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warpedfungusonastick · an hour ago
i’ll never get over dream having a fifteen year old do all of his merch and sapnap’s merch. jobs that are more internet based are sometimes seen as less “real” but i still see that as kinda... child labor. like that’s a lot of pressure for someone who should be focusing on high school. maybe i’m just old but, i’m younger than dream. why is he doing this.
(also i know dizzy is 16 NOW, still not that great)
I don’t know how large Dream was when he first hired Dizzy, and I don’t know how much work Dizzy does for them and which exact designs he does and exactly how much time he spends on graphic design and such for various people, but yeah, I guess I see where you’re coming from.
I tried to say before that I both think that young people can do really good work (not that I personally like Dizzy’s, but... people buy is, so, uh....), or even just work that suits the product. I also think that people with less experience in any industry, regardless of age but especially young people with less experience in any professional/working setting will be less likely to know their worth. It seems like some of the fan creators and younger people working for MCYTs see it as a hobby that makes money. Which is great for them, I just think it’s a unique...dynamic(?) online and in fandom and with young people.
But yeah, like I also said, I don’t think formal laws have really caught up to this stuff. And assuming Dizzy lives in the US, I don’t think it’s legal to do salaried legal work as a 15 year old in many states, or the hours you’re allowed to are extremely limited, but I didn’t look at the laws in detail. I have no idea about freelancing, but as you said with the way it’s seen as “not a real job”, who knows what the legal and ethical viewpoint on that is. (And also like I tried to say, it’s not like DTream will cross any legal issues working with the people he works with because people working without papers happens all the time IRL also and it’s even harder to keep track of on the internet.)
Also I wonder how people pay these kids they work with? Like, Paypal is for 18+, and I’d assume other apps have similar age restrictions.
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weusedtobegiants · 2 hours ago
“I don’t understand why they would do that. Can’t they see it’s a corpse? A corpse should go away, not get stuck forever like that.”
Ocean Vuong, from On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous
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whats-new-puwussycat · 2 hours ago
No clue how people can go into tags of r18 games and then act shocked when there's untagged porn as if the games aren't about getting harems and fucking them
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dorenarox · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Bro, you aren't fooling anyone!
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weusedtobegiants · 18 hours ago
Only love has power over lovers. Death has none.
Rumi, from The Essential Rumi tr. Coleman Barks
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warpedfungusonastick · 19 hours ago
“George, George, please... you can’t wear the Cactus Jack shirt in the video...”
“George, I don’t think the North Face jacket is okay, either...”
“George, please just wear my--”
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warpedfungusonastick · 19 hours ago
Is everyone secretly from Munchy?
yeah, i’m secretly from munchy as well
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warpedfungusonastick · 19 hours ago
i don't know about that @ what anon said. a lot of people got upset with dream for NOT working with fanartists for his merch but then those same people got upset with him for working WITH fanartists for his new music video so opinions change pretty frequently when it comes to stuff like that. which i guess is what twitter is just like: no consistent opinions on anything
I think it’s different people on the same platform wanting different things and it appears as general hypocrisy if seen from a wide angle. One part of the fandom wants one thing, the other wants another, and since they’re otherwise indistinguishable, it looks like logical inconsistency despite it being different people with their own independent opinions.
Not that some people aren’t massive hypocrites about certain things, and no one’s immune to unknowingly (or even knowingly) throwing stones at a glass house once in a while.
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warpedfungusonastick · 19 hours ago
Dizzy is from munchy so not totally rando 16 year old but a interesting choice nonetheless
I was about to look into or ask about that but yeah, Dizzy being from Munchy makes a lot of sense.
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warpedfungusonastick · 19 hours ago
it was a general statement lmao
are you the ‘why would u psyc analyize dream’ anon? if so, i was making a joke and could only assume you were talking about what i’ve been talking abt recently.
also yeah, the concept of deeply psychoanalyzing any mcyt in a serious way sounds headache inducing and all levels of too deeply parasocial. i dont know them lmfao.
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warpedfungusonastick · 19 hours ago
do u think george can actually sing? i heard his school (?) tried getting him to join the choir so is he the better singer out of dream team lol
If you want an honest answer, like Ludwig said, it seems like his voice has some natural qualities that would help him be a good singer if he wanted to, but I don’t think he’s secretly an amazing singer, no. And I think it’s doubtful that he, like, sings or does many musical things in his spare time lmao.
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warpedfungusonastick · 19 hours ago
idk why so many people are trying to understand the inner workings of dreams mind, yall that man has so much shit going on up there why would you even wanna try its a whole mess lmao
Anon have you been digging through Dream’s mind palace? Have you returned horrified by what you witnessed?
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warpedfungusonastick · 19 hours ago
part of the way they work with teenagers could also be a strat to make the fandom feel like people like them are working with their idols? it makes them feel good about the possibility of them someday working with them. the ccs have noticed that the fans are receptive to them working with fanartists and such. i saw people get upset about karl working with a professional artist rather than a fanartist for his animation. working with fanartists isn't a bad thing as long as they're not underpaid.
Maybe? I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with working with younger people and fans. I don’t know how labor laws apply to freelancing on the internet, and it’s not like the law is going to come after them. As far as I know, Dream Team pay the people that work for them fairly.
It’s not just them working with fanartists, though, although they do employ a lot of people who are fans.
People seem to get upset at Karl for everything, and all CCs within the very close-to-fandom sphere seem to get into devil-if-you-do/don’t situations weekly, so ehhh.
I think there’s a lot more room for younger people to not know the worth of their work if they’re inexperienced in an industry, but nobody wants to think of their fave as a bad person who underpays their employees or actively seeks out people who will work for the least. (Which I have no evidence to suggest they do that.) And young people can do really really good work and shouldn’t be undervalued for their age.
The kind of content Dream Team/co make is interesting because they’re all ascendant fans of some kind. And they make a ton of money with comparatively little formal connections to established businesses besides their own brands, and in terms of manpower, Dream, at least, is selling hoodies designed by a 16 year old he’s had working for him for a year to tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people around the world through his store. It’s a really interesting dynamic because there’s so many fans yet comparatively so few people behind the whole thing of content creation, merch, editing, even music production. At least with MCYT where there particularly disconnected to Industry. (I know Hannah is signed to XSET and Karl is a part of Night Media and most of the larger CCs probably have PR by now, but it’s all an outsourcing of labor on the most part, not a formal company with formal structure which makes it interesting to think about and learn more about how stuff gets done.)
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warpedfungusonastick · 20 hours ago
imo dream has consistently shown a preference for working with smaller ccs, in a strange “let me share my clout with you” way so him working with really unknown artists for his music fits his usual mo. he also probably did it because it’s a “safe” strat, he’s not gonna lose anything by doing it because his music is just a side thing he doesn’t actually care about
I mean, having a rando 15 year old be your graphic designer from the start is certainly...a move. I think it’s a lot harder to “uplift” people like editors, graphic designers, producers in the same way you can with other content creators, so Dream just finds people available who had the time, etc. to work with him, nothing really deeper.
I do think the people who work with him/other MCYTs get more known and if they do good work it’s a great professional opportunity, but it’s different than Dream’s “bring your friends with you” because these people aren’t his friends/employees, they’re only his employees.
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warpedfungusonastick · 20 hours ago
‘He’s not pretending to be a real musician.’
I think that would sum up his venture into the industry pretty well. He’s not here to make groundbreaking music or anything award winning - not that I think he would have the necessary skills for that even if he were to try - from what I can tell it is all just for fun? Like the other anon mentioned, he isn’t working with professionals, they are just random people he found who can get the job done. They won’t be able to make anything truly worthwhile or amazing, but it’s just mediocre enough that people will like it.
Yeahhhhh. I don’t care enough to deeply criticize it but I do think it’s an interesting phenomenon. Dream isn’t unique in his little venture into music, but other MCYTs have either tried to be ‘real musicians’ or just done silly little unserious parody stuff related to Minecraft for the fun of it/viral video aspect.
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warpedfungusonastick · 20 hours ago
his “music career” is so weird. he’s working with a 17 year old and another really small artist, like why not hire people who actually know what they’re doing. is it low investment high reward? or does he just not care and is doing it for shits and giggles
These Minecraft YouTubers getting teenagers to be their specialists (Dizzy the Dream Team’s graphic designer is 16 or 17, Sapnap’s VOD highlights editor is 14)... probably because they can get away with paying them less? At least that’s the cynical thought in my mind. Also I think more professional connections require jumping through hoops Dream doesn’t care to go through, so he’d rather just be surrounded by people who take what they’re given and say yes to his ideas than people who may make...a higher quality product? I don’t know much about the music industry, but I do know that there are really talented people out there who produce stuff on their own so it may not even be a matter of finding “professionals” as much as...the people Dream found are just...there and create a functional product and he doesn’t need anything more or less.
This isn’t any criticism of the people Dream works with. I think they do what they’re supposed to for his music and nothing more. Dream is the problem?
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warpedfungusonastick · 21 hours ago
my favorite part about dream’s music is that he claims the lyrics are very personal while delivering them in the most soulless way ever (autotuned straight to hell, easily digestible beats, etc.) i think the reason he delayed the release was just so that he could auto tune it more. it’s clear that he doesn’t care about making the most genuine music, just the kind of music that sells (especially to a younger audience)
I don’t actually think it’s ingenuine in that way. I think he does have an emotional reason for the lyrics, only music clearly isn’t something he’s dedicated as much time to as other things (him saying he’s never really played instruments, his voice being unpracticed). And it is for money on some level, but it comes off as cheap and overproduced because he doesn’t have the skills for anything else than to hire people who do know what they’re doing to cobble his ideas into something sellable. At least that’s my opinion.
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piningpebbles · 21 hours ago
the tragic case of Jack Manifold
Jack has continuously lost everything for people who couldn’t care less. 
1) Left behind when everyone else fled for Pogtopia, he still decides to fight for them in the war. He scrounges up what supplies he can to help, but where Pogtopia reaps the benefits of Techno’s work and has netherite, he only has iron. 
Jack only has iron to his name when there is a full set of enchanted netherite left at the vault when they head off to the war. His absence shows.
Yet, he still he choses to fight for them.
And Wilbur kills him.
2) Later on, he gets himself enchanted diamond armor, it’s not great, and most people have netherite at this point, but its his. 
He’s been busy, but nonetheless he finally finds the time and decides to go visit Tommy in exile, being one of the only people to do so. He still cares, even if he hasn’t been around much. 
He startles Tommy, and in turn Tommy digs out the floor underneath him. 
Still trying to go along with the joke, he tries to swim up the lava to get back to Tommy.
And his helmet breaks. 
And Tommy shoots him, blocks the lava up, and Jack loses everything on him.
Forced to start from scratch again. 
3) Tired, tired of it all, he fights for L’manburg even if they didn’t do shit for him. He fights for what he used to know, and his land, and to for once be taken seriously. 
He finally has full, enchanted netherite. 
They lose, because of course they do, but Jack still challenges Techno to a fight. 
Caught in the heat of the moment and tied to complicated feelings about a country that didn’t seem to care about him, even if he cared about it.
His chestplate breaks, and Techno kills him. 
He tries to get those things back, but it all turns to dust in an explosion caused by a wither Technoblade placed.
He has nothing.
Nothing other than Manifoldland.
And he just sets that aflame himself.
Because no one really gave a shit what he had anyways. 
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