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#unspoken words
scoruspio · a day ago
I am misunderstood all the time, and a part of it is my doing.
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cupidford · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
over our spoken words the words unspoken by thetimemoves (WriteOut)
Johnlock Love Letters #2015
On the longest night of the year, John finds his words and takes a chance.
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abreathlessword · 5 days ago
There is a star in the sky for every thought I’ve had of you, and every thought to come. The shooting stars are the highlights. The nights that I think about every night, and probably will every night to come. When I look closely I can see them all aligning. I can feel your hands in my hair. Thank god the clouds hide the sky from time to time.
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kimabutch · 5 days ago
The fact that both AK Larkwood and CL Clark are big fans of Tamsyn Muir doesn’t necessarily make all three writing crossover content in which my favourite fantasy sword butches (Gideon, Csorwe, Touraine) meet and compare biceps likely, but it certainly is tantalizingly possible and encourages me to daydream of it constantly.
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spxcemuses · 5 days ago
Tzekel-Kan Tag Dump:
Tumblr media
Regular AU/Verse: ( speaking for gods. ); Tzekel-Kan
These tags below will be added after the main one shown above. More tags will be added if needed.
Shapeshifter AU:  [ sleek and predatory ]; shapeshifter AU Modern AU: [ teaching history ]; modern AU Post!Movie AU 1: [ shackled and bound ]; slave AU
Visage tag: [ priest of el dorado ]; Tzekel-Kan visage Aesthetics tag: [ akin to the jaguar ]; Tzekel-Kan aesthetic Musings tag: [ wise words are left unspoken ]; Tzekel-Kan musings Headcanons tag: [ gods do not bleed ]; Tzekel-Kan headcanons
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vitshi24 · 14 days ago
A shell of the woman
You are only a shell of the woman you used to be
And you’re thinking; if only they could see
But no one sees and no one knows
So the anger, the frustration, the desperation within you only grows
And you feel like you’re all alone
Sitting on top of that broken throne
And you don’t realize how you push them away
And you wait for the hours to pass, wait for the end of the day...
But at the end of the day you tiredly realize
That the sun will do nothing else but rise
And with her a new day begins
And as the world goes on and spins
You lie there in your bed
All the thoughts inside your head
And you talk to no one cause no one will hear
All of the things that you think you have to fear....
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ritzbernal · 18 days ago
My heart is still full at the Chayenzo scenes on episode 18. How they look at each other ugh! I read a lot from twitter that they been clowned because they have been expecting major chayenzo scenes (well, so am I!). But strangely enough, I just feel satisfied. I wouldn't have episode 18 any other way 😌
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howifeltabouthim · 19 days ago
She never reminds him it's a memory that she keeps intact, that she maintains in the present, for him. Why would he want to know?
Michael Cunningham, from A Wild Swan
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