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#usagi walking
francizzle00 · 2 months ago
LRB sailor moon with a new york accent is a cursed concept
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englishmansdcc · 4 months ago
FrotoMadness' weekly comic reviews (December 31st 2020) - USAGI YOJIMBO: WANDERER'S ROAD #2, TRANSFORMERS: ESCAPE #2, THE WALKING DEAD DELUXE #3
In his weekly review column, FrotoMadness talks about @IDWPublishing's USAGI YOJIMBO: WANDERER'S ROAD #2, and TRANSFORMERS: ESCAPE #2 as well as @ImageComics / @Skybound THE WALKING DEAD DELUXE #3 #ComicBookReviews
USAGI YOJIMBO: WANDERER’S ROAD #2 – Writer, Artist, Letterer: Stan Sakai, Colorist: Ronda Pattison, Editor: Bobby Curnow, Cover art by Peach Momoko – IDW Publishing Let me start by saying this book is a sad story, a real tear jerker. Before I get into why I’m going to talk about the art work. Stan Sakai has been doing the art for Usagi Yojimbo since day one of his creation, and I’m glad it…
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Father figure/daughter figure series + _________
Our base-line: 
Tumblr media
Father figure/daughter figure + Anime
Tumblr media
Father figure/daughter figure + Anime + The Feels 
Tumblr media
Father figure/daughter figure + Zombies 
Tumblr media
Father figure/daughter figure + Zombies + Everyone Judges You
Tumblr media
Father figure/daughter figure + Superheroes 
Tumblr media
Father figure/daughter figure + Superheroes + Lots of Guns 
Tumblr media
Father figure/daughter figure + Superheroes + Daughter is the main character
Tumblr media
Father figure/daughter figure + Swords and Sorcery 
Tumblr media
Father figure/daughter figure + Swords and Sorcery + Either one of them is dead or they’re fucking 
Tumblr media
Father figure/daughter figure - Wholesomeness 
Tumblr media
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filthxhumanity · a year ago
@neko-to-usagi​  | Asked For A THING.
Tumblr media
          Sweaty hands are hidden within the SAFETY of his pockets --- Back hunched, dark hair covering his eyes. He wants to talk, but his voice is LODGED DEEP within his larynx. “I--I--” Face is burning bright with embarrassment & he’s PRACTICALLY CONVULSING. 
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madeleinepryor · 15 hours ago
1, 6, 8, 13 😳
1. What was the first fandom and/or pairing that you wrote fic for?
sailor moon, and i’m pretty sure it was usagi/haruka or usagi/my own self insert lmfaoooo
6. If you’re really concentrating, how many words can you write in a day?
...i wrote all 6k+ of that golden place under the sun in one day. so. that.
8. Do you listen to music while you write? If so, share a song that’s been inspiring you lately.
i’m basically a walking songfic, i write best when i have music on. i’ve been listening to a lot of remixes lately, and my entire playlist for molly is currently fueling my current fic, and some highlights: riot & diabolic dance with the dead, cthulu by gunship & neon medusa by the midnight
13. Is there a trope you wouldn’t write if it was the last trope on earth?
couples bickering forever is boring BZZT
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i1976blunotte · 3 days ago
“Even after hundreds of years of marriage Mars still doesn't like public displays of affect. That being said, in private she insists her in Jadeite cuddle every morning.”
A @master-ray5 request.
The sunlight entered Mars and Jadeite’s room in the Crystal Palace.
Mars stirred and sat up, looking at Jadeite who was still sleeping by her side, cuddled in fetal position.
Hundreds of years. After hundreds of years of marriage, she couldn’t help but lingering over his beauty, especially in the morning, when she could observe him sleeping.
In the light, his hair was blond wheat, a shade even lighter than Minako’s golden and Usagi’s past (now silver) strawberry blond . Curly and short hair, soft: a joy for her fingers.
She knew every inch of his body (and he knows hers), and every inch of his body was pure perfection: a perfect and classical beauty that still surprised her (and every woman, but she was the only one who could have it all; the other women could only watch him... from distance... if they didn’t want to being burned to a crisp).
She cuddled behind him, pressing her face against his back, between his shoulder blades. She inhaled his scent, wrapping her arms around his waist and pressing her naked body against him.
He tensed, and she knew he was now awake.
“Good morning, Jadeite.” She kissed his skin.
“Good morning, Mars.”
He let her cuddling against him. He knew she liked it; she was the part of the day she liked the most.
Her hands slid down on his belly as she kissed his neck. 
It was her signal. He rolled on his back and she sat across his lap, bending forward, her long and raven hair as a curtain around him. “Good morning,” she smiled at him and she kissed his lips as her hand pressed against his chest and then slid down on his flat belly. It was the part of the day he liked the most.
His lean body, strong but not too much muscular (if compared to Nephrite and Kunzite, the most muscular men at the Palace: of course, she had never seen them naked, but she had seen them bare chested... and Venus and Jupiter were really vocalizing about it not to notice). In effect, among King Endymion and the other Shitennou, Jadeite was the most slender and the shortest one, giving him a boyish look.
His perfect body. She knew every inch of it, and it was just for her, all for her.
She lay down on her back and he covered her with his body. She arched her back and pressed her body against him.
Hundreds of years of marriage, and she wasn’t sated, yet, of him.
In her fuku, she walked to Neo Queen Serenity’s room. 
By her side, in his Uniform, he was walking to King Endymion’s hall.
Outside their room, her focus was just Neo Queen Serenity; her duty was to protect her Queen; her role was to be Neo Queen Serenity’s Guardian. And Jadeite felt the same for King Endymion.
Both Mars and Jadeite were serious and totally focused on their role. 
Everybody in Crystal Tokyo knew that the Goddess of War and the Knight of Patience and Harmony were husband and wife, but, looking at them, it was difficult to notice it: they look like “colleagues”, just sharing a same job. 
They never never never showed any sign of mutual affection in the public eye. Never, since the 20th Century, when they were still known with their civilian names: Rei Hino and Junichi Higashi. Never, even during the Silver Millennium.
For Mars, it was a matter of duty and seriousness. And secretiveness. Whereas Venus talked about tiresomeness, teasing her and Jadeite for it.
But, Mars, the Guardian of Passion and Flames, had to admit to herself that, beside seriousness and secretiveness, there was another reason for her to keep that distance from Jadeite in the public eye: a single touch from him, a single kiss or caress, even his scent if too close... and she risked to strip him naked in front of everyone, longing for his body. And... NO... it wasn’t the case.
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friendlyusagi · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
@lachrymosestorm said: She reached over and took the object from him. Their fingers brushed as she smiled up Usagi's way. "Thank you."
Tumblr media
❝ ..!! ❞
Here we go again. That weird warm feeling in his chest comes back. At first, he thought it only happened when they hugged, because of the warmth of her body naturally causing body heat, but this a simple touch of his digits. The fluffy sensation within his thorax area rendered Usagi speechless. He could only stand there with his hand still outstretched and left inhuman eye widely staring at Dez walking away with her drink.
Why does this keep happening? How is she doing this to him? All this time, the necromantist thought she was just an ordinary human whom he could easily kill, but maybe she actually does have a super power. If so, then she’d be really handy in battle among his other powerful “friends.” How interesting. She completely overpowered him.
💭: I underestimated her. She’s so strong... Now I REALLY want her to be my friend!
A broad grin expressing clear excitement portrays on his face. However, his thoughts were nothing but innocent. Far from it. The smile he’s wearing is one with the intention....
To kill.
Tumblr media
It was like he had been enlightened. He finally came to a conclusion after being so confused for a while, in terms of how things were going between them. He had always wondered what to do, but now he’s got a perfect plan. When in need, a friend will lend a hand, right? Therefore, he’s gonna use the living corpse to restrain her from touching Usagi and hold her steady. It’s so nice to know he has “friends” who will always have his back and help. So nice so nice. It’s really nice. It’ll be even better if Dez is a part of the group. He must take action now!
The zombie mentally takes note of Usagi’s scheme and turns on Dez’s radio to celebrate and, well, to prevent any outside witnesses from hearing Dez screaming within her home. An upbeat song from Cascada called Everytime We Touch began playing through the stereo full volume, bass boosted, as Usagi strips off his clothing to reveal his usual revealing attire that consisted only suspenders and really tight short-shorts. The both of them moving rhythmically to the music in a silly happy fashion, before marching in exhilarated sequences towards whichever room their future friend could be residing in at the moment.
His hands equipped with his long sharp dual blades waving in the air cheerfully.
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bewitchedbodyandsol · 10 days ago
The Five Favorite Female Character List
Thank you for tagging me @clints-lucky-arrow
(In no particular order)
Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket)
Tumblr media
I just love her so much. She’s so soft and so strong and just brings so much fucking light every where she goes. I actually cried harder at Tohru moving away from her friends than at me moving away from my hometown
Angela Chase (My So Called Life)
Tumblr media
ANGELA CHASE WALKED SO THAT CHRISTINE LADY BIRD COULD RUN!! She’s the reason I always go back to red hair!! My dramatic little white girl, I love you. You’re cheesy but you’re right ♥️
Orla McCool (Derry Girls)
Tumblr media
There’s not a single thought behind those eyes. “I just like melting stuff” GIRL PLEASE GO ON TELL ME MORE
Marta Cabrera (Knives Out)
Tumblr media
I love seeing brown women winning ❤️. She’s a good nurse god damn it ;-;
Usagi Tsukino
Tumblr media
My first cancer sun icon. I remember being like 11 and finding out what astrology is and going “oh!” She just loves her friends so much and is willing to sacrifice her entire world for them. No man left behind, saving the world with friendship. I LOVE HER.
No pressure tag: @dangerous-fork @cheesecake-manufacturer @rinnie-the-poo
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shadowy-dumbo-octopus · 11 days ago
Tag game
Tagged by the lovely @frecklydork. Thank you so much, freckles, it's been a while since I did one of these! 💙✨
Rules: Answer these and tag 9 people you’d like to know better / catch up with!
Last song: I don't actually remember, haha! But last time I opened Spotify it was to listen to Critical Role.
Currently reading: The Joy of Walking by Suzy Cripps. The one bookshop in my town reopened today and I walked out of there with three new books, including a pocket-sized little anthology about the pleasures of walking as a way to pass the time, recharge mentally, process thoughts and emotions, catch a breather from the noise of everyday life, and overall enjoy the little things about life. I'm an avid walker myself so I'm really excited to sink my teeth in this one.
Currently watching: nothing right now (I'm saving Shadow and Bone for after I read the books) since I'm not really one for TV shows, but I'm waiting for Castlevania season 4 in 2 weeks and also hoping thst Netflix uploads a new cooking/baking/crafting competition content. I love these types of shows for some reason lmao. I also watch Forged in Fire on History Channel whenever I catch it airing, but I'm not like, super committed to it.
Currently craving: nothing anymore! I made myself instant pumpkin soup (really nice!) with a slice of bread and I'm happy as a clam.
Tagging: @lemonykleonella @amarynthian-fortress @usagi-chan95 @wanderingnork @magebirdi @fauna-a @thedevilishlyangelic and anyone else who wants to do this!
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real-life-senshi · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Surprise!!!! I will indeed be liveblogging today, and my plan is to finish the remaining of Act 13!  So, without further delay, we start off the (hopefully) last round of Act 13 liveblog with Shin-kun’s walk of shame back home as his boyfriend Mamoru eager waits for his arrival with disappointment. 
I jest. But without context this scene looks like some sort of lead up to a lover’s quarrel in a BL film... 
But in actual seriousness though, I already feel shitty for Shin.  I wonder how much he remembers of what he did as Kunzite. :(
Um... where’s Usagi? Is Usagi late? Was Mamoru early and by chance bumped into Shin? Or did Mamoru ended volunteering to take this to Shin without Usagi?  Man, I’m really lousy on my knowledge of my episode, and as an long time avid fan of this series, this is a fact that I am not proud of! >:T 
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real-life-senshi · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
AHAHAHAHA So I guess Mamoru’s getting dragging into this because he wants to do damage control in case Usagi screws up. 
For someone that’s more of a klutz than graceful, Usagi sure tried to add some flair and sass to her facial expression and body language when she walked away from Mamoru and into the flower shop. It’s entertaining to realize how easily riled up she gets around Mamoru. 
He sounded so judgmental when he questioned Usagi “you’re just going to show that to him!?”, it ‘s so douchey and funny! 
Also. Bunny image transition! Bunny image transition! Bunny image transition! That’s so awesome!!!!!!
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real-life-senshi · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
OH SHIIITTTTTTTT I forgot this is where this awesome scene came from!!!! Now I’m REALLY EXCITED.
I would like to invite everyone to say their prayers for one Tsukino Usagi. If even Ami-chan’s angry, Usagi’s definitely a dead girl walking! 
It’s so VERY interesting that in this scene, our typical firecracker of the team - Rei, isn’t actually the angry one, it’s Ami and Makoto. It’s such a flip to the norm!!! Rei’s even trying keep Usagi safe from the collective ire! Just look at how she’s cringing and reacting to the tension! 
Here’s my guess/headcanon on why that’s the case.  PGSM Act 13 aired on Dec 27, 2003.  Judging by the preparation work, the girls are likely helping Rei setup shop and get prepared for the crowd that will be visiting Hikawa Shrine for their new years prayers.  You bet your asses that highly independent Rei would not have actually asked for help since she’s used to doing this already.  But when the girls tried to plan for a New Years get together and they all learned that Rei’s gonna be busy doing a butt ton of work, that the girls all volunteered to help instead. 
Because Rei’s the one being helped here when she usually handles the stuff on her own, she can’t get mad at Usagi when she feels like she dragged her into this.  BUT, Ami and Makoto both know how big and important it is for them to show Rei that she can count on all of them, so for Usagi to end up not showing up, is a HUGE DEAL. 
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real-life-senshi · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Even though this is just a short scene, I just need to say it’s brilliantly written and it’s one of my favorite transition scene we’ve seen to date in the liveblogs. 
We just had Beryl talking about Endymion, and then we see Mamoru basically pondering about the same thing, wondering about his connection with “Endymion” and the whole mysterious vision about the Princess.  His cellphone rings and then we hear a vaguely disturbing proclamation from Motoki that freaks Mamoru out, and we jump to Usagi walking into a trashed Crown. LIKE EVERYTHING WORKED OUT SO WELL IT’S SO SMOOTH AND EFFECTIVE?!!!!  I WISH I CAN WRITE TRANSITIONS SCENES LIKE THESE FOR MY FANFICTIONS.  
Personally I’m also very curious about what’s written on the dog tag keychain on Mamoru’s phone. lol
Tumblr media
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dealslive735 · 25 days ago
Gacha Life Free Play
Tumblr media
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Gacha Life
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This project is dedicated to all anime fans. It’s an amazing product all users love with all their hearts. There is a huge amount of ways to customize your character, make it more like you, so that you might associate yourself with it and build your own exciting story like in real life. Familiar Gacha Life gameplay, more various modern clothes, different hairstyles, cute accessories – all this will be waiting for you in our virtual world.
Tumblr media
Gacha Life Free Download
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Couple worlds about some modes. The first one allows you to communicate with NPC, other players and exchange presents. Presents you can win in the other mode, that remains in every product of Gacha series. To earn an opportunity to get this awesome prizes, you have to pass some interesting mini games. They aren’t easy, so you should try really hard to get the reward – diamonds, to spend them on this win-win lottery with lots of cool stuff you might receive.
Studio mode contains many incredible instruments, helping you create funny and beautiful videos about your characters, full of adventures living. You are able to film series about them and show it to other players. You can also organize some kind of a competition for the best show among group of the creators.
Play Gachaverse game with friends. It’s available for everyone and everywhere. Live quietly or be active – go for walks, build relationships, make friends. Don’t forget to keep your stylish and fashionable image.
Gacha Life Free Play No Download
Gacha Life Favorite Unity unblocked games at school, which you can play absolutely free on the Unblocked Games WTF website. Our games always work in school and office. Play fun mini-games such as Usagi vs Neko or Mascot Whack! - Collect gems and bytes to gacha for more characters! - Free 2 Play, you can farm for gems easily! No Wi-Fi is needed to play! «Notes» - The game may lag on old devices & devices with 4k screens. Please restart the game if you experience lag over time.
Tumblr media
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writing-fanics · 25 days ago
[ Mamoru x Fem!Reader ]
Tumblr media
•Legend of the Forgotten Moon Princess•
[Part III] Mamoru and Y/n
a/n: in this chapter y/n and mamoru spend sometime together getting to know each-other a bit more...]
so complete of season one follows the manga the next part of the story will be season ii cause i really like that season.. but for the final battle im doing the show version with a twist at the end.... so im taking out the manga version of the reincarnation and having the tv show version instead since that one is more impactful and i like it more. 
[ Finding Sailor Jupiter ] 
[Y/n] was at the Crown Game Center, with Usagi, Ami, and Makoto. The new transfer student in Class 6,  [Y/n] watches Makoto play the Sailor V, game. 
"You sure you’ve never played this game before?” Usagi asks, Makoto.
”it’s the same as fighting in real life.” Makoto says, to her.
”you let the bad guy chase you so you can catch him off guard, then you hit him with your ultimate attack!” She says, as she plays the game.
”Ultimate attack!” Usagi says, in awe.
”Hi Usagi! Y/n! You’re here early today.” Ami says, as she walks towards them.
”Oh! Hi, Ami!” Both Y/n and, Usagi say. Looking towards her.
”Have you met the new girl yet? She just transferred into, Class 6 today.” Usagi says, to her.
“I’m Makoto Kino,” she says, looking over at Ami.
”I’m Ami Mizuno. I go to Juban, too. It’s so nice to meet you.” She says, to Makoto.
"Nice to meet you too." Makoto says, looking at the game. Then Motoki came over, "Hey Usagi! So are all the girls you're friends with cute." He says, and he looks and sees Makoto who turns her head and, looks at him. A blush spread across her cheeks, 
"" She says, quietly looking at him. Then the sound of game over interrupted them, she turned back towards the screen. 
"Oh! Nothing I thought you were someone else.." She says, looking back at them game.
[TIme-Skip] to bridal shop cause this bitch lazy.. 
"Well this is the bridal shop he was talking about." Ami says, as the girls look at it. 
"It's also the same one Naru went to." Usagi says, looking at it.
"Where's Mako?" She says, looking around and sees her looking up at the shop, with a blush spread across her face. She sees a dress and, looks at it. 
"So gorgeous. I wish I could wear a dress like that." Mako says, to herself.
As two girls pass by, "See thats the bridal shop." One girl says, pointing to it. 
"You mean that's the shop thats cursed?" the girl beside her asks. 
"That's right! Sometimes people see it! That ghost bride." [Y/n] says, looking at the shop.
"The mannequin on the balcony wanders around at night, trying to seduce the male-passers by Everybody! says so." She says, to them. 
"And if you buy a dress from the shop, you become cursed by the ghost bride. and spend your life in misery." She says, looking at the shop. 
"Whaa? Well, when I do get engaged, I'm not going to go there for a dress." Mako thinks, to herself. The girls, make their way towards Rei's. 
Rei looks at Makoto and, feeling a powerful presence from her. All the girls catch Rei up, on the bridal shop. 
"A cursed bridal shop? The ghost of a bride? Yes, it is suspicious." Rei says, to her friends.
"That groom who went missing...I wonder if he was seduced by that ghost bride?" Ami says, to herself. 
"If he was, he's got no-one to blame but himself for being lured in by a ghost." Rei says, her arms folded. Makoto then turn back towards the girls, 
"This is all too complex for me. I'm going home." Makoto says, to the girls then leaves. And, as she does Luna, jumps up onto Rei's, shoulder. 
"Luna.." Rei says, looking towards Makoto...
"Yes.." Luna says, as she looks up at Rei. 
"The day we're all assembled might be sooner than we think." Rei says, watching as Makoto walks away.. 
[Y/n] was fast asleep, in her bed when all of a sudden Tuxedo Mask, appears at her window. She gasps and, watches as he runs away. She rushes out of bed and, follows him. Atlas notices and, notifies everyone. 
"Ami-Chan, Rei-Chan, Usagi-Chan, Wake up! Tuxedo Mask is leading Y/n-Chan away!" Atlas shouts, into the watch..[Y/n] arrives at the Bridal Shop from before, and gasps seeing Makoto. Everyone else, arrives and transforms. Seeing the ghost bride, 
'Lunar Prism Power! Make-Up!' She shouts, as she transforms into Sailor Luna. And, everyone else into their own respective guardian. 
"Stealing the sacred form of the blushing bride and whispering of love! We wont stand for it!" Sailor Moon, shouts at the ghost bride.
"I'm the Sailor Guardian, Sailor Luna. Who fights for the stars and, the moon above." 
"I'm the pretty guardian sailor moon who fights for love, and for justice.." 
"And, I'm the Sailor Guardian Sailor Mercury." 
"And I'm, the Sailor Guardian Sailor Mars.." 
"And we'll punish you" 
They say..
"You were controlling and tricking people?" Makoto says, looking at the ghost bride. 
"You mean you were serious damn it.." She says, as a symbol appears on her forehead. 
"I'll let you know about a woman's pure feelings with raw strength." She says, picking up the ghost bride, then she suddenly transforms into Sailor Jupiter. 
"Flower Hurricane!" She shouts, as a flower hurricane appears. "Jupiter, the planet I guard, bring a storm!! And down your thunder!" She shouts, at Nephrite. 
"Jupiter Thunder-bolt!" She shouts, as a thunderbolt strikes Nephrite killing him...Makoto falls to the ground, and all the girls run towards her to see if she's okay and, she was. And, Luna tells her that she's Sailor Jupiter..
- sorry for it being terrible and short i was using the manga' 
[ time skip ] y/n's off doing her own thing she has work to do..
[Y/n] sighed, as she looked at the papers scattered on her desk. [Y/n] wrote down stuff, from her textbook down onto the paper. She looks down and, groans. She barely got any sleep last night, since she was up all night just, working on this and, was tired really tired. 
She sighs and, decides to take a break. She makes some coffee and, decides to go out for a walk. Not knowing about what was happening outside, after walking for about ten minutes, she began to feel dizzy.
'My head is all fuzzy and, my strength is going... ugh what's going on?' She says and, she begins to fall to the ground. 
'Must be the work of the enemy..' She thinks, as she falls to the ground. 
Mamoru rounds the corner and, sees [Y/n] lying on the ground unconscious. He runs towards her, quickly checking for a pulse. He brings his hand to her cheek, "Hey! Snap out of it." He says, to her. And, she stirs awake looking him in the eyes, but seeing Tuxedo Mask. 
"Tuxedo Mask!" She says, in amazement looking at him. 
"What are you doing here?" She asks, as her cheeks turn red.
"My bad judgement and actions brought us to this point." He says, to her and, she looks at him in shock. 
"Tuxedo Mask! So this whole situation was your.... You did it are you actually?" She asks, worried. 
"No, I'm not! I didn't mean for this to happen! I wanted to find the Legendary Silver Crystal no matter the cost. But I didn't have any information to work on!" He says, looking at her.
"And I don't have powers like you do!" He says, to her. And she gasps, 
"You must transform into Sailor Luna! I can't do anything about this situation myself at this point." He says, and, she gasps once more. 
"Y-You know I'm Sailor Luna.. Just who in the world are you?" She asks, looking him in the eyes. 
"You're the only one who can come to the rescue." He says, to her. And she looks him, in the eyes. Those familiar eyes, that would seem that she sees everymorning. 
[Y/n] stands up and, places her hands on her brooch. 
'Lunar Prism Power Make-Up!' 
[Y/n] then makes, her way to where everyone else, was...She gasps, seeing so many people, lying on the ground she didn't know if they were dead or just unconscious. Even though she's seen stuff from the enemy, nothing to this extent. She was scared nervous, what if she couldn't bring anyone back... 
But then she felt a pair of arms wrap around her, "Snap out of it Sailor Luna! I know you can do it." Tuxedo Mask, said to her as tears ran down her cheeks. Then a stick appeared and, it was in the shape of a star. She takes it in her hands, "Please! Take everybody.. and give them back their lives! Please!" She shouts, holding the stick.. 
And, after she did and, everyone was waking up. She suddenly felt sleepy and, went limp. "Sailor Luna?" He says, grabbing hold of her, before she hit the ground. 
"You used too much power?" He says, looking down at her. A smile, spread across his face as he looks at her. He tucks, a strand of hair behind her ear. 
"But well done.. Sailor Luna." He says, to her as he picks her up bridal style. 
'What is this?' 
"This familiar warmth..' 
"It's as if this warmth is giving me back my energy'
As he places her on the his bed, he looks at her. She seemed so at peace, even though using up so much power and energy during that fight. 
[Y/n] woke up, in an unfamiliar place. She looked around, she was lying in someone else's bed. 'Where.. am I?" she says, as she looks around. She looks down and, sees a pocket watch. She looks at it and, sees that it has the phases of the moon on it. 
"So you're awake?" Mamoru says, as he looks over at [Y/n] who looks, over at him. Then she looks at the suit he was wearing, 
"Why are you Tuxedo Mask...?" She asks, looking at him. 
"It's for my memory. That's why I have to get my hands on the Legendary Silver Crystal." He says, to her and, she looks at him.
"Your memory?" She asks, looking into his eyes. 
"I lost my parents, on my sixth birthday. There was a car accident and, I lost both of my parents. And, I forgot who I was." He says and, [Y/n] gasps tears running down her cheeks. 
"And, I started having the same dream over and over. Find the Legendary Silver Crystal.. Just that phase. time and time again in my dreams." He says and, she looks at him. 
"And before I knew it... I was stealing through the city at night like some strange sleep-walker! Wearing a tuxedo like some phantom thief." He says, 
"The only clue to my past, are the word find the legendary silver crystal." He says, 
"What about you?" He asks and, she blushes looking down. 
"Um... Well it isn't so quite defined Atlas told me to find it alongside Sailor Moon, and protect it, so.." She says, blushing. 
"I see." He says and, she looks at him curiosly. 
[Y/n] brought the mask closer to his face, placing it over his eyes. She should've known, that all to familiar voice that she heard, every morning. Those all to familiar eyes she'd, get lost in. Even though she only lives a few doors down the hall. This moment in time between them felt like, they've met this way before but in different circumstances. But at this moment, if time were to stop she wouldn't mind at all. 
She looked down nervously, her heart racing. "A-Atlas is waiting for me. I... have to go home." She says, turning to leave but stops, when Mamoru place his hand, on her shoulder. Her heart pounding against her chest, "N/n." He says, and she turns around to look at him. 
A blush spread across her face, "N/n. Your bag." He says, and she nervously takes it from him. Covering her face with it, as her face turned bright red. She walks towards the door, and leaves. 
'...He called me "N/n" That's who he said.' She says, thinking to herself as she walks down the hallway to her apartment, her heart racing as she thinks of him. 
'Maybe I could call him "Since he's Mamoru, maybe I can call him Mamo-Chan.' She thinks, stopping outside her door. She reaches, into her pocket. And pulls out Mamoru's broken pocket watch, 
'I brought it with me... his broken pocket watch.' she stares at it, bringing it to her lips and kissing it. This all too familiar warmth returning once more, but stronger than ever before. [Y/n] has never fallen in love before, but this moment was completely different, she feels like she already knows him. 
He's opened up to her, he trusts her enough to tell her why he's going after the Legendary Silver Crystal. That moment, between them just moments ago. Felt as if they were in a fairy tale, as if they were two lovers. Finding out each-other's secret identities,  a fairy tale she wanted to be in. 
She never thought she'd fall in love so quickly, but it doesn't feel wrong. Not one bit, for to her it feels like she's falling in love with him all over again. As if she knew him from as past life. She looked up, hearing that voice once more. 
'You're my one and only love.' 
She walked into her apartment and, sighed as she thought of Mamoru. She brought her hand up to her face, her face bright red. A smile spread across her face, as she looked at the broken pocket watch. She held it close to her chest, holding it over her heart. 
'Is this what being in love is like?' 
{ Chapter Four } Princess Serenity and Princess Y/n  Sneak Peek
And how Mamoru noticed, how shaken and scared she was. When they tried to talk to her, [Y/n]'s face turns red, as she feels Mamoru's hand on hers. "Are you okay?" He asks, and she looks down, then at him. Her heart racing, pounding against her chest. "Yeah, I'm fine Mamo. Just seeing them, after all those years startled me." She says, looking up at him, smiling. 
They close the gap between them, their lips touching. [Y/n]'s hand places her hands, on Mamoru's chest. This kiss between them, felt magical familiar as if, out of a fairy tale. Mamoru places his hands, on her waist. She didn't want, this moment between them to stop. 
He weakly brings his hands up, looking at [Y/n] who looked down at him worried, tears in her eyes. 'I remember now, I came back to be with you again. I found you, Y/n." He says, his hand going limp.
"My...Star." He says, and [Y/n] looks down at him in shock, tears streaming down her cheeks. [Y/n] shakes her head, and screams in anguish. As she wraps her arms around Mamoru, tears streaming down her cheeks. 
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witchycandle444 · 25 days ago
A bond built off smoke
🚬♥️ (Shibuki/Karube) (Pt. 3)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It's been a while, I know!! I've been breaking and trying to do things like read more. So. This is the last part... It has been fun and awkward writing this but I've loved it.
Also, gonna give Shibuki a little backstory.
Pairing: Shibuki/Karube
TW: Sexual tension, Language, implied sexual content, mentions of drugs
Everyone was shocked at first.
They woke up. No knowledge of the outside world. Forgetting their current situation. Eyes connected to eyes. No words being exchanged. Her hair everywhere. Still looking as silky and shiny as it was all the time. It had been a nice night. Karube and Shibuki. That what they were in that moment in time.
When Shibuki got up from the table. (To have a smoke break before their next game and search for the beach) Placed a kiss on Karube's cheek and at first there was nothing wrong with it. She did it out of friendship? But also out of appreciation.
(This scene was actually inspired by a scene from friends Where Chandler kisses all three of the girls to hide that fact that he is dating Monica.)
Karube and his friends shared confused and intrigued looks. Not knowing what to say to each other. Karube wanted to act disgusted, however he knew that this would make things more complicated and make her confused. That was when Shibuki realized her mistake. Stopped midway. Epiphany hitting her. The room silenced.
Shibuki swallowed and shared a puzzling glance with Arisu. Him clearly trying to figure out what this meant.
"Arisu..." She walked over. Pulled her hair away from her face and placed a reluctant kiss to Arisu's face. She questioned this considering how young he must be in comparison to her and the men she had previously had relationships with.
He pulled back a little, not seeming disgusted or even bothered. "Err... Thank you. I guess." He scratched the side of his face. Feeling a little bewitched by what she had done.
Chota on the other hand looked rather excited when she walked to his side. Having to kiss him on the forehead too. Pulling his hair back before she did so. He smiled in the most nerdy way possible. Probably never getting this sort of female attention in the real world. Making this a little more awkward for Shibuki.
"I hope you all slept well." She tried to make the tension thinner. Not really helping.
"And with somebody." Arisu didn't realize how this sounded and immediately wanted to shove the words back into his throat.
Silence went on for a couple more seconds. Noone saying anything. As usual.
She needed to shower and change into fresh clothes. And into a fresher mindset.
Her name was Usagi and she seemed innocent and helpful enough. Legs stronger than the bricks that held her house together.
Yet, no one could prepare them for all this confusion. All these random people. No cards on any of them. The room was dark. The chair was cold. The company was scary...
It was all a blur. All the speech and the rules.
"Always wear a bathing suit. Feel free to drink booze, get high of drugs and have all the sex that you want. Buy most important of all. Death to the traitors."
"Jesus, could have warned a guy." Karube said, covering his eyes and turning around to face the windows of the balcony of the room they were staying in. She just stripped and didn't consider that he was a mature
From the glimpse he DID get, she looked nothing like his imagination thought it did. She looked more oily. Her skin a slightly different colour underneath. Her thighs a little bit thicker. Her shoulders a little wider. He had no complaints. She was still an hourglass. A beautifully souled hourglass.
Shibuki wouldn't say she had body issues. (She assumed Arisu had those). She knew her body was her weapon in the real world and it would be no different at the beach. It was her strongest attribute. She never really shared it because she wanted to, but because she needed to...
It was just as much of an eye full, as he thought it would be. Her waist chinced. No flaw or issue that he could spot. It was black, golden clips at her shoulders. It was a simple yet alluring bikini.
"Jesus, cover yourself up. I know people are going to be looking at you!" He didn't hesitate ripping his shirt of. Shibuki felt a little fire light up in her stomach, as she saw that chest. A few abs. She has seen worse.
He yanked her forward and pulled her arms in his shirt. It being a little bigger on her than he expected. He adjusted it around her shoulders, doing two tops buttons just to be safe.
"Oh, jealous?" She asked, genuinely curious.
"What? No. Fuck no. I'm concerned. There are gonna to be creeps here. I'm looking out for you. You should be grateful." He scratched the back of his head. Trying not to stare at her any longer and wondering if Arisu and Chota were fine.(His attempt at putting his mind somewhere else) It hadn't been long but in a place like this time was a weird and fucked up aspect.
Her arms wrapped around his neck. Bringing him into a rather surprising hug. He sighed and hugged her back. Not really seeing a choice. She was friend now. A... Really good friend?
Shibuki knew this wasn't the time to fall in love... But she couldn't help wonder if this place was actually a blessing from God in disguise? When she was 19, Shibuki believed she fell in love. He worked at a restaurant and she went their for her dinner break when she worked her first part time job.
All it took was some flirting and nail biting before they fell in love. That's what he convinced her it was at first. He was her first time. She WASN'T his first time.
She came home to find him with two other women. Not even seeming to regret his choice.
She kept her head and arms wrapped around his arm at all times. Karube's eyes always on her. Chota, Arisu and Usagi were actually fine in the end.
They were surrounded by people they didn't recognise. The music was loud and the marijuana was in the air. The lights blinding and it was impossible to think that in the middle of this chaos people were partying and lost in the moment. Shibuki and Karube sat on the beach chair.
Karube saw the other three. Some random woman, cigarette and braids, appearing to be telling them something. Something informative.
(Imagine the scene where Niragi was trying to take Usagi away. But instead of Usagi it was Shibuki...)
Shibuki was in tears. She probably shouldn't be. She has had encounters like this before. Many times before.
She didn't even have the times to open her eyes before her wrist was being pulled away. Then immediately after that, Karube dragging her away.
" Fuck off. I'm taking the girl."
"No, your fucking not!"
Probably for her own safety. She didn't even know these people.
"She's fine, Usagi. Can you watch Arisu and Chota for me?" Were the words Shibuki heard. With confirmation from Usagi in return.
The noise getting quieter.
"Listen to me, listen to me. You are fine. I'm here."
They were back in the room. Complete darkness but she could still see his features. And she wanted to cry. That's all. She wanted the world to go away. The way she always felt after every sexual encounter.
He lifted her up bridal style. She didn't protest. He wasn't even planning on leaving. She gripped his wrist.
"Stay." She asked.
"Okay." He felt an attachment. A bond and a feeling that told him to stay. So, they...
Cuddled, once more.
Shibuki wanted to feel close to someone one more time. Isn't that a feeling everyone wanted? To be loved?
Karube wanted to feel close to someone one more time. Isn't that a feeling everyone wanted? To be loved?
The headboard was stiff. His back ached. He was willing to give that pain up for her comfort. Just this once... He would do the same for his best friends.
TW: Slight sexual content ahead.
He had expected this to be a comfortable position. It was definitely the most... Intimate he had been with a "friend".
He slowly lifted her to lay on top of him. His hands lifted her waist over his. Her head on his shoulder. Her hands on his chest. Shibuki in HIS lap.
He didn't realize the physical excitement this closeness had brought him, down below... Her skin felt young, soft, vulnerable... Her hair fluffy. Breathing gentle and finally she had calmed down.
She shivered a little when his fingers traced her spine and moved her hair aside. His fingernail touching the knot that was her bikini top, under her (his) shirt.
"Can I?" (Remember guys, no matter your gender or sexuality. CONSENT IS IMPORTANT. FOR YOU AND THE OTHER PERSON)
She hummed in response. The string coming loose. She sat up, preparing for the exposure. Karube seemed to know what he was doing, he didn't seem nervous and their was a bare chance he was a virgin.
Her bikini bra came undone. Sliding out from underneath. Eye contact locked. Or technically not. Considering it was pitch black in the room.
They didn't want to consider their situation. They wanted and escape. Like everyone in this god forsaken place does.
"Make me feel like a woman." She said, not knowing if he were to hear it or not considering he might be in a day dream.
"Okay..." If this was going to be Karube's last chance, he was going to take it.
He slowly brought her closer, letting her slide in. His grip on her long hair, getting a tighter. Her head tilting back with a hiss in the utter relaxation and tension that was filling up in her stomach.
His lips slowly connected to her neck. Just gently. Feeling the pure and bare skin. How innocent she seemed. Her pace sped up a bit. Whimpering and gasps being held back. Not wanting to attract any attention from the outside of the room.
For a moment, they forgot to worry...
It was the best sex of her life. It was the best sex of his life.
Not really knowing how to view each other now. Completely satisfied and yet even more empty.
This felt like a dream. Like a fantasy. Like a nightmare. For both of them.
Unexpectedly, they fingers intertwined. It was love. Just for that moment.
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i1976blunotte · 26 days ago
Jadeite and Rei's grandfather, a drawing or drabble please?
As soon as she entered her home, Rei heard their voices behind the kitchen's door: Junichi and her grandfather. 
They sounded at ease with each other. 
She smiled. 
The day Junichi came at the Shrine for the first time, her grandfather was confused: he knew his granddaughter didn’t trust men and she wasn’t interested in having a boyfriend; Kaidou, the secretary of her father, had been her only crush, an unrequited love that had pushed even more (beside her father) Rei in her decision to refuse the idea of falling in love. 
Rei remembered that day. 
Rei’s grandfather looked at Junichi walking away, after a brief meeting, just a quick handshake. 
“It’s the first time I see that guy,” the old man glanced at her granddaughter, “you look comfortable with him, as if you know him from a long time ago.” 
Rei shivered. She perfectly knew her grandfather knew more than he said about her life as Senshi (maybe, he didn’t know she was one of the famous Sailor Senshi, but for sure he knew she was implied in something magical… and dangerous), and now he was pondering about Junichi’s involvement in her mysterious life. 
“Junichi is a friend of Mamoru.” 
She walked to the kitchen. 
Her grandfather nodded, “Mamoru-san, Usagi’s boyfriend.” 
“Yes. Junichi is a close friend of Mamoru. They were friends since always, and they met again after a long time. So, this is how I met Junichi.” She didn’t like to lie, but it wasn’t a lie, after all. 
Entering the kitchen, her grandfather moved to the stove, “Some tea?” 
Rei smiled and nodded, “Yes, thanks.” 
“So, Junichi is a friend.” 
She nodded. 
The sound of boiling water. 
“He looks a lot as Kaidou,” a worried glance, “I mean, his short and curly blond hair, his gray-blue eyes…” 
Rei gulped, “What do you mean?” 
Her grandfather placed two cups of steamy tea on the small table and knelt in front of her. His words were cautious, “Nothing. I was just realizing Junichi looks like Kaidou. That’s all.” 
She sighed, “Physically, yes. But they are pretty different. Anyway,” she tossed her hair behind in her fierce and elegant way, “don’t worry. I am not going to fall in love with Junichi because of his look. I am not so stupid to fall for a guy because of his look or his resemblance to Kaidou. And I don’t want to talk about it, sorry.” She sipped her tea as her cheeks tinged gently red. She was lying to her grandfather: she was already in love with Junichi (formerly, Jadeite), but it was pretty difficult to explain to her grandfather that it wasn’t because he looked like Kaidou (on the contrary, he fell for Kaidou because Kaidou looked like Jadeite; now, she knew it); more difficult, explaining to him she was in love with Jadeite since her previous life, before her life as Rei Hino. 
Her grandfather had a sweet smile and nodded. He avoided any further question about Junichi but, again, Rei reckoned her grandfather knew more than he said. 
She opened the kitchen’s door, “I’m home” 
Her grandfather had a wide smile, “I was having tea with Junichi-san. He helped me with the Shrine’s yard. There were so many leaves on the ground after the storm.” He stood up, “Sit down, there’s some tea for you.” 
She knelt at the small table and glanced at Jun, smirking, “When did ojiisan hire you as his assistant?” 
Junichi scratched his nape, “Today, it seems. I was waiting for you in front of the Shrine,” he grunted, “you’re late.” He sighed, “your grandfather gave me a broom and just told me to help him with the leaves until you were back home.”
Rei laughed at the thought of her grandfather giving Junichi a broom. 
Her grandfather came back to the table with a cup of steamy tea. 
As she sipped her tea, Rei enjoyed Junichi and her grandfather talking about the Shrine and about Junichi’s job as kindergarten’s teacher. Slowly, her grandfather was weighing Junichi, and Junichi wasn’t failing the exam. She smiled.
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friendlyusagi · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
@pibrequirem​ said: The 8 foot tall Joestar just walked up to him. A glare in his then fixed the bunny bowtie. "It was little mess up man. You got keep ya self look sharp ya know."
Usagi stares up at the tall man. Wow. Everything about his appearance gave off a badass/cool type of vibe. People are commonly drawn to a person like that, because they see them as a representation of who they wish to be — confident in who they are. At first glance, he seemed scary to approach since he looks like he’s angry with that glare of his. Yet, he fixed Usagi’s bow tie for him. Such a person offered their kindness and concern. The fake black rabbit-eared necromantist felt like an out-casted kid that suddenly gained attention by the popular kid.
Tumblr media
❝ ....... ❞
The white-haired killer continued to silently stare in admiration, making things awkward, as he thought to himself.
💭: I REALLY want him to be my friend.
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masterforce-fics · 28 days ago
Sailor Moon x Transformers Super-God Masterforce 6: Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune joins the fight against King Neptune in Hawaii
Previously the Decepticons tried to use Destron Nightclub to turn humans into Destroids and as well eliminate the Sailor Guardians in the process however the plan failed and now Giga and Mega have shown their new superweapon the Seacon combiner King Neptune in hoping of Eliminating the Godmasters Ginrai, and Kaito as well as the Sailor Guardians. They freed Jadeite from his imprisonment by Queen Beryl many years ago thanks to Devil Z’s devil power to fight against the Sailor Guardians and Autobots alike.
In Hawaii the Decepticon Headmasters Juniors Wilder, Bullhorn and Cancer are surfing around the waves by a beach enjoying their time off from fighting the Autobots and Sailor Guardians. A group of young kids would see them surf and would find it awesome and then cool as the three Headmaster Juniors Decepticons would surf to the shore to them.
“It was totally cool you three!” said a random kid seeing Wilder, Cancer and Bullhorn surf.
“Well if the waves were bigger I would be totally awesome” replied Cancer on the kid’s comment.
“Really? Cool!” said the random kid excited.
“Hey they said we were really cool Wilder and Bullhorn” said Cancer to his friends Wilder and Bullhorn as both out chuckled a little.
“Why don’t we see them something even more cool. Cancer and Bullhorn let's put on a show for them” said Wilder as he, Bullhorn and Cancer cross their arms.
“Masterforce!” said all three in unison as flashing covers all three and transform into their exosuit forms. It would wow out the kids they showed off too. Not too far from them two girls who are Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh were on a beach chair relaxing where they noticed the phenomenon.
“Haruka do see this?” asked Michiru, seeing the Decepticon Headmaster Juniors transform into their suit forms.
“Yes they can’t be planet guardians, their transformation seems different from ours. We should keep an eye on them” replied Haruka knowing something suspicious about Cancer, Wilder and Bullhorn.
Haruka and Michiru were vacationing in Hawaii for a while after the Death Busters defeat; they wanted to relax and have a bit before returning to their duties of Sailor Guardians unless something happened while off duty.
Then all of a sudden the three Pretenders Blood, Dauros and Glimer lept out of the water scaring everyone barring the Decepticon Headmaster Juniors and putting Haruka and Michiru on high alert as they surrounded the children.
“Mr. Blood what brings you here?” asked Wilder wondering what brings the Decepticon Pretenders here.
“Lord Giga and Lady Mega ordered us to do this here and this is indeed a good place to lure the Autobots and their accursed sailor guardian allies out here and send them to hell!” said Blood.
“Haruka! They know about the sailor guardians but how?” asked Michiru, wondering how the Decepticons know about sailor guardians.
“They must have had a run in with the Inners. We gotta transform and deal with Michiru” replied Haruka as she and Michiru got out of their beach chairs but they got spotted.
“Hey you two get over here or else!” said Blood spotting Haruka and Michiru.
“Mich we've spotted now! We can’t transform with those monsters watching or our identities will be revealed and it might endanger those kids as well so we will comply for now” said Haruka knowing that it might upset Usagi if they risk the children and not wanting to make the same mistake twice endangering people’s lives like that. So both Haruka and Michiru walk towards the kids without resistance.
“Alright use those people as hostages to lure out of enemies” said Blood seeing Haruka and Michiru to be used as more leverage to ensure their enemies show up.
“But some of them are children” questioned Wilder on Blood’s methods.
“Do as you’re told Wilder” ordered Blood as Cancer, Wilder and Bullhorn hesitant on that but eventually complied. The hostages would be all taken to a cave on the island they are on with Bullhorn watching outside the entrance and Wilder watching inside the cave as one of the children wines.
“Please let us go home” wined one of the children hostages scared.
“Stop sniveling. Do as well say and we won’t hurt any you” replied Wilder now in his robotmode as she punches part of the cave causing a bit of rocks to tumble.
“Don’t cry there kid things will all be ok” said Haruka trying to calm one of the child hostages.
The Decepticon Pretenders in a nearby town were ordering a group of people to back off using their guns to threaten the group of people wanting the hostages to be released.
“Listen if any one of you get closer their hostages will get hurt! Don’t come any closer unless you want to end up like them” threatened Blood as he pointed to the dead bodies of police officers that tried to fight them off but were killed by the Pretenders earlier.
“Now that we made our move the Autobots and their Sailor Guardian allies will show running to rescue them” said Glimer.
Meanwhile Usagi and her friends are at the Hino Shrine worried about what evil things the Decepticons are gonna do with Chibiusa’s darkside ever since they had the run in with Soundwave.
“I don’t know what they are gonna do with it but we should be prepared for it-” said Ami before the sailor communicator beeps and picks it up to reveal it is Hawk calling.
“Sailor Guardians the Decepticons have taken some people hostage, mostly children in Hawaii so we need all to help us rescue them” said Hawk from the communicator. The Autobots were given the frequency of the sailor guardian’s communicator in case they needed them right away.
“Children?! Why those dirty Decepticons!” said Makoto, angry.
“This is bad, we should go immediately,” said Ami. As she and the other Sailor Guardians bolt off immediately.
They would be given a lift to one of the marine search institutes that Diver works for the one in Hawaii where they met up with Lander, Ginrai and Kaito. Landerwas annoyed it interrupted one of his dates and wished the Decepticons did it their plans later on.
“The coast guard tried to rescue the hostages but the Decepticons made short work of them” told Diver on the situation.
“So what is our move to save the children from the Decepticons?” asked Usagi.
“Ginrai suggests we look at the situation then we make our moves so Diver will investigate what is going on and report to us” said Kaito.
“We can't go in reckless or it will endanger the hostages” replied Ginrai.
“Ok Ginrai” said Usagi, knowing the plan.
“Suit on!” shouted Diver as he transforms into his suit form and leaps into the air.
“Pretender!” shouted Diver as he transforms into his robot mode and transforms into his vehicle mode and dive underwater. He would be followed by Glimer not seeing the fish pretender Decepticon as Lander surfaces transforms to his robot mode and lands on the island shore before turning into his human pretender form. However, Glimer would jump out of the water and grab the human Diver.
“Look what I caught Dauros” said Glimer, holding human Diver.
“It’s Autobot Diver in his human form brings him in with the others” said Dauros.
The two Pretender Decepticons put a metal brace on Diver’s arms to keep them separated so he can’t assume his robot form requiring him to cross his arms to ‘suit on!’ as he literally tosses Diver with all the other hostages.
“This one is an Autobot Pretender and doesn't kill him without my permission Wilder because we got other plans for him” said Dauros as the other hostages look shocked except for Haruka and Michiru over hears them.
“Autobot Pretender” said Haruka to herself knowing Diver is probably the Decepticons enemy but is cautious in case he’s their enemy too.
Meanwhile in the Decepticon base Giga and Mega were watching the unconscious Jadeite still recovering from being frozen by Beryl for a few years now and they put him in a pod with breathing tubes to bring in oxygen and stuff to him while he had to recover enough to wake up.
“This should keep Jadeite alive until he has the strength to wake up and once he wakes up we’ll talk to him” said Lord Giga knowing Jadeite will probably won’t wake up for another couple weeks or give it so as he and Mega would leave the former Dark Kingdom member there in the pod to see Soundwave with another pod similar to the one that Jadeite is in.
“Soundwave the energy you said that came from the Sailor Chibi Moon you extracted is indeed alive and has some dark presence on her. You think it can be given a physical form? It would make her good Decepticon Godmaster once we recover enough Godmaster Transtectors” said Mega to Soundwave
“It can be done Lady Mega” said Soundwave.
“Good now get to work on it” ordered Lord Giga as he and Mega would walk out of the room. Soundwave then started to transfer Chibiusa’s evil energy from the canister he stored it into the pod as it would start to create a physical body using pretender technology and some of Chibiusa’s DNA he got from her when he was extracting her darkside. The body would start to form and it would look like Chibiusa looking like Usagi except what Soundwave didn’t know he was recreating Black Lady the evil incarnation of Chibiusa brought to life by Wiseman taking over Chibiusa’s body but now she now exists as an separate entity having her own body to control now unconscious.
“Soundwave log in entry earth day 1 the life energy is taking the form of an adult form of what appears to be an Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon possibility dark presence is influencing the body construction process estimate of completion serval Earth weeks at best” said Soundwave noting his log of him unknowingly recreating Black Lady in pod alongside the sleeping Jadeite.
“One more possible subject for pontital Decepticon to even the odds number of candidates limited. I managed to read Sailor Chibi Moon’s brain on a candidate and Laserbeak spying on the sailor guardians mentioning a unit named Mistress 9. Possibility of reviving her is high. Need genetic information from her to proceed with Operation Project: Dark Rebirth” said Soundwave noting he found Mistress 9 as another candidate for the third member as he ejects Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Ratbat, Rumble, Frenzy and Ravage.
“Bring me the remains of a creature known as Mistress 9 at once” said Soundwave, ordering his minions to bring Mistress 9’s remains to him so he can rebuild her body.
“You got it boss” said Rumble as he and the other minicons of Soundwave leave at once. Soundwave knew with all the Autobots and Sailor Guardians busy to deal with the hostages so he can search for what is left of Mistress 9 without getting interrupted or stopped as he gets back to his work.
Back in the marine institute the other Headmaster Juniors and other Autobots gathered up and they all wondered what was taking Diver so long.
“What is keeping Diver so long” wined Usagi.
“I don’t know Usagi the Decepticons could have captured him” said Hawk.
Meanwhile Wilder, Bullhorn and Cancer were playing poker and Diver takes the opportunity to deliver a message to the other Autobots as he calls one of hostages for help and Harukj and Michiru walk to him.
“We are glad to help you so what is it?” said Michiru.
“I need you to take off my watch and press the button then hold it in the water” replied Diver saying what the two needed to do.
Then Michiru would comply and little they know it was an ultrasonic frequency that only dolphins can hear as the dolphins when they started to react and cause splashing.
“Hey what are the dolphins doing?” asked Makoto
“It seems they are reacting to a high sound frequency” said Ami.
“Ultra what?” questioned Usagi since she doesn’t pay attention to class on that stuff.
“It's a sound frequency only certain animals can hear and our dolphin friends can hear it” explained Ami.
“I’m impressed by your zoology, Ami” complemented Ginrai on Ami knowing that stuff so well.
“Thanks Ginrai” replied back Ami.
“We trained dolphins to head towards ultrasonic sounds even at long distances” said Lander.
“Of course he knew he would be captured and would use ultrasonic sounds to indicate something has happened to him. Most likely the Decepticons captured him” replied Ami.
“Right we must split into groups and go rescue Diver and the hostages” said Lander as everyone would get ready for a rescue.
Dauros would be watching the store when two ships approached them from the shore and he would see Ginrai and Kaito’s Transtectors on one of them.
“It’s the Transtectors of those two Autobot Godmasters” said Dauros seeing the two ships approach.
Then Blood, and Lugnut approach in their jet modes to attack the two ships approaching ships with the Autobots and Sailor Guardians in them. The Sailor Guardians were already in their Senshi forms prepared.
“Suit on! Pretender!” shouted Hawk and Phoenix as they both transform into their armored suit modes then to their robotic forms to counter attack.
“Transform!” shouted Metalhawk and Phoenix as they transform to their jet modes to attack Blood and Lugnut.
“Where is that accursed Ginrai! He shall face my wrath you pathetic Autobots!” shouted Lugnut as he and Blood open fires on Phoenix and Metalhawk. The two Autobots dodge the laser fire and fire back at the two Decepticon jets.
However two Tentakils come out of the water and grab the two ships trying to stop them from reaching the island.
“Mars Flame Sniper!” shouted Sailor Mars she uses fire to burn the Seacon attacking the ship she was on.
“Venus Crescent Beam” shouted Sailor Venus as she fired her attack at the other Seacon attacking her ship. Both attacks would blow up the two attacking Tentakils in an explosion.
“Thanks Sailor Venus and Mars” said Cab, thanking the two Sailor Guardians for the help on those two Seacons as their ships approached the island.
Unknowingly to the Decepticons Ginrai and Kaito used the trained dolphins to hitch a ride to the island underwater with some breathing equipment to stay in the water long enough to bring them to the island without being spotted by the Decepticons as they get out the water and into the cave without being spotted by the Decepticons waiting for next part of their plan to work.
Glimer would approach the ship showing his fish fin coming out of the water to attack one of the ships.
“Pretender!” shouted Lander already in his suit form as he turns into his robot mode to attack Glimer who just jumped out the water. Lander would fight off Glimer while the other two ships head to the shore but the Decepticon Headmaster Juniors in their robot modes with Bludgeon weren't gonna let them reach shore that easily.
“You think we would let you reach shore so easily” said Cancer as he fires on one of the ships and rips a hole in the hull. However already anticipating it the Autobot Headmaster Juniors were in their suit moded in the vehicle modes of their Transtectors.
“I’ll go on a head!” said Shuta as she drives his car off the ship flying in the air.
“Transform! Head on!” shouted Shuta as he transformed into Goshooter to attack Dauros. But Dauros kicks Goshooter sending him flying.
“Minerva the ship is sinking Sailor Moon you think your friends can make it?” asked Cab knowing they all can’t get in their Transtectors as they need to transform to their robot modes to fight off the Decepticons.
“We can make it Cab.You two can go ahead” said Sailor Moon as she and other Sailor Senshi leap and take flight into the air. Cab and Minerva would drive their Transtectors off the sinking ship.
“Transform! Head On!” shouted Cab and Minerva in unison as they transform into their robot modes to fight the Decepticons and lands on the island.
“We've been waiting for you all!” said Wilder as he would open fire on Minerva and Cab. Minerva and Cab would dodge the blast and fight back against Wilder and Cancer.
Ginrai and Kaito saw that this was as planned as they crossed their arms.
“Masterforce!” shouted Ginrai and Kaito in unison as they leapt into the air as they transformed to their suitmodes as their Transtector trucks came out of the wreck of one of the ships and flew into the air.
“Transform! God on!” shouted Ginrai and Kaito as they transform into their engine form and connect to the Transtectors transforming to their robot modes. Then they would both sneak up on Bludgeon guarding the cave and kick him down, hitting on a wall and knocking out the samurai Decepticon as they both run into the cave.
“Hellooo there Diver! Those things you've got on are pretty cool!” said Ginrai seeing DIver and the hostages.
“My dolphins are quite intelligent and I should give them a big feast once we get those hostages outta here” said Diver complementing on the dolphins he trained for to help him be rescued.
While that is happening Haruka and Michiru used the distraction to go into another part of the cave so they can transform to Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune without being spotted
“Uranus planet power make up!” shouted Haruka as she transformed into Sailor Uranus.
“Neptune planet power make up!” shouted Sailor Neptune as she transformed into Sailor Neptune.
“Those dolphins are pretty useful for helping us save you but don’t forget it was us who saved you and hostages Diver” replied Ginrai to Diver.
“We will trust them for now but we will be careful as I know those robots are not from this solar system” said Sailor Uranus as she and Neptune would walk back to the group.
“More Sailor Guardians?” asked Ginrai as he saw Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune join in the fight.
“Come on, let's all get out of the cave now” replied Sailor Uranus as everyone would go to leave the cave. Diver transforms back into his robotic form once Ginrai removes the braces from his arms so he can ‘suit on’ now.
“You will handle the children with those two. I will help everyone with the Decepticons” said Diver as the Autobots and Inner Senshi, Chibi Moon and Tuxedo Mask battle against the other Decepticons.
“Jupiter Supreme Thunder” shouted Sailor Jupiter as she fired lightning at Wilder, shocking him.
“Gahh! You will pay for that!” shouted Wilder for Sailor Jupiter. Metalhawk would be fighting Blood in robot mode with a sword. Lander would be knocked aside by Dauros in his robot mode but Sailor Venus comes to his assistance.
“Venus love me chain” shouted Sailor Venus as she used her love me chain to knock Dauros over and Lander would kick him away.
Then a large number of the Seacon copies of Lobclaw, Overbite, Kraken, Gulf, Tentakil jump out of the water to attack the Autobots and Senshi.
“Mercury Shine Snow Illusion” shouted Sailor Mercury as she freezes some Seacons and shatter instantally.
“Mars flame sniper” shouted Sailor Mars as she burned some of the Seacons up with her flame snipe and blew up in the process.
“Thunder Supreme Thunder!” shouted Sailor Jupiter as she uses her lighting move to electrocute some of the Seacons and blow them up.
Minerva tries to reason with Cancer and try to make him understand he is being used by the Decpeticons.
“Cancer don’t you remember me?” said Minerva in her robot form.
“So what if I do remember you Autobot?” said Cancer in robot mode annoyed by her question.
“You are being used by the Decepticons for their conquest. it's not too late to join up with the Autobots” pleaded Minerva knowingly she saw Cancer’s good side when he was captured some time back ago.
“Just be quiet on that nonsense!” said Cancer as Bullhorn would charge at Minerva and punch her away. Goshooter punches Bullhorn away in retaliation.
Bludgeon wakes up and coms his allies to tell them the hostages escaped.
“This is Bludgeon the hostages have escaped with the Autobots” said Bludgeon using his comlinks to tell the other Decepticons.
“The prisoners have escaped now we unleash our trump card” said Dauros as he leaps to where Ginrai and Kaito are with the hostages. Sailor Moon would be pinned to a wall by a Seacon screaming trying to kick it.
“Get away from me! Get away from me fish freak!” cried Sailor Moon as she pinned and tried to get a Tentakil off of her when the Tentakil got sliced in half to reveal it was Sailor Uranus using her space sword to kill the Seacon.
“Need a hand bunhead?” said Sailor Uranus as she helps Sailor Moon up.
“Uranus! Neptune! What are you two doing here?” asked Sailor Moon what Haruka and Michiru were doing there.
“We were relaxing and on vacation following the defeat of the Death Busters then those things showed up! You care to explain what we missed since last time we met” said Sailor Neptune.
“I will explain afterwards” said Sailor Moon as she, Uranus, and Neptune would meet up with the other Sailor Guardians fighting off more Seacon drones.
“Look, it's Uranus and Neptune” said Sailor Venus, seeing Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune come with Sailor Moon.
“We will explain later on now we must-” said Sailor Moon before getting interpreted by Dauros.
“Autobots and Sailor Guardians prepare to make your match!” said Dauros who appears out of the rockside.
“Dauros!” replied Ginrai and Sailor Moon seeing the Decepticon as they look at him.
“This place will be your watery grave because soon you’ll all meet your end! Turtler come on out!” announced Dauros as the Seacon Turtler rose out of the water.
“Seacons assemble!” shouted Turtler as more Seacons rose out the water.
“Look!” said Sailor Moon seeing more Seacons come out of the water and Turtler leaps into the air and transforms.
“Seacons combine!” shouted Turtler as she combiners with his Seacons into a giant combiner robotic warrior to the Sailor Guardians shock seeing them all transform and combine.
“NO WAY!” shouted all the Sailor Guardians in unison while shock seeing Turtler combine into a giant combiner warrior as he pulls out a trident like weapon.
“Raggh! Awaken- King... Neptune!” shouted and grunted the combined form of the Seacons King Neptune as he lands onto the guard as he blasts the Sailor Guardians and the two Autobot Godmasters Ginrai and Kaito sending all flying back.
“Gahh! So powerful!” grunted in pain Sailor Venus seeing what King Neptune did.
“Listen can be only one Neptune and that would be my Sailor Neptune you imposter!” grunted in pain furious on there can be only one Neptune her Sailor Neptune.
“Yeah how dare you steal my name there can be only one Neptune and it's me Sailor Neptune! Submarine Reflection” shouted Michiru in pain trying to attack the Seacon Combiner with powerful Sea water but it leaves the combiner unfazed.
“A puny attack can’t stop King Neptune you weakling who shouldn’t deserve the Neptune name only me King Neptune!” shouted King Neptune.
“Uranus World Shaker!” shouted Sailor Uranus as she tries to use World shaker on King Neptune but it does only a small scratch on him.
“Raghh! You will pay for this worm!” threatened King Neptune as he tried to step on the Sailor Guardians only for Ginrai and Kaito to get under the building sized Decepticon’s leg trying to stop him from stomping on Sailor Moon and her friends.
“Sailor Moon go help the other guardians get them out of here!” shouted Kaito as she and Ginrai tried to stop King Neptune from stepping on them. Blood and Glimer retreat off of Metalhawk and other Autobot Pretenders as Metalhawk knocks Blood into the water and Glimer flies off in his jet mode. The other Decepticons were literally surrounded by the remaining Autobots and decided to retreat.
King Neptune tries to step on the Sailor Guardians again wanting to eliminate them all in one blow but is stopped by Ginrai and Kaito as they struggle to keep his foot up.
“Grrr he is strong” said Ginrai struggling to keep King Neptune from stomping the Sailor Guardians.
“Don’t give up you two” said one of the hostages near the fight, seeing Ginrai and Kaito struggle.
“Don’t give up Ginrai, you can do it!” cheered Sailor Jupiter to Ginrai.
“Don’t let that large Decepticon beast you believe in you!” said Sailor Moon as she and the other Sailor Guardians started to glow and beam would go into Ginrai and Kaito making them both glow with Chokon Energy. In the wreckage of one of the ships sunk by the Decpeticon earlier Ginrai and Kaito’s trailers glow as they zoom out of the water glowing and knocks King Neptune down.
“What!?” shouted King Neptune being knocked down by the trailers and Ginrai and Kaio kept into the air. They would combine with their trailers and go into a new form together. Then they land on the ground and punch the massive Decepticon.
“Chokon Power!” Shouted Ginrai and Kaito in unison as they constantly punched King Neptune. King Neptune would be hit so hard he explodes back into the Seacons and retreat into the water.
“Seacons retreat!” said Turtler as he dives into the water retreating. Sailor Moon and the Sailor Guardians should celebrate on.
“They did it!” said the Inner Guardians seeing the Decepticons retreat.
“Ginrai and Kaito… they combined with their trailers to power up” said Sailor Mercury noticing it from her scanner.
“And our combined energies went into them both and allowed it to happen” explained Sailor Mercury on what happened.
“No way!” said Sailor Venus shocked.
“He’s now Super Ginrai and Super Kaito now!” said Sailor Moon knowing the similarities to her own Super Sailor Moon transformation.
The Autobots returned the hostages back to the mainland of Hawaii and were thanked along with the Sailor Guardians. Sailor Moon and the Inners explained what happened so far back in the ocean institute.
“So these Decpeticon want to rule the world by stealing energy and using dead bodies to create those Zombie Destroids? Well we would like to help you all but we got our hands full as Setsuna is currently watching Hotaru for the time while we are away and we’ll explain to her the situation once we get home” said Sailor Uranus.
“I wish you good luck and we’ll try to help you all when we are available because we have our own problems” said Sailor Neptune.
“Problems can be worse than the Decepticons?” asked Sailor Venus.
“Someone is attempting to enter our solar system, someone evil. It could be those Decepticons calling in for backup or some other threat. But once it’s been dealt with or we find out what it is we will report back immediately” explained Sailor Uranus.
“Ok we will see you two around then Haruka and Michiru” said Sailor Moon.
“I hope you all do ok and be able to defeat the Decepticons we will join back soon! Good luck Sailor Moon and your new friends too!” said Sailor Uranus as she and Sailor Neptune wave and leave.
“Bye Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune!” waved back the other Sailor Guardians and Autobots seeing Sailor Uranus and Neptune leave.
Back the Decepticon base Giga and Mega were shocked to hear King Neptune was defeated and two more Sailor Guardians showed too.
“So two more Sailor Guardians show up and King Neptune is defeated? This might be harder than we thought with our enemies expanding their rank” said Mega as she is annoyed that it is gonna be harder to take down the Autobots and Sailor Guardians than she thought.
“We should our ultimate weapon now Mega because it might be time to call him over” replied Giga knowing what it has to be done to ensure the Decepticons victory over the Autobots and Sailor Guardians.
“I see we should bring in Black Scorponok over here then?” said Mega knowing he is on his way to this solar system to Earth.
“Indeed Mega but for in the meantime we should focus our search on the Godmasters again. If we make enough of them Decepticon Godmasters we can turn the tide of this war immediately” said Giga knowingly with the Godmasters they can defeat the Autobots and the Sailor Guardians too.
“Soundwave got an backup project incase we can’t retrieve the Godmasters or if they aren’t enough to defeat the Autobots and Sailor Guardians” said Giga
“Ah yes Project Dark Rebirth and how is that coming along?’ asked Mega looking at her husband.
“It will be done once Soundwave gets the body of the one they call Mistress 9 so he can reconstruct her body and then we can explain our new allies the situation” said Giga.
In Soundwave’s lab Lugnut gets impatient and really wants to get Galvatron back to life and it irritates Bludgeon.
“This is foolish, why can’t we just go to the arctic and revive the mighty Galvatron!” complained Lugnut.
“Because we don’t have a power source strong enough to do it other than that energy being known as Devil Z but we must do it without his help so he reclaim what he rightfully owns” replied Bludgeon.
“Sailor Moon has emese power and has a strong powersource . Logical conclusion: use it to revive Galvatron” said Soundwave.
“Excellent because I don’t know how long i can play with those shenanigans!” complained Lugnut.
“You soon don’t have to worry about it anymore. Soon lord Galvatron will rise from his icey tomb and reclaim leadership to lead us to victory against the Autobots and those who oppose lord Galvatron” said Bludgeon as he looks in the pods with Blady Lady and Jadeite in them waiting for the third member to be ready.
To be continued
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