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#ugh what a mood
howtosingit · 5 days ago
I know you’re not a fan of angst, but honestly? I think it’s such a great writer’s tool, and one that I love kinda no matter what. It makes me feel so much for all the characters, and there’s something about angst that expands upon characters much more much quicker than other forms - I really enjoyed the TK angst in the first season, mostly bc it was so close to my own story, and I found myself healing again through him. And I’m excited for more angst to come :):):) just to be clear I totally am not railing on your taste of fluff, bc I do need fluff so much...I’m just expressing my excitement over the possibility of more exploration of TK’s pain and anxiety, which I have no doubts we’ll get :):):):):) I hope they give us carlos angst for the same reasons, bc he deserves some character depth too and also some comfort cuddles from his boo :)
I have absolutely nothing but respect for angst, Anon :) It’s not my personal first preference to read, that’s all. But, I do read it, and I do love it when I’m in the mood for it, and I do appreciate it. I’ve actually written a number of angsty things myself, and I’ve been told they’re quite good. So, I do know the power of angst and how great of a tool it is for a writer.
I just prefer to spend my free time reading fics featuring fluff and happiness instead of suffering and pain, that’s all. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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horaetio · 10 days ago
it infuriates me the amount of media that attempts to portray disordered eating, even in a “non-romanticized” light, and just ends up being a guide for how to both engage in and hide disordered behavior like. i cannot name one film or television program or young adult novel that tries to do this that does not fall into the trap of spelling out tips and tricks on how to give yourself issues with eating, even if the intent of the art is meant to provide awareness to people about these issues/encourage people to seek help. it is understandably difficult to create works about eating disorders, and creators absolutely should be able to move through their trauma and share meaningful stories about eating disorders and recovery; however, it is my humble opinion that creators should be very mindful of what aspects of their stories can have DIRECT negative effect on their readers/viewers
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peacockhermit · a month ago
Me yesterday: Wow I'm glad mic can barely affect us anymore lmaoooooo we're so close to being free of them
Me today, watching my higher self become completely irrational and nearly violent about people he generally loves unconditionally:
Tumblr media
#I was told I shouldn't get involved and just leave him and said people to sort it out but I'm like. Uh. What do I do now#I was thinking something was off with him but I presumed he was just stressed like. He came around outta nowhere like. ''we're doing no work#We're talking to no one we're just relaxing :)" and was adamant on that but in a good mood so I was like OK. Obviously he just weirdly wants#A break. Anyway. That's not important. We usually cab get through to each other but he has just been fuckin.......#Not listening to anything. And I'm like. For fucks sake. Mic hasn't left us alone since I broke up with my ex I swear to god#And every week its something new they're doing to us. They've obviously toned it down and made it less obvious bc we thought we were doing#Good. Also I'm not just guessing it's mic like I started questioning it and a bunch of signs came up like Yeah Its Him#But my HS just won't fucking listen. So I'm sat here like. Typing on my phone this text post. Hey siri what t#Two of lulls old songs playing then one named Bloodbath For Birds. Yep. See#ramblings //#Wtf am I supposed to do. LIKE. he fucked up. Im a part of that. But won't back down bc he's just out of his fucking mind#At least that's the part I'm seeing UGH it's literally like mic has been quietly coating us in gasoline for a while now#And this one spark that's his own fault has turned to...... Song line mentioning (animals associated w mic) and fire. Yeah#One spark has turned him into a fucking fiery mess and THAT'S THE ISSUE.... WE ARE THE ONES IN THE WRONG..... but he's not. UGH#I'm SURE it'll die down but fucking hell. Mics trying continuously to drive a wedge between us and our loved ones and its like. He knows#Exactly how to do that. HS is stressed and pissed off at genuine things but this ISN'T THE TIME but the fucking fire has been lit#YA know. See I don't see much of what's actually going on between him and others. Maybe it's not so bad. But everytime I catch a bit of his#Consciousness its like ohhhhhhh boy#Diary //#Eye //
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sysig · a month ago
Rereading Death Notes has really put my Ace Attorney HF into context
#Lol#It was back before I knew the word for it but I definitely had a Death Note HF when I first read it#My art skills also weren't quite at the point where I could express it that way so I took different avenues which made it look different#Decided to pick it back up on the whim of a bad mood and read like five volumes all at once lol#It kept my attention quite well! It still holds up decently#Plus it's been forever since I've actually read a book I've held physically lol it's nice#It's almost embarrassing just how many little details I can see made formative marks on me ah#I'll always prefer the anime for Naomi's death tho it's just so chilling#Watching the life drain from her eyes while she's still alive ah#It's almost more silly how deeply I was in sadboi hours yesterday like#Even at the time I knew it was ridiculous but it didn't stop my brain from saying mean things and then getting sad about it pshhff#Doesn't help that I think I've fallen into a couple fallacies on accident - at least some Overjustification Effect#Although when doesn't that happen when a HF wears off lol half a dozen in one#And I know there's a name for it but I can't find it for the life of me of randomized operant conditioning ugh#Pretty sure I fell into that one too lol although I might've accidentally created a situation where it cuts both ways whoops#Didn't mean to do that but it happens to the best of us#I'd just like to get back to the point of wanting to show off what I've been up to since lately I've been feeling none of it#Pffftbtll annoying
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stemfandomtrash · a month ago
whenever i have to make an outline or something i start writing one point and then in the middle of that point i get distracted with another point i dont wanna forget and basically this means that later when i come back to see the first two words in a sentence and no idea what i was planning to write there, i curse my short attention span and inability to hold onto a thought for more than 5 seconds when i need it
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emmiewtf · 2 months ago
The opening credits are so telling! Also I hurt not just because Reki hurts but because I have been there. Thinking you’re not good enough for someone. I need this to have a happy ending b/c my heart can’t take it.
it makes me SO SAD bc reki's completely in his head right now he hasn't talked to anyone about how he's feeling so he just keeps digging himself deeper and deeper and thinking less and less of himself and his own abilities and has convinced himself that theres no way langa or anyone else wants him around when that's not even remotely true bc we know langa thinks the world of reki and his so there's no way he could even imagine that reki doesn't like himself or think he's talented pls i need them to communicate i need them to make up
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deithe · 2 months ago
I know I'm an unempathtic cunt when I think this but she pisses me off so much when she in such a shit mood because she decided to go back talking to a guy I told her she shouldn't. I know she can do what she wants but when she ends up crying to me cause he's ignoring her/talking to another girl again I just want to hang up the fucking phone.
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