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iwaasfairya day ago
Not sure how much help I can be... I've been on a middle blocker kick recently......beeg men with their beeg selfs.
Meian with his thicc self so big so mean... mean daddy meian makin you sit between his legs like a good bunny otherwise you don't get to cum later when he decides to finally fuck your brains out
GhSHDIGIGI NOT THE MIDDLE BLOCKERS IVE ALSO BEEN ON A MIDDLE BLOCKER KICK (Mattsun, meian, kuroo, adriah gangbang >:| I gotta write this like riGHT NOWWW)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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iwaasfairya day ago
Is it really being made to sit between his legs or is it an offer you made because I mean they're probably heavy I would love to hold them
Wether or not you offer,, get on your knees and keep em nice and warm that鈥檚 all he cares about 馃檭馃樆 bUT yes yes very heavy that鈥檚 what he gets for being a giant of a man ,, thick thighs, horsecock and big breeder balls 馃挀馃挐馃挄馃挊 I want my face buried in his nuts when 69ing is that really too much to ask for
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incorrect-andromeda-6a day ago
Traveler: Look, we don't want any trouble.
Vexx: I do.
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jenniferisacommonname2 days ago
Bonus Level Unlocked
This week marks the release of Jason Schreier鈥檚 Press Reset, an incredibly well-researched book on catastrophic business failure in the gaming industry. Jason鈥檚 a good dude, and there鈥檚 an excerpt here if you want to check it out. Sadly, game companies going belly-up is such a common occurrence that he couldn鈥檛 possibly include them all, and one of the stories left out due to space constraints is one that I happen to be personally familiar with. So, I figured I鈥檇 tell it here.
I began working at Acclaim Studios Austin as a sound designer in January of 2000. It was a tumultuous period for the company, including a recent rebranding from their former studio name, 鈥淚guana Entertainment,鈥 and a related, ongoing lawsuit from the ex-founder of Iguana. There were a fair number of ghosts hanging around鈥攖he creative director鈥檚 license plate read IGUANA, which he never changed, and one of the meeting rooms held a large, empty terrarium鈥攂ut the studio had actually been owned on paper by Acclaim since 1995, and I didn鈥檛 notice any conflicting loyalties. Everyone acted as if we always had been, and always would be, Acclaim employees.
Over the next few years I worked on a respectable array of triple-A titles, including Quarterback Club 2002, Turok: Evolution, and All-Star Baseball 2002 through 2005. (Should it be 鈥淎ll-Stars Baseball,鈥 like attorneys general? Or perhaps a term of venery, like 鈥渁 zodiac of All-Star Baseball.鈥) At any rate, it was a fun place to work, and a platformer of hijinks ensued.
But let鈥檚 skip to the cutscene. The truth is that none of us in the trenches suspected the end was near until it was absolutely imminent. Yes, Turok: Evolution and Vexx had underperformed, especially when stacked against the cost of development, but games flop in the retail market all the time. And, yes, Showdown: Legends of Wrestling had been hustled out the door before it was ready for reasons no one would explain, and the New York studio鈥檚 release of a BMX game featuring unlockable live-action stripper footage had been an incredibly weird marketing ploy for what should have been a straightforward racing title. (Other desperate gimmicks around this time included a 拢6,000 prize for UK parents who would name their baby 鈥淭urok,鈥 an offer to pay off speeding tickets to promote Burnout 2 that quickly proved illegal, and an attempt to buy advertising space on actual tombstones for a Shadow Man sequel.)
But the baseball franchise was an annual moneymaker, and our studio had teams well into development on two major new licenses, 100 Bullets and The Red Star. Enthusiasm was on the upswing. Perhaps I should have paid closer attention when voice actors started calling me to complain that they hadn鈥檛 been paid, but at the time it seemed more like a bureaucratic failure than an actual money shortage鈥攁nd frankly, it was a little na茂ve of them to expect net-30 in the first place. Industry standard was, like, net-90 at best. So I was told.
Then one Friday afternoon, a few department managers got word that we鈥檇 kind of maybe been skipping out on the building lease for let鈥檚-not-admit-how-many months. By Monday morning, everyone鈥檚 key cards had been deactivated.
It's a little odd to arrive at work and find a hundred-plus people milling around outside鈥攅ven odder, I suppose, if your company is not the one being evicted. Acclaim folks mostly just rolled their eyes and debated whether to cut our losses and head to lunch now, while employees of other companies would look dumbfounded and fearful before being encouraged to push their way through the crowd and demonstrate their still-valid key card to the security guard. Finally, the General Manager (hired only a few months earlier, and with a hefty relocation bonus to accommodate his houseboat) announced that we should go home for the day and await news. Several of our coworkers were veterans of the layoff process鈥攍ike I said, game companies go under a lot鈥攁nd one of them had already created a Yahoo group to communicate with each other on the assumption that we鈥檇 lose access to our work email. A whisper of 鈥済et on the VPN and download while you can鈥 rippled through the crowd.
But the real shift in tone came after someone asked about a quick trip inside for personal items, and the answer was a hard, universal 鈥渘o.鈥 We may have been too busy or ignorant to glance up at any wall-writing, but the building management had not been: they were anticipating a full bankruptcy of the entire company. In that situation, all creditors have equal standing to divide up a company's assets in lengthy court battles, and most get a fraction of what they鈥檙e owed. But if the landlords had seized our office contents in lieu of rent before the bankruptcy was declared, they reasoned, then a judge might rule that they had gotten to the treasure chest first, and could lay claim to everything inside as separate from the upcoming asset liquidation.
Ultimately, their gambit failed, but the ruling took a month to settle. In the meantime, knick knacks gathered dust, delivered packages piled up, food rotted on desks, and fish tanks became graveyards. Despite raucous protest from every angle鈥攖he office pets alone generated numerous threats of animal cruelty charges鈥攐nly one employee managed to get in during this time, and only under police escort. He was a British citizen on a work visa, and his paperwork happened to be sitting on his desk, due to expire. Without it, he was facing literal deportation. Fortunately, a uniformed officer took his side (or perhaps just pre-responded to what was clearly a misdemeanor assault in ovo,) and after some tense discussion, the building manager relented, on the condition that the employee touch absolutely nothing beyond the paperwork in question. The forms could go, but the photos of his children would remain.
It鈥檚 also a little odd, by the way, to arrive at the unemployment office and find every plastic chair occupied by someone you know. Even odder, I suppose, if you鈥檙e actually a former employee of Acclaim Studios Salt Lake, which had shut down only a month or two earlier, and you just uprooted your wife and kids to a whole new city on the assurance that you were one of the lucky ones who got to stay employed. Some of them hadn鈥檛 even finished unpacking.
Eventually, we were allowed to enter the old office building one at a time and box up our things under the watchful eye of a court appointee, but by then our list of grievances made the landlords鈥 ploy seem almost quaint by comparison (except for the animals, which remains un-fucking-forgivable.) We had learned, for example, that in the weeks prior to the bankruptcy, our primary lender had made an offer of $15 million鈥攅nough to keep us solvent through our next batch of releases, two of which had already exited playtesting and were ready to be burned and shipped. The only catch was that the head of the board, company founder Greg Fischbach, would have to step down. This was apparently too much of an insult for him to stomach, and he decided that he'd rather see everything burn to the ground. The loan was refused.
Other 鈥渨ay worse than we thought鈥 details included gratuitous self-dealing to vendors owned by board members, the disappearance of expensive art from the New York offices just before closure, and the theft of our last two paychecks. For UK employees, it was even more appalling: Acclaim had, for who knows how long, been withdrawing money from UK paychecks for their government-required pension funds, but never actually putting the money into the retirement accounts. They had stolen tens of thousands of dollars directly from each worker.
Though I generally reside somewhere between mellow and complete doormat on the emotional spectrum, I did get riled enough to send out one bitter email鈥攏ot to anyone in corporate, but to the creators of a popular webcomic called Penny Arcade, who, in the wake of Acclaim鈥檚 bankruptcy announcement, published a milquetoast jibe about Midway鈥檚 upcoming Area 51. I told Jerry (a.k.a. 鈥淭ycho鈥) that I was frankly disappointed in their lack of cruelty, and aired as much dirty laundry as I was privy to at the time.
鈥淪urely you can find a comedic gem hidden somewhere in all of this!鈥 I wrote. 鈥淥ur inevitable mocking on PA has been a small light at the end of a very dark, very long tunnel. Please at least allow us the dignity of having a smile on our faces while we wait in line for food stamps.鈥
Two days later, a suitably grim comic did appear, implying the existence of a new release from Acclaim whose objective was to run your game company into the ground. In the accompanying news post, Tycho wrote:
鈥淲e couldn鈥檛 let the Acclaim bankruptcy go without comment, though we initially let it slide thinking about the ordinary gamers who lost their jobs there. They don鈥檛 have anything to do with Acclaim鈥檚 malevolent Public Relations mongrels, and it wasn鈥檛 they who hatched the Titty Bike genre either. Then, we remembered that we have absolutely zero social conscience and love to say mean things.鈥
Another odd experience, by the way, is digging up a 16-year-old complaint to a webcomic creator for nostalgic reference when you offer that same creator a promotional copy of the gaming memoir you just co-wrote with Sid Meier. Even odder, I suppose, to realize that the original non-Acclaim comic had been about Area 51, which you actually were hired to work on yourself soon after the Acclaim debacle.*
As is often the case in complex bankruptcies, the asset liquidation took another six years to fully stagger its way through court鈥攂ut in 2010, we did, surprisingly, get the ancient paychecks we were owed, plus an extra $1,700-ish for the company鈥檚 apparent violation of the WARN Act. By then, I had two kids and a very different life, for which the money was admittedly helpful. Sadly, Acclaim鈥檚 implosion probably isn鈥檛 even the most egregious one on record. Our sins were, to my knowledge, all money-related, and at least no one was ever sexually assaulted in our office building. Again, to my knowledge. On the other hand, I鈥檓 pretty sure we remain the only historical incident of corporate pet murder. The iguana got out just in time.
*Area 51鈥檚 main character was voiced by David Duchovny, and he actually got paid鈥攚hich was lucky for him, because three years later, Midway also declared bankruptcy.
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iwaasfairy5 days ago
Remember to drink water too love.. everything will pass. I'm proud of you for trying, everyone is, but it's ok to take a step back for a bit if you need too
Water >_> hmmm fine okay you鈥檙e right but I don鈥檛 wanna lmao ododofkdksks and,, I鈥檝e been thinking of taking a hiatus or maybe even d*l*t*ng but I feel really bad because I鈥檝e already been taking it super slow this last month and so i don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 anything that taking a break will solve yk? I鈥檒l think about it for sure though 馃挀馃挐馃挊馃挆馃挒 thank you angel
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silverdreamsstudios6 days ago
a few weeks ago, austin sent a picture of simba with his duck that he took to bed with him, the cutie pie!! simba is now the co-mascot with my cat holly LOL
Tumblr media
our babies are too precious omg
now i want vexx with a dog just like austin's LMAO
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ikejes8 days ago
Tumblr media
i saw bernini鈥檚 self portrait and my brain was like聽鈥測ou have to draw vexx specifically like that right now鈥
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dank-yabu10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Vexx heart locket gifs for the 58鈪 people who are still in this game's fandom
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ahegxodemon11 days ago
[ M!A Literally stop being a subborn ass bitch and say owa owa for once so these anons will be pleased ]
鈥 owa owa. 鈥
鈥 hope you anons will quiet down. 鈥
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ahegxodemon11 days ago
you know we can literally just M!A sel to say it probably 馃憖馃憖馃憖馃憖馃憖
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rothalion11 days ago
Tumblr media
@sagittisdryadalis鈥 said: 聽 聽 聽 He's not feeling so good, fatigued and hasn't been sleeping, but the young dalish male still finds it in himself to tip a cup of iced water down Rothalion's back to see how high he can make him jump in surprise. Why? Entertainment. That, and Vexx is obscenely quiet on his feet.
Tumblr media
聽 Though his hearing was usually incredibly sensitive, when Rothalion got invested in a task it was easier to catch him off guard. Even now, he peered thoughtfully at a pile of crates, finger tapping upon his chin as he tilted his head. He had been instructed to carry them to the the Crozier, and yet there were so many he would be unable to go a single trip - maybe not even two.
聽 His arm dropped to his side with a brief sigh, only to be shaken immediately from his thoughts as a fair amount of icy water ran down his back suddenly. He yelped, leaping forward and smacking into the pile of boxes. One toppled over and rolled to the stone, bursting open and spilling carrots across the snowy stone. Rothalion huffed, shivering as the cold of water and frozen winds seeps into his body and his eyes lift to glower. Though he cared for the boy, that sure didn鈥檛 change the annoyance he felt towards him in that moment.
聽聽鈥淰exx! What are you doing? You ought stop that this instant,鈥 he hissed, ears flattening. How embarrassing that he鈥檇 have to approach the merchant over such a mishap. He cared not for the pay, but his reputation did hang on a thread with the people of Ishard. He sighed heavily, head hanging.聽鈥淰exx, go get a new crate for me would you? I have a mess to clean up.鈥
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iwaasfairy11 days ago
Everyone here is proud of you fairy!! I am very proud that your keeping yourself going!!
Remember to drink water and eat some snacks bby
You have my whole heart pLS 馃憗馃挧馃憚馃挧馃憗 I appreciate any time you come talk to me so much IUDKFLHPJkkgifigkg pls I :((( IM PROUD OF YOU AND LOVE YOU 馃挀馃挐馃挄 pls take care of yourself babyyy and have a good day
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unhinderedai11 days ago
grey, purple /p <3
you are also so swag but i'm not taking back the platonic divorce </3 it's either me or the child, vexx </3333 /j
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incorrect-andromeda-614 days ago
Vexx: Traveler likes to say you can be part of the problem or part of the solution, but I happen to believe you can be both.
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incorrect-andromeda-614 days ago
Traveler: When I looked in Zovack's eyes, I saw pure, unadulterated evil.
Traveler: When I look into Vexx's eyes, I only see 50% evil. Maybe 75%.
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incorrect-andromeda-618 days ago
Zovack: So, how'd you convince my whole gang to betray me? What'd you offer them?
Vexx: I asked them if they wanted to embarrass you, and they instantly said yes.
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iwaasfairy18 days ago
Why must we hate on texting choice? There is obviously enough trust built to involve kinks and collars so I say go long as we are safe and consensual
Maybe it's just trauma with Snapchat talking
Yes yes 馃挆馃挄 thank you my love,,, safe and consensual are the words of the hour for sure
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iwaasfairy19 days ago
I'm manifesting an amazing time for you!!! Remember to sleep well before and stay hydrated!!
This sounds like a dream!! I hope you have fun!
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silverdreamsstudios20 days ago
a6 dub presents: simba
hi everyone i keep forgetting to post about this but ive made a note to in my head like 50 times but !! i forgot how we originally got on the topic, but austin (vexx鈥檚 va) owns a dog named simba and he鈥檚 honestly the cutest little dog ever!! i thought everyone should know of this little angel's existence!
also can u imagine if vexx had a dog in game omg or any kind of pet!!! he honestly deserves a ray of sunshine like Simba after everything he's been through after chapter 5 :'D amr???
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
anyways stan simba for clear skin
thank u for coming to my ted talk
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