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#ty for your service
bitterfrosts16 days ago
wait wait wai t wait wia t u got anyn hc or spare thoughts about mxy ???? i need to know if so ?? it hats okay ? ?
I鈥檒l be honest I don鈥檛 really think about him too often on his own. BUT I do like the mystery his very existence at mo manor at the start of the story presents. Why is he there? We get some clues, but the more you build on the story the more questions you get. Are those rumors true, or did jiggy make stuff up to get rid of him? Or are they somewhat true but exaggerated to make sending him away from koi tower easier? We don鈥檛 know!
I do think tho, that he鈥檇 be cute to pair wen ning with in an au where he isn鈥檛 used as a sacrifice summon. This also wonderful wangningxian fic has wen ning and mo xuanyu as amicable exes and I am 馃憖
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kriegsverlobtea month ago
A few years ago in my home city, a guy entered an Apple store and started to smash all the iphones and ipads with a stone. He was filmed and the images were all over the internet, everyone was laughing at him and what he had done.
But now that I think about it again, maybe he was actually trying to warn us about the evils of technology. But nobody listened 馃槥
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benhargrievesa month ago
i thought your brotp tag for cas and crowley was gay on gay violence 馃様馃様
You鈥檙e so right I was a fool when I queued that the mistake is getting corrected shortly
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babeejka month ago
You already know I got 100% on that quiz (聽汀掳聽蜏蕱聽汀掳)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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iwaasfairya month ago
top three faves: oikawa, atsumu, bokuto!
how'rr you feeling now bubs? i hope you've taken your meds (if they've given you)! pls drink water and try to keep healthy! having an UTI sux big time :< feel better soon lovie (銇ワ健鈼曗库棔锝)銇
this one!!! your best friend is a loud bitch (lovingly) and you鈥檙e the responsible one taking care of them right? you鈥檙e the one they call when they have a spider in the room and don鈥檛 know what to do? but also you want to be the little spoon bc being reliable is exhausting 馃挀
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p-athfinder2 months ago
Mass Effect Tag Meme 馃殌
Tagged by @rannochs, thank you!聽馃挋
Tagging: @roarmoreau, @bio-ware, @cactuarkitty, @arieshepard, @terminus-systems, @highoverseer, @spacerbrat and anyone who likes mass effect聽馃懡
I am a fan since: 2013, stumbled on a mass effect shitpost here on tumblr and i HAD to know what the fuck was going on jdfhjhsdg
Favourite game of the series: oooh i love them all, but the pure fuckery of ME2鈥瞫 plot twists? unmatched.
Mshep or Fshep? femshep
Earthborn, Colonist, or Spacer?聽spacer 鉁岋笍
Biotics or Tech?聽biotics!
Paragon or Renegade? paragon with a few renegade meltdowns sprinkled in聽馃槒
Favourite class: vanguard... i played infiltrator the 1st time but once i got my hands on biotic charge there was no going back
Favourite companion:聽aaaa so many i love... i always have a soft spot for edi聽馃尮馃拲
Least favourite companion: probably jacob... i like him in ME2, but聽 bioware鈥檚 disregard for him in ME3 makes him just seem like he鈥檚 missing something
My squad selection: ME1 - i rotate them a lot, but try to get a lot of time with ash & kaidan ; ME2+3 - garrus & someone lol
Favourite in-game romance:聽...garrus聽
Favourite NPC: joker! bioware let me smooch the pilot >:(
Favourite Antagonist:聽the illusive man, in big part due to my shep being related to him >:)
Favourite loyalty mission: mordin! absolutely amazing character and a loyalty mission to match
Favourite mission:聽the suicide mission or priority: tuchanka
Favourite DLC:聽citadel, but i looooove lair of the shadow broker
Control, Synthesis or Destroy:聽control...聽 i can鈥檛 bring myself to kill edi, i love her.. . plus i just really enjoy the angst of it 馃槇馃槇
Favourite weapon:聽N7 crusader
Favourite place: normandy will always be home聽馃グ
Favourite Quote:聽you big stupid jellyfish sjhdgsd聽鈥渄oes this unit have a soul鈥
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tony-andonuts2 months ago
Shoutout to my neighbours pet geese fo r slcreaming at 3am
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sinwitch2 months ago
Tumblr media
鈥淲ell that gave me a lot of laughs surprisingly, I think I鈥檒l have a flood tomorrow before day鈥檚 end, I鈥檓 going to rest.鈥
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quibbs2 months ago
whenever you draw yourself in your comics i get thrown off because i imagine you look like terezi from your icon but you don't
TBH! i respect ms pyrope but i do think it鈥檚 time that my icon was my face LOL... so you wont have that problem anymore i think
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oikawabreakme2 months ago
I would like to personally thank all artists who draw brazil oiks with tanned skin, freckles, and piercings
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allergic-alien3 months ago
my networking power is having two friends who know everyone and exploiting all of their connections
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enerjaeger3 months ago
shoutout to the person who went through my erejean tag and liked every single post on thursday night
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dreamnovak3 months ago
wait wait, were you involved the cameo? not sure what we is meant there, a general fandom or something you know about, pls do tell!
yeah! it was a handful of us who split the cost of the cameo and workshopped the message bc we love garth and we love dean and garth聽
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treeplays4 months ago
me mindin my own business listening to my own playlists :)
me, stopping dead in my tracks when dragon age origins title menu track comes on :0 >:C :鈥檕 :鈥欌欌橠
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mu-qiing4 months ago
i love being bi 馃槍
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official-cisphobe4 months ago
masculine/manly women are the backbone of society
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