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#vanitas no carte
fairskaya · 56 minutes ago
VnC Plot Theories and Questions
Here are some of my ideas and questions about the VnC plot. There’s going to be part 2, in which I’d like to explore the connections of VnC universe to the real one and how that affects the plot (spoiler: greatly). I’m relatively new to the fandom and don’t know if all those points have been already discussed so feel free to give me links and - discuss! That’s what this post is for, I’m dying to talk about all this!
- How long ago did the Babel incident happen? What century at least? Chloe was waiting in her castle for several hundreds of years. The 15-16th century, like the time when the real Paracelsus lived?
- Queen Faustina, Naenia, The Vampire of the Blue Moon, Jeanne.
What is exactly the vampire queen? Is she the first vampire of the crimson moon? Her power is endless, only her counselors have a succession (Luca and his predecessors). The queen honestly looks way more like a local goddess rather than an actual queen: she’s one and only, any vampire cherishes her like a deity and will go feral if someone’s impolite regarding her as if it was a heresy.
Is she even a ‘she’?
As far as I understand, Neania is a Malnomen of Queen Faustina, the queen who forgot herself and is acting upon her curse. Right now it’s her who distorts the names. However, there’s a question: the curse-bearers have happened way before the outbreak Vanitas is investigating atm, and as far as we know, the queen disappeared at the same time the outbreak occurred. So, who was distorting the names before Naenia? How long does she exist at all? Was Faustina cursed way before her disappearance but the symptoms were kept at bay until the council couldn’t manage it anymore? According to the fairytale, the curses are Luna’s fault but we never saw them doing any of this. Unless they have sort of a split personality or a curse themselves?
As we know, Luna is neither male nor female (which made me think of Bathomet but I’ll get to it later), they didn’t know who and what they were, until they did and regretted it dearly. We also know Noe thinks the Queen and Luna look very much alike. And when we saw the queen’s hand atop of her blanket in her bedroom while Luka was by her side, that hand was pitch black and looked just like the VotBM one.
That was the first part of the mystery.
The second part is that the Queen looked very young when her physical form stabilized. 
We know she was tried to get rid of - her body was demolished and her spirit (???) - or whatever was left - became Naenia. I’m not sure whether Naenia is corporeal or not, but she becomes one when stabilized and all this time she is in such a severe pain that she doesn’t want to get back to this world. She doesn’t want to remember herself and the way she died.
Why exactly was she killed?
Anyway, she must not be brought back at any cost either. Vanitas mentioned that if she comes back, there won’t be neither a vampire nor a human to overcome her. Besides, all the vampires felt when she reappeared. Did they feel her dying?
I wonder if she’s some sort of a bee queen. (I hope not, I really got enough of that with the Pandemonium in Chrono Crusade.)
However, whe know exactly who killed her: Ruthven, Veronica de Sade and Luca’s older brother (who seemed to play an important role in this mission and bore the most of the backfire, and I wonder why the safest place for Luka is beside him now?). Probably all other members of the council took their part in this, too. 
So the Queen is not to be brought back, but Lord Ruthven tries to bring SOME queen into this world anyway. Someone with long fair hair just like hers is growing in a glass vessel at his lab. 
And, as we know, Jeanne also got out of some glass vessel just like this one. And she had very long fair hair, too. I wonder why didn’t anyone there notice the similarities… how often do the vampires see their queen again? 
Ruthven keeps Jeanne within his sight and even saved her from being executed when everyone wanted to. He’s obviously trying to use her, but in what way?
To cut the long story short, I think there was smth terribly wrong with Faustina - so wrong they had to kill her or at least weaken her as much as possible. But the vampires worship her like a Goddess, so she had to be present one way or another, the council couldn’t keep what happened to her a secret forever. So they needed a replacement, and that’s what Ruthven is working on. A clone? That explains his sponsorship of Dr. Moreau’s experiments.
And Jeanne’s one of the failed ones. Or is she? Maybe she was let out on purpose?
- What did Ruthven teach his students? He honestly looked more like a messiah in a cult rather than a scientist and a teacher.
- What order did he give to Jeanne?
- Looks like his ‘curses’ orders cause a bloodthirst just like Naenia’s ones, although way weaker. Which makes me wonder: does any strong vampire have an ability for such curses? If so, why just the VotBM was hated and feared for it? And how old is Ruthven?
- Where did the VotBM fairytale come from? Who created it? Ruthven reminds me of Jack Vessalius a lot by his place in the plot (remember how Jack fabricated the prophecy?). He’s everyone’s hero and a very shady person in reality. He used to have the best intentions and beliefs, like Noe, and was disappointed in them - however, this didn’t stop him from finishing the war between the humanity and the vampires and bringing peace to them. He looks like someone who’ll do everything and anything for what he believes in and sets as his aim, and I wonder what the aim is. I can’t help thinking it’s something grand and ‘for everyone’s sake’ in his POV but can play out pretty terrible for actual people. I think he cares for the vampires - and maybe for the humanity as well - but may go too far in it and forget his morals (he already had to in order to get to the top of society and gain some power).
- I strongly suspect Naenia aka Faustina, the Teacher and Luna are closely connected. In what way though? I wonder if Paracelsus is going to turn out to be a composite image after all.
- Also I see the reflection of those three in Jeanne, Noe and Vanitas and that makes me think back to the Sablier and the Riverra’s trios.
- Vampire rampages.  Yes, the vampires were ostracized and feared when the Babel has just happened, later there was the hunt and a war. BUT. They’re long over. There’s Lord Orloc to control vamps now, and humans consider them a fairytale. 
Astolpho and Vanitas’ families were killed no more than about a decade ago though. And there wasn’t just one crazy cursebearer - no, according to the fate of Astolpho’s sister, there was an organized group of vamps sane enough to keep their ‘food’ alive for some time. They were laughing and talking. They behaved like people - not like mad beasts. What were those vampires then? 
- What happened on THAT DAY?
- What happened to Michael and who’s his err supporter? Ruthven again? Or Marquis Machina, judging by Michael’s hand?
- What is Charlatan? Looks like this isn't just Naenia. Does its carnival exist in reality or is it just an illusion in the victim’s head since it comes and goes so fast and seemingly out of nowhere?
- Why did the Teacher need Noe? What role is set for the Archiviste?
- Where did the Archiviste go? Were they all killed? Why and by whom?
- I have a feeling in the end someone will try to bring the world to its natural order and either lock or erase the world of formulas, so that there are no vampires anymore, everyone’s back to being human. And someone’s going to be left in that locked world - Vanitas. Remember he has to be touching a vampire to cross between the worlds and Noe can’t forgive himself for the fact that he didn't grab Vanitas’ hand? (I’ll repeat as much as I have to - I don’t believe he’ll settle with this when his whole ark is “I can’t save anyone I want to save, I can’t change anything”. Unless… but later.)
- Why are Vanitas’ memories forbidden to be read? Is it because they’re Lunas as well and they knew something crucial about the world order? Did Ruthven try to get to the same knowledge through Faustina? He also needed Chloe’s world changing machine - why when he’s such a strong vampire himself? How much does he want to change in the world if his power alone is not enough? Is it the queen - or the world itself?
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calmodus · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
realized i never posted this sketch lol
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kisskissgotohell · 3 hours ago
so when most people cure supposedly incurable diseases, it's "a groundbreaking scientific discovery" and "a boon to modern medicine," but when i, vanitas, an average human being who inherited the name of the vampire of the blue moon,
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gossqmere · 6 hours ago
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pandoraheartsposter · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
When you get a thousand notifications
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pandoraheartsposter · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Jean Jacques and queen faustina from the case study of vanitas
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digital-dhampirs · a day ago
Luna the Archiviste
So I was thinking about Luna the other day (Luna and Ruthven occupy about 90% of my brain’s storage space). I’ve been wondering why they were so hesitant to make Vanitas and Mikhail into their kin.
Maybe the process would be painful? Maybe they didn’t want the kids to be rewritten or lose their humanity? Maybe they thought that with great blue moon powers comes great responsibility?
or maybe...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What if Luna didn’t want to make Vanitas and Mikhail their kin because they didn’t want to invade the boys’ memories?
When talking about turning Vani and Misha into their kin, Luna states that “it isn’t a method I want to use”. I first thought this meant the process of turning Misha and Vani into Kin would be dangerous or painful. But then I started to think... left untreated, Vanitas and Mikhail would end up dying a horrifying painful deaths anyways. Could the process of turning them into Kin be worse than the fever and bleeding Mikhail starts to show when he deteriorates, or the terrifying scenes of how the other “pseudo- kin” children died in Moreau’s lab?
But what if the process of turning the boys into Kin wasn’t painful or dangerous? What if it was something very simple— something that Luna didn’t want to do because it conflicted with their morals? And, if Noé is anything to judge by, the most immoral thing to do as an Archiviste is drink someone’s blood— invade their memories— without consent.
Just like Noé, this seems like the sort of thing Luna would object to. They hate the idea of it so much that they don’t tell Mikhail about it until he’s on his deathbed.
Another point towards this theory is Vanitas’s preoccupation with protecting his memories. When Noé attacks Vani in chapter 50, he recalls someone saying “I beg you, XXXX. No matter what, never let anyone take your memories”. This sounds likel,etching Luna told him— we know that they call Vanitas “XXXX” or however you spell his name, and the only people around Vani who care about him enough to beg him to do something are Luna and Misha.
moving into crack territory, the implications of Luna being an Archiviste
So Luna told Vanitas to protect his memories. Why? We know something happened to Mikhail’s memories on that day, making him unable to remember anything that happened beyond begging Vanitas not to leave him. Was there some sort of entity out there that could take Mikhail’s memories?
If Luna is an Archiviste, and Luna is somehow related to Faustina (even though they look nothing alike, they have the same hairstyle so that’s gotta mean something), and Naenia is Faustina as a malnomen
What if Naenia is an Archiviste too?
It would explain how she’s able to know about Chloé’s past with Jeanne despite probably not being there. It would explain how she’s able to show vampires visions of their worst nightmares and offer them their greatest desires. And maybe, just maybe... maybe Naenia can also take away memories. Maybe that’s why Mikhail can’t remember what happened on “that day”— maybe Luna, Vanitas, and Mikhail got into an altercation with Naenia leading to her taking Misha’s memories. Maybe this is why Vanitas is so interested in protecting his memories and so furious when Noé asks to drink his blood. Maybe this is why Vanitas recognizes Faustina when she starts to stabilize.
Tumblr media
As always, this is just my interpretation of the manga and is probably very wrong on many fronts, so please take it with a grain of salt! The second half of the theory takes a very rapid descent into crack territory so please take it with some extra extra tablespoons of salt. It’s very very possible that Naenia just has magic queen vampire powers and Luna just didn’t want to rewrite Mikhail and Vani. I really hate the idea that Noé is somehow related to Naenia/ Faustina and Luna, but now I’ve seen it and I can never look away.
Thanks for reading this post!
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korygeki · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Today i offer you guys my noejacques crumbs that i have been posting on tw*tter, because if nobody else is going to post about them, then i will
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bemused-writer · a day ago
second nonbinary anon here (lol)- thanks for the clarification!! very right on making sure that we continue to recognize luna as nonbinary no matter what & make sure that no one forgets it. have a good day 😌 (and a good day to op. sorry for having a convo over anon 😅)
(A response to this post).
Happy to play referee. XD
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gracydea · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i’ve decided i’m staying with you, vanitas !
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pandoraheartsposter · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
When you hear something talking shit
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pandoraheartsposter · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Jean Jacques from the case study of vanitas
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number03 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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retracexcviii · 3 days ago
Say, while we wait for chapter 52 (who will destroy us too, right? TT), have you some theories of what could happen now? I thought that Jeanne could come (but it would change her view of Vanitas too quickly ^^"). I thought that Veronica could come for take her sister home but she wouldn't care for Noe. The Chasseurs could come, while all the mess our boys have done but they would assume that Noe is the threat here. Well Roland wouldn't, but what are the chance that he comes? What do you think?
Hi there, dear anon.
You have written most part of the theories of what could happen so there is not much ideas left. I can add something that already has been said in the fandom: that Dominique could have started to awakening. This is one of my favorites because to see her fighting his actual state of mind could be wonderfull, something very powerfull.
Besides, I think the theory more probably right now is that Jeanne will arrive in a few moments. I am like 99,99% sure this will happen for the "favour" Luca asked Jeanne to do for him after hearing about Dominique was disappeared. Other thing very probably to happen is the chasseaurs arriving since with Misha putting all the lights on and the explosions caused by Vanitas is something that would have alarmed all the street so is very probably to the chasseaurs to be there, just in case.
And to finish the question I can add not a theory at all but a wish. I really want Jun to make this "savior" of Mikhail appear in this fight, not to fight of course but to take a nearly look of what his "partner" Misha is doing (I wish this to happen because right know I want to know who is this person so bad).
Ps: I want to say that I am not very accustomed with this question thing of Tumblr so if sometimes I dont answer is because I didnt see it, I am kinda clueless for this sorry XD
Pps: anyways feel free to ask whatever you want since I like sharing things in this community
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bemused-writer · 3 days ago
first enby luna anon here; it's as you understood, I meant using they/them prinouns in the context of affirming luna's nb identity - it's very valid to use whatever pronouns you want and to interchange them (heck, I do that myself), but it's also so easy to fall into "this character looks/acts feminine, therefore we use she/her pronouns" well. I just really don't want this to happen to luna since there were already so many people calling them using she/her pronouns and now that she's a confirmed nb character I feel like it would be nice to acknowledge it. The other anon raises a valid point, enby does not equal they/them and that needs to be normalized too, but we also have to acknowledge how using certain pronouns might affect the perception of a character, how will fandom newcomers percieve them etc.
For reference, this Ask is referencing this Ask.
I definitely get that concern and I understand wanting to make sure that newcomers and old fans alike recognize Luna’s identity for what it is. It’s definitely a tricky subject in that getting broad, straightforward recognition means they/them is the simplest way to go, but we also don’t want to suggest she/her and he/him automatically dismiss their nonbinary nature either. In other words, we don’t want anyone thrown under the bus!
I really think that talking about it as we have been and exploring the nonbinary identity in fanfic/meta is probably a good way of raising awareness in fandom, at least. At the end of the day, we can’t control how other people see the character (especially if they’re not caught up on the latest chapters), but by keeping an open dialogue about identity we can get more people aware of how they may perceive Luna and to consider the pronouns they’re using and why they’re using them. At least, I figure all this has been good for me in that department. (^^) My personal takeaway on the matter is there might not be a simple “this is the right way of doing it” answer, but there rarely is. Maintaining awareness and honesty about how I’m writing the character or analyzing the character is important, so I’ll do my best in that department.
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elia-de-silentio · 3 days ago
have you some theories about chapter 52 and what could happen after this terrible blow that Vanitas just did to Noé?
I admit I haven't given it much thought!
The closest I got is that Dominique could get out of her trance by herself, facing her inner demons in order to save Noè and ruining Misha's plans. Other than that ... that incident will have a strong impact on both halves of our wonder duo, and it's likely they will part ways, at least for a while.
Thank you for the ask!
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