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#v devil may cry 5
incorrectnerov-quotes · 20 hours ago
Nero: *takes a deep breath*
Nero: I lo-
Dante: Yes, you love V, we know, you love V so much, they’re the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love V, we KNOW , you love V you fucking love V ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE V. WE GET IT.
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Nero: If you two know eachother, why did the witch try to kill you?
Dante: That's just the witch's way of showing his love for me.
Dante: Ya see, kid, His actions may speak a different tone, hiding underneath that is a deep unshakeable desire for m-*Gets attacked by Shadow*
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Nero: I was going to suggest we do Marilyn Monroe and JFK roleplay, but I’d get way too into it.
V: What- how?
Nero: You’d be like “come to bed … Mr. President” and I’d be like, “I need to increase the amount of American military advisors in South Vietnam by a factor of 18.”
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junmistral · a day ago
Sparda family reunion!
Tumblr media
Animation ↓↓↓
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junmistral · a day ago
Welcome back vergil!
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dmbakura · a day ago
Tumblr media
drawn for a witch VerV fic im working on. V summons a powerful demon to make a contract with
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[Outside Witch V's shop]
Dante: Let me handle this, kid. V and I go way back.
Dante:[knocks on door]
V: I AM not opening this door, Dante!! You are not welcomed here anymore.
Dante: V, your door is always opened to those who need it. Remember? "Open to everyone; Enter freely and unafraid"
V, with a new sign:[opens door slightly and smiles at Nero] Would you hang this up for me?
Nero:[takes sign from V] Sure.
Dante: What's that?
Nero,looking at the new sign: He had a sign made.
Nero:[hangs up new sign on the door so it reads "Open to Everyone Unless you're Dante"]
Dante: Damn witches
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incorrectnerov-quotes · 2 days ago
V: Nero, you can't kill him
Nero: You don't think I can kill a 49 year old man? Oh, okay. Well, I will smash in his FACE with a bat like a WATERMELON!!
V: Oh, no, no, I believe you have the ability to kill him.
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