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#vigilante deku
shootingstarbea · 7 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Izuku from 316
I just want to hug him and make sure he takes a nap and eats a hot meal. Please Izuku!!!! Slow down!!!
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hamalmcniel96 · a day ago
This week there’s not one, not two, not three but four MHA sections! Oh and also One Piece and Demon Slayer get mentioned too I guess
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tunafishprincess · a day ago
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First chapter of New Fic is Up!
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bong-juice · a day ago
Ch 316 is out, I want to go over it.
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^^^ alright so it’s confirmed, we’re getting more villains that are going to come after Deku. Now this makes me wonder about Nagant doe😬 she basically gave them all the information she knows, so what’s the point of keeping her alive if her purpose is fulfilled? I hope Horikoshi doesn’t kill her off because she really is a great villain and has lots of potential. I hope she makes a surprise comeback in the future and still has a use somehow as a character so Hori doesn’t just kill her off 😔🤞
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^^^Deku says he’ll take over Nagant’s promise to Overhaul of meeting the boss “if he’s willing to direct that same energy towards Eri”. Overhaul redemption arc soon ??? Of course his actions can’t be forgiven but at least he could acknowledge them and atone. This would mean Overhaul redemption and Eri can hopefully overcome her trauma! Maybe once she does that she’ll get a power up as well? She might rewind Overhaul and give him his quirk back. Maybe Deku and Overhaul team up? Either way Overhaul and Eri are gonna reunite soon. Another thing to mention is that I think ‘The Boss’ is dead lmao. Overhaul literally put him on life support I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s dead because of that. If ‘The Boss’ were to die it’d be Overhaul’s fault and maybe that’s when he realize his problems are caused by his own actions.
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^^^ “Now it’s your turn!!” Is DEFINITELY 100% referring to the “Next is your turn” scene from season 3 when Allmight points to the camera after the OFA vs AFO fight. One For All claims he’s no longer interested in All Might cause now Deku has One For All and he’s after the quirk. I’ve noticed a lot in the war arc and even now that the villains will change the meaning of heroic stuff, like Shigaraki doing the All Might pose after beating Endeavor. Changing the meaning of such heroic means, how terrifying. Ah and yes, the building explodes at the end. Can’t wait to see how Deku gets out of this one.
Tumblr media
^^^Also look at the scar on Deku’s face! I hope he keeps it.
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meeko-mar · 3 days ago
Deku is the killer bunny from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
Tumblr media
Don't worry, it's just a nameless escapee from the prisons that Izuku needed to round up anyway. They'll be taken safely to the police station for processing.
ANY WAY THANK YOU for giving me this little brain-worm and a laugh XD
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oshintart · 5 days ago
Chapter Three of my subpar Vigilante Deku fic is up!!
Let me know ur thoughts and questions !! I’m so excited for a specific plot line-
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raz-b-rose · 6 days ago
When you're reading three different Vigilante Deku AU's with constant updates and have to try keep them all together and not mix up the plots 😂
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animaecollects · 6 days ago
every day is another day of me thinking about how cool it would've been for deku to be a quitkless pro or vigilante in cannon
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Preview for my fic: Will you fight forever?
It’s a Izuku-centric vigilante!deku fic. First chapter is already up, next one will be up in one to 2 weeks.
You know, Izuku really thinks he might’ve fucked over some very vengeful god in his past life.
Because this amount of bad luck is glaringly abnormal.
Here he is, on his grocery run. In the aisle with spices.
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myherobox · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Pro Hero Deku! and Vigilante Deku!
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menmass · 8 days ago
the concept of future hero duo izuku and katsuki sitting down for a beer after their shared patrol keeps me going through the mental torture of the bnha manga
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