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venusbleeding · 6 hours ago
i think maybe one of the best things in the world is when you go to an event and there's just free food there. like you can just go up to the table and take it and eat it, and are even encouraged to do so
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captain-harpo · 9 hours ago
Finishing Draft 1: wow..... the beauty... the circle.... the love i feel in this moment.... i must reflect
Finishing Draft 2: *throwing computer in the trash* don't talk to me don't look at me get the fuck away from me and good riddance
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lingeringscars · 14 hours ago
Sometimes when i see a prompt that fit my friends and my dynamics i send it to them even if they didn't rb the meme so u have permission to do that too
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quinn-of-aebradore · 15 hours ago
Rewatching Cinderbrush for the twentieth time because I have no self control
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nicelytousled · 16 hours ago
We're fucking FEASTING tonight
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iamkidfish · 22 hours ago
dude. it’s been idk how many days and i’m still thinking about your summer camp poem. i hope you know that your words are so powerful
thank you so much! i wrote it about a year after it happened so I'm glad it still resonated with you...honestly it is one of my favorite things i have ever written
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your-void-senpai · a day ago
comedy is being a small white goth girl on a date with a tall black dude on the whitest, most affluent old-money street in the tri-county area, and then your date encourages you to say weird shit as you pass by just to fuck with them
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ziracona · a day ago
Really enjoy Saw 5. It’s not one of my /faves/ in the series but it’s pretty good, and Mallick and Brit really nail that last scene it’s very sweet, which is weird to say about their characters but no less true. There’s a lot of depth in very little run time for them, and I really appreciate that. (And ofc you get Strahm running around on god mode most of the film & beating an unbeatable trap which is great too)
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for that character thing. how bout my boy The Lopen?
the lopen!
looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY
i'm saying 'handsome' cuz he's not really described at all, but like, in my heart of hearts i choose to believe he's a good looking dude. for reasons that'll probably be clear...
can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me
...when i say that i love him unconditionally cuz, like me, he is mexican. like ive said before, maybe he's offensive! i love the shit out of him tho. great, great character. and fandom completely ignores him which is GOOD cuz it means they cant ruin him 😈
would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t kno
hell yea! we'd listen to morrissey and watch mma together!
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greyhame · a day ago
thinking about how cinderella 2015 was THEE live action remake of all time
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catgirlapologist · a day ago
Simon was a TEN YEAR OLD CHILD with pre-existing Trauma & mental issues, denizens are supposed to take care of child passengers & the relationship between the two is clearly portrayed as parent/child with Samantha having Simon's old toys. You're literally saying its ok to abandon a 10 year old boy to his death and never come back after you find out he's alive because the adult doesn't wanna apologize to their kid for their abuse, ok, I guess ShadowWeaver abusing Kyle is cool with you!
samantha was NOT responsible for simon, yeah she was portrayed as a parental figure to him but we barely saw any of their relationship before she left him behind. simon was NOT samantha's responsibility, samantha is a literal cat 😭 yes samantha made a huge mistake when she didnt go back for simon and it was literally clearly communicated in the show that she deeply regrets it. her ACCIDENTALLY leaving simon behind doesn't make her an abuser, nor irredeemable. also you comparing samamtha and simon's dynamic to shadow weaver and kyle's dynamic is literally insane, especially when we take into account that we've hardly even seen anything of their dynamic, but the little we did see showed that samantha genuinely cared about simon's wellbeing and felt regret over the one singular mistake she made. meanwhile shadow weaver was raising kyle to be a literal fucking CHILD SOLDIER and constantly berated him. also if ur gonna bring up shadow weaver's abusive behavior why are you bringing up kyle and not catra who suffered significantly more severe abuse from shadow weaver lmao
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remshamiar · a day ago
i will never get over how Kakuzu beat up Asuma with a suitcase full of money he made from Asuma's friend's body
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