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#valkyrie x carol
lunatic-metal-witch · 4 days ago
The fact that I would literally date and have sex with both the maximoffs, Clint, Natasha, Valkyrie, Carol, Loki, Steve and Bucky makes me a pathetic little bisexual who is not able to date real people.
Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.
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fangirlovestuff · 4 days ago
✨wlw weekend✨
hello lovely people!! how are you all doing?
since it’s pride month, and i myself am a bisexual woman, i wanted to do a little something to honor us sapphics:) and thus, wlw weekend is born!
this weekend, 18-20.6, i will be accepting and writing requests for wlw fics with marvel characters!! 
a few things:
keep in mind, i write reader inserts, so it’ll be marvel woman x female reader :)
i don’t write smut!
you can send in a prompt, an idea, or a title, whatever you want🥰
i’ve watched the very most of the marvel movies, so you can request pretty much anyone, BUT i have not watched the first two thor movies, so if by any chance you wanted to request a jane fic, i won’t be able to write that. also my darcy is entirely just wandavision darcy. apart from that you’re good though lol
make sure you mention which character you want me to write for, and the form of fic - drabble, headcanon, etc. or i’ll just decide on my own ;) 
drabbles, headcanons and blurbs will most likely be posted within the weekend, but if you request for anything longer it might take a little bit more, so be warned
also, if you have fic recs for other wlw fics (your own or other people’s), you’re welcome to send these in too and we’ll show ‘em some love<3
you can start sending in your requests today, 17.6, until 20.6💞
and that’s pretty much it!! i’m really excited to see what y’all come up with, and there’s a fic i hope i can manage to write this weekend that i’m excited about as well, depends on the number of requests i get (btw, if this flops... well i don’t know but i’ll be sad 🤠) but no matter what, you’re getting the nat x reader carol au by the end of the month:)
stay hydrated and take care of yourselves! happy pride month!<333
Tumblr media
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buchananbarneswilson · 6 days ago
happy pride to carol and valkyrie
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incorrecthick · 7 days ago
Izzy: I'm bored.
Sarah: Wanna commit first degree murder?
Izzy: Sure!
Carol, hearing them: No- Stop, don't do that! Put that knife down! Put Valkyrie down!!
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incorrecthick · 8 days ago
Carol: Hey Sarah, wanna third wheel on my date with Valkyrie tomorrow?
Sarah: sure.
Carol: Quill! Wanna third wheel on my date with Valkyrie tomorrow?
Izzy: uh... I-
Carol: Great! I've always wanted to go on a double date!
Sarah & Izzy:...
Valkyrie: Carol...
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incorrecthick · 8 days ago
Carol: Are you into women?
Valkyrie: only when I am drunk
Carol: but you're always drunk?
Valkyrie, opening another vodka bottle: exactly
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darkbucky · 11 days ago
do u know any thigh riding/cock warming fics with female mcu characters like wanda, nat, carol?
I'm actually guilty of not reading those 😌 so I can't be much help jdbdjd
If anyone would like to help anon, feel free to rb this with your recs! ♡
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glitter-bunny420 · 20 days ago
Happy Pride Month, everyone! (2/2)
Continuing from the last post! Again, if I’m incorrect about any of the artists, please tell me.
Violet x Isabella (Violet Evergarden)
Tumblr media
(credit: Tatatsu on Reddit)
Sumia x Cordelia (Fire Emblem Awakening)
Tumblr media
(credit: paper-hero on DeviantArt)
Yumeko x Mary (Kakegurui)
Tumblr media
(credit: ropucha on Tumblr)
Kirari x Sayaka (Kakegurui)
Tumblr media
(credit: YayaChann on DeviantArt)
Carol x Maria (MCU)
Tumblr media
(credit: @metaldamage on Twitter)
Carol x Valkyrie (MCU)
Tumblr media
(credit: @beverlylove on Twitter)
Ruby x Weiss (RWBY)
Tumblr media
(credit: @cyonko_dhc_ on Twitter)
And last but certainly not least...
Blake x Yang (RWBY)
Tumblr media
(credit: karei026 on Reddit)
There are plenty of others but these are just the primary ones of mine😊
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flightlessangelwings · 20 days ago
Pride 2k21 Masterlist
Tumblr media
Here is the Masterlist of all my Pride Celebration drabbles! Info post and if any prompts are still open can be found in the info post here! Drabbles are marked as what kind of reader used and for any warnings that may be needed, though most are fun fluff drabbles. Drabbles are between 600-800 words for the most part. Smut is marked with a 💦 so please stay away if you’re under 18). 
Links to the weekly writing challenge masterlist are at the bottom of this post!
My main masterlist can be found here
1.  Pride (F!Eivor x gn!reader, modern au)
2.  “You know, it’s not often I get to talk to someone like you…I mean…someone like me.” (Loki x gn!bi!reader)
3. “You have the most beautiful smile.”
4. “You know what? I am done hiding. Let’s go.” (Oberyn/Ellaria x gn!reader)
5. “Hope will never be silent” Harvey Milk (Thirteenth Doctor x gn!reader)
6. Rainbow 💦 (Carol Danvers x afab!reader, smut)
7. “Kiss me again, like you mean it.” (Fennec Shand x gn!reader)
8. “Hold my hand tight. I’ll protect you.” (F!Eivor x gn!reader)
9. Soulmate
10. Forehead kisses (Jesper Fahey x gn!reader)
11. Sunlight
12. “Look at that idiot… that’s the love of my life” (Fennec Shand x gn!reader)
13. “It’s always been you” 💦 (Logan Delos x gn!reader, smut)
14. Formal (genderfluid!Loki x fem!bi!reader, combined with 15)
15. “I’ll always be by your side”  (genderfluid!Loki x fem!bi!reader, combined with 14)
16. Glitter (Inej Ghafa x gn!reader)
17. “I may be crazy but that don’t make me wrong” Marsha P Johnson
18. Stargazing (Carol Danvers x gn!reader)
19. Dancing (SamBucky x gn!reader)
20. “someone will remember us, I say, even in another time” Sappho (Kassandra x gn!reader)
21. “To me, you are perfect” 💦(ish) (Boba Fett x gn!Reader x Fennec Shand)
22. “Hold me closer” (Koska Reeves x gn!Reader)
23. “Marry me” (Kassandra x gn!Reader)
24. Heartbeat 💦(ish)  (Frankie x fem!Reader x Benny)
25. Fairy tale (Valkyrie x fem!Reader, combined with 29) 
26. Flames 💦 (Din Djarin x afab!reader x Boba Fett, smut)
27. “At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.”-Frida Kahlo (Boba x gn!Reader x Fennec Shand)
28. “I know it will all work out, as long as we have each other”
29. “I’m in love with you”  (Valkyrie x fem!Reader, combined with 25)
30. Show your true colors
Weekly Writing Challenge Masterlist
Tumblr media
Week 1 -  pride  /  “Kiss me again, like you mean it.”
Week 2 - rainbow / “Hold my hand tight, I’ll protect you.”
W eek 3 - glitter / “I’ll always be by your side.”
Week 4 - heartbeat / “Someone will remember us, I say, even in another time.”
Week 5 - Coming soon
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themarshmallownerd · 20 days ago
New Chapter: Like Forty Dogs
Link: Chapter 3
Previous: Chapter 2
First: Chapter 1 (AO3)
A/N: Don't think any content warnings apply. Maybe a light one for recreational drinking and sensory overload, but nothing too graphic. As always, hope everyone enjoys!
Next update will be for either Miracle Empire or the second half of Those Left Behind (both are being worked at the same time)!
Preview: “Are you sure I can’t get you anything for your troubles?” Thor pressed, his gaze on Wanda.
“Maybe in a bit,” was her answer, for she still wasn’t even sure what she was in the mood for. She was used to eating much later, after she got home from her grief counseling and put the boys to bed. 
“Hey, you know what would make this better?” Carol put in, gently swinging her glass so that the ice swirled around. “Some of that music you’re always bragging about around here. Where the hell is our girl?”
“Probably helping with set up.” Thor pointed towards the stage outside. “Originally, three bands had signed up to play tonight, but the first group cancelled last minute, so things are sort of a mess out there. I’ve learned the hard way that when things get like that, it’s best to just let the techs handle it on their own.”
“Aw,” Carol said teasingly. “You still need the kids’ help turning on a speaker? Sounds to me like you’re becoming an old man, buddy.”
Thor grinned good-naturedly. “Maybe so. But fret you not, Captain. I’ll still be around for a long while to keep you entertained. We Asgardians are pretty much guaranteed to live until we’re well into our hundreds.”
“With the way you drive?” Carol challenged with the quirk of an eyebrow. “Doubtful.”
“Hey, now—what did I say about believing my brother’s lies over me?”
Wanda chuckled fondly as her friend proceed to argue with the restaurant owner over the ‘real version’ of some story from the past. Wanda was certain Carol would give her more concrete details about the moment in question as soon as Thor was no longer there to defend himself. In the meantime, though, she just had to let them go at it, like a record that needed to be played out before moving onto the next song.
Speaking of songs, Wanda twisted atop her stool to see if she could get a glimpse of the so-called ‘mess’ outside. To her, it looked as though things on stage were getting set up pretty smoothly despite the change of plans. Though there was no sign of her friend or even the other members of Val’s band. Of course, Wanda was also seeing it from across the ways with the sun setting in just the right spot to nearly blind her through the windows. She shook her head, rubbing her eyes after the glare bothered her. When she looked up again, her gaze travelled across the dining area. There weren’t too many other patrons milling about this early before the show, but she knew once the sun went down, there was sure to be a much larger crowd.
It was while she was idly people-watching that she spotted the fast movement of a bright orange jacket and two buns coiled tightly atop a head. It looked like one of the show techs scurrying into the main room from behind the restaurant’s mural wall. She looked no older than a teenager—probably one of the kids Carol had mentioned sometimes volunteered to help with the shows when tech stuff got a little too advanced for Thor.
This particular tech soon turned to hold the door open behind her, allowing a second figure to follow her. The second tech was at least twice her size, and bearing a speaker in their arms that was so tall it nearly obscured their line of sight. The younger tech stopped the larger figure with a hand on his shoulder, taking a moment to relay something to them before they continued on their respective ways. Based on the teenager’s hand gestures over the speaker, Wanda guessed she was describing how to set it up with the rest of the equipment. Then she was scurrying back into the staff area for something leaving the larger figure to struggle with getting the large piece of equipment towards the stage area on his own.
As the newcomer wandered further into the light of the dining area, Wanda could feel her head tilting curiously. She knew in little towns like this, it was easy to run into people you knew, but it evaded her as to why this person in particular felt familiar. Only vaguely familiar, like a work acquaintance one speaks to once or twice before, but still.
Then he turned to kick open the door outside with the side of his boot, and Wanda caught a better glimpse of the profile of his face. Again, the face was a distant placement in her memory, so it took a few seconds for the realization to sink. But once it did, she felt her back straighten and her lips part in surprise.
It was Sergeant Barnes. The same quiet soldier that had started appearing at her group counseling meetings.
Wanda felt a twinge of excitement at seeing someone else she knew (even as limited as she knew Barnes), but also apprehension at the thought that he may have come with the rest of their group, like they had planned to do last week when she turned them down. She knew there wasn’t anything necessarily wrong about her going out now with her friends instead of with her counseling group, but a part of her felt heavy with dread nonetheless at the prospect of seeing her group mates here. Namely Sam, who she knew was probably worried about her excusing herself from tonight’s session with no real reason given.
Before Wanda’s worriment could sink in too deeply, she felt a hand gently grab the bend of her arm.
“…I fucking hate it here,” Carol was saying flatly as she scooted off of her bar stool, pulling Wanda along with her. “Come on, babe, we’re leaving. And we’re taking our Valkyrie in the divorce, too!”
Thor huffed a fake-laugh at that. “That’ll be the day!”
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wandakink · a month ago
masterlist of all my works!
This will always be updated whenever I write for other characters!
legend: (* - fluff), (+ - angst), (^ - suggestive)
⤷ wanda maximoff
[*^] promise? | synopsis: wanda’s being extremely cute in the morning. that’s honestly it.
⤷ natasha romanoff
coming soon!
⤷ carol danvers
coming soon!
⤷ yelena belova
coming soon!
⤷ valkyrie
coming soon!
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glitter-bunny420 · a month ago
Person #1: Carol x Valkyrie is best ship!
Person #2: No, Carol x Maria!
Me, a multishipper: *pokes head out of a random hole in the ground* Why not both?
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my ships as john mulaney quotes
valcarol: they’ve never spoken
lams: i don’t remeber that in hamilton
sambucky: “what do you think you’re doing?” but that really just meant stop
ironstrange: i’m probably gay
wandanat: my wife, i have this wife
gelphie: i need everyone to like me, so much
boyf riends: i don’t like sitting up straight, its never gonna happen
treebros: the moment is mediocre at best
janis x cady: 13 year olds are the meanest people in the world
i dont rlly know what this is- but i enjoyed making it very much
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nermalina · a month ago
nermalina’s 2k celebration.
i hinted at doing a celebration a last week and since i’ve finally taken care of some important school stuff, i can finally do it! also, thank you all sosososo much for 2k. i never expected for my blog to grow to this size and i truly do appreciate all of the support <333
this will be shorter than my 1k celebration and will run from saturday may 1st 2pm PST - 12am PST.
✧ ask me anything, and i may or may not answer 👀
✧ would you rather
✧ fmk (kiss bc no death on this blog especially in reference to a certain fictional redhead who is still very much alive)
✧ send in any smutty/dark (or even fluffy) concepts you have and i’ll try to make a headcanon out of it. you could request an additional part of a hc/fic i’ve already done, or a completely new one (be a bit specific is all i ask). i definitely won’t get through all of them, but i will try to do as many as i can!
**make sure to read through my rules and who i write for. please hold off on sending in requests until it starts! (and limit it to 1 request per person pls)
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starlightstevie · a month ago
So I know this is a Thor x Reader fic but really, my goal is that by the end of reading it, you will ship the reader with every single character (except Andrew, fuck that guy)
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