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#vanessa Doofenshmirtz
doki32 · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
6/15 바네사 생일 축전~ 
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wildshadowtamer · 15 hours ago
My HCs for PnF Characters (Pt. 2, Teens)
and we’re back! This time, focusing on the teens! And a quick reminder that this is a human au.
once again, Picrew by @thewolfofthestars​​
[DNI: Transphobes, Queerphobes, Exclusionists, Anti-Mogai, Cringe/Flop Accounts] (and everything else, but those specifically for this post)
Tumblr media
Candace Flynn is a bisexual, Polyamorous Transwoman who uses she/her pronouns.
Tumblr media
Jeremy Johnson is a bisexual, nebulasexual, polyamorous transman who uses he/him pronouns (top right is the nebulasexual flag)
Tumblr media
Stacy Hirano is a bisexual polyamorous transwoman who uses she/her pronouns. (lots of Bi’s in this triology)
Tumblr media
Pinky Garcia-Shapiro is a polysexual, demi-homoromantic Gender non-conforming transman who uses he/him pronouns! (sorry about the wrong flag, i got mixed up on the terms)
Tumblr media
Monty Monogram is a Bisexual, Queer, Polyamorous Trans Man that uses he/him pronouns!
Tumblr media
Carl Karl is a Pansexual, Biromantic, Polyamorous Trans Man that uses he/him pronouns!
Tumblr media
Carla Karl is a Trans Bi Lesbian that uses she/her pronouns!
Tumblr media
Vanessa Doofenshmirtz is bisexual, Librafemenine, Autigender, Catflux, and uses she/they pronouns!
Tumblr media
Albert Du Bois is cishet with he/him pronouns because i dont like him
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A while back I made a post about how Linda's cannon young voice is voiced by the same person as Vanessa, Dr. Doofenshmirtz' daughter.
But I just watched the episode where Linda came back for a concert and Laurence became Max Modem.... And Linda said she lip synced. And that even when she was famous she lip synced it all.
So a new theory~
Vanessa's mom, Charlene Doofenshmirtz, was the person who actually sung Lindana's songs! Since Vanessa wasn't born yet when Lindana was popular.
That's it. I don't have anything to build off this. But I hadn't seen anyone suggest this yet so-
Oh actually it could be part of the Dr. Doofenshmirtz is father to Phineas theories somehow. Because with Charlene and Lindana in the same industry, especially with Linda lip syncing... Could create some interesting scenarios.
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fereality-indy · 3 days ago
Party Talk
Jenny: What if the person who named Walkie Talkies named everything? Stacy: Pregnancy tests are Maybe Babies Eliza: Socks are Feetie Heaties Candace: Forks are Stabby Grabbies Stacy: Defibrillators are Heartie Starties Eliza: Nightmares are Dreamy Screamies Candace: Stamps are Lickie Stickies Vanessa: *annoyed* You are disappointments.
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arctimon · 3 days ago
For the salty ask list:
1, 4 and 5.
...Man, going straight for the jugular, aren't we? OK, fair enough. 1.) What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?
See, the easier answer would be Hiro/Megan since, as a Hiro/Karmi shipper, we're "enemies" or whatever. But I get Megiro, because that is an option for him (perhaps only for Aunt Cass).
I know that people were shipping Wasabi/Chris for a hot second, but that was completely one-sided and didn't make sense.
So...I guess I'd have to go with Honey Lemon/Go Go.
And even saying that is a bit of a stretch, because I do get it. They're roommates. They're best friends. They do have touching moments with each other. But I never really imagined them as a pairing.
Tumblr really likes them as a couple, so I've had to familiarize myself with that. I know there are many people in the fandom that like them too.
I don't know. Maybe it's more on Go Go's side than HL's side, but it just...doesn't do it for me. Just my opinion. 4.) Do you have a NoTP in your fandom? Are they a popular OTP? ...Is there a NoTP in the Big Hero 6 fandom?
I think the closest thing we have to a NoTP is Hiro/Go Go or Hiro/HL, and I think that's mostly because of the age difference (Hiro is 14, and both Go Go and HL are assumed to be 21).
Hiro/Go Go, from what I've seen, is actually quite popular on fanfiction websites (relatively), but yeah, that's a no for me, dawg. People may not like Hiro/Karmi or Hiro/Megan, but at least they're close to his age. 5.) Has fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?
I can't say that any pairing has been ruined for me in any of the fandoms I've been a part of (Phineas and Ferb, Teen Titans, Big Hero 6, or otherwise). I know that seems like sort of a copout answer, but I legitimately haven't had anything ruined.
I'm usually deadset on my pairings, so other members of fandoms trying to say I'm wrong (even if I do end up being wrong in the endgame) don't really bother me.
I would say the closest things to a ruining for me was back in the Phineas and Ferb days, when I was part of the Ferb/Gretchen side, and everyone and their mother was a Ferb/Vanessa person. And I guess Ferb/Vanessa ended up "winning" in the end, but I never really liked how they resolved that.
But at the end of the day, it wasn't really an issue. I had my canon Baljeet/Ginger, so I could live with it. XD
Other than that, not really.
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angelofanimation · 4 days ago
Hello everyone, I hope you've all wished Ms. Vanessa Doofenshmirtz a very happy birthday today.
Tumblr media
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favficbirthdays · 4 days ago
Happy Birthday
Tumblr media
Vanessa Doofenshmirtz (15th June)
Phineas and Ferb
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ginnyweatherby · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Quick, before I ruin it by attempting to add Norm, look at this cute little doodle of Vanessa wearing Chucks
and yes the logo is on the outside of her shoe, I just think it looks better
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mysteriesofmilo · 4 days ago
Phineas and Ferb shipping tournament RESULTS!!!!!!
It is time to announce the results of our tournament!
With 25 votes this round, the 4th place award goes to... Monty x Vanessa!
With 53 votes (67.9%), the bronze medal goes to... Jeremy x Candace!!
With 29 votes, the silver medal goes to... the farmer x his wife!!!
And with 50 votes (63.3%), the winner is...
Agent P x his job!!!!
View the completed bracket here:
Tumblr media
Tune in tomorrow for the start of an MML quotes tournament!
EDIT: Sorry folks, got tied up with other things today and I didn't have the time to start the quotes tournament. That will come out in the next few days though, so stay tuned!
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Meet The Originals
Phineas Garcia-Shapiro-Flynn - 31, Renown Inventor and OWCA Engineer, father of 5. Queerplatonically married.
Ferb Tjinder-Fletcher - 32, Renown Inventor and OWCA Agent, father of 6. Married.
Candace Johnson-Hirano-Flynn - 37, Lawyer and Professional Buster, mother of 3. Married.
Baljeet Tjinder - 32, Professor at Danville College, father of 6. Married.
Buford Van Stomm - 33 Gym Owner of 'Wedgies 2.0′, father of 6. Married.
Isabella Garcia-Shapiro - 31, Fashion Designer and Fireside Girls leader, mother of 5. Queerplatonically Married.
Perrin Bartholomew Periwinkle Doofenshmirtz-Fletcher - 54, OWCA’s best agent and Highschool Teacher at Danville High, father of 4. (counting vanessa and norm), Open Married.
Heinz Doofenshmirtz-Fletcher - 69, (nice) Highschool Teacher at Danville High, father of 4 (counting Vanessa and Norm), Open Married.
Vanessa Doofenshmirtz - 38, Horror Writer, mother of 4. Married.
Jeremy Johnson-Hirano-Flynn - 37, Singer and Guitarist, father of 3. Married.
Stacy Johnson-Hirano-Flynn - 37, Politician, mother of 3. Married.
Peter Ortega-Orso - 55, Second Best OWCA Agent, Highschool Teacher at Seattle High. Father of atleast 4. Married.
Miggs Ortega-Orso - 52, Inator Scientist for OWCA and Highschool Teacher at Seattle High. Father of atleast 4. Married.
Monty Monogram - 39, On-Field OWCA Major, Father of 4. Married.
Carl Monogram - 39, Commander of OWCA. Father of 4. Married.
Pinky Garcia-Shapiro - 38, Full-Time OWCA Agent. Father of 1. Single.
Lyla Lolliberry - 41, OWCA Agent, mother of 2. Married.
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unknownthebook · 6 days ago
Down the Hall
Inspired by the line “I grew up hearing your evil scheming down the hall” in Vanessa’s song: Not So Bad A Dad.
For as long as Vanessa could remember, her father, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, had always been evil. She was used to hearing him build, monologue, and explode from a few rooms down the hall.
Thinking back on it, that wasn’t the only thing she remembered from her dad’s weekends.
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unknownthebook · 6 days ago
Inspired by the line “I grew up hearing your evil scheming down the hall” in Vanessa’s song: Not So Bad A Dad. The series will focus on Vanessa, but may have a few stories in Perry & Heinz's perspectives.
For as long as Vanessa could remember, her father, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, had always been evil. She was used to hearing him build, monologue, and explode from a few rooms down the hall.
Thinking back on it, that wasn’t the only thing she remembered from her dad’s weekends.
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hitchell-mope · 6 days ago
Her first appearance
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escapism-central · 7 days ago
Hail Doofania! Is one of my favourite episodes because it shows how much of their identities and worldview teenagers attach to their clothing.
Tumblr media
That’s why when Vanessa and Candace accidentally switch clothing, the other characters’ story arcs flip too.
Tumblr media
There’s the obvious matter of Phineas and Ferb building an -inator, and saying how it will “cover the entire Tri-State area” with a rainbow.
Tumblr media
Then there’s Doof building something ridiculously large that Vanessa considers “proof” to finally “bust” her dad for being evil.
Tumblr media
Then there’s the entire thing disappearing indirectly because of Phineas and Ferb’s -inator; it caused a fisherman to get distracted and blow Doofania’s inner tube out.
Tumblr media
There’s also the more subtle matter of Perry’s collar, which is essentially a trap that prevents him from doing what he needs to do.
Tumblr media
Ultimately, Perry is the one who destroys Phineas and Ferb’s -inator by hitting the self-destruct button, with the boys questioning why they put in a self-destruct button in the first place- something that happens with Doof quite often.
Tumblr media
There’s also the parallel of Doof saying “Look at who decided to show up”, which is basically a version of “There you are Perry”
Tumblr media
What I found relatively more interesting was that the boys’ goal was fundamentally misguided, as Isabella meant that she’d never seen a unicorn before, not a rainbow.
This is an interesting parallel, which I think points towards Doof’s mission to take over the Tri-State area being misguided, and that what he actually wants is love and acceptance.
Tumblr media
Another equally interesting observation is when Vanessa complains to her friend about her clothes being switched, saying “how many evil scientists’ daughters do you see...”, but being cut off by seeing that her father was up to something.
This is something that we usually see Candace do- complaining on the phone when she suddenly sees her brothers doing something bustable.
But what intrigues me is that Vanessa associates her clothing with being an evil scientist’s daughter, that she perhaps felt it was more appropriate to be goth if her father was already “evil”.
This hints towards how closely interlinked our identities are with our parents’, especially when we’re younger.
Tumblr media
We also see Candace becoming more overtly confident with herself, something that is not usually seen, and implies that wearing different clothing makes her feel different too.
Overall, it’s an episode with a lot of fun and introspection and I love it.
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dumbausfromdanville · 7 days ago
AU where Doofenshmirtz is the one to teach Vanessa how to tap dance and it's really cute father daughter bonding stuff
We all saw that time he and Perry danced, this is now canon as far as I'm concerned
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