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#void elf
kadeironsunshear · 9 hours ago
Shattered Sunstone (Part One of Two)
“Hey. Pssst. Hey, elf!” Kade sighed and took a break from fussing with the shackles that his body was dangling from. He could tell they were old just by the corrosion he felt, but it didn’t seem to have affected the chain link’s strength enough to make a difference. “Yeah? Name’s Kade, by the way. Unless you want me to call you Annoying as Fuck Goblin, what’s your name?”
“Eh, been called worse. Name’s Franzi Felsprocket.” “Okay, Franzi. Let’s assess the situation. I’m shackled. I’m assuming you are as well. You have any kind of talents that can help us get out of here? You Goblins are known for your ingenuity.” “It ain’t your lucky day, elf--er, Kade. I flunked outta engineering school. I turned to… other means of gettin’ by, and our kidnappers put some kinda anti-magic voodoo hoodoo in this cell. It’s a no go for me, unfortunately.” “That’s swell. I’m guessing you want another story.” “Yeah! What happened to you and your sister after Silvermoon got undeaded?” Kade sighed again and pulled at the chains once more. “Yeah… hold on…”
Kade sat on a balcony overlooking the entrance to the Sunwell Plateau, his head resting against the wrought iron railing that encircled the ornate architecture. His legs dangled through the bars, where he lazily kicked them back and forth. He was situated on a dark side of the building, shrouded in shadow. His expression was sullen, though his eyes scanned the area below carefully.
He hated Quel’Danas. He hated the Shattered Sun. He hated the Draenei, who freaked him out with the horns and tails and gorgeousness of the women.
He had taken jobs from the Farstriders ever since Silvermoon City was nearly destroyed. He needed something to do. Satherea left him. His sister had run off with the Scryers to the Outlands. His parents were dead. All of his aunts and uncles were dead. The only family he had left aside from his sister was his young cousin, Keillan. His house was gone, as was his family’s legacy. He, along with hundreds of other Quel’dorei, was alone. No, not Quel’dorei. Sin’dorei.
Sin’dorei. What a stupid fucking name.
Kade’s ears flicked lightly when he heard a quiet noise at the top of the stairs, but did not react until the last minute when he reached back, grabbed the foot of the person that was sneaking up behind him and yanked as hard as he could. The owner of the foot let out a strangled grunt as they crashed to the ground. “Learn your sneaking, Kei,” Kade grumbled. “Try to leave your jingly jewelry behind. I could hear you walking up the damn stairs.”
Keillan coughed as he stood. He brushed off his leather armor with a scowl.
“You didn’t have to pull me onto the ground!"
“I could have stabbed you in the gut. People you’re sneaking up on won’t just pull you onto the ground. They’ll do much more interesting things that involve blood and intestines slipping out onto your shoes. And speaking of, lose the loud shoes, sounds like you're tap dancing. Take off those damn earrings. And what the fuck did you do to your hair?” Keillan frowned and carefully removed his chain earrings that travelled up his long ears, then shook his head and ran a hand through his short and tousled hair which was brown with deep purple highlights, his fel green eyes circled with black eyeliner and a toothy grin on his face.
“I had to do something to compliment my new eye color.”
Kade sighed and patted next to him.
“All right. Tell me what you see.”
Keillan settled down next to his cousin and gazed around the rotunda below. There were elves milling about the entryway to the Sunwell, but they were not friendly.
“I see… elves! Oh, there’s a couple humans! And ew… a Dwarf. But mostly elves.” “Right. Good. Now, concentrate on the elves. Pick one out that looks like he’s doing something apart from the others.” Keillan bit his bottom lip and squinted his eyes. He focused on the elves as requested, and Kade remained silent as he watched his young cousin. He had initially refused to train Keillan as an assassin, and instead was giving him pointers on stealth and distraction.
He didn’t want Keillan to develop the same bloodlust that he had gained over the many years he had been in the business. Suddenly, Keillan sat up and pointed to the left of the entryway.
“What’s up with that guy? He keeps looking over his shoulder and checking the pathway, like he’s waiting for something.” Kade clapped Keillan on the shoulder and nodded. “Very good. Yes, that particular elf is waiting for a courier delivering some kind of fel magic stones, which are thought to be in aid of whatever Kil’Jaeden is planning. We need to stop him-- Kei? Keillan? Ah fuck…” Kade growled when he saw the younger elf land softly on the ground, just as Kade had taught and slip behind a bush. He looked back up at Kade and grinned, and the older elf followed with a practiced quickness. Once he reached Keillan, he reached out and smacked the back of his head. “Dumbass! Never go first!” He hissed while Keillan frowned. “Ow! Don’t do that!” Keillan said without taking care to be quiet. Kade grabbed the young elf in a light headlock and covered his mouth with a hand. “Would you shut up! Sneaking, Kei. Sneak-king.”
Keillan ripped Kade’s hand from his mouth. “You shut up, you-- oh. Hi!” Keillan and Kade both turned to face a rather dour looking elf in full, shining armor and a wicked looking blade. “What’s this? A couple Shattered Sun lackeys hiding in bushes? Looks like we’ve got them scraping the bottom of the barrel.”
“Okay, one: We don’t work for the Shattered Sun. And two, we are not the bottom of the barrel, thanks. More like, the oil that sits at the top.” Keillan laughed and tried to punch the guard in the face, but was stopped by a plate armored hand. The young elf cried as quietly as he could, though that had been enough distraction to give Kade the chance to step around the guard and slide both of his daggers into the sides of the elf’s neck. He yanked the blades out in a forward position, which caused a font of blood to splatter Keillan’s face. The guard fell to his knees, fruitlessly trying to hold the blood inside his body while gurgling loudly.
“Augh! Ew, Kade. I--oh shit look out--” Kade turned to find another guard jab the hilt of his blade towards his own head. The last thing he knew was Keillan crying out as he was grabbed from behind and everything went black.
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trashasaurusrex · a day ago
Tumblr media
The search for Bluma's father was becoming more perilous and the outcome didn't seem bright, but Bluma had to continue. The last destination to search for his soul fragments was the most unforgiving of all the realms: The Maw. There, she'd be able to restore her father's soul and preserve the anima within him.
This meant leaving her girlfriend behind.
Before separating, Lindsey and Bluma decided to do what they've desired for so long. So, if the worst comes, they knew their love for one another. With the help of a few Night Fae, they held a very tiny reception in Ardenweald's forests.
(Will host an official wedding art event sometime in the summer! That is when they're likely to return home to Azeroth to meet with family and friends :D)
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loharis · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
repaint of my previously posted pic of my world of warcraft void elf character Aveles in his merform
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kadeironsunshear · a day ago
Shindu Fallah Na (Part Two of Two)
Kade sat, his back pressed against the wall across from his father’s body (“That was not at all dismembered”) (“Thanks, much better.”). His breath was ragged and his hands dripped blood on the ground where they had been sliced up by the broken glass and other sharp items on the floor. He had never felt so much like a frightened child at that moment, even when he was a frightened child. He swallowed thickly many times, trying to keep the vomit that was tickling his throat from his stomach before a female elf burst through the broken door. “Father?” Kade sighed in relief and almost lost his control on the vomit in his throat. He called out in a raspy voice to the woman. “Tallie, I’m back here.” “Kade?!”
A female elf in plate armor turned the corner into the back room where Kade was sitting. When she stepped towards him, she held out a hand, which Kade grabbed and winced when more sharp shards dug into the heel of his hand. “I was expecting to find father in here, not you! I figured you would have run off with Satherea by now-- LIGHT HELP US!” The armored elf jumped in surprise when she saw her father lying on the ground, and backed up next to Kade. “Oh… oh Father,” she whispered, her face wrinkling in despair and she looked at Kade. “Come on, we have to go.” Kade finally tore his gaze from his father’s body and looked up at the female elf. “Talmera! We can’t just leave… leave him here.” Talmera shook her head and helped her brother to his feet. “It’s too late! They’re already almost to the Spire, we have to go now!” Kade clenched his jaw and stepped farther into the back room against Talmera’s protests. He looked around with panic and Talmera followed him. “Kade? What are you looking for? The store is gone, everything’s gone! We have to go!” Kade ignored his sister’s cries and reached to the back of a shelf. After a moment of blind searching, he pulled out an ornate box and took it with care. Talmera let out a quiet breath and nodded, then motioned for him to follow. “Come on, my steed is out-- ah shit!”
Kade and Talmera stared in defeat as they watched undead devour the animal’s entrails.
“Well. Now what?” “Like I know?” Talmera huffed as she looked around. She grabbed Kade’s arm and pointed across the square at a terrified horse still hitched to a post. “We’ll take that one, come on!” Kade tried to keep a firm grip on the box he had taken from the family store. The sounds of screams echoing through the streets as well as bodies being torn apart around them became background sound while Talmera tried to calm the horse enough to unhitch it and get the both of them on its back. Once they were settled, the female elf shouted to get the animal running and didn’t bother to try to avoid moving around the bodies and undead littering the streets, the horse's hooves muffled by the viscera. After a moment of horror-stricken travel, Kade leaned forward. “Tallie! We need to find Satherea!” Talmera stayed silent long enough for Kade to press further.
“Talmera! We have to--” “Kade, she’s gone!” Kade’s vision swam in front of him and all the sounds of battle went silent as Talmera’s words echoed in his head. “What do you mean, gone?” Talmera paused to behead a small group of undead that had surrounded the terrified horse, causing it to rear up and nearly toss the two elves onto the ground. Talmera calmed it down with expert words spoken quietly. “I mean, I saw her leave! With some other mages. I’m guessing they left for Dalaran! I’m sorry Kade, but you can’t be surprised she left you behind!” Kade’s jaw clenched and anger burned in his chest. Satherea left him behind. He supposed he shouldn’t have been surprised, though the realization didn’t relieve the disgust at her actions. “Where’s mother?” “She didn’t make it, Kade! She was with the first wave of guardians and they are all gone. I’m going to make my way to the Spire where we can find some portals out of here!” Kade didn’t answer, only held onto the box he had taken from the store.
If he survived this and found Satherea, he promised himself he would kill her.
“Okay, okay. Lemme get this straight. Talmera’s your sister?” “Mmhm. Twin sister.”
“Okay. What does ‘Shindu Fallah Na’ or whatever mean?” “‘They’re breaking through.’”
“Ahhh that makes sense, sure. What was in the box?” “It was my father’s. And my grandfather’s and his grandfather’s and blahdeblah. Jewelcrafting and such.” “Okay. And Satherea’s your… she your girl?” “Something like that.” “And she left ya behind? Just like that?” “Yep.” “What a jerk!” “You have no idea. Now, can I concentrate on getting out of these shackles?” “Huh? Oh… oh yeah, sure pal. When ya get a chance though, tell another story. I need to keep my brain sparkin’. Just something less depressin’ this time? Please?”
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itscup · a day ago
Tumblr media
my new void elf... lucrin
theres something off about her but u cant pin it down
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shandaumath · a day ago
Tumblr media
The gang chilling on some scaffolding on a rooftop during a party in Booty Bay at the end of Conquest, featuring @nivathostin @aredhelvaltieri @wokeastroke and Uozumi.
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sinewandsteel · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Black Dragon
It’s hard to tell, but this man is actually a dragon. You can tell because he’s judging that elf for his horrific fashion sense.
I had more to say here, but this specimen proved quite volatile and tore my journal from my hands, stating point blank he did not wish to be disturbed. He then disintegrated my hard work in a fireball! The cheek!
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kadeironsunshear · 3 days ago
Shindu Fallah Na (Part One of Two)
Kade ran along a roof while the deafening screams from the streets of Silvermoon City below rattled his long ears. He had known this was coming. He had warning. He should have left when he was told to. But he couldn’t leave his father behind, and wouldn’t let a group of undead… things stop him.
Took his home City being razed for Kade Sunstone to decide to become a hero.
The terrified elf slid to a stop on the edge of the roof he had been dashing across and surveyed his options. He looked carefully at the nearby buildings. One had a roof that was too round, with no place to safely land. Another was on fire, probably not the best choice but might do in a pinch. He rubbed his hands together and sighed, wishing he had thought to put on his gloves before abandoning his house. While he scratched the back of his head, where his hair was matted with sweat his gaze fell on a balcony to the left, encased in wrought iron bars which would lead to another line of roofs he could make his way across. It was a fair distance away, but he had to try.
So he did.
He took some long steps backwards and hopped up and down until he felt his limbs slowly lose their tenseness due to fear and fatigue and pushed himself forward on the balls of his feet in a quick sprint. Once he reached the edge of the roof, he had a brief feeling that what he was doing was a very bad idea but it was too late to do anything about it. As he launched himself towards the balcony, his arms pointing forward, then back to aid his projection, he wished that along with his gloves, he would have thought to use the bathroom before running from the swarm of rotting creatures but it was a non issue at that point. His heart clenched as it seemed he would miss the railing and plummet into the group of meat eating monsters below, the palms of his hands barely pressed against the cold metal and his fingers immediately followed, grabbing on at the very last moment.
He grunted as the pain travelled up his arms, and the air was forced from his lungs by the impact. He held on for a moment to regain his grip. After a moment of concentration and even breathing, he was able to swing his body enough to flip up onto the balcony and regain his path. He knew his family’s jewelry store was nearby. He ran for a few more minutes until he could see the building. It was heavily damaged, but not on fire yet. Kade let out a relieved sigh, which he didn’t keep for long as he slid down a roof, hopped onto an outcropping on the side of the building next door, jumped and landed quietly on his feet, his legs bent to soak up most of the impact and rolled his body to take the strain from his knees. He hopped back up to push himself forward again and hurried across the street, though the amount of undead were fewer than elsewhere.
Seemed like even evil creatures weren’t fond of Murder Row.
Kade looked over his shoulder while he slid to a stop in front of the store to make sure he was still relatively safe and slipped in through the broken door. He looked around the looted and dirty front room and called out. “Father?” The soles of his boots crunched over shards of glass, metals and gems while he made his way through to the back of the store, still calling out for his father. After a moment of searching and gagging at the horrid smell of rotting body parts and other unidentifiable odors, he tripped and fell onto the floor, his wrists and knees shredding from the impact on the broken pieces of merchandise. He turned his head and found his father, propped up against a counter. “Father! Come on, we have to go, now!” Kade wrapped an arm around the man’s shoulder, only to have the upper half of his body separate from the lower half. Kade shouted and backed away on his rear end, his hands becoming even more ripped up by the sharp pieces on the ground.
“Whoa whoa whoa-oh! This is gross and depressing! I thought you said this story would be exciting!” Kade sighed and continued searching for a weak point in the shackles he was currently hanging from. He turned his head to the wall on his left and squinted through a wide crack in the concrete which allowed him to see enough of his neighbor to know she was a Goblin. “Hey, I figured this would be exciting. The near extinction of the Quel’dorei race and all. I’ll think of another story to tell--” “Hey, I didn’t say that, ya long-eared galoot! But, leave out the dismembered fathers this time. Geeze.”
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itscup · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
doodles of my sold void elf design
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ami0nna · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
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emilycammisa · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
A little self-indulgent romantic scene with my void elf warlock, Zalithia, with her Duskwatch beau Luvion <3
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robinaa · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and she never trusted him again
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goethial · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the model edits that made me create Daedrian ah-
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goethial · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Daedrian Heartrage
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howliteart · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Commission for @velkynkarma! :D 🦀🔪
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