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lotrfashion · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Dress for Yavanna - Pamella Roland
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miriensilowende · 2 hours ago
There once was a lady
A lady from an exalted house
Descended from Elf, Mortal and Maia
A house of honour and great deed
And ever carrying a weighty choice
Betwixt the Fates of two races
The last lady of her line
Our Evenstar, Undomiel
She was a white star reaching out
To clear through the darkness
And beckon in a new Age.
There once was a young Lord
A man from a house of glory
With both Courage and Estel bound
On his brow and at his side
Carrying the hope of his people
For a near-forgotten birthright
And a chance to renew their pride
He wandered softly into a dream
And spied the Evenstar walking
Among snow soft white birches
And called to her, O Tinuviel!
An ancient echo from lovers past
And so a fateful doom settled
On the Evenstar and on him.
She was fair of face and heart
Dark hair frosted with white gems 
And wisdom shone in her eye
White flowers opened under her foot
As she walked under the eaves
Of her ancient woodland home
And one day hence in fair Lothlórien
She beheld the same lord arrayed
In noble given silver and white
And her tender heart was lost
Hopelessly to her Lord, the Estel.
She met and with clasped hand
Gave betrothal vow by sunset
On dappled green of Cerin Amroth
And they looked ahead as one
One heart, but two souls
Facing the dark and shadow.
As he fought bravely and true
To claim his ancient birthright
She prayed to see his star rise
And wrought bright gems on dark
To herald his rightful return
And claim his empty crown
Then Queen she became in bliss
With the love of her good King
And the hearts of her city white
And they lived in peace and light
But so soon did the years slip away
And her Lord silvered and aged
And in the Silent Streets
His soul flew away from her
Leaving her alone and weeping
Hopelessly holding his hand.
Her light quenched in her eyes
Cold grey like statue mourned
No more flowers blossoming
At the joy of her lilting sound
She bid her farewells and turned
Away from her beloved white city
No hope more to be held
Her eyes turned toward her solitary end
And bones shivering in perpetual chill
Her heart was burning with cold grief
As she faced her end, alone in Lorien
The dark grey trees mourned her
In quiet ringing whispers
As the lady appeared softly
Like a lost shadowy wraith
Almost unseen in the cooling dusk
She reached the hill of Cerin Amroth
Where once, long ago at sunset
She plighted her joyful troth
But now her hands were empty
And her heart broke anew
As she lay down on the wilted grass
And the shadows deepened gently
The mist seeped over to cover her
Like a soft billowing coverlet
And she started to fade slowly
But a figure appeared in the glade
Indistinct and warm in shadow
He came to her side carefully
Her shape in agonied repose
And held her cheek so tenderly
As he looked on her there
"Come, little one," he whispered
It is time to find your home
In a place beyond the circles
Of this cold marred world
And someone awaits you
He who once called you Tinuviel.
The wind sighed tenderly
And the grass rippled in breeze
But the grey lady was gone
As the cool night breathed
A farewell to our Evenstar
The last, our Undomiel.
The notes die away softly
From the harp that I carry
And I look on the glade sadly
Knowing that she has gone
I loved Evenstar from afar
Although we never met
I could never introduce myself
As her lost family, her kin
I can never return home 
But I wander and I regret
And I mourned for her
The dear Arwen Undomiel
Who holds a room in my heart.
I knew the shade who came
To comfort and to help her
The Lord who rules in dark
But for the innocent and loved
His quiet heart overflows.
Arwen did not perish alone
On that lonely hill in twilight
Námo came and brought her home
Beyond the circles of the world
And back in the arms of her love
Where the blooms follow her steps
And the birds sing to her voice
And her star blazes in the evening.
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mairons-hope · 3 hours ago
Valar and their weapon of choice
Not many think of the gods as fighters except for tulkas so heres the choice each vala would choose if in combat.
Manwë: A long sword.
Ulmo: A tritant, hand to hand.
Aulë: Sharp two sides axe.
Oromë: Bow and arrow / daggers
Mandos: Scythe
Lórien: Magic, twin daggers.
Tulkas: Hand to hand combat
Queens of the Valar (Valier)
Varda: Whip, magic.
Yavanna: Lance, katana
Nienna: Deer horn knives
Estë: Club, magic.
Vairë: Needles, daggers
Vána: granade
Nessa: Magic, crossbow
- Plus Eru and melkor-
Eru : genecial Atomic Bomb
Melkor: grond
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anghraine · 5 hours ago
🔥 Valar
They’re okay!
I don’t think they’re anything like flawless, but I also don’t think they’re terribly flawed, so I’m kind of “...” at the takes I see flying around.
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that-feanturi-bitch · 6 hours ago
My Dark!Namo AU ideas:
On top of having to answer to Eru, Namó is also judged by Irmo as well. A trial is held, in which Irmo will decide Namó’s punishment for burning the Gardens of Lorien and mistreatment of the fëar. The former Doomsman is sentenced to an Age if solitary confinement in Irmo’s nightmare realm.
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cinemairon · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Check it on redbubble
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lotrfashion · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Dress for Yavanna - Kimora Lee Simmons
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lotrfashion · a day ago
Tumblr media
Dress for Vana - Sachin & Babi
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foxleycrow · a day ago
Title: Creative Fires (Chapter 6: Contact Metamorphism) Word count: 28,415 so far Pairing: Melkor/Mairon Characters: Melkor, Mairon, Curumo, Aulë, Eönwë, Manwë Warnings: Melkor causing various problems, unhealthy interpersonal relationship dynamics
Summary: Mairon has always been loyal to Aulë. He prides himself on behaving with the utmost propriety. He rarely makes errors, in his work or otherwise.
When Curumo asks for his assistance in solving a problem without Aulë’s knowledge, Mairon sees no harm in helping him.Yet Mairon faltered once in the past, and he is about to make another mistake. When they encounter Melkor, the consequences seem small at first, but they will increase a thousandfold.
A story about artistic expression and bad choices.
Notes: I managed to finish a chapter in time for @aspecardaweek — featuring Melkor and Mairon in a tale of queerplatonic seduction. In the context of this fic, also, which is set prior to the First War with Melkor, they are spiritual beings without sexual desires.
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littlesauron · a day ago
thinking abt my headcanon that the Void is a sentient being & female counterpart to Eru and also Melkor's mom
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lotrfashion · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Dress for Este - Partow
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Tumblr media
Varda Elentári, Lady of the Stars
I'm on a Valar kick I guess
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lotrfashion · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Dress for Vana - Rodarte
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dapperandy · 2 days ago
Having been confronted with irrefutable proof of the Lord of Light's legitimacy, I've taken it upon myself to carry out his will.
Long story short, I have made both a lifelong enemy of the Make-A-Wish foundation and a series of fires I am rapidly losing control of.
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lotrfashion · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Dress for Este - Tom Ford
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thishour · 4 days ago
Thank you so much for the tags, @rowan-henry and @i-am-a-lonely-visitor ⭐️!
rules: write the latest line from your WIP and tag as many people as there are words in the line. make a new post, don’t reblog.
In the knife’s wake, Melkor’s semblance ripples: a slow surge of tar-black -- bloodless.
I am tagging @crownlessliestheking, @skyeventide, @galadhremmin, @ettelene, @jane-ways,  @crackinthecup, @tol-himling, @eccentricmya, @thecrownless, dang... I’m not sure I follow many other fic-writers who haven’t been tagged yet! 
Tag yourself via me if you have a WIP line to share!
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lotrfashion · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Dress for Este - Ulla Johnson
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tylwythwaffles · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Part 2 of the breathing exercises- here’s Manwë and Varda watching a peaceful night sky with bright stars and a comet
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