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#vixey chakraborty
tallulahrobinson · 2 days ago
Swynlake Style - Tallulah’s Circus Party
A hot or not fashion rating for the EVENT OF THE SUMMER. (Totally not biased!)
Phineas Flynn - -1/10
Why on earth would someone dress up as Evil Knevil (Is that even how it’s spelled??) for someone’s birthday party? You had the right energy, but honestly, atrocious... fashion SIN!
Amazing. Very simple, but ON THEME. Plus you always look good, babe! 
Martin Ambrosius - 4/10
You’re giving me very sad circus tent/even sadder concessions clerk vibes. BUT! ON THEME, so you get some points there!
Susan Webb - 11/10
The beading on this was very well executed, who made that? I could have done a bit better, but still it was a look™. Have you considered running away to join the circus? Taming lions?
Henry Charming - 7/10
VERY on theme, I appreciate your efforts young man! 
Anna Sommers - 2/10
I KNOW I said it was a circus theme, right? Not Candyland? Either way, it looks kinda cute on you and you pulled it off better than most would. 
Oliver Saluki - 8/10
I understand that you did NOT dress yourself for this event, so again credit to the tasteful, Pacifica Northwest! 
Jessica Rabbit - 8/10
Gorgeous. You Court ladies really know your classy looks™ don’t you? Red is your color, babe!
Wendy Darling - 6/10
DARLING. So simple, on theme, and wow you’re to die for! Would have loved to see you in something a little more bold, but NOT BAD!
Barbie Roberts - 10/10
BARBIE HOW COULD YOU. You looked fab, it was BOLD and COLORFUL and CAMPY. I did not expect any less from you! 
TOM - ∞/10
Sarina Go - 12/10
YES. That’s all I have to say, wait no. I have more! ASJKLJGKL. Ok, that’s all now. 
Toulouse Bonfamille - 13/10
WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE BOOTS?! To die for!! They really brought the whole look up a level. Magnifique!
Ashlee Tomassian - 3/10
Yesss Queen give me nothing! No feathers? NEED MORE STRIPES. mORE color! 
Simba Bonfamille-Lyons - -10/10
Melody Oceana - 1/10
Striped parachute pants? NOT EVEN COLORFUL STRIPED PARACHUTE PANTS? Babe, we both know you can do better! 
Attina Triton - 7/10
So cute!! Vintage show girl vibes were the vibe of the night for so many ladies and you looked so sexy! *chef’s kiss*
Vixey Chakraborty - 10/10
Actually a very cute clown look!! I love how original the idea was, not many people came as clowns! The face paint shows commitment to the fit and I applaud you!!! 
Roman Triton - 4/10
As MUCH as I love this jacket, WHERE WAS THE REST OF THE PIZZAZZ?!?!
Theodore Barrie - -2/10
Such a pretty face... such an... outfit... You got points for originality but I just hate it. 
Zira Blackwell - 11/10
Iconic. V similar to my outfit, but honestly, I can’t be mad! IT’S A GOOD OUTFIT.
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dr-drckken · 3 months ago
Back at the Barnyard || Vixxen
After his initial attempt to steal a few cows had not gone to plan he had continued to return! It was not in his DNA to quit or give up so easily. Not when he knew that he would eventually succeed in something! Hence why he still had it in his mind that he would some day have the world eating out of the palm of his hands! Much like the cows he had come to know. 
It just seemed that every single time he was even remotely close to getting one of the cows off the farm someone would come along and ruin all his progress! Someone would need help refilling this or moving that or rebuilding the fence or yadda yadda yadda! 
Today he was coming back to the barn from putting back the tools he had been using to fix a sprinkler head. Of all the things his genius could have been being used for! Drakken stepped inside, sighing to himself. It was after dark and everyone else had gone why did he hear someone else in the barn? He followed the sound of the voice until he found Vixey standing in one of the stalls with a cow. 
“Uh...what’re you doing?” he asked, eyeing her oddly for being near the backend of the cow. 
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dr-drckken · 5 months ago
Cow Heist || Vixen
When thinking about inventing one always had to consider their resources! His main base had been on an island for several years, perfect for hydropower.
So, what did this place have to offer? His attention turned to the farm lands were numerous animals resided. It was no secret that manure was an untapped power source. The phosphorus and nitrogen within it could be harvested and used to power whatever he wanted! It wouldn’t be the most respectable thing he had ever done, or clean for that matter, but desperate times called for brilliant measures! 
A local dairy farm was the perfect place to procure the needed goods. Drakken snuck onto the land, the gates did nothing to keep him out though they had given him a nasty bruise from where he’d fallen off it. 
“Nyggh!” he grumbled, giving up from where he had been trying to shove his shoulder into one of the cows. Drakken threw his hands in the air before circling around to look the animal in the eye. They stared back blankly at him. He hadn’t wanted to do this, but it seemed like nothing else was going to work. Digging into his pocket he pulled out a handful cow he’d purchased. Before he could even look up the cow was nosing at his palm.
“Yes! Yes, that’s it. Who’s a good cow?” he cooed, beginning to take steps backward. The cow walked after him. “You are! Yes, you are! Come, cow, follow me!”
Tumblr media
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swynlake-spill · 6 months ago
Spotted at Swynlake Station, bags in hand: Vixey Chakraborty. A little early to be back for the holidays, isn't it?
what’s this? ANOTHER Swynlake Native we thought long gone, back again? I’m starting to think that we should launch a support group for these folks-- Vixey, Jun, Tiana, Adella, Barbie, Evelyn, I’m looking at ALL of you. 
But that’s beside the point. The question should be: Why is Vixey back? Is someone sick? Is she having an affair? Is her husband having an affair?! Is she secretly hunting for gold in Enchantra’s forest? Did Swynlake reach out its telepathic tentacles and brainwash her into coming back home because this place refuses to let anybody leave, ever???????? 
What do we think? I need leads! 
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moon-yeongjun · 2 days ago
Keep Calm And Prom On || Juxie
A disclaimer upfront: 
Everyone should know that when Jun first brought up prom, it was not actually to talk about prom. He thought prom was one of the stupidest things that had happened in Swynlake in the last five years or so. You want a waste of a petition, eh? Look no further! The last thing Swynlake actually needed was yet another reason to get dressed in expensive clothes, drink too much, and tempt the magical energies in Swynlake’s air. 
But hey, Jun had been doing his residency far away from Swynlake, so he couldn’t protest the petition when it happened, and fine, sure, it didn’t hurt anyone (except for when it did: see the chandelier episode). 
At least he hadn’t had to deal with it when he was in secondary, hm? 
All this to say, when the whole Twitter Promposal thing happened, Jun had been happy for Al and Vixey. He had no idea they knew each other so well! It actually made him a little curious... 
And so it was out of the goodness of his heart, out of his friendship to both Al and Vixey, out of genuine interest in Vixey and Al’s lives, that he brought up prom. He would come to regret this. 
“Yah, I saw that Al asked you to prom yesterday! How wonderful that you both are going together, eh? You’ll have a good time,” said Jun as he helped her fill the refrigerator with bottled drinks. 
Tumblr media
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missxspider · a month ago
Berry Sweet | Susey
Susan had not had a great experience with her last dream lover. But Texas was different. If Susan wasn’t such a city girl, she could see herself living that life. A life on a cute farm with an even cuter wife. Even thinking about it now... she felt warm. 
She’d heard through the strawberry vine that Vixey (that was her name in the real world) was at the Farmer’s Market every Sunday. So that’s where Susan was going. She didn’t exactly have a plan, she couldn’t really be with the woman of her dreams. However, she wanted to meet her. And honestly, figure out if they’d killed her husband or not. That was a minor detail the dream did not fill in for her. 
Waltzing through the many stalls, she found it. The familiar shape of Vivianne was knelt behind a stack of veggies. Susan stopped and gripped her bag tightly in both hands, a wave a nerves washed over her and she let out a meek, “Hi...” 
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swynlake-spill · a month ago
Boba, please bully some of our shyer residents into posting selfies! I am dying for some Rarer Insta Content.
ok i’ll try here we go 
@rikuxnakayama sir  i cannot keep buying overpriced coffee from [name redacted] just for the ten seconds of eye contact we have i simply do not make enough money have pity on me and POST 
@vitani-blackwell u arent really shy so i dont understand how you are not posting daily thirst traps i have seen your body and therefore seen god please RESUME REGULAR CONTENT 
@melody-the-unwritten typing ur username just now made me cry. :( melody i MISS YOu. melody i dont think u understand u could be miss swynlake if u wanted... this is your YEAR
@princess-ting-ting you post extremely quality pics of your fish and family jigsaw puzzles and stuff and thats valid and good plz dont stop but also you are the qin i respect in this world and i think you deserve to be told how beautiful u are js 
@littlelectriceelduh ur mysterious and look like the boy my mum warned me about. plz indulge my worst desires and help me star in my very own all time low pop punk fantasy 
@arista-the-musical BLASPHEMY that i am tagging a triton wtf did your sisters teach u!! arista when i say that i believe if you post selfies tagged #stopglobalwarming that it could maybe inspire a movement im not even being hyperbolic i think the power is in your hands and you should use it 
@cinderellaashbourne HONEY PLEASE COME HOME tiana as her roommate why are you not instilling in ella the confidence needed to become a powerhouse insta mom im just saying she could build an empire off her smile 
@babettexdurand seeing u makes me go  🥺 🥺 🥺 🥺 🥺 🥺 sincerely do not think there are words... 
@evil--endeavors you want to be taken seriously as a business woman, totally fair! however, fourth wave feminism said stuff about idk owning ur sexuality or-- nvm dont do it for me do it for the young LESBIANS. also kick me in the face :) 
@one-lucky-lad small confession...i have a crush on this darling I KNOW I KNOW HOW EMBARRASSING however i am not immune to the specific charms of his beautiful blue eyes. im just saying haha what if we kissed 
@tink-bell tink used to post all the time but then she got her heart broken or something and i just think she needs to build up all that very valid fierce tink bell confidence she was famous for!! tink PLEASE give me the bed selfie i know you have! txt me u up ;) ? ask me to netflix and chill! also post on instagram obviously! 
@sanmononoke what is going on with this person real talk besides ofc being very hot as per swynlake’s hotness requirement. idk if she has an instagram. bet she’d post like feet pics and shit like that. think that we need a little bit of that spice in swynlake dont you!!! 
@moon-yeongjun frankly it is a crime that we are all collectively robbed of the journey that would be jun moon instagram experience. if you dont think he’s hot you’re lying to yourself!! new rule every time jun posts a petition he owes us a selfie its only fair idk im once again putting tiana to the task of making that happen
@notmuchofatail he’s been posting more lately but it is not enough for me. gregory eeyore is my past present and future. like im in love with him is what im saying. 
@a-merman-not-a-guppy stop pretending like you’re not a handsome lad its EMBARRASSING. what is the point also of designing ur own clothes if you arent putting up your wares on instagram. again this is just common sense i cannot believe im giving this immaculate advice for free. 
@notbad-justsungthatway again she posts decently but i think she should post more bc she is easily in the ten hottest people ever in swynlake. its a fact not an opinion and we’d all feel a lot calmer if she was active daily on instagram
@pinkpearlpark the coolest of the teens!! i need her to post so she can teach ME how to post. like idk what im doing teach me the ways of being an attractive rich cool person miss park! 
@bucktoothed--ice-prince again idk whats going on here he’s this very mysterious stranger who blew into town out of nowhere. maybe going without an instagram is the whole point but i would rather write dumb things on ur posts tbh
@trickster-knownas-pan AND A THIRD person who i know nothing about. maybe i am just nosy but also you are hot so you owe me something thats how survival of the fittest works maybe !!!!!!! i failed science three times!!!! 
@devyn-morey lol i know he posts a lot but obviously! obviously! 
@geehosaphat on the other hand martin has two posts on his instagram maybe and thats abysmal. martin you do realize you’re like. hot right. i mean it like you could be in a magazine. you’re hot. take off your shirt sometime maybe if you’re comfortable so you can flaunt it! 
@winndeavor again i know ur a serious business person who has a certain brand to maintain. on the other hand: you have abs. much to think about i know. 
@hclyghcst DISGUSTING that you could win jewel of the season or w/e and then disappear from my life. you owe me like ten selfies at this point! you’re cute kind and a good friend to people in your life! fuck im obsessed with u!! 
@vvinter-queen and now we shout out to her sister ANNA to help her. anna how is it that u have a moderately thriving bookstagram and yet elsa has no idea what a filter is. intervene. fix it. she’s beautiful. imagine how much ice cream u will sell. 
@gleamdncglow u dont have to post bc it might actually piss me off considering how pretty you are. but if you want to i guess (please please please please please please) 
@gabriella-marino you know what’s the best way to get to know ppl in town and make friends! yeah ur right, its thirst traps on instagram! i think you’re so cute on a serious note please tell me more about u...maybe in the captions on your thirst trap for instagram! 
@edwardandalasia honestly just curious how it would go if someone showed edward who is maybe suffering from some textbook case of amnesia how instagram works. you also have the best skin ive ever seen. send me ur tips. ok thank u!!!
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evil--endeavors · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
country song aesthetic: if she ever leaves me by the highwomen + susie/vivianna ( @vixey-chakraborty @missxspider )
Hey, I've loved her in secret I've loved her out loud The sky hasn't always been blue It might last forever Or it might not work out If she ever leaves me, it won't be for you
OKay so this song is not a one-to-one of the susie/vivianna story and tbh i probably should have just done goodbye earl or something but i just love this song so freaking much. I love Brandi Carlile’s gay country music and this is like quite possibly the most beautiful song ever it just really captures the wholesome cottagecore vibe that Clem and Kit created with this Susie/Vivianna story and I just love it so much. 
“I loved her in secret and I’ve loved her out loud” can reference how Vivianna and Susie have a murky past and maybe had to keep things a secret for a little while. And I think it would maybe be a liiiittle more plot relevant if Vivianna’s husband were still alive because the bridge of the song has this great line that says, “It won’t be for a cowboy like you.” Which I just love like yeah you tell him!!! But honestly I think this song is just such a vibe and for that reason I am assigning this to Susie/Vivianna. 
We haven’t seen a lot of them yet but I will definitely be watching and yeah the bios just really got me. And maybe this is some inspo to have a little bit of a fight at the honky tonk bar-- have a cowboy go flirt with one of them and see what happens! Plot ideas abound in this perfect beautiful song. Ok that’s all xoxo stream the highwomen for clear skin and abundant crops
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vixey-chakraborty · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Vixey Chakraborty -- Pixie’s St. Patrick’s Day Party (Left) and Farmer’s Market Opening (Right)
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greatiggspectations · 4 months ago
The Presentation of Tigg Khan before the Queens
Tigg glanced to Lady Vixey at her side and squeezed her hand as she awaited her turn to be announced. The urge to run her hands over the embroidery on her dress and train was almost as strong as her desire to win a jewel of the season slot- and most importantly, an advantageous match.
As she fiddled with her curls, she heard a throat clear and with a startled gasp she released her hair from her grasp.
“Miss Tiegan Khan, presented by her close friend Lady Vixey Chakraborty!” 
The doors to the throne room opened and like she practice, she entered at a measured pace. If you think you’re walking to slow, enter in slower. She recalled Vixey’s advice as she gazed at the queens and their immense beauty -- oh, no!
She didn’t think she actually made eye contact, but she was pretty sure she just had a near-miss with Queen Eva!
Tigg lowered her gaze to show humility to the queens but held her head high enough to communicate confidence to the nobility, gentry, and other commoners present. She may be just the daughter of a military officer but Tigg wasn’t a nobody. She was every bit as deserving of her place here as Princess Ashley of Austria, even if the princess would faint to hear Tigg believed so.
She bowed to the queens and after a beat bowed lower once she realized maybe she wasn’t quite low enough to the ground. After all, she was only a Miss. No Right Honorable, no Lady, just Miss Tigg Khan.
Because “Miss” Tigg Khan realized her errors, she was spared a true bottom tier ranking -- 7th from last was being generous toward the Colonel’s scrappy young daughter. Nevertheless, the errors had been made so she could not be placed any higher in the initial ranking.
Miss Khan’s dress and train were exquisite in the queens’ opinions. It was almost a waste to see them on someone so unrefined. Her dress would have put her closer toward the middle had her lower birth not kneecapped her from the jump.
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greatiggspectations · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tigg Khan Bio and Presentation Outfit
Character Name: Tiegan “Tigg” Khan
Title/occupation: Daughter of a colonel in the Queens’ military
Sponsor: Vixey Chakraborty 
Magick Status: Vaagh [not open but won’t deny it either]
Accoutrement: Dueling pistols, silk handkerchief
Accomplishments: Being a good shot
Presentation outfit: For presentation, Tigg Khan is wearing a sensible empire line cream dress made of silk with embellished sleeves. The dress is a bit understated so as to highlight the real focus of the outfit - her silk train with painstakingly detailed embroidery. Her hair is in curls and a partial updo. She has a small beaded purse, a gift from her father from her 19th birthday three years ago that she cherishes. Her fan.
Tiegan Khan is the only child of Colonel Shere Khan and his late wife. Her mother died before she was old enough to remember much about her and Tigg considers that a blessing. Would she not have been such a sad child if she knew what she was missing?
Her father loved her dearly -- and more than enough for two parents!
The Khans did spend a decent amount of time apart, however, as her father was a military man. Much of her childhood was spent in the home of a woman who became like an older sister to her -- and who is sponsoring Tigg for this year’s Season! Vixey Chakraborty has known Tigg since she was small so it only made sense she sponsor Tigg for her first season.
Her father is sponsoring the daughter of a military friend, Clara Baudry, and a part of Tigg is a smidge jealous. She promised Shere she’d help Clara seek an advantageous match. (Not a better one than herself of course.) Will Tigg keep her promise about the girl she’s meant to guide through the ups and downs of the season, or will her jealousy and competitive streak win out? 
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labellerose-acheron · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
BDRP Resolutions Task
Characters: Belle Rose Acheron, Onyango “Simba” Lyons, Toulouse Henri Bonfamille, Mei Qin, Attina Monroe Triton, Thomas Edward Richard Harrington III, Zira Blackwell, Miguel Franco Rivera Serrano, Vishaka Chakraborty, Daniel Edward Daisuke Darling
Write your RPer Resolutions for 2021! 
My biggest resolution is that I want to focus on my new babes. Sometimes I gravitate towards my older ones because I feel more comfortable with their stories and they have really solid connections. Sometimes, I get intimidated making new connections for my characters because I feel like...everyone already has their group of friends and I feel like there is no where for my character to fit? Then I just cut off my character and suffocate my muse for them, because what is the point if they don’t have friends and people they care about/that care about them?
So, yeah. That’s my biggest one. Additionally, I’m going to continue on working on being more #chill. I feel like I’ve gotten a lot better, but because my health anxieties and stuff have been acting up a lot lately, I know my temper has been a little short or I’ve seemed abrasive. I promise it’s not because I’m mean, it’s just because I’m anxious like 24/7. <3
Write at least one resolution, or “goal,” that you have as an RPer for your character(s).
Belle: Therapy! Even before experiencing her PPD, Belle has absolutely needed therapy. I really love doing therapy plots with my characters, because I am a big advocate for therapy! So, that’s my main goal for her. And in that vein, work on both being a mother and continuing on her career path! (Also, become a better wife and partner.)
Simba: FUCKING DIAGNOSE HIM WITH ADHD. Simba’s life is so insane that every time I start building up to this plot, shit goes down and then I don’t actually get around to it and it’s PISSING me off, because I think it would be a really interesting story. Additionally, things are gonna blow up with the whole knight plot. Also, I want to play with his political stuff a bit more and his standing in town.
Toulouse: Have him become more comfortable as Helle’s partner and as another parental figure for the Acheron children. He very much feels like his position in the family is temporary while they just need more hands because the babies are so young. Also, I want him to go back to school and start taking more of an interest in werewolf rights, which was always kind of the goal for him.
Mei: Process her grief! I think, at the end of the day, Mei is actually going to have a rather short arc when it comes to her burnout from her grief. Which doesn’t mean she cares less! Not at all. I just think she’s going to process her grief in a mostly healthy way. Which I think will be interesting and nice to explore with her. Since most of my characters like...wild out when they lose someone.
Attina: Get her back into music! It was one of my goals with Attina for her to become a musician again. It’s kind of symbolic of closing that chapter of her grief and moving forward. Also, of course, get married!! It was my number one goal in my app for Attina to fine someone to love and who loves her and it just feels really nice to have hit those goals!
Thomas: Did anyone order a *cups hands around mouth* REDEMPTION ARC? I thought Tom was too nice, so I made him a dick. Kidding. I really liked that I tricked everyone into thinking he was just a good dumb boy, because I always intended for him to be more complicated than that. He is a good guy, but he was raised in a cult and he has a lot to unlearn. This is the beginning of that journey.
Zira: Conquer Swynlake. Break the charter. Kill some people. 
Candace: Explore her anxiety more. Also, make her realize living a lie just to please others is dumb. Also, get her to become closer to her step-family and start accepting that they aren’t going anywhere.
Miguel: Make him some friends. I really want to establish him within the town. I want him to make some mistakes too along the way. He can be selfish and cruel when he wants to be. I also want him to do more fun ghost things.
Vishaka: Open her shop! That’s truly the main goal. I want this to happen within the first six months of me having her. I just think it’s a neat plot. That means I want to get her more integrated in town and I want her to realize she wants to plant her roots. (Maybe some romance too? Though, after the shoppe.) 
Daniel: Baby, baby! I want to see him pushed around by his family a little bit--and then stand up for himself. I want him to make some friends. I’d love for him to meet the other mermaids because he knows little about that part of his culture and even if it’s very different (mermaids v ningyo) I think it could still be beneficial for him. 
Write at least one resolution IN CHARACTER for your characters. What do THEY want to accomplish or change in the New Year?
Belle: Pass her exam and become a certified solicitor. 
Simba: Be a good husband! Stop drinking (before he gets caught.)
Toulouse: Help support my family as best I can. Do more art.
Mei: None, is it a new year? 
Attina: Get married!! Come hell or high water. (Maybe also secretly make up with Andrina but she won’t admit that one out loud.)
Thomas: Repent for my mistakes. 
Zira: Conquer Swynlake. Break the charter. Kill some people.
Candace: She doesn’t really have any resolutions, tbh.
Miguel: Keep my family from discovering secret. (Yes, this is a resolution.) Do well at school. Write at least one song that is EP worthy.
Vishaka: Heal from my grief. Help my community as best I can.
Daniel: Find and free John!
(love the contrast between me and my children. they do not know what is best for them, smh.)
List one or more characters you have never interacted with that you would like to do so.
gosh, this is always so hard for me bc i feel like interact with so many. like...if i think they’re neat i just,, as for a para.
i have a secret goal to make simba canonically know every single character in the RP, so there is that.
Edward. I just think he’s neat.
Elsa. I keep telling Silv but it has not happened yet.
Iago. My next character and he will get on quite well.
Jessica/Susan. Succubus!! My next character will also vibe with them.
Plotting Exercise! Pick one of the resolutions/goals in #2 and plan a rough guideline to how you could accomplish it. i’m doing two because i need to figure out both these plots...
MOCK PLOT: Do You Believe in Magic? (Alternatively: Attina Discovers the Power of Music)
First Para: it honestly starts with this wendy x attina thread right now, where they are talking about music. maybe it ends with wendy asking where she can take some music lessons or learn some more and tina tells her that she has a few books and such. wendy asks why/how she has/knows so much and attina admits that she used to play. 
Second Para: attina has a run in with some musician (ber/dodger/who are our music ppl who are not the tritons? lol) where they are struggling with a piece of a song that they are fiddling with and she helps them by saying something off hand like, oh that should be in a major key or a minor key.
Third Para: a convo with idk ariel or something about her band, maybe they’re struggling to get something off the ground and attina suggests x, y, z to fix the problem--ariel and attina talk about how ariel doesn’t even really remember attina playing at all. 
Fourth Para: attina, alone at the house for some reason, wanders into the music room and gets annoyed because arista has left her guitar out. though, instead of putting it away, she picks it up and starts fiddling around on it. one of the sisters OR maybe one of the SOs? catch her and then bring it up to the applicable sister -- i actually think that could be a lot of fun.
Fourth Para, part B: whichever sister finds out from their SO gets all excited attina was playing and gossips with the other sisters--somehow arista finds out about it.
Fifth Para: arista invites attina to play some music with her and they have a cute lil jam sesh (others can join in!! in my triton feels!! attina sings!!) 
Sixth Para: idk i think it’d be fun for attina to start volunteering at the community program and maybe have a run in with ber where they talk about parents and using music to understand things and attina realizes that music can ~~ heal. 
MOCK PLOT: If I Could Make a Living (Alternatively: Vixey Opens a Store)
First Para: ...also happening kinda right now thanks to Ashley, lol. Barbie and Vixey reconnect. Barbie tells Vixey about her business. They talk clothes and fashion and all that good stuff.
Second Para: Vixey participates in a clothing drive with Tiana and/or Jun for the local church. While there, they discuss the fact there isn’t anywhere in town for people to clothing shop on the cheap.
Third Para: Vixey talks to Ella about her shop, Rags and Bags, and admits that she is thinking about opening a shop. Ella encourages her!
Fourth Para: Vixey brings up the idea of opening a shop with Jun, partially thinking he will convince her out of it. He doesn’t. In fact, he encourages her, which leads her into looking for investors.
Fifth Para: Find an investor! This could be someone shady or not. Maybe a few different people. Once she finds an investor and starts feeling better about all of it, she will write a petition!
Sixth Para: A petition signing open!
Seventh/Eighth Para: Some set back. Maybe there is a Swynlake disaster, lmfao. OR the hospital in London contacts her telling her that she could have her old job back if she wants it. This is something which makes her reconsider her commitment to the shoppe, but she speaks with someone (Ella/Jun/Barbie) and they tell her to trust her heart, so she submits her petition!
Ninth Para: ...this is an event but technicalities: a clothing drive! Where everyone in the community can donate old clothing to be part of the thrift shoppe as part of the opening!!
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labellerose-acheron · 6 months ago
MK’s Characters’ Hatter’s Habits
this is way extra was fun, so...putting this here for my ref
Character’s Name: Belle Rose Acheron Drink Order: Earl Grey tea, a splash of milk, a pinch of honey. Habits: When she was working full time at the bookshop she came in like clockwork pretty much every 4 hours (when they first open, around lunch, and about an hour before they closed.) When she was in school she would definitely take up a whole corner table for the entire day and would fight anyone that would  try to sit with her if it was crowded. It is definitely Belle’s Table. Now that her schedule is more sporadic, she definitely still comes in nearly every day, gets the same order, but it’s not as routine. And she also sometimes will eat a sandwich or special cookies or something that is fresh in. Sometimes forgets to tip, sometimes tips way over--it evens out.
Character’s Name: Onyango “Simba” Lyons Drink Order: Whatever sugary, seasonal beverage is the special. If there is none, he tells them to surprise him. He is always happy with whatever they give him. (Berlioz whispers to them not to put too much caffeine in whatever it is, lmfao.) You can tell if Simba is really haggard by something because he will order just a plain black coffee. Habits: Honestly, Simba doesn’t come in too too much. He will have coffee dates with people there sometimes to catch up or he’ll pop in before/after board meetings, but I don’t think he’s a super frequent customer. Maybe once a week-ish. Always tips super well.
 Character’s Name: Toulouse Henri Bonfamille Drink Order: In the morning: a black coffee with a splash of milk and a spoon of sugar. He puts this in with his body turned towards the counter so no one can see him doing it, lmfao. In the late afternoon/evening: a green tea, he’s not picky about which one, decaffeinated. He will put his own honey in, thank you.  Habits: Whenever he’s hanging around Chapter Three he will stop at Hatter’s and pick something up. He also is usually the designated “get drinks for everyone” person, I feel like, because he has a good memory and the money to pay for everyone. So sometimes, he orders his/Belle’s/Hades’ orders, and if he is feeling generous, the other employees. Doesn’t ever stay unless someone else is with him to get him to stay. He frequents it, but only in an on-the-go sense. Not as a sit-down place. Always tips exactly 20%. During the holidays (so basically the month of December), this increases to 40%.
 Character’s Name: Attina Monroe Triton Drink Order: Cappuccino. She’s very easy. Just a good ole cappuccino. Sometimes she’ll ask for a little cinnamon on it. Or she’ll just get a black tea, depending on her mood. In the summer she drinks like fruit-infused iced teas. (Doesn’t drink a lot of coffee because it dehydrates mermaids.) Habits: Comes in to Hatter’s for lunch dates all the time with her sisters and friends. Since she works down the street she’ll definitely come in a lot of mornings. Hatters is one of the only places she actually feels comfortable getting food from so she will get lunches from there too a lot, though she won’t eat anything that isn’t wrapped up, so no baked goods or anything. 
 Character’s Name: Mei Qin Drink Order: Hot chocolate in the winter! Lemonade (if they have that?? Something fruity) in the summertime. Mei is definitely not a coffee/caffeine person. She’s also not super into tea either. Like, she drinks it because her sisters do a lot, but since going to Hatter’s is like going out, she’ll get a hot chocolate. Habits: Probably doesn’t come in super often. Definitely came in a lot more when she was in high school with her friends and basically reenacted that scene from Rent where they push all the tables together and are generally loud and teenaged hooligans. She’s much more relaxed now. Normally just canoodles with Lock in a corner. Tips about average. 
 Character’s Name: Shannon “Shock” Adamson Drink Order: Prefers [name redacted].  Habits: I don’t actually think she’s ever stepped foot in Hatter’s, tbh. 
 Character’s Name: Thomas Edward Richard Harrington III Drink Order: Black coffee. Sometimes an espresso shot too. Sometimes just an espresso shot. If it’s nighttime and he’s getting off a shift, sometimes he’ll get a chamomile tea. Habits: Comes in at random hours of the day -- usually when he gets his shifts. Always looks like a deadman walking because he’s so tired. Always is polite, though, and always tips well. 
 Character’s Name: Zira Blackwell Drink Order: Hot water with lemon. Habits: Comes in at even more random times than Tom, but always gives them like 10 pounds just for her hot water with lemon. Doesn’t actually drink it. She just wants to keep up the facade of being a patron to local businesses, lol. 
 Character’s Name: Candace Gertrude Flynn Drink Order: Prefers [name redacted] or cafes on campus. Nonfat soy latte, sometimes with a shot of espresso if she’s really stressed. Habits: Comes in occasionally. Is a perfectly average customer. Tips 20%-ish. (Never under, sometimes over if she can’t be fucked to do math.)
 Character’s Name: Miguel Franco Rivera Serrano Drink Order: Black coffee. Black coffee. Espresso shot? Yes. Several espresso shots? When will you cut him off?  Habits: Probably also frequents uni cafes more but does like Hatter’s because I’m sure they have better coffee blends than the uni cafes. Is constantly needing to be caffeinated because he barely sleeps these days. Tips well. Sometimes orders in Spanish if he’s not paying attention. 
 Character’s Name: Vishaka “Vixey” Chakraborty Drink Order: Either a chai latte or she will try whatever new tea blends that are being promoted if she is feeling adventurous. Sometimes orders it with ice if it is warmer out. Habits: Doesn’t come in a super lot because she doesn’t live in town, but you’ll see more of her moving forward. Is always super nice and will compliment employees on their hard work and tips well when she is able (but never under 20%, she just can’t always spare more.) Honestly the loveliest of my characters as a customer. 
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Tumblr media
Your Name: Marisa Kate Characters: Belle Rose Acheron, Onyango “Simba” Lyons, Toulouse Henri Bonfamille, Hercules Odysseus Persaud, Attina Monroe Triton, Mei Qin, Scarlet Shannon “Shock” Adamson, Thomas Richard Edward Harrington III, Zira Lyons Blackwell, Candace Gertrude Flynn, Miguel Franco Rivera Serrano, Vishaka Chakraborty
Pick one of your characters and talk about their growth:
I always try to have my characters growing in some way. Even if it is technically backwards and not forwards. I am just as interested in stories of crashing and burning as I am learning and growing. I try to balance the two and juggle my characters on either side. (Though, there are some characters I get without any intention of growing: like Shock.) That is to say, it’s always hard for me to pick one because I feel like all my characters are growing...
In the interest of saving everyone from a lot of rambling, lol, I will try to choose one or two.
I do want to shout out Hercules quickly. I am in the process of writing him off and I know a lot of you new folks don’t know him, but he is my BABY. And I’m really proud of where he is going and how his story will end. Be on the look out!
Okay, so, the two I’m going to actually talk about are Toulouse and Attina, for the opposite reasons.
For Toulouse, I have spent a lot of time breaking him down and unraveling his threads. He’s been through a lot, but this year was a lot of growth in a more positive direction. Lou is still restless and aimless and trying to figure out what he wants to do with himself but he has come a long, long way. First, his relationship with Peri like...really affected him deeply. I think, because it was so long, he was actually able to get a glimpse of what a good, stable relationship is like and for people with bipolar disorder--constant, supportive relationships are so important! 
And then he literally set it on fire. He was really hurt by his break up with Peri, perhaps more deeply than I’ve ever written about (except for that first para directly after) because he was so upset that he tries not to touch that part of himself. But even though it ended so poorly, he learned so much from it. Maybe at the expense of Peri, but sorry Peri this isn’t about your growth lmaooo. <3 Thank you for your sacrifice. 
After that, of course we have Loud Bell--which is going to be so good for Lou. Not just because he finally feels...kind of solid (or he will, they are still working out the kinks), but because Hades and Belle have a (mostly) healthy relationship and the cool thing about being in a poly-ship is that Lou will like -- watch them and pay attention and act like a little mime which I think is very cute and will be really nice for him. I think it’s the perfect upswing to his arc. And he was in the right spot for it when it happened, so I’m proud of the timing for it. 
Fuck, I’m already talking a lot. Whatever. YOLO. This is for me and no one else.
In the OTHER way, Attina went through a LOT this year. The death of Amelia and almost losing Panic really messed her up and she leaned into all of her worst impulses. She imploded her relationship with Andrina and some of her other sisters as well. It was my intention to really...rebreak the bone of her mother’s death because it had never healed properly. 
I have made her kind of hit rock bottom and now she’s starting to come back out of it and I’m really interested to continue to take her on that path. It was a good exercise to have a character go backwards instead of forwards. And her growth isn’t going to be linear moving forwards--she’ll still backslide but I think her growth has been really interesting. She had this mirror basically held up to her face that showed how her grief and her mishandling of it affects the people around her and I think that was an ugly wake up call for her...
Pick another character and talk a little about where you WANT them to go. 
Again, I wanna talk about a few characters here because I have a bunch of NEW babes within the last few months and I want to talk about my trajectory for their stories. But first: a shoutout!
Belle!! I’m really excited to delve into her story because it’s about to get really interesting. I just am interested to explore her as a mother because she’s not really...your typical mom. She has a lot of guilt and resentment towards being a mother, while at the same time--she does truly love it and loves her children and that’s really fun and interesting to play with. On top of adjusting to having twins, her relationship is evolving outside of her and I am interested to play with that because of her abandonment issues. I want her to eventually realize this doesn’t mean Hades is gonna run off on you, Belle. It means you have TWO people who love you unconditionally and would do anything for you GIRL THE DREAM. 
Anyway -- my newer babes:
I am about to take Thomas on a really fun journey that I’m excited about. I’ve been teasing at it a lot and it is almost time to really get into the meat of his story, so that’s really exciting. I can’t say too much without giving it away, but I want him to begin to question things. I want him to learn to think for himself. And to not be so hard on himself. Tom tries so hard to be good to everyone and that is going to get him into a lot of trouble moving forward. I want to see him be mean, selfish, and then grow to learn to balance his own interests with the interests of his external influences...
Candace!! Babe!! I want to explore her panic disorder more. It was kind of a late-in-the-game decision to give her like...a proper panic disorder, but I don’t have to change much because it just makes so much sense for her character. Instead, I want to work towards a diagnosis. And, eventually, Candace learning how to calm herself down and accept herself for who she is. The thing I really like about college aged characters is they are really exploring themselves and being independent for the first time and I think Candace has a lot to unpack for herself and to reevaluate. (It’ll also be fun once Phineas graduates and starts encroaching on her space in PrideU, lol.) 
Miguel -- another new babe. His story is pretty straightforward: learn to control his mediumship, learn to play music. That’s it. That’s what I want for him. How that unfolds is yet to be determined but I like how--uncomplicated it is. 
Vixey, my newest darling! Her story is going to be really fun for me because it’s one I don’t totally understand. She is going to realize that she wants to stay in Swynlake. That she loves her little town and really try to plant her roots. I am interested to explore this, especially because I have the opposite experience where I hate being in my hometown but am kind of stuck here for the time being. I think her story will be very therapeutic for me in that way. I want Vixey to teach me that it’s not so bad and there are things to still discover about yourself. 
Pick a thread or a plot that you’re proud of and talk about why you loved it. 
I hate this question ~~ because I am forgetful. Seriously, what even happened this year? Durrrr... also, I love all my threads otherwise I wouldn’t write them. 
Okay, let’s dive in. Off the top of my head there is one that I definitely want to talk about: 
Mock’s whole arc. I ?? love it ?? Wow. I mean--the fact that everyone thinks they’re the most annoying couple is something Ginny and I are very proud of, because that is how we designed them. They are in such puppy love with each other. It’s that sweet teenage romance that is fanciful and big and loud and selfish and dramatic. Of course, they have a lot more going on than the regular teen, but--I love that element of it too.
That they are experience this first love heroine injected straight into the veins against the backdrop of murder, vampirism, and sorcery. There is still just something so innocent and sweet about it. I just think they’re both really dynamic as characters and, yeah, maybe they’re obsessed with each other but I think they are still really strong characters individually, like, their whole personalities are not just being in a relationship. They have these outside forces that they’re battling against and I just think that’s really great.
And the whole fact that they pulled like--all these fringe people into their orbit and just made a whole mess of things, I’m very proud of. There’s Violet, Phineas, Wilbur, Lock and Mei’s siblings...all these people that were also affected by the fact that Mock are just...obsessed with each other and I think that’s really fun. I definitely want to do more stuff like that because relationships don’t exist in a bubble. I just am really proud of them, my babies. 
Also, how can I not talk about SIMBER’S WEDDING? Just -- giving it a shout out. I don’t have much to say about it. I’m just glad that they finally got married and wow, it’s almost been a whole year. Y’all ain’t even ready for the one year anniversary, prepare yourselves now. I don’t have anything planned for it, but I’m sure Simba does, lol. 
There is also Siren’s whole arc with Amelia. Shout out to Ashley for being willing to go on that ride with me, because it’s a very complicated plot. I think it is going beautifully and I’m really excited to see where it continues to go as they both heal and start growing closer again. There are a lot of steps left, but idk--I really liked the beginning of it. 
NGL -- I love shocking people. Those are always my favorite threads, lol. What happened with Amelia, killing Shock, LOUD kissing for the first time...any thread that gets people talking makes me feel very satisfied. So thank you to everyone who reads and enjoys my threads <3 and thank you to my partners for putting up with me lol. Couldn’t do it without y’all. <3
In terms of your own writing, identify 1-3 strengths and talk about why you think it’s one of your strengths.
As I just said above: shock value. Maybe some people wouldn’t view this as a strength, but I do. It’s really satisfying to write in a way where shocking things can happen but it still...feels part of that character’s story. I think what makes a successful shocking twist is because it is like -- always in the realm of possibility but no one ever thinks it is going to be the option. IDK. I think there is a certain talent to it and I’ve really mastered it because I am an attention whore...
In a similar vein, I think I’m good at big picture plotting. I love my big, long con plots. They always excite me. It makes me want to write the next thread and the next thread and the next...if I know where things are going to be heading. I, of course, also like sleepy comforting happy threads that don’t do anything to advance the plot, but I think my strength lies in threads that are adding up to one another...
I say this every time but: spatial awareness. I don’t know, I just really love describing how people move. I try to use my character’s movements and tics to convey emotions and try not to...idk, overexplain them sometimes. Like Lou kind of doesn’t sit still when he’s agitated or worked up or having a manic episode. He’ll shift his weight a lot or he’ll lean forward and get very close to people. And Attina fiddles with things when she’s nervous. Mei is an extremely physical person. She loves touching her friends, putting her arm through theirs, squeezing their thighs for comfort, giving them big hugs. These actions can make characters feel a lot more real to me and I just enjoy it so much. (And I love reading it with other characters too because I feel like I understand them so much more when I know their little tics.) 
In terms of your own writing, identify 1-3 areas of improvement.
I think I need to just...overall chill out. Does this count? Specifically in reference to RP. I need to chill sometimes and take a back seat. This is something I’ve definitely been working on because I know that I can be pushy. It comes off like I’m making things into a chore and sometimes I get frustrated with myself when I make things too complicated and then can’t fix it and then RP becomes less fun for I just want to stop taking things so seriously and just...have a good time. 
Clarity. I get really in the weeds of writing spatial awareness...and then I think I can convolute the point that I am trying to get to. This is a big purple prose-y problem that I have so I want to try to write more...intentioned. 
I want to stop using “though” “but” “so” -- FUCK conjunctions. Get out of here. Similarly, I want to vary my sentence structure more. I tend to prefer longer sentences. It can make my posts very rambling. If I change it up more, I think I will see a big improvement in my overall voice.
Pick one of your plots, or even just a character, and come up with a list of 3-5 “mentor texts” where you can look for inspiration or research.
For Vixey! Since she is my new babe.
Season 2 of You -- I said this in her app but she was partially inspired by my interest in the plot in the show where the main character is a young woman whose husband died. I just find that really interesting for a concept. Like--in small towns you are so used to concept of getting married young and just starting your family. And Vixey WANTED to do that and it was taken away from her and idk I just think it’s interesting.
Country Music -- This might sound strange but it makes sense, stay with me. Lots of country music...tells a story in the songs. There are a lot about heartbreak and tragedy specifically and I want to draw inspiration from them. I almost made Charles a soldier so that I could draw inspo from the song “Travelling Soldier” lol, because it was one of my favorites. There is also “Paint Me a Birmingham” and “the House that Built Me.” 
Pastoral Poetry -- Stuff like Walt Whitman and William Butler Yeats. There is just something about Vixey that feels very...contemplative and poetic to me and I love poetry, so I really would like to read some more of it. Poetry that takes place out in the countryside I think would give me a lot of good inspiration for her. And now, a wishlist! 
Sooooo many things man.
- Childhood romance. Just--I have a lot of natives, but I’ve never managed to cinch a romance where they were childhood friends and I just think it would be really SWEET and we should honestly have more of it because this is a small town!
- In a similar vein: more gossipy plots. I just want to start a huge he said, she said train and stir up some gossip that way. It would be really fun to accidentally meddle in a relationship this way or have a secret get out that wasn’t suppose to. Both PrideU and the natives are a great way to do this and I think it could be a really fun way to involve a lot of people. 
- Lauryl wrote this down but I’m stealing it: Enemies to Lovers. What a good trope. Why have I not done it? The closest would maybe be helle but that doesn’t even really fit the trope. This is also where natives could come into play because we could have a backstory already set up for them. 
- Break ups! Short romances! Awkward dates! One night stands that end badly/weirdly/whatever. PrideU is ripe for this kind of drama. Small schools get so convoluted with this. I cannot tell you how many times I had a crush on someone just to find out that my friend did too or had slept with them or whatever. It just is impossible to escape. 
- More PrideU plots in general! People in the same major hanging out together. Feeling insecure and leaning on your friends. Going to parties and leaving early to go eat pizza at Pizza Planet. I want to grow my friendships for both Candace and Miguel and do stuff that isn’t romantic at all. I didn’t date all through college and still had a lovely, weird time. 
- (I do really love romance though, so please pitch me your most ridiculous romantic ideas, please. I do not require commitment, in fact, I prefer if there isn’t commitment. Just--let’s do some wacky romance.)
OPTIONAL: Why do you RP?
Why do I RP specifically at BDRP? Because this is my home. I feel so comfortable here and I love everyone. I am so passionate about this world. It feels so real to me. It is so, so unique. I genuinely believe that. We have encouraged everyone to add to the overall world building and I think that just makes this place so incredibly special. I have made friends that I’ve now had...basically my entire adult life and I just think that’s magical. 
I love writing with everyone and I love creating stories with people. I love reading other people’s stories and seeing people be creative in real time. It just always makes me so happy whenever I am having a bad day. 
Thank you all. <3 Here’s to another half decade. <3
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Vishaka Chakraborty -- Character Sheet
you leave home, you move on and you do the best you can. / i got lost in this old world and forgot who i am. i thought if i could touch this place or feel it / this brokenness inside me might start healing. / out here it's like i'm someone else, / i thought that maybe i could find myself. / if i could walk around i swear i'll leave. / won't take nothing but a memory / from the house that built me.
Archetype — The Innocent Birthday — September 08, 1992 Zodiac Sign — Rising Pisces; Sun in Virgo; Moon in Aquarius MBTI — ISFJ Enneagram — Type 2; the Helper Temperament — Phlegmatic  Hogwarts House — Huffleclaw Moral Alignment — Neutral Good Primary Vice — Lust Primary Virtue — Charity Element — Earth
Mother — Mayra Chakraborty Father — Pahal Chakraborty Mother’s Occupation — Farmer Father’s Occupation — Farmer Family Finances — they get by, certainly aren’t wealthy Birth Order — second oldest Brothers — Farhan (older brother, 1988); Harish (younger brother, 1994); Lance (brother in law, 1994) Sisters — Shanaya (younger sister, 1997) Other Close Family — Charles Patel-Chakraborty (husband, deceased: August 03, 2020) Best Friend — tbd Other Friends — lots of swynlake natives; people from her hospital in london Enemies — n/a really Pets — so many...all the farm animals Home Life During Childhood — Good! Hard. They moved when she was very young (5, so in 1998) to Swynlake. Her whole family picked up and moved together and it was hard to adjust at first, but she’s been in Swynlake so long that its home. The first few years were rough as the farm got established, but once it was bringing in steady income, then things smoothed out. She loves her family a lot and they mostly all get on really well.  What Did His or Her Bedroom Look Like — She and her littlest sister shared a bedroom from the time Shanaya was like 4, until Vixey moved out. It was very girly and cute.  Any Sports or Clubs — She danced a bit, but wasn’t really into extracurriculars. Also, she had to constantly help on the farm and wrangle her little siblings, so she didn’t have much time.  Favorite Toy or Game — Her sketchbook. Vixey could just happily sit in the corner and draw all day. Schooling — Swynlake schooling until she went to King’s College for nursing.  Favorite Subject — Science, she likes how organized it is, lol.  Popular or Loner — Relatively popular. She was friendly and had lots of friends. Nationality — Indian-British Culture — Indian-British lol Religion and beliefs — Hindu! 
Physical Appearance:
Face Claim — Richa Moorjani Complexion — She struggled with acne when younger but it’s taken care of now. Has a few really cute moles and freckles. Hair Colour — Dark brown Eye Colour — Brown Height — 5’7 Build — Curvy Tattoos — None Piercings — Nose piercing Common Hairstyle — Wears it braided back most of the time, usually with a headband. Clothing Style — Casual-chic, lots of jeans and boots, but cute shirts/sweaters. Mannerisms — Fiddles with the end of her hair a lot or chews on her hair when she’s thinking.
Usual Expression — 
Tumblr media
Overall (do they get sick easily)? — Living on a farm you are exposed to everything and therefore have a very hardy immune system, lol. Physical Ailments — None! Neurological Conditions — Suffering from a bit of depression.  Allergies — None! Grooming Habits — Pretty good, but not as good as you’d expect. She definitely doesn’t mind being dirty and sometimes forgets to shower before going into town after being out in the barn and such. Sleeping Habits — Normal, as a nurse she would sleep as soon as she hit the pillow. Has been having a bit more trouble these days. Eating Habits — Good! Eats a lot of healthy stuff, not a big sweets fan. Exercise Habits — Good! Girl has excellent upper body strength hauling animals and haystacks and that kind of thing around. Also goes running and does pilates. Emotional Stability — Good! Yes, she gets sad and will withdraw, but overall she is pretty stable. Body Temperature — Runs a little cold. Brings a sweater to the grocery store. Sociability — Very social, though she’s quiet. Friendly, but shy. Etc. Addictions — None, well--coffee? Drug Use — N/A Alcohol Use — Probably more than she should be drinking, rn. 
Your Character’s Character: 
Bad Habits — not wanting to deviate from her plans at all Good Habits — planning things meticulously lol Best Characteristic — responsible and organized Worst Characteristic — rigid Worst Memory — losing her husband Best Memory — her wedding! :( Proud of — her accomplishments, her family Embarrassed by — having to come back home after doing so well on her own Driving Style — a bit wild, honestly. The only time she isn’t extremely meticulous. Strong Points — organization, empathy, kindness, determination Weakness — not wanting to deviate from the plan Fears — not knowing where to go from here Phobias — none really Secrets — that part of her is glad to be home Regrets — not spending more time with her family the last few years Feels Vulnerable When — people ask her about her life goals lol Pet Peeves — disorganized people Conflicts — wanting to move on v not knowing where to go Motivation — making her family proud Short Term Goals and Hopes — get back on her feet and return to London Long Term Goals and Hopes — she’s not sure Sexuality — bisexual Day or Night Person — day Introvert or Extrovert — introvert Optimist or Pessimist — kind of in the middle? Depends on the situation Greatest Want — to find a new path in life Greatest Need — to take a breath and look around 
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