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fireflysxx13 hours ago
today was not a good day 馃ゴ
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lesbianisopod14 days ago
ahhhhbhhhhhghhhhhhh (family guy death pose) my body is in constant aching pain all the time and i don't know why i can't pinpoint it to anything. i thought it was overstretching but so much as laying down the wrong way will trigger it. its always in the upper back + neck + shoulders + wrists + hands + sometimes ankles too. oh and now i have intense pain in my right lateral plantar whenever i walk. fun
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sammilimyy19 days ago
Idk how it happened but we got a covid cluster at a hospital here and how unfortunate my sister who's studying to be a nurse and doing her clinicals at said hospital has to be quarantined and swabbed that means I can't see my sister for idk how long .-. I s2g if we go into another lockdown I will flip my PC cause idk why the government didn't close our boarders entirely but they say our country relies heavily on international businesses and stuff when like hello if we can't sustain ourselves BY OURSELEVES that's such a huge problem and idc if it's because we are a small nation like that's bs and urghhhh it's so frustrating seeing our leaders not taking the necessary measures to ensure the lives of our ppl but I guess making money is more important am I rite (I legit cannot talk about this shit anywhere else cause Singapore doesn't have freedom of speech u can get fucked if u say bad things about the government)
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just-a-sleepy-person26 days ago
...What if the reason why Raon counts with a promise of destroying the world while Cale is unconscious is a habit he gained while imprisoned by Venion Stan?
I could imagine this small, black dragon promising destruction in his mind, counting and waiting for the right moment to go berserk just to gain his freedom.
But every time he decides on a number, he can't reach it because Venion or one of his lackeys would show up and begin their torture. They never have a set time. They come and go as they please. And Raon couldn't ever finish counting to his set number.
"I'll count to 50. If a guard doesn't show up by then, I'll destroy this place!" But a guard passes by his cell, throws a rock at the young dragon, and leaves.
The next time, when Venion finally leaves his cell, he starts counting out of spite. "I'll count to 20. If nobody comes by my cell, I destroy this place and leave it to burn!" But someone comes in, that stupid lackey of Venion with a stupid, smug smile on his face.
Raon never, ever gets to finish counting. He's never gotten to destroy his hellhole.
But, he was also counting when he was saved. He never finished finished counting that time, either.
And then Cale, the stupid human, became unconscious.
And Raon goes back to counting. "If by the time I reach 100, and you do not wake up, I will destroy the Kingdom." Because he never managed to reach that number before. Something always stops him from destroying anything. And this stupid human is kind. He'd wake up, and Raon wouldn't destroy the kingdom. Nothing ever gets destroyed when he counts.
But the young dragon reaches 100.
And the human did not wake up.
For the first time, Raon reached a number without disturbance.
The young dragon... Didn't like it. He didn't like it at all.
"I'll count again, up to 300. If you do not wake up, I will destroy the kingdom."
He counts slower this time.
But he reaches 300, and the human has not woken up.
Raon is speechless, is sad, hurt, angry, and confused. Why? Why won't the human wake up?
Something always stopped him before! So, why? Why is he allowed to destroy something now?
"I'm going to keep counting... I'm gonna count to 500. So, you better wake up you stupid Human, or I'll destroy this kingdom."
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banrionceallacha month ago
So getting an assessment for Adult ADHD costs between 鈧600-鈧1000. Great. Thanks, (lack of) health service.聽
Right sorry I should鈥檝e been more aware of my brain鈥檚 development as a literal child and told my mam to get me tested, totally my fault, ur so right government sorry for asking.
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sukirichia month ago
Howdy!! Sorry to bother, but I promised an illustration for "EASY", I know it's nothing fancy but I hope you'll like it anyways! <3
Have an awesome day!! 馃挅
Tumblr media
OMG YES I SAW AND IM STILL SCREAMING THIS ACTUALLY MADE ME SO HAPPY THANK YOU SO MUCH 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶 also i am looking RESPECTFULLY at his vline and the dog in me is coming out BARK WOOF WOOF WOOF you have an even more awesome day, again, thanks so much, I love this so much 馃槶馃槶馃槶 is it okay if I link this back to my fic??? 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ
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mathonwysa month ago
Tumblr media
fun idea: every time MaX echoes a modification, xe has some physical changes to go along with it
all of these asides from Hard Boiled and Static are modifications MaX has actually echoed so far! :D
(in order: Echo / Siphon / Alternate Fire Eater / Friend of Crows / Hard Boiled Scattered / Elsewhere / Static)
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m9ri6ha month ago
it鈥檚 that time of the year where u debate chopping off all the length you鈥檝e struggled to grow since ur last cut 馃ゴ
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lesbianakaashi2 months ago
God i miss the Rundgang. I miss the insanity of it so so much. Last year at like 10pm a friend and I were like "shit lets go on a quick run to stay awake" so we jogged around the academy. He was wearing a dress shirt and I was wearing a long flowy skirt and my knee high boots
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moonlitkambe2 months ago
zion and me not being able to speak properly like 涔乕釗说鈻舅滇搨]銊
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thiefakefia3 months ago
@mahoushojoumonster continued from (x)聽
Akefia frowned at her slightly. It was true that they didn鈥檛 know each other terribly well, but was he that forgettable? The scar, if nothing, seemed to stick in people鈥檚 minds. It occurred to him to take advantage of the situation - she was clearly confused. He vividly recalled being that lost, too, however.
鈥淵eah, I know you.鈥 He sighed, hoping she鈥檇 at least trust him enough to come with him.聽鈥淒id you hit your head or something? Come on, let鈥檚 go somewhere safer.鈥澛犅
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jaesspresso3 months ago
Hey I鈥檓 the anon who sent Hyuck thingy and I realise now that I may have come across as a weirdo I鈥檓 so sorry if I made you uncomfortable 馃ズ
omg anon dw !! u didn鈥檛 make me uncomfy聽i was simply simpin over tall boys聽it was
聽 聽 聽 鉁╯egci鉁
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sovereigndinosaur3 months ago
give me more of garbage humor i love to see it its funnies!!
Tumblr media
but hhh lemme go look for sum just for youu
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