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currentlyconfused16 · 2 minutes ago
Fans when sharon was revealed to be the power broker:
Tumblr media
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divinemanicstate · 8 minutes ago
"colorful twink/twinkess steals the spotlight while the rest of the more monster-ish characters get ignored" and "let people like the colorful character because he's/she's more visually appealing" are two takes that can coexist
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enby-ofchaos · 25 minutes ago
chaos id say im mad about not hearing about the villain au but i can't be mad with you lmao anyways feel free to go off about it
asdfghgfd ur valid daisy, i just didn’t want to spam the au channel on the server lmao
So after Dream is imprisoned, Eret takes out a Totem of Undying and resurrects Wilbur with that plus sacrificing one of his own lives right? Well, that actually creates a shared-life between the two of them, kinda like Skeppy and BBH but it’s only one life, and the life goes to the other fully if they die. So if Eret died Wilbur gets a full life and if Wilbur died Eret is back to three full lives. Of course, at this point Wilbur still kind of hates Eret so I’m sure he’s loving that little bit of information /s
Actual villainy only starts to happen when Wilbur overhears Eret expressing his frustrations out loud. He’s trying to redeem himself! But no one respects his authority as king, people keep stealing from the castle, no one is paying their new taxes (which in the AU were implemented to fund the construction of the museum), so he just has to let off some steam by ranting into the void. So when Wilbur overhears he taunts Eret with “they treat you like a villain? then fucking be one”
And to Wilbur’s surprise, Eret mulls it over and agrees. And a lovely business partnership is formed jokes on you fools you’re getting friendship
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mystery-vixen · 46 minutes ago
Character A stands before the blackest part of the woods. They’re afraid, but not for themselves. They call out in a shrill voice, begging for their lover in the dark.
“Please, let me help you!”
Character B growls in the shadows. Anger and pain laces their every word and agony drenches their once strong voice. “Ğ͇̮͝ȯ̼͈͂͐͜ ą̛̼̠̉̌̐͜w̋ͅą̭̞̱͂̊͑͐͘͟y̘͒.͇̀̈́ͅ.͕̋.̙̝̳̾́͝”
“I won’t! Please. Please, let me help. I don’t care if you’ve hurt people! I love you!” A sobs.
“Ӌօմ ժօ?” B responds and their voice is almost human.
“Yes. Always.”
“A̗̺̒͑l̨̡̛̘̬̘̣̰̝̦̟̠̝̩̰̉͆̅̊́̓̒́́̔̓̇̿́̑͜͜͢͜͡͝ļ̧͕̻̬̝͔͕̋̑̈́̒̈͗̈́̅̕͢͜͡ ͚̗̟̬̤͙̣͇̣̮͕͈́̇̆̅̍̿̃̀̿̓̕͘̚͘͜͟o̡̞̗̠͖̺͉̤͓̼̙͉̦̯̯̭̊̇̋̔̈́̔̈͊̄̀̿̃͑̽̇̚͢͠f ̛̫̝̜̜̬̙͓̠̼̒̆͆͋͐̋͊͘u̙͍͉̻̮̹̖̭̼̥͉͈̟̺̲͕̪̥̤͌̅͑̿̀̔̇̒̀̿͒͌͗͑͋͂̅̂̕ṣ̅?̨̰͓̙͉͚̟́̂͊̔̑̂͌̕͜͟͞” another, darker voice calls back from the dark.
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minhyk · 54 minutes ago
literally don’t care about what c!wilbur antis have to say for he is the sexiest fucker on the server 
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amethystpath-writes · 57 minutes ago
Juniper Trees P2
Part 1 here
Snot ran into Hero’s mouth constantly as she ran through the woods, stumbling over both roots and her own toes. Who knew how easy tripping would be when you couldn’t see? The worst part of it all was the biting wind, which nipped every inch of Hero’s skin, and froze the forever-pouring tears on her cheeks and at the corners of her mouth.
Villain was meant to stay behind, to let Hero take this trek on her own, but she didn’t fully believe he wouldn’t follow from a distance at which Hero couldn’t hear him. He would follow, like he had before when he caught her, and he’d catch her all over again, and she’d cry, and he’d tell her to be quiet- tell her that she was being annoying.
And, and, and.
There was always an ‘and.’ Always a ‘What’s next?’
The pit in Hero’s stomach never diminished, never shrunk in size. It sure as hell never disappeared. Hero lived in a constant state of anxiety, looking over her shoulder- even while being blindfolded, listening for steps which weren’t her own, analysing her surroundings either by touch or sound.
Right now, Hero could hardly keep her wits about her, kept forgetting her task, kept forgetting where she was going and how crooked her situation was. As doomed and anxious as she felt, it was…pleasant to forget why she was staggering over herself, even if it did come with sudden bouts of realization and heart-dropping dread.
Hero rubbed her fingers together and gasped at the feeling of burning and raw skin. It reminded her of what she was to do, at the very least. Find the junipers, eat the berries, wait for…she shook her head. What if she ran? Sure, she was blinded with cloth, but she had her other senses. Maybe if it took her long enough to find the junipers, then Supervillain would be forced to- to contact Villain. They’d look for Hero, but…well, how would she outrun them? She didn’t know these woods like they did. They knew what trees to turn right at or to pass. Hell, they probably even had neon orange spray paint to mark the trees.
Hero’s feet stopped.
Walking with shoulders jutted forward, Hero searched for a tree- which wasn’t hard given how thick the woods were. She only needed one with bark that wouldn’t peel her skin off when she rubbed her face against it- when she pushed her blindfold off.
This was stupid, she thought. So, so stupid. If Villain found out- if Supervillain found out- she would be dead, and Hero didn’t want to die. She had no faith in any god, and therefore no belief in an afterlife. As…as difficult as this life was…there was always hope, wasn’t there? Hope for a better life?
If she were dead, though, there was nothing- nothing but a void, and a- a consciousness that didn’t exist. An eternal sleep which Hero would never even know she was in.
Hero paused against the tree which she found, cheek scrunched into her eye, and blindfold bunched up against the bark. She could barely see her nose. Looking down with eyes straining at the amount she was rolling them, Hero could see grass- bright green grass and purple blossoms. She could almost cry at the sight- no matter how little it was. Still, she slid her face up, pushing the cloth back over her eyes with bark undoubtedly leaving more scratches…would Supervillain know it was from her trying to take the blindfold off? If he did know, would he forgive her since she kept it on?
Maybe Hero should go ahead and peel the blindfold away in case Supervillain was angry. At least if she took the blindfold off now, she would have a chance to run- just like she wanted, what she intended on doing to begin with.
A voice whispered in Hero’s mind. I’ll find you, Villain’s voice said. You know I will- because I always do.
It was true- that Villain always found her. She tried escaping so many times- chasing hope and trying to catch it with her feet since her hands were always strewn so tightly behind her- like they were now. She ran down hall after hall, each time making it further. Hero would have made it one time, but the cold grass on her feet was like stepping on a blanket, something she hadn’t felt in such a long time. It was so…not heavenly- she didn’t believe in that…but it was glorious. Of course, this hadn’t lasted long. Villain had a grip on her neck, and it was only seconds after she had run from that room he stuck her in. As quickly as Hero had escaped, she was dragged back.
Her response to the voice before was almost natural, and something twisted in her gut as she asked it for the millionth time. “What will you do to me?” she asked her tormentor’s voice.
But it wasn’t Villain’s voice that answered-
“You weren’t by the junipers like he said you would be. I wonder if I should take it out on you or Villain?”
Hero’s head swam, her hearing cut out, and all she could do was accept the darkness which the blindfold already graciously offered. It wouldn’t matter that there was a root behind Hero as she fell because she wouldn’t be awake to feel the impact.
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ninjasaiyan9000 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Whats this? Not me drawing Flint in different "uniforms" obviously!!!
The things a villain has to do to make an alibi believable.
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Prompt 140
“Can I sit?”
“mm,” Hero answers, but it sounds thick. Like they’ve been crying. Because they have been. and they hate it. They hate that they’re crying. They hate how vulnerable they are in front of villain. They hate everything and everyone that’s ever made them turn out this way.
Villain crouches down next to them.
“The stars are pretty tonight,” they say. and it’s so unexpected that Hero can only laugh weakly.
“Yeah,” but they don’t look up. Instead, they gaze into the familiar golden eyes that always seem to see right through them, and they smile. “They are.”
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