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iwasumi5 hours ago
home alone for the next two days 馃榿馃榿馃榿 iwaoi come over
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shutupcaitlyn6 hours ago
Got a pedicure too 馃槑 who wants to buy some f e e t p I c s lmfAO
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iwaasfairya day ago
To that anon I hope both sides of your pillow are warm <3 馃槡
i hope all their left socks get eaten by the dryer
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coreytasticca day ago
Don't let my beautiful, intelligent friends and sexy posts let you live in a beautiful fantasy-land where the idea of abolishing the monarchy is anything that'll happen soon.
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69pope2 days ago
okay but like if i鈥檓 completely honest with my intentions for a platform can i get attention and some followers like five of them or something ? i would like to have five :) just a few :)
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businessbois2 days ago
i鈥檝e got about 116 history terms to do but what if i wrote a third part to my tommy dyeing his hair series
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goldengalanor3 days ago
organizing manga is hard when you have no more shelf space (also why did I have to hyperfixate on fucking funko pops I have so many overwatch funkos and I don鈥檛 know what to do with them... I counted I have 52! 52 overwatch funko pops don鈥檛 add that up because I don鈥檛 want to know how much money I wasted on them)聽
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dsu20143 days ago
txt me back i sent u a cute mirror selfie
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hmtincorrectquotes3 days ago
[at 3am]
Sato: Hey Keiji, wake up.
Akaashi, half asleep: What is it?
Sato: When butterflies fall in love, do they feel humans in their stomach?
Akaashi: What the fuck?
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dreamy-hearts4 days ago
what if i block everyone i know, leave every group chat/server i鈥檓 in and just. never be seen again. haha jk....
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angelsoot4 days ago
emo mcyt fans can we kiss
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elijahs-wife4 days ago
i look sexy today i would like to top someone
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ificouldtakeusback4 days ago
since i kept beevi occupied all day by accidentally starting a vibe check game i will now be unapologetically adding 鈥渆vent coordinator鈥 to my resume
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skin-eater4 days ago
I'm not manic I'm cured馃榾 /j
probably manic 馃榾
how are you ?馃榾
i鈥檝e realized that this episode is lasting much longer than expected and it鈥檚 horrible and i鈥檓 so angry at everyone for no reason and i鈥檓 trying not to lash out becuz that鈥檇 be wrong of me and i just wish everyone was leaving me tf alone so i can not be horrible to them but i feel like ill sound mean if i鈥檓 like leave me alone so rn i鈥檓 currently feeling awful bestie
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I have many opinions about Nanbaka because it鈥檚 so close to being something I can analyse seriously. I could talk at length about how the bright, contrasting colours are a metaphor for how Jyugo views life in prison, or about the parallels between Enki and Hajime, or about the themes - change, legality vs. morality, literal freedom vs. emotional freedom, the value and humanity of criminals. But then the Main Character鈩 insists that he鈥檒l be popular with girls because he has bright pink nipples and his former cellmate tries to cover up his lack of self-identity and crippling fear of abandonment by pretending to be a ninja
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nombinnie5 days ago
guys i鈥檓 afraid to say this but,,,, me and jelly aren鈥檛 friends anymore 馃様馃様
we鈥檙e now married 馃コ馃コ馃グ馃懆鈥嶁潳锔忊嶐煉嬧嶐煈煈ㄢ嶁潳锔忊嶐煈
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