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#usagi tsukino gifs
angelmoongirl · an hour ago
Thank you @tinacentury for the tag! I haven’t been as active lately as I’d like to be 😭 New house and a nearly three month old new baby with a plethora of health issues have left me with barely any free time and it’s gotten me really down. I miss writing fiercely. I haven’t made a lot of progress on anything lately but I did at least start the next chapter of Blind Faith! Here’s the last line(s):
Every instinct in his body ached to keep her safe, and yet it was impossible to keep the girl safe from herself. She was too darn trusting.
And there’s your appetite whetting! Hopefully this chapter sees the light of day before my kid turns 18 🙄 Love you all for sticking with me!
I tag anyone that hasn’t played yet! I’m afraid I’m unsure who hasn’t already.
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yourodangoatama · 3 hours ago
Does anyone have suggestions for what i should draw next?
Maybe requests?
More Aot comics?
Sailor moon drawings ?
My hero academia?
Pls let me know in my suggestions box :))
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witchykincare · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
A self care kit for Sailor Moon whose favorite color is pink! They asked for a $10 budget with a bit of flexibility (but nothing more than $15).
Crybaby magical girl inspired lip gloss, bubblegum flavor ($10)🌙
Self Love Rose and Patchouli Bath Fizzy ($7)🌙
Ballpoint Pens ($8 for Moon Stick, $4 for Luna, $11 for both)🌙
Moon Cat Holo Keychain ($10 for Luna or Artemis, $15 for both)🌙
Pink Carnation pink and white cloud slime with scent ($10 for 6oz)🌙
Moon Prism Power Frosted Soap, scented with cherry, raspberry, strawberry, grape, orange blossom, peppermint, and vanilla($8)🌙
Magical Girl Inspired Crescent Moon Necklace($15, blue or pink)🌙
Usagi's Love candle, sangria and orange blossom scented ($8)🌙
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meimihaneoka · 4 hours ago
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sorrowmarked · 7 hours ago
usagi serenity starter for @muststeel
She could only imagine the lecture she was going to get when she got home. To leave home without her guardians. To walk a strange land. Her mother was going to be furious, but she couldn’t quite help it. Serenity was, as always, too curious about the blue gem she could see from their kingdom. It was nice to get to meet the people of the kingdoms. A smile pulled at her lips as she bent down, picking up a few peaches that had fallen from a young man’s basket as they had passed in the market. “You dropped these,” she said, placing them back in the basket for him. “You’re carrying so much, maybe I can help?”
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kibo-no-hoshi · 7 hours ago
Planetarium 1
夕月夜 顔だす 消えてく 子供の声 Yūdzukiyo-gao dasu kiete ku kodomo no koe Wieczór zbliża się i wesoły śmiech dzieci cichnie     Tokijskie ulice powoli stawały się puste. Nad stolicą Japonii zapadał zmrok a jej mieszkańcy wracali do swoich domów, by przygotować się do snu. Dzieci wróciły już z placów zabaw i grzecznie myły zęby lub oglądały wieczorne bajki. Dorośli rozmawiali opowiadając sobie co zdarzyło…
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Sailor Moon Stars - Episode 184 "A Night Alone Together: Usagi in Danger"
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lunaymn · 14 hours ago
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