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#vil shoenheit x reader
torikaku · a day ago
May I ask for the dorm leaders reacting to a androgynous mc? Anytime someone asks their gender, they just reply "yes"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For Leona, it doesn't matter how you look or identify; he loves you anyway and finds you attractive for you being you regardless others think about you. He hasn't really thought much about you looking androgynous; the most important thing for him is your intelligence, not your look. However, he finds your appearance cool, you can wear anything and look like anyone. Leona just smirks anytime you reply with a simple 'yes' to the question and he'll just play along with you if someone asks him about you.
Tumblr media
To some extent, Vil looks androgynously as well or pretty feminine, and he used to be mistaken for a girl. But he shrugged off these mistakes and just corrected people. However, it's quite amusing how you respond to such questions. In any case, he's glad you can express yourself and you don't care about what others think. Also, Vil finds androgynous people quite attractive, such people usually become models, since any clothes look nice on them.
Tumblr media
Azul finds your style and appearance really cool and beautiful. It's the first time he comes across a person with such a unique appearance. He loves that you express whatever you want, not worrying about looking different from the standards. Though he doesn't really get what your answer means, is it the way you joke? If you explain to him, he'll understand everything and will play along with you.
Tumblr media
Riddle doesn't really think about your appearance, of course, he finds you beautiful, but he will never judge you based on your looks. He himself looks and dresses quite gender non-conformingly, so for him, the most important thing is your comfort. Though Riddle doesn't really understand your answer to the question or what you mean by it, he will try to ask you about it, even if he doesn't really get it, he won't stop supporting you in your expressing yourself.
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doubledgesword-2 · 2 days ago
Can I get Vil Schoenheit x Rival Celebrity? They shoot insults at each other but end up flirting? Take it as far as you want! Any gender reader is fine lol
Oh, ma Gooosh!! This is the first Matcha Tea I've gotten, and I'm all for this. I had so much fun with this one, and I want to show you lil' sugar cubes the difference between characters I know and the ones that I don't. I do my research before writing a character that I'm unfamiliar with, but I will be sincere: I butchered the last request (Shalnark's). I will try to rewrite it, but other characters apart from the stated ones are a bit hard for me ( ˘︹˘ ).
I will always try my best for ya'll! Enjoy this steaming Matcha (❛‿❛✿)
Tumblr media
“What a shameless potato,” nimble fingers scrolled down on their phone, looking at the menagerie of pictures from one single account: yours.
You and Vil were from the same industry, just not the same department per se. While he was a model and actor, you were a j pop star and actress. Your popularity and his were on the same level, but he was slightly higher if you asked him or his fans. Ever since the two of you met on set for a fantasy-like movie, you repelled each other’s presence like oil and water.
Amethyst eyes glared at your smiling picture, and a thousand critiques passed through his mind. Your make-up did not complement your features; what was your make-up artist thinking? That nail polish didn’t match with your skin, and your haircut didn’t go with your face and countless other thoughts. But that wasn’t his place to tell, and besides, you living in his head rent-free wasn’t good for his skin. Stress kills, and thinking about you was very stressful.
The subway doors opened, and Vil gripped his side bag, adjusting his beret and sunglasses and walking out with the amount of confidence and power it took to walk down the runway. The sea of people diligently coming and going parted for him without a cue. They just did like mindless fish around a predator. It was in their nature to give in, in the presence of something so regal.
Vil had a photoshoot to go, and he couldn’t miss a beat. His agenda was full and complicated; anyone who tried to follow it would surely lose their minds after the first three days of the same arduous pace. But he could handle it with the grace of a swan. He was the great Vil Shoenheit. He wondered if you could handle a week in his shoes. You probably would drop exhausted and disheveled, complaining about the hard work. The thought made him smirk smugly, and passerby fans who recognized him couldn’t even keep up to ask for an autograph.
He just couldn’t fathom how you had such a fan base with your attitude and manners. Sure, in front of the cameras, you were a sweetheart, stealing everyone’s hearts, singing like an empowered angel, and making them think you were as far from the villain he knew you truly were. Vil knew your kind and recognized it the moment he met you on set. Heck, you couldn’t even contain your disdain in interviews when the two of you had to sit side by side. It was uncomfortable, to say the least; the poor reporter was so painfully awkward trying to alleviate the tenseness in the room.
“So (Y/N), how do you feel being an actress in a big-budget movie while also singing and performing the next week? Is it exhausting?”
You sided glared at Vil, and gave the reporter a smug grin. “Well, I think I can handle a little bit of work. It’s not in me to sit around and look pretty, you know. But then again, I guess that’s what some people are into, so we can’t judge them. They might not understand hard work.”
Vil smiled with closed eyes. You were such an amateur. If it weren’t for the fact that you were actively throwing shade on him and being so annoying at it, too, he might think you were cute.
Of course, Vil wouldn’t back down; that’s not what he was taught. The crown was his, and he would take it with hard work and determination. Which means potatoes like you don’t really matter in the long run of things.
“Vil-senpai, how do you manage your modeling gig and your acting? I mean, it must be hard to run from one event to the next since they’re so close behind each other?”
“Well, dear, we models are more than just a pretty face. We represent big companies and events that many couldn’t even fathom getting into. My schedule might be a bit tight, but I was born into this lifestyle, and I have learned many skills to help me move and work in these types of environments. I can say one thing for sure not a lot of people can handle my agenda, one day in my heels, and they might slip if you know what I mean, darling.”
You scoffed under your breath, and it made Vil’s smile grow wider.
“Ahh, Vil-senpai is a hard worker for sure. Perhaps one day I could do an interview that can provide insight to one day of your agenda.”
“Anytime you want, darling, it would be lovely,” he knew with every word that came out of his mouth; you simmered even more.
“Are there any hobbies or activities that can fit into your schedules?
Vil was about to open his mouth when you beat him to it.
“Well, I don’t think he’s allowed to have any, you know, with his busy schedule. But I do love partaking in (hobby). I think it is a nice way to unwind and take my mind off of everything. Since stress it’s not good for your vocals, you know. I try to keep myself in top shape for my lovely fans.”
Vil was raging. How dare you interrupt him when he was clearly about to talk. Didn’t your parent taught you any manners, or are you so much of a spoiled brat to care for?
“Ahh, interesting. Does Vil Sendai have any hobbies in particular?
“As a matter of fact, I do” you were looking at him with an expectant smirk. You were genuinely curious to hear what he had to say. “I like to make beauty and make-up tutorials that are beneficial for a lot of my fans. I like to show them how to use brushes correctly what and what not to do with concealer. Those are bonding moments for me and my fans. I think they are important.”
At the end of that interview, a single question brought the anger and tense meter to burst. Now the tensions and dislikes weren’t palpable. They were visible.
“Oh, I’ve had some partners, but I like to focus more on my work, unlike some other artists who like to jump around; my projects come first, and I don’t want to ruin my partner’s and I relationship by not spending enough time with them.”
“Wow, he really doesn’t like to have fun.”
“I do just not with the likes of you.”
“Come on, pretty boy, you couldn’t handle me even if you were begging pretty on your knees.”
“Dream on, potato, you might be prettier than most potatoes, but you’re still that a potato with some potential. I bet if push came to shove, you wouldn’t last seconds with me.
“I bet you wouldn’t make it into the second round without having to retouch your make-up with me. Besides, it’s not like you’ll last long enough to even sweat that much.”
“Well, that’s a relief to know I wouldn’t have to put much effort into pleasing someone like you.”
The reporter was utterly flushed, and that was cut from the interview recording. Good thing that it was, or people might’ve gotten the wrong impression. That you liked each other or something.
Or something.
After that interview, rumors spread like they always do, and fans started gossiping about the two of you secretly together but having to hate each other in public to save face since it’s a big rumor that singers and models don’t actually go well together in the industry.
Such wild imagination and machinations fans have. It brought out a small chuckle.
Vil passed through the automatic doors telling the receptionist his name and guiding him to the set. Once there, he settled his stuff over the make-up table and sat back to look once more through his phone.
“Have you seen this?” A text notification annoying appeared on the screen.
Vil tch and opened the message to reveal a very well photoshopped photo of him and you sitting and drinking at some café. You were smiling like he just told you you were beautiful, and it was a good look on you.
This was outrageous. Who would go to such lengths? Suddenly a bag dropped right on the table next to him. He looked up to meet your eyes as you took off your sunglasses, slowly realizing who was sitting beside you.
“Oh no,” you faintly muttered underneath your breath but not faintly enough that Vil couldn’t hear you.
He scoffed and went back to look at the stupid picture, texting his manager as mad as he was.
“Oh, you saw it too,” you commented, sitting down and looking at your own phone.
Vil didn’t answer. He really didn’t care about your opinion on this; his credibility was on the line. He was supposed to hate you, and that’s how things should go.
“Well, at least they got a good angle of my face, not to mention I’m actually smiling for once.”
“Actually, smil- what are you talking about potato? All you do is smile in all of your pictures. That’s why you have to hide your wrinkles with make-up,” he said as if it was the most obvious thing.
“Well, as presumptuous as that was, proud little peacock, I actually never smile genuinely for the cameras. My genuine smile is reserved for good moments. I guess not anymore.”
At that, Vil felt like the two of you clicked. He knew the feeling, the invasive nature of fame, and the lack of privacy was very real in the industry. It’s the first thing you have to get through. But listening to you say made him realize you’re just like him.
“Well, if you behave during the shoot, I might feel inclined to reward you for good behavior” he grinned at you.
“Mmm, you make it sound as if you don’t like the way I make you crumble in front of everyone. It’s like you’re denying yourself the pleasure, and here I thought you liked the masochism.”
“Hahahaha, I’ll step on you once we’re done here. Maybe that and a little bit of discipline will put you in your place. However, your lack of manners and running mouth might be a problem; perhaps all you need is a nice pacifier. I can help with that.”
You both were so close to each other muttering salacious threats that you didn’t realize how flustered everyone else was in the room.
It was going to be another one of those shoots.
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rosieroxy117 · 3 days ago
Vil Schoenheit x LeBlanche!Reader | Surprisingly pt 2 of ‘Woah there’
Tumblr media
This is part two of the Vil Schoneheit x LeBlanche!Reader otherwise known as 'woah there!' I recommend that you read the first part before this.
And this one shot behind a few weeks after (Y/n)'s and Vil's meeting, and it begins at a photo shoot.
Thank you for your time!
And have a great time reading- ✨
"Ah! Vi-Kun!!" A cheerful voice cheered out to Vil who was talking to his manager.
"Guess what!" Neige said as he stopped in front of Vil with a bright smile.
Vil raised a brow before signaling to his manager to leave which they do-
"(Y/n)'s is the one who designed our clothes today!" He beamed in delight.
Vil's eyes widened as the tips of his ears turn red.
Awe, the man is so hopelessly in love with (Y/n), I wonder what would happen if the story took a twist!
But never mind that, he blushed just by hearing their name!
Awe how cute-
I think I'm getting a bit side tracked here...
Vil coughed into his fist before saying.
"Is that so?" Neige just nodded at him with a big grin.
Today's theme was Medival ages.
"Oh, heya you two! Just the people I was looking for!" A voice called out, they both looked over to see (Y/n) in all their lovely glory.
They were holding two pairs of clothes along with accessories.
"I need you two to put these on!" (Y/n) said as they placed the clothes on a near by table, the boys followed them to see them deprecating the clothes and accessories.
"Vil I want you to wear the blue one and Neige wear the green one! Don't forget to wear the accessories!" (Y/n) grinned before walking off.
Vil stared at the clothes and accessories for him.
It seems that he was wearing a a blue cape, white shirt and light brown pants along with black boots.
The accessories given to him were a gold crown with a few blue gems and a belt with a sword holder attached to it. (Idek what the sword holder thing is called- so please do tell me what it's called if you do know what it is 🤦‍♀️)
It seems that he was playing the role of a prince.
A few minutes later aka after getting changed-
"Ah! You look better than I expected! Minus the part that your hair isn't done yet.." (Y/n) cheered at Vil.
"Here! Sit down. I will do your hair since these people obviously don't know what they are doing." (Y/n) said as they gestured for Vil to sit down on the chair next to them.
Vil only hummed and warily walked over then sat down.
His hair had originally been tied into his normal half up half down up do.
But (Y/n) changed it to a low pony tail, leaving some of his front hair out and styling it to the side.
"There! You look somewhat rebellious and regal!" (Y/n) grinned while brushing some of his hair to the side.
Vil blushed just in the slightest.
"Oh hey Neige! I didn't notice you." (Y/n) giggled as they stared at Neige who wore a Paris green jacket that separates on ends making it seem like a mini dress while the chest part has a small opening revealing his white shirt, you could see at the ends of his sleeves there were white ruffles. (I'll leave your imagination to think of pants and shoes cuz I'm lazy as fuq-) All of his hair was pushed to one side while he wore little make up, he also held a basket with him.
"Ah! You look great Vi-Kun!" Neige cheered with a smile, Neige looked so different to Vil making his jaw drop.
"Would you like to see what you look like?" (Y/n) asked with grin as she gestured to a big mirror.
He nodded then walked over to it to seem baffled.
"I know, my clothes are great aren't they?" (Y/n) grinned walking over to Vil.
"Welp, I have things to do so I'll see you two later!." They grinned and walked off.
A few moments of silence passed after (Y/n) had left.
"Stay away from my sister/brother/sibling.." A sickly sweet voice said making Vil flinch just in the slightest.
He turned around and saw Neige glaring daggers at him.
"I don't know what your intentions are. But it is certainly not funny.." He glared, it's as if his personality had done a 180.
"I don't like the way you stare at them.." He says as he makes his way towards Vil.
"So stay away from them.." He said dangerously low as he stopped right in front of Vil and glared up at him.
"Honestly, I'm surprised they haven't dropped you and stopped playing around with you. As soon as they find out you are typically boring, they'll leave you acting as if they had never met you." He said with a sickly sweet smile, he then turned around started to walk off.
"So it's better you leave them alone now.." He said before leaving.
Vil was left shocked and surprised.
"Once they find out that your typically boring they'll leave you and act as if they had never met you.."
Those words rung is his head as he stood turned against the mirror.
Surprisingly he didn't take the threat seriously.
(Y/n) seemed like a kind hearted spirit, and they could never do that to people right?..
Maybe it's just a mask to lure people in...
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rosieroxy117 · 3 days ago
Vil Schoneheit x LeBlanche!Reader | Woah there!
Tumblr media
I don’t actually edit my one shots so I apologieze for the words I misspelled-
Please note that there may be spoilers for those who hasn’t seen the 5th chapter.
If you are okay with spoilers then you are okay to go-
The first scene is after Rook reveals that he voted for Neige-
"Woah there pretty boy!" A voice shouted out in slight concern.
Vil slowly opened his eyes to see a lovely person standing in front of him.
They had (e/c) eyes that he could get lost in and (h/c) hair that framed their appearance nicely.
"You alright?" They chuckled, Vil could feel the tips of his ears burn as he stared at them a little bit longer taking in what is happening.
This person is holding him....
This handsome/beautiful person is holding...
"Umm... Excuse me?.." They asked in concern.
"Oh-... Uhm.... My deepest apologies.." Vil coughed as he stood up straight.
"I am V-"
"Wow your hawt-" Ace said as he looked the mysterious person up and down.
No doubt about that-
"Oh um... Thank you, you are quite handsome yourself." They said awkwardly.
"Oui, he is not wrong! You are like a beautiful wild flower in the enchanted forest that can only be plucked by those who are deemed worthy!" Rook exasperated.
"So your saying I'm enchanting?" The person asked as they seat dropped.
"(N/n)-chaaan!" Rook had been cut off by a new cheerful voice, everyone looked over to see Neige running towards the mysterious person.
"Ah- Neige!" The person said as Neige hugged them tightly.
"Stop wandering off! You know that there is a lot of people here just wanting to get a bite out of you!" Neige pouted as he stared into the persons eyes.
"And do- Oh hello Vi-Kun!" Neige was about to scold them more before they saw Vil.
"Hello, who is this lovely person?" Vil said as he stared at the two in slight jealousy.
"Oh! This is my sister/brother
(Y/n)! They make the majority of my clothes and stuff! Isn't that cool?!" Neige flaunted as (Y/n) sighed.
"You know I could've introduced myself?.." (Y/n) grinned.
"Eheheh, sorry." Neige rubbed the nape of his neck.
"Anyways Vil, I suggest that you be careful next time, don't wanna ruin your pretty face now would ya?"
(Y/n) grinned as Vil's face turned a shade of pink.
"I'll be going now, I need to make sure everyone is doing alright." They said then turned away and left.
That is how Vil and (Y/n)'s first meeting went...
And how Vil, found himself head over heels for a knight in shinning armor figure.
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pomefi-whore · 7 days ago
Being one of Vil's makeup artists that he hired and while you're doing his makeup, he starts to shift uncomfortably. You think nothing of it, he might just be nervous for his next show. But when you let your eyes trail down to the sparkly sequins of his outfit, you can see a very visible, large bulge.
And don't think he didn't notice that either! He knows how red your face is, he doesn't even have to look at you to know. He'll let you continue with your work, you're almost done anyways.
But right after you finish; Right before you leave, he'll call you over to him again. "MC, I know you looked." You swear, your heart just skipped a beat, and not in a good way.
" Oh, don't be scared, Darling. I was just going to ask for some help." His eyes held a dark glint, the smirk on his face says it all. He spread his legs, making room for you.
"So if you don't mind, would you help me, please? It hurts so much, and you're the perfect solution to this problem." He waited patiently for you to move in betwern his legs, and in no time, there you were.
"Such a pretty little thing... So cute. Now, don't be shy. Go ahead and take it out." He twitched in his pants, bits of precum already starting to spurt out.
Without another word, you unzipped his pants and let his hard cock free. He sighed in relief, relaxing his shoulders.
"Come on, Dear, we haven't got all day. Now get to work before I use you myself; I'm getting impatient."
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torikaku · 7 days ago
Hi!! Your blog is super cute 🌸💕
Can I request Vil, Malleus & Jamil with an MC who’s very interested in bugs? Likes to pick them up or take them outside if they’re in a room?
If bugs make you uncomfy though feel free to delete!
I can easily relate to Jamil...
Tumblr media
Not that Vil is afraid of insects... but he'd rather not touch or have any business with them. He does not really understand your interest in them, but he tries to accept your quirk since it's part of your personality.
If you find an interesting bug that catches your eyes and you pick it up, Vil will just sweatdrop. It would take a lot of courage for Vil to pick up a bug in bare hands, so he just stays silent and slightly smiles while you're examining the creature.
Actually, Vil hasn't had any problems with getting rid of insects when he saw them in his room. But since having a bug enthusiast, he will ask you to take a bug outside next time when he spots one.
Tumblr media
Malleus himself hasn't really been interested in insects, but he finds it fascinating that you have a topic you can freely speak about. Since you usually listen to him talking about gargoyles, he will gladly listen to you talking about your sphere of interest in return.
Malleus watches with interest how you allow a bug to wander in your hands and not be scared of it, since most humans are not really keen on insects. If you let Malleus hold the bug, he will be surprised to have such a small creature in his hands that has no fear of him.
Tumblr media
You can be interested in anything you want, Jamil doesn't mind at all, but he absolutely doesn't understand what you find interesting in bugs. Just the thought of these disgusting creatures makes his blood run cold, so please don't even raise the topic of bugs in front of him.
If you happen to have a bug as a pet, you'd better not show it to him. If Jamil sees a bug freely wandering in your arms, the poor boy will have a heart attack.
But at the same time, you're his superhero. If he spots some insects in a room, he can just ask you to get rid of the creature, not threatening to burn down the whole building.
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twillightteaparty · 8 days ago
Twisted Wonderland Characters with an Asexual S/o
This is in fact something I'm writing for my self-indulgent needs. though I hope others enjoy it as well. if you want to see other characters don't be afraid to make a request ~Tea
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit
Tumblr media
Despite what you might first think, he is still loving and caring. but of most importance, he's respectful of any and all boundaries. he understands how uncomfortable it can be to have boundaries crossed and does everything in his power to not inflict the same discomfort onto someone he cares so deeply about.
definitely, someone who enjoys the many different ways to show love and affection. so he really loves finding different ways to metaphorically paint a smile on your face. just finding delight in the smallest but most sincere gestures.
even if he doesn't show it right away, he definitely finds ways to 'repay' kind gestures. like their just simple things that no one would expect to be repaid in any sort of way but Vil just repays it anyway, it may be as simple as quality time and doing something together with a little extra flair. otherwise it might be a little gift that he makes sure to deliver in person.
he'll always make sure you're comfortable with whatever is happening or going on. I'm sure he just wants someone he can trust and enjoy whatever spare time he has with the person he adores so much. because in his mind just enjoying each other's company and everything that you get to do together is enough, he likes to relax and enjoy the peacefulness of it all.
Jamil Viper
Tumblr media
I don't think it would bother him all that much like I think he would be really chill about the whole thing and ask what things your comfortable with and what's off the table. that way for future reference he knows what lines not to cross. he wouldn't want to make the person he loves and cares about uncomfortable. not now, not ever.
Jamil strikes me as the kind of person to like know a lot about flower language, and all the different meanings, so expect all the cutest and sappy messages you can think of and more send in wonderful bouquets of flowers, some hand-delivered others left on your doorstep. though I'm sure he'll also learn how you like to receive affection the most and try to apply that knowledge.
This dude, this guy, a sucker for quality time. often just wants to do nothing more than lay down and cuddle the hell out of his s/o. maybe just watch a movie, nothing more nothing less. he just wants to curl up in a blanket with you and know that he doesn't have to go do something in the next 5, 10, 30 minutes. he can just sit there and cuddle you for a while.
he's really good at communicating and always makes sure to know what's on and off the table. I imagine he values good communication in a relationship so to be afraid to bring something up and talk about it so you both are on the same page.
Floyd Leech
Tumblr media
Changes literally nothing. man just wants hugs, cuddles and to crush your spine (jokingly not seriously). might take him a while to fully learn all of your boundaries and absolutely is quick to apologize if he has crossed a line. not to mention he'll stop doing whatever action it was he was doing that crossed the line.
most certainly one of the more interesting duos on campus but definitely a force to be reckoned with. with that said if Floyd even hears the slightest negative comment about any of this he will most likely be the person to start a fight. or it's 'game time' where pranks and more are tools of revenge.
cuddle puddle is real. mind you no one else is welcome in this cuddle puddle for two, but cuddle puddle nonetheless. this is the one consistent hanging out / bonding moment that's consistent. he'd probably get really creative about unique ways to spend time with you. there is never a dull moment.
please consider him taking you to a dance hall or something, maybe even an open area and something to play music so that he can dance the night away with you, maybe ending with stargazing when the two of you no longer have the energy to dance. (bonus points if you play a game of rename the constellation or make up your own-)
Azul Ashengrotto
Tumblr media
doesn't matter to him at the end of the day, he just wants to be given affection and be cared about deeply. he loves you all the same and just wants you to feel safe and comfortable around him. will forever have a mental note of anything and everything that makes you uncomfortable and will always as if something is okay to do.
definitely makes any time you guys hang out especially when if just time between the two of you special considering he is a rather busy-bodied person. this doesn't mean expensive gifts, it's probably more along the lines of I remember you talking about this thing so I got it for us to try together or like candle little dinner at the lounge and a meal he cooked himself.
does enjoy nights where you two can just nest somewhere and like cuddle comfortably under a blanket. if you like horror movies please imagine him using them as an excuse to hang out with you and cuddle, he has no interest in the movie, he is fully under the blanket hiding his face just to cuddle in peace. he doesn't have the constitution for watch horror movies his little heart(s?) can't stand it.
please leave this man messages he can respond to later that will make him a blushing mess from how cute they are. also consider sharing songs with him and be like us/could be us/ reminded me of you and just cute things like that- he will always take the time to respond when he gets the chance. also please consider sweet but short phone calls with him on days he's rather busy and he still finds the time to say 'i love you' pdjpigspsgps
Lilia Vanrouge
Tumblr media
you are allowed to disagree with me on this one, but I have a feeling that Lilia himself might be somewhere on the asexual scale. but I like to imagine he is a bit of a hopeless romantic as well. either way, I think Lilia is the most understanding and accommodating. because regardless he loves you and he probably just continues to fall in love.
poetry, love letters, cheese pick-up lines, flowers, cute gifts, yes to all of the above. Whether it's something he bought from a store or handmade heartfelt gifts you are always going to be getting something from him. he has a different form of affection for basically every occasion. he'll do everything in his power to sweep you off your feet.
please also considering inviting you over for afternoon tea or something and after a harp or piano starts playing itself with the help of magic and Lilia ask you to dance. maybe he even sings a little bit and it just feels and sounds like what it's like to fall in love, to refall in love over and over again.
Another thing worthy of consideration is cuddling by the fireplace on a cold night with a warm beverage of choice. just the crackling of the fire and the sound of Lilia humming on a cold winter's night. a peaceful way to spend the evening.
Hope you enjoyed the post, love admin tea
Tumblr media
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bubbledumbbinch · 8 days ago
Heya! Congrats on the 100+ followers!! Your writing is really good and I enjoy reading your works!
If you dont mind, what would be your headcanons on the TWST dorm leaders of what prefrences they have for a S/O? Like what would they want in an S/O? (Also Im sorry if this has already been asked Im also kinda new to your blog as well ;w;)
Hii!! And thank you 🥰🥺💕 that means a lot to me!! I hope you stay and continue to enjoy yourself here!This hasn’t been asked before so I hope you enjoy!!! ;w; I hope you all enjoy I had a fun time (and a difficult time) writing this out! I think I made it too long, again ;w;
I made this SFW uwu just some fluff!!!! But please keep in mind before you follow me, I MOSTLY POST NSFW works.
Warnings: slight story spoilers for episode 5, for Idia’s part, if u squint
Pairings: Dorm Leaders x Reader
I put things under a cut for length!!
Riddle Rosehearts
Riddle would probably want a partner who does well in school - at least someone who tries to! It would go against his own desires to do well in life if he has a partner who doesn’t have the drive to succeed like he does.
He isn’t particularly fond of people who have a lot of potential yet waste it on being lazy. Like I said before, it goes against his own morals.
I also see him wanting someone fun-loving! Riddle grew up in an environment where fun was essentially taboo so he would be drawn like a moth to a flame to someone who has so much energy in them. Remember one of his best childhood friends is Che’nya so he would probably not hate the idea of joking around and being silly once in a while!
Someone who would love sweets like him! Not too often so he could maintain his shape, but someone who would love to indulge him once in a while!
Riddle would love to see an S/O who makes time for him and the unbirthday parties that Heartslabyul hosts! He feels like a good dorm leader and seeing you make an effort to come makes him feel like a great boyfriend too!
“Ah, Y/N, I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to make it today.” Riddle sighed to himself in relief. He feared his rose would come to the party late. “Ah, sorry Riddle! I was late because I was studying for Professor Crewel’s exam but I lost track of time!” You breathed out, a bit exhausted from running.
The redhead only nodded and smiled at you. “Don’t worry about it, my rose. We’ve only just begun the party, so no need to fret.” Riddle’s gentlemanly ways never failed to make your heart soar. “No no, I’ll make it up to you! I’ll bake you a tart sometime, you’ll let me right?” You playfully nudged at your boyfriend’s arm and smirked.
Riddle could only blush furiously. “Th-that would not be a bad idea. I suppose I would accept the gift graciously, dear, but only if we can cook it together. I believe it would be beneficial to both of us to learn!”
Leona Kingscholar
Someone who loves to nap with him like all the time
Leona would definitely want someone who is willing to praise him a lot. Growing up he never really had that and felt like he was overshadowed by his big brother, so this guy needs validation like crazy. Tell him how strong he is, how much you love him, how warm he is… he’ll scoff and look away but you could see the faintest blush on his cheeks. He secretly loves it.
I feel like Leona would like bratty tsunderes, for some reason. He would be the perfect teasing type for them and I think I can just picture Leona and his S/O getting into play fights that lead to something more, if you catch my drift.
Someone who can be “refined” enough for show so that when he brings you home to his family, they can accept you fully. The last thing he wants is his family pestering him about how his potential mate isn’t a good fit.
As tough as he may be he def wants someone at the end of the day to stroke his head and calm him down after a long and stressful day.
“Oi, herbivore, come here and be my pillow.” Leona’s gruff voice broke the silence of his room. He was sitting up on his bed while you studied on his desk. Giggling, you made your way into his bed, crawling over to where he was. Leona pushed your torso down gently and started nuzzling his head on your chest, and you could feel the vibrations coming from his body that was like a low growl. Or was it purring?
“Of course, anything for my big strong boyfriend, the best Magift player in the school, my one and only love~” you endlessly praised him, smiling at him as if he were a rare diamond. Leona only huffed as he wrapped his muscular arms around your form, effectively preventing you from leaving.
“Tch…. Damn right….” Leona mumbled. “Why don’t you tell me more while I start drifting to sleep?” Leona smirked. Running your fingers through his hair carefully, you obliged, feeling Leona’s breathing become more calm as you continued.
Azul Ashengrotto
Azul would ALSO want someone who praises him, due to his years of being bullied. Call him beautiful, smart, tell him he’s the most cunning man on campus. He EATS IT UP. This man will swear on his life for you.
He also would want someone who has the ability to work hard… what? The Mostro Lounge needs extra workers sometimes! Azul thinks that if he can own the lounge, manage contracts, AND study hard for school, his S/O should be able to match him!
I can see Azul absolutely praising/spoiling his S/O too. Since you give him so much happiness in his life he should pay it forward, no? What would you like, a new dress/suit? A new piece of jewelry?
Someone !!! Loyal!!! Azul wants someone who he can feel secure with in a relationship, so he probably wouldn’t want you to flirt with anybody else since his insecurities will SPARK UP like crazy!
Azul wants someone who loves him for who he is, unconditionally!
“Angelfish… hello, good evening. I’m sorry if I am a bit more tired than usual, I just finished with ordering more inventory for the lounge and dealing with some paperwork.” Azul sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose. You dropped your bags on one of the chairs of the VIP room and walked over slowly to your octomer boyfriend. Bringing your arms to his shoulders, you slowly begin to knead and massage his arms gently. Azul groaned at the contact, muscles aching.
“How is this, Azul? I know how hard you work, you deserve to take a break too, sometimes…” you spoke gently into his ear, kissing the shell of it. The contact gave him slight goosebumps. “Ah, I would love to but, I have so much more to do… I know it’s going to be a late night for me, so why don’t you head on to sleep?” You tsked, upset with his answer. “I know it’s late Azul, that’s why I’m here. You know, if you keep doing this you’ll get wrinkles, right?”
“Ahem! Well. Then, this might be a good place to stop if that’s the case…” Azul huffed, standing up quickly to retire to his room, you in tow.
Kalim Al-Asim
Kalim wants someone who is cheerful! They may not be a ray of sunshine like he is, but I honestly can’t picture him with someone smug/gloomy. Kalim might be dense but he isn’t THAT stupid. I think he would be able to notice if you were upset which makes him upset.
Someone who is down for anything, Kalim would love to take you on a ride on his magic carpet at random hours of the day so be prepared to drop whatever you’re doing if you want to appease your impulsive boyfriend!
A fun loving person for sure, who isn’t super self conscious about what people think. If he asks you to dance with him he would really love for you to join! He wouldn’t want you to say something like, “oh, but I’m a bad dancer…” Kalim would shake his head and ask you why you would say that! It’s all about having a fun time together, right?
A patient lover is what Kalim would want as well, someone who’s kind, too. At the end of the day when Kalim is ready to sleep after his crazy antics, he wants a partner he can be able to lay next to and feel like himself.
Someone who loves him even if he weren’t rich, Kalim would want someone for their personality and not materialistic things or beauty. Kalim sees someone for their heart ! (*´꒳`*)
You yawned heavily while rubbing your eyes. Was that a tapping noise coming from the window? “Ugh…. What time is it?” Checking your phone, you saw it was 1:30am. You also had a text from Kalim.
*tap tap tap*
You groggily walked over to the window and opened the curtains to see Kalim sitting on his magic carpet with the biggest grin upon seeing you. Opening the window, you giggled lightly. “Good evening Kalim, fancy seeing you here so late.”
“Hi, Y/N!! I woke up and felt bored so, you wanna join me on a night ride around campus?” Kalim practically beamed at you, even this late at night. His smile never failed to make your heart flutter. The boy’s positive energy also transferred to you, effectively waking you up.Stepping onto the carpet from your window was your answer. After getting situated, you kissed Kalim’s cheek and held his hand. “Of course Kalim, I would love to.”
Vil Schoenheit
Someone who can tough out his callous words and treatment. Vil might be a bit much, but the reason why he does this is because he does it with the goal of ultimately helping you. He only wants to see the best out of people, including but not limited to his little sweet potato!
Someone who is patient. He knows he checks who the most beautiful person is quite often and he doesn’t do it to annoy you, it’s just for his own personal validation issues. Lay a hand on his arm, back, or head to give him praises and let him know he’s beautiful to you no matter what.
Someone who is willing to pepper him lightly with kisses (not the face though, he has makeup on!). He definitely eats it up and loves it so much, he feels like you are treating him like a king. He’ll pay that back tenfold and give you beauty treatments, it’ll feel like you’re at the spa on a weekday!
Vil is constantly posting on Magicam, depending on whether you’re comfortable enough to be posted on there he would want to make sure you are okay with him constantly taking photos to be posted on there. Whether it be food you cooked, matching couples outfits, or even pictures of you without makeup, be ready to face comments of all sorts coming from his fans.
“Mira Mira on my phone… Currently, who is the most beautiful of all?” You heard Vil speak outside of his room. Currently you sat on the small chaise at the foot of his bed. Vil told you he needed to step out for a second, so you could get ready for bed now. After putting on your sleeping clothes, Vil finally came back in, seeming more irritated than before. His eyebrows furrowed and his body looked tense.
“Vil, are you alright?” You questioned him as you made your way to his bed, slipping under the covers. Vil only sighed and exchange a quick “Mm.” as he changed into his pajamas and came to join you. He was turned so his back was facing you and he was a bit distant. You knew he didn’t get the answer he wanted when he got those search results back. You didn’t know how to convince your boyfriend otherwise but you decided you needed to talk to him.
“Vil, darling…” you spoke gently as you nuzzled closer, your chest pressing into his back. Your arm wrapped around him to pull him closer, to which he responded with finally relaxing in your touch. “You’re one of the best things that’s happened to me, Vil, I don’t know if you realize how lucky I am to have such a loving, caring, and talented boyfriend like you. Your beauty is simply the cherry on top of the person I fell in love with. To me, you’re perfect. I love you.” You ended your tangent by placing a gentle kiss on his shoulder, dozing off.
You couldn’t see Vil but he trembled lightly as tears silently fell down his face. “Thank you… I love you too, my sweet potato.” Vil whispered into his pillow. With you, he always felt like the most beautiful person.
Idia Shroud
Personality wise, I don’t think Idia would be picky. He’s a shy person and honestly would be surprised he could get an S/O at all! So is Ortho!
Speaking of Ortho, Idia wants someone who is kind and loving to his little brother. Knowing his partner loves his brother would only make him fall for you harder!
Probably someone who would give Idia his own space until he finally felt comfortable and wanted to take it further, he would prob take a few days to even kiss you!!!
Idia wants someone to be his player 2 :) like actually, come over and game with him and he’ll probably be the happiest boy ever.
Big big bonus if you love anime, cosplay, gaming, etc. It’s one thing to be an otaku like Idia but when he has a partner to fully indulge in his interests with?? It’s a win-win situation for everyone! He wants to do a couple cosplay one day if he gets the courage to ask you.
Someone who won’t pressure him too much. If you remember how Riddle pressured Idia into trying to speak publicly, you know how much of a scary situation it put Idia in, even though he was able to do it. Stressing him out is just gonna make him unhappy :(
Someone who enjoys spending as much time inside as he does! I’m not talking a hikikomori but someone who wouldn’t be opposed to staying inside with him 99.9% of the time lol
“Y-Y/N-shi, would you like to g-go on a date with me soon?” Idia fumbled with his fingers, looking away as he asked you. You raised an eyebrow. “Oh? Idia, this is the first time you asked me to ‘go on a date’. Don’t tell me, are we actually going out somewhere?!”
“Eek! D-don’t be ridiculous, Y/N!!” He almost screeched the words out. Suddenly he pulled out a couple of VR headsets with hand controllers, and handed one to you. “Fuhehe, I just made a bunch of simulation locations. We could go to the park, a restaurant, even an amusement park..!” He grinned showing off his teeth.
You giggled at Idia’s enthusiasm, loving the way he gets after speaking about his own creations. “What a wonderful idea, Idia. Maybe we could take Ortho to the ‘amusement park’ too? We’ll be a big family.” You mused. Idia’s face brightened and a faint pink tinge covered his cheeks.
“F-family, huh? Ah, Y-Y/N-shi…. That would be n-nice…” Idia blushed as he considered what the future would bring for the both of you.
Malleus Draconia
Malleus would also mostly not have preferences on a person’s personality. Like, he wouldn’t say something like: “I want someone shy vs someone bold.” Anything his child of man does is interesting to him and he’s entranced by you!
That being said, Malleus would not tolerate rudeness, disrespect to him, Lilia, or his fellow dorm mates, etc. He may love you but he values those bonds more, especially Lilia’s and his grandmother’s.
Malleus wants someone who is willing to teach him human tendencies, since he is curious about them. Malleus will also probably never stop asking you about your life in the previous world, and listen passionately as you describe the hobbies you had, family members, etc.
As long as you continue to love and treat Malleus like a normal person and with kindness, he will continue to love you endlessly. He’s so unused to it that he will feel so special as you only coo in awe instead of fear away, if he showed you a magic trick or maybe donned more of his draconic features like his tail or long claws.
You walked with Malleus under the bright moonlight in the woods near Ramshackle dorm. His height and charm never failed to impress you. And his face, he was so very handsome. His striking green eyes always made you feel hypnotized and his horns were so well taken care of, you almost wanted to reach out and-
“Hm, Child of Man… you do know it’s quite rude to stare, yes?” Malleus chuckled and suddenly broke the silence, making you gasp. “Ah, sorry Tsunotarou. I-,” searching your thoughts, you just couldn’t think of anything quickly enough. “I just couldn’t help myself. You’re very attractive.” You murmured, admitting defeat.
“Oh? Do I not intimidate you, my dear? Usually humans and even other fae fear my features and tend to shy away…” Malleus looked down in thought as he continued walking. You wrapped yourself around one of his arms as he walked, effectively stopping him in his place. “Well, you don’t intimidate me! I like being around you, so, let’s keep it that way. I want to stay with you for a long time so don’t get too tired of me okay, Malleus?”
Hearing you say his given name only made the fae’s heart beat harder in his chest. Surely you knew what you did to him. He smiled down at you, green eyes softening in your gaze.
“I assure you I won’t, little human.”
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stormgardenscurse · 8 days ago
Hello! Can I make a request for purple hyacinth for Vil and Jade, please?
Jade's is already done here!
🌻purple hyacinth: how would they react if their s/o died?
He carries a picture of you with him, be it in a locket or some other form. It’s his way of bringing your memory with him wherever he goes, and in a sense, bringing you along to witness the rest of his achievements and dreams. There’s still so much to do that Vil regrets not being able to show it to you personally, but at the very least he’ll remember the hope and faith you had for him in his heart.
Vil was a busy person, and still is, but he’d always made time for you. You knew this, and you always appreciated how he was considerate of you - but now that you’re gone, a part of Vil wishes he’d cancelled more plans and spent more time together with you. He knows that thinking all this wouldn’t change anything, but these thoughts do gather at times even way after your death.
Eventually, Vil thinks of you and manages to muster a smile on his face - why shouldn’t he, when you’ve brought so much light and love into his life? Rather than brooding around, he should celebrate the beauty of your actions and words. He’ll never say it explicitly, but it shows in how his determination seems to be strengthened these days.
In his room is a vase of flowers that’s cared for and changed regularly - they were your favorites, and some were the blooms you used to like putting into his hair.
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twistedwishingwell · 12 days ago
Hi!! love your writing! Can I ask how the dorm leaders would react to finding out (male)MC had/has (depending on their relationship) friends with benefits around campus? Feel free to make whoever the FWB! thank you
Awe thank you. Also, I like this, also I think I'm going to have it that Dorm Leader isn't dating the reader since it wasn't specified but likely a crush just because that makes certain characters all the funnier to me
The friends with benefits are the ADeuce combo because the idea amuses me
Male pronouns used on request ~
Riddle Roseheart
He's trying to not judge him
He promises he is trying to not judge him, because everyone is different and comes from different back grounds and he still likes him a lot
But... Ace Trappola and Deuce Spade.... Really?
He had hoped his crush would have more refined tastes then those two
At the very least Cater if he wanted someone a little more on the wild side
He's more then a little jealous and pouts for a bit
He's more then a little jealous and pouts for a bit
Still, he is determined to win his heart, this is just a minor set back
Leona Kingscholar
... Good for him?
Like was Leona supposed to care where the herbivore had been and who they were fucking around with
Not him
Ok yes, him. But it was just a crush it would go away
Or he would sweep the herbivore off his feet and show him that he is a much better time then the two half's of a whole idiot
Yeah that seemed like a fun idea
Best be prepared then~
Azul Ashengrotto
"What do you mean he's friends with benefits with those idiots?"
More then a little hurt that his angelfish would chose Ace and Deuce over him for those kinds of things
Though the more rational part of Azul understand WHY he wouldn't be approached
It was nothing to do with his physical appearance and everything to do with the fact that it could be considered a favor and Azul doesn't give those out for free
Still, he would likely begging to coerce his angelfish into the idea of him being a perfect candidate for such a relationship
He could play the long game after all if a physical touch could lead to his Angelfish's heart then he would do it
Kalim Al-Asim
"What are friends with benefits?"
Kalim had never seen his crushes and Jamil's eyes go so wide at the same time. He had heard his treasure say that was his relationship with Ace and Deuce
He wanted to be close to him like that
Jamil would be quick to shut down the conversation though before Kalim could press further so he would have to do his own research
He gets so flustered when he finds out and a little jealous
He wants to be close to his treasure like that too
Needless to say he is going to proposition him into being included in that sort of arrangement even as Jamil says that it's a horrible idea
Anything to get closer to his treasure is worth it
Vil Schoenheit
If Riddle is trying to not judge him when Vil is openly judging him
Seriously why would he go for those couple of potatoes when Vil was right there?
Not to mention the hygiene on those two was probably terrible. Who know what they would give his crush
All snide comments about how his crush could do so much better then them
He's trying to say he is on the table without saying he is on the table
His pride just won't let him
Idia Shroud
Plays so many sad anime songs when he finds out
Of course his crush would go for extroverted normies like Ace and Deuce not himself
Ortho doesn't fully understand what is happening but he does his best to encourage his brother that not all hope is lost
Probably super bitter and pissy about the whole situation worse then others
He will get over it...
Malleus Draconia
Doesn't fully understand what the relationship means until Lilia explains it
Once he does he immediately also wants in on that arrangement
Like he's friends with him right? He can have that kind of relationship with him... right?
Doesn't even care he's a prince or that Sebek is telling him it is a terrible idea
He wants to go for it
He just hopes it won't ruin your friendship if he says no
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stormgardenscurse · 18 days ago
Hi senpai! In honor of Kiss Day (which I know recently discovered bc of your announcement right after Maid Day) can I ask for Vil being all tsundere with his fem crush- until she kisses him to catch him off guard please and thank u!
A/N: This was written very late and admittedly deviated from the original prompt, but I hope you like it!
It's somewhat implied that the two of you are in a casual relationship by now.
It's not everyday that the Vil Schoenheit is fussing over you. You're getting fitted for their club's movie shoot later today, and while you thought the members did a good job of preparing you, Vil seems to have spotted room for improvement regardless.
As usual, he'd strive for perfection if he could. But you didn't really mind - his attention wasn't such a bad thing, plus you got a few teasing remarks out of it.
The other students have left to set up the area, leaving the two of you alone for final touch ups. Vil continues to make adjustments to the dress you're wearing, styling it to fit the details directed in the script.
"If you wanted to see me in a wedding dress, you could've just asked directly." You spout yet another line without an ounce of shame. At this point, Vil's deflections just allowed you to relax more and distract yourself from how close he was. "Sure, it's a bit early for such a thing, but everyone can be curious sometimes, right?"
Vil sighs, looking up to raise a brow at your little smirk. "I've never recalled a potato having so much to say in an hour. Perhaps we should've given you the role of the brother-in-law instead."
"Your beauty does things to people~" You're interrupted by a knock on the door. The team's ready to shoot now. "Oh, we should get going."
"Not just yet." Vil draws himself up from the hem of the dress and takes you by the elbow. You're guided to the makeup table and made to sit as he quickly dusts some powder on your cheeks, then applies some around your eyes. "...There. That should do it. You're presentable for the camera now."
Before you're able to second-guess yourself, you lean forward to cup his cheek, keeping him close to you. You smile at Vil. "Thanks for the help," pecking his lips, you giggled. "Maybe I'll even impress you with my acting later on."
You're matching light blushes right now, but all Vil does is place a hand on yours, not particularly removing it. He does sigh a little, though. "Looks like we'll have to reapply something after all."
"Since we have to do that anyways, why don't we..." At Vil's look, you laugh and apologise, raising your hands in surrender. "I'm just kidding!"
"You better give us a show later on, potato." He warns before you both head out the door. You glance at the wall-length mirror in the room, noting how the frabric gracefully hung off your skin. The attire does give you a boost of confidence - seems like the clothes do make the wearer after all.
Throwing Vil a wink, you match his steps as you leave. "You can count on it, my queen."
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readdressmeasduchess · a month ago
An unexpected study on Vil,
Tumblr media
I, an ENFJ (Libra), decided to ask my dearest friend, an amateur psychologist and resident horoscope expert to analyse what a relationship with a fellow ENFJ (Aries) would be like [ Vil ]
Her analysis was so incredible I had to share it! Her analysis of Vil was so amazing just from the few facts gotten from the Personality Database profile of Vil, it could be useful for twst writers struggling with his character as it described him perfectly
Without further a due, please enjoy!
"Well I would usually say that people with same personality types don't work well together
Considering the fact that both of you are enfjs (meaning your dom function is Fe) I strongly believe this relationship dynamic could work and here's why
Both of you are very compassionate, empathetic, nurturing and understanding + possibly good at communicating which means you'll settle arguments and disagreements pretty easily
Both of you have a ni aux function which will almost seem like you know exactly what the other one is thinking due to having the same perceiving functions
Which obviously creates a deeper, more meaningful bond between you two, think of a dynamic where person A always finishes person B's sentences and vice versa
Now speaking of enneagrams, his enneagram is type 3 which means that his worst fear is feeling worthless/being perceived as a useless person who contributes absolutely nothing to the society and therefore
He's always striving for success, he does things mainly to feel valuable and worthwhile. If this type is unbalanced, he could become a workaholic even
Now his subtype is type 4 and type fours are
Actually very creative people, think of infps, they're very sadistic but creative people (Vincent Van Gogh, Virginia Woolf etc)
Their worst fear is not having an identity so
A 3w4 can be seen as quite intense in a way, but also very intelligent
Which brings us to the choleric/melancholic type of vibe we have going on
Now when I say "choleric temperament" I'm the first person you should think of
Which means
That he is most likely a very short-tempered person with frequent emotional outbursts
These people often feel every single emotion very intensely, they get overly excited about little things, minor things can set them off balance
Such as someone chewing loudly
Now melaholic temperament is there to balance it all out
Melancholic people have normal reactions, nothing too intense, nothing too vague, they're often the life of the party, radiating good positive vibes, can be considered very empathetic and fun to be around
Which brings us to his aries sun of course, I dont think there's much I can say about this except
That you having an aries moon really compliments your ship dynamic, I feel like you can understand him on a deeper level because of it
I hope I made sense"
Tumblr media
P.S. While she does not follow twst, she encompassed everything I love about Vil just through her psychology knowledge and I adore that so much, she’s really incredible
Everyone please send your love and compliments to my dear friend Dani!
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thesunshinebunny · a month ago
It’s Show Time
I made this request several months ago and I had many comments wanting a second part with the song More (K/ DA) and since the problem with the publications is now fixed, I think it’s a good time to write it once and for all before returning to the orders.
In this second part, reader is fused with Evelynn and Seraphine, you’ll understand what I mean.
I hope you enjoy.
Tumblr media
Days, weeks without the leaders knowing anything about your new singing career. Since you got off the stage that beautiful day, dozens of record producers, even audiovisual managers were at your feet asking, imploring you, to give them a chance in their agencies. After long days and millions of messages per hour, which they played as background music in Mr. Trein's classes, you decided to give this new career a chance in a completely different world from the one you were used to.
Weeks since you last told them about a new song that was being produced with three more members, it seems you were going to be part of a group band, but you didn’t delve much on the subject for confidentiality reasons. The only thing you could tell them is that, in a couple of weeks, and the famous day finally coming, a music video with the respective band was going to be released.
Leona and Riddle weren't very excited. Let's see, don't get me wrong, Leona was very proud with all the little act you put on on stage, you even made Vil himself shut his mouth, 1000 for the effort, not just anyone does it. But he wasn’t very "into" in your music career. Yes, he was happy that you found something to distract you from all these catastrophic events at school, but other than that ... nothing more. Instead, Riddle… he doesn't know much about this whole world, he had an idea, and he was happy that you could meet other people outside of school. Perhaps he would be more excited by the time he waych the music video.
And like I said before… the famous music video release day had arrived.
The leaders were having a routine meeting, almost nothing interesting and very little to report, maybe a few complaints from the cafeteria or flight classes, but as I just said, nothing important. The mirror chamber was on the verge of being clear, faces of exhaustion and disinterest poured out of the doorway when a whirlwind of five multi-colored heads arrived to collapse the seven dormitory leaders.
"Care to explain what this outrageous come for?" Riddle was about to turn his trademark color as he saw his two residents sprawled on the floor after colliding with Kalim and Idia's tablet.
"Wooow, that happened so fast, my head hurts" Azul held out his hand to the white haired boy and helped him stand up, while the tablet flew off and floated in the middle of the room as usual.
Leona and Vil looked at the scene with contemptuous looks, just as their irritation was clearly evident at being pushed by their residents. As for Malleus, who hallelujah had been notified at once about the leaders' meeting, he simply deigned to observe the scene in a mocking way, but never disrespecting his classmates; a little giggle and he was composed again.
"It's out!!" Ace and Deuce jumped off the floor and faced the crosshairs of their dorm leaders. Ace continued to take out his cell phone and enter the conversation he had with you, clicking on the link you sent him a few minutes ago.
"What went out?" Azul, intrigued by his comment, approached the redhead, except that he ended up being dragged out of the room. Each freshman grabbed the arm of their respective leader and led thm into a classroom with audiovisual projectors ... except for Sebek, he simply asked his young master to follow him. In all this tumult, Ace connected his cell phone to a projector, revealing a black screen on a white canvas in the middle of the classroom. The seven leaders were completely lost, some even wondered why they had followed them, ahem… Leona more than anyone.
Now, with the cell phone connected, the speakers at full volume and each participant sitting in a chair, trying to be as comfortable as possible in their pompous suits, and with the lights off, Ace gave play and music began to reverberate throughout room. Multiple vibrant colors invaded the vision of everyone present, shapes, figures and objects began to come out of nowhere and a voice dislodged them all.
Akali that girl, 'kali go grr 'Kali don't stop,' kali don't skrrt 'Kali got a job,' Kali go to work 뜨거워 언제나, don't get burnt
The first to appear on the screen, the origin of that unknown voice was a girl with an incredible blonde hair, long and in a ponytail, which if were loose, it would’ve reach the floor. The faces of most of the boys showed confusion, it was obvious that they didn’t know her, much less had you talked about her in one of those short conversations about the video clip. The only ones who knew who this girl with violet eyes was, which matched her purplish top with sparkling blues and a shorts that barely covered her butt, were Vil, Idia and surprisingly Ace.
Without giving many explanations, avoiding distracting others from the girl's movements, Vil commented aloud, seeing Kalim's face when he didn’t understand why he wasn’t seeing one of his great friends first and foremost in the video clip, that the girl was from a female-only academy, much like NRC.
All I'll ever know is life up on a throne 시작 하면 끝 을 보는 거야 You want More
Everyone turned to see the others, even Leona raised his ears when he heard your voice appear for a fraction of seconds, to end up combining with the voice from another girl. This second girl was one of tall build, pale skin with red eyes and bicolor white and blue hair; Unlike the first, she was already known within the music industry but she had never recorded a video clip with another person.
In the middle of the shots of her, Deuce saw your profile hiding behind a mural, even some shots of your hands playing or ... moving your fingers in the air. With the chorus appearing on the screen, tension began to build in the environment. Why weren't you showing up? The directors gave you the ugly eye and left you behind? Why weren't you dancing with the other members?
During the chorus, no matter how high it was, the guys could hear your voice. It was there, it was in complete harmony with the other voices, but at the same time, you weren’t there. For some it was going to sound a bit embarrassing to admit, that they could discriminate your voice from any other, even in the midst of a crowd of people. Azul and Idia had found a video of your little recital and had downloaded it for…the great seven know for what; perhaps to have it in loop for hours. Even Malleus was getting impatient not seeing you on screen, not seeing you enjoying yourself like the other members were showing it.
When I go, it's for gold Yeah, they cool, but I'm cold I don't fit in the mold I'm a rebel
The video now showed Neige walking down a large red carpet, having people asking for photos and autographs, aside from reporters and paparazzi taking photos. And besides, couldn’t miss the bodyguards, scaring off every crazy fan who threw themselves on him. Throughout that walk, Neige was dedicated to signing autographs left and right, never stopping to look at people. Perhaps the aesthetic they wanted to give him was from a famous and megastar, but seeing this brunette so ... carefree made Vil tense.
As much as the events of the NRC’show have remained in the past, one doesn’t simply forget their rivalry, and much less now that he had to see how his greatest rival, both in modeling and now in music, was part of his first video clip with the person who refused to participate in his musical group. Yes, Vil was dealing with serious problems of guilt and regret.
What's higher than the top? That's me Come take a look before falling at my feet
Again, the only thing the camera showed was your profile, hiding and appearing behind murals. For the last time you came out behind a marble figure, the camera made a 180 ° turn, starting from your back, but it didn’t end on your chest, it was in a downward movement, until it ended at your feet, just at that your sentence ended and your body was left squatting on the reflective floor.
At this point you could see the despair of Kalim and Riddle in their eyes. They were both sitting in their chairs and leaning forward, hoping that they could see your appearance more clearly, but each time your profile appeared, the camera would turn to another objective. Both boys had their hands fisted over the edges of their seats, while their body jerked back involuntarily when their expectations were not met.
All I'll ever know is life up on a throne
Again, the camera avoided having a complete shot of your body. This time, what looked like an aerial view of the studio, or whatever that black room was with blue, light blue and purple lights, began to spin on itself, without turning on your body, at the same time each time it approached your back. At the moment of collapse, you made an almost imperceptible movement, turning around and hitting the camera with your open hand and sending it flying into another space, again changing the perspective and the person as the center of attention.
Jack was wagging his tail at all times, he was undoubtedly enjoying the video clip, both the aesthetics and the melody. Obviously, he wanted to see you even more on screen, but inside he knew that at some point you were going to appear, even to blow up the whole video.
Again the chorus appeared, like the first time, you didn’t appear, no matter how many changes of perspective there were. It is as if the most famous people, or at least with the greatest recognition, were predisposed to have more camera time. Even Malleus was beginning to grow impatient. He had seen you happy weeks ago and he could see the excitement in your eyes when you told him about the video clip when the idea was still starting. He wanted to see you more, just like everyone.
The screen went black, and in a moment of great tension, doubt and nerves, the boys thought the clip was over. Ace and Deuce were about to bolt, ready to beat up and kill the record company that had "hired" and duped you, but a little glint and a hand hovering over a window stopped them in their tracks.
Way out 感觉 犹如 海浪, on the wave now 不断 往前 遨游, never weighed down This is how I do it every day, wow, wow
And finally… finally, you appeared in your great splendor. Your hand lightly decorated with a blue ring chained to your wrist was the starting point for a great sequence shot towards your body, revealing your arm covered with a semi-transparent black mesh jacket with purple and light blue highlights, and ending in a black top, purplish with pink and sky blue iridescent patterns. And your face… woow, your face made up like a rising star, cold-toned glitters and shadows, silver pearls around your eyes, and shiny pink lips.
Everyone, absolutely everyone was stumped. Your way of singing, the movements that enchanted the camera, the warm tones that came from your lips; your simple presence blended with the aesthetics of the video. Even singing in Chinese was a nice touch to throw off anyone hearing and / or watching this show.
Kalim, finally seeing you, let out a cry of joy and clapped as he had never done it before at one of his parties. Riddle was proud and couldn't help but smile to see you shine. Leona smirked when no one was looking at him, watching as your head fell into contact with a bed and your whole body merged with the objects and the predominant aesthetic.
More Know I got it, so here you go You look like you could use some more Know I got it and never runnin' low
Your walk towards a large illuminated door, ending up turning around and appearing in the middle of a room with the other members to give the last chorus, left everyone excited. They had already seen your movements and the way your body moved to the rhythm of the music, as if you didn’t have a skeleton, but watching you dance on the big screen, with a musical group, having better and closer shots was another different experience completely. 
Let's say also, there was a bit of jealousy on the part of the boys when they saw some shots showing you with the other members, interacting and being very touchy. Your smile, as beautiful as it was, that someone else, outside of NRC, was responsible, made the boys' blood run hot.
Never givin 'less and that's how it'll stay You know I got it like all day, all the time
The room was silent for a few seconds, ending in cheers and applause from the first years. Ace disconnected his cell phone and was ready to make a video call when a message notification echoed off the walls. The guys gathered around the device and read the message, your message.
"Get ready, I'll get more;)"
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panacea-wishes · a month ago
A Cup of Tea
Tumblr media
Author's note: Finally sat down to write something after a long time.. Please enjoy!
Word Count: 684
Synopsis: Vil visits a trendy coffee shop and finds a new love.
[This is sort of platonic(?)]
Click. Swirl. Rumble. Crackle.
Click. Whir. Crunch. Clink.
Sounds of a busy coffeeshop on a normal day, accompanied by the clamor of clients waiting patiently for a flawless blend of teas, coffee, and milk. Workers toil tirelessly, their hands adroitly blending a drink to a perfect ratio, the fragrance of roasted beans permeating the store.
The pleasant ring of a bell sings, announcing the arrival of yet another guest to the shop’s threshold.
“Good morning, welcome in!”
A small smile makes its way to the client’s glossy lips, a hint of kindness touching and quite human for a hectic day. He assumes his place in line, waiting for his turn to be called for a drink. Vil had heard much about this café in particular, many celebrities praising the establishment as a pleasant stop after a hard day’s work, the beverage exceptional and ‘flawless’ to the taste. The young man had to swallow down about of irritation as he passes the cherubic, youthful Neige’s post of the coffeehouse. He dares not to glance at the number of likes and comments underneath and prepares for a post.
Today, I’m at the White Queen’s Brewery for a cup of tea. I will post my thoughts later. Until then, my dears, please look forward to it.
He turns off his phone, ignoring the immediate responses that followed after his post.
“I can take your order!”
A friendly smile belonging to a cashier waves in greeting. Vil adjusts his glasses and assumes a smile matching to the worker.
“What would you like today?”
Such a bright smile in the morning, Vil thought to himself. He had to admire such baristas, toiling endlessly on their shifts to satisfy daily customers’ necessity for coffee and tea.
“A cup of warm chamomile tea, please.”
“Warm chamomile tea. What size?”
“Your name?”
“Vil Schoenheit.”
The youth writes the order on a plastic cup, writing down Vil’s name accurately to his surprise.
“Warm chamomile tea in a medium cup for Vil Schoenheit?”
They confirm with a polite smile.
“That will be 50 Madol.”
~ ~ ~ ~
The taste of sweet chamomile tea was perfect, something Vil found quite surprising - often other tea houses and coffee shops don’t have the right consistency of tea, sometimes diluting or over-saturating the flavor outright.
No matter, Vil muses to himself..
This tea was perfect, the tea flavorful and well, the best Vil had ever tasted. He hums, another delightful smile bubbling at his lips. He’d have to thank the barista, perhaps provide a tip for them later.
He cues out his phone and begins to type his review,
I ordered a medium chamomile tea from the coffee shop. It was perfect, just the drink I need for the day. Out of all the shops I’ve visited, it seems that this one has captured the essence of tea and created the perfect blend for me. Thank you, White Witch’s Brewery. You’ve shown me something quite worthy for my return for respite.
He notes the numerous comments and likes from his previous post, a blur of adoring fans wanting him to try so-and-so beverage. Most of those recommendations being coffees and teas, where Vil may have to hold off until later.. Coffee may be in a later time, but teas he shall consider.
The time on his phone read ten at the dot, the time for him to move on to his next errand in his schedule. The barista in front was still hard at work, greeting clients with a bright smile and fulfilling orders with impressive fluidity. Hard work had to be recognized, right?
With a couple of coins by his pocket, some Madol here and there, he brings to himself to tip.
“Thank you for your hard work.”
He smiles gratefully to the barista. Looking up from their work, their smile grows wider and brighter.
“Thank you so much!”
Vil rarely showed kindness, but often a simple act was enough to foster respect and admiration among his peers. He smiles back, a smile that the barista would never forget on a busy morning.
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coffeeleafdepression · a month ago
Why Me? (Tsundere Reader x TWST Various Characters)
Yeah, so, you’re quite complicated for this little angst / fluff oneshot, so I hope you enjoy! (Also love you no homo-)
You cared about them.
You really did.
But pride let you seemed like a total brat sometimes.
You showed mostly through your actions you cared, but now you think no one noticed.
It took one teasing remark from you that you didn’t think was insensitive, for everyone to go against you.
You truly didn’t mean it,
and you didn’t think it’ll happen,
and YOU knew it was your fault for being impulsive in your words
 and apologized.
But no one believed you. 
They called you heartless, disgusting, insensitive.
And ironically, they didn’t think they hurt you.
They wouldn’t feel sorry if they made you feel bad though.
You knew you deserved it,
but it still hurt.
Now you lost your friends on the other side of a twisted world.
“Damnit..” you sniffed.
Your fault.
You can never connect with others
“Hey, y/n!-”
Ace was cut off when you abruptly left, leaving the Adeuce combo to be confused.
You didn’t want to hurt the people you cared for.
And you didn’t love the idea of them going against you,
so you rather not hear you out.
Truthfully, they got used to your weird behavior.
Huffing angrily and annoyed when they messed up their potion mixing, while you used a handkerchief to wipe the dust off their cheeks. Or while you blushed when they noticed you cooking in the kitchen, asking them to back off. During lunch break, you’d angrily (mostly in your tsundere frustration-) leave two bento boxes for them to eat.
They never found you a spoilt brat. 
You were kind in your own way.
“What happened??”
Ace looked back at you before you made a turn and vanished.
“Well, I don’t know dumbass.”
“Shi shi shi~ Is that little y/n?” Ruggie said that out loud on purpose to get the usual “I’m not little” reaction from you before you would puff up your cheeks.
“Ruggie!” Jack chided.
Leona remained unfazed, awaiting your usual reaction. He found it quite entertaining and, well, pretty cute.
Instead, all you did was turn to face them, before you hastily turned away.
It confused all three of them.
Did something happened to you?
“This is getting pretty absurd.”
The whole day, you avoided everyone.
Jade, Rook, heck, even Floyd who always erupt your tsundere reaction out of you got none of it from you today.
Malleus looked dazed as Azul continued speaking.
“It’s not likely of them to just stop talking to anyone. It’s like all of a sudden they switched off.”
“Well, whatever the fck happened, I don’t like it,” Leona grumbled.
“Language,” Riddle scolded.
“Well, do you like it?”
The room where all the dorm leaders gathered were silent.
“My, my. Just what happened to, Potato?”
“I don’t know..” Kalim sadly, “but we have to find out right??”
Idia was cut off when they heard something shattered.
“What was that???”
“I don’t know.”
One by one, the dorm leader pulled out their magic pens cautiously.
“Approach whatever it is carefully,” Malleus ordered.
You couldn’t take it anymore.
The searing, burning pain in your heart burned bigger.
Everything hurt.
Your tears rolled down uncontrollably as you choked on them, wondering why you were made like this.
You never knew how to properly care for someone,
but you were trying.
You really were.
A heartless freak.
You are just cruel.
How insensitive.
Why were we friends with you in the first place?
No one loves you. 
You screamed, alarming the other dorm leaders.
“M-Malleus?! I-!”
Your heart sped up faster, anxiety rushing through your veins.
“Why? What? I- I can-”
All you felt was a warm embrace.
“I’m here,” Malleus whispered.
You felt something soft wrapped around your fingers.
Vil was wrapping bandages on your hand.
“Where did you even get those bandages..”
“I always have some, Potato.”
You paused.
“I’m sorry.”
Everyone looked up at you, confused.
“I just- I’m always saying mean things to you. But know that I truthfully don’t mean it.. It’s okay if you don’t forgive me...”
Like all your other friends from the other side.
“Your actions speak louder than words, y/n,” Malleus smiled.
“That’s all that tells us you care.”
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blueluneacy · a month ago
For the prompts, perhaps either J,U, or W for twst Vil? You can decide which one you like best!
I ended up going with J, it’s the one I vibed with the most. Enjoy!
Warnings: yandere, doll play, emotional manipulation, implied kidnapping
It was easier before the vanity was installed.
Before the vanity was installed, when Vil brushed your hair or did your makeup, you didn’t have to see it. You could look out into the distance, or not focus on it, or pretend you were somewhere else entirely. But now, with the mirror right there, right in front of you, you couldn’t help but look. That’s such a horrible thing too, isn’t it? Because you could see it now, you could never pull your eyes away from it. If you had been able to in the first place, it never would’ve hurt this bad.
“Such lovely hair. I knew that the switch in the conditioner would help with the grease. It’s so soft now… And you’re so much gentler when I do this now.” Vil has a calm, serene expression on his face. He enjoyed dressing you up, taking care of you like this. You were a prized possession, a porcelain doll, to be kept safe and clean. At first, you had tried to fight Vil when he trapped you here. He had you kept in this room, filled with wonderful clothes and jewelry and accessories, but it wasn’t what you wanted. What you wanted was to go home, but…
You tried to push the thoughts of what happened the last time you tried to run away. It didn’t matter. After all, now you were good. And because you were good, Vil took you out. As much as he loved to show you off as well. It was nice, even though you were stuck at Vil’s arm, to go out and see people. Vil even would indulge you in going to visit your friends on occasion, with your perfect boyfriend coming along right beside you. It was a bit painful to hear from them about how good you looked ever since you started dating Vil, but you did your best to ignore it. After all, you were allowed freedom.
Today was special though. Today you got to see your high school friends. It seems so far away now, to even think about school, but you were so excited. You never got privileges like this. For that, you didn’t even care about whatever your “payment” for Vil’s kindness would be tonight, you would pay it all the same.
“You seem happier than usual. Don’t sway so much.” He said, grabbing your shoulder as he continued to work on your hair. He gasped, immediately spitting out an apology. It was hard, this chair had no back, and it was hard to keep “practicing your posture” for so long. 
“Ah, I guess I’m just excited. It’s been a long time since I’ve been out like this.” You replied. You looked in the mirror to watch Vil’s face, only to see it contort a bit. You immediately tried to recover, looking up at Vil the best you could. “It’ll be really exciting to show everyone what a nice couple we are, right? I don’t think they ever expected this, so it’ll be a little bit of a surprise.” You said. Vil paused for a moment, fluffing your hair a bit before putting the hairbrush down, looking at you with a look of… Something in his eyes.
“You’re really excited about this, aren’t you dearest?” Vil asked, a bit teasingly. You sighed as you turned and looked at him, for real this time instead of just attempting to crane your head, smiling as you saw Vil’s face. He seemed calmer, at least.
“Yeah, I guess so. It’s been a while since we’ve been out together. I know you’ve been so busy…” You told him, looking away a little. Your eyes always betrayed you. You didn’t care if you went out with Vil, you’d actually prefer if you weren’t with him at all. But you couldn’t stand being locked in this room like a doll. You’d be outside, even if it was in shackles. It was better than sitting in this doll house. 
“Hmm… Alright then. We’ll skip and have a date night then. Won’t that be so much more romantic?” Vil decided suddenly, starting to walk away from you to go to the outfit he had laid out on the bed, grabbing it to put away and pick out something else. 
“W-Wait, what are you doing?” You asked, looking at Vil, entirely bewildered. Skip? But you had been planning this for months! For once, it was the one time the two of you were doing what you wanted, and it was the only chance you had to see some of your closest friends since Vil had taken you!
“Well, you can’t go on a date night dressed like that. I need to find something good for an event like that, but not something that won’t go with your hair, I spent so much time on it…” Vil replied, looking back at you a few times and he looked through your closet. All clothes chosen by him, of course. You hated them. They all felt like doll clothes, too much for someone like you. 
“W-We can’t just cancel at the last minute, that would be rude Vil.” You tried to reason, but Vil only rolled his eyes.
“Watch your tone.” He scolded, and immediately you felt yourself recoil. But still, you couldn’t just let this happen. Not again. You couldn’t just be torn away from your friends again. So, you snapped. And you snapped hard.
“You’re just jealous of my friends! You’re jealous of everyone! You keep me here as your doll, but you won’t even allow me one bit of happiness!” You told him. It was the first time you had fought back in… A while. You didn’t think you were asking for much. You were pleading for Vil to let you out. You were saying that you were going to leave him. You just wanted to be able to see your friends, even one last time. 
Vil paused at your words, freezing in the closet in a way that made you freeze up as well. But then, he laughed. God, you hated his laugh by now. 
“Jealousy? You think this is simple jealousy?” Vil asked. He easily stepped out of the closet and walked over to you. You swallowed, wanting to move, to run, to do anything, but all you could do was stand there as he wrapped an arm around you, the other taking your chin into his hand and tilting your face up to look at him. “I wish it was that simple. You stole my heart and now you have to take responsibility.” He hummed. You took a step back, as if to try and free yourself, but you only succeeded in bumping into the vanity, Vil humming and he leaned down and starting to press light, lip stained kisses against your neck.
“You will take responsibility, won’t you? You wouldn’t lie to me about something so important.” He always knew how to tug at your heart, to take whatever little care you had for him and use it to his advantage and your detriment. Sometimes, you wondered if Vil even wanted a partner, or if he was just happy playing house with his doll. You nodded weakly, feeling Vil smile against your neck. 
“Good. I think perhaps we should have a night in. After all, you seem to be awfully… Emotional tonight. It would be good to have a night with just the two of us.” He said. As you felt your hopes dashed and fluttering from your heart, you stole another glance. It feels like all you ever do anymore is steal glances from that wretched mirror, the curiosity of what may be there all too great to handle. 
But all you saw was a smile of Vil’s lips, and a look in his eyes that he was all too satisfied with his favorite doll. 
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emyluwinter · a month ago
Flowers and paints
The sacred apple trees are already in full bloom, covering everything with the petals of their flowers. Showering everything like fresh snow or a white blanket of fabric made of flowers. A warm wind played with the new leaves on the branches, filling the area with a pleasant noise. The air was filled with the intoxicating scent of apple blossoms, cherry blossoms, and apricots.
On a day off from school, Yuu went to the open air to capture the local scenery in his paintings. They already had a whole workshop in Onboro, only a little bit left to finish it up to the best option. Fortunately, the Yuu found a whole chest with various art supplies and were able to repair them to a suitable condition.
Grimm slept on his pallet in the shade under a large apple tree, occasionally chatting in his sleep. The warmth made him feel more and more like taking a nap in the sun. And Yuu, meanwhile, armed with brushes and a palette of paints, drew enjoying the moments.
It was a quiet, peaceful hour, filled with sunshine, light, and warmth.
Yuu got so carried away that they didn't even notice the viewer right away.
- Why are you drawing so blurry? - Vil asked suddenly, he was nearby because he was looking for a certain plant for his potion.
Yuu jumped up in fright and stared at the prefect in surprise.
- Vil-san! I'm sorry I didn't notice you coming..Eh?So this is just a sketch and the style is like this. This is impressionism.
- I know what art is, Prefect. - Vil said, looking at the painting intently. He couldn't help but go over and correct this piece.For some reason, he really wanted to do it.
Surprisingly for himself, Vil stared at each brushstroke in the painting, discovering more and more. It was as if every puzzle fell into place. He didn't understand why this study of water lilies interested him so much. Maybe it was the deep dark tones that the Prefect picked up?
- something wrong?You're looking so hard.
Vil suddenly found himself thinking that he was so suddenly attracted to just one unfinished painting. Made not by a professional, but only by an amateur. Why was he so focused on this job at all?
- There's something wrong with this picture, and I need time to figure out what it is.
- Maybe because it is not perfect and just a sketch?It has no clear lines and seems to be in a haze. - Yuu replied calmly, as if talking about something ordinary.
- Exactly. That's why it needs to be fixed. Since it took my time. Make the outline here and here clearer, add it here.
Yuu suddenly interrupts him and looks at Vil with gentleness. - No. I won't fix anything.
- Would you be happy with this job?You are studying with me in the same college you need to meet this institution. What?Why are you looking at me with that expression on your face?
Vil was perplexed because usually the students looked guilty when he criticized or demanded to fix something in his uniform. But Yuu were completely relaxed and looked at him curiously.
- Yes, I am satisfied that I make mistakes and that I can do something imperfect and not perfect. I noticed that everyone here is so passionate about achievements and aspirations that they completely forget to be themselves.
Vil glared at the Prefect, silently demanding an explanation.
- Do you think that's wrong?
- To a certain extent, yes, on the one hand, you achieve a lot in the shortest possible time, the best in your studies, sports, achievements and goals. But on the other hand, everyone forgets that we are all the same teenagers who can relax a little and see the moment in all its colors.
Yuu takes some paint on the brush and makes a few more strokes. Vil immediately takes a step to the side to see that the picture has become better.
- do not look at the whole picture in separate strokes and chase the correct hand movements. And look at the whole thing. Let the picture be indistinct as in Impressionism, let it be without clear sharp lines.
- allow yourself to be an imperfect, nonideal, simple person who enjoys the rest. in the pursuit of perfection, you miss the enjoyment of the moment.
Yuu carefully removes a petal from a strand of Vil hair.
- you call us potatoes...they have very charming flowers, don't they? Maybe you want us to turn from unsightly potatoes into small flowers. Who knows. But give yourself a rest senpai. Otherwise, in this race, you will lose yourself and will not find it.
Vil fun snorts - Prefect..and you're smarter than you look.
Yuu is confused - rather, I keep the moment when you need to say the right words. Not everyone wants to hear, but everyone can only listen. Do you want to try to do a couple of strokes?
Vil looks at the painting with his head tilted gracefully.there's a lot to tweak here. the picture seems as blurry and incomplete as a sketch.
Yuu is picking up some paint from the palette with a brush. - and this makes it no less beautiful in its imperfection, what do you say?You continue to race, but what good is it if you don't enjoy it and it becomes a noose around your neck?You do so much, I worry sometimes for each of you. This is how you delight the others.Seriously, you're doing a hell of a lot. Your pride and character do not allow you to really relax. This is wrong in my opinion. You deserve a vacation like no other. Not a spa, not a massage, but something simple and easy. Like a brush stroke.
A small smile touched Vil lips. He was deeply moved by the words of this small, smart prefect, they really were something out of character for the NRC. Yuu was worried about the Beautiful Queen herself, unheard of!And they were not intrusive, they came to him in small steps and touched his heart as they wished, without realizing it.
- Prefect, you're going to make me have to touch up my lipstick.
- What?Why? - Yuu blinked in surprise, not understanding what he was talking about
Vil leans down and lightly touches Yuu's cheek with his lips. The apple-petaled Yuu looked like a charming artist in a battered hat with a large brim for protection from the sun, with old accessories somehow repaired.
It was a real flower breaking through the bad weather and the hard ground.
- You may not have any magic, but I think you can touch other people's hearts like no one else.
Yuu stared at Vil in a daze, almost dropping the palette and brush.
- s ... senpai ... w...what...why..
- So be it, I'll take a little time and follow your advice. Maybe I'll even pose a little, what do you say? My services are expensive.
- I-I'd be honored, but you...are you sure?I'm not a professional..
- Don't contradict yourself, even if it's not perfect the first time, you can fix it later. Under my supervision, of course.
- Touche monsieur. - Yuu laughed softly, smiling sheepishly, realizing that even here, Vil had won a small victory over him.
Eventually, Vil was mesmerized when Yuu finished the painting. They were amazing water lilies in the pond. With deep water colors, with soft tones and shades of light colors.
- Is this a reproduction?
- This is the work of Claude Monet. I like his paintings. You would like to see his garden, you would definitely like it!
Vil looked at the prefect, puzzled - he had never heard of such an artist.
Yuu lowered his eyes in embarrassment. - Ah....Well, yes....I'm not from would you know?......excuse me.
Vil noticed the incredible longing and sadness on Yuu face, Vil could only guess how hard it was for this child in this world.
- Did he have many more of these paintings?
- he drew a lot.
- How much can you draw? - Vil asked suddenly.
- I think I can remember a few.. - Yuu replied uncertainly
- I want them all.
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whatamoodhoney · a month ago
Dorm leaders reaction to you confessing to them .
Riddle : you think we've seen how red he can go , but man we're we wrong . Is one of the few that actually almost passes out . He may be dignified but we all know how sensitive he really is . And being confessed to out of no where by the person he likes it too much for his heart . Good luck trying to talk to him because he's way to busy in own thoughts . But when you finally do be prepared to be in charge of a very happy and flushed riddle .
Leona : now this mother fucker probably already noticed but decided that he wouldn't act until you did . And when you finally do he's so fucking smug but he's also abit weary we've all seen how his life's been it wouldn't surprise me if somebody tried to mess with his heart just to climb the social ladder . Be prepared to prove your affection because we all know how much he's been hurt by others .
Azul : like leona he's probably been confused to but it turned out to be a dare or cruel prank . Poor baby likes you but just can't really trust what you say after what he went through in his childhood . But that doesn't mean that he won't accept , he may be abit cautious but after the 1 st date he will lose all of that cautiousness. I hope your prepared for this one to barely ever let go . You have different opinions but I know that he's a cuddler .
Kalim : You would think that this sunshine couldn't get brighter or happier . Well you're wrong , as soon as those words leave your mouth be prepared to get an arm full of a happy and lovesick kalim . He's talking nonstop about how happy he is , you are gonna have to stop him from throwing a party . Sure you may still be mad at Jamil but you can't help but want to try and lessen the burden . So be prepared to go on a carpet ride because it's that or the party .
Vil : on the out side he's so calm like a statue but on the inside he's preening like peacock we all know he is . He , like leona , already knew from the way you acted around him . Alot of people act the same way around him when they're about to confess . Act like it's nothing when really he's so happy , he though that he'd have to make the first move .
Idia : another one of the almost passes out club , but unlike riddle he actually passes out . When you finally manage to wake him up he can't look you in the eye without turning red and stuttering . But you can tell that he actually likes you when he invites you to stay and play some games with him . Ortho is in the back cheering his big brother on while celebrating that he has a new sister .
Malleus : God he looks like a puppy as soon as you say the words I like . He doesn't even bother to hear the rest he's just so happy . Be prepared to be yelled at by Sebek as soon as you say those words . We all know that he fallows him everywhere . Luckily lilia had a feeling this would happen ( that smug bat ) so came along and stopped sebek before malleus could get too angry . Be prepared for teasing as he drags sebek away . Congratulations you now have to deal with all of the diasomnia quartet for the rest of your life .
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twistedtexts · a month ago
Could I get a interaction with Vil (spicy). He’s on a trip to film a movie and his S/O sent sex toys to his hotel room. Have a good day
Hi anon.
Sort of a sub Vil because... oh, yes, yes, yes.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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S/O who has a dead relative
I wrote these up a little while ago so I’m just gonna post them now.
Tumblr media
Riddle is a very busy man so he might not be able to get to you right away
After school and all the chores are finished he will pull you aside and into his room
When you explain the situation he is calm and listens until you are finished
He then suggests multiple forms of consolation and has you choose
Whether it’s food, snuggles, comfort movies, or something else he will provide anything he can to help you feel better
Tumblr media
Definitely the type to approach you with food
He believes that offering sweets to someone will console them whether or not they choose to tell him what’s wrong
Very understanding of your situation and asks if there is anything he can do to help you through this 
If you need sweets or not it’s likely he’ll whip up a bunch of things for you to enjoy
If you want to talk he will sit down and listen to anything you say
Will give you the best hugs if you need them
Tumblr media
Nearly immediately he notices something is wrong
The second he gets a chance he will pull you aside and ask what’s wrong
When you tell him that your family member had passed away he abruptly pulls you into a tight hug
He wouldn’t mind if you cried on his sweatshirt
In fact he would probably put you in his sweatshirt before bringing you into his room and seating you on the bed
He makes you tea and lights some candles in the room to reduce the light
Your swathed in blankets and sip your tea
Jamil is a very thoughtful person so he would give you space if you wanted
If you didn’t though he would be sure to wrap his arms around you and hold you until you feel better
Tumblr media
Oh your mascara is smudged
How many times must he tell you to be careful about your makeup, it takes far too long for him to apply-
His original intentions of scolding you would disappear as he quickly approached and noticed your distressed state
Forget the mascara he can’t remember what made him come over all he is worried about is you
“Sweet potato, why are you upset?” 
You hurriedly explain what happened and he frowns 
Life just wasn’t beautiful at times and he wished there was something he could do about it
Nevertheless he quickly wiped your mascara, careful not to get it in your eyes, and pulled you into a tight hug
He acts like he isn’t all that worried but by the way he prepares a soothing bath, you can tell he wishes he was better with words
If he was he would say anything he could to help you feel better, but for now he will simply have to show you how much he loves you and hope that it will be enough
Tumblr media
Depending on how distraught you are, Malleus may or may not put you to sleep before consulting with Lilia
He is given advice on how to handle humans who are emotional and it is explained to him that loss is a very painful thing for humans to experience
When he wakes/confronts you, he does so with a hug and some tea
He isn’t sure of what to say, except sorry, so he is quiet as he comforts you
You are allowed to cry on him as much as you want and he holds you close as you do so
He feels much better when you stop crying and uses his magic to make you sleep (again)
“Rest well, my little spindle, for when you wake a better day will be waiting for you.”
Tumblr media
Lilia is quick to appear when you hear the news
As magical as he is, he always seems to know when you need him most
His cooking is awful and he is aware of it so he buries you in blankets and orders takeout
He knows your favorite comfort movies so he puts one on and snuggles close to you
His kind don’t necessarily die so it’s hard for him to understand, but he wants you to feel better so he will do anything he can to help you through your sadness
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