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#u deserve better!!!!
heyimboredtalktome · 4 hours ago
YOU KNOW WHAT'S FUCKED UP. In the last olympian tyson was given all these honours and gifts for bring Poseidon's armies to their rescue and stuff and it was all well deserved but what about Nico?? Nobody said anything to him??? And his job was so much harder because Hades was being a whiny asshole?? And he still convinced him to help Olympus and it was like, he was appreciated for like two days and then everyone forgot about it and STILL he helped them in hoo and didn't become a whole ass villain. I-
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funkypoacher · 19 hours ago
me: oooh, thanks youtube -- a suggestion for a jacob video!!
me: reads the comments and cries a lot
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mallr4ts · 23 hours ago
I swear Filoni is trying to make Tech even more undesirable with his yee yee ass haircut, but instead the Tech hoes are like “oh my poor baby! owh look at your hair! lemme clean you up king” *writes fluffy reader insert fic*
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commits-arson · a day ago
🍓sorry if i’m late?
ur blog is so comforting it feels like a hug :)) every time i look at ur blog i just feel so strongly that you should be happy
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tinywintersnake · a day ago
No cuz imagine u go visit some random nun-like entities on official business and one of them starts caressing ur ear less than a minute into ur acquaintance
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femmesandhoney · a day ago
God, your post about your nose really resonated with me. I had the same thoughts about my nose. Discovering radical feminism is the only thing that stopped me from getting a nose job. But now I get more and more confident, so I think you will get rid of these insecurities, it's just a matter of time
im so happy to hear you're confident about your nose right now! im proud of you and cheering u on from over here :)
and literally for maybe the last three years i was constantly thinking about getting a nose job bc i thought my nose didn't fit my face (nor is my nose like any of my family members lmao? must be from my dads genes, so that makes me self conscious too cause they all have like the sought after button noses on my moms side). im really thankful for radfems getting through to me about shaving, makeup, and cosmetic surgeries and reminding me that i'm not alone in feeling this pressure, but that we're all perfect the way we are. our noses don't not fit our faces, we just have a distorted view of what we think is more beautiful thanks to western beauty standards. always got to sit down and remind myself of this when those negative thoughts pop in, i think about it less every day, and hopefully i will get to the stage you're at anon! 💛💛💛
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ncssian · a day ago
acosf really changed how i view romance stories bc now whenever i see a bare minimum man paired with an unfairly treated woman i run in the other direction
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hajskaeg · 2 days ago
My mom also said that my stepdad got a horrible tooth ache a while back and that he finally went to a dentist after not having done so for EIGHT YEARS and he came back all fucked up cuz he apparently has like, an infection and several dead teeth and he needs work done for 20.000 kr (thats a lot of fucking money) and I wish I could sympathize and say "aw man that fucking sucks for him :(" but all I can do is howl and hoot cuz boy does he have it coming
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bowiepop · 2 days ago
love all my mutuals who are into lorde but. did she really take 5 years or something to drop this song
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cboy-puppy · 2 days ago
!!! i’m so glad you’re feeling better, and i’m glad ur taking care of urself and breaking it off w that shitty guy. u deserve so much better and u deserve so much care <3
Ty sm 🥺 y’all r literally so great n supportive I’m so lucky to be here n have people such nice around me 🥺
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baekuras · 2 days ago
Idk how to word things but I also need to get this out of my system because I took a 20min nap and dreamt about Kiyan and Lambert for some reason i do not know i have no idea, all I know is that yes Kiyan was actually getting better from the whole no skin deal and that Lambert defended his general alive-ness via poetry among other word usages
I know dreams are weird but usually at least something in mine have me go “Oh yeah that makes sense” but sure, why not
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inniter · 2 days ago
having osmp in my about feels like having sbi rust in my about some days
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