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shriparwandram · 25 days ago
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May the maiden who is dress as a bride of the Region of Assam come to your home this year bearing gifts of prosperity, bliss & contentment, We wish all Assamese people all over the world a blessed new year!!! Love, Shriparwandra #indiannewyear #solarnewyear #vedicnewyear #hindunewyear #vernalequinox #indianculture #indiantradition #southasian #asian #shriparwandram #parwandram #samwatsara #shriplawa #indian #indianart #indianarts #assam #assamese #bihu
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carinreich · a month ago
I have been researching historical interpretations of constellations dating back to 3rd century BC, and it struck me that many ancient astronomers, mathematicians, historians, geographers and philosophers had interests in astrology. This inspired me to take an online course to learn the foundations of astrology and gain a better understanding of our relationship to the stars from another angle. Today we input dates, times and places into a computer and get a visual output of a chart which shows where the sun, moon, planets and constellations were positioned at the time of birth. However, these calculations are complex and based on spherical trigonometry and geometry. Currently, my brain is trying to process this math of astro navigation as I begin to map the true placement of the stars for my latest art project. In the meantime… the Ram is the first sign in the zodiac and I have been trying to find out why. The non-woo-woo (disclaimer: I love woo-woo) explanation I can find is that when, in 130 BC, Hipparchus discovered the precession of the equinoxes he coined the term “First Point of Aries” which is the location of the vernal equinox and a reference point in our celestial coordinate system. In ancient times the spring equinox, March 21, was considered the beginning of the new year and Aries, the first sign, is therefore that of new beginnings. ♈️ Ram (Aries) Mar 21-April 19 . . . #crystalconstellations #ram #aries #firesign #constellations #astrology #zodiac #stars #vernalequinox #hipparchus #firstpointofaries #birthday #march #april #art #prints #giclees #geometricart #sacredgeometry #carinreichstudio
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detroithippiechick · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Hey everyone!👋🏼
Happy Aries Season ♈︎ + Full Moon in Libra 🌕♎︎
•With the recent Vernal equinox on March 20th, we welcomed in more energy of balance and renewal. New seeds have been planted to help us bring our hopes and dreams to life. Having the sun present in the passionate and action-oriented sign of Aries, we are being called to stay motivated and fight for what we feel is right.
•Libra energy amplifies our need for justice, coming together, and expressing our more creative side. With the racial tensions being heightened, Libra pushes us to display empathy for ourselves and others by not backing down.
•To celebrate the start of the astrological new year, I encourage you to think about what thought patterns and ideas you are willing to release to embrace the new. What have you learned about yourself this past year? What still needs room for improvement?
•Being home this past year has taught me different ways of self-care and how to be more accepting of myself. Self-care and self-love for me are defined by speaking my truth and setting healthy boundaries with myself and others. I have also learned that it is good to release what I feel inside and not to bottle it up to be seen as "strong". Releasing emotions and crying shows that we don't have to have it all figured out all the time and that's okay.
•How do you like to celebrate the start of Spring? Do you have any traditions that make you excited to see the sun more often?
Let me know! ♈︎✨🌕♎︎
- Detroit Hippie Chick🔮✨
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