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#uhhh 'm not tagging everyone sorry
trulymadlycrazy · 11 days ago
thank yous!! for tagging me :)) @thehornoftheunicorn @sunsmile-lou @lt2andsomesunshine @zaynsalbum
“💕get to know your mutuals!! when you get this, it means someone wants to know more about you, so list 5 things about yourself you want your followers to know. they can be as simple as your age or as complex as your deepest fear, as long as it’s something you’re comfortable with sharing. when you’re done, send this to 10 people you want to get to know better!! 🥺🌼💕”
1. first thing that comes to mind is that i play the piano (a bit haha) no i used to go for awesome classes but then school got hectic and now i havent touched it in an year :( idk can you forget how to play? im too scared to find out :((
2. i love baking! mostly bc i end up eating it myself. yeah
3. uhhh this is getting hard. i became a larrie after misclicking and going to the wrong video, which was about larry, naturally. i,,,, honestly regret that but also am so glad that my thumbs have a mind of their own
4. this is a nightmare, it's like m stood up in class, everyone staring at me bc the teacher said we need to iNTRoduCe ourselves. anyways number four, deepest fear, i think im scared of being forgotten, scared of the future, scared of very steep slopes esp when we're in the car (what if it topples ?!) (which i know wont happen but eh)
5. lame one for the last, i used to be really good at drawing/ sketching/ painting you know that sorta thing so when i look back at my own drawings it's almost hard to believe i'd done that
yea that's it thanks again for tagging me guys! ik this doesnt give away much about me, m sorry about that <3 also!! im SO late doing this so idk who's done it and hasnt so if you see this have a go!
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rachfielden-xo · 20 days ago
We Want to be Real, Not Just Animations (Part 5 - Bit 2/The End)
Tumblr media
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 (Bit 1) |
AAAND we’re on Part 5, Bit 2! Writing this one has been so fun and thank you to everyone whose loved every bit ❤️
@janetm74 @dragonoffantasyandreality @sugar-fiend @psychoticalienjackie the final part is here!
Right before TOS-Virgil could punch TAG-Virgil’s nose and turn it into a glorious scarlet fountain, a different, more distressing sound rang through the air.
A gunshot.
Oh god no. Who had the gun? They had to locate the firearms weapons!
“What the hell was that?!” TAG-Scott gasped out loud.
Who was that? David M? Reggie? Adam? Rasmus? Or some other member of the animating team?!
“You all have to stop.”
“Woo! Rob Hoegee to the rescue!” Thomas cheered.
“But I thought rescue was our job.” TOS-John whispered in TOS-Scott’s ear.
“It is.”
“Listen boys. All of you, this has to stop. You can’t carry on like this. You at the destruction of the workshop. Sidenote: you’re paying for the repairs.”
“Us?! B-But we won’t have the money!” TAG-Alan stuttered.
“Meh, your dad’s a billionaire. He should have loads of money on his card.” David S shrugged. He wasn’t giving a shit about it.
“Right. Looks like we’re using Dad’s money.” TAG-Scott huffed, frustrated. “Are we all paying or just one version of us?”
“Both versions,”
“Great,” TOS-Gordon cringed. “What’s the price for all this?”
“Ooh. Well if we’re thinking about the lights, camera, parts of the ceiling and models. That’s gonna be around a million dollars?”
“PPFFFT. Nah I’m sorry. I ain’t paying for that. Goodbye y’all. I’m out, see ya later.” TAG-Gordon said clearly. “Uhhh... how do we go back to being smol CGI characters?”
“Drink the potion again.” Reggie rolled his eyes. “That’s what you did to get here right?”
“Yes...” TAG-Virgil said slowly. “But I don’t know if it’ll work the opposite way.”
“Oh sure it will,” whined TAG-Alan. “Just drink the stupid thing!”
So they did. The shrink part of it took immediate effect. The TAG brothers felt themselves growing smaller on the inside and out. Before long, they were on all the posters, computer screens, and models again. Ahhh... just like normal. David M swore he heard Virgil say to him, “We’ll pay for the workshop repairs once we’ve stolen Dad’s credit card.”
“Well, uh, it looks like it’s us who has to say goodbye now.” TOS-John sighed.
“It is. If we stay here too long, we’ll mess with time. We’d better go. And... thank you for not making a scene about our sudden arrival.”
“Nah it’s ok,” Rasmus reached out to TOS-Scott and Alan and shook their hands. “We appreciate it. Without you, I think the TAG boys would’ve taken over. Thank god we had the original versions.”
“Me too. Thank you for the help.” Adam nodded.
“Eh, it’s no biggie. If you need help again, just call.” TOS-Scott shrugged like it was nothing.
“But we didn’t call this time.” David S pointed out.
“True. But this time was an exception.” TOS-Gordon winked; a sign of knowing.
“Anyway, goodbye for now. We hope to come to the real world again soon.” TOS-Virgil drank the special potion. He shrank down to smol size. Almost like you couldn’t see him anymore. He’d gone back to 1965. Whereas the TAG boys had been whisked off to 2060. Two totally different year periods.
The other TOS brothers did the same. Soon it was only the animators and creators left in the workshop. The place was a real mess!
“We’d start cleaning up.” Rob looked at his cast mates with a knowing look.
“Yeah,” Thomas smiled as his arms were crossed across his chest. “We should.”
— FIN —
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dirtyoatmeall · 2 months ago
All it takes is one moment (Atsumu x reader)
A/N: uhhh sorry for dropping off the face of the earth!! I have a million WIPs I’ll hopefully be posting here shortly! I was reading a bunch of cheesy hurt/comfort fics last night and decided to make my own hehe, tbh it got me thinking of doing another one but no comfort and it turning into a slow burn with another character :0 Please read the warnings, this is Post-Timeskip, so spoilers for occupations. Everyone is probably like 25ish here? Also I apologize in advance for their accents, I tried in a few spots, I’m still getting used to it. (also @spiritofthescarletwoods I know you wanted to be tagged in the midoriya angst I promised a million years ago, but here’s some tsumu angst for now!)
Genre: Hurt/comfort or Angst with a happy ending
Pairing: Miya Atsumu x reader (uhmm pronouns I believe are gn but I do not proof read as we all know)
Word Count: 4.?k
Warnings: Mentions of past abusive relationships, insinuation of cheating, slight misogynistic vibes for a moment, crude language, Atsumu is mean :( (Probably OOC Osamu and Atsumu), Post-time skip ((Let me know if I need to add something!)
You and Atsumu have been together for about 3 years now, and it was great. The two of you were very much in love, supported each other, and rarely fought, as you tried to be as open and communicate as much as possible. The last relationship you were in was toxic and abusive, it took a long time for you to be yourself again, and Atsumu had supported you along the way, he knew what had happened, and he swore to never make you feel like that again. And he stuck by that, until today.
Even though you rarely fought, when you did, it was resolved quickly, but this time was not the same. It had started off small. You had an important event coming up for work, you would be presenting on your year long research project, having made big findings in your field work. It was a huge deal for you, but when you brought it up at dinner, Atsumu did not have the same opinion.
“What do you mean you can’t make it? Everything I’ve been working on had led up to this, this is a career changing presentation, and you don’t want to go?” Hurt was clearly evident in your voice, as was frustration. Atsumu sighed, he’d had a horrible week, there was a big game coming up with the Adler’s and he needed to be prepared. “Like I said, I have practice that night, You can tell me all about it when you get home. I don’t see why you’re making a big fuss ‘bout it, ‘s just a presentation babe.” You furrowed your eyebrows looking at him incredulously.
“Did you not listen to anything I just said? It’s not just a presentation, this is my career Atsumu. I consistently put my own work aside to support you, why can’t you do the same for me? It’s not like I’m asking you to miss a game, it’s a practice.”  You could tell he was getting frustrated, but so were you, you made it a point to make every single game of his, missing out on work opportunities to come support him, him refusing to come to something so important was hurtful, and made you feel like you were less important than him, but before you could voice your feelings Atsumu spoke.
“This isn’t jus’ any practice. We have a big game comin’ up, it's important I’m there, ‘m the setter. Let's be real here, we both know which of us is the bread-maker in this household. This is basically a little hobby of yours, you can come back to it at any time. I’m a professional athlete hun, there’s only so much time I have before retirement.” He spoke in a condescending manner that baffled you. He’s never spoken to you like that before, is that how he really felt about your work? You scoffed, rising from the dinner table.
“Are you fucking kidding me, do you know condescending and frankly, misogynistic that was?” He sighed and rolled his eyes as he followed you with his plate, dinner half eaten and cold much like yours. “Here you go again” He muttered, though loud enough for you to hear. You dropped your plate in the sink and you looked at him, eyes wide, and furious.
“What did you just say to me? Here I go again? What the fuck does that mean Atsumu?” He set his plate on the counter, looking at you from across the island as he gripped the countertop. “What I mean is that yer always playing the victim, we get it, you last relationship was shitty, but that doesn’t mean you have to act like this all the time, I thought you got over it?”
You balked at him, was he serious right now? “Oh my god really? Are you seriously asking me if I got over an abusive relationship, after everything I’ve told you about it? After everything I had to do to get where I am now? We are supposed to support each other, I didn’t realize it was one sided.” Atsumu sighed, growing more frustrated, he tried to interrupt you, but you kept going, 
“All I wanted was for you to come to one dinner, after the years we’ve been together I haven’t asked you to miss any games or practices for my work, you know my coworkers have asked if I’m single? They didn’t believe me when I told them I was in a relationship, and you know what? I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t believe me either, since they’ve never seen you, and I take all this time off to travel and support you, all of your team know who I am, why is it so hard for you to do the same?”
As you kept going, his anger only grew, he tried interrupting you again, but it was like you weren’t paying attention to him, just spouting off whatever came to your head, and he was tired of it. 
He slammed his hand on the counter, the sound reverberating throughout the apartment. You flinched, hard, but Atsumu didn’t seem to notice. “Can you just shut up for one moment? God, all you do is go on and on nagging on how what I do isn’t enough, I pay the bills here, why isn’t that enough for you? I could care less about what’s going on at your job, I have absolutely no interest in it at all, when will you get that through your fucking skull? I. don’t. care.” By the time he was done his knuckles were white from how hard he was gripping the counter, and you had tears in your eyes. You sucked in a breath, steeling yourself.
“Ok, I’m going to remove myself from the situation, I’ll be at your brothers, you can come get me when you pull your head out of your ass.” He rolled his eyes as you strode past him, getting your purse from the hook and going to slip on your shoes. “Yeah go ahead, you gonna wet his dick for ‘im too? ‘m sure he’ll love that.” You stiffened for a moment, putting your shoes on before looking at him, tears making your vision blurry.
“Y’know I tell myself that this isn’t like last time, that you’re not him, but at times like this-“ Your voice cracked as a sob bubbled into your throat and you shook your head, turning and heading out the door. Atsumu flinched at your words and the soft click of the door latching, he would’ve preferred to hear it slam.
Your walk to the elevator was blurry but you knew the way by heart after living there for so long. You wiped at your eyes as you pulled out your phone, tapping on the contact before bringing the phone to your ear. It rang once before it picked up, a tired “hello?” coming from the other end. You let out a quiet sob as you loaded the elevator, trying to get the words to come out. Upon hearing you, Osamu spoke again, “(Y/N)? Are you crying? What’s wrong.” You cleared your throat and took a deep breath before speaking, your voice tight. “Hey ‘samu, can, can I come to your place? ‘tsumu and I- we-'' you broke out into another sob, and you could hear Osamu close a door.
“Where are you? I’ll pick you up, I’m just leaving the restaurant I’m close.” After telling him where you were, you stayed on the phone, walking in the direction of the restaurant. Not long you see Osamu’s car pull up, he quickly gets out and looks you over and sighed as he brings you in for a hug. You sob into his jacket for a moment while he rubbed your back gently. He knew about your past as well, and figured it must have been bad for you to leave in tears. He leads you to the car and makes sure you’re strapped in before heading to the drivers side and getting in, double checking your seatbelt before driving towards his apartment.
The drive was short, though to you it felt like it lasted hours. You tried to quiet your sobs, not wanting to bother him. He looked over at you every so often, worry evident in his gaze as he tried to figure out just what his stupid brother did.
After arriving at his apartment, he sat you down on the couch, wrapping a blanket around you and giving you a box of tissues before sitting next to you, gently asking what happened. You try not to cry as you retell the events of the evening, though it got harder and harder as you told him what Atsumu said to you. By the time you were finished you were crying again, and Osamu was furious.
“I-I just don’t understand ‘samu, the things he said, did he really m-mean them? And-and when he slammed his hand on the counter, the look on his face, it, it was like I was back there all over again, like I never left. I-I know he’d never hurt me,” You sobbed out, throat getting tighter as you go on, “But at that moment, all I could think was that he was gonna hit me, and I, I had to leave, and what he said before I left,” You hiccupped and cried into your hands, not able to finish.
Osamu rubbed your back as you cried before getting up to make some tea. While the water was boiling he went into the other room, trying to calm himself down before calling his brother. The line rang three times before it was picked up, a frustrated “what do you want?” coming from the other end. It was enough to dwindle Osamu’s patience into nothing. He tried to keep his voice down, not wanting to distress you further.
“What do I want? Do you know how badly you fucked up? (Y/N) is here crying on my couch right now, do you know what she told me ‘tsumu? She told me she thought you were going to hit her. Are you fucking kidding me? Did you even think before you spoke, because from what she told me, it sounds like you didn’t. How dumb are you, after everything she’s gone through, the first big fight you have you send her running? Over a dinner? Really Atsumu?”
Atsumu groaned on the other line, “Exactly ‘samu, it’s a dinner, I have practice for the game against the Adler’s you know how big that is. She’ll have plenty of dinners for me to go to in the future. I don’t see why she got so upset over it. And she knows I didn’t mean the things I said, I was just frustrated.”
Osamu scoffed into the phone, “Did you even hear what I said, are you hearing yourself? She is the best thing that has happened to you, the least you could do is support her, this is a big deal for her Atsumu, even I know that. Honestly I don’t know why she is still with you after the shit you just pulled, did you hear me? She was scared of you, y’know like that last relationship she had? Where she was sent to the hospital multiple times, she thought she was right back there, that you were just like him. Do you know how bad you have to fuck up for that to happen, after all the counseling she’s done? You know how much trust you just broke? I wouldn’t be surprised if she never wanted to hear from you again, and I’d agree with her. God I have half a mind to tell Ma what you did, You need to sit and stew on what you just lost. And I mean it, I don’t want to see you here tonight, she needs a safe space right now. I’ll let her stay for as long as she wants, but I’m not gonna stop her if she leaves so you better get your fucking head on straight and get on your knees begging for forgiveness you don’t deserve.”
With that Osamu hung up the phone, exhaling as he pinched the bridge of his nose, was his brother really that stupid? He shook his head and headed out of his room, only to open the door to see you standing there, eyes holding an emotion he couldn’t quite place. “Is he coming?” Osamu sighed and led you back to the couch before finishing the tea he forgot about. He placed your cup on the end table next to you and took a seat with his own. “No, I told him to stay at your guy’s tonight. You need a safe space right now to calm down and sort your thoughts. You can stay here as long as you’d like, but I don’t want you to feel trapped, you can leave whenever, if you want to go to your folk’s, hell even our Ma’s place, I’ll drive you there. You just need to focus on you right now ya hear me? And if you don’t ever wanna see my ugly brother again, I’ll help you get a new identity.” You giggled slightly at the last part before you took a sip of your tea, shoulders relaxing. You turned to Osamu and smiled.
“Thank you ‘samu, I really appreciate it. I’m a little more calm right now, I think I’ll go home tomorrow, apologize and get us back on track.” You did a little nod as you said it, but Osamu just furrowed his eyebrows. “Apologize? There is nothing you need to apologize for doll, You were completely justified in your frustration, Atsumu is the one who needs to apologize, not you. Don’t settle just so things will go back to normal, because they won’t.” You sighed sadly, he was right and you knew it. You were falling back to old coping tactics. Your therapist would not be happy with you right now.
“Sorry, you’re right. I’m still gonna go back, hopefully after we’ve both had some sleep we can work it out.” You smiled again, feeling more like yourself. Osamu nodded in agreement and helped you set up in the guest bedroom before turning in. You sighed as you laid in the bed, not used to sleeping by yourself, but the events from the night took its toll, and it didn’t take long for you to fall asleep.
Back in your apartment, Atsumu was having the opposite problem. He laid in your shared bed, staring at the ceiling, did you actually think he was going to hit you, that he meant the things he said? To him, it didn’t seem like a big deal, he was loud when he was angry, and sometimes said things he didn’t mean, which should be obvious, since you knew how much he loved you…right? He grabbed his phone from the nightstand, looking up the museum you worked at. Honestly he wasn’t really paying attention when you told him about the event, he knew it had something to do with your research, which he knew a little about from the nights you’d info dump your findings to him. His eyes widened when he looked at the upcoming events, when he clicked on the date it was scheduled for he winced.
It really was a big deal, curators from all over the country were coming to hear you give a presentation on your recent fieldwork findings, you’d been at this site for the majority, if not all, of your relationship only now having a big discovery others spent their entire lives chasing. There were going to be donors, curators, archaeologists and other anthropologists from all over Japan and other countries as well. You were right, this was a career changer, no, this was a life changing presentation.
Guilt started to seep into his bones as he thought again about what he had said, how he had brushed you off and then got mad at you for voicing your feelings, something that took months for you to be able to do with him. He thought back to when he slammed his hand on the table, the way you flinched, the look in your eyes right before you left. His stomach felt like it dropped out of his body, chest constricting as the guilt flooded him as he kept thinking back to every expression you made, how you were crying when you left, that you were scared of him. He pushed his palms against his eyes as he groaned, how could he be so horrible to you? Osamu was right, about everything. You were the best thing that’s happened to him, and he broke your trust, trust that took so long to build, over missing a practice. He rolled onto his side, pulling one of your pillows against his chest. He inhaled, the scent of your conditioner still lingering, as he tried to think of how he could possibly make it right.
The next morning, after a relaxing shower and breakfast, you were ready. Osamu grabbed his keys, ready to drive you back, when there was a knock at the door. You had a feeling on who it was, so you set down your purse and went to sit on the couch, taking a deep breath. After a few moments Osamu came to the doorway, followed by Atsumu, who stood awkwardly for a moment before Osamu spoke to you.
“I need to be at the restaurant, there’s a key on the counter, if you could lock up if you leave that’d be great. Call me if you need anything.” He turned and left, and when you heard the door close you finally met Atsumu’s gaze, smiling slightly in greeting. Neither of you were sure what to say, but after a minute of silence he comes over and sits on the other end of the couch, obviously trying to gauge your reaction to his proximity.
You sighed through your nose, gaze turned to the floor as you fiddled with your hands, trying to sort out your thoughts. You wanted to just apologize and move on, but you knew you had to talk it out, this wasn’t something you could just pretend didn’t happen. You needed to work through this if you wanted this to work. You bit your lip, thoughts running a mile a minute. You were so deep in thought you didn’t realize Atsumu had moved until you felt his hand rest on your forearm. You jumped slightly, startled at the sudden touch and when you looked at Atsumu, who had moved to the place next to you and hovered his hand over you before bringing it back to his lap, guilt evident in his features, eyes raw with emotion.
“(Y/N), I don’t even know where to begin, I fucked everything up and I am so sorry. Sorry for not listening, for brushing you and your achievements off, for making you feel lesser and unimportant, for scaring you, please, you have to know, I would never lay a hand on you, I never meant a single thing I said last night, I was frustrated and let the week get to me, which is no excuse for the way I treated you. I broke your trust, and I’ll spend forever and a month trying to earn it back. You are without a doubt the best thing that has happened to me, and the way I treated you after everything that’s happened, it- it makes me sick. I love you so much, and I’ll do whatever it takes to prove it to you. But I understand if you don’t want to see me anymore, I’ll leave you alone if that’s what you want, I-I just- I need you to know that I love you, and that I never meant it, I’d never mean it.” His voice cracked at the end,  and he wiped his eyes before looking up to meet your gaze. You were crying, biting your lip to keep it in but failing as you took a shuddering breath that turned into a half-sob. His heart broke even more seeing you like this, and he reached out to comfort you before stopping, hand curling back into his chest.
“Can, Can I touch you?” He asked shakily, scared of the answer, shoulders slumping with relief when you nodded and he quickly gathered you into his arms, pulling you into his lap and holding you tight, like if he let you go you’d disappear. You were crying louder now, hands fisted into his sweatshirt. He nuzzled his face into your hair, quietly apologizing over and over, tears starting to fall from his eyes as well, kissing the side of your head.
The two of you stayed like that for what seemed like hours, though in reality it was about 10 minutes. Your sobs had died down, you were just sniffing occasionally, and Atsumu’s eyes had cleared, no longer obstructed by the water wall of tears. He pulled you away from his chest slightly, cupping your cheeks, wiping at the tear tracks staining your face.
“’M sorry, ‘m so sorry. I’ll say it for the rest of my life darlin’, I love you so much and I am so proud of everything you do. I hope that one day you can forgive me, but I understand if you can’t, if you won’t. You mean th’ world t’ me angel, I want nothing more than for you to be happy, for you to feel safe and loved. I promise I will support you better from now on, no matter what. I’ll make good on my promises from all those years ago, I swear.” You nodded at his words, hands coming up to cup his own before one of his moved to the back of your neck, pulling you in for a kiss, stopping right before your lips met, breath mixing as he looked at you for signs of hesitance, of fear.
“Is this okay?” Instead of verbally confirming you closed the short distance, hands gripping his shoulders as your lips moved against his slowly, taking time to enjoy each other. He pulled away after a few moments before kissing your forehead, hugging you tightly once again. “Let’s go home.” You said quietly into his shirt, squeezing his shoulders before standing on shaky legs. He nodded, getting up after you, lacing your fingers together.
Weeks later~~
 You smiled nervously at Atsumu as you rose out of your chair, giving him a quick kiss before heading to the stage. You squinted briefly at the bright lights, exhaling and smoothing out your clothes before smiling at the audience as you introduced yourself. You tried to keep your gaze evenly over the crowd, but your eyes kept finding themselves locked with Atsumu, who grinned brightly and gave a thumbs up whenever you did. Your smile grew, nerves slowly dissipating as you lost yourself in your presentation.
Afterwards you answered a few questions from the crowd, thanking them again before heading back to your table. You shook hands with the host as they walked past to continue to the next topic and thanked your tablemates who congratulated you. You snorted at Tsukishima, who said it was a little boring, like he didn’t have a page of notes from the presentation in front of him.
You turned to your boyfriend, smiling as you laced your fingers together. “Wow babe that was amazing! I don’t know what half those words meant but you did great, I’m so proud of you.” You flushed at his praise, squeezing his hand while you kissed his cheek before turning back to the host, who was announcing the next speaker. You don’t know what would’ve happened if you didn’t work things out, and frankly you don’t want to think about it, the two of you are slowly building this back to where they were, but this time your relationship is stronger. You’re happier than you’ve ever been, and that’s what matters.
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neo-shitty · 2 months ago
do i wanna know. — w.yh
Tumblr media
an entry for @kpopscape​‘s Love Fools event for the month of February. 
description. in which the nights are mainly made for saying things that you can’t say tomorrow day. inspired by arctic monkeys’ do i wanna know.
pairings. wong yukhei x fem!reader.
genre. smut with a pinch of angst and fluff.
word count. 10.1k (still baffled i can write long one shots again)
warnings and other notes. swearing (what’s new), mentions of alcohol/alcoholism, reader has hair that can be *coughs* “gripped”, honestly this is just your typical bad boy-good girl au but taken to the whole other level, more than half (literally, the word count said so) is composed of messy kissing, filthy—i mean really filthy (to me at least)—detailed fucking, oral (m&f receiving), but there’s aftercare. proceed at your own risk.
tags: @ethaeriyeol @hannie-dul-set @jeonsbbgirl @jenotation @2-3-t-i @eggbutnotyolk @huangxx​ + networks, in case this doesn’t show up on the tags: @kpopscape​ @neo-the-stars-net​ @neowritingsnet​ @kwritersworld​ 
playlist: #0111 — do i wanna know (to, uhhh, set the mood...?)
Tumblr media
“You have 1 new match.”
The notification still sat on the top of your notifications bar long after your exchange of flirty messages with him. There’s an unsettling feeling at the pit of your stomach. You’ve always had your life planned out before you—whether it be by your parents’ hand or by your own. Yet, you’ve thrown all that into the wind tonight. 
Somewhere along the line of your second year in university, a chain of uncharted events started happening—derailing every plan you had beforehand and throwing your life into complete chaos. Saying you were lost was an understatement. You were sure you planned your life well enough to avoid all further delays in your career. But one particular prick—a spawn of Satan himself—who came in the form of your Chemistry professor, lived just to make everything harder than they were initially.
And you hated her, but you couldn’t tell her that or they’d be kicking your sorry ass goodbye for the semester. So when your grades for the semester were released—with yours being a barely passing grade that made you kiss your dean’s lister dreams goodbye—you say fuck it and walk out of your apartment in search of some sort of release.
The best way to cope with an already derailed plan in life? Was to make even more impulsive decisions that would further worsen the situation A.K.A. your favorite escape plan—drinking the daylights out of yourself and wishing you’d still make your way home the next day. At the very least, you’d give yourself a pat on the back for making it back alive from an outrageous night and give yourself a false sense of hope that you still had control of the things despite everything going haywire around you.
So when you find yourself at a bar on a school night, where straight A girls like you shouldn’t be, it tips the universe’s balance. 
It was obvious that your presence created a stir at the bar. AM was the bar nearest to your campus, sitting right at the edge of the radius where alcoholic beverages weren’t allowed to be sold. It was your typical bar with low ceilings and dim lights. A pool table sat at one end of the room and booths sat on the other. Directly in your path was the bar and the empty chair you envisioned yourself spending the rest of the night on. It wasn’t everyday that someone who wasn’t a regular walked into AM and that alone got everyone’s attention—both out of curiosity and of lust-filled disgusting intentions.
You find out about the latter first when a man—no older than you were—sat on the elevated seat beside you with more intentions of getting in your jeans than getting to know more about you. You clutch your phone in your hand, regretting the decision of downloading that godforsaken dating app for a potential hook up to relieve you of the stress even just for the night.
Your head spins and you’re struggling to find the right words to tell the intrusive man so he’d back off but you’re spared when someone taps his back.
“She’s with me.” 
You turn, facing where the voice came from. Its owner didn’t look back at you. He had his phone screen facing you, the familiar match notification right beneath his phone’s analog clock like yours. Two pieces click and you figure out that your nearest match wasn’t the man who had been pestering you but him. 
He doesn’t acknowledge you first. Instead, he keeps his gaze locked with the man who had been pestering you.
“Do you want me to repeat myself?” he asks. His voice is bone-chilling, almost threatening. 
The man beside you attempts to stare back longer but he falters eventually, realizing he was at a disadvantage. He clicks his tongue, “Next time you won’t be so lucky, Yukhei.” With that, he hops off the seat. Your eyes follow him as he makes a beeline for the exit.
You sighed in relief when he was finally out of the bar and out of sight.
“What’s the school’s golden girl doing at a place like this?” Yukhei asks, taking the previous man’s place on the seat beside you. He presses the cigarette he kept wedged between his fingers on the ashtray on the counter. He keeps a respectful distance from you—not too far that you couldn’t hear him over the music, but not close enough for you to feel uncomfortable. His name rings in your head with familiarity, aware that he was someone who went to the same schools you did, but you were too drunk to pinpoint when you’d exactly been acquainted.
“The school’s golden girl needs some stress relief because she’s this close,” you raised two fingers, bringing them together but not letting them touch each other, “to dropping out.”
He lets out a chuckle.“I never pegged you for the type who relieved stress like this,” he says, raising his phone with your exchange of flirtatious messages on the screen.
You weren’t listening anymore. Your thoughts are a hazy flurry of drunken thoughts and impulses. But one thing remained rooted: you wanted to stop worrying about your academic problems for tonight—even just for tonight. So when you lean forward, pressing your lips against his own, Yukhei flinches. The kiss came with a force similar to a headbutt’s—a literal smack—and you have a feeling that your bottom lip was bleeding but you were too scared to check. Sober you would have been appalled by your own actions, pull you by the hair and drag you out the bar. Yet you downed an entire bottle by yourself tonight and it was well beyond your capacity but you were that desperate to get the problem out of your head. 
Yukhei was the one who pulled away. He had one hand on either side of you, gripping you tight enough to help you keep balance as he pushed you away. He doesn’t push you too hard nor too far away, just enough to create a gap between your face and his. 
You try to pry your eyes open but he’s nothing but a blur of abstract shapes that seem to change colors every now and then. Yukhei, on the other hand, was staring down at your face—at your tear-stained cheeks and at your plump lips that had been on his just a few moments ago. He watched your eyes flutter open and shut every now and then but ultimately remained close for most of the time.
Pretty, he thought. You’ve always been pretty in his eyes, even when he could only watch you from afar. You were way out of his league just as much as you thought that he was out of yours. That was the case for being on opposite ends of the same spectrum. You were ambitious and clever; consistently at the top of your class even when you were both younger. You had your life planned out and Yukhei wasn’t even sure if he’d make it home the next day.
He had always been content with admiring you from afar—catching a glimpse of you through the doorway when he’d pass by your lecture hall, watching you eat lunch with your friends on the school grounds, just always from a distance and never up this close. But as much as he wanted to feel your lips on his again, it felt wrong.
He snaps himself out of it, shaking his head as if it would magically make the blood in his cheeks disappear.
“Yep, no babe. You’re drunk,” Yukhei says, turning your chair so you’d be facing the bar again but keeping a hand on your arm so you wouldn’t fall over. 
“I’m not,” you slurred.
A deep chuckle bubbled out of Yukhei’s lips, “That’s exactly what a drunk person would say. I’m taking you home.”
You say it firmly before you lose the battle of trying to stay awake. Your head falls straight to the counter but it never hits the cold, hard marble. Yukhei catches you before your head slams on to the counter.
Thank God for fast reflexes, Yukhei thought. At least it’d be easier to take you home without having to argue with you.
You wake up for a moment on the bus ride home. Your neck felt sore from leaning on Yukhei’s shoulder but it was better than hitting your head against the glass window every time the bus turned into a new street. Yukhei had a hand pressed lightly against your cheek to keep your head from falling off his shoulder. You wanted to thank him for doing you such a favor but the bus’ movement only made you more nauseous than you already were. Your eyes flutter close again.
By the time you reached the bus stop nearest to your place, the world around you was no longer spinning. Your head still throbbed and your neck was still sore from leaning too long but thankfully you’ve sobered up to walk on your own.
“Which one is it?” Yukhei asked and you pointed at your door as you walked down the hallway of your apartment complex.
He walked you over with his hand still gripping your arm. He wasn’t tugging you harshly nor dragging you to your apartment door. He simply kept his hand there so you wouldn’t accidentally trip and fall over. 
“Yukhei,” you said when you reached your door. Yukhei turned and raised an eyebrow. “Thanks and I’m sorry for all the trouble.”
“T’was nothing,” he assured you. “Next time you drop by AM, don’t go alone. Okay?” 
The lock dings as you punch your keycard in. You pushed your door open just enough to let yourself in. You turn around to shut the door behind you but Yukhei jams the door with his boot. You find yourself staring up at him.
“Don’t go back there alone, okay?” he said sternly.
A smirk tugged at the corner of your lips, a half-drunk half-sober you responded with, “Why? Wouldn’t you be there to save me again?”
Yukhei raised an amused brow, staring back at you for a few moments before taking a step back. You don’t break eye contact with him until the door closes between you.
Tumblr media
You didn’t need to be around long to know who Wong Yukhei was. 
Back in high school, his name would come up often on the school’s intercom; something about setting an alarm off or bringing alcohol on campus or cutting classes to take his bike out for a spin at the school’s basketball court. You’d hear him walk down the corridors with his footsteps echoing the empty hall as he heads for the school head’s office for the nth time that month alone. He doesn’t come back and eventually things would go quiet. You’d end up believing that they’d gotten rid of him this time. Only to find out a week later that he’d gotten away with it yet again.
Yukhei was everything you were taught not to be when you were younger. The 6-foot tall boy, more often seen at the bar than inside the walls of a classroom, was known enough that nearly everyone who went to your school knew who he was. He was often the talk of the campus and for all the wrong reasons. Surprisingly, he’s more praised for his acts than the opposite.
He was everything you were taught to avoid ever since you were a child but you figured that was easier to say than to carry out, especially when he’s the one who draws closer.
What you had with Yukhei? Frankly, you couldn’t answer it either. 
All you could think about was that night at AM and how things have never been the same since then.
He’d been coming up a lot more than usual. In the back of the lecture hall, across the cafeteria, at the end of the hallway, everywhere. You’re unsure if he had always been there and you’ve only noticed his presence now; or he had never been there at all but he was now. At the car park, in the next class, or just somewhere, lingering in the back of your mind. 
Then he was joining you at your lunch table on the days your friends’ classes overlapped your lunch break, walking you back to your dormitory on the nights you’d stay past sundown at the university library and did all the miniature things that collectibly left a huge impact on you. 
But he never said anything about it.
After lunch he’d leave just as quick as he came. When he walks you home, he’d turn around and walk away the second you’re inside. No texts, no calls. Just constantly popping in and out of your life whenever it was convenient for him. He never made it clear what his intentions were, nor what he was doing this for. 
With Yukhei there was no certainty, as opposed to everything that ever happened in your life. You’re unsure whether he’d stick around for long or disappear the next day. Spontaneous, just as you were that night, and fucking unpredictable.
He’d grown on you—you couldn’t deny it. And the surge of emotions you felt welling in your chest whenever he so much as caught your eye in the middle of a crowded hallway, wasn’t something you liked feeling—especially if it was one-sided. 
A toss coin dictates your fate on one girl’s night at the end of the semester. The neck of the wine bottle had ended up in your direction for the first time that night and your friends didn’t miss out on the opportunity to ask the big questions.
“So, you and Yukhei huh?”
The saucy question is followed by a series of ‘oohs’ and scootches closer—all eager to hear the bit of gossip their friend had been keeping from them.
You feel your blood rush to your cheeks, “I’ve told you a hundred times before, there’s nothing going on between us.”
“You kiss him on one of your drunken adventures without us, he takes you home, he starts acting different after that and there’s nothing going on between you?” your friend asked, arms crossed in front of her in impatience.
“Nope,” you shook your head.
“Nope or you never asked him?”
You don’t give her an answer. Your silence had been enough.
She clicked her tongue, “That’s what I thought. My friend, what you’re playing is a waiting game.”
You sipped a bit of your drink, grimacing at the flavor before saying, “Isn’t he supposed to make the first move?”
“College isn’t a time to be modest, kid. When you see an opportunity, you shoot your shot,” she said as she made a finger gun pointed at another friend of yours, fired, and watched the latter dramatically fall over. “I can’t handle seeing you confused over something so crystal clear.”
“Alright, that’s it,” the latter said, setting her drink back down on the floor of the apartment before fishing out a coin from her pocket. “Heads or tails?”
You purse your lips before taking your pick. “Tails.”
“Heads, you head to AM right now and ask him what the fuck is going on between the both of you. Tails, you get to go on with your little waiting game and we won’t pester you about it any longer.” 
Before you have the chance to react, the coin was already doing backflips in mid-air.
Tumblr media
‘See ‘ya’ was the last thing your friends said when they dropped you off at AM that night. 
It was a mistake to wear such short clothing on a chilly night. It was a mistake to even be there at all. The air was frigid when you got off, sending goosebumps all over the skin the breeze touched. You tugged your coat closer to your body to preserve the last bits of warmth from the car.
The two-storey building stood before you. The signage—a heartbeat monitor line shaped to make the letters A and M—gleamed brightly overhead. From where you stood, you could hear the music from inside along with the faint laughter of the customers. You pursed your lips, a mannerism you often did when you were caught in a dilemma. Head in or freeze to death. 
You didn’t want to die tonight.
Yukhei lived on the second floor, which explained why he was seen here more often than elsewhere and why he was your closest match that night. You make a beeline through the crowd and head to the stairwell at the far corner of the bar. The music grew fainter as you climbed up each step. Your own heartbeat was now loud enough to drown out everything else.
You’ve thought about this night countless times before but now that you were finally here, you couldn’t figure out whether you had too much to say or too little. You wanted to confront him, wanted to ask him to stop confusing you, wanted to confess to him that you were catching feelings, wanted to know if he felt the same way. But you couldn’t find the right words to say it. 
Hi, what am I to you? 
Hi, what the fuck do you want from me? 
Hi, I think I’m catching feelings for you. Do you feel the same way? 
Hi, that night was a mistake. I hope we can both forget about it and you would respect my wishes that you leave me alone. That made sense, you thought, but you might as well leave now instead of pushing through with this ridiculous plan. The point of the whole expedition was to coax the truth out of him, not pile up on the lies. 
No matter how much you denied it, you didn’t want Yukhei to leave you alone at all. In fact, you were hoping you’d get some sort of assurance that he’d be sticking around. It was a long shot but you wanted to give it a try.
‘That night was a mistake.’ My ass. 
The thing about mistakes was that you normally wouldn’t want to repeat them. Yet, if you had the chance to do-over the past few weeks since that fateful night with Yukhei, you’d do it all over again without the slightest hesitation. And in the do-over, the confrontation would be a lot earlier.
You asked yourself when you had become so bold.
You knock thrice. The deafening music from when you entered the bar was nothing but a series of muted beats that shook the floor beneath you. You stand in the darkness of the hallway for a few moments before you make the assumption that maybe Yukhei didn’t hear you. 
You raised your hand to knock again, but before your fist landed on the wood someone opened the door. Yangyang stood by the doorway with his hand still on the doorknob. He leaned against the doorframe as if to purposely block your way. And to top it all off, he had his brow arched.
You ignored him, “Is Yukhei home?”
Yangyang whistled, “Why so serious?” He said, attempting to make the air lighter. You don’t ignore him out of your snobbish attitude, you were just too unnerved to joke around. “Yeah, he’s inside with the boys. Why?”
“I need to talk to him.”
Thankfully, he wasn’t the type who meddled too much in affairs that weren’t his. He lets you off without questioning.
“Xuxi!” he calls, “______’s here.”
Yangyang opens that door further and you finally see everyone else. They were all seated on the sofa, eyes fixed on the game on the TV screen. Only Yukhei turns to look at you, his side glance alone was enough for you to rethink your decision.
“Come in,” he says, turning his whole body around so he could rest his chin on the sofa’s back. 
Yangyang left the door ajar for you before he returned to his place on the couch. Your eyes followed him until he sat back down. Only then did you spare Yukhei a glance. Your heart leaps to your throat when you catch him looking at you back. He had one eyebrow arched in amusement and a sly smirk. He patiently waited for you to enter but you were too nervous to move an inch.
It doesn’t take him long to figure out that you weren’t comfortable talking in the presence of so many other people. So he turned to his friends, “Alright, boys. Get out.” 
At first, they don’t acknowledge him. For someone who owned the place, he didn’t look like he had that much authority. Or at least, that’s what they made him seem. When he told them he meant it, they finally stirred. 
Ten kept his eyes on the screen and his fingers on the joystick, “Why don’t the both of you talk it out outside?”
Sicheng kicks him, takes the controller out of his hand and sets it down on the center table. “Let’s go.”
“But I just sat back down,” Yangyang complained. 
This time, Yukhei is the one who gives him a look. He knows not to cross him, so he purses his lips and gets off the couch. On their way out, they spared you a few greetings. Some smiled while others remained unbothered. One didn’t hide their disapproval as they walked past you. You shrug it off.
When they finally disappear down the stairwell, you take your first step in.
“You didn’t need to ask them to leave,” you said when you shut the door behind you.
Yukhei kept his eyes on you, “As if you’d say a thing if they were here.” He chuckled and you looked down—he was right. You couldn’t even say anything to him alone. How much more if he had company? “Why the sudden visit?” he asked.
His question hung in the air for some time. First, because you were busy taking in the surroundings. His apartment’s base color was white with accents of grey and black which contrasted AM’s dark gloomy atmosphere downstairs. It was twice as large as your apartment and you even shared yours with 4 other people. Second, you didn’t know what to say. Gone were all the dialogues you had planned. For a moment, you even forgot why you were there in the first place. 
You stood there in awkward silence. You clutched your coat tighter even when it wasn’t that cold in his apartment. You were nervous and conscious and seeing Yukhei staring at you from a few feet away made it worse. You can tell him growing impatient by the second. In the back of your head you could hear him say, ‘If you have nothing good to say stop wasting my time.’ It was embarrassing in itself. Even more so when he made his friends leave just to accommodate you. You remember Ten’s death glare.
You had to start somewhere. All of this started somewhere.
“About that night,” you said but you trailed off eventually.
The confrontation scene was a lot better in your head. It was easier to plan out than to carry out. In your mind, it was smart and quick-witted. Out loud, you sounded awfully ridiculous. Heck, you couldn’t even get past the first three words.
Yukhei scoffed, “What? Are you gonna tell me that night was a mistake and we should just forget about it?” he paused, catching the moment you looked up to meet his gaze. “Hmm?”
You flinched. You part your lips to say something but nothing comes out of your lips. Your words fall short. They’re on the tip of your tongue but you can’t bring yourself to say anything. 
“Because clearly you haven’t.”
He finally looked away. You wanted to sigh in relief but the room was quiet enough that he would’ve heard you. You didn’t want him knowing that he had you wrapped around his finger.
You tried to keep yourself together, snapping back at him, “Not with you popping in and out of my life every now and then. What’s up with that?”
He rose off the couch. His upper body was devoid of any clothing so when he stretched from sitting too long, it was hard to keep your eyes off of him. He was lean but he kept his body in condition. He winded his shoulders, flexing the muscles on his back and on his upper arm. You looked away when he turned. 
“So you noticed?” he asked. You could hear the smirk in his voice and you feel your cheeks heat up. He caught you. “Don’t be too conscious, you’re free to look. But the promo’s exclusive to you.”
You roll your eyes, keeping yourself busy with the paintings hanging off the walls. “Fuck boy,” you uttered under your breath. “Who wouldn’t notice?”
“You seemed like you didn’t,” he answered, cleaning up the mess the boys left behind. “Or is that how you just made it seem?”
The teasing was relentless but you were growing impatient too. “I don’t have time for this, Yukhei. What the hell do you want?”
You stopped pacing the living room to look at him. He was leaning against the kitchen counter, loading the plates into the dishwasher beneath it. He still had a smirk plastered on his lips and it frustrated you. He countered every question you had with words that would turn the tables on you. You came here to do the questioning but it felt more like you were on the hot seat.
You were wandering in uncharted waters like a lost boat in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. You were aware of the danger but you were letting your curiosity get the better of you. Like walking a tightrope with unstable harnesses. Like a moth drawn to flickering candle light. 
“I’m serious,” you dismissed him.
“So am I.”
“You’re insufferable.”
Yukhei laughed like it wasn’t the first time he’d heard it. “But you like me anyway.”
You bit your lip, glad you had your back turned to him or he would’ve seen how your cheeks flushed red. “What makes you so sure?”
“The fact that you’re here in my room confronting me about it,” he answered. “If I didn’t have any sort of effect on you, you wouldn’t be here at all.”
“My friends made me do this,” you defended yourself.
“But your friends would never make you do something you didn’t want to do.”
The tables have definitely turned now and you didn’t like it. You lost the upperhand, or maybe you never had it in the first place. It was as if he knew all your cards from the start and he took the liberty to excruciatingly drag out the part where he tells you that he’d known everything you were planning right from the start. 
You turned, defeated and embarrassed that you’ve completely fallen into his trap. “Why are you doing this?”
“This?” he asked, his annoying smirk still on his lips. “You’re in my apartment.”
“This, whole thing!” you burst out, throwing your arms in the air in exasperation. “Why did you start acting differently after the kiss? What’s with all the mixed signals? I just came here to ask you why you’re doing all the shit you’re doing because it’s so fucking confusing. Like do you fucking like me or not?”
The million-dollar question slips out of your tongue faster than you can even register it. You're breathless when you stop talking and you only realize how loud you were talking when the apartment falls silent again. 
Yukhei stashes the last of the glass plates into the dishwasher before kicking the metal door closed. He leaned against the counter with his hands on top to support his upper body. “So you remembered that we kissed?”
It was the last straw for you. You rolled your eyes, “You know what, forget it.” You spun on your heel, marching back the way you came. A part of you wanted to remain calm and pester him until you got the answers you came for. But you were fuming with embarrassment. You wanted to slap yourself for even thinking that maybe all those gestures meant something. It obviously didn’t. In fact, you wondered why you never thought that he could’ve done that to a hundred other girls before you. 
You reach the door in seconds, grabbing the metal doorknob to swing it open. It opens by a few centimeters before it’s slammed back shut. The knob slips out of your grasp, so you let your arm fall to your side instead of letting it hang awkwardly in midair. 
You could feel Yukhei behind you, his breath fanning your face ever so slightly. He had one hand pressed against the door. 
“Who said you were going anywhere?” he asked.
You turned around to face him, leaning against the door so you’d put some space between the both of you. You tilted your head so you’d manage to look him in the eye, “You wouldn’t answer my questions. What’s the point of staying here?”
Yukhei looked down at you. His eyes shifted every now and then as if he were studying your features. You couldn’t help but feel conscious, but you couldn’t bring yourself to look away from either. You found it hard to level your breathing with the proximity. This was the closest he’d ever been since the night you kissed him. 
Your cheeks flared up when his skin brushed yours lightly. He notices the tint in your cheeks and he suppresses the urge to smirk and tease you. “Fine, I’ll answer. But answer mine.” He waited for you to nod before he continued. “You remembered that we kissed?”
You remember the feeling of his lips on yours even in your drunken haze. His chapped lips, the scent of burnt cigarettes and the accidental teeth clashing. You would’ve dropped anything to let that night go the way you had originally planned it to. “Yeah.”
Yukhei leaned closer and you finally broke eye contact. Your eyes trailed from his lips down to his jawline all the way down to his bare torso. Seeing you flustered made him amused, his lips forming a playful smirk again. He lifts his other hand, running the back of his palm down the side of your face. He traces your jaw with one finger before resting it beneath your chin. He tilts your head up so you’d stare up at him again. 
“Do you know that I want a do-over of that night?” he whispered, his voice raspy and low. He stared at you with hooded lids and your heartbeat spikes. The pit of your stomach stirs as you feel your own arousal begin to form. Every mental alarm system you set for yourself to avoid situations like these were blaring. You shouldn’t be here, you should be home. You shouldn’t be turned on by sweet lies.
Yet here you were. You balled your fists to suppress the last bits of your self control. Your fingers were tingling with the need to run them up his bare chest and down his muscled arms. You longed for his touch for way too long to hold back now. You wanted to feel his lips on yours again. You wanted to know what you missed out on.
What was there to lose? Your life was going haywire anyway already. Might as well make the most of it now.
Your response comes before you can ponder too much about it. “And you think I don’t?”
It was his turn to be taken off guard. You see the surprise in his eyes for a moment before they’re clouded again. He wasn’t looking into your eyes anymore.
And like the first time it happened, you pressed your lips on his. This time he doesn’t push you away. It’s when both his hands make their way to the sides of your neck that your lips finally part. He takes the chance to slip his tongue in. The kiss is sloppy and messy, with you just letting him take control. Then he pulls away to let you breath. But he wasn’t done with you yet.
Your head hits the back of the door when he kisses you again. He had one leg slightly forward and wedged between both of yours—parting them slightly. Your hands finally find their way to his body. You run them up his chest, feeling the outline of his muscles on your fingertips, before you hook them behind his neck. From there it was easier to deepen the kiss.
You felt Yukhei lose his balance for a second, pressing deeper into the kiss and groaning. His thigh brushes you where you’re sensitive. Only then do you feel how much of your arousal had leaked onto your underwear. You were only hoping Yukhei hadn’t noticed yet.
But you could already feel him smirking into the kiss. He tenses the muscles on his thigh on purpose, making you wobble where you stood. Your legs close on instinct, but it only made you more pathetic than you’d originally let on.
His hands clutch your coat, pulling it off your body before tossing it aside. He then runs his hands down the side of your body before finding their place on your waist. He uses them to pull you closer, both to deepen the kiss even further and to push you down so you were grinding on his thigh. You moan into the kiss and Yukhei pulls away so he could begin nipping at your neck. You grip his arms that kept you caged in between. 
“Something wrong?” he asked, licking his lips after leaving his first few marks on your neck. 
Your own hooded, droopy eyes told him everything. He knew better than to let you walk with how weak your legs were. 
“Hop on,” he says and you oblige, wrapping your legs around his lower torso. Your dress lifts and reveals the rest of your thigh that had been hidden earlier. He ran his hand up your thighs and back down to your ass to support your weight as he walked you both somewhere more comfortable. You find yourself burying your face in the crook of his neck, sucking on the skin and leaving your own marks behind. He tilts his head to give you more room and hums—the vibrations reverberating just enough that you feel it on your lips. 
When you reach his bedroom, he locks the door behind him. He sets you down a feet away from the edge of your bed. You wobble for a bit before feeling the strength return to your legs. Yukhei turned his head suddenly, capturing your lips again. Your head tilts back at the sudden pressure but his hand makes it to the back of your neck again. 
You take a step forward and his legs hit the edge of the bed, making him fall unto the mattress behind him. He takes one hand off you to support himself, keeping himself in an upright sitting position. His other hand snakes around your waist as you climb unto him. Your legs were on either side of him—resting on the mattress, while you took your place on his lap.
It’s your turn to smirk when you feel his own struggle beneath you. He groans into the kiss when your clothed mound brushes against his bulge. He pulls away and leans back, taking a moment to admire the view in front of him. You still had your arms hooked around his neck and you looked at him back. There’s a smear of lipstick right where your smirk ended. 
Yukhei unwinds his arm around your waist to reach for your face. He brushed his thumb against the skin where the smear was before he rests it over your lips. You grab his arm, keeping his hand where it is when he tries to retract it. He presses down on your bottom lip, marveling at how soft and plump they are. Before he can push his finger into your mouth, you take the initiative to part your lips to take his thumb in. When it’s entirety is in your mouth, your lips close around them. 
You shut your eyes, feigning innocence and pretending that you don’t know how what you’re doing is affecting him. You feel him pulse beneath you and it only heightens your own arousal. You bob your head on his finger once before finally letting his finger go. When you look up, you catch him staring at his thumb idly resting over your lips. Feeling cheeky, you kiss his thumb to catch his attention. It works and his eyes finally meet yours. 
“You should’ve said you wanted me this bad,” he says ironically, staring at you with lust-filled eyes.
You raised a brow, “I’m the one who wanted you? I wasn’t the one trying to get your attention.”
“I wasn’t the one who drunkenly kissed you,” Yukhei rebuts.
“As you said, I was drunk.”
“Drunken actions are sober thoughts.”
You rolled your eyes before staring down at him again. You run a hand through his hair again before resting it on his shoulder. Pushing down, you lift yourself off his thighs. “Are we really going to argue about this? Don’t you have other problems?” you asked, tilting your head before lowering yourself on him again. He heaves a deep breath in and you catch his eyes rolling back for a moment before he stares at his clothed manhood beneath you. You follow his gaze and see the results of your antics. “Need some help with that?”
Yukhei meets your eyes and gives you a wordless nod. 
You smile, before hopping off the bed. You slip between his legs, kneeling on the floor in front of him. He watches you take your place, tensing when he feels your hand run up his thigh. Your hand doesn’t waste the opportunity to rub him through the material.
Yukhei clicks his tongue, “High school’s golden girl is a fucking tease? That’d make a headline.” 
You only replied with a smile, flattered at the side comment. Your hands reach the garter of his sweatpants. Hooking it with two fingers each hand, you drag the material down all the way to his ankles along with his boxers. His member stood tall and erect on his lower abdomen. He wraps a hand around it, moving his hand slowly up and down. White substance leaked through his slit, the beautiful result of your endless teasing from earlier. The sight of it makes your own arousal pool unto your underwear, you worry the whole undergarment is too soiled now to be used later on your way home. 
You stifle a laugh and he raises an eyebrow, “Proud?”
You shrug playfully, “Maybe.”
“Now, suck it,” he says nonchalantly which makes you perk up your own brow.
“What if I don’t want to?” you ask, resting your arms on either leg of his. 
He rubbed his thumb against the slit of his shaft’s head, smearing it with pre-cum which he later brushed on your lip—hinting at the teasing you did earlier. “Sure, you don’t.”
When he puts his hand away, you lick your lower lip. The substance is salty on your tongue and there’s more of it still leaking out of his member. There will be strings of it if you do him good.
You move closer, lining your face up with his second head. Your eyes meet when you look up to see how he looked from where you were. It’s now your hand wrapped around his pulsing member. His pre-cum alone is enough to lubricate your palm, making it easier for you to move your hand up and down. A groan escapes his lips when you run your own thumb on his slit, pressing down on his most sensitive area. 
You lap your tongue against the side of his shaft, tasting more of the white substance on your tongue and it makes your mouth water. You reach the tip of his head and he watches eagerly as you part your lips to take him in. His head reels back and a low groan escapes his mouth as your mouth closes around him. You feel him at the back of your throat and when you’re close to gagging you pull yourself up, sucking him all the way up with your mouth vacuumed. When your throat recovers, you take him in again, repeating the process while slowly picking up your own momentum. 
Yukhei’s hand reaches over to you, collecting strands of your hair that fell off your shoulder whenever you lowered your mouth. You mistake it as a sweet gesture—an act of kindness in the midst of the heat—until he gathers all the hair up behind your head to use it as a grip. 
He utters your name—his voice coming in the form of a raspy, breathless whisper. You hum in response, slowing down to hear him out. His hand rests idly on top of your head. “If it’s too much let me know.”
You manage to give him a nod and brace yourself for immense hair tugging and relentless pushing on the back of your head so you’ll take his dick faster. But he doesn’t do any of that. Instead, he tugs once on your hair and keeps you in place—your mouth a mere centimeter away from the end of his dick.  Yukhei thrusts into your mouth without warning. The tip hits the back of your throat making you gag but it’s gone before your throat can tighten. 
“Baby,” he calls out. When you don’t look up immediately, he reaches for your face. His touch is warm against your cool skin. “Can you take it? If you can’t then we’ll stop.”
“What makes you think I can’t?” you answered.
His grip on your hair tightens again but he lets you take him in for a few sucks before he’s thrusting up to meet you every time you bobbed your head. Your fingernails dig into his thighs as he picks up the pace. You feel yourself gagging but your mind is too clouded with Yukhei’s groans as his orgasm nears. You feel his thighs begin to shake beneath you, his thrusts becoming more and more sloppy. He barely gives you any time to breathe anymore but you understand his desperation to release. He thrusts one last time to shoot his load deep in your throat, pushing your head down so you’ll take all of it. But there’s only so much you can take. 
The sticky substance drips off the side of your mouth and onto your chest and you look up at Yukhei imploringly. But he isn’t looking at you, he had his head leaned back as he relished in his release. His grip on your hair loosens at last and you feel your neck relax. You finally swallow to give your mouth a bit more room before proceeding to suck him again until his senses are back to normal again.
He was still panting when he was made aware of your presence again. You were still licking the sides of his shaft when he tried to get your attention. He tugged you upward when your lips finally left his still-erect member. 
“You did so well,” he slurs, barely comprehensible. ““Now, that you’ve had your fun, it’s my turn.”
The remark you were about the reply is muffled when he pulls you down to kiss you. You nearly fall onto his lap again but you’re able to hold yourself upright. Instead, he guides you unto the mattress. He keeps one arm wrapped around your waist and his other hand on the back of your head, as he lets you fall onto the sheets beside him. He doesn’t break the kiss, not even when your places are flipped. 
You were lying on the sheets, back arched until Yukhei decided to pull his arm away. You were caged by him—lying between his legs with his hands on either side of the bed beside you. You kept your arms wrapped around his neck to pull him deeper into the kiss. 
Yukhei’s hands find their way to your body. Your breasts fit snugly in his hands, one for each one. He gives them a squeeze, earning a muffled moan from you. He removes your arms from the back of his neck so he could slip the fabric from your off-shoulder dress off. When he successfully does so, he tugs down on the remaining cloth covering your chest. Your dress is left to rest on your abdomen.
He only breaks the kiss when he starts to move lower. He begins to nip at the skin by your jawline, down your neck, leading down to your collarbones. When his lips finally reach your breasts, he takes his sweet time to play. He takes one in his mouth and the other in his palm. Your back arches off the bed when his tongue flicks your nipple, while his other hand draws circles around the other. The sensation sends goosebumps all over your skin. You feel your arousal drip for the nth time, you were starting to think you’ve started to stain the sheets now too. 
You yearn for contact when his lips leave your body entirely. You feel his hands run down the side of your waist and then your hip. They end up on the ends of your dress and he brings the fabric up, exposing the rest of your thighs that were kept hidden. He catches sight of the growing stain on the thin fabric.
His fingers wander over to where your crotch is. “How long have you been holding this in, hmm?” he asked, pressing his hand down on your folds before rubbing you through the fabric. 
You jolt upon contact, already feeling sensitive from earlier events. You know Yukhei doesn’t plan on stopping your agony any time sooner, not with all the teasing you’ve done earlier. A moan escapes your lips when he starts drawing circles around your nub and Yukhei would be lying if he said he didn’t like the sound of it. The cloth rubbing against you was only further soiled by his actions. 
The fabric was drenched where he touched it and the thrill of knowing he was the one responsible for the mess you’ve made just made him more excited—evident in the throbbing of his cock even when he’d just released in your mouth. 
Your breathing becomes uneven as he stimulates you even more. You find yourself grabbing onto Yukhei’s arms, your back arching off the mattress every time he rubbed a bit harder. Your hips move to match his movements, thrusting up to meet him everytime he brings his fingers down further. 
“You like that don’t you?” he asked, feeling you throb in his palm. 
You were in too much pleasure to even manage to say a single ‘yes’ without moaning. You mumble an ‘mhm’ between breaths in reply. 
“Mhm?” he echoes, setting the fabric aside and swiping two fingers through your wet folds. His fingers easily slip through, coated in the substance that’s been gushing out of you since this heated thing started. He continued making circles around your nub—the direct contact making you more dizzy than earlier.
“Yukhei.” His name leaves your lips as a moan.
He looks up and one look at you makes the thoughts in his head swirl. You gripped his arms tighter every time he rubbed faster. Your teeth kept your bottom lip clipped between them as your eyes rolled to the back of your head. 
He lifts himself off of you, moving back until his face was right before your core. His hot breath fanned your folds, sending a wave of goosebumps up your body. His lips meet yours. Your breathing hitches on your throat, becoming more and more uneven as his tongue flattens and licks up every bit of your arousal. 
“Yukhei, please,” you beg as you tried your best not to rub yourself on his open mouth.
“Please what?” he asks, but you don’t get to answer because he licks the most sensitive part of you and your mind goes blank.
He had one finger parting your folds enough to make room for his tongue. Something tells you this wasn’t his first time. Nobody wouldn’t have known that all thrusts and no play wasn’t the way to go with women. His tongue sucks on the skin by your bundle of folds sending wave after wave of pleasure coursing through you. His antics make it hard for you to even have time to breathe. 
Your orgasm draws closer with every flick of his tongue against your bud. He notices the way your breathing rushes. Your mouth hangs open, your back arched off the mattress and your hips thrust up but Yukhei holds you down. 
“Yukhei, Yukhei, oh fuck. I’m close.”
He doesn’t answer just licking and sucking just like you had been when you were the one between his legs. Your legs begin to shake as you feel your orgasm ripping through you—a lot more satisfying than usual due to the lengthy build up.
Your legs close due to the overstimulation when Yukhei doesn’t stop, keeping his face caged between your thighs. He pulls away, gripping your left thigh and kissing it. Your senses were still muffled from your release but you can see his lips moving as if he were saying sweet things.
His hand traces your thigh before he rests it on your mound—red from the simulation and throbbing after your release. He parts your folds with his fingers before pushing two digits into your hole.
Your legs go slack, parting when he pushes further into you. When he pulls out, the white substance from your release follows—dripping down your lips and unto the sheets beneath you. He basks in the sight and the mess he’d made of you.
Yukhei comes up to meet you again, wedged between your legs and his member brushing against your thigh as he moves. He turned your head so you’d face him again. He leans down to kiss you, the taste of your own arousal still present on his lips.
The kiss is passionate as opposed to every lust-driven thing that happened prior to it. There is no rash teeth-clashing, just feeling his lips on yours and the occasional slip of his tongue into the area of your mouth. Your limbs hook around him, drawing him closer. The kiss lasts for a while until he notices that you were both running out of air.
He pulls away, looking down at you with drowsy eyes. “I’ve loved you long before you even noticed.”
You fight the urge to make a clever remark—that what you had between you was nothing but an illusion in his head brought about by the hormones triggered while in bed. But you bite your tongue and don’t continue. “If you do, don’t let this night be a night I’ll forget easily, hmm?”
Yukhei smirks, reaching for the drawer of his bedside table. His hand scrambles through it for a while until he finds what he was looking for. The way he drew the packet confidently out of it’s box makes you chuckle.
“Okay, baby. But I don’t want any additional problems.” He brings the packet to his mouth, ripping the wrapper with his teeth before pulling the content out.
“Baby?” you ask, watching him put the condom on himself.
“I’ve been calling you that all night.”
“I like it.”
“Then that’s great. You should get used to it,” he says, pausing momentarily to purposely leave you hanging then he continues,  “baby.”
Yukhei aligned himself at your entrance, rubbing his member between your two folds before pushing his tip in. You watch his shaft disappear into you and you feel him inside. He stretches you but he doesn’t move until you’d gotten used to his size. 
“Why’s my baby clenching all around me? Are you that desperate to be fucked?”
His words make you clench even more, which was pathetic for you and amusing for him. No matter how much you wanted to play the brat, your body completely betrayed you.
“Fuck no,” you answered but as you expected, Yukhei doesn’t buy it.
“Mhm,” he says, pulling out halfway before pushing himself back into you. 
Your eyes flutter shut, feeling the coming and waning pain of the stretch inside of you as Yukhei begins thrusting into you. He starts slow, leaning forward so he could rest on top of you. His hand finds your face and he’s kissing you again—soft, passionate and almost loving. You’re unsure if what you were feeling inside was the build-up of your next orgasm or the butterflies flying about.
He adjusts himself, pushing you up so he could have a better angle when thrusting into you. You moan into the kiss as he reaches untouched spots inside you. His mouth leaves your lips again, sucking on the skin by your jawline all the way down to your neck. The combined sensation of his lips on your skin and his cock deep in you makes you even more sensitive. A moan escapes your lips every time he thrusted in and it just makes him more feral. 
He picks up the pace, unhooking your arms from his neck so he could pin them on either side of you. The view makes his mouth water. Your mouth hung open as you moaned his name—loud enough that it bounces off the bedroom walls. Your breasts bounced with every thrust he did. All around you, the room smelt like sweet aroma of sex with the echo of skin against skin muffled by the exchange of grunts and moans.
Yukhei lets your hands go and you clutch on to the sheets. He had one hand massaging your breast and the other rubbing his thumb against your nub . 
“Yukhei,” you breathed out, peering your eyes open for a moment before they back flutter shut again as your orgasm drew closer.
“I know,” he pants as his thrusts quicken, “me too.”
The familiar feeling wells in the pit of your stomach once again—like knots tightening with every thrust into you. Toes curling. Heart pounding. Breath, too short and sporadic.
Then it all loosens. 
Your mind is the first to register your climax and you let the post-orgasmic feeling of bliss wash over you. Yukhei fucks you through it, still thrusting at an alarming speed just so he could catch his own release. He pulls out before it happens, sheathing his cock of the plastic that was once wrapped around it. The hot strings of white spurt out of his slit and onto your dress. 
For the second time, you feel your juices spill out of you. You unhook your legs and let them fall unto the mattress, having little to no strength to keep them upright. You were still catching your breath when Yukhei shuffled around you.
“Babe,” he calls out to you.
You open one eye with all the strength you can muster but your eyelid already threatens to fall back shut. 
Yukhei smiles innocently, almost as if nothing had happened just a mere few moments ago. “Tired now, are we?” he asked and you manage to give him a lazy nod in response. He pushed himself off the bed, slipping into his boxers and sweatpants again before standing fully at the edge of his bed. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”
You’re too tired to even reply. You were slipping in and out of consciousness. You could hear him cross the room, hear the water running, feel him dip the mattress around you. He was cleaning up the mess you’ve both made—his release on your dress and yours on the sheets. 
“Sorry,” you utter as he takes off your soiled underwear while you lay immobile. 
He shakes his head, “It’s alright, it’s on me for making you cum this hard.”
You raise one of your eyelids so you could lock your target. You kick him with whatever strength you had left in you before instantly regretting it when you start to feel pain in your lower stomach. You wince, your pain becoming evident on your expression for Yukhei to see and he only laughs. 
“Can you sit up for me?” 
You nodded in response but your body didn’t follow. Yukhei chuckles at the sight and offers his hands to pull you up. You take them. Even with the extra help, you still struggled to stay upright. He looks down at you—drowsy eyes, rosy cheeks and pouty lips, trying desperately to stay awake. He leans down to kiss your forehead, reaching around you so he could tug at the ends of your dress.
“Arms up,” he mumbles and you oblige. He pulls the fabric up and over your head before setting it aside. He then hooks his arms beneath your knees, lifting you off the bed. He heads to the bathroom, kicking the door open. The room is spacious enough that he doesn’t struggle maneuvering around even while carrying you. “It’s warm,” Yukhei whispers before setting you down in the tub.
The water was indeed warm when it wrapped around you—soothing and relaxing. You curl up, wrapping your arms around your knees and letting your head rest on top of it. Shortly after, Yukhei joins you. He sits at the other end of the tub, his legs stretched beside you. He leaned back against the rim of the tub, arms resting on either side.
“What now?” you ask, turning your head so you’re facing Yukhei. 
He raises a brow, “What ‘what now’?”
You stare at him, struggling to find the right words to use in explaining what was bugging you. “Are you ever curious with what lies ahead? Like ahead of this day, ahead of this?”
“No,” Yukhei cuts you off. “Unlike you, I don’t have my entire life planned out. I live day to day not knowing where I’ll be at the end of it. Why’d you ask?” His eyes meet yours and you look away, keeping your mouth shut. He pursed his lips, “Did my presence disrupt your perfectly planned life?”
A chuckle escapes your lips, “To be honest, sort of.”
For a fleeting moment, you see him frown. He immediately regains his composure, masking himself in his cocky attitude once again, “We can always pretend none of this ever happened. But I’m not sure if you want that.” His eyes dart around the bathroom just to avoid yours. “I’m sure I don’t,” he mumbles under his breath, but you don’t catch it.
“I told you to give me a night I won’t forget and you tell me we could pretend none of this ever happened?” 
“I don’t want to be the reason your life is thrown off track, babe,” he answers, finally catching your eyes and staring right back at you. “But,” he continues, “I’ll stick around only if you still want me to. So, do you?”
The question hangs in the air between you. If you hadn’t felt anything at all and only ever viewed him as bothersome, you would’ve said no right away. If you were merely here to confront him, you wouldn’t have let things get this far. But here you were, sitting naked in the tub across Yukhei as you watched the boy’s eyes stare right into yours.
You were caught in the web of your own decisions and the slip-ups of your suppressed emotions. Your life was spinning further out of your control with every second you spent with him. He was everything you vowed to avoid in life—spontaneous, unpredictable and uncontrollable. Yet he gives you the opportunity to keep him in your life or not.
Having him around meant there were more nights like these; all of which were unaccounted for in your plan. Having him around meant having additional unwanted emotions; love, lust, jealousy. You never liked change, and having him around goes everything you’ve ever planned for.
But you think back on what he’d said earlier, about living life on a day to day basis without worrying too much about what the future held. It wasn’t certain anyway.
I’ll stick around only if you want me to. So, do you?
You do, but you couldn’t bring yourself to sound anymore submissive than you already were in his eyes.
You roll your eyes, “I can’t believe you’re asking me this after we fucked.”
The amused laugh that escapes Yukhei’s lips makes the butterflies in your stomach flutter about. You’re unsure if it was because of the nervousness of trying out something with no certainty or you just liked hearing him laugh. “So, is there a next time?” he asks.
“I don’t know,” you answer honestly, throwing the last bits of your caution into the wind as you take the leap of fate, “you tell me.”
Tumblr media
© neo-shitty, 2021
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cat-g1rls · 3 months ago
Obey Me Romanian MC
idea inspired by @/harunayuuka2060 (too shy to tag them)
Nu ştiu ce inspirație supraomenească m-a lovit dar am început asta la 2 dimineața și am terminat-o la 6.30
Im sleep deprived bc I stayed up all night doing this, enjoy gagicile mele
[added translations]
(under the cut bc this bitch is long af)
Lucifer: Are you not enjoying your meal?
MC: This food isn't even good. Next time I'm bringing my bunica to make you guys sarmale best thing you ever tried 👩‍🍳👌😘 mwah
MC: I'm not gonna go out with Satan, Beel, Asmo or Belphie.
Asmo: Awww
Beel: :(
Belphie: What?!
Satan: Why?
MC: Why date a guy who's favorite color is not in romanian flag? 🤔🇷🇴
Asmo: But I thought you could-
Levi: Ohhh!!!! So are you like familiar with Castlevania-
MC: We don't talk about that *cries in disappointed*
Solomon: What is this weird potion.
MC: *puts bottle of țuică (plum brandy) on the table*
MC: This is not a potion, but a solution to all of your problems gagica 💖
MC: *talking to Lucifer* Oh iubire (love), stop crying over Diavolo again. Why cry over guy who would wear vagabond everyday in my country?
MC: Tsch tsch tsch
Lucifer: What the fuck is Vagabond
MC: Only the worst of streetwear existent. Only f-boys use it
Lucifer: Fair enough
Beel: Why do you want to try out for the sports team?
MC: Because Steaua, my country's team, disappointed me 😔
MC: Mammon! Asmo! Let me show you guys a thing called ✨manele✨
(after the Belphie incident)
MC: Does anybody have a belt.... a belt so I reason...papuci de casă (slippers) works too
MC: Hey Belphie! Did you enjoy your punishment? 😜
Belphie: My butt still hurts...
MC: Next time it's the lingură de lemn ♡ (wooden spoon)
*MC dancing to Braşoveanca*
Mammon: W-what's that???
Satan: Some sort of ritual I suppose
Asmo: *joining in* It's fun!
MC: Doi✌paşi🦵înainte➡️şi😱doi😩înapoi⬅️ (two steps forward two steps back)
MC: Who has summoned me?
Satan: Belphie isn't feeling well and the medicine didn't really do it's job.
MC: Everyone watch closely because I'm going to teach you guys a sacred ritual called ✨Frecție cu Oțet✨
Satan: You're just pouring vinegar on his wrist.
MC: Now here comes the fun part. *maggages his wrists*
Belphie: Someone please kill me this is unbearable
MC: Am I allowed to say Tatăl Nostru (Lord's prayer) or is that too....uhhh weird since yall are demons and stuff-
Barbatos: MC...
MC: I'm sorry but crossing myself after I finish a meal is implemented in my brain. It's in the default settings.
Barbatos: What happens if you don't cross yourself?
MC: Lingura de lemn (wooden spoon) *shivers*
Diavolo: Do you like my castle?
MC: Baby, Peleş puts you to shame.
MC: Also, too much current (swift). Close the damn windows
Lucifer, giving up on life: Oh not again...
MC: Real music here 😌
MC: There, there gacica (girlfriend). Don't cry. *pats him on the back*
Lucifer: Do you got any more țuică...
MC: That's the spirit!
MC: I know I technically didn't die, but can we please have a funeral??? There is this really tasty cake just for this special occasion called colivă. Beel is okay with it so- hey don't ignore me! wait guys this is important- wAIT!
Satan: I hate Lucifer because he is my father.
Belphie: I hate Lucifer because he sucks in general.
MC: I hate Lucifer because Favorite color is red which is COMMUNISM COLOUR 😡‼
Solomon: See?? MC likes my cooking!
MC: Piftie...Caltaboş...
MC: Solomon, you would make a very good romanian housewife. Say, have you ever considered getting a 701st wife...?
Beel: *munching happily on the food MC makes*
Lucifer: *getting a fucking break*
MC: *making grătar(barbeque) cu mici*
MC: Everybody loves 1 Mai!
MC: Beelphiiieee!!!! I have a spell for you 😊
Belphie: Please not the lingură de lemn-
MC: *boop on the nose* ✨du-te dracu✨ (go to hell)
Lucifer: How did you make everyone behave?
MC: *looking at the papuc de casă in hand*
MC: You either die a hero...or live enough to become the villain...
Lucifer: Interesting, can you teach me?
MC: The secret is to use your wrist-
MC, whispering: Psst! Mammon! How's the sarmale trading going?
Mammon: Its okay, but why can't you just give me the recipe?
MC: E din moşi strămoşi (it's from older generations) I can't give it to you
MC: Hey pisi, want a ride in my Dacia?
Simeon: ...what? :)
MC: Come on gagica(girlfriend)! We are going to visit my family they will love you!
MC: You can also bring Luke. Just uhhh don't let him drink from the "juicebox" ok? It's not- It's not juice in there
MC: But you can drink. I won't tell anyone.
Diavolo: MC you can't leave yet. Not even for a quick visit back home.
MC: Auzi, da du-te-n p- (well why don't you fuck yourself on my dic-)
MC: *sigh* Sometimes I wish Satan was wearing Vagabond instead of...whatever that is
Asmo: Ouch, but yeah I guess we are that desperate.
Satan: I'm never tutoring any of you again.
MC and Luke, just vibing honestly: ⬇️Intră-n👇apa🌊mării🐚şi🐋nu🐟te🙄teme😱ai😳să-nveți🤯să-noți🐠printre🤔sirene🧜‍♀️🧜‍♂️
(go in the sea's water and don't you be afraid you'll learn to swim among mermaids)
MC: No Asmo, I have a date to the ball he's right here *points at țuică bottle*
Belphie: *misbehaving*
MC: Vai, vai, vai. Sărumâna Belphie 😃 ( well, well, well good day Belphie)
MC: *grabs the papuc (slipper)*
MC and Luke, vibing yet again: POVEȘTI DIN FOLCLORUL MAGHIAR!!! (maghiar folklore stories!)
MC: Where is my țuică? :)
Everyone: *quiet*
MC: I won't get mad :)
MC: Foaie verse de trifoi~ *papuc reappears* Dați băi țuica înapoi (green leaf of clover, give the țuică back you fucker)
Everybody: *runs*
MC: Mândruțelor (girls), come back until I'll put this to good use
Levi: *exists*
MC: *in love with him bc his fav color is in the Romanian flag and not in the commie flag*
MC: Te las să te lingi cu mime în parcare la lidl (I'll let you french kiss me in the Lidl market parking lot)
MC: Lucifer you don't understand!
MC: Sandu Ciorbă cured my depression!
MC: Muie cretinii pământului (fuck y'all stupid asses) my țuică is back and I'm not sharing anymore
Asmo: We're doing hot girl shit tonight
MC: Ne curvim rău (we're hoeing)
MC: futu-ți cristelnița mătii (fuck your mother's font) Simeon you're the one that drank all my țuică
MC: I'll let it slide this once, if u take me for shaorma(shawarma) in Piața Victoriei (Victoria's market)
Solomon: Whoops, I accidentally messed up the sarmale recipe
MC: Aşadar războiu alesu l-ai (So you have chosen war)
Mammon: MC, how do you say "I hate you" in romanian?
MC: Dar eu sunt mândru că sunt twink. (I'm proud to be a twink)
Mammon, clueless: ok thanks
MC, to Belphie: I had such a rough day, please fute-mi una (fuck me over) and not the way I like
Mammon: What would be a quick way to make money?
MC: Gagica(girlfriend), listen. Culegător de sparanghel (asparagus picker) in Spain is your go-to.
Asmo: *blasting manele vechi (old manele).2006*
Asmo: Please love me!
MC: *already in wedding attire*
MC: Beel! Here, try this! Yeah yeah its completely fine!
MC: ...what do you mean it looks like Solomon's cooking?
MC: *dragging them all by the hand to therapy*
MC: Păi aşa-i hora pe la noi măi bade- (This is hora to us well my mans)
MC, talking to Lucifer: Măi omu lu dumnezeu îți fut una de nu te vezi (listen God's man I'll fuck you over that you'll not see again) if u lay a finger on my țuică again
MC: I don't care that you have daddy issues, this is MINE now thank you very much.
MC: Doamne cu ce ți-am greşit? (God, what have I done to you?)
MC: tanti Lilith, ia-mă cu tine gagicuțo milf ce ești (Miss Lilith, take me with you you milf girlfriend)
MC: Chiar și culesul de căpșuni din Spania era mai ok dacât (even strawberry picking in Spain is better than) Therapist Simulator hell edition
Diavolo: *exists*
MC: Vrei să-ți fiu a ta mireasă? (Do you want me to be your wife?)
Simeon: *exists*
MC: Vrei să-ți fiu Ileană Cosânzeană? ( Want me to be your fairy wife?)
Belphie: Every time I doze off they say this weird phrase...
MC: Dormeo(mattress company) ! Noapte bună! (good night!)
MC: What do you mean im not allowed to have a cross around my neck?
MC: My dead grandmother would kill me it's Sfântu Andrei for fucks sake
MC: The law is law we gotta put garlic and salt everywhere around the house
MC: This is what you get from taking my țuică away AGAIN
MC: I mean, at least i dont have to take the bacalaureat and face the woman-hating-Ion-Creangă-fucking-twink-looking-nightmare-inducing Eminescu so
MC: *drinks a Mona Spirt (rubbing alcohol) bottle in one go*
MC: that works wonders for me
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escapedthesarlacc · 4 months ago
ARC Trooper Fives x fem!reader NSFW Alphabet
Rating: Explicit (18+ only please!)
Relationships: Fives/F!reader
Warnings: Uhhh, literally all the warnings. Smutty, smut smut.
A/N: I guess this is becoming a bit of a series? Rex and Cody are linked. This is strictly fem!reader. I’m so sorry, but I have a very difficult time writing gender neutral smut. I am working on it! :(
You can also find me on A03.
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)
Fives gets even clingier after sex, if that's even possible. He's going to clean you up (with his mouth), he's going to kiss every single mark he left behind, he's going to hold you and spoon you all night long. He’s your own personal weighted blanket.
B = Body part (their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
Fives is super proud of his shoulders. They’re sculpted and strong and he loves the way you hold onto them as he pounds into to.
On you, Fives loves your hips. It drives him crazy watching you walk and how you swing them. He’s not even sure it’s something you know that you do, but it makes him feral.
C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)
Fives cums a lot, in amount of times and quantity. He's never going to say no to marking you or coming in you but it’s not something he spends a lot of time fantasizing about.
D = Dirty secret (pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
Fives would love to have a threesome, if you were down for it. Male partner, female partner he’s open to either, but he would love to bring someone else into the bedroom for just one night as long as you both get off.
E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)
You don't become the best pussy eater in the GAR by sitting on your ass.
F = Favorite position (this goes without saying)
His head between your legs and he can rut himself into your bed.
Just kidding!! Fives loves when you sit on his lap and he can just thrust into you while making out. Any position that allows for some deep kissing is A+ in his book. 
G = Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.)
Fives has a great sense of humor and he loves making you laugh, even in the bedroom. Being able to laugh with your partner during sex is one of the best parts of intimacy, and you get that with Fives. 
I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect)
Fives is a dream lover. He’s experienced, he’s attentive, he loves kissing you everywhere. (truly, my kingdom for a night with Fives)
He will make you feel like you are the only person in this entire galaxy who has every been worshipped the way he worships you. You think he must be a player, there’s no way he’s this good and looking for anything serious, so you’re surprised when he commlinks you the next day asking when he can see you again. 
H = Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.)
He doesn't really have a set routine. Sometimes he'll keep everything trimmed, sometimes he doesn't. Once you pulled down his pants and found him completely bare.
"What did you do?"
"Jesse got a wax kit as a joke and I did the test drive!"
J = Jack off (masturbation headcanon)
K = Kink (one or more of their kinks)
Fives has a ridiculous sex drive and he knows it. He is down to fuck literally always but knows there are times when that just isn't possible, so he will take care of himself.
He has a little bit of a jealousy kink. When he sees other men flirting with you, it gets him revved up.
He also loves being put in his place. Fives is one to run his mouth and do what he wants, to the point of being annoying sometimes. So when his partner can serve it right back to him? Yeah, he’s into that.
L = Location (favorite places to do the do)
He loves fucking in places where there's a slight risk. The bathroom at 79s? Awesome. On his knees in an alley under your skirt while he eats you out? He's there. If he could sneak you into the barracks and take you in his bunk while everyone is in the mess hall, that would be the dream.
M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going)
A slight breeze has the ability to get Fives going. 
But when you’re out with everyone, and you’re talking to one of his brothers and you just turn back to look at your man and smile or wink at him, he’s gone. He is so desperately in love with you.
N = No (something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Anything non-consensual, even if it was roleplay. Everything with Fives in the bedroom operates with a strict role of consent. (Following orders outside the bedroom is a different story...)
P = Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.)
Fives loves to take it slow (and he’s going to spend ages going down on you before you get to anything else) so buckle up for multiple orgasms.
O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
He loves it when you tug his hair, moan his name, tell him exactly what you like (even though he already knows). He wants you to sit on his face while he lazily tugs at his dick. You have an inside joke where he calls his pauldron your "thigh support" because he loves wearing it, pulling you up on him, and just getting completely lost in the sauce.
Fives loves eating pussy. So much. He could spend hours between your thighs, writing his name over and over with his tongue. He's good at it and he knows it. He loves teasing you, making a big show of kissing your thighs, your belly, anywhere except where you desperately need him. He will pull your underwear off with his teeth, spread your legs and just get smothered.
Q = Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)
Look, sometimes quickies are the only option. And when they are, Fives will give you the ride of your life (no pun intended). But when he gets the chance to shake out and take his time, to worship your body and treat you like the royalty you are? Those are his favorite.
R = Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.)
Fives LOVES to experiment and he will not knock anything until he’s tried it. You could timidly offer a suggestion to him and he overwhelms you with his excitement.
S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)
Fives is the type of guy to not give up once he sets his mind to something. He will see any mission through until the end and then some. I hope that answers the question.
T = Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?)
“Say no more! Now, you want to try it now?” (He’s already pulling off his clothes)
“Honey, I was thinking...”
This man is down for whatever you’re putting on the table. Toys, props, roleplay? He’s there.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
You’ve both turned teasing into an art. Basically, any night out is just one giant game of foreplay until you can get alone and tear each other’s clothes off.
V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)
Fives is vocal. He is going to praise you, telling you how beautiful you are, how much he loves you. And if that’s not enough, hopefully his moans will let you know how good you make him feel.
W = Wild card (a random headcanon for the character)
Fives really needs someone who can hold their own against him. He’s 100% a switch in the bedroom, so having someone who he can worship and also tell him when he’s being an asshole is his ideal partner.
X = X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes)
He’s ripped, he’s packing, and he always smells like soap.
Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)
Literally off the charts. You’re amazed he’s as good of a soldier as he is with how often he has booty on the mind. You never really have to ask him if he’s in the mood because the answer is always yes. 
Z = Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
He’s not going to fall asleep right away because he needs to know if you are down for another round and he likes post-sex snuggling.
Tag list (please let me know if you want to be added/removed!):
Permanent: @legally-a-bastard , @spaghetti-666, @graaaaceeliz, @silverfish-kingdom, @pikapuff316, @nelba, @etherealmist, @konga999, @waiting-for-motivation, @littlevodika, @kamino-mermaid, @limenlimon, @liadamerondjarin, @haley7242, @maxxinee, @meabravo, @kesskirata, @mickeymouse-moshpit, @thecl0wnwars, @remadster, @goblinqueen95, @kesskirata, @hereforthesunrise, @clonewarslover55​, @simping-for-fives​, @girlvader​
If you would like to be added to my tag list, please fill out my form HERE :)
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thesasscat · 5 months ago
The Mandela Effect
I don't know who might see this but I'm going to say this right now I AM NOT CRAZY! I just need someone, ANYONE to believe me! It all started a few days ago . .
My life is FAR from perfect, my wife and I are poor getting by on thrifting, and food pantries; I work a job I despise, but my family is what makes it beautiful. The day ended as usual, tucking my eldest in bed for the night, getting my infant to sleep and finally my wife and I going to bed.
This is where things, went so wrong. I've lived my whole life not knowing my greatest fear until I learned about a moment in history called "The man from a country that doesn't exist" and then i realised that was in fact my greatest fear. I'm now living that scenario!
* * *
I woke up in an apartment I have never seen before. Already freaked out I went to get out of bed but found I wasn't alone, I was hoping it was my wife and some how this would make sense, but no it was my ex; I screamed. He woke with a start.
"Cat! What the hell?!."
"What date is it!"
"What has gotten-"
"It's December nineth, twenty-twenty. Why are you being such a bitch this morning?!"
Slightly less panicked but also more annoyed with him, I jumped out of the bed and found my phone. I left the room to look for my eldest, I doubted I would find my infant in whatever nightmare I was in! "Felicity! Time to get up! Felicity?!" WHERE IS SHE!
I started feeling tears spring to my eyes as panic welled up again. I searched for my wife in my contacts. It's not here! I tried finding on my Facebook list. No! But I noticed a mutual friend that introduced us however was online. Please have answers! This can't be happening! Please don't let this be real!
Hey question ur still friends w/ Rosalina on Discord or Facebook or wutever yes?
I waited what seemed like an hour, whiping my tears, even though it was likely just three minutes for their response.
U know Rosy?
Uh ya! U introduced us we've been together...well a while now!
......uhhh r u ok? Cuz I never introduced u 2......Cat....she killed herself 2 years ago....I'm sorry but if this is some kind of sick joke it's not funny!
The floor and ceiling suddenly inverted, and everything went black
* * *
I woke up in the same strange apartment but on a couch this time, my head ached as I tried remember everything before. My heart dropped as I remembered what Juno told me, tears spraing up again in gusto, as grief washed over me remembering my wife was dead, likely on the same date as her last attempt but this time she suceeded.
She never knew how much I loved her, of the beautiful baby girl we had together, she never knew the life we built together. I would never have the chance to ever look into those beautiful green eyes of hers or even run my fingers through her hair.
I snapped to attention he must have been trying to get my attention for a while.
"Ok what the fuck is up with you today? And who is Felicity?!"
"Our kid! You know sassy blonde blue eyes carbon copy of my but smaller ring any bells?" I completely forgot how much he really brought out the worst in me.
"Did you hit your head or something because you're acting completely crazy!"
Felicity doesn't even exist here either, my whole life I had before is completely gone for good. My sweet girls.... Annabelle..... Felicity.....
"Uh haven't started any new medication right?"
"FUCK YOU!" I shouted, throwing the nearest object at him. I left out the front door livid, not even bothering to grab a change of clothes or shoes, and did something I never thought I would do. I opened my phone and called my mom.
"Hey sweetie!"
"Mom... can you come get me?"
A pause.
"<Dead nam>-" I grimaced as I did my best to pretend she didn't dead name me, "Im, in Utah remember? I would love to see you but that's a bit of a drive, i would have to make just for a visit. Is everything ok?" I pondered whether to tell her or not, but I figured the worst she could do is point out the fact psychosis runs in the family, or just make it about her.
"You'll believe me right?"
Her tone of voice changed to her lawyer voice, "<Dead name> are you safe or do you need someone to get you?"
"No it's just you remember me talling you and the story of a man from a country that didn't exist......and how that freaked me out more than anything in the world?" I tried keeping my voice steady, as tears welled up again.
"Yes but what does that have to do with our conversation?"
Another pause "Ok I am going to call Emily to come get you and let her know you need some air, but I think maybe a trip to the psych hospital is also possibly needed-"
"<Dead name>"
"I'm going to call your sister now." She said before hainging up. I threw my phone on the ground with all of my strength. I wanted to scream to hit my head as hard as possible and hope to wake up finding out this wasn't real. THIS CAN'T BE REAL!
My younger sister texted my phone the notification popping up on my now shattered screen.
Mom is on the phone with me right now
R u sure ur ok?
I typed furiously, wincing as my fingers caught on glass splinters.
* * *
I'm refusing to go any redirect my sister asked for us to go to outside of her place, I know they're having me committed. I'm trying to act casual as I try typing this all on my phone and pretending my shattered screen isn't a big deal. I need just one person please say you believe me! I'm NOT crazy like everyone thinks I am. I'm not acting out some complex delusion, these people I am now grieving are real and I love them more than life itself.
Please, anyone at all tell me you believe me, please show me I'm not the crazy person every one is saying I've become.
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shybutdope · 5 months ago
Because I'm tired and happy I decided to do
Part 2 of get to know me!!
So just really random facts and I don't even remember what I told you last time but well here we go again.
I'm a really big fangirl
Accidentally got addicted to tiktok and I hate it
But at the same time I love it
I'm so fucking scared of mirrors
Uhhh I don't know
I'm a huge Christmas lover
I'm trying to be somewhat positive here because world needs some positivity
You can come and talk to me whenever you want to
Even though I'm a super awkward when I'm trying to talk with somebody
I LOVE making lists
Bisexual ✌️
I'm tall and I don't like it
I can't dance like at all
When I walk, nobody notices me and then I scare everyone :( I'm sorry people I can't help it
My favourite animals are dogs, foxes, rats, bats, raccoons...
I'm literally scared of everything
I get obsessed with things very easily
I don't care what I'm going to do with my life but my future job has to do something with movies
I'm always cold
Winter is my favourite season
Ohhh I can't draw
I don't like vegetables and fruits but I don't want to eat meat too much so I just eat bread
I also like putting tags I'm sorry
Okay that's it I'm going to sleep.
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mean-scarlet-deceiver · 5 months ago
so now I guess i am prepared to make that character list, heh
warning: self-indulgence and general squee to follow
Tumblr media
1. Edward: ‘too perfect’? too perfect? 
first of all, you say that like it’s a bad thing 
but seriously, i actually lean heavily on RWS!Edward. early on in the series, he actually gives me secondhand embarrassment. he is soooo emotional and childlike. (also the author is leaning too heavily on him as his own favorite, but i try not to hold that against the character.) 
but it’s lovely to see him progress. he does ‘level out’ of his character development pretty early and sort of has to retire from the limelight. BUT i love how his coolest as well as his most lovable moments all grow organically out of that original empathy and sensitivity that were his achilles heel. the exact same thing that made me originally go “dude. grow up”? well, turns out he was able to grow up and retain those same ‘embarrassingly defenseless’ traits, and i respect that utterly. 
mostly, ‘kindness’ never seems like a boring character trait in edward (as it can be, in some ‘nice’ characters) because for him it’s always accompanied by action. the job swap with thomas. finding trevor a buyer. rescuing boco from the twins. making new-arrival!James bust up laughing to the point of hiccups during the day they were double-heading (awwwww. like, james wasn’t even friends with gordon and henry yet! he was still getting bullied!). i don’t even know where to stop. it’s all fantastic.
i love how ‘edward’s station’ becomes the gossip exchange epicenter as well as ‘THE refuge where everyone bounces when life gets too overwhelming’. *heart. melting.* 
Tumblr media
TTTE kind of scrubs this out, but i love how in RWS his impatience and impetuosity come across. (this is related to his emotionality.) he is not a paragon of saintly patience. he’s just sweet and eager to please, and that is what seems to help him keep a rein on things (and to obey, the multiple times his driver has to warn him to cool off the speed). but mostly? he just wants to get going. like now, please!!!! (or, like, uhhh, how fast can we home and out of the damn rain? is it a.s.a.p.? i’m rooting for a.s.a.p.)... and it’s adorable. 
i also love his RWS “straight face while inwardly mocking the hell out of you” passive-aggressiveness. i just do. oh, dear, edward. you have a patronizing streak. on Sodor, tho? can’t even blame you.
2. Gordon: absolutely. bloody. fantastic. 
so essential that if he didn’t exist, we would have to invent him we wouldn’t have a series. 
again, leaning pretty heavily on the classic characterization, and not, like... latter-season!Gordon. who apparently fulfills the function of “(stupid) dad figure.”
my Gordon is the social idiot who has no idea how to make friends or win influence. (i sincerely thinks he wants to make friends! but his idea of politicking is “you don’t understand, little thomas... it doesn’t matter where you go, but we are important.” way to build that coalition, dude! *busting up* and yet, i think he’s truly onto something when he tries to critique management and build engine solidarity.)
but he’s also the wily strategic genius (like, by steam engine standards) who came up with the tender engine strike, the month-long campaign to try and get to London, and “he did it to us, we’ll do it to him and see how he likes it” tactic. (misguided? but also... damn. remind me to never get on your bad side, my man.)  
the way he craves black-and-white rules spelled out for everything... including the most Gordonian lines ever: “Down a mine, is he? HA HA HAAAAAAA!... Shall we form an alliance? You help me, and I’ll help you.” Oh is that what an alliance is, Gordon? DO EXPLICATE. 
A friendship contract. He just spelled out a friendship contract. 
The way he takes everything soooo seriously? Like, here he is. Riding a turntable. That’s all. There is literally nothing wrong right now, AND YET: 
Tumblr media
Anyway. Overall. I love this oblivious hearty dumbass. 
“BoCo, my dear engine! S a v e  m e...” YOU GREAT HELPLESS LUMP.
it may be no coincidence that my own SO relates so strongly to Gordon, heh
3. Thomas: 
Tumblr media
“I’m tired of pushing coaches. I want to see the world.” The other engines didn’t take much notice, for Thomas was a little engine with a long tongue. 
... that’s it. i was sold. my heart was forfeit. 
i love thomas’s complete lack of filter. 
if he is being nice or respectful, it’s because he truly wants to help or because you really earned his respect. and, if he’s not, then he is the saltiest bastard on the island, and i love that too. (‘if we hurried over the viaduct, it might collapse! then you’d have no passengers at all. what would you do then?’ ‘run my train on time for one thing!’ omg. omg. omg thomas chill. <3 <3 <3 <3) 
4. Duck: what don’t i love about duck? his standing up for himself (and especially for percy) the moment he arrives on sodor. his celebrity crush on City of Truro. his ferocity and loyalty combined. his sound sense + motormouth qualities. prank genius + sportsmanship when outdone
there’s literally no such thing as ‘too perfect.’
also, i love how duck’s one 'flaw’ is ‘a bit too plainspoken and skeptical.’
plus, i’m not sure why TTTE model Duck has golden eyebrows on some of his expressions? but it’s only a bonus: 
Tumblr media
5. Donald (and Douglas, whom i am upgrading to share this spot despite how much less often i’ve written him into fic and tagged him!):
just brilliant.
debut story:
Tumblr media
need i say anything more?
6. BoCo: i give TTTE major props for making boco (for the, like, 3 seasons he appeared) much more interesting than RWS.
RWS = ‘quiet gentle giant, perfect token minority’ C- passing grade
TTTE = ‘hearty, gentle sense of humor but over that is a heavy protective layer of dry, spiky, skeptical toughness’ A 96% (A+ missed out on because why did you make him disappear?!?!?!)
then i learn all this baggage with the real-life CoBos and i was just unable to resist <3 he’s very recently jumped up a bunch of spots 
also, TTTE gives him the best angry faces wth. (well, second best. nothing will ever beat gordon’s angry faces. boco’s are pretty damn great tho!)
Tumblr media
7. Henry: what i’m really sold on is his characterization arc... which i would call a work of genius but it really wasn’t. poor henry was hated by his own creator (God himself Rev. Awdry planned to keep him in that tunnel forever and, when forced to let him out, wanted to goddamn scrap him by, like, book 6) and yet somehow, despite (because of?) the strife and conflict, came out with the most fascinating story of all.
still, even strictly as a character, i love how multi-faceted he is! he can be a shallow jerk one day, he can moon over his forest the next. (i accept TTTE as canon insofar as his forest. it just... works.) he can be insecure, he can be a total boastful dick.
he can mess with other engines just for the hell of it (laughing at Gordon’s “Tugboat Annie” jokes, and poor, poor Peter Sam!) but he is equally capable of actual relationships (gratefully sticking up for Donald and Douglas, being so gentle with Bear when taking him to the Works).
he loves rubbing salt in wounds even more than the average Sudrian engine (“You need more determation, Percy! Water’s nothing to an engine with determination” omg henry. chill. “It isn’t wrong... but we just don’t do it”... intoned at least twice)
overall, incredibly well-rounded. (sorry you seem to have missed the memo on that, TTTE Season 6 and beyond!!!!!!)
8. Oliver: literally why i have my tumblr name. it’s not so much referring to Bulgy as it is still busting a gut over the way George Carlin reads the (already overdramatic) line: “He’s a mean! scarlet!! deceiver!!!”
Oliver was never fully developed but seems pretty fascinating to me.
He is soooooo keyed-up. I think laughing at his grandiosity disguises some moments of low-key still-grappling-with-genuine-trauma. “We’ve had nearer.” “Yes, sir. I—I look like a load of scrap iron, sir.” Also a massive sense of responsibility: “No, Toad, it’s my fault, and I must put this thing right.” “Oliver smiled. But he felt dreadfully nervous, inside.”
Overall, he seems incredibly tightly-wound to me. His “release valve” seems to be a huge dose of heroic fiction (personally, I think his drivers have read him far too many comic books!) And I kind of hate to see him knocked down so harshly for getting kinda puffed up once he’s safe on Sodor, because in RWS that’s the only time we’ve ever seen him happy and relaxed.
Anyway, super extra boy, must be protected (and kinda laughed over, yes) at all costs. I can see why Toad is so loyal to him despite all his idiocies.
9. James: i don’t actually have a ton to say about james. as usual, i like RWS!james a bit better than TTTE!james, though the latter is excellent entertainment. 
i think his anger & spite issues are far greater than his vanity issues. 
the latter are fun to make episodes over, but the former are interesting. what happened to you, dude? who hurt you? can we do anything to make it better? <3 
underrated characterization moment: ‘you talk too much, little james,’ said gordon. another motormouth! (this is prob. a big reason he and duck don’t get along so well. two of a kind...) but i love this about him. james is never at a loss for something to say! snarky prince. 
9. Percy: amusingly, like @togetherness23​, i think i’ll put James and Percy on a level. 
they hit in such different ways, but i really can’t rank one above the other. 
truly like comparing (red!) apples to oranges.
i feel like poor percy’s characterization has drifted badly, even in RWS world. but i will always hold very tightly to his debut book and the study in contrasts: 
positively sycophantic around authority people (“oh sir yes sir please sir!”) / cheeky and feisty around other engines (“you have to wheesh loudly just to make yourself heard!”)
totally experienced and competent in a yard, figures out how to run a branch line with extraordinary quickness / a main line signal? his kryptonite! ! ! (which remains an ongoing theme for him!) 
also... saltiness. sheer salt: 
Tumblr media
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eowima · 5 months ago
Author interview tag
Thank you for the tag @agentofship :D❤️
Name: Océane / Eowima
Fandom(s): currently Spider-Man and Agents of SHIELD (I also wrote a little for Lucifer, I wonder if I'll ever finish that fic oops xD ooh and also for Hunger Games back in the dayyyys but that was in French)
Where you post:  AO3 and sometimes when I remember its existence xD
Most popular oneshot: most popular as in number of hits (and kudos too xD), An extra blanket, and most popular as in kudo/hit ratio, All the Doctor Who things :D
Most popular multichapter fic: 67% sure has the most kudos, but Peter Parker's plan has the most hits :D
Favorite story you’ve written so far: my little baby aka Peter Parker's plan, the one fic that kept me sane during lockdown ❤️ and the one that helped so many people through it too, that was the best feeling honestly :D I’m gonna miss writing this fic for the rest of my life I think
Fic you were nervous to post: my first AoS fic, Jumping to conclusions, I was super nervous because it was the first time I was writing for this fandom (and from Fitz’s POV!), but everyone was so NICE it made me so happy 😍😍 the AoS fandom is full of incredibly nice and sweet people ❤️
How you choose your titles: very randomly xD sometimes it comes very easily, a line from the fic or something, and other times I rack my brain for ages before finding a good one (and sometimes I don't even find a good one 😂)
Do you outline? Yes!! I have my little notebook just for fics, most times it consists of random pieces of dialog because that's almost always what gets me started on an idea.
Complete AO3
In progress:
Meet Spider-Man and I'll get to it I swearrrrrr, all those Spideychelle drabbles are helping me get back into it :D
The Invisibility Cloak, that pretty much no one is reading but that I still love and still write because it’s my complex season 2 Fitz-Simmons babies and I love them xD
and How Peter Parker got a crush on Michelle Jones (and what he subsequently did, or rather did not do) for which I'm sorry by the way, it's been ages since I last updated and I don't think I will just yet, I just don't feel like it anymore? I dunno sorry oops xD
Coming soon/not yet started: okay, coming soon (and not exactly started BUT the idea is in my brain somewhere), my secret Santa's fic gift for the Spideychelle fandom wink wink, another Christmas gift for someone special wink wink again, a Fitz-Simmons one shot entitled The Scientific Method that I've been writing in my head for the last few nights (and I think my first M-rated fic?! possibly?! *shocked pikachu face*) and uhhh, ooh yeah the birthday fic that my husband wrote just for me 😍❤️
Do you accept prompts? Yes!! Christmas prompts from this list pretty please, I wanna do the Twelve Days of Promptmas for the Spideychelle fandom, and I also wanna write Christmas thingies for AoS too because Christmas is the best. I wanna write all the fluff for Christmas yes yes, did I ever mention that I like fluff?
Upcoming work that you’re most excited about: the birthday fic my husband gifted to me and that we're working on together, it's a little crossover with Spideychelle and Fitz-Simmons, it's so cute and fluffy and eeeeeeeeee I love it.
Tagging: @forasecondtherewedwon @i-lovethatforme @iwannabeawriter1996 @daisylincs if you guys want :D
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ambigiousgelpens · 6 months ago
I just saw that post about the trope of the villain losing their memory and being all nice and funny and happy and jajsjfkwkxirjsj would you ever write it?? I wanna hear your thoughts about it please?
(Also ur tags about whumpee bein all fierce and smirky Before, and now he’s just cowering and flinching wildly and uuuh yeah Mal much??)
Oh my gosh I’d love to. Sorry if this is rambly, It’s after two for me. (Dont worry I’ll go to sleep soon maybe) and amb sleeby.
 I’ve obvs written the end product before, and it remains one of my favorite things. I love...I love it when there’s a caretaker/hero who has a whumpee/sideswapper that’s...shattered. And then they get used to this shattered shell and spend so long around the whumpee that that’s...everything they expect. This is what whumpee is - a terrified, cowering shell. and yes they’ll recover, but never fully. And that’s ok. Everyone is ok with it, even whumpee.
And then caretaker/hero is BLINDSIDED by a totally unexpected past or history. That is so dang good. 
Just, like, secret reveals in general is SO GOOD. Goofy character turns out to be a super serious prince who’s been hiding from his duties? Oh my gosh I love that. Character is the team ranger or tomboy but later revealed to be a princess? FANTASTIC. Super gruff grumpy character who straight up purrs when he’s pet and has the sweetest parents? sign me UP. two characters who seem to have no relation to each other and just go >:| >:| at each other from across the room are SIBLINGS?? can’t even word it. 
For this specifically...Amnesia where a villain loses all their memories concerning their Incident that turned them to villainy and everything after is so good because it gives them the ability to go ‘:D? are we friends? where’re my parents?’ to the good guys that’ve been fighting this super evil person. And like, as heroes, obvs theyre not going to turn away some bright eyed kid in the skin of their worst enemy. cuz that’s what a bad guy would do.
But oh GOSH is it disconcerting to see their enemy gorging on poptarts and wearing cute jammies and talking about how they want to be a doctor because they want to help people. 
And then when the villain remembers and they just stand there with this disgusted, stricken, betrayed expression, probably tears rolling down their cheeks, in that horrible, brittle, stiff posture that kills their back.
and they just coldly look at the good guys, and the good guys know that it all means nothing to the villain. Because the thing still happened. But the good guys are motivated to reach the bad guy and they DO. 
They win, they save everyone, including the villain.
and he becomes their uncomfortable, stiff, very grumpy housemate that trembles when people touch him gently, who can cook amazing food but never cleans up after himself (Or who can’t cook but CAN clean and dont leave your mug unattended bc it will be put in the dishwasher), who’s big hands are scarred, but oh so gentle with the lost child they find.
I’ve written hidden backstories so many times, it’s one of my guilty pleasures and writing quirks. All of my oc worlds have at least one character who has a secret past. This ‘villain used to be a very happy person’ trope, specifically? Uhhh. Multiple characters from last year’s nanowrimo project had that, anddd...other old characters. xD Nothing recent, nothing finished, nothing public. 
But I’d love to write something that finished it. I mean. I’d really love to write that villain thing I just wrote up there. M....Maybe. 
oh no oh my gosh i just realized that technically. fantasy prison darkiplier counts as a villain that was originally a sweet friendly boy and is now bent on revenge and murder due to an inciDENT SO YEAH. UH. MAYBE I SHOULD. WR-WRITE AMNESIEC DARK?? GIVEN THAT I’VE GIVEN (almost) ALL THE OTHER IMMORTALS MEMORY ISSUES???
anyways. that was a lot. sorry bro i’m tired i hope u enjoy this words.
(AND HBGBHG YOU GOT ME xD listen i’m such a sucker for that trope and my gosh it fits mally so dang good. (Also ur dedication to my universe’s lore is so touching ahhhhhh ;w;)
For fantasy prison Mally specifically I so love the idea of Dark accidently traveling back in time and landing in Neo-Aviat and basically being like ‘ok i gotta find mallory and get his help’ and then he gets to the place and mally’s like. this hotshot youngest ever guy to have his on radio show with this big radio company. basically an instant beloved radio personality and prodigy at 23 or so years old. he’s bustling around being a jerk to his intern and gulping coffee and writing stuff on his clipboard and just ubercompetent bossy sort of person. and hes like ‘walk and talk’ to dark. and dark follows him around DESPERATELY trying to talk him into helping until mallory STRAIGHT UP SLAMS A DOOR IN HIS FACE bc hes done listening to this weirdo. dark is so ._. and both ‘oh my gosh this man is INSUFFERABLE’ and yet also ‘oh my gosh this man is so different he had a life and a future and it’s gone’
but alas. i cannot think of a good excuse to actually write that. :|)
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grapefruit-personified · 7 months ago
Don’t be a quitter (Tierna Davidson)
Tumblr media
Third times a charm will delete the past two if this manages to stay in the tags, I don’t know what is going on so if anyone else has an idea let me know!
This is a reupload if you have seen the previous post and would like to interact with this one as well I would greatly appreciate it as I will be deleting the old post as soon as I know this is appearing in tags
Hello everyone! This post is inspired by the request I got for a Becky sister fic, I hope everyone enjoys!
Please send any and all feedback and request are currently open!
Being a woman in the hockey industry wasn’t the greatest thing, being given significantly less support meant that I still had to work a full-time job as a history teacher, and when I injured myself during a game, tearing my ACL and no longer able to work or play the league offered me no support. That’s how I ended up living and traveling with my sister Becky.
Yes, Becky Sauerbrunn the USWNT player and one of the best defenders in the NWSL.
Becky got lucky and was talented on grass, she was able to play her sport professionally, and while the NWSL certainly has its problems the players are usually supported by their teams throughout injuries. Let’s just say I was really lucky Becky was somehow able to talk not only the Portland Thorns owners but also the US national team training staff to help. This meant I spent a lot of time around the players, mainly the Portland players such as Tobin and Lindsey but this upcoming month would be different. Becky was dragging me across the country to Boston where the USWNT will be playing in a friendly against Japan.
“Do I really need to go with you Becks?” I ask as I watch her pack her suitcase having already been forced to pack my own, “I mean I could just stay here with the Portland staff, I’ll be fine.”  
“I know you could Y/N,” Becky sighs, turning towards me. “But I want you to meet my national teammates,” Becky turns back towards her suitcase “plus you need to go back to Boston at some point your injury won’t be around forever and you do need to go back to your club.”
“Beck’s none of them have reached out to me, I mean will I even get to play again.” Becky’s head quickly turns toward me.
“What do you mean never play again?” Her eyes going wide.
“It just… I don’t know Becks, they cut from the national team roster after my injury, my club team hasn’t talked to me in months… maybe it’s time I just retire.” Falling back onto the bed with a sigh, a few tears prick at the corner of my eyes.
These past few months had been everything but fun, living with Becky was okay but being so much younger than her always made things a little off as she was settling down with Zola and I was just starting to seriously date. Seeing Becks be so successful and have such a strong team bond just made me realize how little my Boston teammates seem to care.
Being only 24 and already looking at retirement was seriously depressing, and let’s be honest seeing my sister and 22 other women live what I could only dream of wasn’t helping that sadness that had been slowly creeping in.
“You are not retiring,” Becky declares. “You will be going to Boston with me and you will enjoy it, now get up and finish getting ready.” Pushing me off of the bed, my right shoulder taking most of the impact.
“Ow Becks that could have been career-ending,” I complain, sitting up to look over the edge.
“You and I both know I did not hurt you now get up and let’s get going.” Becky’s stern voice causing a shiver to go down my spine.
The trip to Boston was relatively uneventful, traveling with some of the most famous soccer players in our country tends to garner attention, but no one knew who I was so I was able to slide by as they were stopped.
Landing in Boston was a different matter, the second we stepped off the plane I was being recognized by people coming up to me from left and right wanting a picture or autograph. I could tell that the Portland women were shocked having not seen how big the hockey fan base actually was back in Portland.
All of this attention brought back bad thoughts, the thoughts that I would never return to play, the thoughts that my teammates didn’t care, the thoughts that I would be letting my fans down.
“You okay Y/N?” Tobin asks quietly as we sit in the back of the van taking us to the hotel we would be staying at.
“Hmmm…” I hum shaking myself out of my thoughts, “Oh yeah… I’m okay.” Leaning my head against the window watching as the dark clouds above started to slowly release rain. I can feel Tobin’s worried eyes stay on me for a minute before a soft sigh escapes her lips turning away.
The ride is quite from that point on, I can see worried looks being passed between the three women I had traveled with, Becky being the most worried out of them.
“So Y/N tell us about Boston,” Lindsey says enthusiastically, hoping to bring me out of my dark shell.
“It gets cold,” I mumble again, not taking my eyes off the trees that we pass.
“Well yeah, we know that!” Lindsey’s voice not losing any hope.
“I mean there isn’t much to tell it’s like any other northeastern city. It gets cold, people are mean, and no one cares about anyone but themselves.” My small rant comes to an end as I lean my head back against the window.  
I notice Becky whisper to Lindsey, but I’m not paying enough attention to pick up what she says. But I do notice that Lindsey slouches back in her seat, a look of defeat crossing her face. The rest of the ride is spent in silence, the only noise coming from the car radio but even that is eventually turned off as they radio anchors begin talking about hockey and the upcoming season, Becky quickly shutting it off before they go into too much detail.
“So Y/N I should have told you this before we left Portland,” Becky says suddenly breaking the silence, I look at her worriedly.
“Told me what?” I ask an edge to my voice.
“We won’t be rooming together, they thought it would be good for you to start branching out and working with others when it comes to recovery,” Becky says turning around in her seat to get a good look at me.
“Ohh…” I mumble, “so you’re going all sports psychologist on me now?” My irritation showing clearly on my face.
“No, I just think spending time with someone your own age who is also going through a lot may be helpful,” Becky states her stern face appearing knowing that I would do anything possible to get out of this arrangement.
“And who might that be?” I ask harshly my anger starting to even overwhelm me.
“Tierna, she plays for the red stars in Chicago but has been out recently due to an ankle injury, they had her come to camp for treatment and to evaluate if she could play in the upcoming friendlies,” Becky states seriously, I had heard of Tierna I mean of course I had she was an up and coming star in the NWSL as well as a large advocate for different social movements. “So… you will room with her and you will be nice.” Becky declares turning back around in her seat showing that this conversation was clearly over.
It only took a little longer for us to arrive at the hotel, the tall building casting a shadow over us as we exit the van. Tobin and Lindsey rush off to find Christen and Emily, I look over to Becky hoping she will give me any indication of what to do but all I find is her back as she rushes towards Alyssa and Julie. I sigh looking around not knowing many of the players I see personally.
I sigh walking over to the small dining area in hopes of finding something hot and full of sugar. I spot the lone coffee maker in the corner, only one other person standing near it so I head that way.
“Do you mind?” I ask quietly pointing towards the cups the individual is blocking.
“Ohhh no, go ahead. Sorry!” The tall brunette rushes out, hurrying to the side, a small wobble in her step as she favors her ankle. “I’m Tierna! I don’t think we’ve met,” Tierna reaches out with her right hand, her left hand firmly grasping her coffee.
“Ohhh, I’m Y/N Becky’s sister.” Grasping her hand in a firm shake. “Apparently we’re rooming together.” My statement not coming as a shock to the young defender.
“I heard something about us both needing our spirits lifted or something,” Her smile not wavering once. “So why are you here?” Her question shocking me… I guess I had just assumed someone would have given her the rundown beforehand.
“Uhhh well I play… well I used to play hockey in the NWHL but I tore my ACL last season and so Becky’s been getting me help with rehab.” I look back down to my black coffee a little bit of hesitancy in my words not knowing if I should open up anymore to this relative stranger.
“What do you mean used to?” Her question being innocent but causing a shiver to run down my spine. “You can’t be any older than me.” Tierna shifts her weight slightly from one leg to the other winching a little at the pain it must have caused.
“Uhm… I haven’t had much support through my injury and I’ve been cut from the roster so I don’t think they want me back,” I look down to my feet suddenly interested in the scuff marks that have formed on the toes of my white sneakers. “And I’m 24… so a little older than you.” Looking back up to Tierna.
“Ohh I’m sorry, your elderly it all makes sense.” Tiernas joking tone causing me to crack a smile.
A small chuckle escapes my lips, Tiernas small joke brings me more joy than I have had in the last six months. I can feel eyes on my back, a shiver running up my spine as I turn my head to catch a glimpse of Becky, her stare being one of happiness as she watches me interact with Tierna for the first time.
“I have to go to the team meeting but I can’t wait to get to know you better!” Tierna says as she turns to walk away her coffee cup now resting on the counter empty. I can feel a small smile spread across my face at the thought of spending more time with her, her cheery energy bringing me happiness during my darker times.
Sitting in a hotel room alone can be both extremely relaxing but also very depressing, looking out over the Boston skyline I start to wonder whether or not I should reach out to some of my teammates or not, whether or not any of them would even want to see me. I look over to the clock, the time flashing indicating that dinner time is drawing closer and closer, which heightened my anxiety. The prospect of being around so many new people causing me to panic slightly, my breath hitching as my hands tangle in my hair. I’m so deep in my own thoughts that I don’t hear the door click open as Tierna returns for the team meeting.
“Hey Y/n… whoa Y/N are you ok?” The hand I feel on my back, breaking me out of my deep thoughts.
“Huh?” I quickly look up pulling away from the contact “Ohhh uhh… yeah I’m fine.” I mumble pulling my hands from my hair hoping I hadn’t messed it up too badly.
“I don’t think you are Y/N,” Tierna whispers sitting down next to me “do you want to talk about it?” She shifts on the bed slowly wrapping an arm over my shoulder.
“Uhm… not really” I mumble back leaning into her comforting embrace.
“Okay,” A soft squeeze to my shoulder indicating that she had heard what I said, “I’m here to talk if you want to.” Tierna moves to stand but my hand quickly grabs her wrist.
“Thank you,” I whisper looking into her blue eyes.
“Of course,” A small smile gracing her lips “Now come on it’s time for dinner!” Tiernas smile growing wider at the prospect of food.
The walk down to dinner was slow, both of us favoring our injured limbs. I could tell that Tierna wasn’t doing as well as she wanted others to think.
“Why haven’t you told them?” I ask suddenly as we stand in the elevator waiting for it to slowly descend the massive tower.
“What?” Tiernas stunned face turning towards me.
“Why haven’t you told them that your ankle isn’t doing better, Becky thinks you’re here for evaluation and to hopefully play. But, from what I can tell, you’re not ready to jog let alone play even a partial match.” My tone might have come across as harsh my worry for the younger woman’s health being displayed as anger.
“Why do you care? You barely know me… hell you’re retiring because of what… an injury! At least I haven’t quiet,” Tierna rushes off the elevator at our stop, her fury being evident in her tense frame. I feel a rush of emotions overcome me as I sink back down against the back of the elevator, the ding coming as the doors close echoing in my ears as the elevator moves upwards. I slowly pull myself to my feet before the doors open on my floor… meaning it’s another USWNT player getting on.
When the doors open I’m shocked to see Becky, she hasn’t seen me as she is more focused on her phone than on what is happening around her. I attempt to rush by her back towards my room but with my knee, I lightly stumble causing Becks to look up.
“Hey! Why aren’t you down at dinner?” She asks while grabbing my wrist to keep me from rushing down the hall.
“I’m… I’m not hungry?” I stutter out almost like I am asking her if that is a good enough reason.
“Come on Y/N you and I both know that isn’t true.” Her grip loosening as she sees the look on my face, the pure sadness and frustration evident.
“It doesn’t matter Becks… not really.” I yank my wrist free rushing as fast as I could towards my door, Becky doesn’t follow clearly getting the hint that I want to be alone.
Becky’s POV
“What the happened?” I yell as I storm into the dining area.
“Uhhh Becky what do you mean?” Lindsey asks from the end of the table.
“I mean. What the hell happened with Y/N? I just ran into her upstairs and she looked devastated. So. What. Happened?” My question coming out harshly, I may not always see eye to eye with Y/N but there is no way in hell I would want to ever see her upset.
“Becks she never came in here,” Alyssa’s calming tone subduing my anger slightly.
“Then what happened between her room and here that caused this?” My question going out to the whole room but my eyes were on one person. Tierna. The younger woman squirming in her seat between Alyssa and Rose.
“I… I didn’t mean it Becky I swear,” The nerves running through the girl clearly evident on her face.
“What did you say?” I ask shortly, my tone coming across clearly aggravated.
“I may have told her that at least I’m not a quitter,” Tierna says quietly hiding behind Alyssa, the older woman turning to look at her in shock.
“What the hell Tierna,” I yell “how do you even know about any of that?” My glare going right through her.
“I may have looked her up during the team meeting,” Tiernas voice coming out shaky, “I said it out of anger and I know I shouldn’t have but she shouldn’t have said some of the things she did either.” Her words coming across more confidently as she moves from behind Alyssa.
“Well, you need to talk to her because I know damn well no matter what I say it won’t help,” I declare as I sit myself down next to JJ.
“I doubt she even wants to see me right now,” her expression becoming sad at the realization.
“You don’t know her like I do, she probably won’t want to talk now but trust me she won’t want to leave this like it is now.” I cross my arms looking towards the nervous girl, her head down as she takes in what I said.
The room is tense for the rest of dinner, I can feel Tiernas eyes on me from time to time but Alyssa does a good job at keeping her relatively distracted for the hour or two that we have to share the same space. I’m not necessarily angry at Tierna… frustrated yes… angry no, but the image of Y/N so upset sends a spike of rage through my body, nobody, not even me knows how this is truly affecting Y/N. She’s refused to see a sports psychologist and she barely cooperates with the medical staff, it genuinely seems that she had truly given up.
“T,” I grab the taller girl’s arm as she attempts to leave the room “She has rough edges and she may seem like she has given up but I promise you she is no quitter.”
All I get is a small nod from her, her eyes never meeting mine as she rushes from the room. I can feel the team’s eyes on me as I deflate in my seat, a breath of air escaping my lips as I lean back, these last few months have been stressful and devastating to watch… if only Y/N could open her eyes and see what is right in front of her.
Tierna and I don’t interact much for the next few days, we drift in and out of each other’s lives as we go about doing rehab, but on most days I find myself alone as everyone else is busy. Sometimes I eat with Tobin and Christen or with Becky and Alyssa but I usually sit alone in a corner with my headphones plugged in a podcast playing as I eat quickly before returning to my room.
But today was different, Tierna and I woke up at the same time for the first time, we silently walked down to breakfast and eat together before heading to rehab. There was definitely tension between us, unsaid words that could make or break our entire friendship.
I’m sitting in an ice bath ironically when Tierna breaks the ice,
“I’m really sorry,” Her voice coming out small as she looks down at her ankle, electrotherapy pads sending small shocks through her leg.
“You don’t need to be,” I sigh “all you were saying was the truth.” The ice not being the reason I suddenly feel so cold.
“But I came across so mean,” her blue eyes looking into mine “and you weren’t wrong. I talked to the medical staff. I’m out for another two months minimum.” Her voice breaks as she says the words aloud for the first time.
“I’m so sorry T,” I reach out my hand hoping she would be able to reach from the chair she is sitting in.
She grasps my hand as we sit in silence for a while neither one of us speaking as to not break the tranquility of the moment.
“I watched some tapes of you,” Tiernas voice suddenly breaking the silence. “You’re super good, why are you even wanting to retire?” The question did not shock me, I had heard it a million times these past few months.
“I was dropped from my club and national roster, and it isn’t like I don’t have a job to fall back on… I just think it’s maybe time for me to give up that dream and work like any other person.” My sadness is evident in my voice.
“What do you do?” Her question shocked me, no one had ever wanted to know this much about me, many just wanted to talk to the olympian Y/N, not the everyday normal Y/N.
“Uhm… I’m a history teacher,” I look down to my knee, the long scar prominent even under the water.
“Really, That must be so much fun,” Tierans excitement evident on her face.
“I teach a bunch of middle schoolers so yeah… I guess it does get really fun at times,” A smile spreading across my face at the thought of my students, the ones I haven’t seen in months since moving out of state.
“So what I’m hearing is you not only work full time but you also play hockey competitively… I mean that is super badass!” The laugh that leaves my lips is uncontrollable as it turns into a loud belly laugh, Tierna joining in the laughter echoing off of the walls of the room.
“I am not a badass… I mean I quit right… not very badass is it?” My laughter stops suddenly as my failures start to come to the front of my thoughts.
“Hey who said you will be quitting, why not just find another club if your old one can’t see how amazing you are?” Her question stunning me. Stupidly I had never thought of that before.
“I honestly hadn’t thought of that,” I mumble. “But what team is going to want to take on an injured player, I mean the NWHL just doesn’t have that money to throw around.”
“I may know someone,” Tierna takes my chin forcing me to look at her, I suddenly realize she has detached herself from the machine to move closer to me. Her comforting eyes calming me slightly.
“Who?” I ask not taking my eyes off of her.
“Well, Chicago is looking into starting a women’s hockey team… and I’m sure they would love to have the infamous Y/N Sauerbrunn on their lineup.” A small smile forming on her face.
“And how do you know this?” I ask her, my eyebrows raised.
“Like I said I may know someone,” Her smile never leaving her face.
“Yeah… and do these people know I’m currently injured?” I ask her.
“Yes actually,” her statement coming across with a firm tone, “and yet they still want to talk to you, I might have even heard they are considering a financial contract… something about making the women’s league more professional.” Tierna slowly lets go of my chin trusting I will continue to look at her now that the major news is out of the way.
“Are you serious?” Excitement evident in my voice.
“Deadly,” A giggle escaping her lips as I lunge towards her, not caring that I am currently soaking wet from the ice bath.
“But I don’t have anything in Chicago,” my tone suddenly shifting as the seriousness of a major move setting in.
“You have me,” Tierna’s voice coming out quietly “You’re more than welcome to stay with me until you find a place of your own. Plus you can be my rehab buddy, it’s kind of lonely doing it on my own.” Tierna’s excitement suddenly turns into seriousness, her organizational and leadership skills making a sudden appearance as she works through the logistics of another person living in her already tiny apartment.
“If you’re sure,” I hesitate “I would love to stay with you.” A large smile breaking out on my face, the idea of playing hockey for a living not just for fun suddenly making me emotional… never in my life had I thought it would be possible to play the sport as my sole source of income.
I definitely didn’t want to come on this Boston trip, but it was almost like Becky knew that dragging me across the country would be more helpful than anything in Portland could ever be, and I guess she was right! A new adventure may lie ahead but for once I felt confident in taking it on.
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shinsohitoshi212 · 11 months ago
Can it be ours? {Part 2}
Pairing: Pro hero Bakugo x Single mom reader
Warning: Language 
Note: A lot of you guys liked the first one, which took me by a surprise. I didn’t expect you guys to like it. I thought it would flop honestly. But anyway, Thank you guys so much for the support. So here is the 2nd part. Also to be in the tag list for these. Just comment below. 
Tag List: @cailoleaf​ @toobsessedsstuff​ @smiitym​ @icy-hot​ @animefan7420​
Tumblr media
Summary: Bakugo knows now and comes to talk to you. Although you promised yourself you wouldn’t turn back. It’s hard to forget what you two could have or at least what he did give you out of it. 
Thunder rumbled, the kids were still sleeping peacefully. After that encounter with Bakugo not too long ago. You invited him inside so you could talk to him about the kids. “So you just run off with our kids? You don’t tell me anything and I had to hear all of it from Kirishima,” he spoke. You felt so guilty. “Bakugo, I wanted to tell you, But I got scared, I didn’t know how you would react,” your voice laced with sadness. Both of you weren’t trying to make eye contact, both of you couldn’t because it’s been so long. You felt like it would be harder for you to just stare at him. “So you lied? You run off with our kids, You never tell me, And now I missed out on the very beginning on their life because you wanted to be selfish?” he spat. His harsh tone and words hit you in the chest. It was like getting shot, It hurt so bad you couldn’t even explain. “Our Son’s name is Kaii, Our daughter’s name is Kasumi,”. He looked up raising his brow. “They both are strong, hyperactive kids that are very smart and they love spicy food just like you do. They love toys, action figures, and comics, Kaii is very brave and headstrong, Kasumi is very shy and emotional,” you explained more. He smiled gently at the thought of his kids. “They are such amazing kids...They really are the best in the world Katsuki, which is why...If you are willing to be a parent to them, You can do so,”. Bakugo sighed. “What about us? I know you probably fucking hate my guts but what about us huh?” he asked.
“What do you mean?” you asked blushing slightly. “It’s been fucking years since you walked out of that hell hole, You left me without a trace of how to see you again. Do you know how fucking hard I tried finding you, the first love of my life? Sure I was a shitty boyfriend at the time. I didn’t bother to give you much attention or bother to take you out on fancy ass dates,” he explained as he looked at you waiting for you to make eye contact with him. “I didn’t try hard enough to be good to you but I miss you...I want us to be a family Y/n...please,”. Shaking your head, You sniffled, the tears building up inside. “Katsuki, I can’t....I can’t be with you. It’s never going to be the same between us, We can never go back to being that couple,” you cried. “I don’t wanna be that couple in high school, I want to be that couple now, that goes on dates and greets their kids with all the love in the world,” he wrapped his arms around you waist. You wanted to forget it, you wanted to let go. You wanted to feel stronger and better. But he made it hard, coming face to face with the father of your kids and the love of your life. It was so hard for you to balance it. “I get that but we can’t go back to being the same Katsuki,”. He cupped your face as he suddenly smashed his lips against yours. You felt like this was wrong but it felt right. To smell his scent, feel his touch, to taste his lips. All of it felt so good for you. 
“M-Mama...What are you doing?” Kasumi asked. Both of you broke away as you looked over to see Kasumi holding her stuffed Pinky plush. She stood at the bottom of the stairs. “Kasumi, Honey, what are you doing awake?” you asked. “I came to see if you were here cause I had a nightmare and I couldn’t sleep, a-and I came down here to see you kissing...ground zero,”. He cleared his throat. “You can come over here with us honey,”. Her small feet pat against the floor as she walked over getting on the couch between you two. “Nightmares are a pain in the ass but you know what you gotta do with them? Fight against them, they are just dreams trying to stop you from having happiness kid,” he spoke. She looked over as she talked to him, a smile replaced your frown. As you watched the two people you love the most talk to each other. 
(Next Day) 
After last night, Bakugo ended up going back at midnight, and Kasumi promised not to tell anyone. The kiss felt like it meant something but you can’t find yourself wanting to be with Bakugo without having trust issues towards him. “Y/n?” your boss spoke. Breaking out of your thoughts you looked up. “You’ve been spaced out all morning, what’s going on?” he asked leaning against your desk. “Nothing sir, just busy thinking and stuff?” you spoke. He nodded his head before walking away. Sneaking your phone out of your bag, You had sent a text to Bakugo. 
*Contact: Katsuki* 
Y/n (Sent at 8:00 AM): Would you like to come pick up the kids at school with me? Later today?
Katsuki (Sent at 8:00 AM): Why?
Y/n (Sent at 8:01 AM): Because we have a lot of explaining to do with them.
Katsuki (Sent at 8:02 AM): Fine, We can. 
Putting the phone back in your bag, you continued to do your work. Both of you tried to act like the kiss never happened. Ashido, Sero, and Denki had all been waiting for the elevator to open to your office. They hadn’t seen you in so long and when Kirishima told them about your work place. They had to come visit you. When they stepped out, they were met with a woman at the front desk. “Is Y/n available?” denki asked. The woman’s eyes widen. “Pro heroes!, Nice to meet all of you, Yes she is available, what might you need with her?” she asked with a bright smile. “To have a quick meeting if that’s alright?” Ashido asked. She nodded her head before contacting the upper office. You grabbed the phone. “Sorry to bother you Y/n but three pro heroes are here? They said they need a meeting with you?”. Humming as approval, you hung up the phone. Walking down to see who needed to meet you. To be honest, Kirishima told everyone about you and they were shocked but happy they found you and know your whereabouts. As your heels clicked against the hard floor, you looked up to see Ashido, Kaminari, and Sero. “Y/n!” Sero yelled. He ran up, quickly hugging you, Ashido and Kaminari doing the same. The group hug was warm. You chuckled as you looked at them. “I missed you guys so much, Pro heroes huh? I see you guys on the news all the time,” you smiled. “Well when Kirishima told us where you were and about your whereabouts, We just had to come see you,” Sero chimed. “Let’s go out for some coffee! i’ll pay so we can get all caught up,” Kaminari smiled. Nodding your head. “Let me grab my belongings,”.
Bakugo tossed the ball in the air as all he could think about was you. of course the kiss meant something but both of you were lying. Saying it meant nothing to either of you. “So you kissed her? Coming off strong early isn’t a good idea,” Todoroki said. “Oi, Shut the hell up Icyhot, what do you know huh?”. Todoroki rolled his eyes. “he’s got a point Bakugo, Coming off strong isn’t a good idea, Y/n never came off strong to you, maybe it’ll be awhile until she can process it,” Jirou spoke. Bakugo and some of the others, lounge around at Todoroki and Yaoyorozu’s house. “It was nice seeing her again...I lied and said it didn’t mean anything last night,”. Bakugo thought of you, the kids. “At  least she’s letting you be a father?” Tokoyami said. “I guess, I got talk with my daughter for the first time last night, she looks so much like me, yet acts so much like her mom” he said with a sly smile. Bakugo loved you, His love for you was still there. But right now he knew he needed to make it right with the kids. 
“So cute,” Mina chimed as you showed them the photos of the twins. You had a large amount of love for your kids, you always mentioned them. “Wow, So anyone special?” Denki asked. “A guy from work I’m talking to, I haven’t told the kids about him,”. You didn’t have a good dating background. Your recent breakup ended with him being a toxic ex who cheated on you. What hurt the most is your kids were so attached to him too. And he walked out on them like it was nothing. As you continued to talk you couldn’t help but worry a bit about the kids. Would Bakugo do the same?. Hours had passed and you knew you had to get back to work. “Guys it’s getting time for me to head back to work, last thing I need is my bitchy boss yelling,” you chuckled. They frown. “Wait let’s exchange our phone numbers,” Sero suggested. You nodded your head giving them your phone number so you could keep in touch. But no matter what you couldn’t shake the thought of Bakugo. And you hated that he was constantly on your mind. 
(Hours later) 
You had waved bye to everyone as you walked out of the company, Looking down at your phone you bumped into someone. “Sorry,” you apologized looking up. “We’re suppose to be getting the kids right? Well let’s go,” he said. You nodded your head, lost at words. “Uhhh H-How do you know where work?” you asked unlocking the car. “Shitty hair, he told us everything,” Bakugo explained as he got in the car. You nodded your head as you got in the car, closing the door. It felt weird being around Bakugo after so long. But you felt so comfortable and yet safe, you didn’t know if this was because you missed him. As you had started driving, Bakugo spoke up. “Can we please talk about the damn kiss?” he asked. “What about it? You said it didn’t mean anything, so why?. You have to remember Katsuki, You are only back in for the kids, there is no you and me,” you spoke harshly, eyes never leaving the road. “So what are we suppose to do? Huh? I can’t just tell them, I’m your dad but your mom hates me?”. “I know you can’t but we don’t have a you and me relationship anymore, We aren’t friends. We aren’t anything. I’m just being nice to you for the kids sake,” you lied. He scoffed. “You didn’t say that when I kissed you and you allowed it,” he spat. Your eyes watered as you felt the anger boil in you. “AND I REGRET IT,” you yelled. Both of you going silent. Wiping your eyes, you parked outside of the school, waiting. “I-I’m talking to someone else from work..My kids haven’t met him yet,” you explained. 
Suddenly you get out of the car with Katsuki as the kids started running out of the school and to their parents. “Kaii! Kasumi,” you chimed. Both of them ran in your arms, Bakugo cleared his throat. “Ground Zero! Mama what’s he doing here?” Kaii asked. You chuckled before tapping his head gently. “He’s a friend of mine but me and Ground Zero have a lot of explaining to do with you kids,”. “Which is why, We’re going out for ice cream to do so,” Bakugo spoke up as Kasumi nodded her head. Kaii cheered as both kids were put in the car. Bakugo ended up sitting in the backseat with the kids. You couldn’t help but hide your smile. They laughed, talked, joked, and even had fun. So this is what a family feels like. “Mommy is beautiful isn’t she?” Kasumi asked. “Mhm, The most gorgeous woman around,” Bakugo spoke. Kaii chuckled. “He likes mama,” Kaii said. Kasumi laughed as Bakugo begin to tickle them. You felt happiness in your heart.
When you got inside of the ice cream shop the kids were jumping around the place. “Hey, calm down,” You said. They nodded their head. “I’ll order you can sit somewhere with the kids,” Bakugo said. “But my ice cream flavor, I’ll have to order it,”. “You like Banana flavored ice cream, I know. I remember it from high school dumbass,”. You went silent as you nodded your head, hiding the smile that was placing your lips. you and the kids sit at the table, they talked about their day. Bakugo had walked back with everyone’s ice cream. “Why do I get a cup and not a cone?” Kasumi asked. “because you make a lot of messes as a kid,” Bakugo said as he pinched her nose. You laugh gently as she holds her nose and he reaches over, pinching Kaii’s cheek. “Calm down, don’t eat so fast,” he stated. Kaii had talked about how he drew pictures, his time at school today. Both you and Bakugo nodded your heads listening to them. “Well kids, Me and Bakugo have something to tell you,”.
They raised their brows in confusion, looking between you two. You felt nervous. “Remember when I said that I walked out...How you real father and I went our ways?”. They nodded their heads. “Bakugo...Ground Zero...He’s your father, He’s your real father and I’m so sorry if I kept it from you guys for the longest time,”. Kasumi’s eyes water. “D-Dad?” she stood up. Suddenly Kaii shook his head as he moved away from you. “You lied to me!” He yelled running out. 
*To Be Continued*
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dzzystrs · 12 months ago
1, 9, 17, 19, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27!! sorry if this is alot KJFDHFDSKJH i amn just,,, inch rested
AAA ITS OKAY I APPRECIATE YOUR INTRIGUE :cri: most of it will be transformers animated focused or another transformers cont!! and it will be below da cut cuz i know its gonna be a lot jsdgjdsjkgkjdfk
1. What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?
i guess w/ndscr//m? theres a lot of OTPs i dont like but i suppose i can understand why folks like them, but man i only see her and screamy as friends, windblade deserves a nice girlfriend not starscream,,, oh also st/rbee in any cont (but especially tfa??) too i guess, but i still think i can understand Why folks like it, just,,, not my cup of tea at all
9. Most disliked character(s)? Why?
i dont rly dislike anyone but uhhh i guess i kind of dont like idw tailgate? i vibed with his character at first but when he got like. the super power shit he was just kind of a jerk and i didnt vibe with him anymore. 
17. Instead of XYZ happening, I would have made ABC happen…
either tfp breakdown Not Fucking Dying or like.... none of the shit with the gods at the end of lost light? i dont really like religion becoming like. Real and a plot point in any media *glances at warriors*
19. What is the one thing you hate most about your fandom?
THE HYPERFIXATION ON BLITZBEE AND MEGOP IN THE TFA FANDOM :flushed: and the hyperfixation on those characters in general lol i suppose that’s biased coming from someone who’s favorite characters are Not Those Characters but like. its so over-saturated its genuinely made me not like blitzbee as much anymore, i get so excited to see LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE at this point. the tfa tag is such a drag nowadays it makes me sad. there’s so many other interesting characters in tfa that deserve attention :((
oh this is a super hot take but the want for a season 4. even if by some miracle we got one, i dont trust hasbro to make it good at all, they’d fuck it up and i’d rather tfa stay the way it is right now then have it come back only to leave a sour taste in everyones mouth. now if hasbro would re-release the tfa figures as compensation of the lack of a season 4 though :eyes:
22. Popular character you hate?
*gestures at my answer for nine* i dont rly hate anyone??? at least not enough for anyone to come to mind!!
24. Would you recommend XXX to a friend? Why or why not?
i’d recommend tfa to a friend absolutely! its overall SUCH a good show and i just dgjksdkjf gonna leave my answer at that so i dont write a 4 page essay
25. How would you end XXX/Would you change the ending of XXX?
considering that i didnt even Finish lost light bc i know i am not emotionally strong enough to finish it.... id like a better ending for lost light sdfjsdfkfds
26. Most shippable character?
27. Least shippable character?
sentinel i guess? ive wanted to pair him w ppl but man i cant make it work! and this is coming from someone who likes him!
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