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la-costurera-cuerda20 · 2 days ago
Hablemos de mi tatuaje en la espalda.
¡Hola a todos! Ha pasado demasiado tiempo desde la última vez que escribí. Antes de ser diseñador, soy una persona con gustos "especiales" y no especiales. En mi caso, tengo ese gran tatuaje que mostre en mi post anterior.
¿Como se me ocurrio la idea? En el 2012 ya me habia tatuado. Son las alas ¿Porque? Me parecieron hermosas y divertidas. Si lo fueron. Pero como no estoy acostumbrado a recibir halagos, mejor preferí taparlos y solo mostrar a gente de confianza.
Además, desde hace un tiempo he sentido que a mis alas les faltaba algo más. Como algo que las acompañe.
Incluso una vez recibí una burla de alguien diciendo que "parezco un pollito" (desventaja de medir 1'52mt de altura). Desde ese momento, decidí que urgentemente debía buscar un diseño bien heavy, perfecto y precioso para las alas y alguien de confianza y profesionalismo que me pueda tatuar.
Un tiempo despúes, encontré a una chica que mostró una idea para el diseño de un tatuaje. Tenía unas alas hermosas y el "Valknut". El Valknut es un símbolo que representa el nudo de Odín, un tatuaje guerrero que mostraba valor y fortaleza. Las alas no eran parecidas, pero alas son alas. Esas alas son valkirias. Las alas se asocian al poder, la lucha y la fuerza (Si encuentro las fotos capturas que hice, las mostraré).
Juntarlas, representaba mucha vitalidad. Así qie me dije a mi mismo: Ahorraré y tendré una espalda sumamente bonita gracias a la "magia" de la tinta.
Hacia un tiempo, una de las chicas de mi grupo me recomendó una excelente tatuadora que vivía cerca de la estación de trenes de mi ciudad. La fui a ver y me cayó re bien. Le pagué e hizo lo que hizo ¡Se ve tan espectacular!
Aunque, hasta ahora nadie ha hablado de mi espalda, pesé haberla dejado al descubierto una vez (estaba en un vestuario). Al menos, tengo un tatuaje copado y que amo.
¿Me volveré a tatuar? Si, tengo ganas de volver a hacerlo. Quiero un diseño que representé la escuela de arte + diseño, han sido mi mayor felicidad y es hasta el día de hoy que me arrepiento de haberme recibido (me siento triste, solo, sin honor ni reconocimiento). Otro tatuaje que represente a aquellos seres que se fueron y todavía quiero (un simbolo + frase que diga: "Juntos hasta la eternidad").
Si llegaste hasta aquí, agradezco tu atención. Te deseo una felíz semana.
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mindninjax · 7 days ago
marquie, i wasn't gonna sign up for the collab (though it would pain me beyond belief😭) because i will almost certainly be late, BUT since no one's treating our baby Ushiwaka like he deserves, i will bear the burden for the betterment of society. Put me down for one (1) Ushijima Wakatoshi domestic fluff fic, please. Also, happy early birthday, i love you a lot and your adorable face makes my heart go pitterpatter🥰💖💖💖💖
VALKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY first, it’s totally ok if you’re late babe. The deadline isn’t a hard one so please don’t stress about it.
Third, thank youuuu I love you so so much. You make my heart so happy and I’ll never stop being happy and thankful that we’re friends. 💖💖
Domestic Daydream
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thefanficmonster · 8 days ago
Real Friends
Valkyrae & Reader (Male)
Warnings: Swearing
Genre: SMAU, Platonic fluff, RPF (Real Person Fic)
Summary: Following an accidental and not very consensual face reveal, Y/N’s dealing the sudden shift of the spotlight on him even more than it was before. Being the big deal he is on social media, the internet has every right to be freaking out. Luckily, he’s got a friend to help him cope with it all.
Requested by @iawaythrown Hii! Thank you so much for your request! I’m so sorry for how long it has taken me to complete your request and post it but here it finally is. I’ve never written a SMAU before so this isn’t the classic SMAU format but I still hope you’ll enjoy it! Love, Vy ❤
Imagine you end a toxic relationship of almost a year and go to bed feeling like a ton of bricks has been lifted off you, like you can finally breathe properly and like you’re finally getting a taste of freedom. The very freedom you chose to lose by getting in the toxic relationship in the first place. Of course, I didn’t know it was toxic at the time, probably cause it wasn’t, but it gradually turned into a nightmare.
A nightmare that keeps haunting me even after I thought I had put an end to it.
Apparently, that was wishful thinking cause I woke up this morning to find an unbelievable number of notifications and messages from friends, family and my manager and associates. Being in the music industry as a faceless creator, I keep my circle tight and it only consists of people I can trust so to see them all freaking out at me at once, even the most level-headed ones, freaked me out too. Quickly, I opened the first notification I reflexively tapped on and it opened a post in which someone had tagged me.
A picture taken of me while I was asleep, no doubt one taken by my ex. That being said, I think we can all have a guess at who posted it in the first place. I didn’t listen to my manager when he told me to not allow anyone I trust 1000% into my inner circle. I was foolish and at the peak of my career, feeling on top of the world and feeling invincible which was rare for me. I’ve always been insecure about many things in my life, growing up with a lot of judgy people made me be that way. Not to mention that I didn’t want to be the victim of the internet’s racism either. People turn a blind eye most of the time, but it’s still there, it still exists and looms over all social media platforms, disturbing people’s peace left and right.  You see, I didn’t want people to have an opinion of my art based on my appearance or associations with other creators. I’m pretty good friends with many content creators, especially in the gaming industry, but I’ve never wanted to be put in a box as one of the many friends of someone famous. I made a name for myself without anyone knowing who I am exactly.
And now they all know because of this photo that my ex sent to float down the rivers of hungry social media:
Tumblr media
Damn am I gonna get an earful from my manager or what. It’s still rater early though and I’m really not about to deal with this drama on a caffeine-free brain so if there are any calls, emails or messages that need answering - and yes, there are PLENTY of them - they’ll all have to wait until I feel like dealing with them. I’m glad I don’t have to keep up this unbothered charade at home since I live alone cause I seriously don’t feel ok with this. I mean, I could probably report it, but what use would that be when my brand now has a face and a huge chunk of my privacy has already surfaced against my will.
As I sit in my kitchen, sipping my coffee, I finally gather the nerve to at least scroll through the notifications that I’ve received. Fans reaching out, relatives, friends, pissed off people that are there just to exist and try to disturb my peaceful existence but all they’re gonna get is a hard DELETE from me. I have offers on top of offers for modeling pending, waiting on my response. I’ve never considered it, being a faceless creator and all, but my manager will definitely want to milk some cash from this too. That thought makes me sigh in defeat. I have no one to blame but myself for trusting my ex. No one made me do it, no one made me let them in, but I still did, fucking myself over insanely. Just like they’ve now fucked me over.
Amongst the sea of notifications and yet to be opened messages, one in particular stands out and makes me do a double take. It’s a message from my friend Rae - Valkyrae, as she’s known online. She’s one of those gamer friends I mentioned earlier, probably the one I’m closest with. Her and I talk on the regular so seeing a message from her in my inbox is nothing unusual so I wonder why that was the one that stuck out to me. Regardless, that’s the only one I feel like opening and replying to at the moment.
V ~ Hey Y/N, you doing ok? This all must be really hard on you so don’t feel obligated to reply. Do so when you can or want to. I’m here if you wanna talk
Of course Rae would be the one to know how I truly feel in a situation like this. I can act and cover up all I want but she knows exactly what’s underneath the surface of my façade. That third eye friends have for each other, it’s incredible.
Me ~ Doing ok. Wasn’t expecting to wake up to this but now that millions of people know what I look like it feels oddly bittersweet, you know? Like I don’t have to go out of my way to hide anymore but I’m also gonna miss that privacy I had while I was a phantom
Me ~ On the upside: people want me to be a model now XD
My message goes to Seen almost write away, the Typing icon appearing shortly after the messages were read. I wait for Rae’s reply, sipping my slowly cooling coffee with little interest due to how invested I am in our conversation. If there’s a person who can make light of this situation, it’s Rae, no doubt about it.
V ~ I know what you mean. It’s not gonna be easy to adjust to but you will get used to it eventually. I’m sure you’ll even grow to like it. Promise you, it’s not that scary to be exposed, there’s literal millions of people who support you wholeheartedly :) 
V ~ Us, your friends, are here too! Never forget that, we’ve always got your back, Y/N!
V ~ Oh and you really should be a model! Whoever’s saying that has got the right idea. Maybe don’t fear this new change, but embrace it! Take this new turn in your life confidently. Sure, it was out of the blue, but do you really want the person who exposed you to feel the satisfaction of bringing you down? That doesn’t sound like you at all tbh
The epiphany strikes me as soon as Rae’s words sink in as I read them. She’s 100% right. The last thing I want is for my ex to think they’ve won. I refuse to give them the pleasure of tasting victory on the expense of my mental health and career progress. In fact, imma show them just how much they benefited me. But first...
Me ~ Thank you so much, Rae. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this eye-opener
Me ~ I owe you one <3
I sure as hell owe her one, but for now I have other battles to win.
Rifling through my gallery, I find one more recent picture and without a shred of doubt or hesitation, I go straight to Instagram to post it.
Tumblr media
~ “Since y’all were curious...And since y’all wanna see me model, you’re welcome” ~
Within seconds likes and comments start flowing in like a riptide, taking over my phone that, despite being charged all night, is already at half of its battery life.
I refresh the page with the post to look at the new comments that have come through, all supportive and complimenting me, some are real thirsty and some are incredibly kind. And even in that sea, her comment still sticks out to me, making me grin like an idiot.
“That’s what I was talking about! Work it, Y/N!“
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skiplo-wave · 9 days ago
Loki has a type
Women that can kick his ass and older men
Happy pride month folks
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jewishdarkling · 10 days ago
Feel like writing a Valki one-shot based on that shot of Loki seeing Valkyrie in the footage he was watching of his other life
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valkisource · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
While you sleep, dream of me I’ll be keeping our memories living in my heart and soul waiting for the day when we will be together again
-Carry Me, Eurielle
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cursegirlrabbit · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Steampunk Troll Pride! staring our three best friends Doc, valki and Skully.
Doc is demisexual and gay romantic,hes cisgender
Valki is nonbinary and pansexual
Skully is a lesbian trans woman and she wont let you tell her otherwise.
These characters belong to me ^.^
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cursegirlrabbit · 14 days ago
Skully eats a pepper despite the warnings of her friends.
this was real fun to make I donot own the audio obviously. just the characters
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valkisource · 17 days ago
This blog pretty much runs on queue so idk how much of an issue this will actually be (unless Valkyrie makes a surprise appearance, which I doubt, but in which case there WILL be screaming), but since the Loki show is one week away now, this is your official notice that this blog will use the tag #loki spoilers every Friday-Sunday. If you need to block it beyond that, you can block the tag #ls
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antiheroloki · 24 days ago
so the loki and valkyrie tweet disney made highlighted tessa and tom’s friendship off screen while lokane was still their chemistry hint tweet hm very suspicious👀👀👀
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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annes-andromeda · a month ago
Thor: How is the most beautiful person in the world doing today?
Steve: I don’t know, how are you
Thor: *sniffles* I’m fine
Loki: How is the most beautiful person in the world doing today?
Brunnhilde: I’m good. Thanks
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annes-andromeda · a month ago
Jane: You keep hugging Brunnhilde when she’s upset.
Jane: Next thing you know, she’s going to fall in love with you. Is that what you want?
Loki: *scoffing* Is that what I want?
Thor, loudly over the speaker: Yes
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cursegirlrabbit · a month ago
Tumblr media
Doc in a Hanfu, he looks adorable and is happy
Tumblr media
Elliot in a yukata just chilling out.
Tumblr media
Skully in a Kimono, she looks fabulous and she knows it.
Tumblr media
Valki in a ao dai, elegance at its peak. They are happy with their choice
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jewishdarkling · a month ago
I am begging Marvel to give Loki a canon love interest let my boy be loved dammit
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