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incorrectlupiniiiquotes · 14 minutes ago
Lupin: In my defense, I was left unsupervised.
Goemon: Wasn’t Jigen with you?
Jigen: In my defense, I was ALSO left unsupervised.
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Slade: Okay. I get it. You've had a really hard time lately, you're stressed out, seven people died-
Terra: Twelve, actually.
Slade: Not the point. Look, they're dead now and really whose fault is that?
Terra: Yours!
Slade: That's right: no ones.
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nerdasaurus1200 · 49 minutes ago
Cassandra: I should probably tell people how I feel today.
Cassandra: It can't be healthy keeping that all bottled up.
Cassandra: I need to open up to somebody.
Rapunzel: How are you?
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incorrecttonks · an hour ago
Tonks: Remember when we were kids and raced shopping carts down that big hill?
Charlie: Yeah good memories.
Molly: That was half an hour ago.
Molly: Do you even have that as a memory? Because I think you have a concussion.
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incorrectgotgquotes · an hour ago
Peter: I see the glass as half empty, Gamora sees it as half full; that’s why we make a good team. Rocket, on the other hand, just drinks right out of the bottle. Mantis wonders why it has to be glass, and Drax usually breaks the glass by putting his feet up on the table.
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kylepleasestop · an hour ago
Amity: This year I want to be left self deprecating.
Luz: That’s awesome to hear!
Amity: It’ll be hard cause I’m such a little sh*t.
Amity: Sorry, force of habit.
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incorrect-guilty-gear · an hour ago
Ky: How do you feel about children?
Sol: They’re okay, I guess. I mean, if I saw one, I wouldn’t throw a rock at it.
Ky: Why would you throw a rock at a child?
Sol: I just said I wouldn’t.
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overheard-at-yuuei · an hour ago
Eraserhead: That’s it; I’m taking you to therapy. Shinsou: *hisses like a cat*
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impactgenshin · an hour ago
Diluc: I don’t have any favorites, I hate all of you equally
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Badboyhalo: Why is everyone so obsessed with top and bottom? I would just be excited to have a bunk bed!
Sapnap: I'm gonna tell him-
George: Don't.
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xxxbookaholic · an hour ago
Yuki: Maybe the real treasure was friendship, but I hope not because I can't buy new clothes with friendship.
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rwbybutincorrect · 2 hours ago
Cinder: I don’t like your accusatory tone.
Watts: I would use a different tone, but I am accusing you of something.
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sariahsue · 2 hours ago
Plagg: Adrien and I are so close we even share a toothbrush.
Adrien: We what.
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incorrect-offlinetv · 2 hours ago
Rae: I prevented a murder today.
Poki: Really? How’d you do that?
Rae: self-control.
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Callie: I’m sorry to tell you this but you have a heart, and capacity to feel.
Daniel: *gasp* You take that back.
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incorrectsibunaquotes · 2 hours ago
Mara: How do you feel about children?
Mick: They’re okay, I guess. I mean, if I saw one, I wouldn’t throw a rock at it.
Mara: Why would you throw a rock at a child?
Mick: I just said I wouldn’t!
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