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squirrelwrangler · 9 days ago
I was rereading HoME & the way the Vanyar are described ("noble", "generous", "gentle", "blessed") really stood out to me. Do you think the Noldor had this weird attitude towards the Vanyar that was simultaneously pedestalization + condescension (a teeny bit like the noble savage trope)? Because the way they viewed the Teleri/Sindar/Edain was pretty iffy, so why are the Vanyar described in such positive terms? ((Asking because I really enjoy your meta & the historical connections you make))
Yep, I picked up on that too - and you’re also right in that the reason it comes across that why is because the Noldor in-universe and textually via author biases are very condescending and racist towards the Teleri/Sindar/mortal men. So the Vanyar as Fair Ones smacks of fetishization of their uncommon appearance and that physical beauty is that all they’re good for or why anyone would want them. Look at those pure simple farmers with their plain boring clothes and their mindless but pretty songs, just adoring this paradise and the Valar and how grateful that they don’t have to think about anything. Pure Arcadia. Not like us clever complicated Wise Noldor. 🙄
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rohirra · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imin and Iminyē
Imin was the first Elf who awoke at Cuiviénen and one of the three Elf-fathers as well as leader of the Minyar clan, which would later be known as the Vanyar. His spouse was Iminyë. She awoke at Imins side and later chose to marry him. Not much is known about their fates.
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xirinofarvada · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
So there, have an Elenwë. Click for better quality. Tumblr likes to ruin the resolution.
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unnamedelement · 27 days ago
Defending the Teleri / making fun of Tolkien’s ethnic & racial hierarchies is 100% the hill I will die on
Tolkien himself was an Eldar—and specifically a Noldor—Stan, but SOMEONE HAS TO LOVE THE TELERI.
*for the record, I’m being facetious about the 20 minutes thing but
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that-feanturi-bitch · a month ago
Noldor, Vanyar or Teleri?
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arafins · a month ago
Tumblr media
Father blessed them with reason And this is what they choose
a mix for the eldar of the first age
right in two - tool // ghosts of war - think up anger // battle of one - thirty seconds to mars // the scar - broken iris // take a bow - muse // louder then words - les friction // on my own - briken iris // your world will fail - les friction // at the wall - two steps from hell
01. Right In Two  [Ainur contemplating the fate of the Exiled] Angels on the sideline, Baffled and confused Father blessed them all with reason, And this is what they choose?
02. Ghosts Of War [Crossing of the Helcaraxë]
03. Battle of One [Death of Fëanor] Try and stop me Try and save me I want to fall
04. The Scar [Concerning the Ñoldor] Struck with a punishment, that would last for an age Finally it's all black and white Much more simple to answer
05. Take a Bow [Rage of the elves against Morgoth] Corrupt You corrupt Bring corruption to all that you touch Hold You'll behold And beholden for all that you've done Pay You must pay You must pay for you're crimes against the earth
06. Louder Than Words [Dagor Bragollach] We have the force to fight We have the blinding light We have the will to win Forever we'll defend
07. On My Own [Death of Maedhros] Just keep my mind Burning strong Into the gaping emptiness I'll go On my own
08. Your World Will Fail [The Vanyar of the Host of Valinor] Your world will fail my love It's far beyond repair Your world will fail If you are alive you must run for you life
09. At The Wall [The War of Wrath]
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lajpaal · a month ago
Maybe the vanyar and their return to middle earth during the war of wrath and their relationship with the Exiles, the Sindar and the Laiquendi ?
I was hoping for a Vanyar prompt, so thank you anon! This is written from the perspective of a young Laiquendi scout. 
All Lindi grow up with tales of the Great Journey that our people made long before the Sun and Moon rose. I remember sitting around the campfire with my sisters and cousins, listening to our grandmother tell stories of Denweg and his son Ndani-tharo, our king who perished in the First Battle. My sisters always wanted to hear about how Ndani-tharo led the Lindi across the Mountains to these western lands and reunited with Elwe Sindicollo, but I was a curious child. I wanted to know more about the Sundered Ones who had followed the Huntsman across the sea. And of those Sundered Ones, it was the Minyar, the First Tribe, who intrigued me the most. 
I see them now, at the end of this age. The Minyar have returned to the lands of their birth to defeat the Enemy once and for all. Golden-haired and dark-skinned, they are taller even than the Exiles, who seemed like giants to us. They wield their spears with deadly grace and the earth crumbles beneath their feet as they march ever north, singing old hunting songs. The Shining Ones march with them, and at times it is impossible to distinguish between the two kindreds. They sing and dance and laugh together as if they were one people. It is incomprehensible to me, for I met Queen Melian once, and felt as if time itself had stopped and there was only her bright gaze stripping me to the bone. She is kind and wise, yes, but I am glad I never have to see her again.  
The reunion of the Minyar with their Exiled kin is joyful, but tensions soon erupt as old resentments are brought to the surface. The king of the Faithful Noldor, who looks and acts like a Minya himself, has had to work with the king of the Exiles to break up many fights. Yet love remains, for many times I have seen soldiers from both sides brawling and then joking with each other a few hours later. The Iathrim under Oropher prefer to keep to themselves most of the time but are more willing to mingle with the Minyar than with the Noldor. I think it is because the Minyar came only to defeat Morgoth, not to establish kingdoms or claim land. Those who follow Celeborn are of course curious about them, these fair, fey folk from whom Galadriel proudly claims descent.  
My grandmother tells me that the war will end soon. The Lindi are preparing to go east, back over the Mountains we crossed so long ago. I have heard that the Minyar will return to the Blessed Realm. How can they bleed and die for this land and not care to see the fruits of their victory? This I do not understand. Perhaps one day, when I am telling stories around the campfire to my own grandchildren, I will. 
I am glad they came. 
Minyar -> Vanyar
Lindi -> Laiquendi
Denweg -> Lenwe
Ndani-tharo -> Denethor  
Hope you liked it anon!
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lajpaal · a month ago
Tumblr media
The Vanyar are the Blessed Elves, and the Spear-elves, the Elves of the Air, the friends of the Gods, the Holy Elves and the Immortal.
Fun fact: Ingwe actually means leopard in Zulu and the flag of Eswatini has a spears and shield emblem, therefore my headcanon about south African Vanyar is completely valid.
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ela-draws · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I must draw Glorfindel often .. it's a lifestyle 😎✨🌻
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rohirra · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
She perished in the crossing of the Ice; and Turgon was thereafter unappeasable in his enmity for Fëanor and his sons. He had himself come near to death in the bitter waters when he attempted to save her and his daughter Itaril, whom the breaking of treacherous ice had cast into the cruel sea. Itaril he saved; but the body of Elenwë was covered in fallen ice.
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the-archives-of-memery · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
(I just made this format and a handful of memes from it so forgive the repetitiveness that is to come)
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lesbiulmo-spams · 2 months ago
hmm.. so the Quenyan root words for "fair" and "beautiful" were very similar and eventually blended.. hmm.. that doesn't sound racist.. at all.. hmmm...
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lajpaal · 2 months ago
I’m not normally into Tolkien linguistics, but it’s interesting that the Vanyarin names for the Sun and Moon (Anar and Isil) are almost exactly the same as the Sindarin names (Anor and Ithil). I wonder how that happened? Maybe some cultural exchange during the War of Wrath? 
Meanwhile the Noldorin Exiles are like “oh, the Sun is a sign of the waning of the Eldar, but the Moon cherishes our memory.” So fricking dramatic.
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fandomblr · 2 months ago
For Diverse Tolkien Week I decided to boost one of my older fics on AO3 since today (Monday the 22nd) is a day geared towards women of color in the Tolkien legendarium:
So! Here is my fic The Wives of The King, featuring Indis of the Vanyar as a WOC.
This is also a polyamorous, queer, wlw, and bisexual pride fic but because of being a college student and student worker sadly I don’t have the time to make new art or fanfics for her. If I get a break I will be sure to spend it making diverse fanart/edits/maybe even fics depending on how much time I have!
Thank you @diversetolkien for making this amazing week, I’m so excited to see what other fans come up with!
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commandermollyobrien · 2 months ago
Professor Tolkien accidentally coded the Noldor as Jewish and I have evidence.
1. Diaspora
2. Keep telling deities to fight them
3. Considered to be a culture of determined, bickering academics always on 110%
4. Very stubbornly surviving despite insurmountable odds
5. Had their language/culture suppressed
Sorry professsor, your elves are now Jewish.
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lajpaal · 2 months ago
Part 1, Part 2
Part Three: Vanyarin Culture/History/Traits
“First came the Vanyar, the most eager for the road, the people of Ingwe.”
“The smallest host and the first to set forth was led by Ingwe, the most high lord of all the Elvish race.”
“Isil the Sheen the Vanyar of old named the Moon, flower of Telperion in Valinor; and Anar the Fire-golden, fruit of Laurelin, they named the Sun.”
“For all those of elven-race, even the Vanyar and Ingwë their lord, must breathe at times the outer air and the wind that comes over the sea from the lands of their birth.”
“The host of the Valar prepared for battle; and beneath their white banners marched the Vanyar, the people of Ingwë.”
“And the Vanyar returned beneath their white banners, and were borne in triumph to Valinor; but their joy in victory was diminished, for they returned without the Silmarils from Morgoth's crown, and they knew that those jewels could not be found or brought together again unless the world be broken and remade.”
“Yet deeper still there dwelt in her the noble and generous spirit of the Vanyar, and a reverence for the Valar that she could not forget.”
“Finarfin was of his mother’s kind in mind and body, having the golden hair of the Vanyar, their noble and gentle temper, and their love of the Valar.”
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