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#undertale headcanons
ratsoh-writes · 8 hours ago
Thought of another ask. Ghost! S/O! They can phase through walls, pick stuff up, all that stuff, but they burn in sunlight, so they usually stay in skeles shadow
Hmm how about some honorable mentions!
Green: he’ll be very curious about how your powers work. Does your whole body become intangible or can you pick which part? Can he still see you when you phase though things? What about with infrared? Does a living ghost leave behind a heat signature? And how exactly does sunlight burn you? If you let him, green will take samples to test to see if he can figure you out. G will as well. In fact they may even solve the whole burning in the sun thing together
Rancher: that is going to be a problem. All of his work and the vast majority of his time is spent slaving away under the sun. Rancher can’t exactly set aside days to ignore the farm to spend time with you. He might end up making you a large umbrella you can carry around to protect yourself with
Slim: all his work is usually inside and at night, so your schedules fit pretty well lol. Slim adores your powers. They’re so useful when if comes to getting away from threats. But it also means you can reach inside of tiny places. He’s pretty jealous of that
Rhythm: technically all the papyri can “glitch” through walls and such, but it’s very difficult and takes a lot of energy to do so. Plus they have to know what’s on the other side to do it safely. Rhythm is the papyrus who’s best at it, and can do it several times a day without breaking a sweat. He has no problems keeping up with SO and will think it’s secretly funny to just walk through walls with them
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ratsoh-writes · 8 hours ago
Wait can we get some fluff headcanons for Madame and Don with a S/O? Like as a poly of course, maybe some date stuff or what home life is like
Okie dokie. Poly headcanons!
If Madame has her way and she will, she’ll prefer that SO either stays out of mafia business completely or at least isn’t connected to the dirty stuff. Even better if SO has a safe job outside of the mafias influence. Her and Don are well known, so she doesn’t want their reputation bringing SO down
Home life is very busy and rarely quiet. There’s always someone popping in and out with news, problems that need to be solved, or if they’re one of Don and Madames many adopted children, just a visit.
However Don is a MASTER at planning and organizing. By some miracle he always manages to set aside time for dates
Dates with Don are pretty cookie cutter. He likes to keep it the classic dinner and a show type of deal. But it’s almost always some greasy hole in the wall diner, and the show can range from a movie to the monster truck convention. You never know with him lol
Dates with Madame are always spontaneous. But they usually end up being quite cozy and soft like picnics.
Dates with both of them are often formal and political. This is wear the suits and fancy restaurants come into play. Madame loves dressing up her SOs for these events and will often grab arching outfits for all three of you
If you’re in a serious relationship with both heads of the mafia, expect to become a third parent to a good chunk of the members. It’s practically a requirement lol
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ratsoh-writes · 8 hours ago
Ok, so there's a lot of S/O surnatural revelations recently on your blog. But what if S/O announced to their crush they are secretly the King/Queen of Seagulls, and that their true form is a giant seagull ? For the main 10. Sweet nightmare <3
I can’t think of long answers for this, but I can do everybody instead ;)
He breaks up with you: all of them
Just kidding!
What: red pluto ace
Why would you tell him this??: sans peaches slim
He says it’s ok but that night he cries himself to sleep: honey sugar rhythm snipe
He wants to ride on your back and fly off into the sunset with you: papyrus Star charm pop Jupiter bruise lilac
Does this mean you can control seagulls and recreate sharnado but with gulls?: cash wine coffee G
He physically cringed when you showed him: edge lord rancher green noir
If you ever steal his hotdog, he will personally cast a curse on your family for the next ten generations: mal willow butch boss rust basil
You two are unstoppable seagull gods together: oak mutt
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ratsoh-writes · 8 hours ago
How would UT, US and HT skelebros react when their crush (or s/o) who has never had a pet of their own finally gets a lil baby puppy? They love animals and have had to make do with petting their friends' pets, but now they finally have a chance to get a pet of their own and they are super excited!!
Sans: sure SO may try naming the puppy something normal, but sans will only call it hotdog. Soon enough, the pup is recognizing that as its name and won’t answer to anything else. Dammit sans
Papyrus: oh my goodness!!! He’s just as excited with SO! Papyrus will be more than happy to help with training if SO let’s him. Plus when the puppy is big enough, he’ll want to teach it frisbee tricks. It can’t get better than that
Star: he’s worked with police and rescue dogs before and even has a little experience training them. If SO struggles with obedience and potty training, Star will be more than happy to help. But he will take over lol. That puppy ends up learning to guard on command as well
Honey: this puppy is basically his and SOs child. He’ll even dress it up with them. The dog has its own little drawer of cute cosplays. And honey teaches it how to wear sunglasses
Oak: you mean his puppy? Oak really did try to let SO bond with the puppy first. But no animal is immune to the magnetism. Except chaos. SO will just have to accept that their dog likes oak better
Willow: oh what a little darling. If it’s a small dog, willow will love it even more. He tends to prefer purse dog breeds. Willow will occasionally use the dog as “practice” for his knitting. It has its own little sweater wardrobe now
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ratsoh-writes · 9 hours ago
Okay first ask is, again, weird sibling ;)
How about, hmm. Ah ye s.
The boys of your choice and G go on theit first date with crush and all. Everything fine ya know? There's a bit mud but that's okay.
They pass by an area covered in mud, like, just m u d. And there's someone playing with a dog. That huge dog has several layers of mud on themselves already, just like the person.
Well crush stops for a moment, squints at the two and goes "(sibling) and (dog)?" both turn around. Well, crush is having a crises about how they will get the dog clean and such. The dog used to be pearl white before mu d. Crush is somewhat scolding their younger sibling before the devil caked in mud grins, opens theirs arms saying "lemme hug you" now crush is running away from sibling while doggo just sits next to skele looking happy.
Which skeleton just instantly after that goes in their mind "yes, this is going to be my SO." because, lovely family lmfaoo
Have fun boo~
G: he’ll be laughing up a storm at SOs plight of course. And if crazy sib manages to catch and hug him, then he’ll just help them chase SO down. They can’t be too mad at him when he got all dirty too. Crazy sibling is now one of his favorite people
Jupiter: not today sibling! He’ll scoop SO up into his arms, floats juuust out of crazy siblings reach, and let’s SO lecture them to their hearts content. He’s happy because now he looks like the hero here lol. Jupiter doesn’t know whether he thinks sibling is funny or not yet
Oak: as sib is chasing SO, oak is getting tackled by the mud dog. He can’t exactly help right now. Poor SO. Oak doesn’t mind mud, so he isn’t all that bothered at least
Noir: not today you little devil. Noir easily catches up to sibling and picks them up by the shirt so that they can’t reach SO. Now SO can decide what he’ll do with them haha. Noir is just as annoyed with sibling as SO is.
Sans: right before sibling is about to reach SO, sans will pop next to them and tug them out of the way, causing sibling to stumble and slide across the grass. “Sorry kid, didn’t mean to make you eat dirt there” sans feels a little guilty about unbalancing sibling
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ratsoh-writes · 9 hours ago
This is for US, UF, FS, HT, & HS!
Their best friend/crush is a happy disaster. Very easily distracted, an open book almost to a fault, has no sense of direction, & somehow manages to be the most graceful clumsy person they've ever met. That being said, taking them out in public is almost guaranteed to be an adventure of some sort. This time they accidentally befriended some dog owner at a park & now the owner is trying to set them up with her older son. They don’t know how to set boundaries very well or go about letting people down so they just blurt “Ma’am does your son have organs??”. The owner, now baffled, replies “Yes, of course?” and then they grab said skeletons hand, nod with a big smile, and say “Then I don’t think he’s my type” and then they just,,, continue walking. All while having an internal panic attack because all they wanted to do was pet the doggo and they were trapped in a social confrontation damn it- What do they do? ~w~
Star: he totally rolls with it of course. Star even makes his eyes sparkle a little and will coo about his amazing boyfriend/girlfriend as him and friend walk away. Gotta make sure the dog owner gets the point across.
Honey: uhhhhhhhhhh does this mean friend likes him back?? After a small internal debate, honey decided that no, this can’t possibly be a confession. His mood takes a nose dove after this and he’s grumpy for the rest of the hang out
Red: ok that was funny. Red was going to snap at the dog owner, but he liked crush’s strategy better. He secretly savors having their hand in his before he jerks it away and bullies teases them about their getaway
Edge: he was prepared to tell the dog owner they weren’t interested, but if crush wants to use him as an excuse, he won’t say no. Unfortunately for both of them, edge and crush both forget they are holding hands and will awkwardly jump away from each other when they realized their fingers are still interlocked. Tsundere edge is totally thrown off guard and will even blush a bit
Oak: he also rolls with it and happily let’s friend lead them away. Oak doesn’t bother pulling his hand from theirs. He’ll be a little sad when friend let’s go. He liked holding hands
Willow: this dog owner didn’t mean any harm at all, so there’s no way scary willow would come into play here. He is embarrassed to be touched and dragged away so casually by his crush though. Willow normally shies away from touching people who aren’t his SO
Lord: he freezes up when crush grabs his hand and stays stiff until they are far enough for him to pull away. Then lord snaps at them for touching him with no warning. He hates it when he gets surprised like that
Mutt: if he actually has a crush on this person, then he’ll make sure to be very obvious about it. Plus mutt almost never wastes a chance to flirt. He’ll happily take friends hand in his, but he takes it a step further by winking at the dog owner and kissing friend on the cheek. Now both the humans are blushing lol
Lilac: his answer is almost exactly the same as stars, except lilac doesn’t add the little stars in his eyes. He’s gotta concentrate really hard to use them these days
Basil: he’s more then happy to get away from the stranger, even if they’re dog was super cute. Basil doesn’t mind that his crush used him as an excuse at all. He would’ve done the same if he could talk to new people
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und3rwat3r-a5tr0naut · 9 hours ago
Your farmer skels are collecting the eggs from the hens. When they get to the last hen, instead of eggs being under her, there are kittens. What would they do with them?
Tumblr media
Straws: Heart eyes. Total heart eyes. He’s not sure how one of his hens happened to get all of these kittens in her nest, but he’s not complaining. He’ll obviously take the kittens(much to the hen’s annoyance) into his arms and make a much better place for them. What? You thought he’d get rid of them? 
Plaid: He’ll sigh because this isn’t the first time one of the hens has tried to mother something that wasn’t a chick. He already knows that there’s no way Straws would let him give even a single kitten up for adoption so he carefully scoops them up in one arm and uses the other to carry the egg basket, then proceeds to go find his brother so he can set up a place for them.
Bull: Well isn’t that something. Bull isn’t a cat person, but he doesn’t hate them. He’ll shoo the hen to the side and pick up all the kittens and makes a mental note to call the local animal shelter. If there’s a particularly small/sickly kitten though, there’s a high chance he’ll fall in love and have to keep them. Despite his loud and boisterous bravado, he’s got a soft heart when it comes to cute animals.
Crow: ‘Oh great.’ He’s already running his mouth a mile a minute just spewing complaints, but his actions betray his words; because he’s already got the kittens tucked away in the front pocket of his overalls. He makes a big talk of how he’ll take them to the shelter to put them up for adoption but once he gets in the truck to take them, he just can’t do it. They’re his babies now. 
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chocolatte-and-despair · 10 hours ago
What kind of Yandere is Raven?
Raven/Killertale Sans 
Raven is a possessive yandere. Raven is a brutish person. Because of that, he sees you as his property from the moment that he met you. He isn’t going to try to romance you or anything. If he wants you, he will have you. Because of that, you probably don’t really like him that much. If you would try to reject him, he wouldn’t accept him. You didn’t think you could actually do that, right? You do understand that he will take you by force if he needs to. So, come on rethink your words before he needs to hurt you.  
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marigoldsandbuttercups · 10 hours ago
Howdy! I was blessed by the gods of tumblr to find your fabulous account and headcanons, and really wanted to ask just for the sake of simping, skeletons, and thinking that your work is really good. This might be hard, so feel free to ignore me, but I wanted to put it out there. Could you do the UT bros, US bros and Edge (aka my baby boys) finding out or accidently seeing their SO with top surgery scars? Thanks so much, and keep up the simpworthy work!
Gshshshshsj omgggg, you're too kind to me, anon-
S/O Has Top Surgery Scars
Sans: Thing is, if he sees it by accident, he's gonna play it cool and not ask you about it until you bring it up, really. And if you do, well, he'll get surprisingly deep about it.
"you did something most people still haven't done up until this point. you've figured out who you are and are happy with it, i'm happy for ya, babes" and it's sweet, really.
The moment between you two is tender, and you notice that ever familiar shit eating grin on his face once again, "feels good ta get all that weight off your chest, huh?" and you get to do the obligatory shove and roll your eyes at the joke-
Papyrus: Sure, he's a little surprised to see the scars on your chest but he won't really push it, either. But when you bring it up to him, he seems.. Excited, honestly! To be fair, the concept of removing skin, to him, is just a step closer to embracing your skeleton form! But he also knows that some people change their look to be happier, so as long as you're happy, he's gonna be your biggest cheerleader, don't you worry, dear!
Blue: A huge dork, really. He won't push you to tell him either, but he's just more concerned if you're hurt, really. But when he finds out you aren't, well, be prepared to have him smother his face in your chest when he hugs you, a happy purr coming from him as he mentions how he can hear your heartbeat song much more clearly now.
Yes, he knows that you can hear heartbeats regardless of that but you can tease him later let him have his moment, this himbo I s2g
Stretch: The moment he walks in on you, he's so quick to blip away with a " ᴼᵐᵍ ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵒ ˢᵒʳʳʸ". So when you bring it up to him cause you're concerned, all you're going to get is a concerned stare and it takes him a few moments for him to realize what's going on.
And you'll know it when you notice the familiar orange glow that crosses his face as he stutters for a good 3 mins exactly. Once he's calmed down, he will tell you that, as long as you're happy with your changes, he will absolutely be behind you. Also be prepared to hear something cheesy like, "nyeheh, now i get ta hug ya more easily-"
Edge: If he walks in on you, there's gonna be a staring contest that lasts for exactly a minute and before you say anything, he beats you to it. He knows that some people change to be happier, and he's done it too, having to change most of his personality and such. He tells you that, you're very brave to do what you did to be happier and you have his full respect. He thinks it's, hands down, the most badass thing ever but because he's so awkward, it's a bit hard for him to put it exactly into words.
Buy me a Ko-Fi?
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purple-plum-petals · 10 hours ago
⊱ Favorite Genres of Movies and Music ⊰ || Undertale and Undertale AU Headcanons
Character(s): Sans and Papyrus (Undertale, Underfell, Underswap, Swapfell, Horrortale) Warning(s): None Genre: Headcanons Author’s Note: Trying to get back into Undertale since my current hyperfixation is Genshin Impact; I really need to update my fanfic on A03 because it’s been months and I have barely made any progress on the next chapter;; Hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of things once this semester is over; college is an absolute nightmare lol. (´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥`) [FYI: Black, Rus, Slate, and Hickory are my versions/interpretations of the Swapfell and Horrortale skeleton brothers, so they may not line up with the fanon interpretations of them.]
Each Skeleton’s Favorite Genres of…
⊱ Movies:
UT Sans: Comedies/Romantic Comedies, Satire, Poorly-Made Movies, Parodies.
UT Papyrus: Action, Superhero Films, Documentaries, Fairy Tales.
UF Sans (Red): Comedies/Dark Comedies, Slapstick, Satire, Horror/Splatter Films, Poorly-Made Movies.
UF Papyrus (Edge): Action, Superhero Films, Romantic Dramas, Historical Dramas.
US Sans (Blue): Action, Superhero Films, Science Fiction, Coming-of-Age Films.
US Papyrus (Stretch): Comedies, Satire, Poorly-Made Movies, Disney Films, Animated Movies.
SF Sans (Black): Horror/Slasher Films, Psychological Thrillers, Crime Films.
SF Papyrus (Rus): Coming-of-Age Films, Romantic Comedies, Disney Films, Poorly-Made Movies.
HT Sans (Slate): Comedies, Post-Apocalyptic Films, Disney Films.
HT Papyrus (Hickory): Non-Fiction, Documentaries, Historical Films.  
⊱ Music:
UT Sans: Song Parodies, Jazz, Blues, Swing Music.  
UT Papyrus: Swing Music, Musical Theatre, Pop.
UF Sans (Red): Hip Hop, Punk Rock, R&B, Rap.
UF Papyrus (Edge): Classical Music, Classical Rock, Orchestra.
US Sans (Blue): Musical Theatre, R&B, Hard Rock.
US Papyrus (Stretch): Song Parodies, Country, Disco.
SF Sans (Black): Classical Music, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal.
SF Papyrus (Rus): Electronic Dance, Dubstep, Techno.  
HT Sans (Slate): Song Parodies, Folk Songs, Blues.
HT Papyrus (Hickory): Musical Theatre, Pop, Soul Music.
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ivyprism · 10 hours ago
Masterlist (Story things)
I AM OPEN FOR ASKS AND WRITING PROMPTS. All asks and Headcanons will be listed here! I post Incorrect Quotes on this blog as well.
Characters I do:
All of my OCs.
Undertale Sans and Undertale Papyrus. (Maybe Grillby too)
Underfell Sans and Underfell Papyrus: Red and Edge
Underswap Sans and Underswap Papyrus: Blue and Stretch
Horrortale Sans and Horrortale Papyrus: Clove and Cinnamon
Dancetale Sans and Dancetale Papyrus: Hip Hop and Latin
Underlust Sans and Papyrus: Charm and Sugar
Swapfell Papyrus and Sans: Black/Mal and Slim/Rus/Cash
What I will do:
Oc x Canon Headcanons/prompts
OC x You headcanons
Fluff, angsty, suggestive, etc.
What I will not do:
Heavy Gore
Adult Character x Child Character
Character and AU Information:
The Mixed
Altered AU HorrorTale
Altered AU Undertale
Altered AU Underfell
The Skeleton Sisters
The Skeleton Sisters Stats (Ft. Sal and Kasie)
Skeleton Sisters Themes (Ft. Sal and Kasie)
Persona OC Information
Stories Written:
The Horrortale Skeleton Sisters meet Sal.
Undrtale Shelly Meets Rosaline and Sally.
A Father's Love - A Verdana Story
The Underfell Skeleton Sisters meet Rosa and Kass
The Underfell Papyrus x Delilah Romance Chapter 1
@ratsoh-writes Harem Stuff:
Ratsoh has a bad day, the Anons Deal With It.
Ratsoh's Harem Headcanon
A Seagull Steals Their Food -
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itsshaylo · 12 hours ago
I like ace Papyrus, it's pretty cool. Though I do see Undyne as lesbian tbh (because in every instance in the game she talks about attraction it's always souly about girls), but that's the fun of hcs, they're up for interpretation :)
Yeah I've noticed that about Undyne, and honestly, the skeleton brothers just don't seem the type to be in relationships anyway. (That doesn't stop me of course Lol)
That's what I love about Undertale though, you can interpret anything you want. Want Papyrus to wear, and like dresses? BOOM, done. 🤣
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itsshaylo · 12 hours ago
Undertale is such a good game that we as writers can use to write about and spread awareness of mental illness, racism, discrimination, disability even, and literally anything.
You can do basically anything with Undertale, and its characters. And that’s what makes it so amazing, and perfect for writers to work with.
The possibilities are endless! 😁
Tumblr media
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itsshaylo · 12 hours ago
My Undertale Headcanons #2:
(Note: Oh boy, this is going to be a conversation starter. And I'm doing this because I've been thinking about it for a while, and I'm just curious and interested. I am basing this off on their character, behaviors, and from what I've seen. Not only that, but monsters are filled with love, and from what I've noticed they don't like violence, and such especially with Asgore, and Papyrus.)
The reason for this is that the fact that he from what I've seen a lot of times is that he doesn't like the idea of violence, hurting others, and murder. And I not only seen it in the game but in a lot of media as well especially in the FanFiction “Flowey is not a very good life coach” where Flowey tells Papyrus to kill a rock (which is completely alive btw) but Papyrus didn't want to even though, and I quotes in Floweys own words, “It’s just a rock”. Another example of this is during the GlitchTale series, where Papyrus doesn't really harm nor killed unless it's something that doesn't feel “remorse” like those pink blobs. In general, Papyrus doesn't seem the type of person, UNLESS it is out of self-defense (as mentioned in the game where he said if he had his special attack, he would've to blast us to bits) though even with that he doesn't seem to do anything. (kinda sad if you think about it) Like, I think he's capable, but just doesn't want to. You can disagree with me on this, but this is just me.
This is in it of itself is self explanatory. 😅
Very self explanatory
Also self explanatory
He literally went on a child murder spree, and he's a robot/ghost 😅
(seems the type)
This one is difficult to decide on. She's probably will end up in the middle, or it depends on the situation at hand.
A lot more Pro-Choice than Pro-Life. Wow 😅 But it's realistic, and I'm sure some of you will agree. What do you guys think about this? What's your headcanon on it?
Tumblr media
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itsshaylo · 13 hours ago
My Undertale Gender/Sexuality Headcanons #1:
(Note: Some of these have many versions, mostly because I am indecisive, I also base it on from what I've seen, and such. And depending on what AU/AT it is)
Sexuality #1: Aromatic/Asexual (2nd Main vers.)
Sexuality #2: Hetero (Main vers.)
Sexuality #3: Bi
Gender: Male
Sexuality #1: Aromatic / Asexual (2nd main vers.)
Sexuality #2: Hetero (main vers.)
Gender: Male
(Tbh, he doesn't seem the type to be in relationships)
Sexuality: Hetero
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Hetero
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Gender: Female
(Won't do Alphys as it is confirmed in the game that she is bi, and of course female)
Sexuality #1: Straight (3rd main vers.)
Sexuality #2: Gay Trans (2nd Main vers.)
Sexuality #3: Drag Queen
Gender: Male (Feminine) (main vers.)
(I don't really see him in relationships either tbh)
Sexuality:u Unknown
Gender: Female (Main vers)
Sexuality: Unknown
Gender #1: Male
Gender #2: Female
Sexuality: Unknown
Gender #1: Female
Gender #1: Unknown (Maybe NonBinary idk)
Sexuality: Hetero
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Aromatic/Asexual
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetero
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bi
Gender: Female
Sexuality #1: Hetero
Sexuality #2: Aromatic/Asexual
Gender: Male
This is as far as I can get. What about you guys? What are your headcanons for them on this? 😊
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itsshaylo · 13 hours ago
About Mettaton:
Undertale Fans: Mettaton is GAY!
Other Undertale Fans: He's trans!
Other OTHER Undertale Fans: NO HE’S NOT!
About Frisk:
Other Fans: NO HE’S NOT!
Me: 😳 *slowly walks away*
The good thing about Undertale is that Toby PURPOSELY left things anonymous for us fans to make our OWN interpretation of things. Hence why Frisk is yellow and genderless same as Chara (tho light skin). We can give them any skin tone, and gender we want.
Same with Mettaton, we don't really know who or want he is, and it's never really explained in the games either. We do know that through his journals it is HINTED, Not confirm but HINTED that he may OR may not be trans. The way it was worded sounds like he may be.
Same with Undyne, we don't know if she's bisexual, pansexual, or a lesbian. The only monster that we know of in the game that has a CONFIRMED sexuality is Alphys who is bisexual. (Unless you count the two guards) This means that you can stop harassing people who ship Undyne with Papyrus. Everything is left anonymous and is up to our own interpretation. We can make them however we want to make them, and we shouldn't be attacked for it Period.
This means that you can stop harassing people who ship Undyne with Papyrus. And stop fighting over Frisk/Chara’s gender, and stop fighting over Mettaton. And no one should be fighting about Papyrus either. (whether he wears dresses, etc) Everything is left anonymous and is up to our own interpretation. We can make them however we want to make them, and we shouldn't be attacked for it Period.
So, what do you guys think Mettaton, Undyne, Papyrus, and Frisk/Chara are to you? What are your headcanons of them? 😊
Tumblr media
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ratsoh-writes · a day ago
Yay asks are open!
How about some random headcanons for undertale toriel and asgore? I haven't seen much for goat mom and dad.
She’s still our classic goat mama. Toriel is a very warm affectionate person, and loves children of all ages and types.
Because she refused to take part in politics any longer, hating the ruthlessness of them, toriel instead used funding from Asgore to start up a mixed monster-human school and orphanage.
She hand picks and hires the teachers, but her main role is the matron of the living quarters for the kids who stay full time. She is happy to act as a motherly and advisory role. The school has a good reputation for graduates and grades, but it’s main purpose is to provide a family to those less fortunate
He stayed king until the monsters established their own state in ebott. Now Asgore continues to stay in politics by serving on the cabinet for ebott president. He covers the educational side of things mostly.
Asgore still misses his ex wife and is currently doing his best to repair his relationship with her. Toriel has recently contacted him expressing willingness to try again, and Asgore is determined not to let her down
Chara spends time with toriel occasionally, but Asgore is their main parent. He’s more accepting and understanding of the actions they took while they were a corrupted soul. Asgore knows what it’s like to make decisions driven by grief
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ratsoh-writes · a day ago
Dating hc for G and Green?
He’s such a little troll at times. When you first start dating G, you’ll have tons of fun, but it feels distant. It actually takes him a while to emotionally open up to his SO. Usually after their first fight is when he starts being more serious. He wants to see if you’ll stick around for the less fun parts of him
G is never happy sticking to one place, and as a rather reputable scientist, his work means that he goes to lots of conferences around ebott and the country. So lazy days are few and in between
He’s only 5’7 so it’s more likely that he’s shorter than his SO, but on the likely chance that he’s taller, he has a habit of always patting SO on the head lol. If SO is taller, then he pats their shoulder, or if they’re a guy, their pecs for attention
He’s pretty mild and old fashioned when it comes to his manners. And green would prefer that SO respect that. That includes cursing. Green hates cursing
He’s pretty good with his words and knows just the right romantic thing to say to brighten his SOs day. Green does live praising his partner
As a surgeon, he often works long hours and always comes home exhausted. He would be ready to propose on the spot if his SO rubbed his feet for him when he got home
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ratsoh-writes · a day ago
Omg, I have this curse ask in mind for so long now. Do you know this meme ad with the "You can't say no to Panda" (you can find it on YouTube ) ? What if it happened to your main boys out of nowhere ?
Ok so I looked up the panda commercials and I think I died man. These are so good!!! Literally I would buy panda cheese because of that commercial lol
The commercials in question
Sans: with shaking hands while staring into the pandas soulless eyes, sans levitates three more panda cheeses into his shopping cart then hurries away lol. Coward
Papyrus: literally he just wants mozzarella and papyrus WILL NOT BACK DOWN. Papyrus and the panda are both nose to nose, right up in each other’s faces staring the other down. The panda slowly hands him a bad of shredded panda brand mozzarella cheese. Papyrus nods seriously, and without breaking eye contact, walks away
Star: he just didn’t want the sandwich and now this panda is beating his bike with a stick and honey is hiding behind a tree like a weenie. Star will have a stick-lightsaber joust to defend his honor. And he won’t back down even if it dusts him!!
Honey: he was more in the mood for toast and jam instead of toast and cheese, and now this psycho panda is tearing up his house. Honey hides in the closet and calls the police. When they arrive, his kitchen is ruined and the security footage has 20 minutes of a panda staring creepily into the camera
Red: he’s gonna make this panda his B*TCH for breaking into his house. Red will bare fist fight this dang animal if he has too. The neighborhood is treated to the sight of red and a panda slugging it out in the street lol
Edge: the panda broke his laptop. He breaks their bank. Was putting a whole company out of business over a laptop overkill? Maybe? Did it feel good? Totally >:) oh edge you sweet summer child.. do you think that will stop the panda
Mal: once, just once, mal will ask the mafia for help. Because this panda broke the windows to his shop and some of his goods were stolen. And mal wants it GONE. This may be the start of an unlikely friendship between him, the old lady squad, and ace. We’ll see...
Cash: him and bruiser go on a man hunt to find and capture the panda. They wind up including a bloodthirsty butch, charm who’s just there for the drama, mal who of course is joined by the old ladies, and the most surprising ally of all. Willow. This panda is going down
Oak: he almost cried when that panda overturned his whole picnic table and kicked one of his chickens. Oak would’ve fought back, but his chickens safety was on the line, so he shortcutted away with them instead
Willow: this panda wasted food, kicked his chicken, and worst of all, scared his brother. Willow will stop at nothing to rid the world of this evil. And if it means joining an illegal manhunt, then so be it. He provides the snacks and positive encouragement
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ratsoh-writes · a day ago
Boys of your choice with a very calm, mild mannered SO, SO invites them to a family reunion after they’ve been together after a while and it’s just mayhem. Their family is ducking gigantic. People are running around and yelling across a large property. Theres dogs, cats , various farm animals, etc. There’s tons of fires and stuff, kids playing, and the family’s idea of fun is wrestling in the dirt pit (it’s great until you get dust in your eyes and mouth), throwing fireworks in the bonfires and trying not to get hit, and seeing who can do the craziest jumps off trees and buildings and stuff. There’s stuff going off and someone’s being carried off into a lake and SO is just standing there like :) ‘just another casual day with my family’
Lol, this family sounds like loads of fun, and I’m feeling pretty inspired so have some extra horror boys to go with the regulars
Sans: You shouldn’t have worried. If you look, you’ll find sans in a group of other goofy dads, grilling and punning together. He’s found his people
Papyrus: he ends up making friends with the young adults and playing chicken in the pond. Everyone wants to be the dude on papyrus’ shoulder. His team always wins
Star: he’s on the trampoline playing a very dangerous game of dodge the firecracker with a few of your drunk cousins lol. None of the guys come out unscathed, including Star.
Honey: he’ll be clinging to SOs side until an aunty or cousin asks for help with the kids. Now honey is the designated babysitter with two newborns on his lap and a napping toddler on his side. Plus all of your aunts are coping over how good he is with the kids. Your family loves honey now
Red: he kinda is just anxiously going through the motions until he meets that one navy veteran grandma. Red and her exchange horrifying fight stories and now they’re friends. They spend the day trying to one up each other with their horror stories lol
Edge: he really wants to impress your family so edge is on his best behavior. This means he’s being the perfect, if just slightly sassy, gentleman. And that also means that all the middle aged women have accepted him into the pack lol
Mal: he just destroyed the Karen of the family. Like mal massacred them. And still came out looking good. Everyone breathes a silent sigh of relief, and mal gets appreciative pats and greetings all day lol.
Cash: he’s one of the guys carrying their victim in the lake. You’re next
Oak: he’s also with the grill dads. Oak is showing them a few tricks on how to get the grilled fish just right. He’s shy but they like him well enough. It’s kinda hard not too when all the dogs and two of the cats are just patiently following him around. If all your pets like this guy, he must be pretty great.
Willow: he brought bread, and his bread is dang good, so already people like him. Plus it’s obvious that willow is just a gentle giant. Good manners and good food goes a long ways
Rust: as the resident baby magnet, rust has the attention of every child under the age of 12. Parents who were weary of him because of his scary looks are quickly put at ease when they see him make a baby squeal with laughter. Four kids cry when he has to leave
Noir: he’s not trying as hard to please as edge is, but noir just has a natural charisma about him. Plus kids seem to be able to tell that he’s a sucker, even if he’s awkward with him. Noir has been practically robbed of all his snacks, but your family likes him at least lol
Lilac: he’s the resident granny magnet. All the oldies are chilling with lilac and sharing their funniest golden day stories. He’s participating too of course! Lilac has some hilarious ones from his teen years
Basil: he’s going to be practically glued to your side the entire day. As long as your family knows in advance that basil is mostly non-verbal, he should be ok. If they’re all nice to him, he might even manage a soft goodbye before y’all leave
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