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origami-bunny · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
This creamy fruit dip has only three ingredients. If you want a simple dip that's the perfect complement to fruit, especially strawberries, please try this one.
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bunnyl00 · 5 hours ago
*taps mic while clearing throat in a large crowd of people*
cereal is not soup, it's a salad
*crowd goes wild, starting riots and petitions to have my arrest while those who agree with my message are shunned*
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michaelarchangele · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the funniest and scariest scene in the show
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black-coffee-morning · 13 hours ago
Of course I want to settle down and have a life. I want a big house with my gf who will hopefully become my wife, and my best friend, and some ferrets and dogs and fish. I want a yard with a garden that I tend every year, and a porch with a swing, and I want to wake up in that beautiful house every day.
But I also can't stand that. The idea of staying in one place for more than a year is terrifying and tragic. I want to move around, have different experiences every day, meet new people. I want to have no ties, I want to be able to get up on any given day and decide to try something else.
I don't want to work in a truck stop kitchen for the rest of my life. I don't want to wake up in the same bed under the same window and take my car the same route to the same job that I've had for as long as I can remember and I'll have for the foreseeable future.
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pretchatta · 15 hours ago
I Saw Her Tomorrow
the authors of the MayThe4th fic exchange have been revealed! I've been dying to share my gift for @ambiguityisnoonesfriend ever since I finished it, so here it is.
a huge thank you to @skitter-kitteruwu for beta reading!!
rating: general; kanan jarrus/hera syndulla; 7.8k words (4 chapters, complete)
link to full work
Hera, 0BBY
The wind whistled in her ears and whipped her lekku as Hera wrestled with the glider. Her exhilaration at flying was tempered by her awareness of the imminent danger. They were losing altitude fast, but their forward velocity was enough that the roof of the fuel station was getting bigger with every passing second.
"This is gonna be close!" she yelled to Kanan.
"It always is!" he called back. She knew he couldn’t see the precariousness of their situation, and yet he trusted her completely to fly them through it.
The glider skimmed over the lip of the building, barely clearing it. The durasteel frame screeched as it skidded over the roof, but didn’t crumple. She just about managed to hold on. The rush of another successful landing almost made her giddy.
Kanan was no longer beside her; he hadn’t been able to brace in time and had lost his grip on impact. His momentum had carried him over the glider’s nose to roll onto the roof. 
He pushed himself up with a groan. "That was one of your better crashes."
Hera gave him a scandalised look as she dismounted and wagged a finger at him. "Kanan Jarrus, you know I never crash. I have very-"
"Very exciting landings," he finished for her with a smile, grabbing the admonishing hand. "Thanks for reminding me. Come on!" He pulled her towards the middle of the roof and away from the pursuing Imperials. 
After a few steps she had to stop him from running over the edge; the Empire hadn't yet finished covering the station. She was about to tell him off for not seeing it, but then she stopped herself with a giggle. He was blind; he couldn’t see anything.
His head jerked as though he suddenly sensed what was in front of them. He made an impatient noise in the back of his throat, clearly displeased with how exposed they were, and grabbed his commlink.
"Spectre-5, do you read? How are you coming with that ship?"
"Kanan! Did you get her?" Sabine's tinny voice came through from the other end. Hera hadn’t even realised she’d been worried, but she felt something unclench slightly from around her heart at the sound.
"Of course he did," she replied, leaning into Kanan slightly to reach the small device. She immediately lost her balance, but he caught her without missing a beat and nudged her back upright. Maybe those interrogation drugs weren’t out of her system quite yet. 
"There’s been a change of plans," Kanan was saying into the comm. "We need a pickup–"
"At the fuel station," Sabine cut in, "I know. The Empire does too."
He grimaced. She found herself fascinated by how naked his mouth looked without his beard surrounding it. "Well, let’s hope you get to us fi–"
"Hold on, there are new orders coming through." She paused. "All ships are being ordered to maintain high altitude to allow a bombing run on the fuel station."
"What?" Kanan yelped. "They’ll blow up the whole factory if they do that!"
Sabine sounded like she was still listening to the Imperial orders. "Apparently the roof is reinforced, and can take a hit."
"The roof is unfinished! There’s a giant hole in it!" Kanan gestured towards it even though there was no visual link on the comm.
"I guess Pryce really doesn’t want us getting away," Hera muttered.
"Kanan, it doesn’t matter." There was a definite note of panic in Sabine’s voice now, and it was mirrored by a rising fear in Hera. "I’m not gonna be able to get down to you before the bomber arrives without blowing our cover and getting shot to pieces!"
"That’s not a problem. Just get directly overhead, as quickly as you can. Tell Ezra to be ready to catch us – just like we practised."
Hera heard Sabine’s shaky breath over the comm. "I’ll let you know when I’m in position."
The light blinked off.
This was bad. Adrenaline returned to Hera’s body, chasing away the drug-induced fog that had started clouding her brain since they’d landed. What was Kanan up to?
"What do you have planned?" she asked, narrowing her eyes at him.
"When they get here, I’ll jump," he said simply. "I can get pretty high, and Ezra can pull us the rest of the way from above."
Her mind conjured the image of him cradling her in his arms as they soared upwards, just like in every ridiculous superhero holo they’d watched together.
Except this one isn’t ridiculous, because he would do that.
He would always come to save her. Whatever it took, he would always be there. He’d fly into the middle of a maximum security Imperial complex on a few pieces of scrap metal and junk, cut her free of her bonds, fight off a nightmarish assassin and escape an impossible dead-end situation by calling on his supernatural powers. 
She felt a wave of emotion rise within her, a surge of warmth that threatened to spill into tears. Did he even know how incredibly important he was to her? They’d been so focused on fighting for so long, they’d had to actively find time to be alone together before she’d left. She’d figure out how to break the other news later, but right now there was one thing Hera needed to say to him.
"Kanan," she started. His attention immediately focused on her; there was something in her voice, something soft and vulnerable, yet serious. "I know it’s been a while since I’ve said it, and I know this isn’t really the moment, but… I love you." 
Her ungloved fingers stroked the exposed skin of his cheek. He turned his head slightly in response so that his lips brushed her palm.
"I know," he said simply. It was the best thing he could have said. "And I love you too."
Her mouth curved into a smile as she pushed herself up onto her toes to kiss him. He returned the kiss, the press of his lips against hers achingly familiar, like coming home. Less familiar was the scratch of stubble; after years of having a beard, she’d forgotten what it was like to kiss Kanan without one.
They were interrupted by the familiar scream of twin ion engines approaching.
"Sabine!" Kanan shouted frantically into the comm. "Where are you? The bomber’s here!"
Her response was drowned out by the TIE bomber. 
It swept overhead, blotting out the light from both moons. Hera wrapped her arms tightly around Kanan’s torso. Throughout her capture and subsequent torture she’d never once lost faith that he would come and rescue her, but now, faced with their current situation, that hope finally flickered. Their last moments were upon them. 
At least they were together.
The bomber passed, the whine of the engines deepening as it retreated, but the shadow remained. Hera looked up and saw, suspended in the air above them, the unmistakable silhouette of a baradium missile. 
She relaxed her grip on Kanan and realised he had thrust his arms out towards the sky, eyes closed, brow furrowed in concentration. He’d caught the missile! Her brave, brilliant Jedi.
"Kanan?" she asked tentatively. "Can you... put that down? We've got to get off this roof before they make another pass."
"I'm holding the proton charge detonator," he said through gritted teeth. She felt her stomach drop through her feet; he couldn’t let go without activating the missile. The whole station would go up with it. "Can’t jump without letting go. Or sending it up to the kids. But I can still throw you."
"But – what about you?" She knew the answer even as she asked, but her brain was refusing to accept it.
His sightless eyes locked on to her face. His expression was an unreadable mask. "I'm not making it out of this one."
No, no no.
She was shaking her head, even though he couldn’t see it. "I’m not leaving without you."
"Yes, you are," he insisted. "And you’re going to be okay. Don’t ask me how I know this, but you’re going to move on, and you will be happy again. I’m certain of it. And that’s all I ever wanted."
The comm beeped again.
"We’re in position! Kanan, now!"
Sabine’s words had barely sunk in when she felt herself gripped by an unseen hand, and then she was flying through the air. She caught a glimpse of the whole station below her – the square roof framing the round hole that in turn framed gleaming stacks of construction material, the bomb hovering off-center and ruining the symmetry – before her vision went dark. 
She felt the wind from the TIE bomber as it raced below her at the same time as a second invisible force grabbed her. It twisted her in midair, and now she was rushing towards an Imperial patrol transport. A single figure in a fighter pilot’s uniform stood in the troop bay with arms outstretched. 
By the time Ezra had pulled her into the transport beside him and she was able to turn back around, the fuel station was an expanding ball of fire. 
Kanan was gone.
Chapter 2 (AO3) ->
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asofterepilogue · 19 hours ago
just learnt that black tassel is a good weapon for zhongli but sadly I sacrificed every last one of them to level up xiangling's crescent pike 😔
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cakesandfail · 19 hours ago
finished my wwdits rewatch and now I'm just sitting in my living room thinking about how Nandor has a really obvious crush on Guillermo bye
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the-sunflower-witch · 21 hours ago
Hey. Hey. Make more young characters with canes. Make them use walkers. Make them use wheelchairs—make them ambulatory wheelchair users (“part time”), make them full-time. Make them put their hearing aids in or take them out. Make them use sign. Make them put on/take off their prosthetic. Have them reach for their crutches. Have your characters stim. Have your characters express vocal/physical tics.
These things also don’t have to be a source of angst or agony for your character. Make these occurrences casual. Make them normal. This is a part of their life. Just something they do.
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danielbrulh · 22 hours ago
have you ever liked a song so much that you feel like you needed it injected directly into your brain?
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wildflowerbabyx · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
I want this in sky writing
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icedgaze · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
enter     ›  ›       (     UNDYNE    CORINNA    JAMESON.    ) quote    ›  ›       ❝   apply   pressure   on   it,   jackass!   ❞
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faelanvance · 23 hours ago
Hello! First question for underwing challenge. What sorts of things do you think advanced your writing skills the most? Did you take any classes or workshops or are you fully self taught? All are completely valid! I’m just curious because I really really admire your writing style so I’d love to hear your tips on getting better at writing and how you developed your voice.
AhhhHHHhhhH?! Thank you!?
That’s such a lovely thing to say, this has warmed my heart! I’m not at all professional, so take whatever little advice I can give with a pinch of salt. What has worked for me may not fit with you and that’s fine. Everyone has their own methods which they discover and hone as they continue to practice! Don’t be discouraged! <3
To answer your question, I would consider myself fully self-taught. I did enjoy and do very well in English & creative writing in school and college ( up to A-level ) a very long time ago - but other than that, I’ve never had the chance to join workshops or classes. I would love to give them a go! There is always more to learn - the more places you look, the more you can experiment and mix and match what you’ve learned to suit you.
It’s important to note I’ve been writing for many years. I’m 31. My mum still has notebooks from my writing as child, some from when I was four or five, full of short stories about my favourite insects. I’ve never had the confidence before to write anything professionally, everything before now has been hobbyist and private. The beginning of last year was the first time I felt genuinely ready to create something original, entirely for me and my interests, that I want to share with as many people as possible.
Not to be predictable, but honestly, the one thing that has improved my writing the most has been reading. Reading. Reading. Reading. Fortunately for me, I have always been an avid reader. Read everything you can. The most important bit of all? Don’t stick to a genre, author or style! Branch out, experiment - you never know what kind of wonderful books you can find in the most unexpected genres or settings! And read published works. I can’t stress enough how important it is to read a story that has been professionally edited and presented to you via a publishing team. Your brain can pick up a lot subconsciously, so make sure to bombard it with great ( diverse ) storytelling!
To escape the echo-chamber writing styles and voices of certain genres ( unless you’re deliberately catering to a specific audience, that is ) read from as many varied styles, point-of-views, genres and authors as you can. I have three book method, on the go, always. I’ve always got three books I am reading at one time - which I can jump between or completely dive into, it really depends on my mood ( and the book. )
The first book is always the one I have chosen to read. It’s always in a genre I like, from an author I love, so I know I’ll enjoy it. Currently I am reading: God Emperor of Dune by Frank Herbert. I’ve been reading the series, so this was my safe option.
My second book is always my risk. It can be from a genre I like but I’ve picked it up when I’m not entirely certain it is for me, regardless of what shelf it came from. Currently, my risk, my random choice is: The Councillor by E. J Beaton. Like most of my “risk” choices, I have found myself thoroughly enjoying it. The style is very rich and decadent, a world apart from God Emperor of Dune, but I am loving it all the same. 
And third book is always my non-fiction option. I read a ton of non-fiction for my writing. I do a lot of research online, but nothing beats a good archeological study or historical accounts in a book. You’ll be surprised how much it can flavour and bring life to your own creative work. Expand your horizons and understanding. When I say try and read a little of everything, I really mean it. My non-fiction choice is always a subject that has helped inspire my story. Currently I am reading: Children of Ash and Elm by Neil Price.
Simply put, my advice is this: keep experimenting, keep learning, find things to be inspired by outside of fantasy or fandom, this is super important if you want to find your own creative niche - your own authentic avenue, use those interests close to you to flavour your writing and make it immersive. Always be open to change and newness in your writing and find likeminded folks to soundboard and support your ideas. Take risks, be bold with your own style, only you can be you, practice this often, allow for your failures and take pride in your successes! I’m just learning this myself. Write what you love and what you’re interested in and your work will always be genuine. Keep on reading and keep on writing, taking notes of all the things you like to read and how you like to write.
I hope this helps, even a little. If you have any other questions like this, I’ll gladly answer them to the best of my ability. I can only speak from my own experience. I am flattered you asked this at all. <3 
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nomorecolour · a day ago
whoever decided spotify should forcibly sync between devices without an option to say no should be fucking murdered honestly
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