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#update question
erodasfishtacos · 8 hours ago
also does anyone have anything particular they’d like to see in curious gazes part 2?
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erodasfishtacos · 9 hours ago
hi besties, im back. i just took an amazing nap.
okay so the next one shot i was planning on writing is angsty. but the one im positing today is angsty and so was the last one lmao. so im going to break it up with another curious gazes part 2.
i see myself being able to write multiple parts of curious gazes as their life and family progresses because it’s sort of stand alone.
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imaginedreamwrite · 12 hours ago
If I Fall should be posted tonight!
What would y’all like next?
If You Love Her
Way Down We Go
Love Like Ours
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digitalwomen2 · 15 hours ago
COVID-19 Live Update: बिहार में पिछले 24 घंटे में सामने आए कोरोना के 487 नए मामले।
#BiharCovidUpdate: बिहार में पिछले 24 घंटे में सामने आए कोरोना के 487 नए मामले #Bihar #BiharNews #COVID19 #BiharHealthDept #BiharLockdown #Covid19Update #BiharCovidinfo #BiharDailyUpdate #BiharFightsCorona
COVID-19 Live Update बिहार में पिछले 24 घंटे में सामने आए कोरोना के 487 नए मामले। बिहार में पिछले 24 घंटे में सामने आए कोरोना के 432 नए मामले। झारखंड सरकार ने राज्य में लॉकडाउन की अवधि को 38 घंटे के लिए और बढ़ा दिया है, राज्य में पहले यह लॉकडाउन 12 जून शाम पांच बजे से 14 जून सुबह छह बजे तक संपूर्ण रूप से रहेगा। बिहार में पिछले 24 घंटे में सामने आए कोरोना के 551 नए मामले। बिहार में पिछले 24…
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tssidesfics · a day ago
I am considering a possible scene, so: would you guys like to see Lilypadton fight somebody in Morality Is Grey but Trust Is Black and White? I’ll take any notes I get as yeses.
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nimblermortal · a day ago
Time for another round of synonym clarification! Up for debate this time:
orrusta vs bardagi - both mean battle. What’s the difference? Is this... battle vs skirmish vs brawl?
We’ve talked before about go∂i vs hersir vs hǫf∂ingi, but now there’s forma∂r as well (and I’m assuming that skǫrungr is just leader as in. One who displays leadership qualities.). Help. Is forma∂r the merchant sailor version??
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erodasfishtacos · a day ago
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erodasfishtacos · a day ago
what’s the next blurb going to be about?
YN moving in!
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7wanderingpaws · a day ago
The weather is nice today.. lol 😂 Hello writer nim 🙇🏻‍♀️ I was wondering if we’re getting AY update soon since your girl is fidgeting a lot here can’t wait for the next chapter 🥺 thank you 💖
Ahaha, it is indeed! hi! 🤩 thank you for asking and being interested in AY!! 🥰 I always had an approximate time, but rn I am on a very tight schedule for my reports and I have (dreadful) stuff happening next weekend… I’m so sorry but I don’t know for sure. I’m completely busy until 29th June but my hopes are up for the days between 22-26th June ^^ hope this helps 🥺😭❤️
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imaginedreamwrite · a day ago
Multiverse marriage is almost finished!
What would you like next?
Alpha, May I?
If I Fall
Love Like Ours
If You Love Her
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that-macrophylla · 2 days ago
definitely an intro post
Hello! | she/her | 🇭🇰 | Call me M or ella because I know ‘macrophylla’ is a mouthful.  I like to write, draw, and sew! I made this account to post like one thing that I did but it's still not done yet so here I am. More stuff might be happening later. Below are other socials I spontaneously made, that may or may not be used later. 
Reddit: that_macrophylla 
Insta: that_macrophylla 
Youtube: Macrophylla  ao3: that_macr0phy1la 
wattpad: that-macrophylla (Green Hydrangeas) 
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bisexuallsokka · 2 days ago
If you’d like, do 12 for the “101 ways to say I love you”
12 "I have an extra ticket... Would you like to go with me?"
Zuko snorts as he walks into the living room and a familiar sight meets his eyes. His roommate is on the very edge of the couch cushion, his expression serious and his tongue just barely peeking out of his tight-lipped frown. He looks so tense, and his eyes don’t even flicker over to Zuko when he walks in. He’s completely focused on the screen in front of him, the grip on his controller so strong that Zuko wonders how much longer it will survive.
“I think your problem is that you need to relax,” Zuko says, repeating something he said earlier that week as he watches Sokka's player on the screen. “Every time the weaker monsters get close to you, your movements are too tense and erratic and they damage your health by the time you get to the boss.”
"I'm trying, this level is just so stupid," Sokka sighs. He doesn’t look at Zuko, but his frown deepens. “I thought you were terrible at video games?"
They had found the PlayStation2 by chance while browsing the pawn shop downtown, amazed that for the price they got it at, it turned on without Sokka getting the chance to tear it apart like he had wanted to. They only have one controller for now and a handful of games, so Zuko is content to spend his free time watching the game and pretending to not be staring at the way Sokka sticks his tongue out when he's focused or the smile on his face when he beats a level.
“I’m terrible at playing them, yes," Zuko agrees. "I have lots of experience in watching, though, between you and Azula.”
Sokka laughs. “Fair enough.” He isn't very good at video games either, but he likes the challenge, and he seems to enjoy having an audience for his gaming commentary.
He’s silent after that and Zuko thinks, this is it, this is his chance. But then he glances at the screen and realizes Sokka is fighting some of the smaller creatures off, and he waits until an aggressive punch has his character stumbling off a cliff to speak up.
“Is this what you’re going to do for the rest of your Friday night then?” he asks, super casually, the pinnacle of cool and collected.
“Hm?” Sokka asks, looking away from the screen as his character loads back to the checkpoint. “Oh, I was just passing the time. Do you have any plans?”
“I was actually going to the movies, they’re showing Shrek to celebrate the 20th anniversary,” Zuko says.
Sokka’s jaw drops open. “Really? I love Shrek!”
I know you do. “Oh, well, I have an extra ticket, actually...would you want to come with me?”
Practicing that line in the mirror a dozen times paid off. He nails the delivery, and then Sokka’s eyes light up as if Zuko has offered to take him on a fancy and expensive date and not like he just spent $5 to buy an extra ticket solely for the purpose of inviting Sokka.
Sure, they've seen movies together before, but those are usually with their friends, and they don't always get the chance to go just the two of them. Shrek isn't the most romantic of movies, and Zuko isn't actually sure he has seen the entire thing all the way through, but maybe if it gets Sokka in a good enough mood, Zuko will have the courage to--
"I'll go get dressed," Sokka says excitedly, and Zuko blinks back to reality to see that he has already saved and turned off the game. "Do you want to get dinner first?"
Zuko lets out a shaky breath. "I'd love that."
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erodasfishtacos · 2 days ago
Hi friend! How are you? I hope everything is going well with you ✨ if your requests are open could I request a one shot where the Missus tells CEO Harry that she’s pregnant? I don’t know if somebody already did ask, but I’m excited to see how you write that down 🥰
yes! that will definitely be coming at some point! x
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just-a-dot · 3 days ago
I changed all my icons back to normal today. I often change them to have the bisexual flag for pride month and I tried it out for a few days, but it just doesn’t feel right. Hardly anyone I follow did that this year and they look kinda tacky.  I’m not ashamed or anything, but I’m gonna go back to the usual icons for now. 
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Vacancies, Eligibility, Exam Dates, Salary, Application & Selection Process in Indian Air Force (IAF)
Vacancies, Eligibility, Exam Dates, Salary, Application & Selection Process in Indian Air Force (IAF)
AFCAT 2021 Exam Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Indian Air Force will conduct AFCAT 2 2021 Exam for the recruitment of 334 vacancies on 28th, 29th & 30th August 2021. Eligible candidates can apply from 1st June 2021 to 30th June 2021 at its official website – In this article, we have compiled and answered all the questions which are frequently asked by the candidates for AFCAT 2…
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imaginedreamwrite · 3 days ago
Baby Girl is almost ready to post!
What’s next?:
If I Fall
If You Love Her
Multiverse Marriage
To All The Avengers I’ve Loved Before
Love Like Yours
Surrogate Daddy
Hellfire (Catholic priest Rogers au)
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