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#until he'd pick me up and literally throw me outside
tumbyrumblings · 25 days ago
I have a problem :)
And by that I mean a hyperfixation on the coupling of this funny little catboy and this big dragonborn man. Oh real quick before you start reading, unlike almost all my other stories, this drops you straight into the deep end immediately so it's insta horny, then slow burn, and more horny at the end. CW for uh, nausea, mentions of vomit, and yeah heavy pregnancy. Also I have no idea why tumblr tripled the spaces between paragraphs but it literally won't let me fix it, sorry!
Sol knelt at the side of his bed, staring at Gillius' hard dick bouncing in his face. Gillius used his thumb and forefinger to lift up Sol's chin to look him in the eyes, "You don't have to do this y'know, it's just what I want. If I'm hurting you, you can tell me to stop, and we can go back to the party alright?" Sol licked his lips, "I'll be fine just go slow at first, if I need to breathe I'll just bite you~" Gillius flinched looking at Sol's confident smirk, "Don't joke like that!" Sol rubbed his hands against the outside of Gillius' thighs, "I'd never hurt you on purpose, but I will slap your ass if I need air."
Gillius pursed his lips, "You know what, fine. Better than you biting my dick." Gillius grabbed his cock in one hand, and the top of Sol's head with the other, "Now open wide for daddy~" Sol blushed and complied, opening his mouth and doing a little taste test with his tongue at the tip of Gillius' dick. Gillius slid his dick into Sol's mouth, gliding down his tongue and quickly filling his mouth. He grabbed the back of the catboy's head with both hands, and started pressing his head down and sliding his dick into Sol's throat.
Gillius looked down at Sol in shock, "Holy shit, are you okay Sol?" Sol let out a muffled moan, the entirety of Gillius' foot long dragon cock, stuffed down his throat. Gillius let out a soft moan at the vibrations, "Shit you didn't tell me you had no gag reflex! Guess this is a good way to find out, huh." Gillius pulled about halfway out before thrusting back in, Sol's soft throat rubbing against his cock felt like velvet. A few more slow thrusts, and Gillius had Sol's head pushed against the edge of the mattress, pounding away like a machine.
Gillius was maybe enjoying it a little too much, "Fucking take it bitch! How's my fat dragon dick taste huh~? Damn I can't tell what's better, your pussy or your throat~! Fuck I wonder if all your holes feel this soft and warm, I'm gonna have to pound your ass next!" Gillius was fucking Sol's face so hard, he was sweating all over the defenseless catboy, who was just as into it as Gillius was. Sol had a hand wrapped around his dick, jerking himself off between gasps of air and dragonborn musk.
Gillius slammed Sol's head into the mattress hard a few more times, before finally unloading straight down his throat and directly into his stomach. He pulled out and let a few ropes land on Sol's sweaty and reddened face, while Sol came on the floor in front of him. Gillius picked Sol up and layed him on the bed, before crawling over him. He slowly kissed up his body as he went, hands gently tracing along Sol's scars, eliciting gentle moans from the little cat boy. Gillius pressed his body down on Sol's, "Well we did what I want, so now it's your turn~ What do you want my darling?"
Sol silently mouthed something, and Gillius leaned down to put his ear next to Sol's mouth to hear him whisper, "I don't wanna leave this room until I'm pregnant…" Gillius bit his bottom lip, "I think that can be arranged~" The heavy breathing and slapping sounds echoed through the room all night, moaning and screaming loud enough to wake the dead, but the party upstairs drowned most of that out. Gillius was like a force of nature, 7, 8, 9 orgasms in total by the time the sun started rising, and he'd given Sol a fair few more than that.
Sol rolled over in the bed, yawning before resting his head against Gillius' chest, and slipping one of his legs between Gillius' legs, and cuddling up to him. Gillius put his hand on the small of Sol's back, "Morning sleeping beauty." Sol grumbled, "Mmmhmm, morning…" Gillius took a deep breath, "Hey Sol? Are you gonna go with the others? When the boat leaves I mean…" Sol's eyes shot open, and he put his head down a little, "I was thinking about it, yeah…"
Gillius took a deep breath and exhaled, "I want you to stay. Really I do, but I think it's your choice. You've helped the island so much in such a short time, if you can do that for other places then, well…" Sol gripped one of Gillius' shoulders with his hand, "I'm sorry, I didn't think about this, about us I mean… I did this to, be on my own, so to speak. And I never really accounted on falling for someone, so making a choice like this, it's hard."
Gillius gently rubbed Sol's back, "If you do decide to go, I'll be waiting here for you when you get back." Sol hugged Gillius' chest, "I…I don't wanna leave you, but fighting, helping people, it's what I've always done." Gillius hugged Sol back, "I could always see if I could come with you." Sol whimpered, "I couldn't ask you to do that. Your whole life is here, and I'm someone you only just met-" Gillius cut Sol off to lift his chin up, "Would you believe me if I said that, being with you was more important to me than anything else?" Sol blinked, wiping a tear out of his eye, "I would, you're too nice to lie." Gillius kissed Sol softly, "Then you'd better believe, I'd follow you to the ends of the earth."
'A month later, on a boat, below deck, in the middle of the ocean…'
Sol groggily rolled over in bed, before lightly shaking Gillius, "Gill…Giiiiill…" Gillius grumbled, "Huh what?" Sol snuggled into the covers, "Can you make breakfast for everyone today? I don't feel so good…" Gillius rolled over towards Sol, "You gonna be okay sweetie? You haven't felt good the last few days." Sol grumbled, "Yeah I just wanna sleep a little more, also some waffles." Gillius chuckled, "Alright alright, I'm getting up…" Gillius stood up and started getting dressed, "Sausages too?" Sol mumbled, "Yes please~"
Gillius struggled with his pants for a second, "Gotta find a good way to work out on this ship, I guess the sex isn't enough, I'm gettin a little chubby." Sol lightly spanked Gillius' ass, "You're fine, in both senses of the word. Besides, it gives me something soft to hold onto." Gillius huffed, "When we make it to a port, we're gonna go for a walk." Sol growled, "Not if I keep you on the ship~" Gillius smirked, "You sure you're sick?" Sol nodded, "Dreadfully so. Waffles please?" Gillius nodded and walked out of their bedroom.
Sol immediately jumped up when Gillius walked out, and ran to the porthole. He pulled a stool over, before forcing the window open and pushing his head out of it, and throwing up for nearly 2 minutes straight. He slumped down on the stool with his back against the wall, covering his mouth with his hand and gripping his stomach with his other arm. His cheeks bulged out before he swallowed down, barely managing a soft, "Fuck…" He went back to the bed and curled up in the fetal position, wrapping both arms over his stomach.
Sol pulled an arm up to cover his eyes, as a bright light filled the room for a couple seconds. Suddenly standing at his bedside was his deific employer, Elaine. The woman was constantly covered by a dim holy light, so Sol kept his eyes covered, "Elaine does that heavenly light come with an off switch?" Elaine clapped her hands together, and summoned a nice chair for herself to sit on, "Afraid not. So, when are you going to tell Gillius?"
Sol moved his arm away from his eyes, "Tell him- Have you been spying on me?!" Elaine raised both her hands, "No no, not exactly. It is my ship so I always know what's going on, that and one of my abilities is to sense chaos. And you're radiating the stuff like a cheap lamp radiates heat." Sol rolled over in the bed, facing away from Elaine, "I'll tell him, eventually…" Elaine put a hand to her cheek, "And when, exactly, is eventually? You've been pregnant since we left the island after all, isn't a month enough time to plan what to say to him?"
Sol stayed silent, and Elaine zipped to the other side of the bed to look down at Sol's face, "Well? He's going to find out eventually, would you rather tell him now, or in another month when it becomes noticeable enough for him to figure out on his own?" Sol grumbled, "I'm gonna tell him myself…" Elaine leaned down, "What was that? Speak up." Sol whined, "I'll tell him myself! Next week, probably…"
Elaine put her hands on her hips and shook her head, "You better. We'll be arriving at our first stop in a week, so we can take you to a doctor then too." Sol groaned, "I don't wanna go to a doctor, I'll know more about my own body than they will anyway." Elaine leaned down to get in the catboys face again, "Well I was not asking, I was telling you that you'd be going to a doctor. Besides, gotta make sure they're all healthy." Sol opened his eyes wide, "Wait, all?! How many-" Elaine cut him off, "Oops godly duties to attend to, I'll be back when you make landfall, so long."
The woman disappeared in a blinding light, leaving Sol to roll over onto his back, and cross his arms over his chest, "I should have just stayed with Gillius on the island." Sol grabbed at his stomach, "I am in so much trouble. What if Gillius thinks I didn't trust him? No he would never think that." Sol said a number of curse words in different languages, "Damn animal hybrid biology, how many kids am I gonna have? And damn Elaine just dropping that on me, like I wasn't anxious enough."
Sol finally rolled out of bed, putting on his fancy ice blue sundress. Sol whined, "I can't bind my chest anymore, which means I also can't wear my armor." He bounced his boobs in his hands for a few seconds, "Wonder if Gill will notice them getting bigger? Shit, maybe he already has and just didn't say anything." Sol looked over his shoulder at the mirror on the dresser, "I really have to get more clothes. I look like I'm getting ready to attend the ball, maybe I'll take some fashion tips from Elliot, the gay pirate look was kind of nice."
Sol walked through the lower deck of the ship to the kitchen, where it appeared as if everyone had just gotten done eating breakfast. He walked up behind Gillius who was leaned over the sink, cleaning dishes. He put his hand on the dragonborn's back, "Hey sweetie how was breakfast?" Gillius leaned down and gave Sol a little kiss, "It was good. Everyone loved it, I guess those lessons of yours really helped out. I saved you a plate, you feel any better?"
Sol stepped around Gillius and picked up the plate, "Much better, but I'm starving." Sol drew a small bluish green symbol in the air above the plate, and snapped his fingers, heating the food instantly, making steam rise from the food. He set the plate on the table, sat himself down, and started eating. Sol moaned with a full mouth (a sound Gillius was very familiar with by now). Gillius looked back over his shoulder while drying off a plate, "That good huh?" Sol smiled, "Gill, this is delicious. Also did I mention I was starving?"
Sol picked up the final remnants of the sausages, and put them in his mouth. Gillius stared wide eyed, "Did you even taste any of that?" Sol nodded with his mouth full before swallowing, "Yeah of course, I was just very, veeeery hungry." Gillius blinked, Sol hadn't even been in the kitchen for 2 minutes and he'd eaten a whole meal. Sol got up and stacked his already cleaned plate with the others, "Hey, come back to the room early tonight. I'm sure everyone can cook for themselves for one night, and I have something I wanna show you~" Gillius blushed as he felt his boyfriends hands, moving from his inner thighs to his hips, "Y-yeah sure! Absolutely!" Sol put an open palm hand on Gillius' chest, "See you tonight big guy."
Gillius sighed contently as he watched Sol walk out of the kitchen, and went back to cleaning the dishes. Sol walked above deck, and stretched out in the sunlight, "Oh man that feels good…" He walked over to Val, the traumatized, ass kicking, tiefling monk. Val was sitting on the deck, meditating in silence. Sol walked around her to look down at her face, "Hey Val, you in there? It's your therapy catboy." Val opened one eye and chuckled, "I should never have started calling you that." She uncrossed her legs and opened her other eye, "What's up dude?"
Sol got down on his knees, sitting on the deck of the ship with her, "I'm bored out of my mind. And I'm not feeling as sick today, wanna spar a little?" Val rolled her shoulders a bit, "Yeah! I swear if we have to be on this ship any longer than promised, I'm going to go insane." Sol and Val stood up, Val getting into a lax fighting stance and Sol conjuring a wooden training sword. "Quick rules, I'm still not a hundred percent, no gut or tiddies punches, face and arms only please." Val nodded, "Fair enough, can you not hit me in the hands this time? You really hurt." Sol chuckled, "Deal, I'll keep it to body blows."
Sol took a wide swing, followed by a quick jab. Val dodges both attacks easily, "Wow you really aren't at a hundred percent huh?" She swung back, hitting a punch on Sol's shoulder, taking a swing and missing his chin, then landing a final blow to the other shoulder. Sol dropped the wooden sword, it disappearing as soon as it hit the deck. He fell down and quickly crawled to the railing on the deck, leaning his head over and vomiting twice in quick succession. Val looked from behind him, and in her usual calm manner said, "Does this mean I won?"
Sol looked back at her before leaning his head back over the side, and retching. Val ran up to him, putting a hand on his back and rubbing it, "Right okay not the best time to ask that. You good?" Sol turned around and slumped up against the railing, he looked up at her, weighing his options for a moment, "Val, I um… I'm pregnant. I haven't told Gillius yet, I've been too nervous. Please don't say anything to him." Val stared wide eyed for a second, "Sheesh, that's a lot to drop on me. I won't tell him, you okay though?" Sol nodded and groaned, "Yeah, except knowing I'm literally gonna be useless for months, I'm doing great, couldn't be better." Val put a hand to her hip, "Now I ain't a genius but I'm detecting alot of sarcasm."
Val helped sit Sol up in a comfortable position, "Do you want me to go get Gillius, and we'll take you back to bed?" Sol shook his head, "Just let me lay in the sun for a bit. I can't spend all day in my room, I just can't get up right now. Sit with me for a bit?" Val sat at Sol's side, leaning against the wooden railing with him, "So uh, how long have you, y'know…" Sol let out an exasperated half laugh, "A little more than a month. Ever since we left the island actually." Val nodded, "Is that why you asked Gillius to come with us?" Sol let out a deep breath, "That was… actually his idea. He wanted to come with me, which is good but, that doesn't mean I'm not worried about…well everything."
Val nodded, "Fair…fair. But hey, you gotta tell him at some point right?" Sol laughed nervously, "I was thinking of telling him tonight. But I mean what do I tell him, exactly? Oh Gillius I love you, sorry I knew I was pregnant for like 3 weeks and didn't tell you." Val held up her hand, "You've only known for 3 weeks. That isn't a super long time, maybe you were just waiting to make sure?" Sol put a hand to his stomach, "Yeah I guess so…" Val raised her eyebrow, "You sure it's his?" Sol turned redder than a tomato, "What?! Yes of course!" He stopped and scratched his cheek, "Well like 99.9 percent. There was that night we had Cyrus over with us…" 
Val gasped, "Whoa damn, look at you go! You were barely having sex for what, a week, and you already had a threesome with 2 dragon boys? Hey props from me, that's kinda impressive." Sol turned even more red, "Ugh, it was so clumsy it was sorta funny. But yeah it was…really fun." Sol smiled at Val, "Hey thanks for talking with me a little. I'll definitely tell him tonight, guess I just have to stop thinking about worst case scenario. And start thinking of how much I love him, and want to be with him." Val, lightly this time, punched Sol's shoulder, "Atta girl, get your man, dragon? Lover, let's go with that one."
The sun started to set over the ocean, waves lapping against the back of the boat as the moon began to rise. Sol stood at the door to his room, taking a deep breath and opening it to see Gillius sitting on the foot of the bed. Gillius' eyes lit up in the lantern light filling the room, "Hey babe, what did you wanna show me?" Sol closed and locked the door behind him, stepping towards Gillius while sliding the dress from his shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. Gillius as always was too stunned to say much, Sol thought he'd get over that eventually. Sol sat in Gillius' lap, with an arm around the back of his neck, Sol gave the large dragonborn a small kiss "Gillius…I have to tell you something. I'm, well I'm just, pregnant."
Gillius sat there for a moment in stunned silence, "I…wait really?" Sol looked embarrassed, "You're, not happy about it." Gillius picked Sol up from under his arms, "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME, I'M ECSTATIC! AAAAAAAH YOU'RE PREGNANT OH MY GOD!" Now Sol looked embarrassed for a different reason, partially covering his face with his hand, "Well I guess we don't have to tell everyone else now, pretty sure they heard that." Gillius held Sol in bridal style, "Whatever! Let them know, I'm fucking excited!" Sol looked away blushing harder than before, because now his face was red from crying as well.
Gillius looked down at Sol and sat him on the bed looking worried, "Oh shit, I'm sorry! Did you want it to be a big surprise?!" Sol wiped his eyes, "No, no… it's not that at all. Gillius I've known for almost a whole month, and I didn't tell you because I thought you wouldn't really wanna be with me for a long time." Gillius sat on the bed with Sol, hugging him tightly, "Of course I want to be with you…do you not wanna be with me?" Sol pushed Gillius back at arms length, to look him in the eyes, "No Gillius, I love you and I wanna be with you."
Sol stood up, and walked to the foot of the bed, pacing back and forth, "You already know I'm from a small town up north, and you know how important family is to me. It's just, since I was a baby there was such a huge enforcement, that you're supposed to love and protect your family. That's your duty, forever and always. And I love my family, and… you're not family." Gillius sat looking dejected while Sol continued on, "It's always just been my family, that was my first love and they were the most important thing. But now, I want to put you first, forever and always, you're my choice. And I think that's wrong of me, I'm not some legendary protector like my ancestors or anything. I'm just me, I can't promise I'll always be there to love and protect you, and so I was scared to tell you. But I choose to love you, and that's…new for me. It's not something I've ever done before."
Sol stood in front of Gillius, still sitting on the bed, "Knowing all of this, I have just one question for you." Gillius blinked at Sol, speaking in a low tone, "What's that?" Sol got on one knee, and grabbed Gillius' hand, "Will you marry me? Even though I'm not perfect, and knowing I can't always be there for you." Gillius kissed Sol's hand, "I will marry you. And when you can't be there for me, I'll just have to be there for you." Sol stood up and kissed Gillius while crying, "God I must look stupid, crying out of joy while half naked." Gillius put his hand under Sol's chin, "My impression of you hasn't changed since the day I fell in love with you, you're still beautiful." The two layed in bed in each other's embrace, until the sun started to rise on the new day.
'7 months passed, time went on and eventually things were about to settle down, just like our fortunate pair.'
Gillius looked back over his shoulder into the wagon, keeping steady hold of the reigns on the horses, "You doing alright back there Sol?" Sol was layed in the back of the wagon on a pile of blankets, "Let's see, my back is killing me, my feet hurt for no reason, I've been riding for 3 weeks in a wagon on terrible roads, oh and I both look and feel like I swallowed a boulder whole. Yeah I'm doing great." Gillius chuckled, "Well good for you we're almost there, just a few more minutes." Sol whined, "Thank fuck, finally."
The wagon slowly ground to a halt in front of a cobblestone keep, and Gillius jumped from the drivers bench. He went to the back to fetch Sol, who was already on all fours, looking to Gillius for help. The catboy's large belly did look a little ridiculous on his frame, looking like someone had over inflated a beach ball, and since he was on all fours, it was dragging against the floor of the wagon. Sol maneuvered himself to sit on the edge on the wagon, putting Gillius face to face with his belly, "Gill, stop staring. A little hand here?" Gillius blinked back to reality, "Oh! Yeah right!"
Gillius very carefully picked up Sol with a groan, straining a bit with the weight, "Oh my god you are so fucking-" Sol already had an arm around the back of Gillius' neck, glaring at him. Gillius gave a strained smile, "Beautiful…" Sol rolled his eyes, "Uh huh, you can put me down now." Gillius shook his head, "No way! I gotta carry you over the threshold, hopefully I can make it there." The two minute walk was rough, Gillius had to lift his head to see over Sol's stomach, but eventually they made it to the bedroom.
Gillius was already sweating and panting when he laid Sol on the large bed, and then took a moment to lay down with him, "It was…very nice of your parents to offer us this place." Sol sighed in relief, laying curled up on the soft bed, "Well it was my grandmother's, before she married my grandfather and moved a little further up north. And nobody else was using it for anything, and we need the space for 5 or 7 kids." Gillius' breathing finally slowed down, "You'd think they'd be able to tell with magic and what not, and not just guessing based on size." Sol sighed, "Give em a break. Not often they have to deal with that many babies, some guess work was probably necessary."
Gillius rolled over, put his hand on Sol's taut yet soft and smooth belly, before giving him a long passionate kiss. Sol moaned, "You know, we were 2 days ahead of the servants." Gillius smirked, "Yeah and?" Sol got on all fours, his tail swaying and twisting behind him, "We have to, well sanctify our new bed and all. And our new kitchen, the library, the courtyard-" Gillius grinned, "Is this you talking, or is it the hormones?" Sol got on his knees on the bed, before spreading his legs, "Little of column A, little of column B. Now get undressed, and help me too." 
Gillius jumped out of bed, and stripped everything off, before helping Sol do the same. He pulled Sol on his back to the edge of the bed, where Gillius got on his knees. Sol chuckled, "Gillius? What are yo-oooooooh fuck~" Sol gripped the sheets, writing in pleasure as he felt Gillius' tongue penetrate him. Sol could hear Gillius from over his belly, "Still sensitive as ever~" Sol's face was already red, with a hand over his mouth, "Sh-shut up…and don't stop." Gillius put his head back down at Sol's request, Sol clenched his teeth, and arched his back.
"Ho-oooooh my god~ When did you learn this?!" Sol tensed up as he felt Gillius' hands on the bottom of his belly, before  raising his shoulders and gritting his teeth like he'd been hit by an electric bolt, making him moan out in pleasure even louder. Gillius peeked over Sol's belly while wiping his mouth with his arm, "Figured you'd be tight after a few months, thought giving you an orgasm might help lube you up." Sol muttered incoherently about not being able to feel his legs, "Heh that's what I thought~"
Gillius lifted one of Sol's legs over his shoulder, before putting an arm under Sol's breasts on top of his stomach, "Also learned this position for leverage, and over stimulation, whatever that means." Gillius forced himself inside Sol with a single powerful thrust, and Sol started having a meltdown, while moaning and shuddering. Gillius trailed his hand to the side of Sol's bloated stomach before pulling it back in surprise, "Damn, guess I woke the kids. Let me make this quick." 
Gillius held Sol's leg over his shoulder, and started pounding into him, "God damn~ You're so fucking tight, Sol~" Sol put his free leg behind Gillius' waist, pulling him in. Gillius started pounding Sol even deeper, drooling onto his belly and growling, "You better believe, if you keep doing that I'll try to knock you up again as soon as I can." Sol just nodded while weakly whimpering and moaning, "Yes Gill, yes~! Get me pregnant again and again~" Gillius grabbed Sol's shoulders to keep him pressed against him, "Whatever you want, I'll give it to you, as many times as you want~" Gillius came in Sol, standing there for a moment to admire his handiwork, before asking Sol an important question, "Which room on that list of yours do you wanna christen next?"
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littleeyesofpallas · a month ago
Tumblr media
(I used the black and white because without any official color work, I don't actually trust the digital colorist's guesses to reflect much of Kubo's intent. Save for Mera's red hair... given the use of toner and her fire powers, I can't imagine her hair would've been anything but bright red, like Renji's.)
Hiuchigashima[燧ヶ島] MERA[メラ]:
"signal fire/hand-drill* island," "ME-RA"
*like a hand-drill for starting fires. Also a homonym with hiuchi[火打ち石]: "flint" and I've seen this part of her name somewhat erroneously translated as "tinder." Basically the common thread in all these readings being fire starters.
**taken from the onomatopoeic or mimetic sound/phrase meramera[メラメラ]: the sound of flaring up, or the sound of bursting into flames.
Tonokawa[砥ノ川] Tokie[時江]:
"Whetstone/Grindstone's River," "Time Bay"
Hashihara[箸原] HASUka[ハス花]:
"Chopsticks Field," "HA-SU* Flower"
*with HASU[ハス] here being a homonym with hasu[蓮]: Lotus/Sacred Lotus/Indian Lotus.
Nomino[鑿野] Nonomi[のの美]:
"Chisel Field," "NO-NO Beauty"
*technically it's the same either way but no[の] as hiragana is the grammatical possessive, where as in a name you'd normally expect it to be the kanji no[乃] but they mean the same thing. And incidentally the name Nonomi would normally be written [乃々実].
Tsuchimiya[槌宮] Tsumiko[罪子]:
"Hammer/Mallet Princess," "Guilty/Criminal Child."
Tumblr media
I dunno why I thought to tackle these 5 as they really don't do much, but it feels like a neatly compact example of Kubo's naming sensibilities, because unlike characters that got to actually speak and interact with others and have any kind of a story of their own, their names are almost all we know about them; that and a few simple tonal notes in how they talk or carry themselves in the one scene most of them show up in.
Obviously the girls are each named after a tool used in sword smithing and serve that role in assisting Oh-etsu. And since they're each a zanpakutou, like the rest of Nimaiyas harem, it feels like it's implied that they are each literally said tool, instead of the more conventional katana. It's kind of weird considering how zanpakutou have worked up until this point in the story, but like much of the final arc we just kind of move on and never elaborate or explore this idea... (It almost feels like an entire Soul Eater thing is implied here, but we'll just never know...)
Its also weird that the girls get full names, with distinctly humanlike etymology and what appear to be full on surnames considering they're all zanpakutou and so you'd expect them to have a singular name, almost more like a title, and more in line with the zanpakutou names we already know.
You can probably tell Kubo decided to lean into this weird alliterative thing with the names. Ironically Mera is named after the meramera thing I mentioned, but her actual full name is the only one without the repetitive phonetics. Otherwise the girls all evoke the repeated sounds, Meramera, TokiToki, HasuHasu, NomiNomi/NonoNono, and TsumiTsumi. I feel like there are some sort of homonyms, or sounds like meramera, or other wordplay at work here that I just don't know enough outside of textbook Japanese to pick up on...
Tumblr media
A random note: I find it funny that Mera's design feels like it was a last minute twist on Kubo's usual wildtype that he just knew he'd never get the chance to throw in there otherwise... Bazz-B's mohawk and fire powers, Renji's hair color, Grimmjow's eyeliner... kind of some Hiyori/Shino adjacent spunky girl energy? She feels like she'd fit that whole character type, even though we barely got to hear from her. It would've been nice to see a spicy tomboy actually involved in the story.
And maybe it's just a coincidence but it almost feels like there's a wuxing thing going on with the girls with the classical 5 daoist elements reflected in their names and tools: Fire-starters, Water-quenching and river/bay, wood "Chopsticks"/Tongs and flower, metal Chisel, and earth Hammer.
Tumblr media
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serenityseventeen · 2 months ago
Dino (이찬):
synopsis: Because of your grandmother, school, and overall life, you have been feeling really stressed and anxious. You try to hide it from your boyfriend, but to him, your emotions are written all over your eyes.
genre: fluff / comfort fic
pairing: boyfriend!chan x collegestudent!reader
a/n: I think the weather is having mood swings, it goes from bright & sunny to gloomy and cloudy. There's some soft rain currently, perfect and placing me in the mood to create some comfort fics. + GOSE IS FINALLY BACKKKK!!!! I AM LITERALLY GOING TO CRYYYYY EVERY WEDNESDAYYY!! Next WEEK!! (I think)
Tumblr media
You stared at the text messages that your brother sent you earlier in the day, informing you about your grandmother's condition at the hospital.
Your grandma was sick and had been since a few tears ago. Her condition would change back and forth, like a rollercoaster going up and down. One day she was healthy and before you know it, the next day, she's about to see heaven's door.
You grabbed onto your hair, your elbows on the counter of the kitchen where you sat. You bit your lip, feeling the tears of worry and anxiousness blur your eyes.
During your life, your grandmother had played a large role. Even though you didn't want to leave, your grandmother encouraged you to move out and go to college. Thanks to her, you were able to attend a good college and buy a place to stay. A lot of the time, you couldn't even visit her, especially with exams coming soon, you didn't know if you were going to ever be able to visit her. Not to mention, money was also hard to earn because you couldn't find the time to make any money.
You sighed and took the glass of water that was resting in front of you. You took a large gulp of water. The worsening state of your grandmother was only adding to your life's burdens. With so much to worry about, you just didn't know what to do. You felt like a lost star in the middle of a galaxy.
The stinging tears quickly faded from your eyes after you took that drink of water.
“Hey, baby!” The energetic voice of your boyfriend, Lee Chan echoed through the walls of your apartment.
You turned off your phone and fixed up your disheveled hair, throwing a smile onto your face. You knew that Chan had his own worries and stressful things so you didn't want to show him how tired, stressed, and anxious you were. If anything, you would rather want to be his fluffy ball of energy and motivation.
“You're here? Why didn't you answer me?” Chan asked, walking into the kitchen where you sat.
You smiled at him. “Oh, I was just thinking about something and didn't hear you.”
He smiled and opened his arms. He didn't even know how much you needed those arms of his to be wrapped around you. He didn't know what his warmth could do. You smiled even brighter and got off the stool you were sitting on.
You hugged him tightly.
His hands patted your back.
Your ear and cheek were pressed against his chest, hearing his heartbeat. His arms were warm. He rocked you from side to side while smiling ear to ear.
“I really missed you,” Chan said. You let go of him and lifted your head to look up, into his soft eyes. “How was your day?”
“Fine, how about yours?” You replied.
“Fine too. Better than yesterday. I think it's because you kissed me this morning~” You both giggled.
You stared blankly at the bedsheets. You couldn't get your mind off of your grandma, your exams, and everything else that was bothering you. Your heart was thumping out of your chest, making you feel even more worried.
Your mind wasn't in the state to filter out the negatives so all you did while laying in bed was think about everything terrible that could happen. You were so caught up in your thoughts that it was like your vision was blurred. Nothing was clearing out.
Chan watched you from afar. The door to the bedroom was open, giving him a clear view of you. The cheerful aura that once surrounded you was gone. Just one look into your eyes and he could tell that you were dealing with things you didn't want to tell, which he was fine with. Only this time, you looked so sad, so tired, so uneasy.
Chan took your favorite book off the shelf and walked to the bedroom quietly.
“Are you okay?” He asked softly.
You snapped out of your blur and quickly sat up. Of course, a smile flew onto your face. You quickly nodded and with an optimistic tone, you said, “Of course I am~!”
Chan wasn't smiling though.
“I'm serious, Channie, I'm really fine! What makes you think I'm not fine?” You sat up and your partner sat down on the bed beside you, pulling out your favorite book.
“What do you want me to do?” He asked. His eyes were friendly and genuine.
“What do you mean?”
“Should I clean the place? Buy you dinner? Bring you your favorite snacks? Tuck you in bed?”
You stayed quiet, just staring at Chan's warm brown eyes. Your eyes held each other for a few seconds before you looked away, knowing that you couldn't conceal the stress and anxiety you were having.
It was getting dark outside.
Chan laid down on the bed, facing you, who was also sleeping on your side and facing him. He smiled, turning to face the ceiling, and crossed his arms.
“I knew it, I knew it.” He said, with a smile. “Just one look at you and I know everything.”
You chuckled. “I didn't want you to be worried for me but I guess that just added more stress to me.”
You had told him that you were stressed and anxious because of school and the state of your grandmother.
“You don't have to hide anything from me, you dummy. The point of me being your boyfriend is to always be beside you, no matter what.” Chan turned back to face you. “Now seriously, what do you want me to do? I'll do everything and you can just sleep.”
You chuckled.
“You can give me a hug?” You pouted a bit.
Chan laughed and more than happily hugged you. He patted your back, reminding you that he'd always be there for you. You hugged him tightly.
“I'll go buy dinner, or do you want me to read to you?”
“Just until I fall asleep.”
Chan picked up the book that was thrown on the covers of the bed, and he began to read your favorite story out loud.
You could let out a relieved breath, knowing you can count on your beloved partner to take care of you when you can't. His soft but enthusiastic voice as he read the words of the book with the slow pats on your back made you relaxed.
After this sleep, you could just feel and know that you would be awakened to the scent of your favorite food and snacks. He would be sitting on the edge of the bed and caressing your hair when your eyes fluttered awake.
Chan stopped reading when he heard your steady breathing. He smiled, proud that he was able to make you sleep like a baby.
He gave your brother a call and scheduled a visit with your grandma. He wanted to meet her and relay the messages that you wanted to tell her. Chan was well aware that you wouldn't be able to find the time to go see her. After all, it might be his and your last chance.
Chan left the apartment building, ready to go buy food. He started up at the sky, seeing that it was clear, with no clouds and just the beautiful sunset.
You awoke to the familiar touch of Chan, who was stroking your hair just as you expected. He was sitting at the edge of the bed, smiling as his hands fondled your hair.
“I knew it,” you said.
“What?” he seemed like he already knew you were awake, or at least in the process of waking up.
“I knew you would be sitting here, stroking me like this. You bought my favorite food too, didn't you?”
Chan laughed. “You know me too well, babe.”
You giggled, taking his hand out of your hair and clasping it with yours.
Though it was just a brief moment that you were able to sleep, for some reason, it felt more peaceful than any other rest you've had.
It was like the filters in your head that cleared out the bad thoughts were finally working again.
Tumblr media
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bruhstories · 2 months ago
Burnt Toast
Summary: You and Eren started on the wrong foot. Pairing: Eren Jaeger x Fem!Reader, mentioned Historia x Ymir Warnings & Content: enemies to friends to lovers, language, fingering, unprotected sex, oral sex (male receiving), masochist!Reader, sadist!Eren, a lot of dirty talk, corruption kink, weed, hate fucking, loss of virginity Word Count: 4.6 k
A/N: This was not supposed to be a smut. I swear it wasn't supposed to be one. Some parts are slightly based on true stories xD my days at uni were wild
Tumblr media
"Jesus Christ!" You jolted up from your bed, the excruciating sound of the fire alarm waking you up from your tranquil sleep. Hastily, you grabbed a hoodie, key card and phone, and walked out, joined by fellow students on the same floor as you. The procedure was simple — evacuation, even if it was a false alarm. And so, you evacuated, finding yourself in front of the building along with some fifteen other people, waiting for the security guards to stop the hideous sound that pierced through your eardrums and into your brain. Your legs shivered in the cold, early November wind as you looked at your phone. Three in the fucking morning.
"Honestly, if I catch whoever woke me up, I'll kill them." You said, mostly to yourself, hands in pockets, gritting your teeth.
"Um, that might've been me."
You almost got whiplash from turning your neck at the culprit. Next to you stood some dude, his man bun and handsome features contrasting with the pink fuzzy slippers in his feet. He was most definitely a stoner by the looks of it, or just a very odd person.
"You triggered the alarm?" Your voice resentful and annoyed.
"Yeah, sorry about that." He rubbed the back of his head with a nervous smile. "I accidentally burned my toast. I'm Eren, by the way. Eren Jaeger." The man extended his arm.
"Eren, huh? Fuck you and your toast, Eren." You slapped his hand and stomped back inside now that the alarm stopped ringing. The bed was welcoming and you sank into the mattress, quickly drifting back to sleep, despite the little incident that ticked your nerves.
You tossed and turned in your bed, under the soft red blanket, desperately trying to fall asleep. It wasn't the fire alarm this time, but some shitty party thrown by some shitty person who completely disregarded the concept of silent hours during working days. Surely, they could've waited until Friday. You threw the covers off of you, shoving your feet into some boots, unaware of the location of your flip-flops, and walked out. No wonder it was so loud, the party was literally across your door. You knocked. Nothing. With a deep breath you kicked the door three times until finally someone opened it.
"Oh, you've got to be fucking kidding me."
"Hellooo!" Eren sang, the skunky smell of weed filling your nostrils. "Came to join the party?"
"You really like pissing me off, don't you, Jaeger?"
"Ah, you remember my name! Please don't snitch." He pouted, red eyes looking back at you. You scoffed at his face, nose scrunching.
"I don't care if you hotbox yourself, but, please, turn the music down."
"You got it, babe." He flashed you a wink and a shit-eating grin and you rolled your eyes as a response. "G'night!"
"Fuck off." You slammed the door of your bedroom, grateful that your accommodation didn't have sharing kitchens and bathrooms, otherwise you'd turn yourself over to the police after murdering Eren. You mulled over his fascinating eyes and handsome features and slowly, the music dissipated. Huh, maybe he wasn't such a dick after all.
Or was he?
"Not again..." You groaned, exiting the dorm. Luckily, this time you were prepared, barely arriving home after a night out with Historia, literally the only person you befriended since October. The alarm rang continuously as you climbed down the stairs of your building, impatiently waiting for it to stop so you could take a shower and relax. Lo and behold, Eren popped out, sweatpants and an unzipped hoodie over his bare chest.
"Let me guess, you forgot to close the bathroom door." You concluded, arms folded across your chest and not even bothering to spare him a glance.
"Yep." He made a popping sound at the last letter, shoving his hands in his pockets.
"Naturally. I'm seriously starting to think you're doing this on purpose." You mused.
"And what if I am?" Eren shrugged.
"Then we'll meet in Hell, it'll be my turn to torment you."
"And what if I'm doing it just to see your cute face?" He asked, and you couldn't do nothing about the blood that rushed in your cheeks. "You gotta give it me, that was smooth."
"Is this all you do? Smoke weed, trigger the alarm and pick up girls?" You walked back into the building and he followed you like a puppy.
"Did it work, though?" Eren elbowed you, proud of his little compliment.
"Really, it would be so much easier if you just knocked on my door rather than pissing the entire floor off."
"I never liked the easy way, but I might give it a shot some time." He told you right before you closed the door to your bedroom.
Knock. Knockknockknockknock.
"What is it now?" You tried to hide a pathetic smile behind the door.
"Hi, stranger. I'm Eren and I'm trying the easy way."
"God, you're unbelievable-" A finger creeped over your imaginary boundaries and pressed onto your lips, stopping you from talking.
"Shhh, play along." He sneered. You sighed.
"Hi, Eren, I'm Y/N Y/L/N." You playfully rolled your eyes. Ugh, why did he have to be so annoying and adorable at the same time? Unfortunately, you weren't here to mingle with other students, you were here to study, get a degree, make your parents proud and go back to your hometown. The only reason you befriended Historia was because you didn't want to be completely lonely and the two of you instantly clicked. But guys? They were off the list.
"Can I get your number?"
"Good night, Eren." You closed the door, locking it. It wasn't that you didn't like him, but he'd most definitely be a distraction and you needed to be a bitch to keep distractions at bay. Besides, your parents would never agree with you hanging out with someone like him.
(1) New message from Historia:
Hey, girl. Are you free to grab a coffee in an hour?
Thumbs hovered over the keyboard and you pondered the question, still in your pyjamas. You really needed to finish an essay, but... a coffee wouldn't hurt.
Only if we go to the library after that.
You sent the text and got up, following your usual routine of brushing your teeth, splashing cold water on your face and putting some mascara on. It was darn cold outside, the freezing December gust hitting your cheeks the moment you stepped outside. Fortunately, you were smart enough to layer up and walked to the Stone Roses cafe, where Historia was already seated. You queued up, only a couple more customers in front of you, and bought yourself a nice, warming toffee latte.
"You look like you haven't slept in a year." The blonde pushed the chair next to her for you to sit.
"Yeah, well, remember that guy who triggered the fire alarm?"
"What did he do this time?" Historia asked as you sipped your beverage, careful not to burn your tongue.
"He triggered the fire alarm. Again." You chuckled.
"My goodness, he's either too high or doing it on purpose." She remarked and your cheeks flushed crimson, hoping your friend wouldn't notice. Too late. "Y/N... What happened last night?"
"Nothing happened! Really, nothing happened, we just... talked."
"Uh-huh, sure. You talked. Come on Y/N, you're almost 20 years old. Don't you think it's time you got a boyfriend?"
"Me? What about you?"
Historia's smile faded as quickly as it appeared, her eyes drifting away from you and to her mug.
"That's actually why I wanted to talk to you. I'm starting to like someone."
"Oooooh, who's the lucky guy?"
"Girl." She blankly corrected you and your heart sank. Not because Historia just came out, but because you knew how difficult her parents were. "I like a girl. And you know my family... you're the only one who can relate. Everyone has such cool parents, but ours are just so..."
"Uptight?" You quirked your brow and sipped some of your latte.
"I was gonna say backwards but I guess that works, too." The blonde smiled bitterly. "I'm just so tired of being the perfect daughter, you know?"
"Oh, I know. But screw them, tell me about her!"
Ymir was the complete opposite of you and Historia — she was fiercely independent and a fighter, she didn't take shit from anyone, and she was ready to throw hands with whoever disagreed with her. Kind of like Eren, you couldn't help but think.
"She wants to take me to the movies and I wanna confess, Y/N, I really do, but I'm scared."
"For what it's worth, we'll be spending the next three years here. Don't waste this opportunity. Besides, it's your damn life!" You encouraged your friend, hoping that your words mattered. "Oh, no, he's here." You ducked your head.
"Wait, Eren? Eren's your crush?!" Historia exclaimed, a sheepish smile creeping up her face.
"He's not my fucking crush." You turned to your friend, palm not so subtly hiding your face. "How do you even know him?"
"He's friends with Ymir! Hey, Eren! Come sit with us!" She waved the man and your eyes widened.
"You little... bitch."
"Morning, ladies."
"Hi!" You spoke a little too eager and too quick.
"What's up?" He sat down, eyes scanning the rectangular menu on the table.
"Not much, but honestly you stopped by at the perfect moment." Historia sweetly smiled, but you know what she hid behind her innocence. "I gotta dash and I didn't want to leave Y/N alone. Byeeee!"
The incoherent sound that came out of your mouth as your friend left was enough for people to turn their heads at you, further embarrassing you. The desire of never answering Historia's text consumed you. But you stayed.
The campus was empty during Christmas break, but you decided not to visit your parents, despite being lonely. They were pleased with your choice, as always, only focused on your grades and never on your wellbeing. Head buried in between books, you were somewhat content with your choice. The library was never this deserted during the semester and you made use of the plenitude of books that haven't been borrowed, zealously finishing essays and doing extra work. It was getting dark outside, and with stacks of books in your arms, someone bumped into you, the impact making you fall on your ass, papers flying everywhere.
"I'm sorry!" You mumbled, mad at yourself for not paying attention.
"No, it was my fault." The stranger told you. "Oh, Y/N! I didn't think you stayed here during winter break." Eren crouched and helped you pick your books up.
"Oh, well, my parents didn't want their biggest disappointment to come home." You shrugged.
"Yeah, same." He scrunched his nose and you chewed your lip, heartbroken at his words. "Hey, do you, like, wanna spend Christmas Eve together? Most of my friends are gone, and I know Historia's gone, too. We could watch Home Alone." Eren elbowed you, almost making you drop the freshly stacked books.
"It depends, do I have to get you a gift?"
"Well, duh! What's Christmas without gifts?"
"Fair enough. You better get me something nice then, Jaeger." You smiled, turning on your heels and leaving.
"I hope you like your present." Eren winked, handing you a poorly wrapped box. God, you were worried about its contents. "Go on, open it!"
"It's so nicely... packed. I wouldn't wanna ruin it."
"You're a terrible liar, you know?"
"I know." Fingers tore at the festive wrapper, smile plastered on your lips. "Holy shit, Eren, I can't accept this." You bluntly told him, eyes glued to the limited edition tarot pack in your hands.
"No refunds."
"How did you know?"
"Historia told me you've been eyeing it for a while." He plopped on his bed.
"Great, now I feel an idiot with my stupid gift."
"Bullshit, I'll be the judge of that."
You handed him the gift bag that rested on the floor. Eren took it with shiny eyes, like an eager child, and pulled out a leather jacket with his favourite band on the back.
"Do you... like it?"
"Like it? I fucking love it!" He jumped up from the bed to try it on. "And it fits like a glove, too!" An arm looped around you, pulling you into a tight hug.
"Can't- breathe-"
"Shut up, you love it."
And you did, you really did. But it was just a friendly hug, nothing more, nothing less, you lied to yourself.
"Can we watch the movie now?" You pulled back.
"Yeah, yeah, I got it right here." Eren handed you his laptop and the familiar logo of the porn website you'd so religiously use to disconnect from reality hit you in the face.
"Um... weren't we supposed to watch Home Alone?" You asked with rose-tinted cheeks.
"That's Home Alone." He told you almost confused.
"No, that's the porn parody."
"Wait, there's an actual movie called Home Alone?"
You erupted into laughter, wiping tears from the corners of your eyes. Eren was completely oblivious to the real Christmas movie and you would remember this forever.
Exams were a bummer, but you pulled through. You haven't seen or heard from Eren since everyone came back from winter break, the reality that he only needed you when he was lonely hitting you like a brick to the head. You were pissed, but you couldn't afford being distracted and decided to confront him after your final exam, at the middle of January. You'd occasionally hear his door open and close — he was alive, that much you knew. Historia told you he'd been hanging with Armin and Mikasa, his two best friends since childhood and you knew you couldn't compare to that, but once the exam was over you practically rushed back to your accommodation to talk some sense into him. The closer you got to his door, the louder the moans of some girl became.
Defeated, you walked back into your dorm making sure the door was locked before you stripped and blasted the hot water over your body.
"I don't like you. I don't!"
Knuckles met with the tiles in the shower.
How stupid were you to believe he gave two shits about you platonically, let alone romantically? Petty, bitter and naked, you turned your laptop on and blasted the angriest music in your playlist, music your parents loathed, music that spoke to you.
"Go ahead and fuck her now." You told yourself and pulled out a notebook from your drawer where you'd written a pathetic bucket list for your time in university. Fuck Eren. Fuck your parents. Fuck whoever questioned the real you.
"Let's see." Your eyes scanned the list. Number 1 — get an industrial piercing. Number 2 — get a tattoo. You turned the volume down and called Historia.
"Hey, is Ymir still working at that tattoo parlour? She is? Great."
Valentine's Day was close and you had to stop yourself from throwing up whenever you passed by anything pink or heart-shaped. Your exam results came back and you were more than pleased with them, even your parents praised you, surprisingly. Your tattoo and piercing healed up nicely. Everything was going great, except for one little thing. Eren fucking Jaeger. You stumbled across his Instagram one night and, lucky you, it was public. You obsessively scrolled through the tens of pictures before locking your phone and slamming it into the mattress. Ever since then, you'd sometimes snoop through his photos, looking at his stupid face. Tonight was no different, headphones over your ears, you scrolled and scrolled until that shitty I Wanna Be Yours song started playing.
"Nope!" You skipped the song.
Somebody to Love.
"Hell no!" Skip.
Wicked Game.
"Nah, fuck this."
Out of bed, you thought about going downstairs for some fresh air and with a nod, you grabbed your jacket and got out. From the corners of your eyes you saw a tipsy Eren stumbling down the hallway to his room. Shit. You couldn't go back inside.
"Hi, Y/N-"
"Fuck off." You walked right past him and headed straight to the staircase. You didn't spend much time outside as you didn't want to freeze to death and when you reached your floor, he was still there, back leaned against the off-white wall of the hallway.
"Can I talk to you?"
"Oh, now you wanna talk." You snapped back, fingers gripping the doorknob.
"Look–" Eren hiccuped.
"No, no, you don't need to justify yourself in front of me."
"Silly me, thinking we could be friends."
"I'm just a nobody who happened to be lonely during Christmas-"
"Y/N, would you just listen?" He grabbed you by the shoulder, giving you a small shake. "I wanted to talk but I got caught up with my exams-"
"What, you study?" You mocked the man and he seemed to wake up from his inebriation.
"Is that really so surprising?"
"" Now you just felt stupid.
"I wanna make it up to you."
"Do you like board games?" Eren mused. You nodded. "Great! How does Friday night sound?"
"Sounds good."
"Perfect. Historia's gonna be there too, along with some of my friends."
"Um, be where exactly?" You trailed off.
"Probably Armin's." He replied, and you only knew him from from Eren's Instagram. "I'll pick you up at 7?"
"We literally live across each other."
"Play along, Y/N." And you smiled, unable to hide it this time.
"Alright, pick me up at 7."
"It's a date, then!" But before you could say anything, he was already inside.
March was close to an end and you'd spent an enormous amount with Eren in February, either going at Armin's for board games, pulling all-nighters at the library, texting each other late at night or just walking together for your lectures, his chemistry ones, your linguistic ones. But come March and he started avoiding you again, despite your petty tries to text him. It was unbearable, the hot and cold friendship you two had. This time, though, you needed to confront him. Swinging the door open, you heard it again — the moans and dirty talk, and it infuriated you to the point you were ready to kick the fucking door down and wrestle that bitch. Were you going to do it? No. You were better than that. When he first texted you after a period of ignoring you, you were eager to respond. You didn't. When he knocked at your door at 1 am asking you to talk to him, you didn't open up. When he called you twenty times in a row, wanting to hear your voice, you didn't answer. When Historia wanted to convince to give him another chance, you dismissed the offer. You were done with this bullshit. You were done with him.
It's been a long time since someone accidentally triggered the fire alarm. It was only natural it had to happen again. This time you didn't even flinch at the sound, idly rolling off the bed and stomping outside, hoodie over your silk camisole. He was already there, you'd seen him before your eyes drifted somewhere else. Eren approached you, seeing as you had nowhere to go, and you pretended he didn't exist.
"Talk to me."
The alarm stopped ringing and you walked back inside with him following close behind. You unlocked the door, walked inside and slammed the door, only for it to be stopped by Eren's foot.
"Get out, Jaeger!" You threw your hands at him, wanting to beat the living shit out of the man, but he easily caught your slender wrists.
"Killer tattoo." He snickered, his thumb gently rubbing the inky marking on your skin which you haven't shown anyone other than Historia and Ymir.
"Are you deaf?" You growled at him like a rabid dog. "I said get out!"
"Not until you listen to what I have to say." Eren brought your wrists to your sides, but it only made your anger worse.
"Why?" The question was coated in sorrow. "So you can shit on the third, fourth, fifth chance I'm giving you?"
"Y/N, just shut up and listen!"
"No! No, Eren! I don't understand you and I don't think I want to anymore." You pushed him, rage giving you more strength.
"For fuck's sake, just listen!" The brunette leaped forward and crushed your lips into a kiss. You could feel a blood vessel bursting on your forehead and raised your arm, pushing him again.
"Are you seriously losing it?"
"I fucking am! Why do you think I've been avoiding you?" Eren's fist connected with the wall, the fairy lights above the impact zone dangling from the swift movement.
"Excuse you?"
"You heard me. I've been avoiding you because you're driving me nuts! I wanna be with you but I know how destructive that would be for you!"
"Fuck off with your bullshit!" You spat at him before he pulled you back into a hungry kiss. Slowly, you were beginning to feel overpowered and defeated, yet you still fought back, slapping Eren across his cheek. "I'm so sick and tired of your shenanigans, Jaeger!"
"That makes two of us." Calloused fingertips grabbed your chin, digging into your soft skin and squishing your lips. "God, you're beautiful."
"Oh, pweesh!" Your palm tried to meet with his face again, but he dodged it, tilting his head backwards and then bringing your face closer to his.
"I wanna ruin your goodie two-shoes reputation." Eren's tongue brushed over your lips and you were melting in front of him. He released the grasp of your chin, his hand lowering and hovering over your neck.
"Why did you avoid me?" You jabbed your fist into his abdomen and he backed off with a groan. "And I want a proper answer this time."
"I fucking told you, Y/N! I like you but I know I'd be bad for you!" Eren explained himself.
"I can decide for myself if you're bad for me or not!" You forcefully poked your index finger into his chest. "But you could've just told me, talk to me!"
"Didn't I try, you crazy fucking woman?" He pinned you to a wall, hand searching your body.
"Oh, so it's my fault now?" Your hands started moving on their own, desperately tangling in his locks.
"I never said it's your fault!" His hand snaked under your white camisole, cupping your breast.
"You fucking implied it!" Manicured fingernails dragged down his nape, goosebumps dotting Eren's skin.
"You're crazy." The man whispered into your pierced ear, sucking at your earlobe.
"And I despise you..." Your voice trailed off, weakly moaning under his touch.
"Good, because I'm sick and tired of you creeping into my head." And he knew the only way to solve this was to have you all to himself.
"That makes two of us." You mocked him, your hands now at his belt, hastily undoing it. Eren wasted no time in taking his shirt off. Still mad at him, you pushed the brunette onto the bed and clumsily, rapidly climbed on top of him, starving to feel him inside of you. "I hate your fucking face."
"Is that all you've got?" He cooed at you, sarcasm dripping down his tongue as he pushed his sweatpants and boxers down, displaying what you so passionately yearned. His strong hand grabbed you by the neck and turned you over, his body hovering over yours. "You're such a pain, Y/N."
"You're an asshole!" You cried out, your fingers tugging at the waistband of your white panties which Eren practically ripped off of you.
"I know." The brunette hungrily bit into your thigh, bruising it in the process. You both fought for dominance, both wanting to be in control, but he was just so fucking stubborn that you gave up when two fingers entered your soaking cunt. "I knew that would tame you." Eren sneered, his fingers dancing between your slick folds, pumping in and out of you. "Filthy slut."
You completely submitted to him. Mind, body and soul, you yielded, eagerly fucking yourself on his fingers.
"Greedy fucking bitch." He added another finger, stretching your silken walls and earning a lustful moan from you.
"F-fuck me! Please, fuck me like you hate me!" You asked — no, you begged.
"I do hate you." He lied.
"Then do it, please!"
His hard cock, glistening with precum, slowly entered you and pain instantly shot through your body, unaccustomed to the feeling. In his frenzy, Eren disregarded the fact that you were a virgin, only thrusting deeper until your teeth dug into his shoulder, drawing blood.
"Shit, I forgot-"
"Don't fucking stop!! Do NOT!" You demanded, tears in your eyes as he pounded into you. You were in pure bliss, the pain only making you want more.
"You little masochist." He sneered, pleased with the new information. "You like pain, huh?"
"Yes! God, yes!"
"Good." His hand squeezed your neck harder. "Because I love inflicting it."
You didn't know exactly how much time passed, and frankly you didn't really care at this point. All you cared about was him rearranging your insides with passion.
"What's that?"
"F-from b-behiiiind-"
"You want me to fuck you from behind?"
Eren pulled out of you to grant you your wish. Turning you over, he grabbed a fistful of your hair, yanking your head up.
"Look at yourself." He thrusted back into your cunt. "The perfect, innocent, hard-working daughter taking my cock like a bitch in heat."
With droopy eyelids you glanced in the mirror and, embarrassingly, you loved what you saw. You loved the way your tits jiggled with every movement, you loved the way your mouth slightly opened in extasy, you loved the way he fucked you silly, you loved him.
"Harder, p-please!" Eren removed his hand from your hair and gripped your hips harder, thrusting with so much force you thought his dick would obliterate your uterus.
"You're a whore."
"I'm a w-whore!" You repeated absentmindedly.
"You're my whore. Say it!"
"I'm y-your whore!"
"Good. Now rub that pink clit of yours. I want you to cream on my cock."
Obediently, your shaky fingers reached the oversensitive area. The friction was immeasurable, the release was even better. Every inch if your body hurt like a motherfucker and Eren pulled out. He didn't let you catch your breath, also longing for his sweet release.
"Are you gonna be a good girl and help me finish?" He asked but you knew it was an order. You nodded and spread on the bed, face up at the edge of the mattress. The brunette quirked a brow at your position and shoved his hot cock down your throat. Knowing you've never done this before, he allowed you to use your hands. Just this once. You sloppily sucked, clueless as to what you were doing, and he was so close just by your innocence. And you felt it — his pulsating cock. Your hands milked him and the hot white liquid covered your palms, lips and chin. Curious, you licked it, nose scrunching at the bitter yet salty taste.
"You'll learn to like it." Eren promised between chuckles.
You absentmindedly scrolled through your playlist trying to find the perfect song when you inhaled the smell of burnt toast.
"Shit, shit, shit!" You darted to the kitchenette, quickly pulling the plug out and desperately trying to get the bread out of the toaster, eventually succeeding. The fire alarm started, and you were ready for the walk of shame you so strongly refused to take. You found Eren outside in the crowd of neighbours, eyes glued the ground, too embarrassed to look at him.
"It wasn't me this time, I swear." He lifted your chin up and kissed you on the forehead.
"It was me." You admitted with a whisper.
"Babe, really?"
"Burnt toast?"
"Burnt toast."
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sunarinexe · 3 months ago
haikyuu boys looking after their sick s/o ♡
ft: oikawa t. , bokuto k. , kenma k. , atsumu m. , kuroo t.
tooru oikawa ~
Tumblr media
omg caring boyf!
very lightly scolds you for not looking after yourself, to which you look at him like 😐
boy cant say shit
overall very good at looking after you and knows exactly how to cheer you up!
gets pouty when you say you cant cuddle because then he might get sick :(
it was lowkey tooru's fault that you were sick in the first place. you were supposed to meet him at the school gates after his practice. when you arrived there were a few grey clouds in the sky but you didn't think much of it as you weren't supposed to be waiting that long.
But after about 10 minutes of waiting, you felt little rain droplets land on your head. Not even 5 minutes later, the light rain had turned into a full blown storm. You ran to a shelter, but your uniform was already soaked. You could already feel shivers running up your spine as you tried to dry yourself and preserve your body heat.
By the time Tooru found you, you were shaking from the cold but you're cheeks and forgead were burning up. "y/n-chan! oh god, are you okay? you're soaking!" you were so frustrated with him for taking this long but all you wanted was to go home. you looked up at tooru as he brushed your damp hair out of your face. " i was waiting for your practice to end but you were probably doing extra practice again, weren't you?" you challenged him. tooru's eyes widened and he pulled you into a hug. "come on, let's get you home baby".
As soon as you walked throught the door, you were stripped of your damp uniform and ushered into a warm shower. You felt a little better afterwards but your nose and eyes were still pretty watery and your fever wasnt going down much.
Tooru wrapped you in a blanket burrito for your shivering body and pressed a cool damp cloth against your forehead for your fever. With some of your favourite snacks next to you on a coach and a cheesy sci-fi movie on the tv, you leaned against Oikawa with his arm draped around your shoulder. He patted your head every now and then with the occasional head kiss until you fell asleep.
(side note: he carried you to bed and tried to cuddle up and nap with you, but you woke up and told him he wouldn't be able to play volleyball if he got sick. that shut him up real quick but wouldn't make his pout go away 🥺)
koutarou bokuto ~
Tumblr media
would be SO pouty if you didnt show up for school one day bc u were sick
leaving poor akaashi to deal with his slump :(
originally tried to leave school to come see you but you said you would lock your door if he left 🥺
he just wants to help
would literally BOLT to your house as soon as he could
You were woken from your nap to a bang of your front door and Kou shouting for you. However, due to your sore throat you couldnt really answer, so you sort of just waited for him to find you like a puppy. You could hear his heavy footsteps running around the house, opening every door looking for his beautiful s/o.
When your bedroom door flew open, you saw a disheveled Bokuto, his uniform a mess and his hair droopy. His eyes lit up when he saw you and a big grin formed on his face. "BABY! OH MY GOSH I WAS SO WORRIED ARE YOU OKAY DO YOU NEED ANYTHING??" he yelled rushing towards you and jumping onto your bed next to you to embrace you. Not hearing an answer, he looked up at you with some confusion. "Baby?". You sighed and pointed to your throat, indicating you couldn't talk without it hurting. Don't worry because Bokuto is a firm believer that kisses and cuddles are the best medicine for any sickness! He talked your ear off while holding you close, chatting about his day and his teachers and how he landed a killer spike in practice, all the while you hummed and traced random shapes on his chest.
(side note: dont even try to tell kou you cant cuddle because you're sick. this man will NOT listen)
kozume kenma ~
Tumblr media
pls he probs wouldnt even notice you werent watching their practice until kuroo or lev pointed it out
that's weird you caught the train to school with him this morning?
he'd text you after practice asking you were you were to which you replied "oh i went home bc i threw up in the bathroom lmao im ok tho 🥰"
he didn't believe you were okay for a second you just didnt want him to worry.
hed stop by a convenience store on the way to your house to pick up some snacks and drinks you like for when you feel better.
and just rocks up to your door unannounced 🤪
"kenma? what are you doing here?" you asked the boy stood awkwardly at your front door. kenma knew he was right, you definitely didnt look okay. you were pretty pale and wrapped up in layers of jumpers and blankets but you looked sweaty at the same time.
without saying anything, he gently pushed you to your bed after shutting the door behind him. he took off his backpack and school blazer and v-neck, laying them on your desk chair. he took out the bag of goodies and his game from his backpack and sat against the headboard of your bed, all without saying anything. you were about to question him again when you were pulled backwards and laid down in between his legs, your back against his chest and his head sat softly atop of yours. gently wrapping his arms around you, with his game in his hand, you watched him play quietly, sometimes asking questions about it which he happily answered and even offered you a go as long as you didnt mess up his score. every once in a while, hed feed a snack into your mouth while watching you play in his lap. <3
atsumu miya ~
Tumblr media
this dude turned up at your front door like he did every morning to walk to school with you and samu.
however, when you came outside in your uniform, he immediately noticed you were most certainly NOT well.
mother fucker hoisted you over his shoulder and walked you back inside, all the while shouting to samu to 'cover for him at school'
the audacity of this bitch
after realizing what was happening, you started punching tsumu's back and ordering him to put you tf down. "sorry doll, but i wouldnt be much of a good bf if i let 'ya go to school sick, now would i?". you just went limp in his arms and accepted your defeat.
he took you into the kitchen and sat you on the countertop, giving you a quick peck on your nose before turning round and rummaging around in cupboards to find medicine. after finding the right one, he coaxes you into taking it because apparently "'ya may be his baby but 'ya cant act like one when you're the same age as him" (🙄).
proceeds to try and cook you some nice food but apparently he doesnt share his twin's cooking talent. so he sheepishly orders delivery after you convinced him to give it up. carries you up to bed AGAIN even though you tell him you're perfectly capable of walking up the stairs. throws pyjamas at you and orders you to change while he just changes it to what was supposed to be today's practice clothes, which reminds you to scold him for ditching school. pulls you onto his lap and shuts you up with a kiss. keeps trying to make out with you but you tell him you cant because you're sick. acts SUPER pouty about it but practically chucks you off of his knee onto the floor when he hears the doorbell for the food.
tetsuro kuroo ~
Tumblr media
was high-key very worried when you didnt show up at your date as planned.
got scares and ran to your house to see if u were okay
(has a spare key aw)
he quietly called out your name to see if you were there.
not getting a response he cracked open your bedroom door to see you curled up under the covers fast asleep with the curtains closed despite it being 1pm.
after rubbing your eyes to wake up properly, you checked your phone. you tensed up after seeing the time and loads of missed calls and texts from 'tetsu <3'. you slapped your forehead, cursing yourself even though it wasnt really you're fault. you just get extremely tired when you're sick and tend to sleep a lot.
you jumped up out of bed, trying to ignore the dizziness in your head as you frantically searched for some clothes. however, darkness clouded your vision for a few seconds and you fell out cold onto your bedroom floor.
you woke up for a second time to tetsu's worried face and him shaking you awake. you stared back groggily at him. "tetsu... TETSU?!" you cried, your eyes shooting open. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE OH MY GOD IM SO SORRY IM SORRY FOR BEING LATE WE CAN STILL GO OUT RIGHT?". Kuroo looked at you super confused. "kitten, why are you apologising? you can't help that you were sick and no absolutely not we cant go out you're staying here you clearly need rest." he said while picking you up bridal style and tucking you back into the bed covers. "now wait here, i made your favourite, let me go get it before it does cold"
babyed you when he came back, blowing on your food if it was hot and feeding it to you. constantly giving you little pecks. when you finished he put the dishes in the kitchen sink, opting to wash up when you fell asleep again which he was determined to be in his arms this time <3
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fandom-blackhole · 3 months ago
Now that I have time and some motivation let's get down to business.
Paz also has tattoos for you,
One of your name in mando'a,
Second of the star constellation that you spotted on your trip, we love our wiccan king,
He'd 10000% be the guy to get his child's birth date tattooed,
Paz posting his precious doggo on instagram?,
Oh or Paz starting a culinary YouTube channel???,
And also showing his of the grid lifestyle?,
showing his animal rescue and promoting adoptions!,
He is buffy, handsome, funny, loves children and animals, dresses good and is the best chef, so there are many fanboys and fangirls in his comments thirsting over him,
When the comments asking if he is single get too overwhelming, he asks you to tune in for some vlogs,
You'd definitely film a mukbang video!!,
And also these crazy spicy noodle challenges,
Boba accidentally disliking all of Paz' videos?? (we are still onto tech-grandpa Boba? 😂),
You have to make sure that he doesn't post any pictures done by his hand,
He'd retweet funny clips of cats and cute pictures from Jango Investigation company's official profile,
Also him leaving embarrassing comments on your profile?
Or not knowing that there is function to dm you on instagram,
So he comments on your recent holiday trip picture ''you looked good in this swimsuit princess, shame on me I tore it apart'' or ''looking tempting babygirl, be ready, sir will be home soon'',
Din doesn't really care for sm?,
Like he used to be a casual user,
But one day people were flooding his comments and dms, spamming him with @pascalisapunk,
He noticed that you were watching youtube kids with Grogu,
(oh now I hope you will know what is going on) Grogu really likes watching cocomelon,
So Din tricked him to watching PewDiePie instead,
You don't like it tho, thinking these videos are too edgy and stupid for both of them,
''Din you've watched too many of these videos and you became a brain-rotten himbo I don't want the same to happen to our son!'',
Din and Grogu playing Minecraft together? 🥺,
Also Paz has the best town in Animal crossing for sure!,
Surprise, surprise Boba actually likes and knows how to(!!!) play Mafia game (well it's from 2002 so maybe that's why lol),
But he is the king of board games,
Especially Monopoly!!!
Also not to mention cars games,
He made you play strip poker with him 😳,
Paz and you doing a baby shower at his restaurant!!,
Imagine big daddy bear Paz with a little babygirl 😍😍😍, (Bummer that we don't have an official name for the Armorer, could be honored by Paz naming his baby after her 😭),
Grogu telling his friends at school that his daddy is also an actor lol,
Few days later bunch of 5 year olds are asking him if this is the way to the restroom, if he can bring in some hot chocolate, and doing the baby yoda batuu sound at him lol,
Poor Din, but he secretly loves it, he just loves children,
So imagine his combustion when you tell him that you are having a little Djarin 😍,
Paz helping with babyshower??,
And Boba is totally on buying you a new, bigger apartment as a gift lol,
''What, Djarin? Can't have my little nephew and favorite sister-in-law who is pregnant living in your excuse of an apartament'' lol Boba has no chill,
Grogu gets addicted to bubble tea,
And it isn't because of your introduction, you knew better not to let him drink too often,
But everyday, after coming back from the kindergarten Din and Grogu would stop by your favorite bubble tea shop,
Grogu totally wants a little brother!,
And Din is thinking about a little babygirl or better, why not both, or even better two little boys and a little girl and Grogu being their big bro 😍,
You better be ready for some intensive wrestling sessions,
You and Din have no idea why, but lately, he seems to cum A LOT MORE,
When Boba carries out the tradition you are pregnant,
Pregnant with twin boys,
And the look identical, like they were literally cloned 😉,
Boba wouldn't throw a huge babyshower,
He is too afraid after the incident involving you and the rival syndicate,
Actually Boba decided that you should move from the downtown, to live in a more low-key area,
So you are now living in a palace 😉 in the suburbs
Boba gets you a private driver and a bodyguard,
But most of the time he tries to drive you to work since you both have offices in the downtown area,
Your daily commute can get really pleasurable for both of you 😳,
Boba has his own shooting range lol, king of extra right?
One day when you were babysitting Grogu at your place you found out that Boba was teaching the kid about shooting,
You were furious,
''C'mon princess, haven't I told you about me and my father? He showed me how to use a gun when I was even younger than Grogu'',
Srsly, this man,
Giving him a death glare you take Grogu and treat him for some bubble tea
Oh yeeesss let's get to business....
Paz's tattoos 😭😭😭 so cute (kind of reminds me of my dad, he has all of our names)
Paz totally has an Instagram dedicated to Ad'ika
Paz being thirsted after on his YouTube is so cute
But his followers also really ship the two of you, because you both are just couple goals
Paz makes you the cutest anniversary video and posts it to his YouTube
Paz is a total gamer, he absolutely loves Animal Crossing and he makes a whole section of his town dedicated to you
Paz throws the absolute cutest baby shower and anyone and everyone is invited
You both decide to wait until after the baby is born to find out the gender, and Paz has a raffle going on at the restaurant where people can guess the gender
Armorer = Amira? Amara? Andromeda??
He makes you both cute matching sweaters for your characters
Paz is the one that introduced Grogu to minecraft
Boba cause so much havoc on social media
He totally is leaving thirst comments under your pictures on Instagram not realizing everyone else can see them too
You have a Instagram set up for Fennec too because she is just so photogenic, at least when you take the pictures
I think Boba is actually pretty proficient at using Twitter, and its more or less because he uses it to stalk people 9/10
You have a tumblr where you tease and make fun of Boba, mostly posting quotes or the silly pictures that Boba takes
Boba totally dominates at any board game, but especially Monopoly
That game of strip poker did not last long at all, and you think Boba quite literally was hiding aces up his sleeves
Boba makes sure you are always thoroughly satisfied before he drops you off at work every morning
When Boba finds out you're pregnant he celebrates, and its huge
He starts going all out buying anything and everything he can/wants
When he finds out its twin boys he is over the moon
Names for the boys, Jango and Jaster? Rex and Cody??
Boba totally buys some big house outside of town, that has anything and everything you could ever ask for
It also has a panic room and state of the art safety because Boba isn't taking chances with you or the boys
Also, bringing the babysitting saga to the modern au 😭😭
You walk in on Boba handing Grogu a gun and you flip out, yelling at him
He just shrugs and you take Grogu away and say that your kids WILL N O T learn how to do any of that stuff until they are atleast teenagers
Boba pouts because you ruined his and Grogu's bonding time
When Din comes to pick up Grogu, Grogu looks him in the eye and says "cocksucker"
Din has a heart attack and Boba laughs as you yell at him asking where he heard that
Grogu says that he heard uncle Boba say it while on the phone
Din tries to follow Paz’s recipes from his YouTube, and it always turns out badly and you have to come in and save it
Din totally loves Pewdiepie's humor
Din gets frustrated with social media and ends up just making an empty account so he can follow you and watch videos, but after the whole Pedro Pascal disaster he never posts anything
Grogu and you are his profile picture though
When Grogu goes around telling the kids at school he is the mandalorian he just sighs
And when all of the kids start quoting the show, he just starts quoting them back so they will stop bothering him
When Din announced the pregnancy Paz got so excited to have another nephew/niece
Paz lets Din hold the baby shower at the restaurant and he makes all of the food, including little gender reveal cake pops
Paz gifts the two of you a photo album at has pictures of the two of you and grogu, but it is still half empty so you can add more memories of your expanding family
Boba just hands Din house keys a day says the place is paid off and he's covering the bills for the first year (he also had a nice play set built in the backyard for Grogu)
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fashionablyfailing12 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
▶BSD Characters as Kids
Tumblr media
Note: i'm an assistant teacher during summer classes (extra-curricular ones + taekwondo & judo) in this local pre-school and have heard and seen some funny shit because kids are too blunt for their own good. And I saw the latest wan ep. So I thought, imma make headcanons as I drown in more unfinished work UwU. Teaching 'em is honestly rewarding but also wtf why are u squeezing ur face into the air conditioner get the fuck down kid- so yeah, here are some headcanons of bsd characters as kids i've encountered lmao.
If y'all would like a part two please let me know so I can drink 1 liter of coffee beforehand, I found it to be a fantastically effective writing tool at 2:00 am UwU. You know what i WILL make a part two and include the other organizations + characters lmao. Was supposed to include Yosano in this one, but since Kouyou is in part two...i just had to put them together man-
Warnings: swearing
Genre: Crack
Characters: Chuuya, Kaji, Akutagawa, Ranpo, Kenji, Kunikida, & Elise
Tumblr media
the one who tells everyone to sit the fuck down and be quiet because the teacher is talking, and is immaculate at making threats to shut them up.
Plus he's good friends with every authority figure. Consistent winner of the teacher's pet award and is not one bit ashamed of it.
He's the kid that will zoom straight at you when he sees you outside of school and is just so happy that you go to the same grocery store, and his parents mutter 'sorry' behind him cuz oh boy-
It's almost closing time and he's still talking to you, he will never stop talking to you, if you kindly attempt to say goodbye he'll start another topic.
"That's great! Um, how about you tell me on monday so everyone else can hear your story, sounds good?"
"Hmm, okay," and you think it's over but-
It's really nice to see him excited and happy to talk to you, when he'd usually act mature in class and suppress his inner gremlin, because he has to be perfect and do perfect or he'll cry for days.
but you also need to buy groceries so that you can eat something for dinner-
Make him in charge of listing the rowdy kids when you get called for a short meeting, and he'll cherish you forever, he feels so proud and will do anything to fulfill his duty.
That he often takes too far.
Like his classmates can't take a goddamn bathroom break because the moment they stand up their name is written in all caps and he is glaring at them.
"But i need to pee-"
You'll get complaints the moment you get back but you won't have the heart to tell him off because he genuinely thinks he's done the right thing.
And he'll have this bright smile plastered onto his face as he hands you his notebook and report every minor occurrence.
Not a surprise, but the entire class is listed.
he can't remember your name, although he knows you and what you look like, and you'll hear him repeatedly say another name until he finally pats you on the arm, or tug at your sleeve to catch your attention.
And realization hits you that oh, so you're the one he's calling. Then he just says hi, smile at you, ask you one very specific question, and go back to whatever he was doing.
Very wholesome, and you honestly wouldn't mind to repeat it for him, but why did you just ask how old my mom is and where she lives kid what-
He's also the kid that rarely talks but is friends with everyone, he just greets them and smiles, sometimes he starts a short conversation before hanging around the group and listening happily to whoever was talking.
The nicest 'it' during tag, like if another kid says "wait I need to tie my shoelaces!" he'll chase after someone else and let them be, and when he spots a kid struggling to run after everyone, he'll offer to be 'it' again.
Is also the type to make lots of cards and give you silly gifts, like a yo-yo and cool flashcards, if he enjoys it he'll share it with you and everyone cuz it makes him happy and he wants the same for y'all too.
Everyone likes him and he's always invited to birthday parties.
Ranpo ↪
oh god he's in every picture. And it's fucking hilarious.
So you're taking a picture of another kid who's sticking their drawing to a bulletin board? He's throwing peace signs at the bottom.
Snapping a quick shot of two best friends smiling like they're about to break their jaws? He'll just speed in front of the camera and blur everything.
Probably has a photo with each classmate and shamelessly photobombs their picture with their parents.
but like, they can't deny him so they awkwardly put a hand on his head or something and let him stay for the picture.
Will brutally correct anyone, like it could be the most subtle error and he'll just look so offended and stand up from his seat to blurt out the right answer.
And he never stops yelling talking until you finally shush him and admit that he's right.
Certified candy stealer so nobody better make the mistake of leaving their sweets somewhere visible to him cuz he will get them, and once they realize their candy is gone-
He's already eaten it.
The laziest of them all, when you tell him to finish something he'll go "but my hands hurt" or "my stomach is aching"
But when you grab a drink and come back he's running with the other kids and wreaking havoc inside the classroom.
And once he notices you're back he's gonna clutch his stomach or head and be 'sick' again.
Best actor™ and is the infirmary's regular guest.
Chuuya ↪
he loves teasing the other kids but tease him once and he will explode.
And challenging everyone he comes across is his trademark and when someone dares him with a "think you can do this?"
he fucking will and you have to stop him from breaking his bones or another person's bones.
almost anything you say can provoke him, but teasing him about a specific crush will just awaken a different kind of violence within him.
*classmate couldn't kick the target pad* "Haha, you suck"
"You're just moody because dazai is absent-"
" no one said you had a crush on him..."
Then he realizes this and lunges at whoever said it and you end up holding him back from being outright feral and slamming a kick pad onto their face.
Naturally skilled in anything physical, teach him a move once and you'll see him use it the next lesson like he's done it a hundred times before. Pretty decent at school work too.
He hands his homework and workbooks early, and practices the exercises diligently, but this fact is often overlooked because he’s a magnet for trouble.
Oh and if anyone talks shit about said crush behind their back, he'll go off.
He also insults them from time to time but if someone else tries to-
War. Just war.
Akutagawa ↪
dislikes most of the other kids, has one or two people he's friends with but is still a bit closed-off, and he plays with them while waiting for his parents to pick him up.
But no one knows much about him apart from his name.
Everyone is lowkey scared of playing with him, because he gets competitive in games and his strength is no joke either.
Like he'll go "tag!" And the other kid nearly kisses the ground even though he just patted them on the arm. He doesn't do this on purpose though, and struggles to apologize despite being genuinely sorry.
But a little bit of help and he'll be able to say sorry without sounding mad.
He's aloof to most people, but you'll often find him taking his sister's bags, her lunchbox and water jug, until all she has to bring is herself, and he'll hold her hand when they go down the stairs or uneven pavements.
Is really nice but has a hard time showing it, and he might be quiet, but try opening a topic about his favorite show and your eardrums are blasted into oblivion.
Kid, i'm glad to see you have something you're very enthusiastic about-
But chill.
Also he really loves Bakugo, like really.
she pits other kids against each other for fun and relishes in the outcome as she denies having anything to do with it.
*points at a random kid* "he said you have no friends"
*moves to the kid she just pointed at* "you see him? That kid called you a wimp"
And she's gonna spread the word that those two are gonna fight and make bets on who's gonna win, then proceeds to watch the chaos like it's a movie.
Has a way of knowing most kids secrets, though she won't reveal them to anyone...
That is if they abide by her rules and follow everything she says, "tell teacher you saw me break my arm so I can go home, and no will know you steal crayons"
Rich kid™
Has the most expensive snacks, and never gives anybody some as she eats them in front of the other kids. But she'll have one best friend that gets a small share, other than them everyone else can starve.
She's still a little mean even to her best friend, but if she sees another kid bully them she'll make sure that kid will end up at the principal's office clueless and scared.
If you give her something her intial response is something along the lines of "I've seen better" or just plain "ew" but you'll find her wearing friendship bracelets that she called 'ugly and cheap'.
the I don't even wanna know kid. You'll catch him do the weirdest most questionable shit ever and you just let him be as long as it won't get him killed and end in arson.
Sometimes he goes into an empty room and just sing so dramatically, he has riffs for each goddamn word in the song and belts out the parts that aren't really meant to be belted out.
Knows more than kids his age should know, sometimes in an academic manner, especially in science, but he has heard and seen some things.
Things you'd rather not ask.
Snitches on his parents, like he'll barge into the teacher or principal's office and spill the tea. Even if you stop him.
Let me give you an example with Gin as his classmate and Hirotsu as principal:
Gin: what is sex?
Hirotsu: excuse me??? Where did you learn that word???
Gin: I saw the word in a history book, what does it mean-
Kaji: you don't know??? It's when the bed starts to rock and your parents make sounds like AHH-
Hirotsu: ALRIGHT THAT'S ENOUGH *faces Kaji* tell your parents to contact me, we need to talk. They need to get you a separate room.
Kaji: okay * laughs and looks at Gin* I almost fell off the bed one time-
Hirotsu: Kaji.
He can never say anything without screaming and the other kids hate sitting with him on the bus during field trips.
But he's crazy smart so they love being paired with him during projects, and is a consistent winner in academic contests. Also has the most creative ideas that earn him 1st place in extra-curriculars.
Has eaten food that fell on the floor once and played it off with a smile.
Tumblr media
People please be careful around kids, they will tell everone everything they see or hear around the house, the Kaji one is something I actually heard and I felt second-hand embarassment for her parents so damn hard. But I secretly laughed too oop couldn't look em in the eyes for months JHSSHSHSG also im very proud of the kid I referenced for Kenji because she was able to call my name correctly by the end of the school year, and has improved her speech a lot, im so happy for her and thankful that her parents aren't the type to pressure kids into learning things too quickly. Also I went outside to get coffee today, and they kinda made a mistake and forgot to make the macchiato decaffeinated, but I was too shy to tell them so I guess im not sleeping tonight either UwU
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virgojeons · 5 months ago
true love; day two (jjk)
Tumblr media
summary: you and jungkook spend your first christmas together.
alternatively, a merry love story based on the lyrics of true love by ariana grande.
* read part one here
genre: fluff, humor, college au, established relationship, holiday series, jeon jungkook x reader
word count: 5.7k
warnings: cursing, implied sexual content, slight angst, excessive use of pet names
a/n: hello again!! thank u all so much for all the love on the first part of true love. honestly, this entire thing was supposed to be wrapped up before christmas so i truly apologize lmao but i hope u guys are still willing to read!! and i hope u love this one just as much. thank u again and happy holidays!!! <3
Tumblr media
on the second day of christmas, said you felt something's missing, so you promised me that promise ring to keep 'till we get old.
Tumblr media
Much to Jungkook's dismay, you were exactly the type of Christmas shopper he had always despised. The unprepared, frantic shopper who saved all their gift buying until the last possible moment and then took their procrastination out on everyone else. In Jungkook's head, he had pictured the first morning you two spent together during your holiday a lot differently. He spent a good amount of time fantasizing about the way you would look when he opened his eyes to you, how you always appeared so unguarded and dreamlike with the early morning sun hitting your face. How that was when you were at your softest, so pliant and eager to get close to him that you'd let him do just about anything he wanted. He imagined greeting you gently, pressing kisses on your warm skin and pulling the covers back over you two until he worked you awake in the best way he knew how.
Instead, Jungkook was getting a pillow to the head.
"This is the third time I've had to come in here and wake you up." You huffed. You were also trying your absolute hardest to ignore how cute he looked while rubbing his sleepy eyes.
"I really don't remember that." He drowsily pouted.
Okay, you felt sort of bad now. Maybe you shouldn't have thrown a pillow at him. But with each time you came back to see if he was up and ready, he only seemed to snuggle deeper into your sheets. Which would've been fine any other time, would've been welcomed actually. But you had a busy schedule today, and he knew that.
He also knew exactly what to say to get you to leave him alone for a few more minutes.
The longer you stand here watching me the less time you'll have to get ready had you leaving the room with a roll of your eyes and a new pep in your step. I'm up, baby, I'm up. Don't worry. One soft, sleepy smile sent your way after and you were stumbling back out of the room, mumbling to yourself about willpower and resisting temptation. Just as he intended.
And now, the third visit.
"I'm sure you don't," You deadpanned. "But you're thirty minutes behind schedule, Kook."
Jungkook knows that almost every move you make in your life has been planned to hell and back. In complete contrast to his personality, you're a calculated, meticulous woman. You use your notes app approximately five times more than the average person, you make a list of pros and cons for practically every situation. He knows that you have a detailed itinerary spread out in your mind if not in your notes, and if you didn't follow through with a sufficient amount of those plans, you got cranky. (Which also makes no sense to him, because he figured all of these qualities would make for an efficient, three-weeks-too-early Christmas shopper. But, well. It doesn't.) Depending on the day and both of your moods, he liked to put his life in danger and meddle. Liked to wreck your plans, liked to watch your resolve crumble as he made you draw outside your own lines. Admittedly, experimenting with how much prodding you could take was one of Jungkook's favorite pastimes. As mean as it was, he couldn't help but find it entertaining. You were cute when irritated and the things that flew out of your mouth when you were annoyed were hilarious. It also often led to great sex. Sue him.
So as Jungkook sees it, he has two options. He could do as you ask, refrain from poking a hole in your plans and spend his entire day at the mercy of you and that crazed mall. Or, he could simply pretend to go back to sleep and pray that it annoys you enough to make you leave him alone altogether.
He blinks, ticks his head to the side and considers his choices. You're all too familiar with that deliberately contemplative look on his face, but when he's throwing the blanket back over his head and loud, exaggerated snores fill your room, you're still rolling your eyes so far back into your head it hurts.
You scoff. "The twenty-one year old computer science major."
You're pretty hesitant to feed into your boyfriend's antics, considering the fact that you're a very stubborn person and generally don't enjoy letting other people win debates of any degree. With all of this being said, Jungkook's prayers are answered. You decide you officially don't have time for this anymore. Truth be told, you were really looking forward to spending the day shopping with him, and couldn't wait to go out and do some totally pointless yet fun Christmas activity afterwards. But his dedication to being absolutely impossible at the ass crack of dawn was a little unbelievable. And not in a good way. So with that, you're grabbing your purse from beside your table and exiting your room without a word. It's the sound of your footsteps gradually descending down the stairs that has Jungkook sitting straight up in your bed.
"Baby?" He calls.
You think that you want to make him feel guilty for forcing you to shop by yourself. The devil on your shoulder also tells you to make him feel a small fraction of the disappointment you're feeling right now. Deep down, you feel a little bad. You're possibly (definitely) overreacting and waiting an extra thirty minutes or so probably (obviously) wouldn't kill you. The inner morality battle makes you pause, has you waiting for the angel on your other shoulder to talk you down.
As it turns out, she's nowhere to be found. Oh well. This comes as no surprise to you. And so, you proceed to kill two birds with one stone.
"I made your favorite," You eventually respond, in the process of slipping on your shoes. "It's in the microwave. Hope you enjoy your sleep."
Your sarcastic parting words have their desired effect, and Jungkook feels like enjoying sleep is just about the last thing on earth he'd be able to do right now. For one thing, he's not even tired anymore. And for another, he actually feels pretty terrible now thanks to that entire interaction. Before he can even think of a response, the sound of the front door being shut and locked echoes upstairs. Jungkook is met with silence.
In the car, you're forcibly listening to Here Comes Santa Claus to will away any negative feelings you have towards your boyfriend.
In the kitchen, Jungkook stands before the microwave. He quickly comes to realize that his nonexistent chocolate chip pancakes were simply a result of your ever-charming need for vengeance.
Tumblr media
The mall is just as hellish as you'd envisioned.
It'd only been a little over an hour and a half since you started your shopping, and you had already dealt with two bitchy old ladies and a cranky saleswoman that looked like she craved death. Nevertheless, your notes app checklist had been checked to its completion. Well, save for one exception: Park Jimin.
For as long as you'd known him, Jimin and picky went hand in hand. Picky with his food, his clothes, his friends - you name it, and he probably had a specific set of restrictions to it. It was just the way he was, and while you loved your best friend to pieces, he was hard to please.
Cue where Jungkook comes in. Ugh.
Being the person you were, you rose to the occasion and made it your personal mission to get Jimin the gifts he deserved. But you had been hoping that having Jungkook with you would make the whole process a little easier on you this time around. Of course, you've given Jimin really good presents in the past. But there's only so many times you can brainstorm such genius gift ideas on your own.
Exhibit A: A little over a year ago, Jimin was going through this random astrology and space phase. So naturally, you bought him a framed personalized star map for his birthday. He didn't really know what he was looking at until you were explaining that it was a map of what the sky and stars looked like the night he was born. He was in tears immediately after. Not to toot your own horn or anything, but it was pretty safe to say you nailed that.
Exhibit B: Around the time of Christmas last year, Jimin had been whining for days about how society had become too modernized.
Robots are decades away from taking over the world! He yelped in the library, eyes wide and arms raised in frustration. Our children have fried their brains from viral dances and Wall-E is a literal foretelling of what this planet is on the brink of!
You didn't have the heart nor energy to point out how societal evolution was inevitable and had been happening for centuries B.J. (Before Jimin, don't laugh) and would continue on for centuries A.J. (After Jimin). More selfishly, your librarian hated his guts and you got a good laugh out of her threatening to kick him out every time he raised his voice over a decibel. So instead, you made it so he unwrapped a brand new record player from you on Christmas Day. You dragged him to your car right after, let him pick three vinyls out at your local record store and took him to some old-fashioned diner out of town. He ate a burger, a strawberry milkshake, played his favorite oldie on the pretty chromatic jukebox and smiled the entire way home. Jimin never complained about modernized society again.
And so, as earlier stated, you had given Jimin some good presents in your time as friends. But this year, you wanted to get him a great present. It was well known that you were an excellent gift giver, since you were a diligent perfectionist through and through. Despite the way you came off at times, everyone around you knew you were really just a big baby with an even bigger heart and a need to make the people you loved happy. A true people pleaser. Thus, came your frustration with Jimin's gift.
You always felt like you owed Jimin a lot, but even more so this year. This year, he brought you Jungkook.
Jungkook. Ugh.
Thoughts about what life would be like if Jimin never introduced you two popped up in your mind quite frequently. You figured Jungkook and you would've eventually crossed paths at some point, with both of you attending the same college and him working at your favorite café and all. But you were a shy girl at heart, and you know you would've spent the remainder of your senior year harboring a devastating crush on him from afar if it weren't for Jimin.
Finding a gift to properly express just how thankful you were was proving to be impossible. Jungkook was supposed to be here, hand on your waist and giving you stupid suggestions with that stupid pretty smile on his lips that you would pretend to be annoyed at and kissing your stress away and laughing in your ear and-
Instead, you were sitting in the mall food court by yourself. Despondently pushing the now cold orange chicken around in your styrofoam container.
Embarrassing as it was, it was also pretty expected when you felt your internal frustrations manifest into physical tears. It was too easy for things to permeate the little bubble you had built around yourself, all too effortless for tears to instantly spring to your eyes at the simplest of things. (Jungkook hated seeing you get all teary-eyed for obvious reasons, but also loved that about you for other, less appropriate reasons.) Long story short, you were a crybaby, which meant you could always sense when you were about to cry over something stupid. Knew it before you even felt that stinging sensation in your nose or the wetness at your waterline. Lovely, you think to yourself. I'm about to cry in the middle of a food court.
And then a chair was being scraped across the floor and placed directly across the table from you. You didn't even need to look up to know who was sitting in it, because it happened anytime he was in the same room as you. You just knew.
You quickly blinked until the tears were gone and looked up anyway, fixed your face to mask your relief with indifference. You cleared your throat. "How'd you find me?"
Jungkook, pretty as ever, waved his phone at you. "I always have your location. Remember?"
He looked so dreamy, so handsome in that winter jacket and holiday sweater with his hair like that. Plus, his effort had your heart melting. You kind of wanted to drag him into a janitor's closet or something.
"Right," You responded monotonously, popping an orange chicken in your mouth. It was mostly to keep yourself from kissing him silly.
Jungkook's smile dimmed a bit at your passiveness. He wasn't sure what mood you'd be in when he found you, but he knew he had to at least try. He couldn't sit there by himself, constantly getting worked up and wallowing in his pessimism until you came home. And he also couldn't just let you marinate in your anger all day. Tracking you down was more or less the only solution he could think of.
"Look," He starts, voice soft while he reaches for your hand. "About this morning, I'm really sorry. I just had, like, this vision of us waking up together and... nevermind. It doesn't really matter. The point is, we have all week to sleep in and I should've respected what you had going on. I was being childish and selfish and-"
You crack.
You're leaning over the table and pressing your lips against his before he can even wrap up his speech. Partly because you know Jungkook is so pure that he really would apologize for hours if you let him, but mostly because he looked so pouty when he was saying sorry and you missed him a lot this morning too.
When you pull away, you take great pleasure in the dumbfounded expression on his face. “How'd you get here, handsome?”
"Uh... an Uber," He flushes, and scratches the back of his neck. "Aren't you mad at me?"
Seeing him squirm like this reminds you of your early days in the coffee shop when you were still dancing around each other. The thought has you trying desperately to cover the growing smile on your face.
"Mhm. Sure am."
Unfortunately for you, the smile is contagious.
"Doesn't look like it," Jungkook points out, and his shoulders shake when he laughs at you.
"I am!" You insist, before you realize that your heart is fluttering and your stomach is doing somersaults and the very last thing you feel right now is anger. It's over. "Okay, well, I was. Not so much now that you're here."
He's scrunching his nose up at the accidental fondness in your voice. "You missed me, baby?"
"A lot," You admit, blushing so hard you can't even meet his gaze. "But if it makes you feel any better, I was really mad on the way here. I had Here Comes Santa Claus on repeat and stopped at Starbucks to order a black coffee."
Jungkook frowns. "Why would that make me feel better? You hate black coffee and you said Here Comes Santa Claus makes you want to chew a glass ornament."
"Exactly. The deep hatred I hold for those two things really distracted me from my irritation with you."
Jungkook breathes out a laugh, shaking his head like he can't believe you. He probably can't.
"I really am sorry, though."
"Thank you. I forgive you, and I'm sorry too," You say, taking great interest in tracing over the tattoos on his knuckles. When you look up, he's raising an eyebrow at you in confusion. "For saying I made you chocolate chip pancakes when I didn't. That was mean."
"It was," He agrees, but he's smiling like it was the nicest thing that's ever happened to him. "I love you."
"I love you too, Kook." All you can think about is how gorgeous he looks when he looks at you like that.
But he's eyeing your food now, and you know exactly what's coming next. "By the way, are you gonna eat that?"
Tumblr media
Back at the mall, Jungkook was expecting to do a lot more groveling. He came prepared, which was why the black box you'd seen yesterday was currently burning a hole through his pocket. He'd like to think he knew you pretty well, better than anyone probably. Even still, when Jungkook panicked, his brain was practically useless. He was a carefree, laidback guy, was never good at working under pressure, and never good at handling confrontation well. Especially when it came to you.
He would like to say he didn't consider himself to be afraid of many things. He's bungee jumped off a cliff before. Backwards. He's been dropped in an ocean full of sharks with a flimsy cage as his only means of protection. He's eaten an entire box of Namjoon's favorite cereal while drunk and had to avoid him for a whole week after. So yeah, Jungkook knows fear. He prided himself on just how well he knew it. But this feels completely different. He's 100% sure he's never experienced fear quite like this.
He loved you so much it scared him. He was terrified of losing you, in any and all capacity. The thought alone made him feel genuinely sick. Jungkook had never been insecure, never really had a reason to be, but he knew himself, and he knew you.
He knew he still had that kiddish streak in him that twenty-one year old men graduating from college probably shouldn't have. He knew that his laidback personality did more harm than good at times, could even result in communication issues between the two of you every once in a while. He knew that this was his first serious relationship and that meant he was prone to make mistakes. Jungkook also knew that you deserved someone more mature, more stable, someone that could mirror and reciprocate all the aspects of your personality he loved so much. It was an indisputable fact.
He'd paced across your kitchen floor at least twenty times by the time Jimin picked up the phone.
He groaned as a greeting. "It's 9am."
"Yeah, I'm aware. I'm sorry. But look-"
"Shouldn't you be on your Horny Holiday Honeymoon? Where's ____?"
(Jimin came up with the term weeks ago when you two told him of your future Christmas plans, making fun of Jungkook for being so whipped and also grumbling about how he would have to drive home for Christmas by himself this year.)
Jungkook pinches his nose. "That's what I'm calling about. And please stop calling it that."
"I'm not gonna lie, Kook. You have 10 seconds to say something interesting before I go back to sleep."
"...I might've done something to upset ___ and she might've been so pissed that she left me in the house alone. Hypothetically speaking."
There's a tense, drawn out silence that has Jungkook plopping onto the couch in preparation. Jimin may be his best friend, but he's also yours, and he tends to take your side in most arguments. It's whatever. He blinks up at the ceiling and counts the seconds it takes until he's being verbally assaulted.
7... 8... 9...
"What the hell did you do, idiot?"
A deep sigh leaves Jungkook's throat at the thought of having to explain his idiocy out loud. He does it anyway, though, because Jimin is a lot like him; easygoing, happy-go-lucky, and overbearingly protective of all things involving you. He's managed to work himself up all over again by the time he's finished, and one look at the Polaroid of you two that you placed on the Christmas tree last night is enough to have him pacing again.
"Well," Jimin sighs, like there's only one obvious answer. "You have to give her one of the presents."
"Excuse me?"
Jimin thinks Jungkook is an absolute idiot. "You have to give her one of the presents. She'll deny it 'till she's six feet under, but grand romantic gestures are her weakness. You know how she is. And she told me she thinks it's cute when you're begging for her forgiveness, so."
"Won't that ruin all the fun of Christmas Day?" He whines. His chaotic thoughts and insuppressible mouth leave no time for Jimin to answer. "She's gonna break up with me, Chim."
Jimin tries his hardest not to hang up, he really does. He keeps repeating the sentence in his mind, attempting to maintain the role of a supportive best friend. But the more he does it, the more his patience wears thin. He just can't deal with the sheer brainlessness of it all.
And then Jungkook hears a click and the dial tone in his ear.
"What the fuck?" He thinks out loud. He stares at his phone, and then dials Jimin's number again. When it picks up, he repeats himself. "What the fuck?"
"I'm sorry, but you literally woke me up from a dead sleep to talk stupid."
"How is this stupid talk?" Jungkook sulks.
Jimin lets his eyes drift back closed and imagines Jungkook has his eyebrows furrowed, his bottom lip poking out like a scolded puppy. He doesn't need to be told his vision is accurate.
"That girl would believe the earth is flat if you were the one saying it. She loves you, Jungkook. You know that. Just like you know she'd never break up with you. Like, anytime soon at least." Jimin's joke falls on deaf ears. "Alright, sorry. I'm still half asleep. Point is, you need to get out of your own head."
At some point, Jungkook stopped pacing. He wasn't exactly sure when it happened, but he didn't feel like the world was crashing down around him anymore, so that was a plus. He takes a second to let Jimin's words permeate all the presumptuous, self-conscious parts of his brain. The little black box hidden in the Christmas stocking with your name on it seemed to glow from the across the room.
"You're right," Jungkook says easily. "Thanks, man."
"Yeah, you're welcome. I just saved your relationship, by the way, so Merry Christmas. That's the only present you're getting for making me drive home alone."
"You're kidding, right?"
Jimin smiles for the first time that morning. It's definitely more of a smirk, but. "Sure. Go get your girl."
Which leads Jungkook back to his current surroundings; one hand intertwined with yours while the other holds the hot chocolate you two picked up on the drive over. You'd been insistent about revisiting this place for months now, but schedules and school and life just got in the way. Both of you had nothing but time now, though, and it was with an excited giggle that you were pulling him towards the playground that held your first two milestones as a couple. Your very first date and very first kiss.
It wasn't as busy as it was that night, Jungkook notes as you tug him to the swing set. It wasn't busy at all, actually. You two were the only people around. It was a given considering it was the dead of winter, but it only continued to add to his nerves.
You letting go of his hand to sit on the swing has Jungkook breaking out of his thoughts, and he takes the swing next to you. It's not even noon yet, which meant everything was still so crisp and fresh. The air was cold and the wind was even colder, made you tangle your legs with Jungkook's so he was facing you directly. You've got this glossy shine over your eyes from the harsh temperature and he can tell you're feeling nostalgic just from the way you're holding onto him. It's in the way you shut your eyes for a second and just breathe, too. He watches you the whole time, takes a brief intermission from his anxious inner monologue to think about how pretty you are. When you open your eyes you're smiling, and try as he might, Jungkook can't help but smile back.
"It's nice, right?" You finally ask. Frankly, Jungkook hasn't felt this sick since the night he told you he loved you. "Feels like it's all coming full circle."
"It does." He distractedly agrees.
You know something's wrong from the tone of his voice alone. He can't even look at you now, and Jungkook's always been the better eye contact holder out of the two of you.
"Hey," You're calling out softly, placing a hand on his thigh. "What's wrong? This isn't about earlier, right?"
Jungkook shakes his head. "It's not. I mean, I guess so? Kind of."
"Kook, I already told you-"
"No no, I know. It's just..."
Like clockwork, his vague but loaded responses immediately have you spiraling. When you're jerking your hand from his thigh and burying your face in your hands with your eyes squeezed shut, Jungkook knows he's messed up. Again.
"Oh my god, you're breaking up with me," You wail, and his eyes nearly pop out of their sockets. "I'm getting dumped on Christmas!"
Jungkook realizes then that you two function in scarily similar ways. Both of you so quick to assume the worst, quick to let your usually suppressed doubts overshadow any rationality. So much so that he knows Jimin would've called you both idiots in that exasperated voice he uses when he's tired of being subjected to your stupidity.
The thought makes him chuckle, and the sound of his laugh has you slowly peeking through the slots in your clasped hands. It's pretty clear from the look on his face that you jumped to conclusions a little prematurely. Needless to say, the embarrassment you're feeling makes you defensive.
"That was an asshole move." You scold.
Jungkook is expecting it and has the audacity to snort. "You know by now that's never happening."
The word never has your heart instantly roaring back to life.
"Never?" You reiterate.
Below you, his leg is shaking rapidly. You're searching his face and he's so nervous he's going pale, and you can't contain the giggle that leaves you despite how you're suddenly feeling just as tense. You use your legs to pull his body even closer to yours, reach an arm behind him to bury your fingers in his hair and scratch at his scalp. Just as expected, he's leaning into it immediately. Jungkook drunkenly told you weeks ago that it was the eighth wonder of the world and you've been using it against him ever since. The memory causes you to grin as you press a soft kiss to his nose and he can't stop thinking about how in love he is and the black box in his pocket has never felt heavier.
"It's just me," You soothe.
Jungkook breathes out a laugh, because that's exactly what the problem was. It's you. He pecks your cheek in response and finally decides to just rip the band-aid off. He takes a deep breath. Here it goes.
"To be honest, I thought you were gonna make me do some serious groveling. And I was like, freaking out when you left me back at your place. So I called Jimin and he called me an idiot and hung up on me." The sight of your smile and the sound of your laugh gives him the encouragement he needs to keep talking. He pushes on. "But after he got that out the way he gave me a pretty good idea. So..."
He starts to fumble around his pocket, and you recognize what it is as soon as it makes an appearance.
The box he practically threw himself to the ground to hide from you last night.
Now, you're a lot of things, but you're not stupid. And you know only one thing can be in a jewelry box that small.
The weight of the moment finally sinks in and almost knocks you from your seat on the swing. One look at Jungkook and you're clutching onto the sides for dear life, blinking rapidly at the sudden urge you had to throw up. Or faint. Maybe even both. Ring, your mind screams at you. There's a ring in there and you know it. And for the final nail in your own coffin, the word you'd been desperately trying to keep from infiltrating your thoughts for months now rears its ugly head. Marriage.
Like breathing, like blinking; your answer comes naturally. It's automatic. Like you were never meant to do anything else but say it. And all at once, tears are streaming down your face.
Jungkook spots the wetness on your cheeks and immediately springs into action. "Baby," His voice is filled with concern when he cups your cheeks, and- oh my god, you were really crying now. "Baby, baby. It's okay. It's not what you're thinking. Well, it's not what I think you're thinking."
Oh. Oh.
His thumbs gently swipe the tears off your cheeks, and you feel so high-strung, so insane, that you start laughing through all your blubbering. It just hits you that you, a soon to be college graduate, had quite literally said yes to Jungkook's not-marriage proposal without any real thought or hesitance at all. You've known him for just a few months shy of a year. The answer took less than three seconds.
Eh. You'd deal with the repercussions of what exactly that meant later.
Jungkook thinks you look like an angel when you laugh, even when you're crying. He has absolutely no idea what you think is so funny but he's laughing along with you anyway and can actually feel the adoration he has for you radiating off of him in waves. A kiss is planted on his lips, all wet and messy because you can't stop giggling in embarrassment and he's more than willing to forget the box between you in favor of pressing his lips into yours. But then you're slowly pulling away, sniffling and still smiling, wiping your eyes with the sleeve of your coat.
"I'm so sorry," You flush, cheeks burning and head spinning. At this point it was hard to tell if you were kiss-drunk or I-almost-just-went-from-girlfriend-to-fiancé-drunk. "You're definitely thinking about how unhinged I look right now."
He shakes his head and gives you those serious eyes. "I'm actually thinking about... how I think you're the best thing that's probably ever happened to me. How these past nine months are the happiest that I've ever been. And about how I've never felt like this before, don't think I ever could after you, and," Jungkook looks up from his shoes to see you crying again. He's swallowing and choking out a nervous laugh to keep from following suit. "We graduate this year, right? We're supposed to get our shit together and become real functioning adults that pay bills and own pets and all that other stuff I've been tuning out for the past four years. I really think- no, I know that I'd hate it a lot less if you did it with me. Like, uh, together. Only if that's what you want too, of course." And you just can't stop crying, hiccups and all. Couldn't manage a word even if you tried. It has him anxiously tacking on a, "Hopefully?" just for good measure, in true Jungkook fashion.
"I love you so much, you idiot," You actually whimper. "Of course I want that. Everything you said, all of it."
Yeah, Jungkook knows for a fact now that you're the best thing to ever happen to him.
If anyone asked, he absolutely did not have to blink away tears as he opened the box to you, listened to your quiet gasp and felt his heart threaten to beat out of his chest as he slid it on your finger. (An exact fit. Thanks Jimin.)
You just needed to know one thing. "Why a ring?" Shit. Wait. "Not that I don't like it! It's literally perfect. It's perfect and I love it so much. I'm just curious."
"It's supposed to be a promise ring," He explains, and- is he blushing? "Sorry. I was so nervous I forgot to say that. I was gonna give it to you on Christmas but-" An abrupt thought makes Jungkook halt. There's a delayed pause before he asks, "Wait, did you really think I was...?"
His sentence trails off like he's waiting for you to fill in the rest of the sentence yourself. Luckily for him, your mind just proved mere minutes ago that it was more than capable of jumping to the conclusion of M-word. Now you're the one blushing. 
Quick to scoff in faux bewilderment, you lie straight through your teeth. "No, of course not."
If Jungkook can tell you're bluffing, he doesn't make it known.
Instead you're scrambling to abandon your swing in favor of throwing yourself onto his lap, pressing tiny kisses to his lips over and over like personal space was a foreign concept that you'd never exercised in your life.
"Mmf, love you," He manages to tell you in between.
"And I love you," You say back when you're finished, with this big dopey grin on your face that you were far too happy to cringe at. "You're freezing, Kook. Let's get you home."
Home, his lovesick brain repeats back to him. The word sounds different in the best way.
"Can we make a quick stop on the way?"
Tumblr media
In the car, Jungkook has a mouthful of chocolate chip pancakes. All is right in the world.
Tumblr media
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3ammanic · 10 months ago
Dating Katsuki Bakugou Headcanons
Tumblr media
When it first started, it was the one-on-one training during school where it initially threw you off since he would only train with you and not Kirishima anymore
Once, you tried confronting him about it
"Bakugou, why on earth are you training with me, you're making Kirishima feel less manly"
"Because you need to get better idiot"
"But I always lose to you"
"So? I always win. Now stop complaining and actually try, you're acting like an extra"
You wanted to argue more but you've noticed that you did get better so you got up from where he blasted you and tried again
Sadly you didn't beat him, sorry kiddo
And after every training session when you went to get your bruises checked out by Recovery Girl, he always came with you
Soon, he would only study with you too
This also made Kirishima sad :(
Again you tried confronting him
"Because you're the only one that can actually keep up unlike the rest of those idiots"
You didn't mind of course, secretly you loved indulging in all the attention he gave you so you enjoyed it while it lasted, letting your seemingly small crush grow into a full blown out infatuation
After that, he would ask drag you to rock climb with him, telling you that it will help you build more upper body strength
Literally when he finally asks you officially, without a doubt it'll go like this
"So do you want to be my s/o or not?"
"Sure, why not"
You'd laugh and go hug him, knowing that it's hard for him to be emotionally vulnerable
He'd initially try to get out of the hug, yelling to let him go but you joke that it's his own fault since you did gain some upper body strength after picking up rock climbing
Trust me when I say, it REALLY surprised your classmates that you actually said yes
When you go on dates usually you guys go mountain climbing or eat at spicy food restaurants and if he had the patience, cook together (i.e. he cooks, you watch)
Usually the night before, you'd spend hours scouring the internet together, finding new mountain trails and restaurants and recipes to try after rock climbing and hiking
You guys also spend time with your hobbies, he's not one to make this relationship one sided, he knows that not fair to you
It's obvious he's not one for PDA, (kissing in public or holding hands) but he won't hesitate to throw his arm over your shoulder when you're sitting together
He also doesnt like holding hands since it makes him sweat more and he could accidentally blast your hand off (which you appreciate a lot)
So when you're walking together, he would have his hands in his pockets and you have your hands wrapped around his arm
When you're not with him, you're hanging out with your other friends
But he does try to keep you away from the other Bakusquad crackheads knowing all 5 of you combined always ends up in some sort of catastrophe
Last time you guys tried to make him a birthday cake, it almost ended up burning down the kitchen
"Okay! That's enough!" When he loses his patience, he breaks you guys up by throwing you over his shoulder and walks back to his room so he can have you all to himself
Oh it took you A LONG TIME to get to see his room btw
Every time you went to drop off some textbooks he lent you, he would literally stand outside and close his door and didn't go back inside until he saw you walk all the way down and turn the corner
Rumors were that he's a secretly a fan of romance manga/novels but no one really believed it since, well its Bakugou
But he realized that if he was going to keep you away from the other crackheads he had to let you inside eventually
And those rumors were absolutely true, I'm talking complete sets taking up space
It also kinda explains how someone like Bakugou could also be romantic and violent at the same time
He threatens you of course
"If you tell anyone I'll kill you!!"
So when your classmates asked if it was true, you shook your head saying sadly it wasn't, but you were secretly smiling, knowing that this was one of many cute secrets between the two of you
Btw if you're dating Bakugou, that means you're technically dating everyone in the Bakusquad, those guys will follow you everywhere, no question
When you go out to eat his favorite restaurant, expect to see recognizable tufts of spiky red, yellow, pink, and black hair in the background
And occasional flashes of light well knowing that Mina is busy taking pictures
The only thing he doesn't like about you is how you bond with Midoriya when analyzing other heroes in action, scribbling in your own nerd journal, mumbling in sync
But you guys bonded over training since that's what caught his attention the most
He was impressed by not how strong your quirk was, but by how efficiently you used it
Especially the way you never held back in fights and how much you also wanted to win
It also helped that you're considered as one of attractive students in the hero course, next to Todoroki and Momo
And you were considerably intelligent too, not only academically but also strategically
This really caught his attention, when he noticed how you analyzed your opponent and tried different strategies to expose their weaknesses as fast as you could
He's not going to date a weakling. Period.
You guys also bonded over competing, whether it was debating or academics
This is Bakugou we're talking about, he will definitely try to win any argument you make
When you're having a bad day, he can automatically tell
"What's wrong this time?"
"Don't be an idiot, I can tell something's wrong. Tell me what happened before I beat it out of that idiot Deku again. DEKU COME HERE"
"WAIT NO. . ."
And you can tell when he's having a bad day
And when he does, you always pull him into a hug, holding him close, letting him know that you're always going to be there for him
You're his shoulder to cry on, someone he can finally lean on, knowing that you will never see him as someone weak
Expect a giant flood of emotions to come in your direction
He constantly denies it, but Bakugo secretly worries about you constantly
Especially when you get hurt after a fight
"Dont do that again" flick to the forehead
You get hurt once again
"What did I just tell you?!?!" Expect another flick to the forehead
The thing you've indulged the most though are those special late nights, when his rough edges tend to soften up the most
When you're both alone, whether sitting in his lap or next to him, that's when he completely opens up to you
When you ask about his personal aspirations about what type of hero he wants to be in the future and how he'll be the #1 hero
When he opens up about that night he was kidnapped by the LOV and the guilt that followed him
When he asks about your aspirations and tenderly listens to every word, thinking of ways to help you achieve those too
When he finally confesses his feelings for you, and you of course do the same
God he's a total sucker for cuddling
He secretly loves how you climb and sit into his lap, where you rest your head on his shoulder, arms around his waist, your nose brushing against his neck, where he can feel you smiling as he pulls you in closer
People may think he smells since he sweats a lot but fun fact! Nitroglycerin smells like burnt sugar so lucky for you he does too!
Thats why you love cuddling with him since he smells like caramel all the time
And that's the only time he let's you run your hands through his hair, surprisingly soft btw
And every night, when either of you tries to sneaks off to sleep in the other's room (Aizawa will watch you guys as a hawk, good luck) and you're both finally lying together in bed on the brink of passing out, you always ask the same question to which he responds with the same answer
"Do you love me?"
"Of course I do, dumbass"
Even though Bakugo may seem the biggest asshole in all of U.A., he has the biggest heart, solely belonging to you and only you
Tumblr media
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thoushallnotfall · 10 months ago
Blood and Water - Part 5
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9
Tumblr media
Pairing: (poly) The Lost Boy's x Reader
Word Count: 3.1k
Notes: Hgggnn okay so we're actually really close to wrapping this bad boy up! One or two more parts I think? Maybe? (I don't know what I'm doing helpppp) Seriously though, we're getting real close y'all.
I don't know if I did justice to some of these scenes the way I really wanted to (particularly since they were like, the reason I wanted to write this fic) but I tell you, I have been dying to write this part and it feels good to finally have it out there. Also to finally kind of work the fic title into the the actual fic oh my GOD.
Warnings: This part has some violence. I had to watch that bonfire massacre scene on repeat like 50 times and literally pause it every second to see every small detail just to figure out who did what to write the like one paragraph description of it I got and I still wound up with dang near bupkus...
You and Michael head out the next night, searching the boardwalk for the boys. You hadn't told him about your budding relationship with them, just like he hadn't told you everything that was going on between him and Star. The difference was, it was easy for you to guess that he had slept with her last night after he'd left to go find her, while he seemed oblivious to the fact that you were even interested in any of the guys, much less that you were potentially going out with all four of them.
You furrowed your brows, thinking about the situation. You didn't like that you were starting to keep things from each other; you never used to do that. You had always been so close--of course you were, you two were twins. You were supposed to be partners, best friends--you could tell each other anything, right?
Your situation with the boys was a little more complicated than your average high school romance, so you felt a little less guilty in keeping it to yourself, but why hadn't he said anything about him and Star? You didn't want intimate details or anything, but if your brother was really getting serious with this girl you thought he would at least talk to you about it.
You were worried that maybe you were starting to drift apart. That thought scared you. You liked to pick on your brother like any good sibling would, but you didn't want to lose him. You had always just assumed the two of you would always be together.
Had you been wrong?
"There." Michael says, pulling you from your thoughts as he points across the boardwalk. You follow his gaze, your pulse quickens the instant you lay eyes on them. They're hanging out on a railing, smoking and watching the crowds of people as they pass. As the two of you approach, you let Michael take the lead.
"Alright we're here. Now tell us what the hell you did to us." He demands, marching straight up to David and grabbing him by the collar of his jacket. David blows out a cloud of smoke and smirks.
"Good to see you too Michael; you're looking well rested." David replies. The other boys laugh. David's eyes turn to you. "Y/N." You look away, trying not to blush at the way he says your name. Michael doesn't seem to notice.
"Cut the shit. We want answers." Michael snaps. David breaks Michael's hold on his collar as the other boys smirk.
"No problem Michael. Get your bike; we're going for a ride."
The six of you head out past the boardwalk towards the dunes. You expect to ride with David or one of the other boys, but it seems tonight you're an initiate, and that meant you were riding with Michael. You pulled up by a large tree, shielding you from the view of a large bonfire on the other side. You could hear the telltale sounds of a party; guys laughing, Run-D.M.C.'s "Walk this Way" blaring out of a boombox as they they drunkenly sang along.
The boys all jump off their bikes and eagerly run up the tree for a better view. You get off the back of Michael's bike, but linger by his side as he stays firmly planted in his seat. You watch as Paul and Dwayne smiles and laugh wildly as they watched the men party, the anticipation at what was to come nearly too much for them. Marko bit his thumb to hide his eager grin. You had never seen them like this before. They were manic, almost unhinged in their excitement. David turned back to look at you, smiling.
"Come on you two, over here." He calls. You look over at Michael, before making your way over to join them in their perch. The boys keep watching, laughing, smiling. David looks back at Michael again.
"You don't want to miss this." This time, your brother listens, climbing into a spot next to you in the bottom of the tree. The two of you look up at David, his face masked in shadow as he speaks.
"Initiation's over; time to join the club." He moves into the light and you gasp when you see his face. His eyes are a pale yellow, rimmed in red. He's smiling with sharp, pointed fangs, and the shape of his brow was long and irregular.
David starts laughing as he looks at the fear on your faces. You hear the other boys join in above you. The two of you look up and see they had changed too. They had the same unnatural features as David. The same yellow eyes. The same sharp fangs. They all laugh and stare at you, making sure you both get a good, long look at them, before flying off and descending onto the drunk partiers below.
Just like that the screaming begins. You and Michael watch as the boys begin ripping into the humans like ragdolls. Michael tries to look away, but neither of you can deny the pull of the vampiric blood inside you. You want to watch. You have to.
The boys each grab a victim and one by one they begin to kill and feast on the men. Marko starts by unceremoniously breaking a man's neck. David bites into a man's head like an apple, blood squirting out of the wound like a sprinkler. Paul pins a man to the ground, ripping his throat out with his teeth. Dwanye squeezes a man to death like a python. Marko actually scalps one of his victims.
On and on they go, laughing all the while. The bloodbath ensuing as the boys call out to the both of you. As you and Michael watch, you smell the blood and the urge to feed is nearly overwhelming. You want to give in. You need it. You look at Michael and see his eyes have gone that same, sickly shade of yellow, and you know yours have too.
The boys start throwing the bodies onto the fire, still calling out to you. Michael screams, fighting against his instincts. He falls back, rolling down the hill into the sand. You take one more quick look back at the boys, before turning and running down the hill to crouch at your brother's side.
You were sweating and shaking, the urge to feed wasn't gone, but it was quickly being overtaken by fear. Fear of how badly you had wanted to kill those men for their blood. Fear of how much you still wanted it. Fear of the boys. Fear of yourself. Fear of how little you understood. And fear of the one thing you couldn't admit.
Not even to yourself.
The boys came sauntering back up the hill, smirking and covered in blood. David laughs, looking down at the two of you.
"So, now you know what we are. Now you know what you are. You'll never grow old and you'll never die. But you must feed." He says, whipping the blood from his mouth. He starts laughing, and the boys quickly join in.
You and Michael look up at them in fear and desperation. David was right; you did know now, but the two of you felt more lost than ever.
You and Michael were silent the whole ride home. You were both wrestling with the idea of being immortal killing machines, and dealing with that inevitability in different ways. You were also both tangling with potentially being in love with immortal killing machines, again each having your own thoughts on the matter. It was heavy stuff, and that, mixed with the scene you'd just witnessed, left the two of you feeling drained.
When you got back home you went to see Sam, who wasn't exactly thrilled to see you in your less-than-sorry state.
"Don't kill me guys! I'm basically a good kid, so just don't kill me." He says as the two of you appear through his window.
"Sam shut up we're not going to kill you." You snap, looking tired.
"We know what we are now Sam." Michael says.
"Listen guys I can help you. Just tell me who the head vampire is. Just work with me and I can help you, you'll be okay." He says. You're about to tell them this conversation can wait, when you hear a voice from outside call Michael's name. You look out the window and see Star.
"What's she doing here Michael?" You ask, annoyed.
"I don't know." He responds.
"Michael I have to talk to you can I come up?" Star calls.
"No." He replies.
You walk away from the window to speak to your brothers without her hearing, but in a split second Star's already come up. Sam freaks out
"She's one of 'em!" He says, running to hide under his blanket.
"What do you want Star?" You ask her. She looks over at you before looking at Michael.
"I'm here to talk to Michael." She replies.
"Well here he is." You gesture to Michael. "Talk." You snap. You didn't have time for this. Star sighed.
"Michael, I just wanted you to know you're not like them, unless you kill someone you'll stay like Laddie and me--and that it's not too late for you," she pauses, a single tear sliding down her cheek. "But for me it gets harder and harder to resist. I'm weak." Michael grabs her by the shoulders, pulling her in closer.
"Why did you come here tonight Star?" He asks.
"I was hoping you'd help Laddie and me." He laughs, no humor in it, as he lets her go and turns around. She disappears out the window in an instant. Michael turns back, sticking his head out the window and calling her name.
"Don't kill anybody until we get back to you!" Sam yells out the window. He runs over to the phone and starts dialing a number.
"What are you doing?" You ask, concerned.
"I got connections." Sam replies.
How did this happen?
That's what you think to yourself as you groan getting out of the car under the sweltering sun. Sam runs around to help you and you grab hold of him to steady yourself.
"Listen, Sammy, I think you should stay with the car; in case we need a fast exit you know?" You say.
"Nice try y/n. You're just trying to leave me behind to try and protect me, right? Not a chance." He replies.
"Sam, it's not safe." Michael joins in, clearly in agreement with you.
"That's exactly why I should be down their with you. We gotta stick together, remember? You're still my siblings; even if you are vampires."
"Listen, just so you know, if you try to stop us or vamp out in any way then I'll stake you without even thinking twice about it." Edgar says in all seriousness.
"Chill out Edgar." Sam shots back
"Yeah come on." Edgar calls to his brother as they make their way across the bridge.
"So Sam are those guys like, your friends or..." You ask as you lean on him and follow them.
"I'd say we're acquainted through work." Sam replies.
The Frogs invade the cave and make a B-line for Star. Michael stops them, going over to grab her from her nest of blankets. She insists he takes Laddie first, and Michael quickly leaves to take him to the car.
"I feel a draft, I think there's something up here." Alan calls.
"Let's check it out Sam!" Edgar says as he goes to follow his brother. "Let's go!" Sam follows behind Edgar and you silently trail after Sam. You crawl through the small tunnel, keeping pace as best you can in your weakened state.
"Flies!" Alan calls from the front.
"We're on the right trail. Flies and the undead go together like bullets and guns. Come on." Edgar says.
You reach an opening and boys all start sniffing, looking disgusted.
"What's that smell?" Sam asks.
"Vampires my friend. Vampires." Edgar replies.
Being half-vampire, your sense of smell had improved. You could smell the boy's scent; it was growing stronger the further down the tunnel you went. You knew you were getting closer.
"It's freezing in here." Sam says as he hops down a ledge. "Come on guys it looks like a dead end, let's head back, huh?"
"Yeah, let's go." You agree with Sam.
"They must be hiding the coffins around here someplace." Edgar says.
"There's nothing here let's go guys." Sam urges.
"Jesus" Edgar shines a light up. Sam screams before Edgar quickly covers his mouth with his hand. Your heart nearly stops as you look up and see the boys, hanging from the ceiling like bats, fast asleep.
"You just have to kill the leader right?" Sam asks, removing Edgar's hand from his mouth once he's finally calmed down. "So which one is it y/n?" He looks over at you.
"What?" You stop staring at the boys and glance over at Sam.
"What one of these bloodsuckers is their leader?" Edgar asks you. You look at him.
"You're, you're going to kill him?"
"Uh duh, that's why we're here." Edgar says. "Don't tell me you're turning traitor, because I won't hesitate to stake you too lady."
"No! She's just in shock that's all!" Sam says, jumping in between you and Edgar. He turns around to face you, putting his hands on your shoulders.
"Just tell us which one it is y/n."
You look back up at the four boys sleeping above you. You realized now that, even in their vampire forms, they didn't scare you. You had been thinking about this moment all day; about how much it was going to hurt. About how badly you wished you didn't have to be the one to do it, but how you were the only one who could.
You thought about the saying 'blood is thinker than water.' About how family was more important than the bonds we form in life, even love. You wondered if that was really true. A tear streamed down your cheek, and you looked down at your brother.
"I'm so sorry Sammy." You whisper, before pulling out the air horn you had hidden in your jacket and pushing in the button. The tiny horn's sound screeches through the cave, echoing off the walls, waking the sleeping vampires above you instantly.
They roar, flying down from the ceiling. Marko quickly blocks the exit as the Frogs attempt to escape, and Paul and Dwayne land on their backs as the scream and struggle to break free. That left David to fly down and land menacingly in front of you, looking angrier than you'd ever seen him as his face reverts back to it's usual human form.
"Y/N what the hell is going on here? What are you doing in here? And who the hell are these punks?" He snarls, standing dangerously close to you as he stares you down. You're standing protectively in front of Sam, who you feel shake with fear as his fists ball into the fabric on the back of your shirt.
"David, I can explain." You say, stopping to swallow the lump in your throat. "Please..." You beg him. The threatening energy emanating off him makes you tremble, but you focus on keeping Sam out of David's sight as much as possible.
"You better." He warns, his tone sharp as a knife.
"After we went home last night, Michael and I were both scared, but I--I wanted to join you. I just needed to make sure Michael did too. I knew he would need more time, that I would have to convince him--b-but I knew I could do it! I was going to help talk him into it, so we could join together, but then Star showed up-"
"Star?" David asked. "Why?"
"She came to ask Michael to help her and Laddie."
"'Help her?' That bitch! After everything we've done for her!" He hisses, anger in his eyes.
"After Star left I knew there was no way I could talk Michael out of trying to help her; he's too short-sighted when it comes to Star. Sam--my little brother--h-he knew these two wannabe vampire hunters--he was just trying to help us out because he cares about us--and so they formed this idea to try and kill you while you slept; to cure us."
"I-I knew if didn't go along with it, you'd either end up killing my brothers, o-or one of you would get killed. I couldn't let either of those things happen, so I pretended to want to help--but made sure I'd have a way to wake you up as soon as we found you." You hold up the air horn in your hand.
"That's what that awful sound was? I thought someone had died." Marko said.
"Betrayal! We never should have trusted a vampire!" Edgar yells as he lies face down on the ground.
"Shut up!" Paul jams his knee harder into Edgar's back as the boy grunts in pain.
"So what you're saying is everyone in this cave was trying to kill us except you?" David asks, murder in his voice.
"Well that's kind of on the nose--it's a bit more nuanced then that, but I guess technically yes?" You reply. His eyes turn yellow, and he reaches out his hand over your shoulder to grab for Sam.
"No!" You scream, moving to block him. "Please David, he's my little brother!"
"He tried to kill us!" David snarls.
"He was only trying to help me and Michael! Because he loves us!" You're crying as you look up at him. "Please don't hurt him! Please! I promise he won't do this again."
"Y/N." David growls your name.
"David please." You beg. "I promise! Please don't do this." You're nearly hysterical now, moving to hug Sam tightly against you. You heart was hammering in your chest as he looked down at you, eyes cold as ice. Finally, he sighs, folding his arms.
"Fine--but if I think for even a second that he's a threat," He says pointing a gloved finger at Sam. "He's finished. I mean it y/n." You smile, relief overtaking you as you throw your arms around David.
"Oh thank you David!" You kiss him over and over, not caring that he was still in his vampire form, or that your face was stained with tears, or that Sam looked truly terrified at what he was seeing. "I promise you won't regret it."
"I better not." He replies. "Now, about these other two." He says, looking over at the Frog brothers. "I'm assuming it's fine if we kill them? They're not your cousin's or some shit, right?"
"No, but if you wait, I have an idea."
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koko-bopp · 11 months ago
lee jaehyun x gender neutral!reader
word count - 0.7K
genre - Fluff
warning(s) - not really? Unless you count the fear of storm and thunder?
synopsis - you once told your boyfriend that thunder and storms weren't something that you particularly liked, you didn't think much of it until Hyunjae takes note of the weather and decides that he'd rather spend his time going over to comfort his boyfriend.
Tumblr media
It had been fifteen minutes since Hyunjae had messaged you, you were staring at his last message... well, your last message, and Hyunjae having read it fifteen minutes ago with two check-notes next to the word.
You were under the covers, literally. The duvet over your head as the light from your phone was in your face and your cat sat next to you peacefully. At least he wasn't worried about the storm, you could barely sleep with the sound of thunder flashing every few minutes.
It was reaching close to midnight, and you'd just accepted that Hyunjae was just too busy to message back, or one of his roomates had called him in for something.
The thunder had hit again, and you couldn't help but flinch and before you knew it your cat had jumped too.
You pouted at him, your heart rate dropping a bit as you traced your hand down his back, "Sorry, bubs. I didn't mean to scare you."
There was a knock at your window and that probably startled you even more than the thunder, you jolted out of reflex, throwing the covers off of yourself to look.
You carefully approached the window, only to be greeted with a familiar fluff of blonde hair and a weary smile.
"Hyun! Oh my god," you whisper-yelled, jumping out of bed open the window and allow your boyfriend into your room. He wasn't exactly drenched, but he carefully climbed over your window frame; he stumbled a little bit but still managed to get back onto his feet. He proceeded to take off his boots before, placing them somewhere where it wouldn't bother anything, the looking over at you with a giant grin, not waiting a moment and instead wrapping his arms around you.
You did the same, burying your face into his chest, "Why'd you come– why'd you climb?"
He chuckled, placing a kiss on the top of your head, "I know you don't like this kind of weather, thought I'd be superman or something," he chuckled, "Also, your roomate's a bit of an ass, I didn't want to get a beating by using the front door."
You sighed happily into his chest, before looking up at him, "Where'd your park your car? He mightve even seen you."
"Well, I ran so–"
You hit Hyunjae on the arm softly with a shocked expression, "You ran?!" You exclaimed, a little softly so it doesn't disturb anyone, "In this weather?"
Hyunjae chuckled, cupping your face with his palms as he looked at you while scrunching his nose cutely, "My man needed me, so I did what any awesome boyfriend would do; I'm here, doesn't really matter how," he explained with a grin.
"Yeah it does, what if you get sick," you pouted, then flinched when you heard the thunder again, holding Hyunjae's hands as your gaze went outside.
Hyunjae didn't give you enough time to do anything about it, he picked you up and placed you on the bed, mindful of the cat who was now sitting at the end of it, "No more worrying, your superman is here now, and the sidekick cat is too," Hyunjae chuckled, lying down next to you and putting the covers just over your stomach before bringing you closer to him.
Hyunjae was always like this, he had no problem sacrificing his time for you. You guys were once casually talking on the phone with him about how you were in the mood for chicken nuggets, then the next morning he got them for you before your morning lesson.
He just takes things into consideration, he must've remembered you talking about how much you dislike storms and thunder.
"I'm so lucky to have you, Hyun," you chuckled, now nuzzling yourself into Hyunjae's chest, holding onto his waist so the bed supports the both of you.
"Well, my boyfriend subscription clearly states that I'll be there for you when you need me to," he smiled, a clear joking tone in his voice.
You moved a little to look up at him, "I don't ask you, though.. you just do and it always seems to be the right thing."
Your boyfriend looked away for a moment, shrugging with a guilty grin, "Part of me also just always wants to be around you, so maybe.. maybe, sometimes it's just because I need an excuse?"
You laughed softly, "You're really something else."
But it seemed to be working, there were three thunderstorms since Hyunjae arrived, and you hadn't even noticed them.
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outerbankslut · 11 months ago
Here For You... JJ Maybank
Summary • One afternoon after seeing a certain blond pogue hurt you are left confused and worried for him. So you set out to figure out exactly whats happened to him or more like what happens behind the closed doors of the Maybank residence.
Warnings • Swearing. Cannabis abuse. Mentions of abuse(from the show)-And please if you’re going through anything like that please talk to someone. My doors always open if you need to talk <3
Word Count • 4.3k (Imagine)
Tumblr media
(GIF isn’t mine, let me know if it’s yours)
    FLOUR ENCASED YOUR clothing as you finally slid the greased up tray into the oven, dusting your hands off after. John B and your friends were out on the boat for the day which you declined to have the day to yourself to bake cookies and do homework in peace without the likes of John B your brother and JJ your best friend. He stayed around a lot and at this point he basically lived there but you didn't mind. Truth be told, you had a big fat crush on the boy. But it was the opposite of all teenage love stories. He didn't love you back. You often found yourself happy to wake up and see the boy sitting around the house drinking beer or smoking a joint. He gave a sense of comfort in the house that felt so empty without your dad.
You and John B being twins shared most things—one being friends. You had known the blond since you were in third grade, and that was when the crush bloomed but you could tell by his constant hookups he didn't know nor reciprocate those feelings. He only thought of you as a friend.
Then there was Pope. Occasionally you worked down at his dads shop for extra money for rent if your uncle didn't come through with it as well as groceries since he didn't seem to care if you or John B starved. Pope was the sweetest and smartest boy you had met. When your brother refused to show you how to drive a boat the Pope showed you on delivery once. Though it got you in trouble with Heyward when you turned back up late to the shop.
And Kiara. She was a Kook. Got a taste of both sides of the jungle. The kooks didn't sit well with her so she ended up an honorary pogue. She was your best friend as soon as she joined the group since you'd never had a girl to talk to since your mum left and your house was filled with boys.
You sighed as you settled down atop the counter looking at your phone as you added a timer since the one on the oven was broken. It was all quiet apart from the low hum of the oven fan until a door was shoved open and stumbling footsteps walked round the house.
Everyone else was on the boat, so who the hell was this?
You picked up the wooden base ball bat from that leaned on the wall just in case and held your phone ready to call 911 and inched towards where the sound was coming from.
And the bathroom light was on, you furrowed your eyes brows in confusion.
Then when you pushed open the door you caught a flash of golden blond locks as the boy quickly turned around putting his shirt on quickly.
A bruise had formed just beneath his eye and along his cheek bone, mixed arrays of blues and purples splashed with the cream colour of his skin. You gasped as you saw it. His lip was busted and there was a small cut just above his eyebrow.
You reached forward to get a better look at his face as you finger lightly grazed over the bruise and he flinched away slightly making you frown.
"Sorry." You pulled away looking at the boy who had nothing to say in that moment but normally was not the quiet type. "Wait, why are you here? I thought you were on the boat with the others."
"I decided not to go today. I—um, had to help out my dad with some stuff at home." His voice wavered as he spoke leading you to believe he was keeping something. Then he turned his eyes to you. "What about you? Didn't think anyone would be here."
"I have homework to do. But that's beside the point. What happened to your face?"
He panicked. You couldn't know. As much as he wanted to wrap his arms around you and just stay there forever in your safe arms he couldn't. He couldn't drag you into his mess of a life. If would be best if you stayed just outside of it. You couldn't get hurt because of him.
"Homework. And I thought Pope was the nerd." He was deflecting. You rolled your eyes at the act. Something was definitely up. If this was just a small run in with Rafe other other Kooks then why would he be hiding that?
You sighed deciding not to question him for a second. Though you wanted to know who did it so you could punch them, he could tell you in his own time.
"I can help clean you up, got some frozen peas in the freezer. And some antiseptic wipes for that cut. But after that I want to know what happened."
"You know, I forgot I've got to get back to work and stuff. I'll see you later, Lu." He rushed past you away from the bathroom he had sought refuge in, where he thought he was alone but the prying eyes of Lucie Routledge never once left his.
"Wait, JJ!"
But he didn't stop. He carried on until he was perched on his bike and you were walking down the porch stairs.
He ignored you pulling on his helmet though when doing so his shirt rode up slightly and you got a glimpse of how bad it really was. How bad his homelife was. Though you didn't connect the dots just yet.
You gasped with a hand over your mouth seeing bruises all down his side, a messy painting of purples, blues and greens mashed together. But before you could say anything he sped away leaving you in your thoughts about what the hell happened.
The rest of the night you filled the out the pit in your stomach with chocolate chip cookies and empty thoughts. Since then you couldn't concentrate on your homework having given up an hour ago just when John B came back with Pope and Kie.
Your brother barrelled into your room a cookie in hand and jumped onto your bed as you winced hoping it didn't break.
"Did you guys have a good day?"
"Yeah. Especially since you weren't there." He joked taking a hefty bite of the cookie just as you threw your pillow his way.
He noticed your expression after that. You were distracted and confused and seemed distant.
"What's up with you?"
You sent him a puzzled look. "Nothings up with me. I don't know what you're talking about."
He rolled his eyes before standing up and messing up your hair with his hand which you promptly slapped away. "Well if you want to talk then I'm just next door."
Except you weren't part of the thoughts plaguing your mind. It was JJ.
    THE NEXT DAY when everyone was round at the Chateau JJ didn't even look at you. His gaze was focused either on the ground or towards whoever was speaking except from you. You could never get him alone to talk to him since he made sure you were never alone in a room and would spark up a conversation with literally anyone before you could utter a word.
It was midday and you were out on the HMS pogue with them all sitting next to Kie. John B was fishing, JJ was smoking as usual on the other side of the boat, Pope was reading and Kie was on her phone while you were braiding your hair. If the others weren't here you would definitely be able to cut the tension between you and JJ with a knife. If he was going to ignore you for wanting to help him then so would you. Two can play at that game.
The others could sense something was wrong though and were choosing to ignore it. They could tell since JJ had only flirted with Kie all day. He'd willingly had a conversation about science stuff with Pope. And none of them had seen either of you speak a word to each other.
As you sat with your eyes covered by sunglasses and body clad in a purple bikini you heard a squeal emitting from beside you and turned to see John B tipping fish out of a net right next to you and Kie and you felt a small splash on your legs of water from the dead Sea life.
"Nice haul, dude. Look at that." JJ commented.
Kie grimaced scouting away as she moaned at the boy for putting it so close to her. "Ugh, John B."
"Been all bait for, like, three weeks." Then John B threw a fish at JJ landing beside him.
Then your brother turned to you holding a fish in his hand and you scooted further away practically laying on Kie. "John B, do not thr—"
You were interrupted by the slimy fish landing on your lap after it had hit your face. JJ erupted with laughter at that as you narrowed your eyes. Practically the only interaction he had today with you. You narrowed your eyes on JJ before turning to John B and throwing the fish back at him as he ran to the other side of the boat.
Then JJ tackled down at the bow of the boat laughing before Pope jumped on top and Kie joined.
"Incoming." You yelled as you flopped down on the four people pile hearing groans in response with muffled laughter.
"I think you guys squished my organs." John B muttered as JJ nodded but you couldn't help but lie there and wish that this would be the way your life was for ever. The boat adventures, surfing, island life and doing whatever the fuck you wanted.
"Uh... Lu?" Kie muttered nudging your side and you jumped off realising you had just been sitting and staring into space. You noticed JJ wincing slightly as you all got up and felt guilty. Though he did jump into it himself. Literally.
"No problem, my lungs may no longer work but it's fine." John B said and you flicked him on the forehead when he sat up.
Kie looked to you as though she got an idea and smiled. "Food at the wreck? I've got a shift in hour."
"Not gonna turn down food. Especially from the wreck my favourite place on earth."
"My dads not gonna give you a discount for ass kissing." Kie deadpanned to JJ who looked dejected as you laughed. "You can have leftovers from are lunch menu though if I can convince him."
"Score." He pumped his fist in the air and you rolled your eyes. This was going to be a long day if he kept this up.
    AT THE WRECK the table could not been more awkward. The only seats left were next to each other that both you and JJ were forced to take while the other three sat on the other side of the round table laughing and joking around. It was like they did it on purpose. You picked at the fries in the small basket while JJ entered the conversation and you kept mulling over yesterday. The thought of JJ hating you felt horrible—like you were about to throw up every passing second. It may seem an overreaction to him ignoring you all day but why else would he be. Maybe you did something yesterday. Maybe you said something wrong. Maybe you—
"Lu?" Kiara stared concerned from beside you. Maybe you'd been lost in your thoughts for too long.
"What's up?"
She pointed to your hand and you looked down to see in your ranting thoughts you hadn't paid much attention to anything else and had squished a few fries in your hand. "You murdered some poor fries." She pouted as you laughed.
"Oh. Oops." You dropped them into the basket and by impulse sent a fleeting glance towards JJ who stared at his own food eating slowly which was unusual for him.
"Are you okay?"
"Yeah I'm fine."
Kie nodded in response slowly not really believing you.
"Okay, well I have to go start my shift now. So I’ll see y'all later." You all waved goodbye to the Carrera girl before finishing your food and heading back out on the boat from the docks by the wreck.
First it was dropping Pope off at Heywards to help his dad and then you headed back to the chateau, a silence among you until your brother coughed awkwardly looking between the two off you.
"Okay, none of us said anything earlier but you guys are acting weird. First it was you guys not speaking a word to each other. Then it was your fry mass murder. What's going on?"
"Nothing." JJ shrugged nonchalantly. Yep absolutely nothing was wrong. It was all fine and dandy.
"Whatever you guys want to think." John B shrugged not pushing anymore.
Once you got back to the Chateau John B docked up the boat just as JJ walked off down the dock to the house. You sighed. Could you give him anymore time? This couldn't go on for much longer. Surely.
    HE WAS STILL ignoring you the next day and it was just pissing you off now. So you stormed out to the porch where he had laid himself across the couch smoking. John B was out at work so it was just the two of you there and he was actively avoiding you.
Still nothing. So you did something he would definitely respond to. You went up to him and before he realised, you had snatched the joint from his fingertips.
"So now you talk to me." He scowled before attempting to take the joint back but you moved backwards sending concerned eyes to his rigid figure. "I'm worried about you JJ. You come in with bruises and avoid telling me why or letting me help you and then you ignore me all day yesterday. What's going on?"
His eyes softened as he focused his gaze on you and ran a hand through his hair turning around. And just when you thought he was going to open up to you he stopped the softness in his eyes dissipating into emptiness.
"What’s wrong is you just don’t know when to let off. You need to mind your own business Lu. You’re fucking annoying getting in everyone’s business all the time.” His voice was angry but it didn’t reach his eyes. The frustration didn’t reach those baby blue eyes. In fact they were filled with a sea of guilt and regret. But it was done now. He couldn’t go back now. And he knew he’d royally fucked up when he saw your face melt into a melancholy frown. But what did he expect?
So it was your fault. You were too nosey? But you were truly just worried about your friend. Is that a crime?
“Are you joking or something?” You laughed to ease the tension but the coldness in his face didn’t break. “You’ve been mad at me because I care? Your my friend, of course I care. I’m not going to apologise for getting into your business if it means that you’re okay.”
“It’s getting unbearable! You’re getting unbearable and annoying. I can’t—I just needed—need a break! So forgive me for not wanting to talk to you today! Because no one asked you to help them, it’s not your fucking place!”
“I know no one asked thats just what you do as a friend. You support them no matter what. Those bruises are clearly from something bad if you don’t want me to know. So I’m sorry someone actually fucking cares about you JJ!” Your voice raised towards the end but then cracked at the tears building in your throat suffocating you.
It broke JJ. He was causing this. He was the idiot that made you think you were anything less than amazing. But it was for your own good. Right?
Your best friend and unrequited love, thinks your unbearable and annoying and intrusive. And yet had never mentioned it all this time.
“I just need a break for a bit, I need you to leave me alone for a bit and so I can cool off. Is that too hard for you?!”
“What? Our friendship? You can’t just put something like that on hold. You can go fuck yourself cause when your ‘ready’ and ‘cooled off’ I won’t fucking care. Find yourself some new friends who don’t care about you cause it won’t be hard for me to leave you the fuck alone!” You spat at him. Was it too harsh? You were scared it was but he was harsh first. He didn’t say anything after. Just stayed quiet as you scoffed, salty tears sliding down your cheeks.
"You're a fucking asshole JJ Maybank." You shook your head and shoved past the boy. Your mind had completely forgotten about the bruises now. If he wanted to stay out of his business then so be it. You would remove him completely from your life.
The rest of the day you lounged around the house. After the argument you hadn't given JJ his joint back so you got high the rest of the time and it helped. For a few hours and then you were back to mourning your friendship. Thinking about all the good times you’d had. All the times when he didn’t seem to hate you. The blond hadn't resurfaced. He left just after the argument going somewhere but obviously you didn't ask.
It was days after that and you were laying in your bed that was pressed up beside the window and staring at the sky thinking about the blonds words over and over.
A loud knock startled you out of your gaze and you looked down to see the figure of the boy you had been thinking about all day. Your eyes settled on him narrowed and blazing until you saw his face. Littered with more bruises than the day before. More than you could count.
He stood looking so much smaller than any other time than you had seen him. His eyes were watery and red and you could see him trembling slightly. You immediately wanted to take him into your arms and hug him tight. But would he want to?
You quickly went and opened your window allowing him in as you scooted backwards in your bed. When he got in you immediately went and hugged him not even asking for an explanation this time. He was upset and hurt and what he needed then was comfort not an interrogation.
As soon as your arms wrapped around his body he shook with sobs his tears running down your shoulder.
You rubbed his back and made soothing circles as tears of your own leaked out. After 10 minutes he moved away looking down not feeling like he could even look you in the eye after earlier and him crying to you.
"I'm so sorry, Lu. I didn't mean to hurt you and I didn't mean anything I said. I just didn't want you to know. I didn’t want you to know—to see how weak I was. I wanted to push you away so you wouldn't get involved in my messed up life." You nodded slowly as more tears fell. Tears of relief but also sadness. Sad that he didn’t think he could come to you. To confide in you and that instead he pushed you away in the worst way possible hurting you both.
JJ felt like shit. Emotionally and physically. He couldn’t believe what he had done to you days earlier. It was like his mind was in autopilot not allowing you to do anything by watch as you both argued.
He still avoided your gaze until you softly put a hand under his chin lifting his gaze to your as you smiled sadly at him. "It's okay J. I just wanted to make sure you were okay so I could help or stop it somehow. But right now there's more important things than that and I need to get some first aid stuff."
Just as you got up his hand reached out to yours holding it softly and stopping you in your tracks.
"It was my dad."
You froze tears gathering at the hoarseness of his voice and the crack that echoed when he said it. His dad. Though you never liked Luke Maybank, you never thought he would stoop this low. Beating his own child. It would take a lot of willpower not to go over there and give him a taste of his own medicine. The one person that’s supposed to take care of him. To love him. Beats him instead.
You didn't say anything except hug him once more time. Holding him tight but careful around the bruises areas. The thought of his dad putting those bruises and scars all over his body made you sick to your stomach. How dare he. How dare he think he had any right to lay a hand on his child like that.
You left when he sat perched on the edge of your bed no longer crying. It broke your heart since JJ was a tough nut to crack half the time. But this was obviously going to be his breaking point. It would be anyone’s.
You gathered all the thing you'd need and took JJ to the bathroom careful not to wake John B as you did.
"Tell me if it hurts okay?" He nods and you take an antiseptic wipe towards the new cut on his cheek dabbing it gently to clean it. There was another cut on his arm and his split lip which you cleaned as well as the boy stared at you intently. You felt redness spread across your cheeks as you finally looked into his eyes.
"What?" You asked and he just shook his head a small smile appearing.
"I'm just realising how much of an idiot I was pushing you away this morning. Your my best friend—no you're more than that and I shouldn't have done that I just didn't want to get you caught up in this mess."
"Exactly JJ. I'm your best friend. A best friend is meant to be there for you in moments of weakness or through things like this. I don't care about being caught up in all this I just care about you. I’m here for you. Always." You carried on cleaning his open wounds carefully. JJ realises in that moment. You were the one person who stood by him when he got beat up in 4th grade by a bully or when people were hanging up on him and you stood up for him. You stuck around when he did crazy shit that the others didn’t stick around for. He realised that as much as you were there for him, he wanted to be there for you. He wanted to be loved by you. Not by his lowlife dad. Or his random Touron hookups. He wanted them to be you. Always you. He loved you.
"I love you." He spurted out and you stifled a gasp as you stood silently, your hand frozen in air millimetres from his face as you stared at each other. The way he said it didn’t sound like just a friend I love you. It sounded like something more. Some more which you reciprocated but you didn’t think there would ever be a day when he would say that.
"I love you too." You laughed it off.
"No Lu, I—I love you more than a friend."
“I love you more than a friend too. JJ Maybank.” His eyes widened in happiness the corners of his lip turning up and stretching as he grinned despite his split lip.
He looked like he couldn't believe it. But you had been crushing on him for longer than you could remember but you always thought it was one way. That he thought of you like a sister or something.
But maybe this whole time you had both been oblivious to each other’s blatant feelings. At least it was out now.
He placed two hands softly on your cheeks and gently pulled you in closer smashing your lips together. You could taste the metallic blood of his cut as your tongues brushed over each other’s but you didn’t care. You both pulled away breathless as you smiled into his touch. JJ looked dazed. Though the thoughts of his injuries still plagued your mind as you pulled away running out of the room to get an ice pack and some tylenol.
The bruises running down his body made you more angry by the second. But you couldn’t be blinded by that. Keeping a level head for the boy was what was important.
When you came back the boy grinned shaking his head.
“You didn’t need to get me that. What we just did was enough of a pain reliever. Though it did make me wanna relieve myself in another way if you—”
“JJ. No.” He pouted as you said that like a sad puppy.
“Another time?”
“Yeah whatever.” You rolled your eyes but couldn’t help but smile. Somehow even through this JJ managed to smile and joke around. He had his bad days. Like the last. But he was strong. And you loved him for that. “I’m always here for you if you need me. In that way and any other way. Also you’re not going home.”
“Of course, Milady. Why don’t we go watch Netflix and—”
“Do not finish that J.”
“Awe, come on.”
Note • This is so long Jesus. And it took me so long to finish writing and edit and I still kinda hate it but I don’t think it’ll get better than this. Oh well. Oh I forgot that when I was writing it I gave them a name rather than y/n and I cba to change it now.
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cakers-2000 · 11 months ago
~Bungo Stray Dogs: What They’d be like as Boyfriends~
There's only one way to describe your relationship with Chuuya
But also very loving
First off you are, in his reality, his 'Princess'
And he is practically your 'knight in shining armor'
He protects you and keeps you safe as you aren't a part of the Port Mafia
He is a Tsundere and no one can change my mind
He had an extremely hard time picking up the courage to ask you out
And it turned out more like:
"You wanna be my girlfriend or whatever?"
You attacked him in a hug two seconds later out of joy. He called you a dumbass
To your friends and family he seems rude but you know he means well
Lord have mercy on anyone's soul who tries to flirt and or hurt you
Anyone who tries to flirt with you gets a rude awakening
He will beat a bitch
And if anyone gets too close to you or makes you uncomfortable he won't hesitate to confront and intimidate them
Even if it means pulling out his gun or knife, he'll do it
If anyone tries to hurt you though he loses complete control
He either murders whoever did it, or he's stopped by someone before he can kill them, there is no in between
He sees you as a precious baby that needs protecting
Honestly it kind of embarrasses you how much he babies you, but you know it's because he loves you
You spend a majority of your time with him as he hardly ever lets you leave his side
So at this point everyone in the Port Mafia knows you're a thing
And everyone knows not to fuck with what's Chuuya's
So most of the time his subordinates and other Executives won't even give you a glance other than to maybe say a quick 'hello' to you
Most of the other Executives will not hesitate to tease him about your relationship though
He does fire back, which has resulted in quite a few good comebacks on his end
Kajii: You've got (Y/N) with you again? Talk about needy Chuuya. You can't even leave your bedroom without your girlfriend with you? Pathetic
Chuuya: *Without even looking up from his paper* At least I have one. When was the last time you talked to a girl? Oh that's right, when that Armed Detective Agency girl kicked the shit out of you. (Okay but the fight between Kajii and Yosano is one of my favorites SHE'S SUCH A STRONG WOMAN I LOVE HER)
God you love him
You two practically share the same room
When it's just you two he's soft and likes to cuddle you as often as possible
You're always stealing his hat or coat so as a way to get back at you, while cuddling he refuses to leave your hair alone no matter how much you struggle or complain
It's now become a habit
The first time you pointed it out to him he refused any such actions but you found him doing it again while he wrote his paperwork, so you left it alone
Honestly he seems really cold on the outside
But in Chuuya's case it's all a facade
He loves you more than he thought he could love someone
You keep him sane, especially in his awful, bloody world
You're special to him and he loves you more than he could ever describe.
Tumblr media
It's hard for him to develop any feelings towards anyone so when he started to develop some kind of feelings towards you he not only surprised himself but everyone around him
Kouyou was the one who instructed him on how to move forward with his emotions and persuaded him to ask you out.
He was very up front and didn't really ask, it was more like,
"Meet me at the front entrance of the headquarters at 8"
You were confused, but did as he said
The date was the first of many
He makes sure to take you on dates at least a few times a month
He wants you to always remember that he loves and cares about you
Akutagawa isn't afraid of anything, except for the thought of losing you
This is why he's such a try hard
He's scared to lose you because of his incapability to show emotions like love or kindness (though you know that he loves you)
He's scared of losing you to someone else
He's afraid of losing you in general
Because of this fear he hardly ever lets you do anything alone, he wants to be there to protect you
He spends almost all of his free time in your room (he sleeps there too)
100% likes to be cuddled by you (though he'd never admit that)
But when you fall asleep, and he's left alone with his thoughts he'll throw his arms around you and pull you close, a slight smile gracing his lips
He honestly doesn't know how he got lucky enough to be with you
To everyone else he seems cold, ruthless and mean. But you're the only person who gets to see his softer side, and it only makes you fall even harder for him
But yeah he loves you more than you'll ever know as he doesn't know how to tell you how much he truly loves you
Tumblr media
Goofy and silly, but it's different then how he is with the agency
He's good at hiding his emotions, but when it comes to you, all of his walls fall
You gave him a reason to continue living and so he's VERY protective of you
He'll put his life before yours if it means you're safe
Doesn't show it on the outside but he can get jealous real fast
And he just kind of lets it eat away at him until you notice and reassure him
Unless of course he's suuuuuper jealous in which case he will definitely lash out at whoever he's jealous of
At home he's a teddy bear
Loves to cuddle with you/be cuddled
Sometimes he'll literally plop down on top of you to snuggle you, regardless of what you're doing
Will dramatically announce his love for you at random times, more often in public because he knows it embarrasses you
You always yell at him for it, but you love him and he knows that so he never stops
All in all he's very loving and goofy and you mean the world to him. You give him the strength and a reason to continue living through life.
Tumblr media
He's very smol and shy
Honestly Kunikida or Dazai probably had to point out your crush on him, and convince him to make a move
He was EXTREMELY nervous when he asked you out
But was very glad when you said yes
He hardly ever has the money for it but loves to spoil you
He 100% will even spend grocery money on gifts for you instead
And of course you chastise him for it
But you still appreciate it cause it shows how much he truly loves and cares about you
He is C L I N G Y
Especially if you're talking to another guy or something like that (which includes his coworkers)
His self esteem will be awful and you'll have to always reassure him that you love him
He'd protect you with his life though
Like if you're ever in danger he'll put his life on the line for yours
He loves you very much and tries to always remind you
At home he's a cuddlebug
Will get you whatever you want/need
Really just treats you like a queen
He loves you with his whole being and your entire relationship reflect those feelings
Tumblr media
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yetanotherreader · a year ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Y/N Y/L/N
Genre: College AU
Summary: The school's most popular boy wants to be friends with Y/N, out of the blue. It definitely doesn't have anything to do with her hot best friend, though.
Word Count (For the chapter—both parts): 6,367
Warnings (For the chapter): Fluff, Mentions of Depression, suicide attempts, murder, angst, panic attack, fluff, more fluff?
Two parts in what? 5 minutes? Lol. I hate Tumblr sometimes, and so much.
Useful Masterlist        
Chapter 6(2)
Chapter 6(1)
You felt tears in your eyes, tears that you didn't let out of them, "I just..I-" he squeezed your hands urging you to continue, "I feel guilty. Just not good enough for you. Feels like you deserve a better friend."
Dean's little action continued on the back of your hands as he sighed, "You know you've been a better friend to me in the last few months than most people have been my entire life, right?"
"Doesn't mean you don't deserve better."
"There's no better, sweetheart. You're the best. The best high school girlfriend I could have ever asked for," You let out a little laugh. Only Dean could do that, "Mom. She was amazing."
You knew where this was headed. Dean never talked about his mom, and today he was. You held your breath as he spoke that word. Dean was opening up to you, finally. You felt him stiffen, holding back, "Go on, Dean. I'm listening. I won't judge."
"I know you won't. Out of everyone, you won't," Dean's hold tightened on your palm, "I don't have a lot of memories with her, but the ones I have they're all good. She was the best mother." Dean talked about her in past tense, and your heartbeat rose at that. You thought he had a mother, everyone thought that, "When I was four, there was a house fire. Sam was very small, 6 months. Dad ran to save her, but she forced him to save us instead. And he did. I remember seeing my house burn, with Sammy crying in my arms, with mom.
You gasped, your heart aching in your chest for the scared little boy Dean was hiding inside himself, "In the matter of seconds, dad came and picked us up, running in the opposite direction of the house. I kept yelling at him that he needed to go save mom, but all my cries..they were subsided by the explosion that happened in front. Mom was gone...forever. Only because dad had to save me."
You let out a shaky breath. He couldn't have been blaming himself for it the entire time, right? "Dean, it wasn't your fault." You positioned your head, now, your chin on his shoulder as you looked up in his teary eyes. Your faces inches away from each other. You cupped his face with your free hand and wiped the lone tear that escaped his eyes. What all had he been keeping inside for so long?
"It feels like it is," He shut his eyes, letting his tears out, "everything feels like my fault."
Your heart literally hurt in your chest. He didn't deserve that, he never deserved that, "But it's not. He is your dad, obviously he'd save you, Dean. You-you can't be blaming yourself, De."
"I saw someone that day. In the cupboard," you frowned at the new information as Dean rested his forehead on yours, "But I thought it was my imagination. A man. He had yellow eyes. Golden ones.
"I never told that to Dad. I don't know why, I just never did. But that image wasn't something I could have forgotten. But I thought it was a dream. After mom died, Dad worked overtime. He was a cop. I had to take care of Sam."
"Ever since you were four?" You let out before you could stop. That wasn't something a kid should be responsible for. He shifted so that you both were in your earlier positions.
"Yeah. That day, when I was 10, after putting Sam to sleep, I thought I would go play outside. That's when I heard it. Dad was talking to someone on the phone. Mom didn't die in the accident. She was murdered. I got to know that mom was an agent. Undercover. I didn't know what that meant but I understood she was the police. I didn't know how to process this new information and that's when I got my first panic attack.
You shut your eyes, tears falling on your cheeks, "I went into the bathroom. It was hard to breathe and I was feeling hot. I wanted to cry but nothing came out of my eyes," you brought your free hand to his muscled arm and gave it a squeeze, having a hard time keeping yourself from breaking apart, "I turned on the shower and stood there till I was better. I never spoke about it ever again, until now. I trust you, Y/N. Please don't ever break it."
His voice sounded hoarse from keeping himself from crying, "I won't. You matter a lot to me, Dean. The most."
He sighed, as if getting some reassurance, "Depression knocked after that. There were times I almost k- killed myself," You hid your face in his neck, wanting to get closer to him, to see he was there, breathing. He took a pause, nuzzling into your hair, feeling some life himself, "But the thought of Sammy, it stopped me. Each and every time. Sometimes he called my name just before I was about to do it, or sometimes I'd just remember his smile and how it'd fade forever if I pressed the trigger. That was one time I got dad's gun. I didn't even know how to use it. Sammy was my savior, he was my light at the end of the tunnel. He was the one who first noticed my self destructive behaviour. I was 16 and he was 12. He was a nerd, obviously he noticed," Dean chuckled to himself, "And when he found out that I had depression, he was hell bent on helping me. Even after I pushed him away, he didn't budge. By that time Dad started staying in different cities, so Sam and I were pretty much all. Bobby visited us every few days, dad's best friend. That's who Sam told. I was very mad, telling him that he's not supposed to tell just anyone about it. That's when Uncle Bobby smacked me in the head saying, and I'll quote in his accent, 'Family don't end in blood, boy.'" Dean chuckled at his own voice. A sight you wanted to capture forever. How could someone go through so much alone and still be as good as he was? How could someone be so strong?
"Then? Your uncle did something?" You asked softly.
"Yeah. Lots of love and care," He smiled nostalgic, "I felt like for the first time that I had people who care about me enough to bear with me."
"I'm glad you had them. Uncle Bobby and Sam, both of them sound like cool guys."
"Oh my god, yes" Dean laughed a hearty laugh, "They're the coolest guys. I want you to meet them someday! If, uh, if you're okay with it?"
You smiled, "Yeah, I want to meet them too." 
"Bobby owned a garage. He got busy with it, and Sammy started preparing for law school. And I thought I was doing better, much better. My panic attacks were less and I smiled more. But without them, it was lonely. I was scared that I'll go into that dark place again. That's when I met Cassie."
You clenched your jaw, "The Cassie?"
"Yeah," Dean gulped, "We dated in high school. The first girl I liked, I mean, really liked. I was 18 and it was my first serious relationship. I really thought we could make something."
"You….you were in love with her?" You breathed out the words, a sudden wave of hurt passing through you.
"I guess," he sighed, sounding hurt, "I had liked her for a long time and we hooked up. But I think we both wanted more than just a hookup with each other. She was attractive, you know. She was strong headed and confident, someone who knew what she wanted and she was gorgeous. And that was hot to me." Something you could never be, "And maybe I was hot to her too. We went out for a couple of months. Everything was good. I was at her place once, it was mom's death anniversary. The hardest time of the year. And after a long long time, I had a panic attack."
"She helped you, right?" You asked, knowing the answer to it very well.
"She said I was nuts," you clenched your jaw, feeling fury in your head. You never really cared about Cassie, until you got to know she blackmailed Dean to throw you in the pool and later bully you about it. But right now all you felt was her was pure hate. How could she? How could anyone be so insensitive to someone? And especially when that someone is her boyfriend?
"Bloody bitch,"
"Right?" Dean laughed a little, "It was a long time ago, though. I'm fine now."
"Don't act tough around me, Dean," He sighed, "Is that why you never told anyone about your condition?" He nodded timidly, "Oh, Dean."
This time you wrapped your hands complete around his torso, nuzzling into his shoulders. He deserved all the happiness in the world and what he got was all of this, "When that night you found know, helped me. I thought it was going to be the same. We didn't share a very good rapport. I mean, after what I did with you the first day, it was understandable if you hated me. I thought you were going to laugh at me, or maybe tell everyone about how weak I was.
You felt a pang inside your chest at that accusation, you had never been mean to anyone so it felt bad that he assumed that about you. But you understood it, he had trust issues. The girl he trusted, even loved, did that to him so you were a girl who didn't get along with him, "But you were nothing but kind to me. You helped me. That hug was the realest hug I had gotten in a long time. You comforted me and you did all of that. And now that panic attack doesn't feel all that bad. It gave me my favorite person."
"You're my favorite person, too, Dean. I can't imagine a life without you in it, you know. And I promise you, from now on, you will never find yourself alone when you need someone," You pulled away from him and cupped his face, wiping the stray tears. In that moment, all you wanted to do was press your lips to his and pour all the love he was deprived of in that kiss, but you knew that wasn't something that could happen. So you did what you think was closest, repeat an action from the day. He looked at you with unshed tears in his eyes, and all you wanted to do was take his hurt away. You leaned in, slowly pressing your lips to the side of his mouth, tasting the saltiness of his tears. He let out a sigh, "I'm always going to be there, Dean, okay?"
He nodded against your lips and you swore your breath hitched in your throat when they slightly grazed his. You pulled away slowly, maintaining whatever little boundaries were left between you two. It was all friendly, "Thank you."
"Mm hmm," You stood up, walking towards the lake, "The swans are gone."
Dean followed you, "Seems like they are."
"And for the record, Cassie is a dumb bitch."
Dean let out a laugh, "Yeah, yeah she is,"  He stood next to you, seeing the reflection of the moon in the lake, "Why do you keep pushing me away?"
That was the last thing that you expected to come out of his mouth, "Wh-what do you mean?"
"You know what I mean. Every time something happens, you go MIA on me or act like nothing happened. This happened yesterday, before that and today in the fair. What is it that's holding you back from opening up? Is it that you don't trust me?"
It wasn't an accusation, he looked genuinely confused. You didn't think he'd pick on these little things, "It's nothing like that. You're just overthinking thi-"
"It's okay if you don't wanna tell, Y/N. Just don't lie to me. I don't expect you to trust me but the least I can hope is that you don't lie to me and make me feel like a stranger."
"It's not that..I'm sorry," You said, feeling exposed under his stare, "I-I don't know how to talk about.. things. I never did. You mean a hell lot to me, Dean. It has nothing to do with you. It's me. I'm scared. I wish I were as strong as you because trust me, I do want to talk about my feelings. I just can't."
"It's okay, Y/N." Dean sighed and your ears perked up. Is he done with you? Is that all? Your eyes widened as your head turned in his direction. He looked back concerned and cupped your face, "Y/N, I meant it. It's okay. Tell me whenever you think you can tell me. I'm going to wait. I'm not going anywhere."
"Please don't give up on me just yet." Your eyes brimmed with unshed tears, as he looked back with nothing but understanding.
"I'm not. I'll always be here." He whispered, slowly pressing his lips to your forehead, "I promise."
And that's when you knew, it wasn't a silly crush. You were in love with your best friend.
You loved Dean Winchester.
A/N: So that's about it. I really hope you liked this one because well, I mean I wrote it I'd obviously want you to like this. Ugh, I'm so bad at this. So yeah, I hope you had a happy reading. Feedback is greatly appreciated, it keeps me going.
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mynameisminhooooo · a year ago
They get to spend all of quarantine with their s/o (Monsta X)
Request : Hi!! Could you do an exo and/or Monsta x reaction to getting to spend all of quarantine with you?
Sorry I put in bullet points bc it's felt like it made more sense? Sorry if you didn't like that. I also included what y'all would do. Bc why not¿
Shownu :
Tumblr media
Omg this precious little bear was beyond excited to spend quarantine
Like as soon as his manager said plans were cancelled until further notice he ran out of the practice room
"Y/n I'm staying with you during quarantine..."
"Oh. Aight"
Your guy's quarantine consisted of laying in bed from the moment you woke up till 4 pm
As well as making a lot of food
And taking baths bc social distancing who?
Leads to other things 34% if the time, bc why not??
And of course singing together and him teaching you how to dance to all the songs
Cooking with this dude, where do I start
100% chance of making a mess
Would knock over bowls of side dishes while trying to grab a towel to wipe his hands
Just smiled at you when the food is all over the ground
Talking to the other members over the phone during dinner so it was like you guys were all eating together
Taking food to the other members and leaving it on the doorstep
One time they came outside before he was able to run back to the car and he was convinced he was contaminated
You had to spray him with Lysol to make him feel better
Him just being a whole lil bear the whole time
You guys would go on walks when you'd feel couped up too much
Y'all would be that extremely cute ass couple during quarantine
"I'm so glad I got to spend my quarantine with you" he'd say while kissing your forehead
"I love you y/n"
"I love me too, but your cool too"
"That's not funny" cue pout
Wonho :
Tumblr media
Would literally be so happy to spend time with you
Hasn't seen you in like 2 weeks because of his rigorous schedule
When he finally gets to you're guy's apartment he'd just drop all his stuff and run to you, wrapping you in the biggest hug
You guys would eat until you couldn't breath
Ordering take out everyday sometimes for all 3 meals
You guys would take an online art class because why not
Video chatting his family and ofc the members to make sure everyone was well and healthy
Calling his mom 3 times a day
Would be the person who stocks up on toilet paper
Disinfecting everything every morning
Singing karaoke every day after dinner
Doing workouts in the living room because you guys gained weight and he wanted to watch his gorgeous figure
You'd help him write lyrics
You guys would try to be productive and do fun things like read at least once every other day
He'd be so happy to spend time with you like omg
Would literally cry when he looked at you sometimes bc he just loves you that much
Your guy's favorite things to do was lay in bed in each other's arms
"I wish we could stay like this forever, I love you so much y/n"
"I love you too, but can you let me go I have to pee really bad"
Your guy's quarantine would honestly be so fun
Minhyuk :
Tumblr media
Would honestly act like he didn't want to spend time with you
"I guess I'm stuck with you"
"Your so lucky to have me, huh because I bought food"
Supports every small business and buys from all of them so they'd keep going
"I'll have 3 jars of kimchi, 2 bowls of kimchi jjigae, just give me half of everything"
"Minhyuk where are we gonna put all this the fridge is full"
Gives almost all the food to his family and the members
Buys like 2,264 board games
"Hey, you wanna play Monopoly I'll let you win"
Once again \(-_-)/
Fights about the dumbest thing
"I wanted to buy boardwalk!"
Throws your character off the board
Another person who stocks up, but he bought all the ramen
Your guy's quarantine would be so unproductive honestly
Like you guys just sit around playing board games
Listening to music all day everyday
Going for walks when the sun went down
If he sees an animal on the street he is bringing it home for "safety reasons"
"Look y/n this poor pigeon was left on the street"
Did I mention \(-_-)/
"Minhyuk... It's a pigeon"
Dancing throughout the house
He broke the TV while doing a twirl
Blames it on the pigeon, who you guys have name Piggy
Trying on each others clothes
But at the end of the day he'd be so happy he could spend his quarantine with you and Piggy
"I guess your ok to spend time with..."
Kihyun :
Tumblr media
He would be so happy to spend time with you
Would be the most precatious person
"Put on gloves y/n"
"I'm changing the channel..."
Would 10/10 spray down everything before you guys touch it
You guys baked a lot during quarantine
Burning almost everything
Would try to make jokes the whole time
They were not good...
He would try to teach you how to hit the highest notes
Him almost breaking the window
Singing together while reading
Would call every member every day to see how they were doing
You guys would try gardening together because you guys got bored
10/10 the type of dude to telling everyone to buy from small business
If he saw anyone in the street outside the window, he'd yell at them
"Get inside!"
"Do you want to die?!"
You guys would people watch
You guys tried everything possible to pass boredom
Yoga, Singing, Staring Contests
If you got sick would literally call an ambulance
"They want to know if you have a fever, are experiencing lethargy, or have a cough?"
"Kihyun I just have a stomach ache"
Would be so relieved when he just found out it was just gas
He would not let you leave the house
"I really care about you, I cant risk you getting sick"
"You do knows there is a 3% chance of death right"
"But I wouldn't be able to see you"
Wow, whatta man
Hyungwon :
Tumblr media
He honestly would be one of those ppl who didn't take it very very serious
"You wanna go to the park?"
"We can barely leave our house to get food?!"
"Ok, loser"
Was happy to spend time with you, but he wanted to actually do things with you like go to dinner
He just wanted to spend quality time with you
You guys would just lay in each other's arms everyday watching TV
Blinds closed letting no light in
The members would call you guys because after 3 days of nothing they were worried
"Oh we're fine, we've just been eating, sleeping and watching TV"
You guys would watch watch every variety show they have been on
You guys would try dying your hair by yourselves
"Wow y/n this blue is really nice"
"Blue it was supposed to be lilac"
Shopping online for everything, food, clothes, furniture
"Y/n we need a new couch I just bought one"
You guys got erasable markers and literally drew on the wall
But they did not come off...
He would be kind of sad that he couldn't take you anywhere
But being the cutie he is he'd find ways to do cute date ideas at home
Jooheon :
Tumblr media
"Guess what I'm coming home for quarantine!!!!"
Literally couldn't wait to hold you in his arms
Would cry when he came home, because he gets to spend time with you for who knows how long
You guys just hold each other and cry
Would follow you everywhere
If you went to get the mail he'd go with, if you needed to run to the store to get food, he's right by you
"Why is the door locked??? Y/n, you alive? Did corona get you???"
"Don't break the door down! I'm taking a bath"
"Ohhh, let me in!"
This little jerk picked the lock
You guys just sat in the tub for like 3 hours talking about what you should do during quarantine
Things you would do together during quarantine include sitting in the tub for 3 hours everyday
Calling his sister every day so he could talk to his cute niece
He would teach you all his rap parts from every song he could
You guys would send the members a goodie package every week with food and toiletries
Because he worried about them
You guys would take online dance class
Because why not???
Tango, Rumba, Foxtrot, Meringue
He would enjoy every minute with you
You're guys little vacation came to a halt when he fractured his fibula after falling down the stairs
He felt bad that you had to take care of him
But he was so grateful to have you by his side to help him
"Y/n you don't have to get up I can go to the kitchen to get a fork"
Could barely get off the couch
"Just please sit hear"
"So like you wanna bang?"
"No, I want you to get better"
After he got injured he just got so sad that he couldn't do anything with you really anymore
"I love you y/n"
"I love you too"
I.M :
Tumblr media
He already was used to seeing you basically everyday
The only difference was you guys got to stay home
You guys didn't even have to change your schedule
He was grateful that he was able to wake up to you every morning tho
"Good morning, cutie"
"Why are you so close??"
Would be so nice the entire quarantine
Need him to wash your hair, just yell for him
Need something off the top shelf
He got it covered
There would be days where you guys just laid in bed the whole day though
You had online school throughout this time
"Y/n hang out with me!¡!¡"
"I'm doing homework for my English class"
"But I'm cuter than English class"
*insert pouty face*
Would try to get in your pants every other hour
You'd let him because ofc
"No, not now Changkyunnie..."
"Yes, now... Pleaseeeeee"
All the members would worry about you because you guys were the youngest and they thought you wouldn't take this seriously
Y'all did though, you only left the house for food
"Y/n am I cute?"
"No, now go to sleep"
"But I love you and I miss you"
"I'm right next to you and it's 3 am"
Bro. Idk why but this drained me I'm gonna write the exo one different bc I literally ran out of ideas of what to do doing quarantine.
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