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#vee's asks
infinitelydiverse · 8 hours ago
@hollerhaints​: "that’s a new one. i didn’t think there were new questions anymore." from ruddy to virva dark places / accepting.
      Virva laughs, the sound low and scratchy. “Then you must not be hanging around the right people Dr. Peltham. There are always people out there asking new questions, whether it’s by chance or cleverness.” She certainly likes to think she’s in the second category. Her expression curls a little as she adds, “I imagine you get a lot of the same questions, being a teacher.”
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lovely-v · 4 days ago
4, 11 and 16 for the Tolkien ask thing :D -🌱
4. If you could have lunch with one character, who would it be and why?
I feel like the ONLY answer to this question is Sam because does he not canonically make the best food? cannot think of a character whose cooking goes off as much as his. remember when he made that soup? i do.
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lovely-v · 4 days ago
6 10 and 13 for the tolkein asks? :O
(I did 6 already and I actually can’t answer 10 bc I haven’t seen the hobbit films. I know, I know, I’m awful)
13. What scene made you cry the most?
Okay in the films it was definitely the ending ALTHOUGH I cried more than I expected to about Boromir’s death because the movies did it so well. In the books I cried through the entirety of, what I think is perhaps the most objectively devastating chapter, The Choice of Master Samwise at the end of the Two Towers (Where Sam thinks that Frodo is dead and he says some sick one liners such as “don’t go where I can’t follow”)
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lovely-v · 4 days ago
For the lotr ask!
I want to ask all the questions lol, but I chose some:
6, 8, 9, 11, 16!!!
ooooh thanks !!
6. Favorite LOTR or TH quote?
Okay I have so many I’m actually gonna talk about a few because sometimes I get really into certain quotes.
My first fave lotr quote was when Bilbo said he felt like “butter scraped over too much bread” because I felt that in my soul in a hilariously relatable way esp during pandemic times
In terms of like, emotional quotes, we all know I stan “I can’t carry it for you but I can carry you” but recently I’ve been super into the moment where Faramir says to éowyn “in this hour I do not believe that any darkness will endure” because it’s so heartfelt and the two of them are faves of mine.
8. Favorite scene?
I don’t really know what my favorite scene would be book-wise (in terms of chapters though Cirith Ungol is my favorite) but in the movies I love the scene at the beginning of TTT with Sam’s box of salt that he brought in case they had to cook any chicken. It’s such a funny light-hearted moment.
9. If you could live anywhere on Middle-Earth, where would you choose?
11. The Shire or Rivendell?
16. If you could be any race in Middle-Earth, which would you be?
I feel like these three questions have one answer for me because I yearn for the cottegecore king lifestyle so ofc I would want to be a hobbit in the shire
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navyhyuck · 5 days ago
do you have any jeno recs?
hi love! very fortunately, some of my favorite dream fics are jeno fics 👀👀
the dumbing down of love by luvdsc
pussy blocked by luvdsc
this shirt of his by rouiyan
in loving memory by jaeminhours
someone to stay by jaeminhours
kitchen frolics by radiorenjun
you can find more as i read them on @veerecs <3
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lovely-v · 7 days ago
Hi! I love your blog and seeing your posts on my dash always make me smile <3
ajkdsjfk thank you ?? That’s so sweet I just work here lmao
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lovely-v · 7 days ago
i saw the 5 years behind post on pinterest 2 hours after u first posted it :/
shut it down boys I’m finished :(( might as well just be posting DIRECTLY to pinterest now
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navyhyuck · 8 days ago
Top 5 fics you recommend
okay anon here goes:
sweeter than honey by @luvdsc (park jisung x fem presenting reader) ; okay, i know i sound like a broken record saying this but it’s been nearly a year since this fic has been posted and i genuinely am never getting over it. it’s a best friends to lovers + rich kid + private prep school (high school) au which generally follows both y/n and jisung in their little endeavors through senior year. it’s also like mutual pining and a lot of obliviousness, so, very humorous as well. absolute must read, no exceptions.
achromatopsia by @neoneversleeps (lee donghyuck x gender neutral reader) ; i’ve read this quite a bit ago but i’d still say it’s definitely one of my favorites just because it’s stuck to me for a long time. it’s a chem lab partners/classmates to lovers + high school au where hyuck has achromatopsia (color blindness), this fic does not romanticize achromatopsia either, but rather brings quite a bit of awareness to it. it can be heavy for some people but it’s very nostalgic in a way. it’s written very very well, especially the explicitly described allusions of colors and memories and everything, it’s literally perfect.
your favourite boy by @hyuckles-chuckles (lee donghyuck x fem presenting reader) ; okay i’ve also read this more times than i’d like to admit but it hits close to home but it’s a bff2l au where hyuck moves away at the start (?) of senior year and y/n and hyuck basically fall in love with each other/realize their feelings over that period time away from each other. it’s super cute and also nostalgic in a way, i absolutely recommend!
in loving memory by @jaeminhours (lee jeno x gender neutral (? not sure) reader) ; okay i’ve also read this ages ago but it’s just nice heart-crushing angst that’s still a must-read! it’s a (sorta) bff2l + high school au where jeno is a cellist who gets diagnosed with leukemia and well, yeah. it’s just sad but absolutely one of my favorites!
this shirt of his by @rouiyan (lee jeno x fem presenting reader) ; alright alright let’s be real, this fic is so ridiculously nostalgic in a way that i still can’t pinpoint. this is a like childhood friends to lovers + college au fic and uhhh i don’t even know how to explain it but it’s super cute and just very realistic in a way that you can see it happen in real life? yeah. this is perfect and everything you could possibly imagine.
all of these authors are fabulous and i highly recommend you check out all of their other works as well! <33
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lovely-v · 10 days ago
Do I have to read LOTR to read Silmarillion? Whats ur opinion?
my professional opinion as someone who’s never read the Silmarillion in my entire life is that no you absolutely do not have to read lotr to read it. In fact, you could do what my friend’s grandmother did: read the Silmarillion in order to understand lotr.
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got-any-references · 15 days ago
72, web surfing, but make it as cursed as possible >:D
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is what you meant, right?
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got-any-references · 15 days ago
Ohh yay propts, can I be cheeky and ask for two? Your art is great, its pretty much what I would want a modern beej toon to look like!
85: cos I think it would be cute.
100: because I recently learnt there is a star named betelgeuse in the orion constellation.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Look Babes, it’s me!”
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got-any-references · 15 days ago
17, Betelgeuse carrying Lydia! 😊 (Bridal carry perhaps? Emphasis on bride? 😉)
Tumblr media
Wink wonk
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got-any-references · 16 days ago
Just popping in to say I loved training wheels, it was adorble! and can't wait to read more! Have a nice day!
Ahh thank you :))) I’m just gonna feed you sweet people more out-of-context spoilers:
His eyes darted from where the edge of her dress met her calf and found her own gaze. The corner of her lips curled into a slight smile. Full lips. Warm and alive and- "Are you even paying attention?" "Nah," Beej said, "thinking about that favor you owe me." Those lips drew back into a pout. Lydia shifted away, folding her arms across her chest, but he saw the playful glint in her eyes. "More like you owe me," she muttered. "Favors are null and void after two weeks of ghosting."
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lovely-v · 25 days ago
AAAAAA THIS ASK LITERALLY MADE MY DAY!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it you’re so sweet!! 💜❤️💜❤️
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homuradoka · 26 days ago
I have good memories of the dub (pmmm) bc that's how I first watched it but i can't listen to the dub knowing that :(
I solely watch the dub bc I Can’t Read and pay attention but rip 💔
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lovely-v · 26 days ago
re: frodo’s chemical burns in the movies, i think that the scars around his neck is supposed to show how heavy the ring is, both literally and metaphorically? like how in the beginning of fellowship when it falls to the floor, it makes a sort of *thunk* sound. so, since it’s on a chain, it digs into the skin around his neck. but that’s just my interpretation lmao
oooh damn you’re right! I guess I always thought about the ring’s “heaviness” as being more emotional than physical but yeah no the sound when it hits the floor is definitely indicative of it being physically heavy as well. still, ouch! someone get this boy some lotion! 
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got-any-references · a month ago
Will you update Training Wheels again or was it more of a give a small piece of the idea?
I’m...actually writing a sequel to it right now! Here’s a small preview:
The door opened to Lydia’s room, which was empty. He finally found her on the roof, ripping up the pages of her old notebooks and folding them into paper planes, watching them sail away across the yard and get caught the treetops.
She didn’t turn around when he approached. “Two weeks.”
Beetlejuice froze. “What?”
“You’re been gone for two weeks,” the casual lit of her voice did nothing to mask the coldness in her tone. Damn it, damn it, stupid Netherworld time skips. He watched as she let another math-ridden airplane get carried away by the breeze.
What the hell was he supposed to say? “Listen, about- uh, two weeks ago-”
“Forget it. Mistake. Won’t happen again,” Lydia threw the next airplane with more force then necessary, and it plummeted down into the drainpipes. I fucked up. It’s over. She doesn’t wanna see me again. Of course, why would she ever want to, I’m such a pathetic fucking mess, why would I think I was ever worth her time-
Beetlejuice yanked those self-depredating thoughts straight out of his head and shoved them away. Not now. He had to fix this.
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papasbabymommyslittleone · 2 months ago
hellooooooo,, I exist now :T -moth (new anon)(if that wasn’t already clear)
Yo, welcome! Also if you haven't then prob a good idea to read our interaction rules! They're under the read more in the pinned post ✌🏽 - 👑
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