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#variant loki
cruzsart · 45 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
He IS the moment✨
Was very excited for this outfit because suits or just a dress shirt and a tie are my weakness 🥵
Also! new art style unlocked 😎
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broadwayfan92 · an hour ago
Watching Loki episode 1:
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Watching episode 2:
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worstloki · an hour ago
Mobius to Loki in episode 1:
Mobius: I specialize in the pursuit of dangerous Variants.
Loki: Like myself?
Mobius: No, particularly dangerous Variants. You're just a little pussycat.
Judge Renslayer in episode 2:
Ravonna: Towing a dangerous Variant into the field is controversial.
Mobius: Yeah, it didn't go exactly the way I wanted it to today, but here's what we did find out. [...] Because understanding this Loki helps me get closer to the [dangerous] one we're chasing. Right?
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yusmid · 2 hours ago
How the Variant’s Plan Will Lead to the Next Marvel Event
How the Variant’s Plan Will Lead to the Next Marvel Event
How the Variant’s Plan Will Lead to the Next Marvel Event The following post contains SPOILERS for Loki Episode 2. By now it’s clear that Lady Loki — “Randy” to her variant Lokis — has a huge plan for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Time Variance Authority’s attempts to stop her will likely take up the remainder of this season of Loki. But what is her plan? Readers of Marvel…
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(Mobius runs with B-15 and another guard into a bar that they saw Loki enter. They pause at a TVA guard who’s had plenty to drink and earlier watched the four Lokis run past him to no concern.)
Mobius: Did you see any Lokis?
TVA Judge: See what?
Mobius: Lokis, Lokis!
TVA Judge: Really, Mobius, old boy, you’ve been hitting the booze too hard.
Mobius (throwing up his hands in surrendering annoyance): Ah! 
(He, B-15 and another Hunter keep running throughout the TVA until they come across a door with the words CARD ROOM painted in the windows. Mobius pauses, and opens the door, looking around until he sees the nearest table, which Casey is at, deeply invested in a card game, but notices Mobius coming in.)
Mobius (whispering loudly): Excuse me, are The Lokis in here?
Casey (holds up a finger to his lips): Shh! (Mobius, taken aback & embarrassed, steps out and closes the door.)
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worstloki · 4 hours ago
im still thinking about that second episode and i still dont see the correlation between the Kablooie candy and that natural disaster in Alabama? Like??? on what terms did they exclude those other disasters, why was it the one in Alabama and what did it have to do with that candy????? im so confused plz help lmao
loki said he found being called an ice runt/scared little boy offensive and that made mobius remember the kid with the gum, which was apparently the only scrap of a clue they had.
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but the Analysts hadn't gotten anything from it??
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so now they know a time period a general location AND that they're looking for a natural disaster (thx loki) which overlaps over 4 years so then they just
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Tumblr media
and the only one they find is the 2050 hurricane in Alabama where people were located in a Roxxcart mall.
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a-lost-raven · 6 hours ago
Alright in Loki, why don’t the timekeepers prevent variants? The Avengers were meant to go back in time but couldn’t the time keepers stop Loki from picking up the tesseract and stop all the other ‘crimes against the sacred timeline?’
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(Loki and three other Loki Variants, all wearing the same suit with the Variant Jacket have been sneakily climbing over a wall in the TVA and abruptly jump down, drawing the attention of Hunter B-15, who shines a flashlight on them all.)
Hunter B-15: Hey! What are you doing there? (the next shot of the Lokis shows them all in TVA Variant Uniforms, resembling prison clothes.)
Loki: If they catch us, it means a life sentence.
Loki Variant 1: I don’t want to go back in that hole. (a siren begins to wail in the background as all of the Lokis begin raising their voices and growing more hysterical)
Loki Variant 2 (to Hunter B-15): You dirty, rotten screw!
Loki Variant 3 (also to Hunter B-15): You’ll never take us alive!
Loki Variant 1 (falling to his knees and screaming off into the distance as the other three Lokis try to calm him down): Come and get us, guard! Come and get us! Come and get us!
Mobius (running into the frame as the siren stops): What seems to be the trouble? (the shot back on the Lokis has them all back in their normal TVA business clothes)
Loki Variant 2: It’s Mr. Mobius and the guard.
Mobius: Okay, I’ll talk to them.
Loki Variant 1: Let’s split! (all four Lokis run off in a mad dash through the TVA)
Mobius: Boys, boys! Wait, I wanna talk to you! Just a min—(he begins to run after them as Hunter B-15 follows pursuit behind him).
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rayodavos · 15 hours ago
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This second episode of #Loki hits a little too close to home. #apocalypse #hurricane #marvel #variant #roxxcart #ladyloki #multiverse (at Summerdale, Alabama)
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mcelmoore · 17 hours ago
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“This isn’t about you.”
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