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#uzui tengen
knybabe · 6 hours ago
Tengen definitely jams to “boyfriend” by big time rush. You cannot tell me different
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valikath · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
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adoriable · 11 hours ago
can i request nsfw tengen with a fem reader, anything would do 🥺
tengen × reader
“ by the beach ”
« -〚 nsfw scenario 〛- »
synopsis ; tengen and you go to the beach for vacation. but, he has more in mind than just relaxing.
— warning ; exhibitionism, slight urophilia.
- ♡ - - - ♡ - - - ♡ -
Tumblr media
♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
“ i can’t believe we spent the entire day here—my boss’ll be pissed when i come in late tomorrow.. ”
tengen and you had arrived at the hotel early morning. the day had seemed to be but a measly moment of peace and relaxation—a much needed one, nonetheless.
however, before you had realized it, time had flown with the wind, and you watched dreadfully as the sun silently began to set in the horizon.
“ hey, hey!—why are you over here, moping around? ” you look up, a large shadow blanketing your body.
tengen stood beside you, staring down with soaked hair, before he began to shake the water off of him. you quickly became drenched, from head to toe.
“ no—come on, tengen! don’t get water on me! fuck— ”
“ and why not? you look good when you’re wet; a sight for sore-eyes, i’d say! ” crouching down to your level, he places his hand flat against your lower stomach. it was cold and damp, compared to your warm, sunlit skin.
his ring finger graced the hem of your bikini bottom, toying and pulling the fabric, before slowly inching its way in.
“ .. mind making some room for me? ”
you looked around. several people occupied the surrounding area—yet tengen and you were far enough to have some privacy.
the chair dipped from his weight as he climbed in next to you. not a moment passed before his hands were on your waist, pulling your ass to nestle into his crotch.
“ .. doesn’t look like you’re havin’ a good time. what’s up with that gloomy frown on your face? ”
“ no, tengen, i am. it’s just.. you know how my boss is. ” tengen huffs,
“ that lousy old guy again? forget about it! i’ll take care of him. if he’s got a problem, he’ll just have to settle it with me.. besides— ”
“ mmh.. ” your lids fluttered, peeking down at the sight before you. the bottom half of your bikini had been pushed down to your knees. tengen’s fingers made quick work, pulling up your bikini top next to reveal your hardened buds.
“ can’t have my girl being sad on vacation, now. we came to have fun, didn’t we? ”
“ it’s too cold, tengen. ”
“ then let my cock warm you up, baby. ” your eyes looked around once more, taking notice of the people who walked a few feet from of your chair. tengen lifts himself up, pushing you on your back before hovering over your body.
“ don’t worry too much, no one’s gonna see. ”
“ and what if they do? ”
“ then, let’s give them a damn extraordinary show, of course! ” tengen spoke ferociously, putting two fingers into his mouth, coating them with his saliva.
his arm rests above your head, his chest inches from your face as he slowly, carefully inserts one finger into your pussy. it curls, rubbing against the tender flesh inside you as your legs spread.
to his delight, your walls squeeze tightly as his pace quickens, your asshole puckering as well from excitement.
“ man.. been a while since i ate that pretty little ass of yours. mind if i treat myself? ” you nod, lust drunk. tengen smirks, halting his movements for a second to lift your legs up. he held both ankles in one hand, before sending several slaps to your cheek—each one harsher than the last.
“ oh, fuck! harder—slap my ass harder, tengen. ” your thighs squeezed together with anticipation, but tengen only laughed,
“ haha, that’s what i like to hear! but, you’re gonna have to wait for that, babygirl—i still need to taste you. ” he took one ankle in his other hand, carefully bending your legs towards your face, giving him a full view of your cunt and asshole.
he bends down, inserting his tongue inside your hole. his eyes were concentrated on your face, looking at every twist of delight. you quickly mewl, slapping a hand over your mouth, watching as he runs his wet muscle from your ass, through your wet folds, and all the way to your clit.
his tongue squirms inside your cunt, gathering all of your juices—but instead of swallowing it, tengen eased himself up towards your mouth.
“ suck on my tongue. go ahead and taste your pussy.. good girl. ” you opened your mouth with pleasure, closing your eyes as his lips shut around yours, your tongues intertwining in a kiss.
“ someone’s being especially obedient today. ”
“ if it’ll get your dick in me faster, then i’ll do anything. ”
“ anything, huh.. ” you wrapped your arms around his neck. tengen looked behind you as three people passed by, covering your nudity with his own body.
“ .. well, this would be a great time to try out something new. ” his keen eyes followed the figures as they walked out of sight. he sits up, reaching down to discard his trunks.
you quickly grab hold of his shaft, pumping it in one hand whilst the other runs down his chest, pinching his hardened buds. you bit your lip, dewy eyes looking up to beg. tengen’s lids narrow, taking notice of your increased interest in his pectorals.
“ hm.. what? you wanna suck on my nipples, kitten? you want them in your mouth while i fuck your wet pussy, right here in front of everyone? my, you’re getting bold! i like it! ” he grinned from ear to ear with satisfaction, before bending your legs back once more into a breeding press. from afar, you heard distant murmurs.
had someone caught you two? it did not matter anymore. your attention was on the cock that glided between your womanhood. tengen sat in his knees, both of his hands occupied your legs—pushing them as far back as he could get them to, before spitting on his cock. he rubbed the saliva in thoroughly as you watched.
he leans forward, his ass rising in the air as he positions himself at your entrance. his chest inched closer to your face.
“ go on, baby. suck on it and milk me dry. ”
“ yes! ” you felt a slight sting, looking down to see tengen’s shaft slowly being engulfed by your hole. he groaned long and hard, removing one hand from your leg to rest above your head.
sticking your tongue out, you see tengen twitch slightly. you licked his nipple, twirling your tongue around it. the man closed his eyes, basking in the sweet feeling. you took it fully in your mouth, and he began to move.
the chair beneath you began to rock in unison with his thrusts. your reach up, holding onto his broad back. he, along with you, no longer cared for who was around. his eyes were glued to your face, and yours his.
“ you look so damn good like this, so fucking slutty and submissive, just how i like it. ” with one last twirl of your tongue, you let go of his nipple.
“ mmf!— ” only to have your neck grabbed by him, grip tightening with every pound of his hips, lost in the glorious high that he gave you.
the warmth in your stomach began to build up. you looked down as his cock plunged into your cunt. a new, tingly feeling that you had never experienced before began to emerge. it felt good.
“ tengen.. tengen—! ” you tried to warn him, however it was too late. your eyebrows furrowed as you leaned your head back with a loud, exhausted groan.
“ oh, fuck! ”
“ hm? woah— ” tengen’s eyes darted downwards as he felt hot streams of liquid hit his lower area, coating his dick.
“ holy shit.. haha! yeah, that’s it, keep squirting around daddy’s cock—i can feel your walls trembling, kitten. let daddy fuck you until he’s soaked with your delicious fucking cum. ” your hands grabbed the chair beneath you, your cries grew louder. over and over again, you kept squirting while tengen continued thrusting into you mercilessly, gripping the sides of the chair for support.
you could see the metal bend under his fingers. his pants grew louder in your ears.
“ urgh—mmh, i’m gonna cum.. keep your legs wrapped around me so i can shoot my load into you, baby. you’re doing so fuckin’ good taking this dick, my personal little whore. ” your whines filled the area. the chair felt weak, almost as if it were to break by his pace alone. tengen never slowed down, picking up pace, completely wrecking your cunt. his balls slapped against your sore ass, white beads of thick cum sticking to them.
“ urgh! ” tengen shook. with one final deep thrust, he clenched his teeth, stilling himself inside you. his chest heaved, a vigorous, gut-wrenching groan escaping his lips. he deep growl was impossible to not hear, and your legs tightened around him, pulling him closer to you.
you came immediately after. you looked up in bliss, seeing his muscles tense with ever rope of cum you felt paint the inside of your pussy. he wild eyes gleamed down at you as the sun finally submerged in the background.
“ fuck.. i really needed that, mama. ” tengen laughed, easing himself off of you. he slowly pulled himself out, watching as a mixture of your cum spilled onto the chair. he took his thumb, rubbing your sensitive clit as it oozed out of you.
“ guess you have a reason to get wet now, huh? you need a flamboyant shower. ”
“ and you don’t? you’re covered in my cum, tengen. ” you pointed at his chest. the man grinned,
“ are you kidding? and waste my dessert? ha!— ” he slid his fingers over his chest, before bringing it to his mouth.
“ no! tengen, let’s just go take a shower! ” he shrugs, reaching his hand out to you to pull you up. you look around, suddenly remembering your surroundings.
“ oh no.. wait—do you think anyone saw us? they had to.. ” tengen stood up, sliding his trunks back on,
“ what did i tell you? they’d get a marvelous show, by yours truly. ” you sighed, fixing your bikini top and slipping your bottom on. whether someone saw you or not, only tengen knew. and he seemed completely unbothered by that.
“ now, about that shower.. ”
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rogueyami · 13 hours ago
My thoughts are just full of uzui tengen
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adoriable · a day ago
Who do you think can throw it back like Megan thee stallion 👁👄👁 anon
my bets are..
kyōjurō, mitsuri, sanemi and tengen.
Tumblr media
mitsuri and kyōjurō would have a dance battle, for fun. and senjurō would be the one in charge of saying who wins.
it starts out innocent, then mitsuri starts to get lower and lower to the ground and kyōjurō does too. next thing you know, their booty cheeks are shaking and senjurō does not know what to do.
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loosesodamarble · a day ago
Terrible, Awful, Should-be-avoided Dating Advice
Kyoujurou: Help! How flirt with girl?!
Tengen: Get in an arranged marriage.
Obanai: Never. Let your emotions fester inside you forever.
Sanemi: Destroy every enemy in her name.
Takayuki: Still figuring it out myself.
Gyoumei: I took a vow of celibacy.
Muichirou: I'm too young to date.
Giyuu: I'm gay and thus can't help with girls.
Mitsuri, on the other side of the room: I am... RIGHT HERE!
Erika: Kanroji-san, is something the matter?
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knybabe · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⇢ nothing yet…
Tumblr media
⇢ nothing yet…
Tumblr media
⇢ nothing yet…
Tumblr media
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lavi-guesan · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I saw on Pixiv how 5 fanarts of them, and I said "why not?" they are cute
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lovedbyghouls · 2 days ago
What do the pillars ,upper moons,muzan,rui,enmu,( and the kamaboko squad) like, big butts,big boobs,or both or even something else?
Big butts- Sanemi, Kyoujuro ,Muzan,Akaza, Kaigaku,
Big boobs- Iguro, Rui,Zenitsu,Uzui,
Both- Douma,Tanjirou, Muichiro,Sabito,Gyutaro,
Other things- Mitsuri ( soft bellies),Shinobu ( thighs),Inosuke ( big hips), Gyomei ( personality),Giyuu ( thighs), Daki ( pretty face),hatengu ( someone who isn't scary), kokushibou ( kind personality) ,enmu ( submissive personality).
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animepopheart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
★ 【F_Rabbit】 「 tengen // demon slayer 」 ☆ ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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madradiohead · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
here's the trans uzui icon btw if you wanna use it
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nyan-koii · 3 days ago
Just a random thought but sabito and uzui would definitely toss random gang signs on streets.
and they also think that hand signs language are gang signs
They dont realize it was a sign language. They're just too absorbed in it.
"WATCHA BANGIN SHAWTY?" *throws random gang signs*
Giyuu and kyojuro would consider them as strangers (mainly giyuu cuz kyo can have the patience to teach them)
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gonpachirokamado · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I know there are people who say Demon Slayer has no plot, which is really confusing because the plot is he’s trying to find Muzan and turn Nezuko back into human, but whatever. I think KnY focuses way more on the actual characters than anything else and I love that. KnY has made me fall in love with its characters so quickly, faster than anything else I’ve read and seen so far. People who have never read the manga ended up loving Rengoku in just one movie. I think Demon Slayer will continue to be one of my favorite anime’s (show) ever because of that.
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