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#unpopular opinion
comiiical · 15 minutes ago
Hearing my mother watching sh*dowhunters and there are 2 things I still can’t stand from how they did season 3 in general. One is the stupid additional character that Javier so unnecessarily played that was put there without an actual reason and gave 0 poitn of interest to Magnus despite that being the intention. The other being about how Alec was his own character but Magnus kept on being part of M*lec and that only. He literally had no other purpose in the plot in that season. at least 3a. Because everything that he did and lost was because of that (also in 2b btw but I am not talking about the reason I stopped wirting show Magnus lol) while Alec only won and won and won.
And don’t get me wrong LOL the same happened to Jace in terms of Cl*ce so it was not just a problem with that pairing. It was them uanble to put the importance on both partners. Magnus and Jace were the victims of their ships as the writers chose to highlight the heroic weight of 1 element over the other. 
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Just my personal opinion but if you smoke, do drugs, or drink a lot but complain about being broke (for small things or food not bills*) please shut the fuck up.
*I understand that its easier, cheaper, and less stressful to buy a pack of smokes than to try and come up with $1000 for bills but if you want something small but won't give up a vice I don't wanna hear you complain.
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atelophobicgurl · 9 hours ago
Chain of gold ending is sadder than Chain of iron. I said what I said.
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wolfsnape · 10 hours ago
Unpopular opinion but sometimes i don't want movies to always come up with original ideas. Sometimes I want to watch the same plot a hundred time with the same tropes and the same cliché characters because it's safe and nice to have something to hold onto
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daddybear-n-lilbunny · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
I am NOT a fan of weekends! They are long, emotionally draining, and lonely. So ready for Monday! Hope everybody else's weekend is slow and fun filled! I hope mine flies the Hell by!
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wolfstars-beauty · 13 hours ago
I don't see how people can hate Dumbledore but love Snape??? In my opinion they're just as bad as each other but there are so many reasons why I prefer Dumbledore to Snape. Yes, Dumbledore raised Harry like 'a pig for slaughter' and withheld a lot of valuable information from him but he didn't bully children, he didn't ask to save a woman over her husband and child, not caring about what happened to them, he didn't bully someone to the point they changed their appearance. Yes, Dumbledore made mistakes but he admitted them and (sort of) held himself accountable. But Snape made mistakes and believed he was in the right every. single. time.
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kindheartedgummybears · 15 hours ago
unpopular opinion werewolves are underrated.
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Me and best friend watching tfatws ep4. Sees that scene.
Bff: The shield has been tainted. :(
Me: Eh, even by MCU universe alone, the shield has been tainted before, though probably not to this degree depending how you look at it. It will bounce back when Sam gets it, or destroys it.
Bff: Uh. . . Explain please??? Right now????
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tinypocketcats · 20 hours ago
I really don’t like Yakko having a relationship with Goofy’s kid. It’s just... idk. Weird? Like, Yakko’s WB, that kid is Disney, and Yakko could do better.
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queenlilith43 · 21 hours ago
So I've been seeing some d i s c o u r s e in the fandom focusing on Matthew and Alastair. Even though when I started writing this it was there more, but it's kinda faded into the background. But I still feel like I should point this out because it's just infuriating for me.
TW: Alcoholism, addiction is discussed. Also bullying.
Putting everything under Keep Reading because I have a lot to say.
Honestly, at this point, the fandom has two different sides. Most people fall on one side and there's no overlap.
Part of us are on Alastair's side, and the other part is on Matthew's side. And a lot of people completely HATE the other character.
And I just hate this. I don't want a fandom war.
But I hate when Alastair/Matthew stans prop up their character as the most perfect human. Reminds me of when A*OTAR stans love R*ys and NEVER point out any flaws. (Yeah, R*ys is another class, but I'm using this as a comparison.)
Starting with Alastair:
Alastair did do some bad things. Everyone does that, we're human. Honestly, he's blamed too much and needs to be treated better. Alastair needs to be treated better and needs to also not blame himself, because he's doing that.
Honestly, if he just apologizes to the Merry Thieves everything will be so. Much. Easier. Alastair needs to find a way to get a new start with these people. He needs happiness. Plus, it's the only way he can be with Thomas.
Onto Matthew!
I feel like Matthew has a good character. He's the sarcastic bisexual relief character.
But I'm not acting like Matthew's a saint. He did suggest Alastair as the murderer in COI in front of Cordelia, and didn't apologize.
I think Matthew is a human character. His alcoholism needs to be treated better.
Like, I know people who are alcoholic or addicted to something are go in a downwards spiral, but WHY IS THIS IN HERE. Matthew needs help, and he's just drinking because of a mistake he made when he was fifteen. I wish there was a better explanation, though it could just happen because brain chemistry.
I'm worried for Chain of Thorns. There's a chance that instead of Matthew beating it on his own, Cordelia is going to fix him up. (Sighs.) Women aren't here to fix men up. Hopefully this doesn't happen by there's a serious chance it could.
In summary, Matthew and Alastair are both character with flaws who deserve to have their issues handled better.
The fandom needs to GROW UP. These are two different characters who both make mistakes and both have issues that I hope Chain of Thorns will make better and overall handle better.
So everyone sit in a corner and THINK about what you do. I don't want everyone to basically help Matthew and Alastair in their rivalry. I don't want to be the middle ground in a fight.
Y'all, realize the flaws of these characters and how their situations need to be treated better. If we stop hating on the character maybe we can realize they both deserve better.
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starflight-blog · 23 hours ago
I'm about to start some controversy. But before you yell at me, read the entire post and please bare in mind that this is my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
As we all know, Pong Krell is an asshole.
This does not necessarily mean that he is a bad character.
I think that a lot of people dislike Krell because he was a massive dick to the clones, but just because he was acting like a little bitch towards our favourite characters, that doesn't mean he is a bad one.
Here's where the controversy starts:
I love Krell. I don't love him as a person, but rather as a great character to have for the Umbara arc.
Krell has a solid personality: He's blunt, direct, visibly hates clones, manipulative and reckless. He doesn't need any sort of redemption arc or character development.
1. He's already dead.
2. He is one of the greatest villains I could ask to have in the Clone Wars and some of the greatest villains don't need to be redeemed.
For example: Azula from Avatar: the Last Airbender.
Azula never had Iroh to guide her down the path of good like Zuko did. She, like Krell, was evil from the start. And like Krell, she's manipulative and controlling. She is an amazing character who doesn't need a redemption arc. A redemption arc would only ruin her character.
Anyway, back to Krell.
He's different than the rest of the Jedi we've seen so far and that's what makes him so interesting.
I'm not saying we should justify being little shits, but he is a pretty cool character.
Villains with four arms are always always cool in my opinion.
1. Garmadon (Ninjago)
2. General Grievous
3. Doc Oct (DC comics)
4. Pong Krell
5. The Overlord (Ninjago)
So you see what I'm getting at?
Anyway, don't yell at me for having an opinion. However, if you want to, please keep it to a minimum.
Have a meme to finish off with:
Tumblr media
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crazy-kangaroo · a day ago
I'm actually amazed at how John Walker gets like zero amount of empathy.
Don't get me wrong, I never liked him, and after the fourth episode all the hate for him is completely justified, but it didn't start after the fourth episode, did it?
He doesn't deserve to be Captain America, obviously, but the amount of hate to him for just putting on that costume is unprecedented. The guy might not even wanted this, the government just found Steve Rogers lookalike among their lapdogs and gave him the shield.
It's not the first time I see a backslash to the character that's disproportionate to their wrongdoings (up to ep3 at least), and it bothers me how people are really fast to not even judge, but condemn others.
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kiyozphobia · a day ago
Unpopular opinion: country music is really bad. It’s ether about beer or how someone broke up with them.
i agree. i used to listen to either Carrie Underwood or Alan Jackson, but nowadays it's just boring as hell. like sing about some shit other than you getting your heart broken bc you couldn't control your alcohol addiction smh 🙄 /j
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summerbee53 · a day ago
I've decided that I'm taking a step back from Tumblr... I know people have some very vocal beliefs and dislikes but posting them in a public forum like this is just very distasteful and upsetting
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kiyozphobia · a day ago
send me your unpopular opinions and i'll explain what i think.
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basil-the-writer · a day ago
Probably an unpopular opinion: I don’t think Lemar’s death was a bad idea, or just a way to kill the sideline black person to move the plot along.
I feel like killing (however temp. it is) Lemar was basically removing the last string of control John Walker had. Throughout this episode, we see him slowly losing it but being pulled back or even reconsidering going off only because of Lemar’s reasoning.
With Lemar’s death, gone was John Walker’s last sense of control. And the serum in his veins certainly didn’t help.
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88ktj14 · a day ago
i liked prince philip, he was funny
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