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#u can’t tell me they are not doing this BECAUSE OF charles
mnza · 9 days ago
charles will walk the runway to model ferrari’s new clothing line god if you’re listening please make this everything the amber lounge is not please actually make this hot give charles a sexy fit some cool lighting please
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3303andmore · 27 days ago
analysing chaotic trio - part 3 of 3
this is the final part and answers a few of the questions that I had in the final question of the survey (is there anything you have always wondered about chaotic trio or wish I would write about)
part 1 and part 2 of the survey can be found here - I had to split it up due to the length and also picture limit that ur allowed to put on one post lmao
thank u again to everyone who took part in the survey, it was really interesting to read your responses and see who your faves are in Chaotic Trio. Obviously I have my own favourites and what I think about doing, but it's really interesting seeing it from others perspectives too !!<33333
1. Does Pierre’s mother ever (/attempt to) track him down again?
At present, I don’t have any plans for her to do so. I’m going to explore her backstory in a future fic, and maybe that will make me think about the long-term future over whether she would do so, but at present, I don’t think so.
Pierre might approach her himself in the future, but at present, I don’t have any plans for her to (attempt to) track him down again.
2. I have always wondered if Max would ever tell Daniel about their childhood. idk if i want him to, but it feels strange that he never told him.
I spoke about this a little bit in an ask the other day, but I’m just going to expand on it a little bit.
In Chapter 13 of HDAC, Charles asks Max about if he’s ever told Dan about their childhood and Max says: I’ve not told Daniel but I’m not comfortable opening up about it. There’s been so many times that I’ve nearly said something before reminding myself that that little three year old boy doesn’t matter to me as a nearly eighteen year old. What matters is my happiness, and talking about Mum doesn’t make me happy.
So at the moment, I don’t plan on having Max talk to Daniel about it in terms of what I’m doing in the timeline at the moment (behind the scenes stuff that u lot will see over the next few months !!!) simply because I know what’s happening with Max and his mental state. He knows that he’s not in a 100% good and safe mental state, and talking about his Mum and his childhood can be really difficult for him. I know I’ve never done anything on Max actually in therapy, but I know (obviously) what Max is like in therapy, and he doesn’t even like talking about her there because he knows it upsets him so much.
The fic mentioned in the ask will feature Max talking to Daniel a little bit about it, however, Max doesn’t want to go into overt detail just yet. He probably will open up to Daniel about it one day, but at present, he’s just going to be a bit more cautious about it and only talk when he is 100% ready. And when I’m done emotionally torturing him for a while lmao
3. I might have missed it or forgot about it but how charles and charlotte first became friends <3
I plan on doing a fic about this when I do the later chapters of Creating Chaos, so I’ll actually talk about it fully in the future, but it is mentioned in PMBB so I’ll just give you the rundown of what is mentioned there !!!
The two of them met when they were eleven/twelve years old, in year 7 of high school (so this would be in September 2014), and they met because Charles’ best friend at the time had a crush on Charlotte, kept trying to awkwardly get with her like 12 year olds do, and Charlotte had been VERY unimpressed (I like to think she knew p early that ✨girls✨), and Charles had dragged his friend away. Him and Charlotte then got paired together for a French speaking assessment in class once, kept messing about until they got kicked out of class, became friends, and then in A-Level (so when they were 16/17, September 2019), they had art and textiles together, and because private school classes are very small (typically you’ll have about 10 kids in your class), they attached themselves onto each other like leeches and now they have co-dependency.
4. When you first started writing the first part of it all, did you think you would’ve written this many fics??
Defintiely not !!! I still remember getting the prompt for PMBB and that was one of the first few prompts I’d ever been given in my ‘career’ as a writer, and I definitely did not expect that Chaotic Trio would grow to this popularity. Love u lot the most for it !!!!
5. Why did you choose Mick as the bad guy? Like,,,idk he just seems so soft and sweet and the fics with him as the villain hurted🥺(still fabulous tho)
Okay bear with me for a second bc I feel like ppl could get mad: I don’t care about mick as a driver because I never watched F2. I think he’s got potential in F1 but I don’t pay attention to him.
So when I was writing PMBB, I just needed someone convenient. I needed a reason for the antagonist to hate Charles, and Seb and Michael kinda wrote that for me in terms of them have a connection IRL. Having Seb bring Michael over to work in the UK and disrupt Mick’s life is a big reason for Mick to be angry. And like you said, he’s soft and sweet. You wouldn’t expect him. If I made the big bad bully be obvious and made him someone that everyone in the school knew was an absolute bastard, then the whole deal would’ve been dealt with so much quicker. Using Mick kept it quiet, he knows how to put on a front and he knows how to use that to his advantage. That’s what bullies are good at sometimes. I knew how the overall story was going to go because the wonderful person who prompted me gave me a very detailed prompt to work off. I knew I needed someone who Seb would easily meet and think is a lovely kid, Mick was perfect for that. I liked using him as a villain because it changed up the narrative. Not everyone is as perfect as everyone perceives them to be, after all !!
6. why didn’t Dan propose 4 months into his relationship with Max bc I swear every paragraph had me thinking something was happening. But the wedding and all that stuff will make me cry. Anyways love your work and not kidding will die for you.
Love u sm !!!! thank u sm !!!!
I think if Dan had been able to propose 4 months into the relationship, he would’ve. I think both him and Max definitely realised very quickly that they’re both in a very special relationship and they fell very hard and very fast for each other, and honestly, I think Dan would’ve proposed after he won his football championship at school and Max just laughed it off
God the wedding is gonna be so cute I’m v excited to write it. Ur all gonna cry when u find out what I’ve got planned for them :’)
7. Were Charles or Max picky eaters as kids or did they just eat whatever they were given as a result of what happened to them?
Charles kind of touches on this in the recent Creating Chaos fic, but Max can’t eat burnt food. It makes him throw up. So you know like toast? When it’s REALLY toasted and it’s basically black and it crunches so loud you feel like the entire planet can hear it? Horrific. Max won’t eat it. They’re definitely somewhat picky eaters but they hide it because of what happened to them. I will explore more of them as kids learning their independence in later chapters of CC, but they eat off the same plate before they get adopted, so if one twin doesn’t like something, the other will just eat it, so no one ever really notices that they do it.
They were definitely brought up pre-adoption of the ‘either you eat that or you eat nothing’ mindset, so they just got used to eating things even if they don’t like it, but also got good at sharing food between themselves because they always wanted their brother to get the better thing.
This wasn’t a question but rather a request:
8. The end of the DONT sin on the family gc fic where Max and Dans engagement is revealed
I already did do something about this??? I literally wrote a whole fic about Daniel proposing to Max. It’s “This Boy’s Mine”. I’m trying to think if you mean something else but like,,,, that’s all I can think off?
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pierregasiy · 29 days ago
two things that we’ve witnessed ageing beautifully
“You know, if they’re good enough, they swim, they survive. If they’re not good enough…” from our favourite tp, Crusty Whore. You just know Horner has to summon all his prainpower to prevent himself yelling “FUCK!🤬” every time Pierre slams the alphatauri onto row 3 aided by his pure sexiness. someone inform him that Max’s current form resembles treading water rather than a nice front crawl. max blaming the car as often as he has been has made me cringe a lot tbh.
Secondly, Lando giving Carlos and Charles grief about Ferrari being shit in the most obnoxious ways possible. Charles’ ability to maximise the potential of that improved ferrari (dusting Lando in the process) is hilarious bc I distinctly remember Lando slagging off Ferrari’s poor form in front of/to Charles multiple times. Even telling Carlos that the only on-track encounters they’d share in 2021 would be Lando speeding past him effortlessly?!?!?!?!? He tried to pass it off as banter but his downfall is that he can never totally hide his bitterness. If Ferrari clinch P3 now I will HOWL with laughter
i cannot wait for the season 4 netflix drive to survive pierre gasly episode in which we get monaco p6 qualy over perez p8 and tsunoda p16. i cannot wait for it. i cannot wait for everything that will come as we see horner's face fall, pretending to clap pierre when he snatches his 2021 podium because he's on a 1 a year quota.
charles is undeniably the best qualifier on the grid on my opinion. i think that because the ferrari has been a bit shit lately people forget this. he puts that car where it doesn't belong and people can't get past him because even though the car doesn't has pace, he's skilled and keeping it clean.
lando's unable to play nicely with others imo. he cannot stand being beaten which makes sense for a professional sportsman but like. calm down u can't pretend to be pals for the camera doing this. pierre has previously said something about how him and este can chat just fine as long as they dont talk about racing, and i think that's the way people are gonna end up going with lando, he just gets a touch nasty
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jayflrt · a month ago
Tumblr media
darkness lurks in the corridors of seoul university, and y/n has a feeling she knows how to drive four boys into their darkest corners before they have a shot at redemption. between lee heeseung, park jongseong, park sunghoon, and shim jaeyoon, each boy has someone who can save them, but it’s not that easy—it’s never that easy. righteous y/n can’t save them all herself; after all, real happy endings can’t exist if evil still does.
GENRES ▸ psychological thriller, angst, fluff, college au, girl from nowhere au
WARNINGS ▸ profanity, suggestive content, depictions of violence, darker themes (varies depending on installment)
AUTHOR’S NOTE ▸ welcome! this is my first enhypen series featuring 02 line and heeseung. the storylines are connected in this series so it’s recommend to read in order; you don’t have to read the first three in order, but save jake’s for the end! ♡ i'll be updating the warnings as i start writing more, so keep in mind they’re not finalized. send me an ask to be added to the tag list—you can ask to be added for all the fics or just certain ones! 
LAST UPDATED ▸ may 15th, 2021
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I am the wound and the blade, the torturer and the flayed.” 
        — Charles Beaudelaire, The Flowers of Evil
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❝ justice? no, i’m just here for some fun.❞
GENRES ▸ psychological, thriller, horror
WARNINGS ▸ profanity, depictions of violence, tba
SUMMARY ▸ ḣ̵̨͎̌̅ȇ̵̝͚͔͎̮̜̈́̓͠͝ļ̵̣̯̩͚͕͒p̸̤͂̇́ ̸͓̖͙͚͓̱̿͆m̴̲̣̦̥̫͇̿̂e̶͙̫̪̬̲͋
STATUS ▸ nowhere
Tumblr media
❝ a lot of people think everything comes easy for me, but that’s not the case. i'd do anything to succeed. anything.❞
PAIRING ▸ lee heeseung x fem!reader
TAROT CARD ▸ justice
WARNINGS ▸ profanity, education fraud, depictions of violence, drug use, hurt/comfort, angst, suggestive content 
SUMMARY ▸ lee heeseung is nothing but perfect—born with a gold spoon in his mouth with skyrocketing popularity. just because he’s popular, though, doesn’t mean he can’t break down once in a while. a few nightmares and a couple of pills later, heeseung finds himself at the end of his rope with neither you nor jungwon to pull him back up.
STATUS ▸ nowhere
Tumblr media
❝ y/n, if i'm so beautiful then why do i feel so ugly right now?❞
PAIRING ▸ park sunghoon x fem!reader
TAROT CARD ▸ the star
WARNINGS ▸ profanity, attempted murder, depictions of violence, angst, suggestive content, smut
SUMMARY ▸ elegant, gorgeous park sunghoon. talented, popular park sunghoon. enter kim sunoo, the school’s new it-boy who brings sunghoon’s Pretty Boy Status™ crumbling down. despite how eager sunoo is to become friends with him, sunghoon’s jealousy only gets uglier. you realize you need to act fast before sunghoon ends up with blood on his hands.
STATUS ▸ nowhere
Tumblr media
❝ i can’t tell if i actually want to be friends with these people or if i just don’t want to be an outsider.❞
PAIRING ▸ park jongseong x fem!reader
TAROT CARD ▸ the fool
WARNINGS ▸ profanity, attempted murder, depictions of violence, angst, suggestive content, smut
SUMMARY ▸ being new at a college where you don’t know anyone is hard, especially for jay who gets involved with the wrong crowd right off the bat. despite nishimura riki’s advice to stay away from them, jay can’t find it in himself to reject their invitation. all he wants is to be accepted, but that comes with a price. popularity is fleeting, but if you don’t stop jay, his life might be, too.
STATUS ▸ nowhere
Tumblr media
❝ i’ve made a lot of stupid mistakes in my life, y/n. except for you—you feel like home, nowhere girl.❞
PAIRING ▸ shim jaeyoon x fem!reader
TAROT CARD ▸ the chariot
WARNINGS ▸ profanity, hacker au, cybercrime, theft, depictions of violence, hurt/comfort, angst, suggestive content, fluff, implied smut + more tba
SUMMARY ▸ amidst jake’s world shattering to pieces, everything seems to fall into place because of you. something’s wrong with jake; he steals, he skips class, and he sneaks around the corridors with his hood up and his gaze cast down. however, whenever he flashes that innocent, bright grin, you start to think that jake might just be a good person in a bad situation.
STATUS ▸ nowhere
Tumblr media
GENERAL TAG LIST ▸ @sleepingrenjun @danyxthirstae01 @ncityy04 @ifvjay @booy0uwhore @ack-aashi @softforjungwoo @sunsunthinker @lovingwonnie @heeblr @seongsluv @hee-deungi @luv4dream @simpforhyunjin @leemika @kimnamjoonluvbot @jaemotel @felixstarry-freckles @stankytracy @kako-chan @jjikyuu @fraeppuccino @riaget @shusan
being added to this tag list means you will be mentioned in the tag list of all of the fics listed in the series.
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themirthfulroadrunners · a month ago
The Hazards of Travel
           Nearly every travel adventure is bound to have days totally forgettable: nothin’ went right, everything went left. We rose early, too early to wait for the hotel breakfast. And this followed a hard travel day where we felt like we needed to cover at least a million miles. As everyone knows, you don’t get off the freeway unless you can actually see the restaurant (or gas station); it might be miles and miles away. Also, you don’t get off if the station, or restaurant, is on the left. You then have to stop at the off-ramp end, cross left over the freeway, get to the place, and then drive all the way back over the freeway only to again turn left to re-enter the freeway (usually). Your car only has so many left turns in it.
           So, we got to an Arby’s and had to get back into the car because there was no inside service (it looked like there was). By then more cars got into the drive-up ahead of us. Then when we neared the caller box, I studied the menu, not being a frequent patron of Arby’s (almost never). At the order speaker/microphone, which was a simple two foot tall post, I saw a great big sign that told me to order ahead – so I did, pulled ahead to order at the menu billboard thing. After pulling up 6-8 feet, I realized (too late) that they meant to order on-line. WHO DOES THAT? IT’S FAST FOOD! Now the car behind me has filled the void I left behind (the world hates a vacuum). So, we (I) drive out of line, over two curbs, and out of Arby’s lot, hungrier than before we got there, especially because Debbie had already told me that she wanted the cheddar and beef. I’m really mad at me now, and tryin’ my best to take it out on the world, but to exclude Debbie from … Anyway, we eventually spot (Did I mention that this was all on the LEFT?) a Wendy’s. Great! I know what to order there. Nope. After turning left to get into their lot, we discover that it is under construction, or renovation, or something. No square burgers for me, Nope! No Siree! So we went to the motel and ate the paper towels that we’d brought from home.
           But back to the forgettable day that began with us leaving the motel too early to get their Covid19 delight. With about an hour of the spare two hours we had before the time we were due at our house-sit gig used up in bumper-to-bumper, stop-and-go traffic caused by both road construction and a wreck, we set the GPS for the National Cemetery at Arlington, Virginia where we found closed gates and half the United States military alive and well guarding and preventing us from entry. They gave us coordinates, routing us back through Kentucky and Tennessee to an entry guarded by all the off-duty airport PSA employees. I didn’t have to take my shoes off, but they all now know that I am an innie, not an outie. Not wanting to trade half my pension for a golf cart train ride for a two-hundred-yard walk to see JFK’s eternal flame that looked like God was tryin’ to blow out, we do what we do best … walk. Our spare hour disappeared before we learned whether God got the job done, or not. Oh, and you can’t simply reverse your route. You must walk around the world in order to follow footprint decals. It was like a maze without the cornfield.
           We arrived at the house sit with our fake smiles and took the tour, learning all we needed to know about this and that and how easy their TV controller worked. That is the subject of another day; just understand this – I don’t care how well it works for you. IT WON’T WORK LIKE THAT FOR ANYONE ELSE! EVER! You’ll find your remote in the backyard water feature that you’re so proud of. So we drive off to investigate this part of America, first to learn, after turning left into it, that this trail and beach is for locals ONLY. The officer was so very sorry. Yes, he was. An hour down the road is a state park that want $5, plus 2 more for out-of-staters to look at some white bluffs that the famous if-you-don’t-work, you-don’t-eat Captain John Smith noted in 1608. Nope. Closed. The vantage point (2 miles down a trail) washed out in 1892 (maybe) and hasn’t yet been fixed. Our source said nothing about a trail, that we would be happy to hike, but not in 110֯ heat late in the afternoon. Or that we wouldn’t even see the cliffs even if we were to hike.
Okay, the homeowners are gone, we can go buy groceries (Debby won’t let me eat all their food) and unload all our stuff. Yay, a Walmart, not that we like Walmart, but we at least know where things are. How long since you’ve been in a Walmart that was not a supercenter? No food. And this was after having to drive to where we could make a U-turn (which is way worse than a left turn) to get to the place. Did I mention that it was in the late afternoon when everybody within a day’s drive goes to Walmart?
           Seeing gas at a reasonable (relatively) price, and I finally get the pump to take one of my cards (all work fine in Arkansas, but not so much elsewhere). Yup, you guessed it, the posted price was for gas with a car wash. I figured that out with the use of a pair of 50x binoculars.
           Ahah! A Safeway. They have food! But only if you have one of those platinum-plated gold cards and the bill goes to your neighbor, or somebody else, somewhere. You know those little, single-serving pies that Walmart sells for 50¢? Safeway wants $9,000.00. Each. And guess how old they are. The cherries are raisins and the sauce is red paint on the dried-out crust. On the way back to the car I was sure that a cop would throw me to the ground and break my arm, or cuff me and then slug me in the jaw, all with his knee on my neck just for what I thought of the local grocery stores.
           But we made it. Yay!
           But the homeowner didn’t tell us that the bed was made up with flannel sheets for this thousand-degree night. And they didn’t have any real sheets for this bed.
           They’ll find their flannel sheets in the backyard water feature when they get home.
           Here are some road pictures, as well as some taken in Annapolis where you don’t want to go on Naval Academy graduation day, which you have no way of knowing until too late. Oh, and BTW, don’t accidentally drive onto the base (which is invitingly easy to do). Now the Navy as well as the entire Department of defense knows my shoe size and my blood pressure numbers.
           Beep, America Bless God, beep.
Tumblr media
Home of Charles Carroll, signer of the Declaration of Independence
Tumblr media
Queen Anne architecture, 1700′s
Tumblr media
Home of another signer of the Declaration of Independence
Tumblr media
Next up for us .....
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fivepipsandflowers · a month ago
Thoughts on The Secret History
Includes spoilers about the whole book -
Just finished this book and I can’t get it out of my mind. I feel like a few years has passed since the epilogue and Richard, Camilla, Francis are all living unsatisfactory lifes somewhere in the same world as I live in. Like the way Richard sees Bunny and Henry after their passing, these characters still linger on my mind.
I have some thoughts I’d like to hear other people’s takes on...
1- it is a pretty basic question but - why do you think Henry killed himself? It is not like he felt any remorse for what he has done or caused in other people’s lives. The only thing that seemed to shook him to his core was Julian realizing Bunny’s letter was real. The thing that puzzles me is the spontaneity. It was not a planned suicide. Charles walks in with a gun, tries to shoot Henry. Instead Henry takes the gun and does it himself. Nobody expected Charles to point a gun at Henry’s face. How did Henry the cool, calm and collected person, decide to do it at that instant? I am inclined to say he did it because he loved Camilla. But seeing Charles the psycho, he should have killed Charles to keep her safe, rather than himself if he was to apply some sort of logic. The only thing that deeply affected him was Julian’s response but how did that rejection translate into an suicide in his mind is really intriguing to me. I’d be happy to hear others’ theories!
2- Was it only me but the way Donna wrote the book, while they are contemplating to murder Bunny, Richard tells the story in such a way that even I wanted to murder Bunny. The snide and sexist remarks, knowingly bringing up people’s insecurities... Bunny was annoying beyond belief. But actually when you think about it, Bunny was really just that. Annoying. Compare Bunny’s annoyance to Henry’s cold and calculating personality, feeling no remorse for two murders, no empathy for how it impacted his friends, the way he lured Richard in, surely to frame it on him if anything goes wrong... Henry was actually the evil one. Next to him Bunny was nothing more than some blabber mouth who did not know boundaries. I found myself feeling horrible that there was once a time I was relieved Bunny was killed. How the turntables! 3- Charles was a scumbag alcoholic, who was physically and sexually abusing his sister. I think Camilla never consented to Charles but was scared of his drunk self and rage attacks so she just went along with it to keep him in her life. He was the only family she had since their parent died young and that surely affected their twin dynamic in a strange way. Richard, even after learning the abuse, still looks out for Charles and protects him. Do you think he sees himself in Charles, both being rejected by Camilla, and that’s why he feels sympathy for him and anger towards Camilla? Even though the situation surely calls out for the completely opposite attitude. 4- There is never any solid explanation given for why so many men were attracted to Camilla. She was described as pretty but that’s it. The way her character was written, being desired by nearly all male characters except Francis for obvious reasons, reminds me of Hollywood’s “cool girl trope”. You know the girl who is not like any other girls. The second female character is Judy, and guess what? She is the opposite of Camilla with her “girly” persona. Judy is superficial and annoying (according to Richard). It is strange to see these tropes play out considering a woman is the author. It is not done in a sexist way because usually in movies the only character without a rich backstory would be the cliche women character.But in this book all characters are somewhat equally explored and Camilla does not have a less complex backstory than male ones. But I still wonder why the author chose to write Camilla and Judy this way.
Looking forward to read opinions if anyones cares to share!
submitted by /u/sankaraa [link] [comments] from So many books, so little time
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qandthemoon · 2 months ago
Who is your soulmate?
Tumblr media
#SoulmateSundays : Who is your soulmate?
In this reading we take a look at your soulmates personality, appearance, current energy and lessons. + Music to tap into you partners energy! 
Pile 1 - U
Pile 2 - S
Pile 3 - O
Pile 4 - A
To leave a tip, click HERE. All tips will go toward new decks, divination tools and my astrology/tarot studies. I want to keep these readings interesting and fun. 💕
Shop is temporarily closed! In the meantime, follow me on IG & Tumblr @QandTheMoon for more tarot readings. 
Tumblr media
Pile 1 - U, 9 of Swords & OWL
U - Union. Your soulmate has a strong desire to meet their soulmate. I feel like there’s some mirroring in this connection. As you transform and heal, your soulmate will too. This transformation brings you into union. 
Personality - 9 of Swords
Ambitious, imaginative and a perfectionist. A tendency to stress over the details, they may struggle with anxiety. Making mountains out of molehills. They have big dreams for the future but have a habit of getting in their own way. Self sabotage, negative self talk and bouts of depression. Their mind fixated on the past and worried about the future. 
Your soulmate has intense dreams that are telling of their state of mind. Their guides may communicate with them in their dreams. Prophetic dreams. They may be dreaming of you and vice versa. 
They have a strong intuition and vision for their future. Creative. They have an active mind and may appear distant at times. Lost in thought. Daydreaming. 
Your soulmate struggles with their mental health. Pursuing therapy and/or spirituality as a form of healing. Healing is a big part of their journey. 
Appearance: Slender. Ombre or balayage. Sun dyed hair. Graying hair. Natural make-up. Piercing gaze. Round eyes or big eyes. Serious and distant look. Appears tired or anxious. Casual & comfortable clothes. Thrifted or vintage clothes. Minimalist fashion. Clothes that flow away from the body. May appear much younger or much older than they are. 
Energy/Lesson - OWL
Learning to see their situation in a more positive light. Not allowing emotions and negative perceptions to cloud their vision. Trying not to control every inch of their journey. Let go, learn to go with the flow and not worry about the outcome. Doing something is better than doing nothing at all. 
Learning to trust their intuition and to the messages the Universe is sending them. They have many Guides around them. More support than they even realize. 
Molehills - Alfie Indra
Cranes in the Sky - Solange
Is It Any Wonder? - Durand Jones & The Indications
To leave a tip, click HERE. 💕
Tumblr media
Pile 2 - S, Strength & SWAN
S - Stuck. Your soulmate may be stuck in a situation they can’t see their way out of. There’s a need to unstick the stuck but they may be putting too much pressure on themselves. Which creates more stress and stagnation. 
Personality - Strength
Resilient, caring and courageous. Your soulmate has overcome many obstacles. They achieve anything they set out to do. Success in their career, finances, relationships, etc. are sure to follow. Gifted with the confidence to go after their dreams. Their enthusiasm and passion for life and what they do is inspiring. Natural born leaders. 
Your soulmate is protective of the ones they love and generous with their time and energy. Unconditional love. They make great providers and parents. They take on more responsibility than they should. Willing to go above and beyond for the people they care about. 
If they are not living authentically, stress takes over. Lethargic, pessimistic and depressed. Unable to see the light around them. They may feel external demands or people are bringing them down. Too much to handle. Too much on their plate. A tendency to withdraw. Needing to be alone. Learning to manage and cope with their stress. They are learning to set boundaries and say no. 
Appearance: Tall. Strong. Athletic. Medium to full figure. Professional make-up.  Thick & healthy hair. Curly hair. Unique hair. Fashionable. Takes care of appearance. Likes to accessorize. Larger than life presence. Intimidating. Confident. Loud voice. Vocal. Glow up.
Energy/Lesson - SWAN
Making progress one step at a time. Your soulmate is learning to not get overwhelmed by the next 50 steps but to instead, take their time. To be present and grateful for the small wins. Glow up energy. Learning to love themselves and embrace their light. Working on their confidence and self-esteem. 
Heybb! - binki 
Fear of Intimacy - Zack Villere
10% - Kaytranada
To leave a tip, click HERE. 💕
Tumblr media
Pile 3 - O, 8 of Pentacles & CAT
O - I am seeing the letter O in it’s form. Something has come full circle. A karmic lesson coming to a close. Your soulmate is picking up the pieces and learning to move on. Or, they’re gaining more clarity in regards to something they’ve been working on or struggling with.
Personality - 8 of Pentacles
Talented and hard working, they use their skills to educate and inspire others. Your soulmate is curious and will be a lifelong student. A patient teacher. A talented craftsman. Observant. Great attention to detail.
Tendency toward being a workaholic. Their studies and career are of utmost importance to them. Successful in their area of study. Financial stability and independence is something they strive to achieve. You may meet this person at work or school as these are the places they spend most of their time. 
They are opinionated and set in their ways which can create tension with the people around them. Needing to recognize others achievements and input as valid. To realize they are not the be all, end all. Learning to let others shine and to acknowledge others strengths, talents and differences of opinion. 
Because they are so set in their ways, change isn’t always the easiest. Staying in environments, relationships or holding on to beliefs long past their expiration date. 
Appearance: Average to full figure. Healthy, shiny &/or curly hair. Brown/black hair. Almond shaped eyes. Light eyes. Practical clothes. Work uniform. Minimalist fashion. Red/orange as power color. Function over fashion. Shining from the inside out. Jewelry for protection/good luck i.e. crystals, evil eye, etc. Observant. Strong hands or working with their hands. Articulate. 
Energy/Lesson - CAT
They’ve been quiet for too long. Now is the time for them to speak their truth. An external event has lit a fire beneath them and they want to take action. Or, perhaps they’ve been silencing themselves for the sake of someone or a situation, preferring not to rock the boat. Maybe a fear of rejection. Your soulmate is ready to speak, to share their true feelings. 
Being guided by their intuition at this time. 
Freeze Tag - Terrance Martin
Whisper (Want My Luv) - Patrick Paige II
Cellophane - FKA Twigs
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Tumblr media
Pile 4 - A, Wheel of Fortune & WHALE
A - Apologies, adultery and achievement. Apologies. This may be someone from your past coming forward to deliver an apology. Or, your soulmate is learning how to apologize and exercise forgiveness. Achievement. Your soulmate is successful in their career but I feel this is also talking about having many interesting experiences under their belt. Adultery. No, your soulmate won't cheat on you. But, I feel they could have been cheated on and this is part of their healing. 
Personality - Wheel of Fortune
Adaptable, intelligent and outgoing. They’ve done it all. They’ve seen it all. Despite life's challenges, they keep moving on. Always busy exploring and learning new things. They are well educated and dedicated to their personal growth. Aiming to be better and do better. Optimistic, independent and loves their freedom. Excitement for life. A world traveler or a desire to travel. 
Your soulmate has experienced many highs and lows in their personal and romantic life. They have a habit of getting stuck in karmic relationship patterns. Either committing to the wrong people or fearing commitment all together. Relationships can feel smothering and there’s a desire for them to keep moving on in love. They desire a partner they can grow with and who respects their freedom. 
Moody and temperamental at their worst, when stressed they get caught in their emotions about things. Change often comes as a surprise and is always a cause for stress. Your soulmate will likely be knocked on their ass a few times before they learn to create stability for themselves and not rely on someone else to provide stability for them. 
Appearance: Fluctuating body type. Leans toward medium to full figure. Wigs. Make-up. Style always changing. Style mirrors environment or social group. Shapeshifter archetype. No set style. Costume or cosplay. No hiding their emotions. Wearing their emotions. Wing tattoo, jewelry or clothing. Unpredictable. 
Energy/Lesson - WHALE
Change is fast approaching. There’s a need to leave the past behind. A heartbreak is blocking transformation. Learning to forgive others and themselves for the way things played out. They beat themselves up, replaying events over and over in their mind. What if I or they had acted in this way or that. Focusing on what could have or should have happened is keeping them stuck. They are learning to let go and move on. 
Changes - Charles Bradley
Awake - Chiiild
Blossom - Robin Kester
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hydrobunny · 2 months ago
Begin Again chap. one
chapter one: never a clean break, no one here to save me
read on ao3 here
song: Breathe by Taylor Swift
hello my darlings <333 first fanfic, so there might be errors oops. this should hopefully have updates at least every week or so, but no promises :)
Venti knew this was going to bite him in the ass tomorrow. But as he waved to the bartender for another round of drinks, all he cared about was getting rid of the pit in his stomach.
The college junior sighed as he took another swig of his wine , finishing it off. A ding went off from his back pocket, and Venti fumbled for his phone, tapping the screen. blockhead- Text Message blared the notification. Venti cursed underneath his breath.
“Not something I want to deal with today,” he murmured, banishing his phone to the deepest depths of his pocket.
Before Venti knew it, many more rounds of wine had passed, his mind blissfully far away from the other messages on his phone. The bartender- Charles was it?- looked at him warily.
“Venti?” A vaguely familiar voice asked from behind.
The man in question spun on his stool, grinning. “That’s me, all right. Who is it that wants to fight- Xiao?”
Xiao raised his eyebrow, staring at the clearly intoxicated student. “Do I even want to know why you’ve gone through an unholy amount of alcohol on a Thursday night?”
Venti gaped at his friend. (could Xiao even be considered that? They had only worked on like two projects together.) There was a moment of uncomfortable silence, before every bad memory came rushing back at Venti.
“Oh Xiao, so many things have happened!” Venti stood, wobbling slightly. “My boyfriend of like, ten months, cheated on me, then had the audacity to break up with me over text.” he laughed, stumbling his way to Xiao. “Like, can you believe that? And I actually thought we had something! So now I can’t look at half my songs anymore without thinking of him, and I can’t write any new songs because I don’t have another muse, and-”
“Yeah, I really did not need to know that,” Xiao muttered, taking a step back as Venti came too close for comfort, still blabbering.
“-now I know we only like, just met a few months ago, but you’re actually like really cool, and wow I am going off topic but I can’t even bring myself to rhyme because I actually thought I could have loved him and-” Venti collapsed onto a wide-eyed and very uncomfortable Xiao, sobbing.
Xiao blinked. He raised his hand awkwardly, patting Venti’s shoulder. He looked up at Charles, who shrugged. “I’m sorry?” Xiao consoled weakly. “Venti, I’m kind of here for a friend, I can’t-”
Venti sobbed harder, face pressing into Xiao’s jacket. Xiao sighed, carefully adjusting his position in order to grab his phone. His fingers flew across the screen, sending off a couple messages.
“He didn’t come here with anyone, right?” Xiao questioned. Charles shook his head. Xiao unceremoniously hauled Venti off his body, wrapping the still crying student’s arm around him. “I can already tell I’m going to regret this.”
The bartender coughed. “So about that bill-”
The sound of Xiao swearing was the last thing Venti heard before he passed out.
The first thing Venti realized was that his head was splitting open. An uncomfortable amount of sunlight blared through a slightly opened window, not helping the pounding in Venti’s head. The second thing he noticed was that this definitely was not his dorm. For starters, it was much too clean, no trace of the sheet music that littered his own floor.
“What in the...” Venti gently extracted himself from the cocoon of blankets he had made in the night, stumbling. Where in Archon’s name actually was he? He scanned the room, eyes flitting from each corner.
“Aha!” he grinned as he spotted his phone, immediately wincing as another fresh wave of nausea tore through him.
A light green note laid on its screen, handwriting that was way too neat (and loopy. seriously, was this the 17th century?) to be real filling it.
Venti, not sure what time you'll be reading this, but I do hope you don't have classes today. You probably don't remember, but you passed out at the bar last night. It didn't seem right to just leave you there, so I brought you to my apartment. I'll be back from classes at around three for lunch, so feel free to leave as soon as you wake up. Don't worry about making this up to me, it wasn't that big of a deal.
ps: Zhongli, my roommate, is coming back at noon. From how he reacted to me coming back with you, you probably want to get out of this house before he gets here.
Well, wasn’t this absolutely perfect. Not only had he crashed at someone who probably thought he was insane’s apartment, Zhongli out of all the people was his roommate.
Venti groaned. His fingers faltered over his phone screen, not daring to check the time. Cursing every decision that had led him to this exact moment, he pressed down on the screen.
2:30, Friday, January 22nd blared the way too bright screen.
Fuck. Venti paced around Xiao’s- Archons, he hoped it wasn't Xiao’s actual room. The only thing that could make this worse was if he found out he had kicked Xiao out of his own bed.
Venti unlocked his phone, finally opening his messages with Zhongli. He surprisingly only had there messages from him, each more fear inducing than the last.
Venti, are you alright? Your dormmate told me you are going through “personal issues”. Respond to this when you see it, I’m sure I can be of assistance.
You have not responded yet, Venti. I am assuming that Diluc is correct, and you are out drowning your sorrows in alcohol. This is not acceptable behavior for someone in the top 7 of our university. Give me your location now.
Xiao has just told me he is bringing you back to our apartment, and that you are out cold. You will face consequences for this, especially considering the promise you made a week ago.
Venti wished the ground could swallow him up. He took a deep breath, hand wavering on the door handle. “Okay Venti, you will be fine. You're only walking out to Zhongli, your oldest friend, not some battle line.”
Click went the door handle. Xiao and Zhongli’s apartment wasn’t too small, a corridor leading to the right. In front of him was another door, which Venti presumed to be Zhongli’s room. He paused, ears straining for any sound at all.
It was absolutely quiet. Venti felt a grin tug at his lips, and skipped to the right, lightly humming. The corridor opened up to a decently sized living room. Venti noted the green blanket strewed on top of a couch.
A cough sounded from behind him, and Venti swear he felt his soul leave his body. He spun lightly on his foot, already knowing who would be waiting.
Zhongli peered at him from where he sat at a table, a way too thick book in his hands.
Venti laughed nervously, taking a few steps toward the apartment door, toward his salvation. “Soooo good to see you, old friend. Who would have known Xiao would be such a godsend? Taking me to this high end-”
“It would be wise for you to cease your rhyming, Venti. This is a serious manner, after all. Why don't you sit down?” Zhongli’s voice was as deep as ever.
Venti knew it wasn't really a question. He sighed, pulling out a chair across from Zhongli. Zhongli put his book down, and Venti only saw the first few words of its title, History of Natlan’s Cities and, before Zhongli laid down a paper.
“Wh- are these my grades?” Venti exclaimed, grabbing it off of the table. “And my bills from Angel’s Share? How did you even get these?”
“Being the oldest member of the student council has its perks, you would find out.” Zhongli said drily. “As you can see, your grades are usually of top tier. However, you do end up getting a missing assignment or two each time you go to this bar. And considering this-”
“Zhongli, I swear to all seven Archons above, if you pull out a text message from a week ago saying that I promise to quit drinking, I will burn this place down.”
Zhongli paused, his hands moving away from his phone.
Venti rolled his eyes. “Ignoring the fact that I sent that message at four am, I am slightly sorry for breaking my promise. I know how much those mean to you, so yeah yeah, I shouldn't have lied to you, but I will continue drinking when I feel like it.”
“Venti, this is for your own good, I don't wish to harm you.”
“We broke up, alright? My boyfriend and I, and it was really bad.” Venti interrupted, fidgeting with his hands. “Alcohol was the only thing I could think of at the moment.”
The brunette in front of him blinked. “Oh. I see now. I apologize, I thought you two were happy together. I didn’t realize-”
Venti stood up, seeing red. “Of course you didn't realize, you absolute buffoon! You're in a different world, with your perfect relationships and your perfect roommate and your perfect life!”
He stopped, dread coiling as he tried to recollect his thoughts. “Shit, Zhongli, I didn't mean that. I-I’m just gonna go.” Venti quickly made his way away from the table.
Zhongli was quick to recover. “Venti, wait. I am aware you’re going through things. Xiao and I could be-”
“I don't need your help! Tell Xiao I said thank you, but leave me be, Zhongli.” Venti snapped, opening the apartment door. “I can handle myself, I'm not some kid, for Morax’s sake.” He just about jumped out the door, slamming it shut behind him.
Zhongli didn't follow.
Venti ran down three flights of stairs. He barely dodged a vaguely familiar looking girl, her white ponytail trailing behind her as she jumped backwards.
“What the hell?” she yelped.
“Sorry!” Venti crashed out the building door, right into the bustling street.
Well aware of the fact he looked like a complete and utter mess, Venti quickly adjusted his hat- how had it stayed on all night?- and scanned his surroundings. Noticing one familiar restaurant, he let out a sigh of relief. Thanking his lucky stars, Venti set off to the left, towards Genshin University.
A clock tower proclaimed the new hour, three large rings reverberating.
Venti felt his mind wander as he opened the door to the male dorms. Had Xiao arrived back at the apartment yet? He paused, entering the common room. Why did he suddenly care about Xiao’s whereabouts? Venti shook his head frantically, braids whipping as he tried to clear his head.
“You good, comrade?” An amused voice asked.
Venti froze, looking up. A ginger raised his eyebrow at him, sprawled over one of the couches.
“You’re… Venti, right? Zhongli’s friend.” The ginger mused, still staring at Venti with very unsettling blue eyes. “I’m Childe, one grade below you. Zhongli tutored me in Liyuean History not too long ago. I've heard-”
“Pause, did you call me comrade?” Venti burst out. “Is it something new or like, because I've never heard anyone say that seriously, and I pride myself on keeping up with fads.”
To his surprise, Childe flushed, glancing away. “No, it’s just a habit I can’t seem to drop,” he laughed. “I'm from Snezhnaya, if that'll make it any better.”
Venti shrugged. “It's better than rhyming every sentence.”
Childe hummed, looking back down at whatever he was- holy shit, was that a dagger?
Venti gulped. What kind of people had Zhongli been making friends with? “Uh yeah it was nice meeting you, I have to go see my roommate, bye!” He said quickly, words jumbling.
Venti doubted he would ever run up the stairs faster, barely hearing Childe’s shouted “uh, goodbye?”
The door slammed shut behind him, and the music major winced. He really needed to watch the doors.
“Good to see you're as energetic as ever,” a dry voice said.
“Diluc!” Venti exclaimed, jumping at the redhead. Diluc simply moved to the right, letting Venti crash into his bed.
Diluc sighed, ignoring Venti’s groans of pain. “You want to… talk about it?” Venti almost laughed at how uncomfortable he sounded, if not for the fact he was staring directly at a very wrinkled piece of paper. It was his very own song, written just a few weeks before.
“No, but I do want to talk about the psycho in our dorms.” he managed, tearing his eyes away from sappy confessions disguised as lyrics. “He had some fancy ass knife, like some circus worker that performs!”
Diluc looked at him in disbelief. “Weapons aren't allowed on campus, Venti. Are you sure the alcohol didn't screw with your brain?”
“If it did that, I would not have made it to college,” Venti muttered, throwing his hat on his desk. “I know what I saw, you...idiot-lege.”
The redhead stared at him, unimpressed. “Your rhymes are getting worse, I notice.”
Venti threw a pillow at him. Diluc shifted to the left, the pillow bouncing harmlessly off the wall behind him.
“So, did you end up passing out in the bar, or did you end up passing out in the streets?” Diluc asked, turning back to his laptop.
The shorter of the two scoffed. “Who says I didn’t peacefully end up back in this room and left before you woke? I’m really not that big of a joke.”
There was an uncomfortable moment of silence.
“Okay fine, one of my friends found me and let me crash at their apartment.”
Diluc glanced over his shoulder. “You have friends that can tolerate you? That's new.”
Venti put his hand to his heart in mock betrayal. “How could you be so rude, Diluc? I'll have you know Xiao is-”
“Xiao? Like the same Xiao you had to work with on that one project? The same Xiao that you used to tell me was 'absolutely amazing’?” Diluc asked bluntly, opening a document. “The same Xiao that you would most likely have scared away with your undying confessions of love if not for...” he stopped, realizing his train of thought would lead right back to Venti’s ex.
Venti narrowed his eyes. “You know, I’m beginning to think that you don't think I can make friends. Which is utterly ridiculous by the way, considering most of your own friends have led to horrible ends. How’s Kaeya, huh?”
Diluc’s fingers faltered on his keyboard. “I don't think I can even count that bastard as my friend, considering he is my brother. Please do go back to telling me about Xiao.”
Venti sighed, falling onto his bed with an oomph. “Don’t know what new things I can tell you, other than the fact he still seems wayyyy out of my league. And besides, I really don't know if I want to date someone this early, no matter their intrigue.” he coughed. “And he might maybe, just maybe, share his apartment within my childhood friend.”
Diluc whistled. “Sounds harsh. By the way, don't you have a class that started like half an hour ago?”
Venti froze, every memory he had of his classes flashing before his eyes. “You didn't think to remind me of this earlier?! I have some exam today!” he screeched, leaping up from his bed.
Clothes flew out of a closet as Venti desperately searched for his sweater. He frantically pulled the green mess on, slamming into the doorframe as he ran out the room.
Luckily, the knife wielding maniac wasn't still in the common room, so no one saw Venti almost trip down the entire flight of stairs.
He sprinted across the campus, almost knocking over a girl with two purple pigtails.
Venti finally paused in front of the doors, taking a deep breath. He quickly adjusted his hat, opening the door gently.
Professor Varka raised an eyebrow at him, but didn't comment on his disheveled appearance. Simply handing him a packet of paper, he gestured to the back.
Venti grinned, carefully avoiding the few students as he skipped up to his usual seat, a row behind a friend of his, Barbara. She glanced at him as he passed, Venti sending her a cheery wave.
He took a seat, humming lightly as he stared down on his exam. He turned a page. He turned another page. Venti went back to the first page, stomach dropping. Absolutely none of the questions made any sense.
“Well, Barbatos smite me down.”
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odnanerf · 2 months ago
Hey, I have another request. By the way THANK U SOOOO MUCH FOR THE OTHER REQUEST I truly loved it. I still do. 😊
Can it be Dark Phoenix time? 💿 Peter and the Reader have been trying to have a baby for quite some time. Reader finds out she's pregnant while peter is on a dangerous mission. Can you make ororo the first one to know?
Thank you very much.
hey dude!! I loved this prompt so much, it was a great exercise in fluff. Thank you for the request!
Little Maximoff
Word Count: 2.6k
You stilled, trying not to show off any obvious emotions, but it was too late, because Peter was already next to you. Damn superspeed.
You looked over at him, and he was tapping the edge of your comforter anxiously. You curled into your knees on the bed, not wanting to look at him.
Peter had just asked you if it had happened. Were you pregnant? After a few months of trying, nothing had happened yet, but Peter was nothing if not persistent. Or in your mind, impatient. 
You completely understood why he was so eager. After he found out Erik was his father, he wanted everything to prove to the universe that he was going to be a much better father than an absent one. He wanted to be the best, and who were you to hold him behind on that? 
When he had told you that he desperately wanted to have a child, you were all for it, especially because it was a sign that he really loved you. The last thing you wanted to do was to disappoint him.
“Sorry, Peter…” Your voice was muffled from how you squashed your face into your knees, and he slumped next to you, pushing your head under his as he hugged you. You didn’t have to say anything. The pregnancy test had obviously come out negative.
“It’s okay! No worries, Y/n.” His hands came up towards your back, as he stroked you gently. He didn’t want you to feel guilty.
“But I know-”
“Yeah, it’s my fault for putting so much pressure on this,” He said, sounding regretful that he might be driving you nuts with how often he asked if you were pregnant.
“Don’t worry. This just means that unfortunately, we have to keep trying at it.” He murmured into your hair, and you began to giggle.
“I know, I know. You don’t enjoy the process.” You gave him a sly raise of your eyebrows, and he scoffed.
“Don’t enjoy the pro- Y/n, do you even know who you’re talking to?!” He picked you up, and pinned you down on the bed, as you snorted at him. He tried his best to sound more dominant but you knew him better, and he broke into a fit of laughter as he kissed your face.
Peter was nothing but the sweetest guy, even if he was impatient.
Because you were a rather young married couple, it was difficult for you two to find a house somewhere, but Charles was kind enough to let you stay in the X-Mansion for as long as you needed to. He had a soft spot for you two, and the idea of a little mini-you running around was too much for his heart to handle.
Would the baby be a speedster like Peter, or a psionic blaster like you? Or maybe a mutant of an entirely different kind. Either way, every X-Men was exceedingly curious.
Not only did Raven, Hank, Charles, Logan, Rogue, Jubilee, and even Scott ask you unabashedly about this, but Jean also pestered you inside your mind.
Come on, Y/n, you can tell me! Are you…  you heard her call within your mind.
NOT YET. You yelled back, hoping she would understand. She did, but she still was rather excited about the idea. She had tried asking Scott about the same thing, but he had told her that it would be advisable if she got herself under control. Fitting, but sad.
So she was living vicariously through you. 
Still, even though Jean and the others were excited for you, nothing had happened yet. Until everyone had decided to go on a mission, leaving you, Hank, and Ororo behind.
You had hugged Peter extra tight, it being a few weeks later after the last time you had checked a pregnancy test. You didn’t want to think about that right now. Peter was on a extra perilous journey to find the New Brotherhood of Mutants, and you were stuck at home by Peter and Charles’ requests. It’s not that you weren’t helpful, it’s that they were worried about the potential of a baby.
Which still wasn’t confirmed, you inwardly lamented. You couldn’t go against Charles’ orders though.
For some reason, Jean had excitedly patted your hand, telling you that they would be back soon, and in the meantime you should check for a baby. So that’s what you were doing now. Sitting in the washroom, waiting for your results to pop up.
You screamed. Loudly. Excitedly. And then held yourself close.
It was finally true! After months of trying, you were with child. Actually, to be fair, in the last week you had thought you had felt a little weird, but Jean had been rambling so much to you telepathically in that time that you had thought it was just her.
Now you knew. It was your baby. Your darling little daughter or son, was with you right at this very moment. A new person that you were going to help raise with the best person you knew.
You only felt bad that you couldn’t tell Peter right away. In fact you wanted to have found out with him, and now a huge part of you felt guilty that he did not know. 
But he would be back soon, right?
You suddenly stood up, walking into your room with a new fear. The Brotherhood of Mutants was dangerous, and Peter had even said “Don’t worry!” which you always knew meant “Worry!!”. Peter would never try to get you to fake confidence otherwise.
What if he didn’t make it back?
Your pacing took on some angsty stomping, where you felt your fear heighten into paranoia. Was he okay? Would it be fair to endanger this child with your constant dangerous missions?
There was a knock at the door, causing you to stop in your tracks.
You opened the door, trying your best not to look too nervous. Ororo stared back at you, blinked, taking in your expression, and smiled widely. 
“Y/n! I came in to check on you. Me and Hank are about to go-” 
You never found out exactly what they were going to do, because you grabbed her by the hand, and closed your door, sitting her on your bed.
“Oh.” She said, sounding partially surprised. “Is everything alright?”
“Yes-! Well, I mean, I guess- No.” You sighed, placing your hands over your face. You had to tell someone, even if that person wasn’t Peter, because you were madly stressing.
“Ororo. I’m...” You swallowed, but her head perked up anyways. 
“You’re?” She asked.
“I’m pregnant-” 
“You’re finally pregnant?!” Ororo yelped and squeezed your hand. “Y/n, that is such great news! Congratulations.”
 You sighed, and Ororo tilted her head in confusion. 
“Shouldn’t you sound way happier? This is what you wanted, right?” She suddenly furrowed her brows, eyes glinting with a bit of anger. “If Peter forced you into this, I’ll kill him.”
“No, no. I couldn’t be more excited!” You said, doing your best to sound a little more content. “This is all I ever wanted. I can’t wait to meet my baby…”
Your eyes softened as you sat down next to her. She immediately wrapped her arm around you, so you didn’t feel too stressed. 
“I just wanted Peter to be here too. What if…” You whispered, and Ororo leaned in closer to hear you better. “What if he’s not safe?”
“You know the X-Men have a responsibility, Y/n…” She said, but she knew that wasn’t going to make you feel better. “Peter can handle it. He’s going to be fine.”
“He’s been not fine before, though.” You swallowed, feeling anxiety in your throat. “I just never felt like I would have to worry about him like this.”
“It’s new. You have to protect your baby.” Ororo smiled, thinking about how much of a mama bear you were sure to be for that little angel.
“Also, Peter wouldn’t want you to worry! I know, I know, he’s the father of your kid and your husband and the love of your life. But you can’t stress unless you know something is wrong.” Ororo stated in such a logical fashion that you knew she was right, and you felt yourself calm down.
“Thanks.” You said rather quietly, and Ororo took it upon herself to cheer you up.
She asked about what you preferred, a boy or a girl (You said it didn’t matter as long as he or she was a good soul), and did you want a mutant child? Would the kid have super speed, energy blasts, or something entirely new? Would you want a little mini speedster Peter running around, and Peter goading that kid on constantly?
At the very thought of it, you grinned, and nodded. 
“I don’t think there could be anything wrong with two Peter Maximoffs running around.” You suddenly flushed a little. “Besides, if he or she is anything like their father, then I know I’m going to have a great kid.”
Peter was having a bullshit time. Not that he was in danger, or that he was struggling, more that the Brotherhood had made the battle as infuriating as possible, leading it to take hours longer than it would have to.
He longed to go home, to scoop you up in his arms, and to simply just relax a little. The hectic nature of mutant battles was really getting to him, and for once, he wanted to slow down. Just be a stay-at-home dad, while you were the breadwinner. It was his favourite idea so far, that he planned to bring up to you as soon as he got home.
It had been three hours. Three hours of battling, when it really should’ve taken half one hour. He got into the car that Jean had hotkeyed (he would ask her how she did that later) and fell asleep so promptly that he woke up when they had got to the X-Mansion.
Rare for him to sleep that long, but he needed rest and he still felt a little dazed.
He congratulated the rest of the team for doing so well today, something that was kind out of character for him, as Charles stuttered out a “thanks?”. It was a good sign to him, because he was maturing as a soon to be father.
Fatherhood. Was it a soon to be event? Or did they have to keep trying? He made a mental note to ask you to test yourself again, later, maybe even tomorrow. God knows he felt bad that he was asking a lot of you, so he wanted you to feel as comfortable as possible.
As Peter opened the door, you were sitting on the far bench next to Hank’s office, and he could just make you out past all the stairs and the vast hallway of the mansion. Gosh, this place was huge.
He quickly jogged towards you, and you felt the tell-tale whoosh of Peter sitting right next to you.
“Hey, Y/n.” He said nonchalantly, but you poked his side and he began to giggle.
“You’re finally back, Peter.” You whispered, almost with an air of sorrow, and he squeezed your hand to comfort you. 
“That, I am. Sorry. It took a long time because the Brotherhood is a bunch of idiots who don’t know the meaning of time management-”
“Peter, you hardly know what that is.” You snorted, and he lay his head on your shoulder.
“Fair enough. I am sorry though. I missed you a lot. I wished you could’ve been there but I’m glad Charles made you stay.” He raised his eyebrows. “Wouldn’t want my future baby mama getting killed-”
“Please, never use those words again.” You sighed, and he laughed at you. “We’re married, moron.”
“Okay, okay. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to my wife.” He sniffled, and you knew it was not really a joke.
“I wouldn’t want anything to happen to my husband either, Peter.” You looked at his hand, still intertwined with yours. “Was everything okay today? You were safe?”
“Hell, it was awful, Y/n. But not in a dangerous way. I have never felt so exhausted.” He replied, sounding still a little woozy, and you patted his head, glad that he wasn’t in danger like you had thought earlier. Ororo was right.
“Why are you sitting near Beast’s office anyways? I didn’t catch you before an affair, did I?” He pressed his fingers into a gun shape, pointing them at you, as you chuckled and raised your hands above your head.
“No, no. He’s going to check up on the pregnancy and make sure everything is stable. No mutant craziness.” 
Peter grew silent, thinking over what you just said, and his head snapped up as he looked into your eyes.
“Y/n- You’re…” He grinned, and you nodded softly. He yelped in excitement and stood up, running his hands through his hair in shock.
“Yeah, Peter. There’s going to be another little Maximoff soon.” You said, voice quiet but excited.
He began to run up and down the hallway in eagerness, which made you question how exhausted he really was, but you also figured that getting news like that would hype anyone up.
“How long have you known?” He grabbed your hand and sat down again.
“Since just earlier today.” You smiled at him, and he leaned in, pressing his forehead on yours. 
“You checked while I was gone?” He asked, and you felt your heart sink for a second.
“Sorry, I really didn’t think I should have, but Jean insisted, and I was curious too, of course I should’ve waited-”
“No no, it’s fine. Actually, it’s great!” He smoothed your hair as you wondered why he was fine with it. Wasn’t it a big thing to find out about together?
“I was a little worried that maybe you were feeling pressure about it, so I’m glad you were curious enough to want to know without me,” He said in a single breath, and you nodded. “Also, why would I be mad that you found out before me? This. Is. So. Cool.”
He kissed your face again, and then your lips, and then he just held you really close, telling you that you were going to be the best mother and maybe you could name the baby an amalgamation of your names, like Pet-Y/n, or Y/n-er.
“Oi, you two!” Jean’s voice rang out from down the hall, and you could see the rest of the X-Men following her.
“So you found out, right?” She said, the smile on her face way too large to be a coincidence.
“But how did you know?” You said, and then immediately understood. “You were so keen on the test this week because of your telepathy. Did you hear the baby?”
Jean nodded.
Peter’s mouth was agape.
“Jean Grey, why the hell didn’t you tell me?! You knew for the past week and you didn’t tell me while we were together?” He retorted.
“Well, sorry, Quicksilver, but I was positive you wanted to hear this from Y/n, not me. And it made the day much more exciting waiting for your reaction!!” She cheered, as Peter scoffed, although he knew she was right.
“Ahem…” Charles coughed, looking a little guilty. “I may have also known, but only because I wanted to see if there was an X-Gene involved in the little one’s cells.”
You and Peter both began to ask him if there was, but he raised his hands in defeat.
“I’ll tell you when you’re a little farther along, Y/n.” He said, and you knew he was right. It was too early to find out everything about the baby. You were in for a long nine months, and it was important that you relished every part of it.
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vattelaapiglia · 2 months ago
For women that believe they cannot orgasm
I’m writing this post because I would have needed to hear this two or three years ago when I was fully convinced that I was just one of those girls that simply ‘could not’.
My friends would tell me that they began orgasming as young teenagers, or even younger. I was so shocked at this. Why did no one tell me this was a thing??
When you feel like something might be wrong with you, you tend to go looking for answers. After going 18 years without knowing what an orgasm felt like, I became somewhat obsessive about it. Once it occurred to me that I was the odd one out, I would read websites that described a small percentage of women having an inability to orgasm - ‘anorgasmia’. Whilst this seemed to give me the answer that made the most sense, it was actually pretty depressing to accept.
I’ll describe all the things that got me to where I am at 21 and I’ll do so in a way that isn’t the generic ‘you need to relax’ or ‘if you know, you know.’ These phrases always made me so confused.
First of all, if you can sneeze, you can orgasm. Hear me out. This was actually one of the first things that came to mind when I was reflecting upon wtf had just happened after my first orgasm. If someone told you to sneeze right now, chances are, you wouldn’t be able to. This doesn’t mean you can’t sneeze. The same applies for orgasm. It is an involuntary reaction to the combination of mental and physical stimulation.
Here are some steps and tips that might be crucial to your journey.
Buy a vibrator. No need for it to be fancy. This is a crucial part but not sufficient on its own for a lot of women including myself. I owned my vibrator for over a year before my first orgasm. The trick is not to start resenting it after continuous disappointment.
If you think porn isn’t for you, it might just be that you haven’t used it at the same time and in conjunction with masturbation. You don’t have to be aroused before turning on porn. It will develop as you combine the mental and physical. When I first got my vibrator, I would turn it on and stare at the ceiling. Lol. I had no idea the importance of imagery or imagination. Very few women can get there without some kind of material stimulating their minds.
The advice of ‘just relax’ is particularly problematic because in the moments before orgasm, your body is far from relaxed. Vaginal contractions result from tightening. Focus in on the pleasure you experience when your vagina tightens during use of your vibrator. Notice how this is affected by the video in front of you. Eventually, your vagina will be squeezing for long enough that it will spasm. If you keep relaxing your vagina, this won’t happen.
In order to strengthen these muscles I purchased a device called the Intensity decide by Pour Moi. Once inserted, it uses electrical impulses to repetitively contract and relax your vaginal muscles and pelvic floor. I have no doubt that this helped me very much in getting my body to learn the mechanism involved in orgasm.
I had the opportunity to receive the O-shot which is a PRP treatment. My blood was taken and after going through a process of separating the plasma from the red blood cells, it was injected into the tissue surrounding my clitoris and g-spot. Despite seeing great improvement in tissue health and circulation, it would be approximately 6 months between this treatment and my first orgasm.
My first orgasm was by vibrator, but now I achieve orgasm every time during sex without the use of a vibrator, or with one because why not! Once your body figures it out, it becomes easier and easier over time. The more orgasms you have, the more orgasms you can have.
My boyfriend was determined to make me come through oral. I was very doubtful that it would happen because I had become accustomed to climaxing with the vibrator, but his determination and persistence proved successful. There is no limit to what you can experience if you focus in on the imagery and find a rhythm and are met with patience and understanding from your partner.
I felt compelled to write this post because last night I experienced the most intense, unbelievable orgasm yet. My boyfriend surprised me with a joint and a candlelit bath filled with rose petals. We got in, ready to watch some of our favourite show before we got distracted by each other. One thing led to another and I’m straddling him. We started having sex with minimal spillage of the bath water. After a short while of this while I rubbed my clit, I started to have the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever experienced. It lasted for around a minute and a half. It went on for so long that I even managed to tell him ‘I’m still coming’ between moans. It was pretty incredible, especially since he had made me come from oral on the couch a few hours before. Not only that but after the bath we continued on my bed so that he could get his, but he passed me the vibrator and I came a third time. I screamed so loud that we were genuinely concerned that the neighbours would knock at our door expecting a domestic.
A few other notable things include reading ‘The Orgasm Prescription’ and listening to Dr Charles Runels on YouTube. Also, the How Cum podcast and the OMGyes website.
To be honest, this whole journey has made me very interested in becoming a sex therapist, especially since I commence psychology studies in a year or so. Who knows. Let me know if you find any of this helpful because I’d be thrilled if it does.
Anyway, to the women who think they ‘cannot’. Don’t give up. If you can sneeze, you can come.
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cthomashoodstory · 2 months ago
Best Years but Not in the Same Way (17)
Calum Hood x Reader (Saara Palvin)
Previous Part
Well guys finally I’m able to continue the story after this very long time. Well i don’t have any knowledge about club, about drinking, or anything related into that I’m just find info from google so sorry if what i wrote is inaccurate. and also i added the 5sos girlfriend just for the storyline and if u guys didnt like them and im so sorry. Enjoy!
“Saara, over here.” You heard someone shouted your name and you looked around and found Crystal waving her hand towards you.
You came to her table and she’s with Sierra and Kaykay. That’s a very first time to you to meet Sierra and Kaykay. But with Crystal, you’ve been friends with her since 2014.
“Hey beautiful,” she hugged you. “I’m so happy when you said you can join us.” She looks so happy to meet you again. You haven’t been seeing her since you started to hang out with Justin back in 2015. You knew you had a chance to text her or even meet her through Michael but you didn’t do it because deep down you were afraid that she hated you for unfriended Calum. But now you had a courage to meet her.
“This is Sierra and Kaitlin or Kaykay.” Sierra stood up and hugged you first and Kaykay followed.
“Oh my God! I finally meet you in person!” Kaykay hugged you once more time. “You smell so good.” You didn’t know why but she looked so excited to see you.
Then you sat alongside with them in this bar. “I can’t believe we meet again,” you observed this place that used to be favorite spot of you, Calum, Ashton, Luke, Michael and Crystal and also Luke’s ex, Arzaylea. “The last time it was just me, you and... that crazy girl.”
Heard that Crystal was giggled. “Spilled.” She took a shot. “It was Luke’s ex by the way.”
“Lol.” Sierra then took a shot. “So, Saara a.k.a miss B, how’s you and Calum? Still playing that ‘friends’ card?” She bravely asked you that question.
“Yes.” And now you were the one who took the shot. “Damn. We just practically met and you asked the sensitive question ever? Damn.” You rolled your eyes and took another shot and they laughed. Then you sighed. “I think i want to share my deepest secret with you guys, but not today, i think?”
Kaykay nodded. “We are all here for you, Miss B. Just take your time.” She touched your shoulder. “But seriously can i ask you question? How’s you and Bieber doing?”
You looked at her for a second then you looked at Crystal and Sierra. They both gave Kaykay death stare. “I don’t really want to tell you about this, but fuck it. I don’t talk to him, i never forgave him and i hate him for everything he did.” You took a sip of your drink. “Fuck him. I don’t want to see him anymore.” You are now crying because you hate Justin so much. He ruined your life so bad until you are in this position.
“Oh my God don’t cry,” Kaykay start to wipe your tears and hugged you. “Let’s talk about Calum then, okay?” You pulled the hug and nodded.
“You should joined us to Paris this week,” Crystal distracted you. “Calum would be happy if you came because he’s been talking about it since last month. He really wanted you to be there because we all gonna be there. He couldn’t stop talking how much he loves you, Saar.”
The Sierra added. “Yep that’s the truth. He even texted me how to apologize to a girl.” She chuckled. “I mean he could googled it but instead he asked me and he mentioned you a lot in our conversation.”
You shrugged. “I don’t know if i could go to Paris with you all...,” you paused. “I feel like i will disturbed you all like... I’m an intruder. I don’t want to ruined your plans by joining you all there.”
Sierra rolled her eyes. “Are you kidding me? You were the one who friends with them long time ago. You are their bestfriends. And they’re so excited when Calum asked you to joined them. Please, if you love Calum you have to be there, at least for him. He would be the happiest man in the world.” She raised her glass.
“Yeah i do love him. I’m in love with him since I couldn’t remember when. He was there with me since the beginning. He... he made sure I’m okay every seconds he is not with me. He loves me unconditionally. He cares about me when i was suicidal. I was so obsessed with Justin and pushed Calum away. He still cares about me after all this time i hurted him and I realized that he was supposed to be the one who’s with me right now. But I’m still in pain. My feelings still stuck in the past.” You wiped down your tears. “But i don’t know if i could make it to the Paris or not.”
Their faces was so nervous when you told them how you felt. Then seconds later they chuckled.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Today, me and Mike (Posner) were arrived at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. It wasn’t your intention to be on Paris and catching up with 5sos. Well actually Mike knew Calum asked you to be on Paris and you decided not to came. And he asked you, invited you and convinced you to came along with him to Paris because he has a gig in Paris. He said he wanted you to accompany him to Paris and he also said you have to meet Calum in Paris because he knew you love him. You decided to came along with him and now you’re in Paris. You didn’t tell anyone that you are in Paris except Mike himself.
“Where do you want to go?” Mike asked you. “Let me answer it. You want to see Eiffel Tower, huh?” You were grinned and and nodded at the same time. “Alright lets go.” He side hug you and you two took off with a taxi.
After long enough time at taxi we finally arrived at Eiffel Tower. “C’mon let me picture you.” You made a pose and Mike took pictures with his phone.
Tumblr media
“Nice.” He showed the pictures and you laughed. “You going to tell Calum that you’re here?”
You shooked your head. “No, i think I’m gonna surprise him and i think i will tell Crystal that I’m here.”
He nodded. “I’m so happy that you’re in this phase, you are more healthy than before, you’re not hurting yourself anymore and I’m really sorry for hurting you back then i was so stupid.”
You hugged him immediately. “I love you Mike, thank you for always be there for me. You’re my brother and my family.” You said it while hug him. And then you pulled the hug. “We probably should get going to the hotel because I’m tired.”
Later at night, you texted Crystal that you’re already in Paris and wants to surprise them.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You immediately go to Eiffel Tower after Crystal told you their location. You actually walked since your hotel and their location not too far away. And so happen you and Calum didn’t contact each other since they arrived at Paris because the boys told you how disappointed Calum when he found out you couldn’t joined them to this romantic city.
You were so excited to surprise Calum because you felt bad for letting him sad like that. After 15 minutes you arrived in Eiffel Tower area and now you’re completely lost in a river full of hundreds people. You observe this place and see the people one by one. You laughed inside if the surprise failed because you didn’t imagine if this place is so crowded at night. After 7 minutes walking around, you saw four tall guy really stood and being photographed.
Tumblr media
Your heart began to race as you saw Calum’s face that you’ve been missed for a month. Omg what should you do? You turned around so they won’t see you and you walked aroud to other direction. What kind of surprise is this? Lol you didn’t know what to do at that time and you keep walking until you were far away from them. You secretly saw them from afar and they were just stood enjoying the view of Eiffel Tower. When your position is behind them you were slowly walking to them. And thats when Crystal saw you. Her expression was hilarious like she wanted to yell but she couldn’t. She informed the girls and they were looking at you smiling. You witnessed Ashton being suspicious at the girls smiling to something behind them and thats when he looked at you. He waa about to say something but you put your index finger to your lips quickly implying him to keep quiet. And he immediately took out his phone and probably recording. And Luke realized you were here and smiling.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And thats when you walked and stood beside Calum. And then you poke Calum’s Arm. “Hey can we take pictures together?” I asked him politely and he said yes and he turned around.
He startled and freeze for a moment. “Saara? Saara Palvin? Is that you?” He rubbed his eyes twice and he looked at you again. “It’s really you.” He hugged you right away and you hugged him back. They’re now whistling and tease both of you.
You pulled the hug. “Surprise.” You smiled to him and you wanted to kissed him so bad but you think he didn’t want any so you didn’t make your move.
“How? You said you couldn’t come and now here you are.” He looked so nervous talking to you. His face were red and so were you right now.
“Is it even matter right now? She’s here Calum, for you.” Michael exasperated. Not in a bad way. “Do something. It’s Paris bro, you guys are in Eiffel Tower now.” He desperately explained to Calum. And Calum was just scratching his head and didn’t know what to do.
“Oh this.” He gave you a rose that he put inside his leather jacket. Not forget to bite the flower’s stalk.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Happy... uh... welcome to Paris.” You took the flower and hold it. He may not gave you a kiss, but a flower and his face is more than you asked for.
To be continued.
Next Part
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3303andmore · 2 months ago
“Hey, look at me. Focus on me alright?” chaotic twins :)
I started this drabble once, thought ‘hmm,,, that might be too angsty’ and started it again so lmao oop hope u enjoy!
CW: Panic Attack - also, the twins are roughly 10 years old in this, so please don’t be mad at Charles he’s a child dealing with something he doesn’t understand lmao
Based on this prompt list x
The first time it happened, Max honestly thought he was going to die.
He knew he’d felt this before, when the blankets over his head and the tight compartment he’d get thrown in with Charles could make it difficult to breathe, but it had been so much easier since getting adopted. 
His Dads made everything easier.
Only, he didn’t know where his Dads were right now and there was only one other person that could possibly help.
Tumblr media
Max had thrown the blankets off himself the second he’d woken up in a start, heart racing so fast he expected to die. 
Maybe he was dying.
Is this what dying felt like? Like a weight was on your chest pushing down on you until you was trapped under it and you couldn’t move?
“What?” Charles sleepily mumbled as he walked into Max’s bedroom, throwing the door open and scrubbing at his eyes with his fist as he blindly slapped his hand out to search for the light switch. 
Max tried to call out his name, tried to tell his brother that he was dying, however his breath caught on a sob and it took only a second for him to choke and cough
“What the hell do you want?” Charles asked, still half asleep and not looking at Max as he stood in the doorway. “You’re really annoying me now.”
Max tried to croak out Charles’ name, however it felt as though a vice was constricting around his neck, slowly cutting off his oxygen as tears caught in his throat.
Charles sighed and scrubbed his hand over his face again, yawning as he mumbled something that Max couldn’t make out. 
Whether it was because he could only hear static in his head or whether it was because Charles had muttered something about hating Max under his breath, he wasn’t sure. 
Either way, if Max wasn’t dying, he’d had laughed at the quick showcase of horror that befell Charles when he opened his eyes and saw Max covered in tears, chest heaving with breath that kept getting stolen from him, close to dying.
“Oh shit, oh god, oh I’m not qualified for this, oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no, what do I do?! Do you want water?! DO YOU HAVE WATER?!” Charles rambled, climbing up onto Max’s bed and putting his hands on Max’s shoulders to shake him slightly.
Max shook his head, croaked out a “I’m dying” and sobbed harder.
“Oh nooooo... oh no, um, I’ll be right back,” Charles said, instantly jumping off Max’s bed and sprinting out the room.
Even if his dying state, Max noticed that Charles’ pyjama shirt was both inside out and backwards.
It had been on right when he fell asleep.
The chaos of his brother would never make sense...
He could vaguely hear something banging downstairs, before the banging started to get closer and Charles came sprinting back, only just managing to catch himself before he jumped onto Max’s bed with a glass of water.
“Okay, um, so drink this, yeah? I’ll hold it,” Charles said, voice shaking even as he tried to remain as calm as possible. 
Charles raised the glass to Max’s lips, holding it for him as only allowing him to take small sips before forcing him to take a break. 
“You’re doing really good, just little sips, ‘cause I think if you try and drink it faster I’m gonna spill it and then Dad will yell at me,” Charles explained. He tried to smile encouragingly however Max could see through the tears clogging his eyes how terrified Charles looked.
“Okay, so, um, I don’t know what I’m doing oh god, um, okay give me your hand, and we’re going to like, I dunno, you’re not breathing, can you like, start? Can you start breathing? You’re breathing really weird,” Charles said, watching how Max’s chest was moving in a staccato fashion, “wait, gimme your hand. Let’s try this.”
Max had seriously never been so grateful for Charles and his impatient nature when he didn’t wait for Max to lift his hand but instead just grabbed it and put Max’s palm on his chest.
He still couldn’t really catch his breath, couldn’t tell Charles about the black spots around his vision, or the way that his body felt like it was being held down by something that Max couldn’t possibly begin to explain.
“Okay so like, guess you gotta follow me, right?” Charles asked, “so, one big breath in, and then breathe out. How the hell do you not know how to breathe? This is so weird, Max.”
Max choked on a laugh as he suck in a breath, coughing and spluttering. Charles leaned over him to smack his back, trying to help in some way.
“I’m dying,” Max whimpered.
“No, no you’re not. I’m not going to let that happen.”
“I can’t breathe.”
Charles shook his head violently and used the hand that had been on Max’s back to grip his hair tightly in his fist, “Hey, look at me. Focus on me alright?”
It took a while for Charles to get Max to breathe easier, for the screaming in his head to be a little less loud and for Charles’ quiet singing of ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’ on repeat to make its way into his brain.
“Told you I wasn’t gonna let you die,” Charles grinned triumphantly when Max stopped choking on every breath, “oi, I’m well good at this, I should be a doctor.”
“You can’t spell,” Max pointed out.
“Neither can doctors I reckon. They’ve all got fancy words to cover up for the fact that they don’t know how to spell the shit. No one can tell ‘em it’s wrong if no one else can spell it.”
Max rolled his eyes and scoffed, giggling slightly as Charles wiped the blanket over his face.
“That’s not how being a doctor works, Charles.”
“Hey, I made you breathe, I brought you back from the dead. I reckon I’d be well good at it.” Charles grinned and reached back for the glass of water again, letting Max hold it in his incredibly shaky hands and take slow sips. Charles held the bottom of it just in case, watching Max as his smile slowly dropped. “Are you okay now?”
“I don’t know,” Max said honestly. He still didn’t feel okay. He didn’t think he was dying anymore, but it was still really hard to breathe and the black spots in his vision kept coming and going in patterns that made seeing anything in his room almost indistinguishable.
Charles nodded slowly and rolled off Max’s bed. 
Max wanted to beg him not to go, to stay with Max because he didn’t want to die alone. 
But he also knew Charles wouldn’t do that.
He was Max’s brother. He wasn’t Max’s friend.
Max didn’t have any friends...
Instead, he watched as Charles headed out of the room and what sounded like into his own next door. The light went on for a second before going off again, and Max was just about to push himself out of bed and go and sit in his window reading nook when Charles came back. He had his penguin tucked under his arm, his bottle of water, favourite pillow and his Spider-Man blanket.
“Turn your bedside lamp on,” Charles said, yawning and rubbing at his eyes again as he actually pushed Max’s door shut finally. 
Max followed the instruction, followed closely by Charles turning off the ceiling light and padding across to Max’s bed.
“Shift over, I’ll keep an eye on you to make sure you don’t die,” Charles explained as he climbed onto the bed, throwing one of Max’s pillows onto the floor and putting his own in its place. He slid under the quilt cover before wrapping his blanket over the top of them both, shifting close to Max and grabbing his hand.
“Close your eyes and focus on me. I’m never going to let anyone hurt you,” Charles said, and Max knew it was a promise.
Charles never broke his promises.
“I’m scared,” Max admitted.
“It’s okay to be scared. But I’m here. I’ll keep your safe always, Max, you’re my best friend.”
Charles pushed Tommy the Penguin into Max’s grip and settled down to rest his head on his pillow. The hand that wasn’t holding Max’s went up to thread through Max’s hair, untangling the sweaty knots and never once complaining.
“Want me to tell you a story?” Charles quietly asked.
“I’d like that.”
“So, this is the story about a badger and a lion who became the best of friends...”
Charles started to ramble away, voice soft in the late night darkness in a way that Max had never heard before.
Charles was always loud, always abrasive and causing problems and ruckus that Max was terrified to be a part of.
And yet in his twin’s arms, his voice tying around the nasty screaming and drowning it out, Max knew that he could never have anyone else by his side.
He hoped he wasn’t dying.
He’d like to stay with Charles for a bit longer... 
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littlemeyer · 2 months ago
Boardwalk Empire washed into the surf after five years on HBO. The last sands of a once towering castle that ruled Atlantic City were swept off the planks when Jimmy Darmody’s kid took out Nucky Thompson. Thompson, played by the perennially solid actor and all around goodfella Steve Buscemi, had just turned his empire over to the new crew. The Organization was a democratic committee of crime that had been put together by wisest of guys, Charles Lucania, aka, Lucky Luciano, and Meyer Lansky.
On Boardwalk Empire, Lansky was played by Anatol Yusef, and Vincent Piazza got to get his eyes drooped as Luciano. Den of Geek got a chance to talk with the ruling committee of this criminal organization. Michael Noble took a crack at Piazza and I interrogated the brains behind the next generation of crime, Anatol Yusef.
Anatol Yusef has lived in New York since before Boardwalk Empire was even a done deal, but he doesn’t sound like Meyer Lansky. Yusef was born in Essex, on the outskirts of London. He is a Bristol Old Vic Theatre School-trained actor and was a resident member at the Royal Shakespeare Company. While, as Lansky, he may have cursed in Yiddish as he pummeled a gambler into the pavement, Anatol sounds like he might ask one lump or two, but he once played the young version of a Bob Hoskins character which, at The Cotton Club, is a bona fide gangster pedigree.
Now that Boardwalk Empire is coming out on DVD do you have any kind of celebration? A pub crawl?
No, unfortunately no. But I’m looking forward to, we got nominated for an ensemble Screen Actors Guild Award, so it’s a chance for all of us to get together. It’s probably the only thing I enjoy about the awards stuff is the time we get together. Because even when we’re on the show, we all operate in so many different worlds that we rarely get to see each other. Any opportunity we have to get together, we all enjoy it very much.
Having done Boardwalk Empire, are you on any kind of HBO shortlist for upcoming projects?
I hope so. I don’t know but I certainly hope so. It seems to me that HBO  are quite mindful of that. If you look at the cast of Boardwalk, how many there were involved in other HBO shows.
Mark Wahlberg recently said he wants to put Boardwalk Empire on the big screen.
What’s that?
He told a Jersey paper he wanted to make a movie.
Oh did he? Well, that would be very interesting. I hope that would be an opportunity to get into the meat of our story, because it really begins where Boardwalk Empire ends. The story of Meyer and Charlie, Bugsy and Frank Costello. That would be fascinating. Or, indeed, if they did the period of the time jump. That was a fascinating time in their lives. The time around Rothstein’s decline and subsequent death. Depends on what time period they choose.
Were you a gangster fan before you took the part?
I don’t know if I was a gangster fan, but I love, some of my favorite films are the American quote-unquote gangster films. I think some of them are beautiful films. Even being about gangsters, there’s a kind of epic quality to them, almost Shakespearean, Greek tragedy, a classical quality, in American culture and American history. They’re almost anti-royalty, if you like.
Meyer’s birth certificate says he was born on the Fourth of July.
I’m not sure I believe that. I don’t know that it’s true. That was perhaps more of Meyer’s wishes than reality.
The gangster thing is interesting because it’s classic storytelling of double-crossing, manipulation, power and lust, all that kind of stuff, is fascinating stuff to watch. Shakespeare did it with the kings and queens of England. I think in American culture, it takes a similar place.
So, yes, I guess I was interested and I do love those movies. But I didn’t know anything like what I know now. Firstly, about that period of history and secondly about what Lansky, and all those young gangsters, achieved in such a short span of time. It’s quite amazing, really.
What was the difference between what you found about the real life Meyer Lansky and Terence Winter’s Meyer Lansky?
I think it’s pretty accurate. We don’t know that much about the young Meyer. Lots of criminal records of that time have disappeared. One idea is that it was part of the deal that Meyer did with the government when they asked Meyer and Charlie to rid the docks of Nazi sympathizers, when they were fearing Nazi U-Boats were coming in during the Second World War. That would cancel out their prohibition criminal records. So we don’t actually know that much about Meyer as a young man. We only know through hearsay and stories generally told as the kinds of things gangsters say. We know more about the man Meyer became. I think Terence Winter’s Lansky is pretty accurate.
I read in Tough Jews that Lansky had to kick heroin.
Tough Jews is a wonderful book. Forget the subject matter, it’s a great book. I sat with Rich Cohen, more than a few times actually, and we talked about that side of Lansky and that time.  Around the time he had his first son who was born with, I don’t remember if it was multiple sclerosis or spina bifida, things got bad. He kind of lost his way. That would be a fascinating thing, to explore that period in Meyer’s life. Anything could have happened in that time.
Did you have any experience with gangster street life growing up?
My family’s from the East End. The East End of London is not dissimilar to that kind of Lower East Side/Brooklyn world. Working class, lots of immigrants, that kind of hot mix of different cultures trying to feed their families.  So I had that sense of it. The other thing is that it is very driven by family. Most of these gangsters in this period, the foundation was family. I think that’s true of the East End of London.
My grandfather used to own a lot of fish and chips shops around East London and he’s got a lot of stories about the big gangsters of the time coming to eat there, offering him protection, all that kind of stuff. I wouldn’t say it was dangerous when I was younger, but it was a little rough at times. It isn’t alien to me, but I wouldn’t say I really know it.
Did any real-life gangsters show up on the set of Boardwalk Empire?
Not that I know of, but I’ve had plenty of people tell me that, in some way, they’re connected to a real life gangster who is in some way connected to Meyer Lansky. That has happened on quite a few occasions. I have no way of knowing.
I met someone on the West Coast, a very nice man whose best friend was called someone Levine. He told me that his father was a gangster and we established that it might well have been a man called Red Levine. I suppose you read in Tough Jews that he was Meyer and Charlie’s main assassin in Murder Incorporated. That was one of the few moments that I saw these guys are still relevant and present.
Every kid in Bensonhurst knows the house where Albert Anastasia lived.
When I was younger, some people I knew skirted the edges of those worlds.
I read that you attribute your easy way with accents to your Turkish upbringing, but how do you actually train to keep the accents consistent? What does a dialog coach actually do, hit you when you mispronounce something?
I don’t work with a dialog coach, so I can’t answer that. I attribute my accent to having different sounds when I was younger. There wasn’t a lot of Turkish spoken around, but my ear had an agility, if you like. In England, we grow up with the American accent in a way that Americans don’t grow up with any other accent. A large percentage of what we consume is American – cartoons and movies, things like that. I think I’ve got some kind of natural whatever for it.
In Meyer’s case, there’s something about the accent that’s logical, once you get the general sound and the quality of the writing. He was kid from Eastern Europe, Russia, so that sound is pretty clear and strong. You add that to the Brooklyn or Lower East Side accent and you get that sound. But also the vocabulary allows you do that to yourself. My father didn’t speak English until he was nearly the age 11 but his vocabulary is better than mine will ever be, because that desire to assimilate and excel and do all that with a sound. All those things, some of them are conscious, some of them not, add to Meyer’s sound. And the great thing is that you get five years to hone and develop it. It’s something I find easy and enjoyable about acting.
You went from the person who was on his knees in a garage in the first season to an elder statesman in the last. Do you adjust your weight or does it come naturally?
It’s all natural. You are mindful of it in some ways. I consciously allowed my voice to shift to a slower, lower place as the seasons went on, closer to my voice. I think, in the early seasons, I was trying to be young. I don’t know if that was necessary, but I was older than Meyer was. So, you think about that but it should happen naturally. The situations he was in, they all certainly had power. Well, you do what do you need to do when you have that huge arc. The situations he finds himself in, the way he deals with it, gives it that sense of weight and heaviness.
You trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. How do you get into the frame of mind for a scene like the one where you kicked the shit out of the gambler who tried to humiliate Arnold Rothstein? Were you taught a method or is it just acting like Olivier told Dustin Hoffman?
I very rarely need to do that, sometimes there’s one aspect to understand why you get into some kind of zone where you’re very receptive. You take in everything around you, because your character is taking in everything around him and everything around him is affecting him. In that scene, it was interesting, that process. I had ideas about it before we started doing it and things happened which were really enjoyable and took it out of me. It was kind of fun, at first, planning the fight, and the guy who did it with me was really brilliant. So, it was fun and as we started to repeat it, reality set in on me, Anatol the actor, and that’s when you have to take a moment to go, okay, will he get hurt? You take a moment and realize that’s a horrible thing to do. So, I don’t know that I do anything special, I’m sure that I do I’m not sure how conscious I am of it.
My favorite thing about Boardwalk Empire, and HBO in general, is how they pay attention to the comedy in the drama. How do you find the comedy in a role like Meyer?
With Meyer you have to, it would be very easy to make Meyer very studious and just the man who ran the numbers. But it is important to give him some charisma. Also, my character and us, came from their youth. On one level, they’re just a bunch of kids trying to get ahead. That in itself is the comedy. I don’t think one looks for comedy, but we’re mindful that it’s a violent show, in many ways a dark show. Whatever the year is, life is like that. It was such a crazy time in history that there was a comical edge to it.
Is there anything that makes it more fun to play a comedic part or a dark part?
It’s fun when you’re all in on it, it’s a collaborative thing and it’s really fun. I’ve always wanted to do a few episodes of a sitcom or something like that to find out what that would be like. Comedy can require much more precision and focus as tragedy or drama so I don’t know how much fun it can be. Comedy can take less of a toll on you. I love acting so it really doesn’t matter much.
Did similar relationships form between the actors and the parts? Did you have a Dutch Uncle like Arnold Rothstein on the set?
Did life imitate art? When we first started, I spent a lot of time with Vincent and Michael, who played Rothstein. We kind of needed to, really. As the seasons went on that became less and it became more genuinely about work. There was certainly a time when me, Michael and Vincent were hanging out reflecting the kind of relationship we were forming in the show. Because, also, we didn’t get the volume of scenes that you need so the relationship can just be there. But as time went on, the friendships we made on the show were very real and I still enjoy those friendships. When you’re on something for that length of time, you kind of find friends, in all departments, not just the actors.
You’re playing Dirty Dick in the upcoming You Can’t Win with Michael Pitt. It’s set in the 1920s, do you have an affinity for period pieces?
I don’t think so, that’s a very different part. Nowhere near as put together, a bit more vicious and a hot head than Meyer Lansky.
You narrated an episode of a show called Paranatural, do you have an interest in the X-Files of life?
I don’t have a special interest in it, but I believe everything is valid. I don’t rule anything out. The fascination with these things is timeless, folks who try to understand the more para-natural things that are outside religion and science.
So are there any ghosts at the Royal Shakespeare Company?
I’m sure there are. I haven’t come across any yet. I didn’t find any ghosts at the RSC. I found a few hungover actors in a rehearsal who, I’m not sure to this day, whether they were my friends acting in the show or the ghosts or zombies from a time before.
Is there a different work ethic between British and American film and television?
Possibly yes. It depends on which medium. I think the training is different in England. The kind of classical training is more prevalent in drama schools in England, whereas here there are different schools of training and they all kind of compete. Each has established their own techniques. I don’t know if I subscribe to the idea that British actors work hard or American actors work harder.
What is different is that we have generally more of a theatrical training, theater-based training, which brings about a certain approach. Certainly the core, the initial way to approach acting as a young actor is different from someone who hasn’t had that training. An American might want to do theater less because one of America’s main exports is film and television. Film and television is part of the fabric here in a way that it’s not in England, so that’s different.
Hard work is a bit of a misnomer. Some actors are better when they work hard. Some actors are much more free and creative when they don’t work as hard or don’t prepare as much.
I was only going from what I heard Ricky Gervais say that after making an episode of The Simpsons he needed a six week lie down.
Well, that’s Ricky.
What are you working on now?
I’m gainfully unemployed. I did do a movie called Bastille Day in Paris. That was at the end of the year. That was fun. I’m developing things, one of which is gaining traction. Other than that, gainfully unemployed and looking for work. Looking for a challenging role, that would be the ideal thing. I don’t really mind what medium that’s in, if it’s in film, television or theater
What makes a role interesting?
If the character has a really interesting journey in a world other than mine. But I don’t really mind so much about that anymore because I’ve been fortunate enough to explore so many different worlds and eras. For me at the moment, it’s a role with a journey, where you get to explore different shades in the eyes of one character. That would be ideal.
Was there any improv in Jeeves and Wooster?
It was mostly scripted. I was very young when I did it. There was always a little improv. Steven Fry and Hugh Laurie were always doing something. Generally not in the scene but to make each other laugh. As a child actor it was so much fun to be around, watching actors on the top of their game who loved each other and tried to make each other laugh.
Was there any improv in Boardwalk Empire?
Very rarely. We were very faithful to the writing. It wasn’t that kind of job. I know that during the pilot, Mr. Scorsese was very able to do it. But it’s also a time issue.
Any directors from the past you would have liked to work with? Would you prefer working for Alfred Hitchcock or John Huston?
I think actors are asked less and less about directors. I don’t know what’s changed it used to be that actors would talk about directors like a musician would talk about a composer.
I would have loved to have worked with a lot. I would have loved to work with all of them. I would love to work with Hitchcock or Altman. Kubrik, Jean Luc Godard, Alan Clarke. Did you see the documentary on Altman? He was so collaborative. All the actors who worked with him loved him. There are some really good directors around now, although I think the director has become less powerful under the studios and the networks. I still think there are really fine artists out there that I’d like to work with. Of course, Mr. Scorsese, Paul Thomas Anderson and some of the Scandinavian directors as well. Once you start thinking about it, the list is really endless.
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heartlessfujoshi · 3 months ago
hello, blessed fujo-senpai-sinpai. how've you been?? it's been a while. it's me, anon-chan-san-KOUHAI. may i first start off by saying CHARLES PHIPPS IS SO FUCKING HANDSOME AS ALWAYS. look at dat glitter on him oh my good l o r d -fans self- anywhoo i would like to send a request if that's okay!!!!! cornoct - "I ever see you anywhere near her/him, you’ll have to deal with me.” (post/611417486793015296) I hope that sparks some good stuff in you senpai THIS KOUHAI LOVES U EVER SO MUCH
Another one that has been sitting in my inbox for 5ever. Whoops. LOL That’s okay - hopefully you’ll like what I came up with, ACCS! :D 
Prompt: "I ever see you anywhere near him, you’ll have to deal with me.” Rating: Mature (NSFW - Age Gap)  Word Count: ~1,445
Noctis winces as he hears Cor yelling at the Glaive that had been giving him some trouble recently. He thought he’d been pretty low key about it, trying to ignore their jabs and their comments about how he gets preferential treatment from Drautos and the like, but apparently it seems the walls have ears, or maybe someone snitched. It wasn’t him that did, though - he knows better than to say something to a superior - he doesn’t need the extra headache. But it looks like today it’s unavoidable. 
“I ever see you anywhere near him, you’ll have to deal with me.” Cor threatens the subordinate, who looks like he’s about to cry. Noctis hides the smile on his face by turning his head as it wouldn’t be appropriate to show the person that has been causing him this grief for so long any sort of vindication. “Your Highness - follow me.” 
Stepping away from the wall he’d been standing by, Noctis lowers his head and follows Cor down the hallway, then takes two flights of stairs with him to go to his office. Cor closes the door, and points at the chair in front of his desk, which Noctis sits down in without a word. He waits for Cor to sit across from him at his desk before opening his mouth. 
“I don’t know who told you, but I could have handled that.” Noctis says, feeling like he was ten years old again, trying to justify that what he was doing was right to the mean older man that always showed up when he wanted to spend time with his father. “I didn’t need your help.” 
“You did, because they were going to haze you.” Cor crosses his arms over his chest, giving him a look that makes his stomach feel like it’s dropping down towards the floor. “I am tired of them trying to find a way to make your life hell.” 
“What makes you think it isn’t going to be worse because of your actions??” He stares at him, feeling his anger starting to rise. “They’re going to continue doing this behind your back. You’ve basically painted a target on my back!” 
Cor slams his hands down on the desk, making him jump in his chair. “Enough. They will not hurt you, nor will I hear of them doing something they shouldn’t towards you, or anyone else. You’re not the only victim here, Noctis.” 
“Who else?” It bothers him that he isn’t the only one that these Glaives have been picking on. “Tell me, Cor. Does my father know?” 
“No.” Cor shakes his head, looking a bit calmer than he had two minutes ago. “He has no need to know about these petty things. He has more important items to worry about.” 
“What makes you think what you said to them is going to change anything?” He really wants to know, because the way he sees it, it’s only going to make things worse for him. “I can’t use my actual powers on them. You, Gladio, Ignis - none of you will let me.” 
“It’s for your own good.” 
“That’s ridiculous.” Noctis stands up, growing tired of what Cor is saying to him. “It’s going to be your fault when I wind up in the infirmary because these Glaives now have it out for me.” 
“It won’t happen.” 
“You can’t know that.” 
Cor stands up, the chair almost tipping backwards as he stands up so quickly, Noctis moving backwards to put distance between them. His back hits the door, a soft grunt leaving his throat as he stares up at the man that commands a presence like no other in the Citadel. “When will you learn that it is my duty to make sure that no harm comes your way, Your Highness?” 
The intense look in the Marshal’s eyes as Noctis wishing he could say something that wouldn’t sound like some bad attempt at trying to defend himself. His hands lay flat on the door, too afraid to take his gaze away from Cor’s. “If this is your protection, then I would hate to see what is going to come next.” 
“You.” Cor lowers his head, bringing his lips dangerously close to Noctis’. “You are going to come next.” 
His eyes shut tight, his mouth suddenly feeling dry as he can smell the cologne on Cor’s neck. Noctis knows he’s really in for it if Cor is breaking one of the first rules they’d set together when they had grown close with one another. Never at the Citadel. Looking up at him, he decides to poke the coeurl with a stick. “No. We can’t.” 
“Yes, we can.” The Marshal nods his head, his lips now grazing across his with just the barest hint of a kiss. “You want it. I can see how hard you are, Noctis.” 
Knowing that if he looks down he’ll just be disappointed in himself, he keeps his eyes closed as he takes a deep breath. “We set rules for a r-reason, Cor.” 
“And I’m choosing to break them.” 
He knows his own sanity is wavering as he can feel Cor’s breath touching his lips. “If I want to, you tell me no. If you want, you tell me yes. Why can’t I get what I want, when I want it?” 
“Are you upset by that?” A hand brushes against his crotch, Noctis hissing softly as he feels Cor’s hand tease him. “Or are you happy that I get to control you?” 
Noctis takes a deep breath, then tilts his head back a tiny bit to bring him closer to Cor’s face. “Have at it then, Marshal. You know that I’m aroused right now - how could I not be when you’re such a dominating presence?” 
“Cheeky.” It’s spoken with a soft chuckle, then Cor puts his lips right against his while the heel of his palm pushes right up against his cock. Noctis moans into his mouth, quickly pulling his hands away from the door, locking them on the back on Cor’s neck as he pushes his tongue into Cor’s mouth with needy touches. 
The hand on his cock disappears for a brief second, and then returns - this time on the inside of his pants. Noctis breaks off the kiss with a deep groan, bringing his head to be against Cor’s chest as he looks down at his forearm. “Gods, why does it feel so good?” 
“Because I know what you like.” Cor whispers into his ear, then gives his earlobe a tiny tug with his teeth. “Because you know that I meant what I said - I will protect you any way that I can, Noctis.” 
“Nnnngh…..” He muffles his moans against Cor’s shirt, as he feels himself getting closer to an orgasm. One little touch of Cor’s thumb against the tip, and it’s over for him. He bites down on Cor’s shoulder to muffle his moan, coming hard from the hand that’s still wrapped firm around his cock. 
He watches Cor pull his hand out of his pants, and brings up his fingers to his lips, licking away the mess that Noctis had made on his hand. “Sweet.” Cor smirks, then drops his head to lay a kiss on his lips. “Go back downstairs, and train more.” 
“Y-You can’t tell me what to do.” Noctis is still trying to breathe properly, after that quick and intense orgasm. “I’m not a child.” 
“I never said you were.” Cor walks over to his desk, and takes a seat. “I have a meeting with Clarus in fifteen.” 
“What about you?” He looks at him, somewhat back in control now. “Are you hard?” 
“Of course I am. But I’ll be fine.” Noctis sees Cor flash him his dick as he stands up, but then the desk covers it back up. “Later.” 
“I’ll hold you to that.” Noctis grins, then opens the door. “Thanks for the help today, Marshal. Really.” 
“I know. Go.” Blue eyes stare back at him with a look of longing that Noctis feels in his bones. 
Heading back down to the training rooms, Noctis feels a little bit better. Cor may have made his life a living hell by telling the Glaives to back off, but right now it doesn’t matter. He knows he’ll be fine now, and the taunting and teasing might be less because of it. He owes Cor for that, and for the fun they’d just had. Which he will definitely cash in on sooner rather than later, as it’s his own duty to make the Marshal feel as good as he makes him feel. 
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derekmorganscrocs · 3 months ago
Nancy Drew 2x6? Thoughts While Watching
Technically its the season 2 premiere but I have no idea what to number it
ACE GOT A NOTE FROM HIS MOM AWWW. I want a picnic date on a mountain, no cap.
Nick and George teamwork is so cute. AW NICKS MOM! “Nice non pagan game night.” I’m sent.
HAHAHA DETECTIVE TAMARA MAKING FUN OF NANCY IS GOLD. Nancy don’t make an enemy of another cop you already did that to McGinnis and that was kinda bad (until he switched on you). TELL NANCY WHAT SHE WANTS TO KNOW TAMARA. SHELL FIND OUT WITHOUT U HOE.
OMG CARSON AND NANCY ACTUALLY HANGING OUT? Aw I kinda love that. The way he just knows exactly what she’s doing.
Ace nancy is about to die stop talking about food. I love you but read the room babe. DON’T HANG UP BITCH-
Georges sister being a fish right activist. Omg me when I stand up to fast(that’s not supposed to be about the fish rights it’s about George just dying against a shelf)- I think Odette may have attached herself to George.
“Did you burn your knuckle hair again?”
“Game night Ace crushes.” Aw I love him.
Bess “did you kill someone” “oh it smells” STOP.
“Tamara already thinks we have a thing for dead bodies” Ace please never ever stop talking.
The way george goes EGH after she picks up the mouth thing.
Pls not us arguing over where in Nancy’s house to do an autopsy.
Aw Carson still views her as a kid, I love. oh she’s so offended.
NOT THE KITCHEN TOOL AUTOPSY. Ace snapping the rubber glove made me snort omfg. He’s everything.
OK CORONER BESS. Nick is so grossed out and I love that he can’t say bug names. Detective crew 1000.
Nick is a genius, and nancy hyping him up is serving me bffs. Pls Hannah is serving angry hippie vibes.
“What like that time that she literally died?” Ok nick. OH COUPLE BOYFRIEND THERAPIES, YES BOYS TALK ABOUT UR GIRLS.
The sheer panic on their faces when someone knocks. Not morgue guy. Oh nancy gaslight him, periodt.
It blinked- (yeah I screamed this what about it.)
Is game night back on tho?
The way ace’s curls look so much better than mine, I’m so jealous. I want to play with his hair. Yes I am obsessed. What about it?
Morgue guy raging is funny. “Kidnapped cadaver”. Ahahha. NO NOT CHARLES’ ARM! It’s a voodoo doll or something- WHY IS THE CORPSE CRUNCH? OH NO HES GONE
The way bess says “come on,” is just perfect I love.
The house freaks me out a lil. Nick reassuring nancy, I really need a nick y’all.
George is freaking me out y’all. Ace platanchoring everyone. ACE AND GEORGE FRIENDSHIP 😭 I LOVE. ACE IS SO SWEET. NO GEORGE OPENING UP. She’s so scared, omg no. “What if I never feel normal again” broke me. Broke. I felt that so much.
Morgue guy going crazy. Babe stop repeating yourself, chill. It’s jus a ghost 🙄.
Ok come on Leo don’t be a pussy- sorry that was aggressive. Bess STOP I CANT HANDLE THIS, “BOXY”??? ACCENT NICK ACCENT NICK!
NOT GEORGES SISTERS. NO. Astronaut cat is so cool. OHNO OH NO OH NO.
RUN RUN- WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? No George begging them to hurry and the way her voice breaks. STOP STOP NO- Nick having to hold her back and the way her voice is just breaking and raspy, WOW. NO WAY, Ace is holding back the little sister. SO HE’s GOOD WITH KIDS? Amazing performance by Leah Lewis here, I love her. As an older sister, this is totally an accurate reaction and was excellently acted. just wow.
“Those ghost kids were awesome” thanks for saving me from tears Ace.
NICK IS A ROCK. HI I CANT HANDLE THIS RN BESTIE. Nick stop being such a good guy.
Yo I deadass forgot morgue guy’s name-
Ryan and Carson need to be an old married couple (I suggested arguing over nancy like a divorced couple)
“Lilith is that you??” @ the white eyes corpse
“I thought it was gonna be like a yeti, blow her hair- BODY”
Both mom and Alexis hiding and shrieking as nancy looks around her house for the banging.
Punky Brewster ad, she goes “paget Brewster??”
“Those aren’t human! They’re not supposed to be in there” @whatever the fuck was in that body, said cheerfully and stupidly. 5 seconds later “Bess and Ace were too prepared for that apotoposty. (Pause for thinking)... autopsy.”
Starts calling the bugs “mouthboards” (she actually was calling them that the whole time)
Repeats “blinked” for thirty five seconds before pronouncing the i in any other way she can think of.
Fails at sliding down the railing because she couldn’t run downstairs fast enough before the show came on. Proceeds to crabwalk gallop back to her chair.
“That was scary!” (Said like Dean Winchester in “yellow fever”)
It’s called a vessel. 🖐🙄
“Scotland” but she said it in an awful British accent that was supposed to be Scottish-
“Seriously? Do they just lose Ted once every season now, or?”
*cryptic smooth beatbox dancing to end credit music?* update: she says it’s interpretive dancing...
She wants to know where Ryan is. “Why was he just MIA this whole time?”
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orbemnews · 3 months ago
Remembering the Freedom Riders and their impact on the Civil Rights Movement Remembering the Freedom Riders and their impact on the Civil Rights Movement Three stories on the impact that the Freedom Riders had in the Civil Rights Era Updated: 12:54 PM CST Feb 25, 2021 Hide Transcript Show Transcript every time I went away to tell them we don’t serve colored folks here, they would ignore that, and they kept on sitting at accent for coffee. I never did hear them, actually, nothing else but coffee. I remember watching the evening news. I will see dogs biting individuals I saw individuals being spent on. I saw individuals being beaten and I couldn’t understand why. But I keep hearing these words. Freedom Riders, When I got off, went over to the phone booth, a pickup truck. White men pull up at the little bus station. They literally dragged Frank and the three girls out, put them in the back of the truck and drove off. And I knew if they found me, it would have been another luncheon. That night, in 1961 a group of civil rights activist participated in freedom rides across the South. While on these freedom rides, they attempted to test the enforcement of the Supreme Court’s decision in Boynton v. Virginia. The activists would protest by writing the bus across states where Jim Crow laws were still being enforced and attempt to use whites only restrooms, waiting rooms and lunch counters. Hezekiah Watkins was 13 years old when freedom writers came to Jackson, Mississippi, in 1961 Watkins wanted to join in protest, but it nearly cost him everything, including his life. 73 year old Hezekiah Watkins now spends his days working at the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum on Lee. He’s not just an employee, he’s a part of history. And so you grew up in the midst of the civil rights movement. What do you remember most about that time? Well, I remember watching the the evening me. I will see dogs biting individuals I saw individuals being spent on. I saw individuals being beaten and I couldn’t understand why. But I keep hearing this these words Freedom Riders, The Freedom Riders traveled throughout the South, protesting segregation and Jim Crow laws. In 1961. They came to Jackson Watkins just 13 at the time. Disobeyed his mother by going to see the peaceful protests on Lee to be arrested and sent to prison. They didn’t give you any charges. They didn’t give you any explanation. Nothing. When I got there, they didn’t actually nothing. It took me directly to a cell. I said I haven’t done anything. Oh, yeah, you’ve done something. You wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t done anything. Uh, they give you a date. A date for heart there. Did they kill your date to kill you? At just 13 years old, Watkins was put on death row after five days in prison. He says Mississippi’s governor, Ross Barnett, ordered his release. From that moment on, he spent his life working as an activist, organizing boycotts and registering black voters in Mississippi. He was arrested over 100 times, often with unnecessary force. I’m sure you’ve seen the video of George Floyd. When you saw that, what came to your mind to see how the officer just just pent his knee on his neck and just like he forgot all about it treated him like he was just not human. But it made me sad. It makes me wanna, I don’t know, do something. But then you asked yourself, What could you do? Where we going? Where is the country going from here? After what we saw this past summer, way to go was the register and vote. And that’s what we started on. And by registering and voting, the results is here in Mississippi, like I said, I put in this in the pie based on what we started years ago and based on what is happening now and to answer your question. Yes, sir, things are much better in our next story. We’ll hear from Betty Daniels Rosemond, who grew up in a segregated New Orleans where Jim Crow was the law of the land. Her experiences with racism pushed her to become a freedom writer and fight for change in the country through an organization named Core the Congress of Racial Equality. We knew every time we took a ride that if we die, we die. Was there fear among you and your friends when you went out or, ah, fear that maybe you weren’t doing the right things or going to the right places that you would be stopped by police. Who or harass? Oh, you would be stopped. But you had thio. If they tell you to move, for instance, if you got on the metro bus and a white person wanted your seat, they could insist that you move and go to the back of the bus because that part was for black people. And if you didn’t do what they said you would be arrested. So that was always you had toe do it or you pay consequences. At 21 Betty Daniels Rosemond. Then Betty Daniels decided to leave school at L s U to join the Freedom Writers. I went through some of the training. One of the girls slapped me and almost knocked me down. But that was part of your training to see if you retaliate and you couldn’t retaliate. Betty and four others went on a freedom ride from New Orleans to Mobile, Alabama, just days after another groups bus was bombed. On the way back when we got to a little town in Mississippi on Freedom, riders were testers. The job was to test the facilities to see if they were now following the law. My job was to make a phone call when I got off and went over to the phone booth, A truck of men, a pickup truck. White men pull up at the little bus station. They literally dragged Frank and the three girls out, put them in the back of the truck and drove off. I knew if they found me, it would have been another luncheon that night. All of this because you were black. Of course, everything must because of that. I mean, if you were like it was, you just didn’t stand a chance. And here we sit. Today in 2021 we’ve had our first black president way have had our first female and black and South Asian vice president. How do you feel about where we are today? I feel good. I really dio good to know that people were still willing. Thio try to see that change will come. And there are still people who risk their life to see that this happens. And do you feel that we have achieved or are close to the dream that Dr King spoke of? You know, we have worked to Dio It ain’t over to God says And so the Bible tells us is we must love each other. Love our neighbor as ourselves. We’re compelled toe love one another. And there that’s what’s missing in the world today. When Charlie Best was 23 years old, he worked at Woolworth’s counter as a bus boy in Greensboro, North Carolina. He recalls the day when four college students walked in, sat at the whites only counter and asked to be served. I was a bus boy and I was Campbell bus boy. I’m walking through our just like this right here at 83 years old. I mean, that’s why Miss Ho kept me on here because I could move fast. Charles Best still hasn’t slowed down. I would say hot stuff and people get out of the way. But he stood still for at least a moment behind the Woolworth’s counter in 1960. That’s me. What do you see when you see that young man? I’ll pat myself. I’m I’m just proud to be a part of I will worth Put me in that moment where these four young men came in, sat down at this very counter and then refused to get up every time went awaiting way. Tell them we don’t serve colored folks here that would ignore that and kept on. And they kept on sitting at accent for coffee. I never did hear them. Actually. Nothing else but coffee. Um, everyone was looking at each other Wonder Wonder what? What? What what was happening? I was I was standing close by on, and I wonder what What was going on. Were you ever scared? Scared? Yeah. No, I wasn’t. I was get it all because because the reason The reason I was scared because I was glad to see it happen. There’s a new generation coming forward to do those same courageous things to get more to get closer. Thio Equality eso When you look a some of the things that we experienced over the summer, even the protests that happened here in Greensboro. What did you see? The black man has moved that has moved forward. Hey, move forward. But, um, and in some in some areas in some areas still have still having got there. When you see these young people again, it’s it’s people oftentimes to look like me out there. If you could sit down with them and talk with them, what would you say? I would tell them that that we that we can’t accomplish nothing by Ben Balance, but we can accomplished by praying together and just, uh, start doing what’s right. Advice for the next generation from a bus boy who witnessed history now a man determined to keep it from repeating. I’m glad Toby alive to tell the story off the city. The movement. I’m glad. I’m just I just prayed the Lord that, uh, I’m here to tell the story. The freedom writers will always be remembered for their courageous stance and fight for racial equality. Their fight within the civil rights movement continues to impact and inspire future generations. Thanks for watching. Yeah, yeah. Remembering the Freedom Riders and their impact on the Civil Rights Movement Three stories on the impact that the Freedom Riders had in the Civil Rights Era Updated: 12:54 PM CST Feb 25, 2021 Remembering the impact that the Civil Rights Activists who traveled by bus across the South had in 1961. On their Freedom Rides they set out to protest against Jim Crow laws that were still being enforced across the southern states. These three individuals recall the stories that shaped and impacted their lives.Stitch brings you heartwarming stories from a community just like yours. It celebrates our hometown heroes and is inspired by communities, revitalized. Stitch is committed to honoring our history, celebrating our potential and highlighting the tales that bring us together. Every day, we are stitching together the American story.Want more stories like these? Follow Stitch on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Remembering the impact that the Civil Rights Activists who traveled by bus across the South had in 1961. On their Freedom Rides they set out to protest against Jim Crow laws that were still being enforced across the southern states. These three individuals recall the stories that shaped and impacted their lives. Stitch brings you heartwarming stories from a community just like yours. It celebrates our hometown heroes and is inspired by communities, revitalized. Stitch is committed to honoring our history, celebrating our potential and highlighting the tales that bring us together. Every day, we are stitching together the American story. Want more stories like these? Follow Stitch on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Source link Orbem News #Amplify2021 #BHM20201 #BHMStitch2021 #Black #BlackHistory #blackhistorymonth #Civil #civilrights #CivilRightsmovement #Freedom #freedomriders #history&hope #HistoryandHope #htvamplify #impact #Movement #racism #Remembering #Riders #Rights #stitch #stitch2021
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3303andmore · 3 months ago
Hey!! Can I ask for Toto/George with “Undrunk” by Fletcher for the 10 min Drabble? 👀👀👀💕
I am so excited that you asked for Toto and George lmao I've been itching for an excuse to write these two!!
thank you!! hope u enjoy
(also lmao im sorry it hurts I just saw the opportunity for pain and I took it lmao💕)
Everyone thought that George dealing with being so close to his maiden win and having it slip from his grasp at the last second would be the most painful part of Bahrain.
No one had expected that in reality, it was the aftermath of the race that hurt more.
When George had rang him at 4am, falling into bed beside him and getting fucked royally, falling asleep in his arms, finally knowing what it was like to wake up beside him, only for him to turn around before going down to breakfast that morning and telling George that it had been a mistake, that they shouldn’t have done that.
That which George had been fantasising about for longer than he would wish to admit.
When George had stared at him, in the golden sunlight of Bahrain starting to wake up, heart still in pieces after the race, falling apart quicker than his race had.
“What?” George asked dumbly, staring at him.
“We shouldn’t have slept together, George. You’re young. You’re emotional. You were drunk.”
“I was perfectly sober,” George snapped back, “I don’t exactly have a habit of sleeping around.”
“I know. But you weren’t sober, George. I could taste the alcohol on your lips. How did you find alcohol in Bahrain?”
Sighing, he ran his fingers through his hair, softening the mess that George had left him in last night when he’d gripped onto the short black hairs at the back of his head, holding him close as George sobbed through getting fucked.
“Of course it was Charles.”
“Don’t,” George hissed, tears building however he bit hard on the inside of his lip to transfer the pain away, trying to focus it instead on what he could control, “he was dealing with shit himself. He had alcohol. I had one beer with him. I wasn’t drunk.”
“You were-”
“Get fucked, Toto!” George yelled, ripping the oversized white Mercedes shirt that had been draped around his shoulders not ten minutes prior off and balling it up to throw at him.
George didn’t know if it hurt more that Toto didn’t even flinch to try and catch it, instead let it hit him in the head and fall down to pool at his feet, staring at George as he wrenched the clothes he’d been wearing the night before over his body, covering up the bruises and gentle marks where Toto had caressed him and treated him like a God.
A God who was meant to drive a Mercedes one day.
Not the sad, broken, inflated boy that stood before him.
“Last night never happened, George,” Toto said as George’s hand tied around the doorhandle, “you can’t tell anyone.”
“I think walk of shame will be enough for people to know,” George whispered back, voice unable to carry the anger that he felt without completely crashing him under it, “believe me, I wish I could undo last night now.”
“I’m sorry, George.”
George shook his head and wiped his shaking hands over his face, swallowing down the bile and dejection that was threatening to spill over.
“Why did you say yes if you knew you was going to do this?” George asked.
The silence that filled the air was enough to slap any good feelings towards last night out of George.
“I don’t know,” Toto said honestly, deep voice raspy with something that George refused to acknowledge as any emotion other than guilt.
“Did you know I was in love with you?”
“Was?” Toto repeated, and George laughed wetly.
“Funnily enough, don’t spread my legs for everyone, not unless I’ve got feelings for them.”
“I didn’t-”
Whatever Toto was going to say was cut off by his phone ringing, the sound pulsing loudly and drilling incessantly into George’s mind in a way that he knew he’d never forget.
“I’ll see you later,” George whispered, pulling the door open and slipping out, refusing to look back and give Toto the...
The knowledge that he’d broken George’s heart.
He’d sobbed last night in Toto’s arms about how shit he felt about the race, but this, these tears, they were different.
These tears that fell, they were the tears of regret, the tears of sadness, the tears that screamed that he should’ve been smarter.
Toto would never go for a boy like George. He was foolish to ever think he would.
Maybe George should actually listen when Ferrari approached him next time about taking up a race seat alongside Charles.
Because George wasn’t sure if he’d ever want to step foot in Mercedes again...
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