.
“Where you going?”, Yuta asked, wondering why you’re already getting up. “I’m getting a shower. You can join me if you like”, you said with a hint of playfulness in your voice. Yuta smirked and got up out of bed, before picking you up bridal style, making you yelp.
Yuta started the shower, making sure the water was just right before the both of you got in. The water was warm against your skin, and you sighed, feeling relaxed. Yuta was behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist. Suddenly, you felt something poking your ass, a smirk forming on your face. “Are you horny again?”, you asked Yuta, moving a hand to grab his dick, making him moan. You turned around and bent down so you were eye level with his dick. You grabbed him and started pumping before taking him in your mouth. Bobbing your head, you took his dick in your mouth and the tip hit the back of your throat, making you gag.
Yuta threw his head back of the feeling of your lips wrapped around him, his moans filling the bathroom. Tears were streaming down your cheeks from how big he was, saliva dripping down your mouth.
“F-fuck babe, right there. You take me so well sweetheart”, Yuta moaned out, the sound of his moans making your arousal drip down you. Your hand moved to your dripping cunt, inserting a finger and pleasured yourself. You felt Yuta’s cock twitch in your mouth, nearing his high. You increased the pace of your fingers and felt yourself nearing your high too. Soon after, Yuta released inside your mouth, his juices going down your throat. You released not long after and came all over your fingers. You pulled away from him and stood up, tapping Yuta’s lips to get him to open his mouth, and inserted your fingers in his mouth, letting him suck on them. Yuta held your chin ever so softly and placed a soft kiss on your lips.
You both got clean and washed each other, giving each other a head massage and Yuta nearly falling asleep which caused you to have to catch him as he nearly fell, making the both of you laugh.
You both got dried and dressed, you wearing one of Yuta’s t-shirts and Yuta wearing just a pair of sweatpants, and you both went downstairs. Yuta prepared breakfast for the both of you, cooking some eggs and bacon, and you made a cup of coffee for the both of you. When everything was plated, you spoke while eating breakfast together. Suddenly, you asked the question the both of you were thinking.
“What does this make us?”
Yuta thought about that question for a while now. He’s been wanting to talk to you about that for a while but he didn’t want to scare you off. When you both finished your breakfast and drinks, you placed them in the sink and suddenly, you were lifted off the ground and placed on top of the kitchen surface. Yuta spread your legs and situated himself in between them and wrapped his arms around you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and played with the hair at the back of his head.
“Does this mean we are, you know….”, Yuta spoke into your neck, you chuckling since he sounded muffled. “Babe, you sound muffled”, the pet name just slipped out and you could feel Yuta smile into your neck. He pulled away and looked at you. You leaned in and kissed your forehead, your cheeks, the tip of your nose and then your lips.
“So…. does this mean you’re my girlfriend?”, Yuta asked with a smile, hopeful of your answer. You pretended to think to tease him, and he whine which made you laugh. “Yes, I’ll be your girlfriend”, you chuckled nd Yuta picked you up and spun you around, happy that you’re both now official.
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novemberbythestars · 10 days ago
Greed for Red // IV
Tumblr media
The story where rich kid but absolutely no game Lee Donghyuck was given a bet by his friends to make you, the school's perfectionist and too busy for anyone darling, fall in love with him and eventually break your heart... or at least hold your hand without you slapping him from across the hall.
note: feel free to dm/ask me if you want to be included in the tag list 💛
taglist: @emvrd @watermelonxes @flower-lise @woofie-nctzen-fanarts @scxrlettkx @infnteen @yoongischeeksluv
Tumblr media
It's another day of pissing people off, and another day of you not caring.
The professor for your Science class decided that for your semestral project, it would be a good idea to put people in groups of 5. And of course, you and your group went overtime.
"Hey come on people lighten up." You said, clapping your hands together to stir your groupmates when you noticed some were on their phone while some are dozing off. "I want to get out here as much as you are-" before you could even finish your sentence, your phone vibrated, fishing it from your pocket to see a text from Donghyuck.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You put your phone back in your pocket and clapped your hands again, getting the attention of the four individuals in front of you. "Alright, no use talking to you guys in this state so let's just give out suggestions for the presentation at the group chat."
You were met with a chorus of agreement, the bunch of them immediately leaving when you dismissed them. Some even happy enough to give you a smile and a proper goodbye.
You were in the middle of fixing your things, putting your notebook back in your bag when you noticed a figure walking in the classroom. "Come on, yn. I only have 45 minutes left for my lunch."
"Nobody told you to wait for me, Hyuck." You said, recognizing his voice so you didn't need to turn around to look at him. "I still need to go to my locker to place these." You said, finally finishing up and turning around to face him, shrugging the books on your hands.
"No time! Do that later, come on." You weren't able to protest when Hyuck grabbed your hand, pulling you out of the classroom, and lead you to his car
"Move your feet bitch damn."
"What is wrong with you? Do you have a foot fetish or something?" You grumbled, the sandwich on your hand flattening as you grip it tightly, not wanting it to fall from your hands as Donghyuck moves your feet 'to fit his aesthetic."
"If I have a foot fetish it's definitely not going to be on you, Mcdonalds." He retorted, finally getting the shot he wanted. You threw the wrapper of the sandwich to him, earning a groan from him as he was busy with editing the photo. "Now what's your Instagram so I can tag you?"
"Sure its, I don't have one." You answered before taking another bite of your sandwich, enjoying the way the filling melts in your mouth, nodding to yourself.
"You don't have one?" Donghyuck asks, not meeting someone who doesn't have an Instagram at this point, now posting the photo of the both of you in his story. "Why?"
"Too distracting." You answered simply, dusting your hands to pick up your drink.
"Well, what do you have on your phone?" He asked, putting his phone aside and pick up his own food, scooting closer to you with the food being the only one to separate the both of you.
"I have some games."
"Like 2048 type games?"
"No, like Mortal Kombat type games." You answered, earning an impressed nod from Donghyuck who at first only gave you a questioning look. "I play them when I'm too stressed out, to get emotions in check."
"Okay, okay. Seems like you know how to have fun every now and then, you were worrying me for a bit there." You only chuckled at this, finally finishing your sandwich and taking the Hello Panda you guys picked up along the way.
"Why aren't you with your friends?" You asked as you opened the wrapper, not looking at Hyuck who has his sights on the cars passing by. "I feel like I've always seen you guys with each other since, well, forever."
"They get a little too much sometimes." You nodded at his answer, simple, and got straight to the point. You didn't want to push the topic further, sensing that he wasn't really fond of discussing it further either. "How about you? What have you been up to?"
"Nothing much, just the usual. My life revolves around school." You answered, finishing up the Hello Panda and grabbing your drink again. "Just want to get this done and over with so I can-" Hyuck looked at you when you suddenly stopped, noticing you were hesitating to finish your sentence.
"So you can what?"
"Move out, live by my own. Every college graduate's dream, right?" You said, your one and smile conveying happiness and satisfaction but your eyes said something else.
Hyuck just nodded, though his eyes lingered on you for a little bit more. Hyuck was about to say something else when you stood up, taking the jacket, his jacket, back up from the grass as you stretched. "Come on, your lunch break is over." You said, putting your hand out for him to grab.
"Wow, really can't have fun with you huh." He said, grabbing your hand so he could stand himself up as well. He grabbed the paper bag containing all your food wrappers and dusted his hands, fishing out his car keys from his pocket.
The both of you walked side by side. "Let's cut classes, let's hang out today," Hyuck suggested as you reached his car, not opening it just yet as he looked over at you from the other side.
You rolled your eyes at this suggestion, even scoffing at how ridiculous it is. "I have an exam. If you would ask me any other day I would've said yes."
"Shut up, no you wouldn't" He answered, finally opening the car so the both of you could get inside, placing his jacket on your thigh and buckling your seatbelt in. "Here I am, thinking you were fun. I think you draw the line at Mortal Kombat." He said, placing the car keys in the ignition and starting it.
"I am fun! What else do you have in mind?" You challenged, looking at him, who was now in deep thought.
He was thinking deeply before he looks at you, a knowing smile on his face. "There's a party tonight, let's go together."
"It's a Monday-"
"That's a yes then!"
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miss-smutty · 11 days ago
A/N - I've literally been gone for months 😱😭 I've been so busy with my business I lost my writing mojo again. I'm sorry @swaggysposts you've waited so long for your request but here it is, I hope you like it.
Request- "How about Thor x reader wedding night....Having a wedding in the Avengers Facility with the Avengers.....And Tony letting them use his Malibu home for their wedding night....
The reader is a virgin and nervous about the whole sex thing.....Thor feels her nervousness.... Thor eases her nervousness by playing and dancing around in the Malibu Mansion and they do tequila body shots between each other and they have skinny dipping in the pool And they both get turned on and they have a intimate first time by Thor's sweet gesture 😍😍
Word count- 4,651 (sorry it's so long 🙊)
Warnings- Swearing, smut, unprotected sex
Taglist-: @innerpaperexpertcloud @pandaxnienke @chickensarentcheap
Posted: 29th April 2021
18+ only!!
Blushing Bride
Tumblr media
"3… 2… 1!" Everyone in the room shouted gleefully.  You reached down and threw your beautiful sunflower bouquet back into the crowd. Turning around to watch where it lands, smiling from ear to ear as you watch your girlfriends scramble to catch the falling flowers.
Nat clambers over people unapologetically, elbowing your cousin in the face as she reaches into the air and catches the bouquet with one hand. There's cheers as she arrogantly side-eyes the other girls shamelessly, you notice as she catches Bucky's eye from across the room, confirming the suspicions you've had for a while. Hopefully you'll get chance to question her about that later on.
You scan the room until your eyes lay on the person you were looking for - your handsome husband.
Thor can't take his eyes off of you, his beautiful bride, you blush under his stare and laugh when you realise the cliche of now being his beautiful blushing bride.
You've never seen him in a suit before and he looks completely ravishing, his broad frame filling out the navy blue, fitted suit, impeccably. He's talking to Tony and Pepper and by the way they all keep looking over at you, you realise you're the subject of their conversation.
"So, you're finally Queen Odinson" Tony greets you as you make your way over to join them, hitching up the long train of your dress. You feel like a queen in your exquisite wedding gown, the way it drapes on your curves perfectly. It's a little difficult to walk in especially with how clumsy you are but it makes you feel amazing.
"Wow, it feels so strange when you say that." You smile widely, reaching up on your tiptoes to kiss Thor's cheek.
"You've always been my Queen." His grin is equally as wide as yours as he wraps his arm around you, gazing down at you proudly.
"Don't mind us" Tony says sarcastically, rolling his eyes and then laughing when Pepper playfully hits his arm.
"Oh don't worry, we won't. I've been waiting for this day since… Forever" 
"I know, Thor what took you so long?" Tony jokes.
"I have wanted to make Y/N my Queen since the first moment I set eyes on her" Thor says seriously, Tony's rhetorical joke going straight over his head. 
"Yeah, we get it Point Break. Now I have a wedding gift for you both." 
"Ohh yes, you're going to love it" Pepper adds excitedly, clapping her hands together enthusiastically.
"We want to invite you to spend your honeymoon in our Malibu mansion, so what d'ya think?" Tony asks.
"Oh my god! No way! We'd love to." You exclaim, looking at Thor for his approval and squeeling excitedly when he nods in agreement.
"Good, now you better go mingle. I can see your mom shooting me daggers for hogging you both for too long" he smiled warmly. You reach up to kiss his cheek and wrap your arms around pepper tightly.
"Thank you so much you two, you're the best" you say excitedly.
"Yes we are and don't forget it" Tony laughs.
Thor takes your hand in his and leads you to the dancefloor to join your friends. As he wraps his arms around your waist he leans down to whisper in your ear.
"You look radiant, my love. I can't wait until we're alone" He says sincerely.
You feel a tightness in your throat at his words and quickly try to swallow it away, gulping nervously. You were a virgin and the thought of Thor having literally hundreds of years more experience than you, terrifies the life out of you. 
"Your brother looks like he's having a good time" you say sarcastically, changing the subject strategically when you spot Loki over Thor's shoulder. Of course he didn't look happy at all, stood in the corner on his own with a face like thunder.
Thor spins you around so he can see for himself, a smile tickling the corner of his mouth when he realises you were joking.
Tumblr media
"You know Loki, he can't stand anybody else being happy. Especially me. This must be torture for him" He laughs, the smile on his face crinkling the corners of his eyes as he gazes down at you. Your own cheeks aching from the smile that hasn't left your face for the whole day.
"Are you sad that the rest of your family and friends aren't here?" You ask, resting your head on his chest and feeling his heart beating.
"Of course not, my love. We will see them soon." he smooths his hand down the back of your head.
Thor had promised to give you your perfect wedding, everything you'd ever dreamed of and then later you would go to Asgard and have a traditional Asgardian ceremony too. The thought of it made you extremely nervous, you had no idea what to expect but imagined you would be surrounded by beautiful Gods and Goddesses and the idea of it made your stomach sink.
You danced the night away with your friends and Thor until your feet could no longer hold you up and you collapsed, exhausted into Thor's arms.
"I think it's time to get you home, my love" Thor whispers into your ear.
"I don't want it to end yet" you whine, clasping your hand to your mouth to stifle a yawn. The tiredness suddenly washing over you all at once.
"Don't worry, the night has only just begun" Thor said his eyes glistening with excitement. Butterflies flutter in your stomach with anticipation, nerves and excitement mixing together until you didn't quite know which was the most dominant feeling. 
You can't contain your excitement as you finally see  Tony's mansion set upon the cliffside, over-looking Malibu beach. The futuristic looking building with the glass walls is absolutely breathtaking, definitely everything you imagined Tony's house to be.
As you step inside the house the first thing you notice is how open and clean everything is. The glass wall runs the entire length of the room, it's like you could practically walk out into the sea.
"Welcome to your honeymoon home, Mr and Mrs Odinson. I am J.A.R.V.I.S and I am here to assist you with anything you may need during your stay." J.A.R.V.I.S says through the integrated speakers. 
"Oh my god!" You squeel.
"Who said that?" Thor asks looking around the room, confused. The look on his face is comedic but you stop yourself from laughing to save Thor from embarrassment.
"It's J.A.R.V.I.S" You answer shrugging your shoulders nonchalantly.
"But who is Jarvis? Are we not alone?" Thor asks, eyes wide, still scanning the room for an unseen person.
You giggle at Thors innocence. "I think it's one of Tony's intelligent system thingies, am I right J.A.R.V.I.S?" You laugh when Thor looks at you like you're mad.
"You are right Mrs Odinson, I am Just A Rather Very Intelligent System but you may call me J.A.R.V.I.S. Is there anything else I can help you with?" 
"Not right now, thank you J.A.R.V.I.S" 
"I don't like the thought of somebody watching us, especially on our wedding night" Thor gets that glint in his eyes again.
"He's a computer babe, I think we're safe." You chuckle light heartedly, gliding along the smooth marble floor to stand in front of the enormous window.
"Wow! I bet that view is beautiful in the daylight." You say, changing the subject. 
"Not even half as beautiful as you" Thor says as he comes up behind you and pushes your hair to one side so he can press his lips softly to your neck. Your hairs stand on end as he sends shivers through your entire body. You feel electrically charged by his touch, your body tingling with energy.
Thor feels your body go ridgid against him, he can sense your nervousness and does his best to calm you.
"Are you ok, my love?" He whispers softly as he strokes the goosebumps that have appeared on your arms.
You turn around to face him, placing your hands on his chest to reassure him but avoiding those piercing blue eyes.
"I'm ok." You lie.
"You are not ok, please tell me your worries" he lifts your face to look at him and you cave when you see that gentle, pressing look on his face.
"Fine." You sigh "This is my first time, but you… You've been with hundreds. No, probably thousands of women. How could I not be worried?"
"They will never compare to you" He smiles genuinely. You're not going to lie, the thought of him with even one other woman makes you feel slightly sick.
"You don't know that." Looking away again, unable to concentrate when you look into his deep blue eyes.
You didn't want to believe that he was being sincere, how could he be? Thousands of women, there's absolutely no way you could even slightly compare. Thinking about it was making you even more nervous, you had experience with other sexual things but you were still a virgin. Growing up with religious parents that had drilled it into you that you mustn't have sex until you were married. You knew it was possibly all bullshit, just another thing made up to control women but still there's always a chance it wasn't and you didn't want to take the risk of spending your afterlife in hell. So you'd been a good little girl and restrained yourself through the absolute torment of college and the multiple boyfriend's who had never been able to last longer than a couple of months before they dumped you or cheated on you. Then you met Thor, he was different to anyone you'd ever met and not just the fact he was an actual god - but he was a gentleman.
"I do because I have never loved anyone the way I love you." You look up at him slowly, smiling shyly when you catch his eye. The things he said definitely helped ease your mind a little.
"Just don't worry about it, ok my love? We'll take things slow." He adds, kissing your forehead.
"Ok… Now can we try and find some alcohol to loosen up a little?" 
"Do you not think you've had enough?" He asks, cocking his head to the side to examine your level of drunkenness.
"I think my nerves have sobered me up." You pout playfully, looking up at him through your lashes.
"Well then what are you waiting for? Let's find this alcohol." He grabs your hand and hurries through the room, dragging you along, laughing behind him. You have to run to keep up to him, his long legs making him much faster than you. 
"Oh my god, Thor. You almost pulled my arm out." You laugh stopping to catch your breath, the house so big that it took a lot longer than expected to make it to the kitchen.
You spied a hamper that had been left on the kitchen counter, behind Thor. A bottle of champagne with two flutes, some bottles of spirits and a huge crate of Thors favourite ale - Peppers idea you guessed.
"Wait! Stop!" Thors tone makes you freeze on the spot, the bottle of champagne ready to be popped in one hand.
"What's wrong?" You say, concerned. Is there a spider? Oh my god. You shake your hair and pat your body in a frantic manner. "Thor what is it?" he was just stood there looking amused.
Tumblr media
"Nothing. I just realised this is the first time that I've had you to myself all day. I need a kiss" he moves over to you with his lips pursed in an exaggerated way.
"You idiot, I thought there was a spider" you say, giggling when he grabs hold of you and wraps his arms tightly around your waist. He rubs his rough beard against your cheek playfully, making you giggle and squirm as his bristles tickle your skin. His hands are clasped around your stomach, lifting your feet from the ground, while you try and fail to get away from him and his tickling.
"Thor, stop. I can't breath." You laugh breathlessly. 
Lifting you up effortlessly, he sits you down on the kitchen counter and nestle's himself in-between your legs. Looking at him closely, you realise just how beautiful he is and how lucky you are that he's your husband. 
"What are you thinking?" Thor asks, making you realise you were day dreaming and lost in a trance when Thor spoke.
"I'm not telling you." You tease, closing your mouth tightly.
"You do know now we're married, you have to tell me everything" 
"Everything?" You probe.
"Yes, absolutely everything."
"Fine, I was thinking about how lucky I am to be married to you." You roll your eyes at how soppy you sound, you're not usually one for romantic gestures and Thor knows that. You find it hard to take a compliment and even harder to give one. 
Thor on the other hand, found it completely natural to take and give compliments. He did however have a lifetime to perfect it, so had a slight advantage. 
"I am the lucky one" Looking in your eyes confidently as he speaks, there was definitely no denying the way he felt about you "Now stop rolling your eyes and give me a kiss." 
Thor pulls your face towards him, his lips parting when they connect with yours. The alpha in him taking control of the kiss. You follow his lead heartily, your lips moving together in perfect synchronisation. 
The way you kiss easing your mind a little, your bodies moved together fluently like they were made for each other. The excitement began to rise in you, everything was so effortless when you were together. You know now you were silly to feel worried, that as long as you let your body do the work and don't over-think things, your love for each other will lead the way. Your bodies spoke to each other like old friends, it was just your damn mind that was the problem. Which is why you planned on shutting it up with alcohol, lots of alcohol. 
"Can we go see the pool?" You break away from the kiss too quickly, leaving Thor with his lips still pursed and eyes still closed. The adrenaline was taking over and there was no time to waste.
'Anything for you, my love." He makes his way towards the stairs that lead to the garden.
"Wait, let's take this." You say holding up a bottle of tequila, limes and a couple of shot glasses, then rummaging around the cupboards to find the salt.
"Tony certainly has good taste in liquor, how did he know tequila is my favourite? Or did you have something to do with this?" You ask Thor, the mischievous grin on his face already answering your question.
"Nothing to do with me" he lies, trying to look as innocent as possible.
"Are you trying to get me drunk Mr Odinson?" You say sultrily, smiling when you see excitement flashing in his eyes.
"Of course not Mrs Odinson, now come on let's drink." He takes your hand and leads you to the stairs, you have no idea which way to go but Thor's instincts seem to know the way. The house was so big you thought it would be pretty easy to get lost in it, you wonder how many rooms there are? How many bathrooms? You couldn't wait to explore tomorrow but tonight was all about you and your husband.
As you turn the corner, the enormous infinity pool comes into view. From where you're standing the pool appears to stretch out into the ocean, you can't wait to see the view of the ocean in the daylight. The pool is illuminated with underwater spotlights and dimly lit, warm solar lights surround the edge of it. 
"Oh my god, this is amazing!" You stand with your mouth agape looking around you while Thor comes up behind you and places his hands on your hips.
"Shall we try it out?" He asks, whispering against your neck and making you shudder in the warm breeze.
"Yes! But first…" You dangle the bottle of tequila in front of Thor.
Thor pulls a couple of sun loungers out, lifting them into the air effortlessly, like he was moving a feather and not two big, heavy, wooden sun loungers. You swoon at the sight of him, his biceps bulging against the tight fabric of his suit. The thought of running your hands all over his naked body making you feel hot and bothered. How could this beautiful man be your husband?
You realised you still had your wedding dress on when you tried to bend to sit down on the low sun lounger. The tight fabric of your dress restraining against you, threatening to tear.
"Thor, will you unzip the back of my dress please? I need to take it off" you ask nonchalantly, stretching your arms behind you and trying to reach the zip. 
"What? Here?" He asks, his mouth agape as he watches you trying to undress.
"Yes, there's no one around for miles and I can't move in this thing" 
You can hear him gulp from where you were sitting, his Adams apple bobbing in his throat as he swallows back air. You take note of the way he tugs on the collar of his shirt, loosening it slightly. Were you making him nervous? You had to admit, it made you feel good to watch your big, tough man with years of experience become nervous at your words.
"And as hot as you do look in that suit, I think it's time to take it off." 
"What do you mean?" Thor looks shocked at your forwardness. The suprise on his face almost comical.
"Have you ever done a body shot?" You ask while he unzips your dress, teasing him and enjoying it more than you should.
"What is that?" He asks, his eyes drawn to you while you step out of your heavy dress, folding it carefully and putting it on the back of the sun lounger.
"Take off your clothes and I'll show you." You smile, standing confidently in the lingerie you bought especially for this moment - a lacy, ivory all in one.
The way his eyes lingered on your body made you feel like a goddess and that hungry look in his eyes made you want to rip his clothes off.
Thor took off his jacket hastily and paused while unbuttoning his shirt, looking up at you.
"I thought you were a virgin?" He looks hurt, like you'd been lying about being a virgin for all this time.
"I said I was a virgin, you know I have experience with other things." You lift your eyebrows at him and roll your eyes.
"You just don't seem very nervous anymore?" 
"Only because I'm comfortable with you Thor, I know I can be myself with you and there's no one better for me to have my first time with." You watch Thor's tension ease, the tightness of his arms relaxing. "Now lay back." You demand, unscrewing the lid on the bottle of tequila.
Thor lays back on the lounger with his arms resting behind his head, holding his neck up so he could watch what you were doing fascinatingly. The sight of his bare chest made you feel weak, the chiselled abs sent tingles through your body. You tried to push your thoughts aside while you concentrated on pouring a shot of tequila, your hands visably shaking and spilling some of the liquid on the floor. 
You place the cut lime into Thor's mouth, the juicy part facing out and pause to giggle at how silly he looks.
"Just hold it there, ok?" Thor nods his head, his eyes lighting up with excitement.
Grabbing the salt from the side of you, you carefully pour a trial down his torso, stopping when you get to the hem of his boxers but secretly wishing you could go lower. Your pussy clenches as Thor's abs tense, restraining against the tickling of the grains of salt against his bare stomach.
Your eyes remain fixed on his as you lean over Thor to lick the trail of salt from his torso, making your way down to the hem of his boxers slowly. You quickly pour the burning liquid down your throat before snaking your way up his body, making sure to grind yourself against him as you take the lime from his mouth, he groans and pushes himself into you desperately.
"Mmm…  Well that was..  arousing. Is it my turn now?" He's already getting up from the lounger, hastily waiting for you to take his place and lay down.
Thor straddles over you, barely waiting for you to lay back and get comfy before he's pouring the salt along the swell of your breasts. You're thinking about his improvisation when you're distracted by the sultry smile and glint in his eyes as he licks his full lips with the tip of his tongue. 
You don't have time to think before he's leaning over and licking the salt from your cleavage, he downs the shot and takes the lime from your mouth. You stare wide eyed at the almost other worldly speed of your husband - why the rush?
Thor sucks on the flesh of the fruit before throwing the skin to the side and leaning in to give you a sticky, citrusy kiss. Leaving your mouth parted and wanting more when he stands up, yanks down his boxers and jumps straight into the pool. The whole thing passed by in a blur and it took you a moment for your brain to catch up and process what was happening.
Tumblr media
You smile down at your husband in the water as he comes up to the surface and smooths his wet hair back from his face. He looks like a damn model, the water dripping from his face.
"Come on, the waters lovely." He urged.
All of a sudden you feel shy again, you know you're not going to be able to resist each other for much longer. Understanding now why Thor was so hasty, his adrenaline was in overdrive and come to think of it, so was yours. 
Your hands begin to shake and you don't know if it's from the cool breeze or the nerves. You're feeling a little reserved now, all your big girl talk fading now the moment is almost here. You pour yourself a couple more shots and down them both one after the other, hardly whincing as the liquor burns your throat.
Finally you bite the bullet and shimmy out of your lingerie, you try to do it sexily but the tight fabric clings to your skin making you clumsy. Still, when you look up shyly through your lashes, Thor is completely oblivious to your fumbling. The way his eyes have lit up when he watched you undress fills you with pride. One last shot for good luck before you jump into the pool to join him.
The cold water sends shocks through you, making you rise to the surface gasping for air. How the hell did Thor make it look so sexy? When you look like a spluttering fish out of water.
"Let me warm you up." He glides over to you, smoothly, moving through the water like it was his natural domain. Maybe you were trying too hard? Thinking about things too deeply, you need to calm down.
The feel of his strong arms around you instantly calm you, you wrap your legs tightly around his stomach. You can feel his cock growing against you and by the way he's biting his lip you know he's struggling to restrain himself.
Thor can feel the heat of your pussy so close to his aching cock, he wants to dive inside but knows he needs to go at your pace. His feet touch the bottom of the pool and he moves over to the edge, pushing your back gently against it.
You can feel his heart racing almost as fast as yours. He kisses you deeply, pushing himself against you. Your fingers brush against his cock making him moan in your ear. The size of him makes you even more nervous.
He kisses down your neck , your bodies grinding together. This is it.
"I want you now, Thor." You say breathlessly, panting his name while his lips press to the sensitive spot on your collar bone.
"Here?" He pulls away slightly to look at you, waiting for your approval.
"Yes" you moan, feeling the tip of his cock pressing against your opening eagerly. Your pussy ready to suck him in.
He eases in slowly. The size stretching your walls in an agonisingly pleasurable way. A breathless squeel escapes your lips making Thor stop suddenly.
"Are you ok? I'm not hurting you am I?" He stops, searching your face for an answer.
"Thor it feels amazing." You whine deeply, looking into his eyes with strong, burning love. It hurt slightly as his cock stretched you open - going where no man had been before. You were so glad you'd waited and that Thor was your first but you wish you hadn't waited this long to make love to Thor.
All that time wasted, when you could have been doing this all along.This is a whole new level of love, your bodies finally coming together as one. You feel emotional with the euphoric sensations of built up tensions. 
Thor is so gentle with you, stopping to make sure your ok as he gently thrusts himself into you. The slow pace making the pleasure even more intense as his length repeatedly hits your spot. You feel your face screwing uncontrollably as a unknown sensation rises through you, making your head feel dizzy. This new feeling feels amazing but it's something you've never experienced before. Is this normal? 
You try to push your thoughts away, reminding yourself to stay in the moment.
"Are you comfortable, do you want to go inside?" Thor asks, obviously seeing the turmoil going on inside your head.
"Please. Don't stop" You urge, hoping to feel that gripping sensation once more, desperate to explore it more.
Thor bites his lip as he carries on with his slow love making, trying more than ever to keep up the slow pace even though it is torturous for him. The way your tight walls cling to his length with ferocity, making it harder for him to contain himself.
"You feel so good" he says through gritted teeth, concentrating on the way your pussy grips onto his cock.
You're taking his cock so well, the pain has disappeared and all you feel is ecstasy. You're feeling confident that you can take more, you can let him take you freely.
"Thor, fuck me faster." You say shyly. You can see his eyes light up at your words, he was waiting so patiently for you to take the lead. Your eyes roll back as he gives you his full length, groaning into you as he grips onto your ass with both hands. The sensation takes over you once more and you ride it out, giving in to it as he continues thrusting into you faster.
"Fuck." He moans, you can feel his cock twitching inside of you as you release your orgasm, screaming out his name while his cock pumps into you.
You're both left panting, while you rest your head on his shoulder. You feel like giggling, is that normal? You're overcome with emotions all at once. This was without a doubt the most amazing feeling you have ever felt, you don't want it to stop. Lucky for you, your husband has the stamina of a god.
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kittievampire-blog · 12 days ago
Crypto and Wattson have been together for a while now. Natalie, being the more innocent one, you wouldn't expect her to get jealous so easily. Let me know if you guys want this to be a short series or not and I'll make a part 2
Jealous Wattson
Tae Joon was never one for the spotlight. He expressed his disliking toward it infact, but that didn't stop Witt from dragging him off to his ridiculous parties. The worse part was, Elliot would invite fans to said parties, it wouldn't just be with the other Legends. Crypto would've socked Elliot in the face had Natalie not been there when he was invited.
"Oh! Of course, mon ami! We'd love to come, right Crypto?" She'd say, clapping her hands excitedly as she jumped up and down, her bright blue eyes fixated on the man beside her.
That damn look on her face always made him melt, so in response he sighed softly and glanced Elliot, who was grinning like an idiot infront of them. "Fine." He softly murmured out, causing Natalie to jump once more, grasping his shoulder so she could support herself when she jumped up and pressed a kiss to his cheek. "Merci, mon amour, you'll have a good time, I promise!"
He did not have a good time.
Tae Joon was standing in the corner of the room on Mirage Voyage, where the party was held. He had his back against the wall and his arms crossed, a rather 'ecstatic' Natalie standing beside him. "Ohh, this is so exciting!" She said to her lover, her thick French accent and her cute tone of voice seeming to be the only thing keeping him sane with all the madness surrounding them.
Natalie turned to him. "I've never been to an actual party before! With actual people! Some of them even shook my hand, isn't it great?" She had a big smile on her face. Tae looked over at her and reciprocated a more soft version of her smile. "Wherever you are, 내 사랑 (my love), it is bound to be great." He placed a hand on her head and gently kissed her forehead, causing his easily flustered girlfriend to blush a bright shade of red.
Natalie turned her head, looking for something to change the topic. "U-Uh... Oh! Wraith is here too! I'm going to go say hi, you wait here, I'll be right back!"
Tae Joon nodded his head with a warm smile. "I'll be waiting." With that, Natalie left him alone in that corner. He swore to Buddha, he hated it there more than anything, but he wanted to see Natalie have a good time. Even if he hated every torturing second of it.
Crypto flinched, snapping out of his thoughts and glancing over at a woman who'd approached him. "You're Crypto, correct? Big fan of yours! Oh, here, I brought you some wine!" She said, holding a glass of the red alcohol out towards him.
Tae Joon raised an eyebrow before gently extending a hand. "No thank you.. I don't drink.." He said almost coldly. The woman tilted her head. "Oh.. More for me then, I suppose." With that, he took Natalie's spot and began talking a one-sided conversation. "You know, it's been a big game changer since you've arrived back in Season 3 of the Apex Games, I just feel like your tactical and ultimate ability are just so useful when pushing fights!"
Tae Joon glanced over at where Natalie walked off to but couldn't find her anywhere. He sighed. If he was going to be here for another few hours, he might as well try to socialize right?
"I heard you designed your drone yourself! Where'd you get the technology to do such a thing?" She asked, drinking out of the second wine glass. Crypto sighed reluctantly, as if he was being forced to respond. "It's a long story on how Hack was made. One you don't need to know about." He responded in his usual cool tone.
The woman beside him giggled. "Oooh.. Oh! Oh my gosh, I never introduced myself! I'm Clara, Clara Jones, nice to meet you." She held her hand out, though she was left hanging for a few seconds before she gently cleared her throat. "So, anyways... I wouldn't imagine someone like you would have a lover by now, so I'm going to go ahead and throw out that fishing line."
Crypto snapped his head towards her with a slightly startled expression.
Clara looked up at him with a smile. "So, what'll it be, Mr. Mysterious Crypto. You wanna go out some time or what?"
Though the music was blaring obnoxiously loud, those words were just loud enough for a certain someone who was peering in on the conversation to hear.
And that certain someone did not like what was being said.
Hope you guys enjoyed it, let me know if I should make a part 2!
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spookybias · 14 days ago
cjdncj my bad omg!!! I got too carried away 😅 did you enjoy watching the showcase?? I was at a friend’s house and I asked to leave so I could go home and watch it by myself, fully knowing that my inner fangirl wouldn’t stay put aaah. But wait— that’s so nice of you?!? I’ve just grown comfortable discussing a lot of things with you and having to share unpopular opinions and whatnot, also realised I talk A LOT here hehe but it’s fun!
It’s interesting to hear the difference between their songs from b:do and their songs in b:c because I really thought b:do was my taste, but to be fair my music taste is quite broad and I’m not really set on anything unless it really sticks to me. But I do think b:c is more of my taste, I’m still happy not for sale is the equivalent to 10 months though.
And I do completely understand where you’re coming from about not having to do the whole special appearances because they are still quite ‘new’ but it was nice to see K and Ej. I thought I was tripping at at first but after more confirmations I knew I wasn’t, in all fairness the whole mv made me feel trippy hehe but me and my sister assume because of the special appearance the bighit japan group may be set to debut soon?? But it’s just a rough guess.
As for mv’s, I’d like to see not for sale and I hope it is with their masquerade and fancy suits because the whole aesthetic and vibe is just immensely satisfying for me.
One last thing,, I think Sunoo ate up their choreo and the fit 😌 can you tell I’m stuck in a trance because of him? heheh
continued: Wait, I forgot to mention not only is your theme pretty on mobile but desktop too?!? 🥺 just- just have my heart at this rate, I genuinely can’t stop pouting at how aesthetically pleasing it is, thank you for blessing my eyes 😭 have a rose pls 🌹
ah i don't mind that you talk a lot :) i like when people send me a long ask or lots of asks because it gives me plenty to think about and respond to. you're always welcome to go on and on here. and that goes for anyone :3
oh so yes, i agree that not for sale is kind of the equivalent to 10 months. i think fever might be the equivalent to flicker. but does that mean mixed up is the equivalent of let me in? 🤣🤣 oh gosh, this is confusing lmao
i'm pretty sure the japan group (i remember it was hinted to be called &TEAM, idk if that's true tho) will have pre-debut content soon, and the rest of the lineup will be revealed. i tried to keep up with them just for nicholas (and a bit of ej and ta-ki too 'cause i did have a bit of soft spot for them during the first couple episodes of i-land), but it's hard to keep up when there's no news or updates or when you aren't that attached to some of the people in the group /nm.
i also hope to see a not for sale music video! the royal concept would be so cute with it and i wanna see more of the royal concept. the small snippet with the girl isn't enough 😔 and i would like to see a mixed up mv with the down style too. i actually couldn't tell that you were hooked on sunoo these days 😆 that means you have to be even more in a trance /lh. for me, jake is the one who has me in a trance. his mixed up performance was just 🥰?🥰?🥰?
AND THANK YOU :3 HSISHSKW i haven't seen what it looks like on desktop, glad to know it's not clapped 🤣
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smallest-turtle · 15 days ago
Drk (alphy crisis) tell me about alphys crisis
thank you so much! link to wip list.
So what I have written is gonna pretty much be scrapped, i started it months ago before I really had all the components I do now regarding Deidre and her history.
But this takes place after the vault, during the four days three nights that Deidre is missing. He spends a lot of time waiting for her to come home, reflecting on what he actually knows about her as a person, and comes up with more basic questions than things he can answer and the realization that even though he considers her a friend he has never resolved his use of her in the past. he doesn’t even know how old she turned when her nameday passed, because he and Tataru were to embarrassed at not knowing the day had come to ask in front of others. When she does finally return to the manor they end up arguing about how she disappeared when they needed to give chase (Even though Estinien came up with nothing, as you do in canon), and she, raw off of speedrunning the 30-50 DRK quests, lays into him about meaning she needed to give chase, just like she needs to kill the primals, she needed to destroy ultima, she needed to be the one doing all of the Scion’s dirty work so they could clap and not worry about it because she always came back alive, well you know how many times she’s died?!
He’s incredibly shaken by it, as are the Fortemps who heard everything, on their way to attempt to diffuse the situation. It’s probably the lowest moment in their relationship, but it was necessary, and they end up closer for it to the point where he’s one of the few people that manifestations of Esteem is fairly calm around, as seen in Respite, Enforced.
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starboy-joon · 15 days ago
hi fren !! ur writing makes me very !! very !! happy !! and i feel so safe eeeee !!
if u have da time, may i pwease request platonic cg joonie (dada !!) tucking u in anmd reading u a bedtime story ? thanmk u so so much !!!
i lov u !!!
Aweee I’m so happy my writing can make you happy it really means a lot to me when I know I can help people feel better 🧡 sorry this took so long I'm in the process of moving houses right now and also have to finish all my college work, I hope you like it
Namjoon, from where he stood in the doorway leaning against its frame, towel around his neck and dressed in his pyjamas, could see your head start to bob ever so slightly from side to side as you tried to keep your eyes glued to the tv screen from your position on the couch. The top part of your face is the only thing to be seen in the mountain of blankets and stuffies surrounding you.
"getting a little sleepy there honey?" he asked, startling you slightly as you look at him with bleary eyes, rubbing them with your fists and you shake your head
"nuh-uh dada, not tired, just watching movie" you mumbled, snuggling deeper into your nest of blankets, all of your focus on Joon as he walked slowly towards your place on the couch, sitting down next to you and holding his hand out, for you to take if you wanted to.
"why don't we pause the movie and watch it tomorrow hm? you're almost asleep darling, why don't dada and his baby go to sleep now yeah?" he spoke gently as you accepted his hand, bringing it up to nuzzle your face into his palm. closing your eyes and sighing softly, nodding gently and reaching your arms out to him, sleepily demanding to be picked up, eyes still closed out of drowsiness.
He chuckled at you, bossy even when on the brink of sleep he thought to himself as he silently complied to your command, scooping you up from your place on the couch and walked towards your bedroom and placing you on your bed. pulling back the covers d settling you in, making sure you were warm enough and didn't need anything before placed a soft kiss on your forehead, turned on your nightlight and began to slowly walk to his bedroom.
"goodnight honey, sleep well"
"w-wait dada!" you blurted out, eyes widening for a second as you sat up a little, suddenly grabbing at him as he began to walk out of the room, making him turn towards you so fast that you wouldn't even knew he turned around in the first place, eyes full of question and concern as you gripped his wrist with a type of urgency that causes for immediate alarm
"what is it baby? what's wrong?"
you looked down, a little bashfully at seeing how worried you made him and rubbed little circles into his wrist with your thumbs
"s-sorry dada, jus-not sleepy anymore, dada read me story pwease? pwomise to go to sleep after!" you wine with big glassy eyes, jutting your bottom lip out to convince him even more
He shakes his hand through his hair as he lets out a tired sigh, a slight smile on his face before a more strict expression falls into place
"fine, but just this once, it's already 11:30 baby, you'll be grumpy tomorrow" he murmured the last part to himself as he shuffled over to the bookcase, flitting through the numerous titles "which book do you want dada to read?"
you thought for a second before deciding
"the one with the mermaid dada pwease! haven't had that one in so long!" you smiled and clapped happily
scanning the rows for the particular book, he plucked it off the shelf before making his way back to your side, you immediately untuck your blanket, open it and shuffle over to make room for him as he slides down next to you, putting an arm over your shoulder and bringing you into his chest, kissing your head and beginning the fairy tale, his soothing, slightly sleep-filled voice lulling you to sleep as you close your eyes, smile and snuggle into him, causing him to squeeze you just a little bit tighter
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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luvieyun · 15 days ago
Written in the Stars
Third Admission of KQ Academy Class '20-'21
see second admission here
Tumblr media
dear diary,
I don't like seeing him with someone else. I really don't
a concerned citizen named y/n
Pairing: Jeong Yunho x fem!reader
Genre: angst, fluff
Word Count: 7.4k (longest one in the series yet)
Warnings: language such as cussing and sexual jokes (they already reached the age of consent), slight fighting, mentions of food, brief description of making out (let me know if i miss some more warnings please)
Note: it's a bit sloppy but here it is
With people talking, singing, dancing and just bashful shouting, the whole auditorium is filled with noises. Today is yet another practice for the school play that everyone has been anticipating, not because of the said plot or storyline, but because of the main lead.
And with that mentioned, the main lead is late.. again.
Y/n works along with the academy’s theatre production. Having the burning passion and desire for writing, she never hesitated to apply as the production’s scriptwriter when she was in her first year then she was promoted to higher positions until she became the director soon after showing a great participation in partaking their school plays.
She swears her whole life that she never had a single problem when it comes to handling the job as a director, not until a certain Jeong Yunho became the main lead of their current play.. and said man is now bursting through the auditorium’s doors with a smug look on his face, making her slightly pissed, as he made his way towards her.
“Mr. Jeong, you’re late again.” She calmly noted as she goes through the script once again so she can backtrack on where they stopped rehearsing yesterday, “I was starting to lose hope that you’ll never come and that we’ll tear the role of the main lead to you.”
Said man pouted at her and said, “You saying that is like stating that you’re starting to lose faith in humanity now. Don’t you think that tearing the main role to me is a little bit rude?”
She snorted and looked up at the man’s sparkling dark brown orbs, “Think about it this way: you asked your girlfriend out on a date and you made her wait, except in our situation, you made the whole crew wait. Don’t you think that’s even more rude?” She planted the script she was holding in his chest and slightly pushed him but she whispered, only for him to hear, “I should be saving this for later when we’re alone but I swear to God Yunho, can you arrive a little bit earlier than the said time and stop your after school’s useless activities? I gave you this role because I have trust that you can pull this off well.”
Yunho visibly deflates as he nodded with understanding and whispered his response back, “I’m sorry baby, something just came up today.”
As usual, she thought as she nodded her head in understanding, “We’ll talk about this later, okay? Just do what you’re supposed to do now.”
Yunho nodded and made his way towards the stage to practice the scene they left yesterday, his eyes not leaving y/n for a moment, never missing the small smile she shot in his direction making him motivated. They all waited for everyone to get settled and waited for their director’s cue.
Y/n scanned her surroundings first, noting that everyone is looking at her as she looks around to make sure everything’s in place before clapping, “Okay! Everyone, let’s get started!”
Tumblr media
When the auditorium was filled by no one but y/n and Yunho, they both started cleaning up the leftover scattered props together and fixed their things. They both did it so quietly, but the silence is not the awkward type. Once they were done, they started to make their way out, not forgetting to turn off the lights first.
Y/n was the first one to go out, gesturing to Yunho to meet at their usual place, the other just nodding in understanding.
She first made her way to her locker and put all her things there, noting that Yunho walked past her in a haste as she grabbed her subject related stuff that has activities, projects and assignments due within the week. She silently went to the student council’s lounge room and knocked, only to be welcomed by San who’s smiling brightly.
“Hi, y/n! Long day?” The dimpled man asked as he still didn’t let y/n enter the room. The female nodded in answer and said, “A bit stressful since I have to fix things here and there but nonetheless it’s still fun!” She giggled to herself and tried to push the door to let herself in instead but the door and San himself didn’t budge.
Y/n frowned, “Let me in, San. I need to see Yunho.”
San shook his head and said, “You wait.”
She lets out a sigh, “I’ve waited for Yunho earlier too, now you’re going to make me wait to see him?”
Instead of replying to her, San looked back and gestured silently. She tried to peek in but San stood firm, making him even taller than y/n and blocking the space where she can see the inside of the room.
“You wait.” San said and smiled, “For now, let’s talk.”
Y/n whined, “Sannie,” she said, dragging the last syllable of the man’s name, “Let me in, please?”
She gave her very best puppy eyes to which the others have said is one of her similarities to her boyfriend but it actually did not work on the man guarding the door.
Giving up, she slumped down the floor with the rest of her things and sighed once again, “I just want to sit down on the couch.” She murmured sulkily which didn’t become unheard from San, causing him to giggle.
She waited there, seated on the floor, for at least 5 minutes when she heard the door creak open even more. She glanced up, only to see her handsome boyfriend standing there now, replacing San.
“Come in, bub, you must be tired.” He said with an angelic smile and only if his black messy hair doesn’t make him look hot, y/n must’ve think he’s the most innocent boy ever.
She stood up from the floor and took the hand Yunho had offered as the other grabbed her belongings as well.
She thought that the five minutes wait had mentally prepared her from the image of Seonghwa and his girlfriend making out and doing God knows what goes on under that table, but no, it didn’t prepare her for the sight in front of her.
A congratulatory banner was placed delicately on the wall, decorated with balloons and a few confetti. In the middle of it is an envelope but y/n and her poor eyesight can’t catch what’s written on it. Aside from that, a bunch of snacks are placed there and lastly, a bouquet of daisies sat prettily on the side.
She glanced at her friends, seeing them looking at her with eyes full of pride then she glanced at her boyfriend who holds the same look.
“What’s all this?” She curiously asked as she untangled her hand in her boyfriend’s and made her way to the table.
No one dared to answer her question but they looked at her every action. Sitting atop of the table are two envelopes– one with Yunho’s name, the other with hers. Alongside with it is their desired university’s logo plastered on it.
Oh shit, the results, she thought, I clearly forgot it’s gonna be released today.
She grabbed the two envelopes and made her way to her boyfriend and gave him the other envelope, “Let’s open it together?”
Yunho nodded but Wooyoung interjected, “Nope guys, switch your envelopes!”
Wooyoung shrieked, “Just switch it!”
Afraid that their friend will throw a temper tantrum, they immediately switched.
“Okay now open!” Yeosang said, his voice filled with excitement, different to what the couple is feeling.
Mingi then giggled, “It’s like we’re having a gender reveal of their baby.”
Yunho snorted at the remark, “Oh how I wish.”
The others laughed with his response while y/n huffed and smacked his arm, “Just because you took my virginity, that doesn’t mean we’re gonna have a baby soon. We have things to do and achieve, asshole.”
“And now she’s like a pregnant woman experiencing mood swings.” San remarked earning a glare from y/n, making him do the zipping motion in his lips.
“Are you gonna open that or do I have to tear it myself?” Jongho asked as he pointed at the envelopes, only to receive a smack at the back of his head from his own girlfriend, “Patience!” she said.
“I’m pretty good with patience since I waited for you long enough already!” Jongho rebutted, only receiving a roll in the eyes from his girlfriend.
“Are you guys done?” Y/n asked as she made a little tear on the envelope, “I’m gonna open it now.”
“Oh my God, same.” Yunho said as he practically tore the envelope, almost damaging the paper inside too.
“Hey, careful!”
“Sorry!” He said as he tried to grab the paper.
Y/n on the other hand opened Yunho’s envelope and there she saw..
Jeong Yunho
Civil Engineering
She squealed and smacked her boyfriend’s arm and jumped at him, thanking the stars that her boyfriend has a quick reflex to catch her.
“Congratulations, love! You passed!” She said as she peppered him with kisses on the face as the other laugh wholeheartedly, “Congratulations to you too, baby. I guess we’re going to be stuck together until we grow old!”
She hugged him tighter and said, “Isn’t that what we always wanted ever since we were kids?”
Yunho chuckled and agreed as she put her down.
Y/n, however, gripped him tighter, “Now tell me though, why were you late?”
“I prepared this whole thing, really. The results just came in the mail today and I planned this whole thing quickly with the help of Seonghwa hyung. I wasn’t even able to finish it because I suddenly remembered we have practice in the middle of decorating.”
She smiled at him fondly, “Okay, you’re excused. Just don’t be late again like you did today and the past practices.” The said male nodded in response and pressed a kiss on her forehead as she giggled and pressed a kiss on his cheek, “I love you.”
Yunho smiled at her with fondness, “I love you too.”
And that’s when y/n knew that no matter what comes in their way, they’ll always end up with each other.
Tumblr media
“And with you all finally leaving this place after being stuck here for years or just a year, the academy has decided to give you a grandeur venue! Much more elegant than the previous batches!”
A crowd of student cheers from their tables at the announcement and the visualization of a fairytale-like prom they’re going to experience, but even so, y/n doesn’t give a fuck about it.
She’s not the type to kill the joy, but she never enjoyed proms as well, not because it’s boring or what, but it’s because of the fact that she has to see her own boyfriend bring other girls that are not her as his date.
Don’t get her wrong, y/n is not one to show her jealousy. However, she hates the fact that Yunho only brings this one specific girl to prom that she grew to hate because she became the most egotistical person right after Yunho asked her to be his date. She hates how smug she looks at every single girl, including y/n, and brag to people that she’s the Jeong Yunho’s date and that she sees the future with the both of them being together.
She scoffed and poked a slice of her steak, immediately bringing it to her mouth. This is her favorite food, but she lost her appetite hence the reason why she’s slowing down with her eating.
Seonghwa’s girlfriend who was sitting beside her looked at her with eyes full of concern but she never spoke up about it, not until a squealing girl in the form of Jongho’s girlfriend came barreling towards their place.
“Hi, girls!” She chirped happily, earning the attention of the nearby tables and one of those is where their boyfriends are seated, “Any plans for prom?”
Seonghwa’s girlfriend visibly lights up, “Going to accompany Hwa to fit some suits tomorrow since it's the weekend. We’re also planning that I can stay over at their place so we won’t make a mess at the house.” She took a bite of her fries and giggled, “You know how Hongjoong hates sharing places too.”
With the mention of his name, Hongjoong retorted from the other table, “I just hate how you literally take up every single available space at our house! That’s not sharing.”
Both tables shared a bunch of laughter as they’re provided with the entertainment of the twins bantering when Jongho’s girlfriend noticed that y/n was barely giving a reaction compared to usual. She subtly touched her forearm and whispered, “Hey, you seem off. Do you want to talk?”
Y/n just nodded and stood up silently, bringing her plate along with her as Jongho’s girlfriend told Hongjoong’s twin that they have to go to their secret spot, as if it was a silent agreement, which caused the banterning occurring to die down. The other female nodded and fixed her things.
Y/n made her way past the boys’ table without sparing them a single glance, ignoring the concerned look at their faces especially the ones from Yunho, and made her way to the patio of their school where a secret garden is connected.
She sat at their usual spot as she waited for her friends who then came barreling in after five minutes.
Seonghwa’s girlfriend sat on her left side while the other on her right. They both have these look of concern until Jongho’s girlfriend decided to break it, “What’s wrong, y/n?”
“I don’t feel like going to prom.” She said honestly and crushed the soil underneath using the heels of her shoes.
“But why? It’s our final prom. Don’t you want to spend it with Yu-” Jongho’s girlfriend was cut off when the other female beside her beat into it, “You’re thinking about Sooah and Yunho, am I right?”
Y/n nodded and let out a defeated sigh, “I can’t do this shit anymore.”
“Wait, y/n–”
“I’m so tired of hiding our relationship. Part of me regrets that I asked it as a favor because I don’t want people to see us and then tease us or something like that.” A sad smile made its way to her face as she said, “I guess I have to live with it no matter how much I want to tell the world that I love him.”
The other two girls didn’t say anything more but they hugged her so tight that the shared warmth spread through her heart. Out of all the promenades that they attended ever since she and Yunho started dating two years ago, this is the first time she voiced out her feelings and how she feels agitated that the fact Yunho is bringing someone else instead of her.
They stayed like that for at least 15 minutes until they decided to go back to the school canteen where a commotion is happening. However, they never failed to notice the seven other boys, Yunho noticeably missing, sitting in the corner noticing the look of uncertainty they’re sparing in the commotion as they approach them.
Seonghwa’s girlfriend beats it to them, “What’s happening and where’s Yunho?”
Y/n noticed the glance Seonghwa had given her and she felt her stomach drop. Her eyes suddenly became teary as she abruptly stood up, her friends shouting her name as she ran to the opposite side of where the commotion was.
With that, Seonghwa lets out a sigh, “Yunho just asked Sooah to prom.”
Tumblr media
It was another day of school.
Yunho wasn’t able to talk to y/n as she’s so dedicated to ignoring him. He even cancelled his plans with Sooah, the girl whining because he promised her but out of all things, Yunho knew that he just broke the most important promise he made into existence.
He was currently seated at their usual spot at the canteen, glaring at everything wherever his eyes landed, may it be a person or a thing, he doesn’t give a shit. He’s squeezing his mind on where y/n could be since the table next to them that is usually filled with squealing girls is currently empty.
The seven of them are just quietly eating, Seonghwa texting whoever the fuck it may be in his phone as he eat his already sliced steak. Yunho, however, aggressively adds his grated cheese above his carbonara pasta and harshly mixes it as well. The others were just doing their homeworks that are probably due today as they quietly eat their meals. Wooyoung, however, is out of sight.
Yunho continued eating his meal in a manner like he’s a child throwing a tantrum and Seonghwa had enough of it. Carefully placing his phone on the table, Seonghwa spoke, “What the fuck is wrong with you, Jeong?”
The man in question glared at his friend but then let out a sigh. He was about to speak when a constipated-looking Wooyoung made his appearance, sitting beside Yeosang who gave him a weirded out look. Concerned with his state, Yunho asked, “Why do you look like that?”
Wooyoung cleared his throat and placed his intertwined hands neatly on the remaining empty space above the table. He looked around as if looking for some possible snitch until Jongho had enough of it, “Can’t you just fucking speak and stop making us wait?”
Wooyoung flinched at the harshness, then looked at Yunho for a while and said, “The girls are having lunch at the pond.”
“Yeah, we know.” Seonghwa said casually as he stuffed himself full with his second round of steak.
Yunho raised a brow, “So that’s where they are.”
He was about to stand up but Seonghwa stopped him and asked Wooyoung, “I’m pretty sure that’s not just it, what happened?”
He nervously glanced at Yunho then gulped before he spoke, “U-Uhm, Jihyun asked y/n to be his prom date.”
Everyone at the table suddenly became agitated as they squirmed and adjusted themselves in their seats. Yunho, however, is frighteningly calm, “Can you please repeat what you just said?”
The color drained from Wooyoung as he saw his friend like this, making him unable to repeat what he said.
Impatient, Yunho immediately stood and walked away from their table without saying anything as he made his way to the place Wooyoung said earlier. He didn’t spare his friends a glance, depending on them if they’ll follow him but Yunho knows they’ll most likely will.
True to what Wooyoung had said, a crowd has already gathered to where he can see Jongho’s girlfriend was looking around in an uncomfortable manner. Their eyes met and her eyes widened in panic and asked for help through the look she’s giving him as well. He made his way towards the enlarging circle of crowd, some are cooing, some are squealing silently, some are encouraging the boy who’s currently in front of his girlfriend.
Some noticed his presence and made his way for him. He made himself not so noticeable which worked out quite well despite his height and then he watched.
Y/n and her friends are eating their lunch peacefully in one of the picnic tables near the pond, talking within themselves about her thoughts and feelings regarding what her boyfriend’s been up to lately.
Seonghwa’s girlfriend lets out a sigh, “Why won’t you just talk to Yunho and tell him all of this? You know he’s just respecting your wishes of not outing your relationship to everyone, right?”
“That’s not my point,” Y/n said, “It’s just that he spends less time with me. The only time we can be together is during the weekends when I come over to his place.”
“Exactly, y/n,” Jongho’s girlfriend said as she munched on her tempura, “You know that he has to keep up his image of always flirting with Sooah. You’re not bothered with it before.”
The girl in the hot seat lets out a sigh. She was about to speak when someone cleared her throat, making her look back only to see the sight of Jihyun, the guy that everyone talks about.
Jihyun is the total opposite of Yunho. If Yunho is the bad boy who causes nothing but misconduct, Jihyun is the model student. Both of them are in the basketball team but they don’t go in each other’s ways to show respect towards each other as schoolmates and team mates.
Y/n considers him as her acquaintance when they get paired together in a debate competition.
“Hi Jihyun, do you need something?”
The guy in question scratched his head and asked, “Are you going to prom?”
The girl was a bit taken aback but still answered, “I might.”
“Oh,” he exclaimed. Suddenly, his eyes got excited, “If I asked you to be my prom date, will you come?”
Slightly taken shocked y/n asked, “Wait, what?”
Jihyun lets out a deep sigh and said, “Y/n I’ve liked you ever since we got paired for that debate competition,” He sat beside her and held her hand, making y/n panic as she noticed how the crowd’s growing as well, “Shin y/n, you’re smart, beautiful, and it's not hard to adore you. I’ve been wanting to ask you out since then but now that we’re already in our last year of high school, I figured that this could be our steppingstone to level up our relationship. So I’m asking you a question, will you be my prom date?”
Y/n felt conflicted.
She doesn’t want to reject Jihyun but she also doesn’t want to have anyone as her prom date that is not Yunho. She knows how jealous he could be.
She let out a sigh and said, “I’m sorry, Jihyun, I can’t.”
The reactions from everyone around them was a bunch of gasps and an exclaim of disbelief.
“She rejected Jeon Jihyun? What the fuck? Is she nuts?”
“They’re perfect for each other, what the fuck.”
“She thinks she’s so pretty that she had the guts to reject him.”
The guy in front of her, however, shook his head in disbelief, “You rejected me? Why? It’s not like you’re dating someone! I’m handsome, smart, kind and–”
“And nothing compared to me.”
Everyone, including y/n, looked at where the voice came from.
There stood Yunho who had his hands in his pocket, a smug smirk painted on his face, “It’s not like you’re dating someone.” Yunho quotes and laughs, “Come on, Jihyun. I exist.”
“I know you exist but you’re not the type to date someone like her.” Jihyun defends as he grabs y/n’s hand and tightens his hold on her. The girl squirms, trying to go to her friends but Jihyun pulls her harshly, causing her to stumble on the ground.
“Get up,” Jihyun said and pulled her up harshly, “We’re going somewhere else.” Was all he said and pulled her away immediately but Yunho was not having it.
Yunho immediately grabbed his girlfriend’s hand in his, signaling her to go to her friends then faced Jihyun with a smirk before landing a solid punch on his face.
“You, Jeon Jihyun, shouldn’t grab girls like that.” Yunho said and landed another punch, “You should learn how to treat people with respect.”
“You should also learn how to respect their decisions. If she says no then it’s a no. Being an asshole doesn’t make you attractive.” He got up and was satisfied with what happened to Jihyun then looked at y/n before fixing himself.
Standing tall, he announced, “From now on, whoever dared to go and attempt to ask y/n out to prom or just flirt with her, you have to go through me, her boyfriend.”
“Her what?”
“They’re dating?”
“I thought he and Sooah are a thing?”
That comment caugh Yunho’s attention and said, “Sooah and I was never a thing. I only just go with the flow with what she wants because I don’t want to see a grown up girl throwing a three-year old-like temper tantrum.”
More comments were heard but Yunho ignored it as he went to his girlfriend. He offered her his hand and said, “Let’s talk.”
Y/n just stared at her boyfriend but Yunho has his pleading puppy eyes.
“Please, y/n.”
She let out a sigh, knowing that she couldn’t deny him any longer and held his hand. Yunho beamed and brought her somewhere they could be alone together.
Tumblr media
Yunho brought her to the lounge room where they usually stay and she noticed that a few of the decorations from the congratulatory surprise for her from two weeks before are still there, even a few of the daisies from the bouquet are still on the vase that they have above the coffee table. She sat on one of the couches and she grabbed a wilting daisy and studied the flower in between her fingertips.
Her boyfriend just watched her from the door, admiring her silently until he remembered to lock the door behind him and went towards her right after.
Y/n scooted a bit to give space to Yunho and let him wrap his arms around her waist without saying anything. They stayed silent for a while. No one dared to move, they just let their hearts beat as one, their breathing stable until Yunho spoke, “Baby, I’m sorry.”
The girl only scooted closer to him and slightly smiled, “It’s..” She paused for a while as she collected her thoughts, noticing that the man beside her froze up a bit. She giggles, “It’s so liberating!”
Yunho made a confused noise turning to a groan as the girls accidentally elbowed his side as she tried to stand up, earning a quick sorry from her. She turned around at him and sat at his lap, Yunho’s reflexes kicking in as he held her on her hips with confusion in his eyes.
She cupped his face, “Yunho..” Her eyes got teary and Yunho never failed to notice it. Sitting up properly, he held her in a tight hug, “Y/n, what’s wrong?”
She sniffled a bit, “N-Nothing, I just feel happy!” She said in an enthusiastic voice but slightly cracking, “I-I’m sorry, Yun.”
“No, no, baby. Hey, if someone has to be sorry, it’s me.” Yunho replied solemnly as he caressed her back calmly.
“No, it should be me. I wanted us to hide our relationship out of fear that people will judge us because you know.. I hold the reputation of a model student while you have this..” She vaguely gestures around making her boyfriend laugh, “A bad boy, baby. You can say it.”
“Yeah, that!” She said and pouted as she grabbed one of Yunho’s single hand that had been bruised, “You’re hurt.. and gonna get detention.”
“It’s nothing baby, I do this to assholes who infuriates me.” Yunho smirked and then placed a kiss on the tip of her nose, “I’m fine.”
She huffs, stood up and went to where their first aid kits are. They usually keep those in here because the boys usually get into fights, mostly Hongjoong or Mingi being backed up by the others.
She went back to the couch and started to clean Yunho’s knuckles with an iodopovidone then wrapped it up with a bandage right after then placed a kiss on it. Y/n smiled at Yunho, “Done.”
The other just smiled and pulled her to his lap, “Dr. Shin, thank you for taking care of me.” He said as he peppered her with kisses, “You’re so perfect for me. Always looking after me and the others.”
Yunho then held her face then caressed her cheeks where she leaned on his hand, heart full of content, “You don’t deserve me.”
Y/n snapped out of her affection-filled stupor as she stared at Yunho and saw nothing but seriousness in his eyes. The latter took this as a sign to continue, “I did nothing but hurt you. I give you nothing but lots of headache and make you do all the work so I don’t get in trouble for real.”
Yunho dropped his head down and chuckled dryly, “Why are you with me, y/n? You know that it’s like I’m basically cheating on you whenever I take Sooah as my date during prom just for the show.”
“No?” Y/n said, her eyebrows furrowing, “Do you kiss her like you do to me behind my back? Do you fuck her against the wall like you do to me when she’s being a brat? Do you take her out on dates behind my back? Did you introduce her to your parents like how you did with me before? Do you willingly take her out and tell her to not say a word to anyone else in fear that you’ll get caught?”
Yunho shook his head with all of the things she had said and was about to speak but she cut him off to it, “You don’t. I know. You only do it when the crowd wants something from the two of you. You don’t even touch her hand or wrap your arm around her waist.” She said gesturing to the arm that is now wrapped around her, “The thing is that you act up with her when I see you and I think it’s one of the reasons why I tolerate the show you give everyone since then.”
“I really don’t mind,” She added then pouted, “Well now I do because the weekend routine was broken, but aside from that I really don’t mind.”
Y/n giggled then whispered in her boyfriend’s ear, “Besides, she doesn't get to ride your dick like I do.”
“Hey, stop being a brat, you little minx.” Yunho said and squeezed her hip, “You’re gonna make me pop a boner in the middle of feeling guilty.”
She couldn’t help but laugh and placed her arms in her shoulders, “Then don’t because I’m not mad at you. Just a bit sulky.”
“You didn’t talk to me for four days.”
“You deserve that, you broke your promise!”
The both shared a smile as they stared at each other until y/n squirmed in his lap and said, “Kiss me, Jeong.”
Yunho didn't need to be told twice as he immediately closed the distance between the two of them. The sweet innocent kiss suddenly turns into something else, the atmosphere around them turning hot, making Yunho slightly sweat as he removes her blazer and she unbuttons his shirt slowly.
He licked her lower lip, a sign that he’s asking for access to her mouth but his little brat didn’t even budge so he bit her lip hard, too hard that he accidentally broke her skin making her yelp. He took it as an opportunity to insert his tongue, exploring her wet cavern as she tried to fight dominance with his.
Things were getting even more heated and before it even escalated, they didn’t even hear the sound of the key jingling and door unlocking as they were too busy with their own world. It was then that they heard a scream making them separate from each other.
“Christ, we came here all worried for the both of you only to see the both of you nearly fucking here, and not to mention in the lounge room?!” Seonghwa nearly yells as his girlfriend tries to calm him down. The reprimanded couple lets out their own apologies as they fixed their disheveled state as the others entered.
San looked so smug as he said, “Damn that was so hot though, I nearly wished I was there to watch the whole thing go down south.”
Yunho only glared at him, grumbling a ‘Fuck off, Choi San,’ earning a glare from the other since he hated being called by his full name.
Jongho came in last with some plastic bags which seemed to contain food boxes and said, “Seonghwa hyung pulled up some strings so we’re excused for the rest of the day. Here’s an uh.. extended lunch. We decided to just order McDonald’s instead.”
Everyone got their own food and ate silently, the others feeling relieved that they no longer have to witness a sulking giant puppy eating his lunch.
However, curiosity got the best of them and Yeosang decided to vocalize the question they all had, “Seonghwa hyung, what excuse did you say to the extent that they allowed it to be half of the school day?”
The man in question scratched his head and said, “I said we’re shouldering the prom committee and that we’re starting planning today.”
Everyone stopped eating their food only to look at Seonghwa wide-eyed and then Wooyoung shrieked, “What the fuck?!”
It was what triggered the chaos and complaints, Seonghwa shrinking down, especially with his girlfriend glaring daggers at her.
However, the two newly reconciled couple only looked at each other, Yunho then grabbed his phone and typed something, only for y/n’s to receive a ping.
Opening her phone, she saw a text from her boyfriend, Go to prom with me?
She couldn’t help but giggle and replied immediately, Absolutely.
Tumblr media
The next few weeks has been nothing but a busy week for them.
Y/n and Yunho have been more focused with theatre practices and then coming over Seonghwa’s house right after to plan and prepare for the prom. It has been so exhausting that they asked permission to their parents to stay together for the remaining months left so that they wouldn’t consume so much time going back and forth from school to Seonghwa’s house then going back home once again.
Of course their parents allowed them, not forgetting to remind them, especially the established couples to use protection which earned a lot of teasing remarks from their other friends.
They decided to stay at Seonghwa’s house since his parents are overseas for a few months which is enough time for them to prepare. Seonghwa also decided to assign his group of friends for the yearbook to which the others immediately agreed since they thought it’s a nice thing to keep their records detention free for at least a few months.
Today, however, is a special day for y/n.
It’s the performance day of the play she directed and she’s even more nervous as hell than the actors themselves.
She’s nervously waiting backstage where she’s staying in the same waiting room as her boyfriend’s. The guy was too busy to take notice of his girlfriend shaking from nervousness as he’s too engrossed to the game he’s playing.
After a round though, he noticed that she’s shaking and he just wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her in front of the mirror. They just looked at each other there and she smiled, “We look cute, what the hell.”
Yunho laughed and kissed her head, “We always do, baby.” He spun her around, making her face him, “However, you’re too nervous for my liking.” He shot her a smile and continued, “We’re going to do well, baby. You directed this, you guided me. Have a little faith in our team, okay?”
She lets out a sigh, “I have faith in our team, I’m just nervous that the audience wouldn’t like it.”
“They’ll love it, baby. It’s something that everyone can relate to. And besides,” Yunho smirked at her and said, “Everyone likes me.”
She rolled her eyes and slapped his chest, making them laugh.
“Let’s take some pictures.” She said and they snapped photos after photos.
When they’re done, one of the production team members knocks and smiles, “Hi, it’s showtime.”
Tumblr media
Seonghwa made his way downstairs only to be met with the sight of Y/n in her fluffy pajamas, munching her one out of her hundred pieces (don’t ask, Yunho paid for it) of chicken nuggets in a very sulky way. She had a cute pout on her face as she helps Jongho’s girlfriend with what’s assigned to them.
He made his way towards his girlfriend who’s lounging like a queen with their cat, Aeongi, in her lap on one of their couches in the living room. He planted a kiss on her lips and asked, “What happened to y/n?”
She just giggled as she lazily ran her hand in the cat’s soft fur and replied, “She’s sulky because Yunho’s been trending in the school’s gossip.”
Confused, Seonghwa voiced out, “But Yunho’s always trending in the gossip page, though?”
“Yes, darling. But it’s different right now.” She said and opened her phone to let him see the comments.
have you seen jeong yunho? he’s so handsome!
jeong yunho pls step on me
i cant believe jeong yunho’s no longer single but he did so well during the play. didn’t expect that from him, considering his reputation!
Seonghwa couldn’t help but snort as he read some more comments. Deciding to tease the girl he said, “Hey y/n, a lot of people are volunteering to get railed by Yunho.”
The others looked at the said girl who shrieked so loud that Yunho tumbled from the kitchen with wide eyes, “What happened?”
Y/n, however, only whined, “He’s mine.” She said and huffed making the others laugh.
Yunho just scratched his head and sat beside her as he held his cup of ramen and stole a piece of her chicken nugget, earning a cry from the girl.
The others fondly watched the oldest couple that has been established within their group, all of them silently wishing for them to last longer and be together until they grow old.
Tumblr media
“Wow..” Yunho is absolutely speechless, staring at the girl in front of him, “Baby, you’re so fucking pretty.” He said as he held her hand and twirled her around to see the details of her gown.
She couldn’t help but giggle and hugged him in his waist as he said, “You look good too, Yunnie. Very enticing.”
Today is their prom day and Yunho came to pick her up at their house. He recently got his driver’s license after turning nineteen but his parents insisted that they should be accompanied to the place with their personal driver and Yunho can no longer go against it because it’s his parent's wishes.
After months of stressing over the preparations, nearly forgetting Yunho’s and Seonghwa’s birthday, most of them decided to hold the ball on a beautiful day of April, just a few days before their graduation.
They settled with the theme of fairytale, glad that most students are willing to pay the huge expenses and sponsor the scholars who can’t afford to pay the fee.
To say that the venue is extravagant is an understatement. The Kim twins are the ones in charge with decorating the whole place and to say Seonghwa’s satisfaction was met is not enough to describe how content he felt when he saw the outcome.
They were mostly excused from classes but they always made sure to do their class related works within their tight schedule like they usually do. They did everything together for the remaining months and today is the day where they know that their hard work will pay off.
Seonghwa and his girlfriend came into view as Yunho and y/n both stared at each other lovingly. The two arriving couple couldn’t help but snort and broke them out of their trance, “You two look so fucking lovely but the prom hasn’t even started yet you’re already fucking each other with your eyes.”
Seonghwa couldn't help but laugh at his girlfriend’s remark especially when y/n pouted and planted her face to Yunho’s neck, the tall guy giggling at his girlfriend’s actions.
“Let’s wait for the others then we’ll go inside?”
The other three agreed to Yunho’s suggestion, talking about random things as they waited for the others.
The day escalated quickly.
From everyone screaming and jumping to hype songs, to eating expensive dinners catered by Wooyoung’s family restaurant, to currently slow dancing in the middle of the dance floor without thinking about anything.
Yunho has his arms tightly wrapped around y/n, perfect as usual, right where it’s supposed to be. They’re swaying along the song, Yunho softly singing the lyrics between the two of them as y/n stared at him lovingly.
They’re aware of the gazes that they’ve been receiving but neither of them actually cares at all.
What matters is that they’re together.
They’re happy.
Y/n ran her fingertips in Yunho’s cheek bone, her boyfriend leaning to her touch with his eyes closed. She smiled at the action and said, “High school’s nearing its end.”
He opened his eyes and replied, “Another chapter of our lives,” He placed a kiss on her forehead, “I can’t wait to spend every single day with you, finally. No boundaries, no one stopping us. Nothing. Just us.”
She softly smiled, “Just us.” She repeated and planted a kiss in his lips, “I’m looking forward to the future.”
“So am I, especially if it’s with you.”
If Yunho’s going to be honest, the concept of the future is something he’s afraid of. He’s not sure how many challenges will he face, how many failures he’ll experience and what sacrifices he will have to make in order to satisfy himself with success.
He’s also afraid of the fact that he doesn’t know what will happen to him and y/n in the future.
But as his parents had said, no one cares about the future. No one cares about what is written in the stars.
Today is what matters, not even tomorrow or the next day after.
If he’s spending today in his lover’s arms, then he’s filled with content and happiness.
Tumblr media
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