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coffeebeanflowerqueen · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
First one is a finished YCH for Ann FPSB on Discord and the second one is also a finished YCH for Draco on Discord!
Loved that I got to use a two-tone background with paintbrush blurring on the edges! It makes it look like a sunset for the first one!
You can find the YCH here and read the rules of commissioning one there!
Happy Valentines Day!
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trashyedgefam · 5 hours ago
The valentine's day gift I gave to the Comedian.
Tumblr media
Lying bastard, never felt the touch of love in his life.
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dcmkanswers · 8 hours ago
What's the episode that explains how sonoko and makoto are an official thing? Or isn't there a confession at all? Did it happen off camera or something?
Hmm... Nothing for an official ‘let’s start dating’ moment. In his first appearance, Makoto confessed that he liked Sonoko, albeit in a round about way. Saying that he’s one of the guys where she’s his type. The next time Makoto was mentioned (skating rink murder), Sonoko had given him her number, and things kinda stayed like that with them. Sonoko didn’t admit to liking him, either, just teased about making stuff for the person she likes (sweater and teacup), and he only learned who that was with the Valentine’s chocolate. So at that point they both knew each other’s feelings.
She did introduce him as her boyfriend to Sera, though. The only thing in question is whether they confirmed to each other that they’re officially dating. I’d say that they’ve been doing it unofficially up until she was going to introduce him to her parents.
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gamenit3 · 10 hours ago
Game Nite Playlist - Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows
We have multiple gaming channels btw, so if our playlists include one of the following channel names:
1. Game Nite (this content is for everyone, the general viewers)
2. Late Game Nite (this content is for anyone 17+ or older, the mature viewers)
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fakeidolproject · 14 hours ago
Have you seen our Valentine’s cover of Love Ward yet?
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gearhead66 · 16 hours ago
So while I attempts to battle this creative rut I figure I'll show off some of the crafts I have finished, for those interested my Instagram (slowly updating) Spmcrafts.
I made the daisy’s with a paper punch and the fairy came from a children's book.
Tumblr media
Valentine's day or just girly bottles and jars.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Floral mason jars with paper punched daisies and leaves while the res and pink flowers came from the craft store.
Photos show the front and back.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Autumn & Halloween-themed jars.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yarn wrapped bottles.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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koishiyo · 17 hours ago
btw i got a candle with like a matching holder thing
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ferverdream · a day ago
This is the guy best friend anon!
We’ve sent each rail me TikToks and there are no romantic feelings at all. I’m too gay and we’re both in love with the same girl. But dnf is different, like sometimes I’m like this is normal bro behavior and then I’m like nope. This isn’t normal. They have ✨tension✨
*cocks gun* Dream Not Found answer for your crimes? 
but also “we’ve sent rail me tiktoks and there are no romantic feelings at all” sounds like something dream would say... dreamwastaken is this you in my inbox
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theforgottenverse · a day ago
Hatred, Blamed, Fire, and Death
"How could you do this to me?! To us?!"
Rosebud's eyes are open up. What was going on?
She take a peek. Rosebud have been awaken by another of her parents' fightning.
Blossom's eyes are now red and puffy. Her belly is swollen of having their third child.
"Blossom, my deepest apology. It is the worst choice I have ever done. But at the same time it isn't......" Dexter confessed.
Rosebud cannot believe was she is hearing and her world is turn upside down.
"I am saying ever since we been married.... It is hard for me... You are overly controlling and believe that everything is a competition. You even avoids me over your works as the headmistress.... And preparing to be mayor of Townsville.... That is your fault that we do not talk anymore.... Our love is unexistensial."
"So your saying I am not a better lover likes my sister?! I knew it is her. You always side eyeing on her after all...."
Rosebud's eyes are widen. Her aunt Buttercup and her dad.... The person she admires. Rosebud silently close the door to take a breather. She goes to bed and hugs her pillow tight. While she is at it.
"It is not her Blossom....."
"Then who?"
"Candy, it is Candy okay. I have a family with her......"
"You two are not smarter than you looks, she should have aborted the child."
"At least she know her own Courtney's birthday...."
"What was that?"
"I said you never bother to remeber your own second daughter's birthday... You never consider her one because she never develops powers! She is just a child Blossom.... A child!"
"That is not true!"
The two argue like snakes throwing venous at other. Rosebud covering her ears despite the door to her room being open. Until... something cause Rosebud to gasp.
"Fine! Have it your way! I wants a divorce. You can have Courtney just as long as you proclaims her another one of Candy's bastards! I do not need her. I need only Rosebud... Her siblings, and half of your assets. See if I care."
"Very well, if it the only way to have Courtney not be miserable."
"It's all her fault. If she had not been born. They would have a happy family." Rosebud said.
Rosebud push Courtney against the wall. Her eyes are filled with hatred.
Courtney starred at Rosebud's pink eyes with her own blue eyes.
Courtney try to say something but Rosebud punches her multiple times despite the 3 layers barriers Courtney put up, she managed to breaks them and have Courtney's blood mixed with her blood. Courtney pleads and apologizes so many time. But the ringing in Rosebud's ears cause her to snaps and unleash her full potential. She blast laser beams at Courtney.
Tumblr media
And with the deal she made with Kazuya......
"Die!" Rosebud said with no remorse.
Tumblr media
Rosebud watch daddy's favorite little girl be engulfed in hellfire. Kazuya gasp and steps away. This wasn't what he wanted.... He wanted to corrupts Lovely Girl and claim his soul to become more powerful after eating her soul. He did not know that Courtney Chiu-McPherson is actually her fullblooded sister...... His overprotective father warned him that blinded love will become something that will haunts his life forever.
"What have I done....." Kazuya say. Suddenly he hears a ringing in his head.
"Kazuya! You need to leaves now before she catch you!" Said Them telepathically in his head. He nod. Kazuya did not do anything but stared at his crush screaming in pain and running toward Rosebud. But Rosebud miss accurately till Courtney lost the energy and fallen down on the floor. He start to sobs loudly.
Rosebud laugh maniacally. Twirling around with the power of her she borrows. She never felt so more powerful and alive.
"I did it! With my new power, I eradicated the obstacle of my past!" She said.
Her laughter echoes loudly. Louder than the flickering of the flames. She painted her face with the blood on her hands. Rosebud grab the paralyze Kazuya and grinned sadistically. Seeing how broken up he is. She punch him.
Tumblr media
Outside the building belonging to the villains. Enchantia point her wand to pour water to distinguish the flames. Ryuga try to focus on controlling the flames to prevents the flames from spreading but he cannot do it.... He cannot controls hellfire. The Anarchy Cousins sense devilish stench fuming the smoke and ashes of the flame. They told Ryuga about it. Shocking him and Enchantia.
"Hellfire.. Anarchy Cousins bless the clouds to rained holy water!"
Caroline, the green-and-black haired angel nod. She goes up to the clouds while dialing a number on her heaven phone to calls the Judgement herself.
Rosebud appear out of the building. She is coughing and gasping carrying Kazuya bleeding and wounded from the head. She was covers in cinder and hair burned.
"Rosebud! Ohmyspells! Your all right!" Said Vasilisa.
Her eyes are drained in crocodile tears.
"Sis dead from him..." She mutters before passing out.
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danskjavlarna · a day ago
Tumblr media
A valentines prayer from Purple Parrot, 1943.  See Strange Prayers for Strange Times.
Here’s a collection of vintage prayers and praying imagery.
Wondering about this post?  Wait for the dissertation (TBA). For now:  Weblog ◆ Books ◆ Videos ◆ Music ◆ Etsy
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lovgan · a day ago
And, asfghd, I still haven't found the quote
It's the one about him learning to love himself or smth
You sent it to me b4!! It’s near the beginning of the series I think
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lumin3xe · a day ago
Love picture matchup! (Appearance matchup)
if you don’t remember— this was from my Valentine’s event (which was like three months ago ACKHHF) but anyways I hope your happy with your matchup :))
@heishoh I match you with..
Tumblr media
Todoroki Shoto ❄️🔥 ! !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So sorry this is late ^^’
(also just ignore i did this wrong the first one okay pls)
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stephmatthewsmith · a day ago
Tumblr media
the difference between me and her are fjsnendnmfmfmddm. i just want a seb and cow scene lololol. @bookscoffeerainyday
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twst-lover · a day ago
Celebration Time 🎉🍾🎊
This is about all the events canon to the game. I also added my own stuff for like Valentines, April Fools and etc because I wish they were actual events in the game but oh well 😔, a girl can dream.
#Happy Beans Day Event
#April Fools Event
#Valentines Day Event
#Easter Event
#Winter Wonderland Event
#Gala Event
#Ghost Marriage Event
#Summer Time Event
#Fairy Gala Event
#Scary Monsters Event
#Master Chef Event
#Wish Upon A Star Event
#Camping Event
#Birthday Events
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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vie-stitched · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
couple heart keychains
pattern by: Knit and Crochet with Valentina
follow me for more crochet content!
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candleboss02-blog · a day ago
Tumblr media
Celestite Cluster Heart Shape $95.25 Free shipping on orders $35 or more 3.99 pounds 6" wide 4 -1/2" tall Comes with stand $95.25 #fulgurite #lightning #southsidecreations #southsidecreation #southside #supportlocalbusiness #supportlocal #momandpopshop #arizona #california #lakehavasu #lakehavasucity #banning #valentines #crystals #crystalshop #celestitecluster #metaphysica #celestitecrystal #celestite #witchsofinstagram #witchyvibes #witchythings #magic #magical #dreams #love #crystals #crystalhealing #crystalshop #skulls #fulgurites (at Banning, California)
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falserib · a day ago
Tumblr is so funny someone with a themed blog will reblog something you made months ago and it will suddenly blow up out of nowhere
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