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#twst scenario
magicpumpkin3 · 2 days ago
I saw @spiderling-space create a Balkan!MC and that inspired me to create this, behold!
Slav!MC & twst
Let us begin!
Everything that you'll read here is just my personal experience of slav life
Deuce: Mr Crewel is so cruel! It's not okay to talk like that with kids!
Ace: Yeah! He's not my dad, he can't offend me like that! It's against school code to act like that.
Deuce: Yeah! Kids may have some issues because of that.
Slav!MC: Wait, that's not normal here?
Slav!MC: *sees Ramshackle for the first time*
Slav!MC: I thought it was supposed to be unliveable!
Crowley: Well yes, it is unl-
Slav!MC: It looks like regular outside the city house, if you ask me!
Slav!MC: *enters the cafeteria* Wait...why does it smell so good?
Grim: Mmm! Time to eat some delicious food!
Slav!MC: *trys food*
Grim: MC, are you ok?
Slav!MC: *slowly starts crying* It'S eAtAbLe AnD tAsTy!!!
*Ace and Deuce enter Ramshackle with shoes on*
Slav!MC: You think you can disrespect me like this?
Twst boys: *look at one another in confusion*
Slav!MC: *Takes out the venik* (aka short brush of bound straw)
Ace:...Why do I hear boss music?
Crewel: It seems that your project isn't working. Bad dogs! I'll have to mark that as an F-
Slav!MC: Hold on! I can fix it.
Crewel: I doubt that but you may try.
Slav!MC: *starts threaten in their native language/a lot of cuss words*
Everyone: ???
Slav!MC: Okay, it should work now.
Project: *works*
Crewel: I thought you were magicless-
Vil: You potato!
Slav!MC: *blushing*(ꈍᴗꈍ )/~ StOp! YoU'rE mAkInG mE bLuSh.
Basically slav MC is terminator with a constant straight face. They laugh a lot but don't smile that often.
They're kinda of like Jack, all scary and intimidating but are actually really kind hearted. They also tend to swear a lot outside of school (on their native language...mostly).
Their creativity has no limits! One time they almost build a mini bomb out of pure trash.
They also tend to be harsh with their words. Don't get mad! They're only telling the truth + they're trying to help you.
Note: yes, I wrote it at 3 in the morning, so what?
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minzart · 4 days ago
Wait, since iago is here, all the other villains sidekick are probably there too. For example, pain and panic shapeshifting into birds to spy on idia and Yuu’s date, The hyenas causing student stampedes so Leona can save Yuu, Ursula’s eels spying on Yuu to get information about their likes and dislikes, Evil Queen’s crow is being used as a messenger, maleficent’s raven is causing hell on the others attempt to woo Yuu, King of hearts giving riddle pep talks
And FINALY THE KING OF HEARTS, YES, I FORGOT ABOUT THE LITTLE DUDE! Ok I watched only one time the alice movie but still
POOR KING OF HEARTS, the guy's bullied by the others oh my God only his wife to save him
He tries to give Riddle "the talk" "sir... your majesty I already know about this"
He tries his best but has no guts, Riddle wonders how the hell did the queen married him
jokes on him. When talking to the king he discovers that he's a great listener and his insecure but some times calm voice is realy reassuring for some reason reminds you of someone?
Surprising great at upping the boy's moral! "D-don't worry! I am sure they will find your tea party wonderful! I saw their little smile when they left last time!"
While the queen isn't above using more... seduction, the king has the most wholesome ideas and usually works best for the poor boys dignity
Oh the HYENAS, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, mischief encarned, they are loving the food, realy, more than they ever think they could eat.
Respect Leona bc he just let them do their own thing, however they become annoyed when Ruggie is pushed around too much "c'mon let the kid have a break once!"
When they see that a certain herbivore is catching the eye of said lion and scar himself just comented on how convenient it would be to have some chaos on certain day at certain time...
Crowley is losing feathers and hair by the second, WHO IS LETTING A ZOO LOSE AT THE SCHOOL??!! And who's gonna have to pay the price? Yuu, who's trying desperate to gain control on the hyenas and they don't look friendly, no sir
Luckily Leona came and up to the air they go, just a little problem, he wasn't aware of this plan, and now he's mad and start scolding the hyenas, they stop snickering at him carring yuu like a bride on the broom, looks like the plan might have been a success
"Leona you can put me dow now y'know"
"Do you realy think I don't see that scratch? Honestly herbivore you're bold to think I would let you harm yourself more than those imbeciles already did"
Flotsam and jetsam are such sneak litte shits, they are always watching, anytime Yuu pass by a lake or river, they are there, watching and listening
The Leech twins are a little skeptical about those two eels who just popped up on the octavinelle tanks, but soon lear they can be very entertaining and very useful, especialy if you can understand them
Oh they love to prank any poor unfortunate student that is next to a body of water, be it by calling them out or... biting
Azul got some very good information from them, favorite color? Dunno, but they are going to scarabia to study later this evening, and if he doesn't do something they are sure the scarabia boy is planing someting
Cue Azul's trying to interfere before something happens or just crashing on some dates when he can
On yuu's birthday day Azul gets them something they comented only to Grim and he just plays it off as a coincidence
Now the evil Queen's Crow has the chillies job among the seven henchmen, you see, Vil has so little privacy that even if he were to text yuu the public would know by one means or anothers
So what's the second best way to communicate? Letters! So the Crow's job is to come and go with them, wich makes him the second henchmen that has a good reputation with Yuu
Many times, as letters take time to be ready, he's just chilling on schools grounds, looking around, finding food, chilling with Diablo the usual
And then... Crowley shows up and oh boy, how can a bird so small manage to creat such a smug aura, and how can a grow ass man be so fucking jealous of a bird territorial thing? Oh no no no, Crowley knows very fucking well who this is and he ain't letting this little shit rob his position as best Crow to yuu no sir, OUT later that day he laid awake until 3 AM now realizes that a certain someone might not be totally dead
Pain & panic have notice how late Idia's staying awake and in some days comes back way later, so what they do? They go after him
And surprise surprise the boy is mopping by some ruin around the dorm, he was doing a video for those shows he likes so much, judging by the clothes and sticks, but stoped and is... wait... is he laughing?
Oh. Oh~ seems like he's not alone, the little prefect he doesn't shut up about is there and he's socializing with them how adorable! For someone who was in denial seconds ago they look fine together
So they just start recording, Ortho teached them, cute interactions for what? Two hours, they show it to him and Hades later, the room almost turned to ashes by his embarrassment, Hades is super fucking pround and betrayed Why didn't you told him earlier Idia?!
Would they go and record Yuu's life for him? Absolutely
Diablo my boy! best raven, I don't care, third best character in that movie only topped BY Maleficent and the three faries, he can literally be a general.
Listen remember when Malleus wanted a friend like him? Yeah guess what? He does have him now and ahahah would you look at that child of man I think it wasn't friendship that I felt why are you so cute tonight?
Goes to their night walk and finds them adorable together, notices yuu's extremely dangerous life, especialy the fact that they have no magic and guess who just got adopted by a bird
Yuu finds some trinkets and he himself delivers some, never getting from Malleus treasure, he gets those from around school
So bc Malleus nor his mistress can't watch over yuu all day he does the job instead
And he's not surprised to see how many boys grew interest on them, and he just loves sabotaging their plans over and over
It brings him great amusement when he sees the hope of a perfect confession fading from the students eyes
Sometimes even plays the victim to be rescued by Yuu and brought to Malleus immediately, causing more interaction between them by day time
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minzart · 4 days ago
How about Jafar and Iago both acting like Jamil's wingmen?
Prequel to the dialogue between them perhaps?
Iago: Jafar the boy is HELPLESS!
Jafar: he has his merits, but what happened now?
Iago: I was just trying to help! It was just a little smack, a little nudge, nothing too big, THEY WERE GOING TO KISS! But what does the boy do? STOP THE FALL! It's going to take MONTHS, with that little accidental kiss they'd be thinking of him for HOURS and cut the chase at least one week
Jafar: did you really just tried to make them kiss accidentally?
Iago: What am I supose to do?! The two of them exchange little flirtations, but the second the prefect goes a little more bold The boy freezes!
Jafar: that might be a problem
Iago: No shit. At this point a love spell would do the trick
Jafar: would do, yes, but where's the fun in it? hm... maybe if we make the perfect scenery... how much do you think it would cost to bargain with a carpet?
And that's why yuu's on Scarabia's dorm lounge, but of course they aren't supose to know that.
For them, Jamil sent a letter asking if they wanted a carpet ride! And who on their right mind would refuse one?
It made them remember Kalim's ride and... he was very excited.. too excited, you can only like so many loops
Jamil's however, was more calm and relaxing, they talked, teased and when the sun was setting, got to the highest tower at NRC to watch the colors change on the sky, a perfectly calm romantic atmosphere
"I am realy sorry for Iago's behavior earlier, I swear if Kalim doesn't drive me mad he will" He whispers, not wanting to break the mood, it's been a long day and that's what he needed too
"I live with Grim remember, little shits easy to love and easier to grow a want to trow a chair at" they joke, sliding their hand above his
At the end of the day they are back
"I didn't knew I needed that laughs* thanks Jamil"
"It's the least I could d-"
they kiss him on the cheek and sprint to the mirror "see you tomorrow!"
"Ready to try my initial plan then?" Jafar asks from the pillow chair when Jamil's back at the room with a grin on his face
"I am not sending them those clothes"
"Just telling, there's no way they don't get the message from those~"
Later Iago's back with bites, fire on his tail and less feathers "Next time I see those imps again I SWEAR I'LL TEAR THEIR EYES OFF"
"So how was the little trip?"
"Oh they were adorable, I would have got more info IF THE GODDAM EELS HADN'T JUST PLAN TO JUMP ON THEM BY THE RIVER, THE CROW AND THAT FUCKING RAVEN HADN'T JUST TRIED TO RUN OVER THEM AND THE MOTHERFUCKING IMPS HADN'T HAD THE BEST IDEAT TO BREATH FIRE ON THEM" Iago plops on the bed "and they just didn't succeed to ruin their fly bc little old me here took ALL the blows! ALL OF THEM JAFAR! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TAKES TO GROW FEATHERS??!"
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zackcarrion-key · 5 days ago
jsiejsjwjej the hand size comparison has me 🤤🤤🤤
I’m a fool for Lilia but I feel he wouldn’t do that...WAIT
Warm, squishy, soft
Even your hands resembled the rest of your body
The lightest of weight to them So squeezable, perfect to hold and play with Warmer than his own... and smaller, too!
Land dwellers are so intriguing! 
Floyd always marveled at the way the patterns on your palms were distributed Plus, his touch made you giggle in the most adorable way
He loved them,  your hands
And he absolutely adored the way you touched him
Gently scratching his scalp, or playfully ruffling his hair Poking his face with a curious finger to get his attention, until he would snap and turn around, taking the appendage carefully between his pointed teeth! Roughly kneading his neck and shoulders to help him relax But really, all he needed to relax were those attentive hands holding his face and playing with his hair
Your touch evoked strange sensations within him Tingling, sparkling, fluttering In his chest In his stomach...
And between his legs
A hand around his cock, jerking it in an aggressive rhythm It had him gritting his teeth 
You would tut-tut at his, seeing as he would struggle against his binds frequently “Patience is virtue” But that teasing smile of yours only helps fuel his defiance He could only throw a glare your way. A gag was silencing him, after all How he wanted to turn your places around, see how you like that now
You squeeze around his head, thumb pressing the underside Another disapproving sound as his hips buck into your touch, but you let it slide
It’s at the feel of your free hand crawling over his inner thigh to leave the gentlest touch to his balls that he loses it and lets a loud groan out
But all movement stopped
Oh, you would not fucking dare
Shaking your head, you remind him, “I have not yet allowed you to cum” That mock disappointment transforms into sinister glee once his head thumps back down onto the pillow
Angry red cock throbbing in desperation, but no stimulation reaches him for a handful of minutes
“Come on,” You speak once more, slick hand covered in lube taking hold of his member again, starting over with a tortuously slow pump
“We’ll keep going until you learn your place~”
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zackcarrion-key · 5 days ago
Che’nya with a crush who has small hands? 👀
Your touch was always so gentle
Fingers carding through his hair while he slept on your lap Tender scratches behind his ears
A smile paints his lips when your small fingers get lost on his fluffy tail’s fur
Playful as ever, Che’nya would compare your hand sizes Palm against palm, fingers fanned out He would always chuckle, “Aren’t you so tiny? Perfect to fit in a teapot!”
The kisses you pepper on his face as he purred at your love-filled touch, Heart melting
You were so precious to him, filling his heart with joy
So why was it, then, that he dreams of having you touch him like this?
You would giggle at his little mewls, “You’re so receptive~” Small fingers circling his dick, slowly pumping the length
A small smile forms on your lips as you feel his cock twitch in your hand Narrow palm out to stimulate his dick, short fingers reaching out to tickle his balls
Then, he feels the hand that was on his thigh make its way over to his rump This would lead you to lean towards his navel a little more
A loud purr rumbles in his chest at your actions That playful hand, those tiny fingers massage the base of his tail with the perfect amount of pressure Something only you are capable of, for you are the only one allowed to caress such intimate and sensitive part of him
Too good, this felt way too good
His cock twitches, jumping to meet your lips for further bliss And you relent
Pink tongue teasingly licks his drooling slit, another perfect touch to his tail
His own hands go to your head, bringing your mouth closer
. . . !
After regaining his senses, the cat would apologize for his sudden movement But you only giggle And show him the mess of white covering your tongue and lips
One of those little fingers comes up to his head to collect the last drop “Let’s do this again soon, yes, Nya-nya?”
He clearly hears your adorable laughter at his surprised and fucked-out face
You’re too much for his heart to take~♡
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minzart · 8 days ago
Crowley has another great plan
The students seemed rather lost on the schools info those days and He's getting really bored of the same gossips, the teachers too are in desperate need of some, not class related, shenanigans
So why not creat a Night Raven Radio Station? And who, might you ask, is our great radio host? YUU OF COURSE!
Every night, after classes, Yuu enters the improvised radio room They built on the dorm, picks the pages They scripted and start transmitting on magicam
On the beggining the headmaster was personaly there to read the script and give some of his others brilliant ideas no Sir we can't make an NRC commercial, first you aren't paying me, and second we ARE ALREADY AT NRC, Grim some times bursts in to cause havoc, this gains the program a bit of a higher audience
Very few students actually heard it, after all only some knew of this, Yuu started to tell some tips on Crewels tests, pass important info the teachers gave them, some music, They even started asking the birthday boy of the day if They can use the five questions for content, some short story telling that was so suspiciously similar to the gossip of the day, that was actually entertaining, and of course, trying to make their job easier, They always finished with some kind message, a little tip for the stressed students together with a reminder that everything is going to be ok, even if your brain doesn't belives in it
Yes, the first years come to participate on most days, some act on the short stories, some are there just to joke around and tell how's to live on their dorm, sometimes even hosting when Yuu needs a break the boys gossip about Yuu's life once, got a strange high audience that night
They did manage to attract Azul's attention, He pays them to say what's the menu of Monstro lounge tomorrow, and even participated on an interview, on the days Malleus can't get out of his room, be it by Lilias demands for silver and sebek to have a good night at lest once a week or a raining day, He listens and now wants to participate talk about gargoyles
Sam's not stupid and pays Yuu to say what's new on the stock, Crowley doesn't know about these sponsors and Yuu is very happy to never mention them if They wish to keep the little money They have
Once Floyd bursts in, it's the new soap opera of the night, kalim was so excited to participate, We don't talk about the truth or dare incident, Trey gives permission to use some of his recipes with a catch, the listeners have to figure out witch three ingredients are false, Cater is living for the behind the scenes videos He's making and the bloopers He gets when visiting
There is a Q&A day, any mensagens send to the NRC radio magicam could be answered by Yuu with the guest of the day help yes the public knows who the guest will be beforehand, some are normal, some are troll, some are very specific and some are.... strangely flirty
It becomes quite popular and then... Ambrose heard of this... now Yuu has RSA fans! And more guests! And more gossip! and CHAOS!
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goddessesofeverything · 14 days ago
I feel in a Jack Howl mood, can you do a scenario of him comforting his gn!s/o having terrible nightmares, resulting them to have little sleep? Feel free to take all the time you need to write or ignore this request, just something I had in mind for awhile ^^;;
A/N: Ooh! A request for good boy Jack Howl. I think he’s the perfect person to comfort you.
You had occasional nightmares for the last couple of nights. It frightened you to the point you’d wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night. It took quite some time for you to fall back asleep. 
After school one day, Jack approached you. The nightmares happened again last night and you had eye bags under your eyes. You could feel yourself beginning to doze off but his hand on your shoulder caught you. Blinking your weary eyes, you meet his yellow gold eyes awashed with concern. His fluffy tail twitched and his hand remained steady on your shoulder. Jack would gently steer you off to somewhere more quiet to try and get some answers out of you. 
Once you both were alone, you sleepily gripe about how you were plagued with nightmares. The sleepiness loosening your tongue. Jack’s ears twitched as you described a range of normal things like forgetting a test to Overblot attacks. 
Jack knows how important being in top healthy condition is. So he draws you in close and offers to come over to your dorm to help. With how exhausted you were, it was extremely clear that some help would be amazing so you agreed. 
That night, Jack slept on a futon that you found and cleaned while you climbed into bed. As usual, the nightmares made you toss and turn until you woke up sweating, tears streaming down your cheeks. But this time, you didn’t wake up alone. Jack was right next to you, rubbing your back. Silently, he handed you a glass of water and let you even your breaths. After gulping down the water, you handed it back to him with a soft “thank you.” 
Jack patted your head. “No problem. I did this with my younger brother whenever he had nightmares.” 
You quirked your eyebrow. “He had nightmares?”
Jack nodded and lifted the edge of the blanket. “May I sit next to you?” You could swear that there was a hint of a blush on his cheeks but the dim lighting of the bedroom made it hard to see. You nodded and scooted over so Jack’s large frame could slide in next to you. 
Jack guided you back down to rest against the pillows. He scooted down so that he could lie next to you. Head resting on his hand, he began to tell you stories about his life in the Land of the Pyroxene: meeting Vil, going snowboarding with his brother, camping with his younger siblings, discovering he loves cacti, and telling anything that he felt could keep you calm. It made for the perfect distraction. 
Soon, you were falling asleep to that gruff voice of his. Jack watched over you until he could hear your heartbeat settle. He was about the crawl off the bed when you shifted and threw your arm over his chest, slightly pinning him in place. Truly unfortunate you were asleep because you missed witnessing Jack’s tail wagging widely as his cheeks filled with red. He wasn’t used to sleeping in the same bed with anyone other than his little siblings. 
Another shift and you had pressed yourself to his side. With slow, measured movements, almost unthinkable given Jack wasn’t the most graceful of people, he settled back down and drew you in close. 
For the rest of the evening, your nightmares were nowhere to plague your sleep and you woke up to the treasured sight of the rise and fall of Jack’s chest as he held you close. 
I may have gone slightly overboard with this request but I hope that it turned out okay! I also hope that this is what you wanted. Enjoy!
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slumberingdream · 17 days ago
Jade Leech x fem! Reader
Warnings: none
3rd person point of view
she/her is used instead of you
Tsundere Reader
Tags are posted accordingly.
Please click ♡ to view original post / inspiration.
Jade can’t help but think reader is adorable when flustered. 
Jade had made his was into the library, searching for a particular book to help him identify the new set of mushrooms he found on his recent hike to the mountains. As he passed the many tables and shelves that were occupied with students studying or mingling with each other, he noticed something by the corner of eye, a familiar blur in a dark corner of the library. 
Making a detour, he approached before realizing it was a girl by the name of (Name). There she was, reaching up and failing to grasp on of the books on the high shelf. Jade stood there a bit, observing her. (Name) made some little hops, desperately trying to reach, stretching her arm as far as she can, fingers barely touching the spine of the book. Her face was twisted into a frown, brows furrowed down as her frustration grew. 
Chuckling to himself, Jade calmly and quietly approached her from behind, her back hitting his chest as he reached his arm up over hers to grab the book she had failed to get. Startled, (Name) jerked her head upwards, only to meet the grinning face of Jade. 
Her eyes went wide and her cheeks flushed a pink color. Had he seen her jumping up for that book?! 
“I do believe you wanted this?” Jade said as he held out the book to her. 
He had seen her! 
(Name)’s frustration was washed away with embarrassment at the fact that she had been caught by Jade. Why did it have to be Jade of all people?! Her lips poured slightly as she kept her eyes away from his direction before roughly grabbing the book from him. 
“I didn’t need your help, I was fine on my own! I almost had it too,” 
Ah, there she was again, (Name) with her tsundere attitude. How adorable Jade found her, from her reactions to her small quirks she had. 
“Ah, my apologies (Name)-san, but it seemed to me that you were in need of some assistance. It seemed to me that your short stature would never reach it, and I wouldn’t want you to get hurt trying to” (Name)’s face erupted in dark red, her mouth trying to come up with something to say to him.
But all that came out were incoherent words. Letting out a hearty chuckle, Jade’s gaze drifted towards the book in her hands. Glancing over the title briefly, Jade couldn’t help but wide his eyes slightly in surprise before a mischievous smile painted his lips. 
In her hands was a book called ‘Beginners Guide to learning Mushrooms’. How adorable. 
“If you don’t mind me asking,” Jade began, “May I ask why you are doing research on mushrooms?” 
If (Name) was embarrassed before, she didn’t know what she was now. She had been caught. 
“It’s none of your business!” She yelled before rushing off in a random direction. Stunned by her actions, Jade looked off to where she fled, his signature smile plastered on his face. 
“Adorable thing aren’t you my dear (Name),”
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slumberingdream · 18 days ago
Thinking of You
feat. Jade Leech / Malleus Draconia / Deuce Spade x fem! Reader
Warning: none
Tags are posted accordingly.
Please click ♡ to view original post / inspiration.
Short Scenarios 
They can’t help but think of you.
Jade would be in his room, finally able to relax from the tiring day he had at mostro lounge, taking off his dorm uniform and getting ready for bed. Dressed in a loose shirt and some pajamas pants that had some cute mushroom designs on them, he sat down on one of the two desks in his shared room with his brother. 
There, sat one of his terrariums that was just about finished, only needing a few more tweaks before deeming it complete. As he worked he couldn't help his mind wonder, running until it reached on the topic of you. Jade wanted to show you his new terrarium, enjoying your company and commentary that you bring along with you. 
You were interesting and entertaining, no wonder his brother enjoyed being around you as well. Your reactions were cute, from the way your eyes sparkled every time he showed you one of his new terrariums to when your face would flush red, trying to hide your face away from him every time you let something you didn't want him to hear slip out. 
Cute and interesting. 
The way your eyes lit up when you saw him, calling out a hello to him before asking about his day, almost as if his presence brightened your day. Finished with the last touches of the terrarium, Jade couldn't help but sit there and stare at it a bit longer. 
What kind of reaction you come from you if he was a bit bolder with his advancements? What if he went and held your hand, bringing it to his lips and kissing as a greeting? What would you do if he decided to accompany you on your walk to class, only adding that he wanted to see you off safely to class? What kind of reaction would come from you if he decided to gift you a present? 
Not just any kind, but a terrarium, one he made himself? 
Jade couldn't help the small smile that creeped onto his lips as a small blush tinted his cheeks. He could defiantly imagine it. 
Complete with his terrarium, he gently closed the lid and put it in a gift box, ready to gift it to you tomorrow before heading to bed.
Malleus would be wandering around at night, partially hiding from his retainers and to admire the gargoyles located around the school. Looking up at them, a thought crossed his mind. "I wonder if (Name) would like this?" 
Would it intrigue you as it does him? He really liked your facial expressions when he explained his interests to you, your wide eyes and bright expression. 
And your smile, the kind closed eyed smile that you would shine his way. He wondered what you were doing now, were you sleeping? What were you dreaming of? Perhaps of him? Malleus could feel his cheeks heat up just a bit, a soft pink painting his cheeks. Would you mind if he payed you a visit so late at night? You hadn't before, so maybe he should drop by. 
He can tell you all about this gargoyle he found, seeing your kind smile once again. Malleus wondered if he would tire you out, talking about his interests on one of the benches outside under the side and you potentially dozing off. He would gladly lend his shoulder for you to lean on. 
Gently closed eyes and your hair brushed over your face, a relaxed expression on your sleeping face. He would use his hand to tuck your hair back, giving him better view of your slumbering face. 
Under the night sky, stars twinkling as they shined down on the both of you, he would gently cup your cheek before placing a kiss onto your forehead, wishing you a goodnight. Malleus couldn't tell what he was feeling, his imagination running wild, a mixture of excitement, embarrassment and nervousness running through him. 
All that he knew was he so desperately wanted to see your smile. 
And so, he started on his way, wondering if the scenario he made up in his head would come true.
He would probably be in class, trying his best to pay attention to the professor's lecture but as soon as he gets sight of your face, slight spaced out expression, head in the clouds as Professor Trein continued on, he couldn't help but stare. 
The way the light hit you just right gave your person a glow that only zoned his attention towards you, and you alone. He could no longer hear the drowning voice of the professor as he lectured on, his attention only on you. 
A lock of hair was in the way of your face, and he so desperately wanted to tuck the strand behind your ear. 
He could feel his cheeks slightly flush as his thoughts continued to roam, what would your hand feel like in his? would they be soft? would his own large hands engulf yours? 
He was snapped out of his thoughts when your gaze drifted over to his, noticing his gaze before giving him a smile, tucking the lock of hair behind your ear. 
Deuce could feel his face erupt with red, embarrassed that he was caught staring. He would quickly turn his face downwards toward his notes, before shyly flicking is eyes upwards in your direction to find you tuned way, cheeks flushed as a smile grazed your lips.
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slumberingdream · 18 days ago
Trapped in a Box
Silver x Reader
Warning: none
Tags are posted accordingly.
Short Scenario
Trapped in a box and the only way to be let out is to confess your feelings?  
Your heart was racing, not able to believe the situation you had got yourself in. You was in deep trouble. It felt as if your heart was going to leap out of your mouth at any second. 
You had to confess your feelings to the boy that was pressed up against you, the only way to escape the tight space the both of you where trapped in, and it felt as if it was caving in, making it hard to breath. Taking a deep breath to try and steady your nerves, you shut your eyes tight and felt your cheeks flaming. You uttered out the words you so desperately wanted to keep to yourself. 
“Silver-San! I like you! I really really like you! I love the way you make me feel, making my heart race and I want to be near you all the time!” 
Waiting for a response, you opened your eyes to look at the boy. 
Except it wasn’t what you expected to see. Right before you was Silver, fast asleep. Deadpanning, you couldn’t help but feel frustrated and embarrassed. 
He hadn’t heard a thing.
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slumberingdream · 19 days ago
Azul Ashengrotto x fem! Reader x Rielle x Jade Leech x Floyd Leech
N/SFW content
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Prince Rielle decided to accept Azul’s contract. 
It was unbearably hot, the bedsheets sprawled on the floor as you laid there, legs spread out as Rielle pounded into you, your back leaning into Azul’s. Hush moans and grunts could be heard escaping Rielle’s lips, his cheeks flushed red as his crimson hair stuck to his forehead, harsh pants escaping him with every thrust. He was loosing his composure fast, his ocean blue eyes staring into your orbs. 
 “Hmn.. (Name)-“ he grunted. 
“Tch, already at your limit?” Azul’s voice sounded from behind you, his hands cupping your breasts as his fingers pinched your perked nipples, his lips trailing open wet kisses along your neck, his erect member poking at your lower back. 
 “At this rate you’ll lose at your end of the contract” Azul states as he gently bites your earlobe. 
“Ah~! Little prince-y fishy is already gunna cum?” Another voice calls out from the room.
At one of the corners of the room sat Jade and Floyd, one’s composure worse than the other, as both of their clothes were disheveled, stroking their own harden cocks to the show before them. 
“Ah, it would seem so Floyd. Just went it was getting interesting too,” comments Jade, his thumb rubbing the head of his leaking cock, letting out a hum as his eyes stared straight at your lust-filled form in the bed. 
“Ahhh~! I want my turn with Shimpy now!” Cried out Floyd, a feral gleam in his eyes as his hand jerked himself at a fast pace. You head was spinning with how many things were happening, from each thrust of Rielle’s hips, Azul’s hands and lips on your chest and the twins commentary, you felt as if you were going to burst. 
 “Ah- nh- (Name)- AH-!” Rielle came with a hard thrust, his mouth agape as his form hunched over yours. Your release came right after, his name on your lips as you cried out, legs wrapping around his waist. As you both came down from you highs, Azul let out a sigh as a mischievous smile formed on his face. 
“Over so soon Rielle? Well, I guess that is to be expected.” He mused, dragging your form closer to his. “I guess it is my turn then.”
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slumberingdream · 19 days ago
Wolf Boy
Jack Howl x fem! Reader
N/SFW content
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Jack smut.... thats pretty much it....
Jack’s tall frame hovered over you, his arms changing you on the bed as your legs dangled over his thighs, allowing his body to be positioned between your legs. His face as red, as was yours as he placed open mouth kisses down your neck, sometimes biting and sucking on the tender flesh, causing hush moans to fall from your hips. His hips rocked back and forth into your hips as a slow pace, savoring the way your heated cunt swallowed him, squeezing down on his cock. 
Jack’s ears twitched at the feeling, a light grunt escaping the back of his throat, his tail stiff from the pleasure. He liked the way you held on to him, your hands up his arms, to his shoulders before moving downwards, feeing his toned muscles on his stomach. He liked the way you stared up at him with your big eyes, biting at your lips to try and keep yourself quite yet failing. 
 “Ah- Jack,” you whispered out, jerking your hips further up to meet his, “Please, please go faster” you begged.
Jack could feel his whole body heating up, pleasure running through his body as his hands grasped your waist, thrusting himself deeper into you per your request, his pace increasing as his head rested in the crook of your neck, sucking at the underside of your jawline. 
 You moaned out, your hands griping onto his back as pleasure spilled over your body. At this rate the both of you would not last long, the way his hard cock thrusted hard and fast into you, the way you squeezed down on him, sucking him into you, - it was becoming hard to last. A familiar coil if pleasure started to build up in you, your legs wrapping around Jack’s waist, pulling him close to you. You clenched down on him, your release spilling into his dick as you cried out, Jack’s own release following after yours. Jack held you close, keeping your hips still as you both came down from your highs. Panting, your eyes met his once more. 
“Can I have a kiss?” You whispered out. A sigh escaped Jack’s nose, an slight embarrassed expression pointing his face as he leaned down toward your lips. 
 “Tch, you don’t have to ask” And with that his lips closed the distance, bringing your lips onto a sweet yet passionate kiss
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slumberingdream · 19 days ago
Afternoon Tea
Riddle Roseheart x fem! bunny! Reader x Neige LeBlanche
N/SFW content
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It was a beautiful day for some tea. 
How had it come to this? It was a beautiful day out, the sun shining bright, a perfect day for a tea party. 
Yet how was it that you were sitting on Riddle’s lap in a secluded part of the garden, his legs forcing yours apart as his hands groped your breast through your dress shirt. Neige was knelt down in front of you, one of his hands holding your skirt up as the other toyed with your round cotton tail, his lips attached to your most sensitive area between your legs, licking and sucking away. Your face was unbearably hot, eyes shut tightly for you knew if you opened them you would see big brown doe eyes staring straight at yours. It was getting hard to focus, Riddle whispering praises in your long rabbit ears that drooped down as his hands slowly unbuttoned your blouse, Neige’s tongue swirling around your clit before circling his lips around it, gently sucking causing jolts of pleasure to run up your spine. 
“(Name), your so beautiful,” Riddle praised, “Your voice is so cute and so are your ears. They keep on twitching.” His hands made it towards your bare breast, his pointer fingers and thumb pinching at the erect nipples that were freshly exposed to the air. 
“Hmm~” hummed Neige, pulling away briefly, “That’s true Riddle-kun! And she taste good too” he said, licking his lips while gazing up at you. 
“Hn? Is that so?” The red head questioned, slowly planting kisses along your neck. “Then I guess I’ll have to have a taste too, won’t I?” 
Neige let out a small laugh, “Yup! After I finish though!” The brunette buried his head between your legs once again as one of Riddle’s hands reached up to one of your ears, rubbing the base. 
 “Ne, (Name)-san, you’ll let me have a taste right?”
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slumberingdream · 19 days ago
Would you mind if I kissed you right now?
Silver x Reader
Warning: none
Tags are posted accordingly.
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Short Scenario
Reader gets a kiss.
Silver pinning you against the wall, his aurora colored orbs shining as they stared straight into yours. His silver bangs gently falling over his face as he leaned over, his face inching closer to yours. You could feel his breath on your lips, making you realize just how close he was. 
“Would you mind if I kissed you right now?” He spoke in a hush tone. 
 You held your breath, feeling a blush creeping onto your cheeks. All you could do was stare into his eyes, a pathetic whimper of a yes passing your lips. Silver closed his eyes, his lips meeting yours all the way, sharing a sweet and tender kiss with you in the golden rays that shined through the window.
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zackcrazyvalentine · 20 days ago
please they would make so much coin-
“welcome back master ♡ ~” or “thank you for visiting me again master !” THE COIN THEY WOULD MAKE
mostro loungo is quaking
actually no azul would find a way to rent their services AND he would get to see them pretty much all day without paying
cue vil, leona and malleus fighting to rent the whole place but surprise ! kalim already did it
the first years had the privileges of having a table rented for themselves
epel would probably rub it in vil’s face as much as possible
riddle , trey , jade and idia having the wildest bi panic ever
yes yes chaos 🤌🏾✨
rook and cater taking photos in the back .
yuuken and mc’s bank after everything : 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈
OOOHOHOHHOHO THIS!!!!!! You guys come up with the most brilliant ideas omg, this is WONDERFUL!!!!!
Omg yes, Jamil, snek boy 🥺❤ He may feel a little out of place at first but is soon enjoying the attention Bonus points if they actually throw praise at him after bringing his order aaaaaa <3333
OKAY BUT, CAN U IMAGINE?!?!?! Malleus being all crest fallen the entire day, pouting and being sour the entire day with how he couldn’t get to renting the establishment first...... UNTIL, at night... IN COMES LILIA, WITH MC & YUUKEN IN DRESS UP BEHIND HIM!!! 
“We’ve come to serve you, Master! What can we help you with today?” .....DINNER IS SAVED!!! DIASOMNIA GETS TO EAT SOMEONE ELSE’S COOKING AND NOT LILIAS!!! ; v ; !!!
Once more I propose the idea of Che’nya being the least RSA guy there is in the academy, and thus he travels on to Riddle & Trey’s table, where he’s quite welcomed
Tumblr media
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coffeeleafdepression · 21 days ago
TWST Gang as Avatar Last Airbender
So I had a conversation with magicpumpkin3 (check out their post by the way-) which was after me posting Heartslaybul with a tea master s/o. And pumpkin tagged it as #uncle iroh who, which I burst into euphoria. And we had a whole conversation of who our twisted wonderland gang would be in ATLAB. So this was our assumption. Hope you enjoy!
Aang Caillou
A bit tough
I thought Grim would be a funny fit,
Pumpkin thought Deuce or Ace
Then they said Malleus is Aang.
I decided to go with Malleus because you would see from down this post later-
Can I say-
Just maybe-
His brother 
It’s Floyd.
They’re twins
Also imagine Floyd with a boomerang-
I said Riddle cuz anger issues-
Pumpkin said Idia because Zuko is emo and is a firebender-
I can see both-
So I don’t really have a clear role.
I don’t know why
But Trey-
Maybe??? Cuz he can’t see without glasses, and I don’t know if he’s savage or not-
Idk who would fit Toph tbh?
Maybe Leona?? 
Idk I’ll let you decide-
To have no ships
Cuz reflexes 
You might say he could’ve been Ty Lee,
But I have a way better candidate.
It’s Vil.
Like is it not obvious???
They both radiated mean girl energy
And badass bitch energy-
Like ????
Best choice
Can kill you
I mean-
Ty Lee
Frickin Rook
He got moves
The drama
woos the woman with fake french
He’s perfect candidate to become Ty Lee
My god-
The Ancient One (turtle Lion)
If Malleus is Aang,
The Ancient One is Lilia no doubt
He’s a grandpa
With   w i s d o m
Cabbage Merchant
The most important character
Me and Pumpkin took quite a while to think
But they said:
Their responds was:
“Because we always destroys his nerves”
*cues ugly hysterical laughter from me
Damn, this was short, but I had fun doing this, and mostly the chat I had with Pumpkin. Thanks Pumpkin for the random inspiration! And thanks for reading viewer!
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doux-seduisante-luxure · 21 days ago
Like Rabbits
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
F! Futa! Mean girls! Rook Hunt x Fem! Nerd! Reader
Word count:: 792
Warnings:: Bullied! Reader, bullying, mentions of being beaten up, Futa!Fem!Rook (she/her), Fem!Reader (she/her), Bully!Rook, noncon, later turns into dubcon
Author's note:: Spilling my brainrot here
"W-why do you do this to me...what did I ever do to you guys?" You sniffled into Rook's shoulder as you held on tightly, the cock inside of you moving at a slow and steady rate. Tears fell down your cheeks and your eyes were puffy and red from the pain of taking Rook's member, your cheeks were pink and face pinker from embarrassment.
"That's just how it works, Ma Lapin.-" She moaned right in the middle of her sentence as she slammed you down onto her, balls deep in you. You flinched and wailed at the feeling of Rook stretching you to your limit. "-Anyone that's lower than either of us are automatically our pets. But you, my dear, are my favorite... So tight and small, even if I were to add a finger as well, I feel that you would tear open! How cute.."
She continued to coo and coddle you, speaking about how wet, hot, and tight you were. You only cried harder when she gave you a hash slap to your ass, leaving a handprint. "Don't cry, Ma Lapin! It'll feel better soon, I promise." And nevertheless, it did.
Now your tears and sniffles have slowed down as you moaned out with her. You didn't want this, not at all; But you didn't want to anger her in any way, you didn't want to get beat up again... So instead, you took it as she gave it to you.
You were confused as the pain turned into pleasure, and that pleasure turned into many, many orgasms. "W-why does it feel so good! It's n-never felt tis g-ood before..!-" You wailed and moaned as you felt the tip of her cock kiss your cervix. She thought it was adorable how you've never experienced pleasure like this, this was your first time tasting the sweet apple of sin.
She let out a breathy laugh trailing her eyes up and down your body. "It feels so good, doesn't it? You've never been this cooperative before, perhaps you've taken a liking to me now, is that it? I feel honored, the cute nerdy girl having a crush on the popular rich girl, it's just like a high school love story!" Indeed, it was.'ve ever taken a liking to her. In fact, you hated her.
You could feel her thrusts getting faster and faster by the minute, you felt another knot being tied up inside of you. "Rook- Rook- Rook! More! It feels so good! I want more!" You pleaded and begged her to go faster.
Your eyes rolled to the back of your head, your tongue was lolled out and hanging freely, you went limp in pleasure, and everything that came out of your mouth now was only meaningless cries and begs for more. You looked so enchanting like this, with hickeys and bite marks littered over your body, your skirt lifted to your waist, and your uniform messy and covered in cum and spit; As well as your panties in Rook's pocket.
You felt her cock twitch her her thrusts get sloppy, you only tightened even more around her! "Ma Lapin! I'm- I'm-!" She didn't even finish her sentence before she filled you up with thick cum, your stomach bulged only slightly from the sheer amount of what she was holding back.
Cum dripped out of you and Rook made sure to take a photo with her phone, she'll print that out later and add it to her collection. "Ma Lapin, you look absolutely stunning messed up like this. I should take another photo and send it to Vil, she'd love to see what a mess I've made of you!" She giggled and smiled at you as you slumped over and fell onto Rook's chest, your legs felt like jelly.
"Oh? Perhaps I was too rough... Well, I could just carry you to class instead! That way everyone will know that you only belong to the Pomefiore dorm!" She laughed at knowing how embarrassed you'll be with cum dripping from your pussy, hickeys all over your body, uniform, hair, and face covered in semen, as well as how Rook would shout in the halls as she carries you too class; "Oh, Ma Lapin! How you make my heart swoon!"
"Oh, speaking about classes, did we take too long?-" Rook checked the time on her phone, you peered over her shoulder "...We missed...A whole class..." You felt like you had just gotten hit in the head with a rock.
"Oh no... We have-"
Rook finished your sentence in a happy tone; "Detention! I can take you there as well! On the teacher's desk, pressed against the chalkboards and windows, on the student's desks, oh, we'll be going at it like rabbits!"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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randomikemendegen · 23 days ago
💐 from Jaco to Vivi? 😳
Tumblr media
"Thank you so much for the flowers, Jaco-kun! Hehe~, I didn't expect to receive flowers today so I'm very happy-- especially since they're from you~.
Hmmm... Ah, I know! I'm not on any shift today at Mostro Lounge, so let's go out for a bit!
Huhu, Jaco-kun is a VIP today, so look forward to our outing okay~?"
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doux-seduisante-luxure · 23 days ago
Sleepover (Pt. 1)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fem! Vil x Fem! Reader
Word count:: 4.4k+
Warnings:: Abuse (Physical, lightly verbal), genderbends, wlw, Fem!Vil (she/her), Fem!Reader (she/her)
Male!Vil version directed here (No link yet, I haven’t worked on it yet.)
Tagging:: @sugoscurry​
  You truly were a beauty. So much so even the Vil Schoenheit wished you were hers. Even if she was only your best friend, she saw you as something more than that; She wanted you to be her lover. But you just had to make the decision of dating that stupid, idiotic, dumb boy. He’s a slob, honestly, how could you even stand him? 
...Is what people would say if the didn’t know your situation.
  Sure, he may be handsome, tall, and charming, but that all comes at a price; And what was his price? ...Being decent. The things he said and did made you wish he didn’t exist, it made you wish you had chosen someone different. Even though you did have the freedom to choose, you knew he would only make you crawl to him.
  On the other hand, your best friend was so much more different. Yes, she was tall and charming as well, but she is the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen. She made you feel things you shouldn’t have, especially since you’re in a relationship! You always knew that it was okay for people of the same gender to love each other, but you wondered if she thought it was okay; But they way she talked and treated you? It was so blatantly obvious that she liked you, you were just so oblivious.
  The way she touched you, it made you think of things quite dirty. With every brush of her fingers against your back, the gentle touch of her arms around you as she held you close during girls nights with her, even how her breath would fan your neck when she bent over to fix your hair. All of it, it made you feel so naughty.
  Everyone has always said you two were very close friends, but you wanted to be more than that. More than best friends as well. You wanted to touch her in ways no one has ever done before, you wanted to kiss her every time you saw her, you wanted to hug her and squeeze her close every time she was near.
  But with how your boyfriend is, he will surely do bad things to you if you even tried getting close to her like that. He thinks he should be the only person you see, the only person you should ever touch and talk two; You didn’t like it one bit, you were determined to change that.
  “MC, are you alright? You seem to be a little out of it.” Vil asked as she brushed your hair, sitting behind you. You thought about what you should tell her, if you should tell her. You vented to her about everything, she was your shoulder to cry on. But what he did to you last night when you came home late from being out with Vil, you just couldn’t keep it to yourself any longer.
  “Um, actually..-” You paused once more, having a second though. ...Fuck it. “-It’s about what he did to me last night...” You wanted to tear up just thinking about it, but you didn’t knowing how hard Vil had worked on your makeup. Vil put the brush down beside her and stopped all of her movements, listening closely.
  “What did he do?” Her eyes held a deathly look, she wanting to hold back how much she wanted to knock his teeth in. You stayed silent for another moment, trying to think about how to word your next sentence. She never rushed you, she gave you time to think about it and collect your thoughts.
  “...He hit me, again.” She held the hair brush tight in her grip, her stress almost taking over; But luckily, she quickly managed to calm herself. “Where did he hit you?” Her hands started to brush gently over your arms, back, shoulders, and hands, making sure not to touch you anywhere that you shouldn’t be touched.
  “M-my right arm, right upper arm..” She immediately instructed you to take off your uniform coat and your button up underneath it, wanting to take a better look at the injury. You knew she wouldn’t do anything dirty, she wasn’t like that. And so, you did as you were told. You slid your blazer off of your your body, your white button up along with it.
  All you stood in was your uniform bottoms, your sports bra, and a part of one and a half inch heels that Vil had gifted you, as well as a pair of black panty hose. With all of that out of the way, she inspected it. You could see her eyebrows furrow and she poked and prodded lightly at the dark purple bruise, specks of yellow and red as well.
  “I think Rook has some things to take care of this, stay here. I will be right back.” She got up and walked away and out the door, the click of her heels following behind her in an echo. Of course, you did as you were told. You stayed put in the spot you were in, and took that time to think things over.
  Of course you needed to break up with him, he caused you so much harm and trauma, you couldn’t take it any longer. Especially with the way he has been hurting you lately, it made you angry, sad, disappointed even; Not disappointed in him, you knew he would do this, you were disappointed in yourself for even making the decision to start dating him.
  He seemed like such a nice guy when you first met him, in fact, he was like an angel. He kissed you, hugged you, held you like it was your last day here in Twisted Wonderland with him, where has all of that love gone? You wished he acted like that with you once more, but everyday, he was only getting more and more angry with the things you do.
  Maybe you should have payed attention to him more? Maybe you should have gotten him more gifts? Should you have been more communitive? You don’t know what you did wrong, you were sure you gave him everything you could! Were you just not enough for him? If that’s not it, than what?
  Well whatever you didn’t do to please him, you just wanted it to stop, and you’ll find a way how. You never even liked him that much! You never knew how you felt about him in the first place, maybe you were just lonely? It must have been that.
  Your feelings towards him were nothing but hatred and anger. You only held adoration and love towards one person, Vil Schoenheit. Of course it was always platonic love and adoration...right? ...Well, perhaps it’s something mor-
  You were suddenly tugged from your mind, a honey-like yet stern voice had caught your attention. She knelt down and placed an ice pack on your arm, her hands softly grazed around your skin, making sure not to apply any pressure to the harsh bruise. Afterwards, she wrapped the gauze around your arm and the ice pack as well, tying a pretty bow at the end of it.
  “Thank you-” You tried to give her a thank you, but before you could, she stood up and held you close to her, your face in her chest. “U-um....Vil? You aren’t usually this touchy..” You had started getting suspicious, but nonetheless, you enjoyed it.
  The hug gave you a warm feeling inside; Like...something fuzzy. It made you want to melt into her and sit there in a comforting silence. You only wrapped your arms around her instead, almost sobbing out happy tears as she rested her hand on your head and rubbed up and down gently.
  “Oh, my sweet potato, I’m so sorry you have to endure all of this...” You could tell she was hurt, it shown through her voice. “You don’t deserve this, you deserve so much better..” ‘Choose me, MC. You know I’m the right choice, I know you could feel it in your heart...’ Vil had begged and pleaded silently, hoping that one day, you’d love her just as she loved you; Little does she know, you already do.
  You knew how much she cared about you, but you just weren’t sure if she would ever feel the same. I mean, she’s famous all over Twisted Wonderland! What will her fans think, what will they say? Will they accept you two as you are? Will they starts sending death threats and hate messages too you two? You don’t know, and you never want to.
  Maybe, one day you will have enough courage to tell her how she’s really impacted your life, and your heart. You yearn for her so much, you want her to hold you, you want to hold her. She’s so close, but so far away from you. You’ve never felt this way for another girl before, so why was it just now that you do? You didn’t understand it, but you accepted that.
  She let go of you, placing her hands on your shoulders. “Potato, if anything else happens, tell me right away. Do not tell me in a few hours, minutes, even seconds. I want you to tell me if anything went wrong, right away. No more hiding things from me, do you understand?” She was stern, but you knew she cared deeply. You nodded, looking up at her sharp, amethyst eyes.
  She gave you space to change back into your clothes, but you couldn’t help but think some more. As you slipped on your dress shirt and buttoned it, the image of her holding you close replayed in your head over and over again; It was the only thing on your mind.
  Everything she did to you, and everything she said, you knew it was all platonic, but you wanted it to be something more than that. You had a plan to court her, you just need to wait for the right moment. Tomorrow was her birthday, maybe you could make a move then?
  Well, it didn’t matter at this moment, all that mattered was that you had to get dressed and get back to Ramshackle. As you slipped on your shoes and buttoned your blazer, you called to Vil; “I’m dressed!”
  You heard the door to her bedroom creak open and heels click once more towards you. She hugged you once more as a goodbye, you gladly hugged back. Letting go, she put both of her hands on your shoulders. She gave you one last reminder; “Potato, remember, if anything bad happens once you get back, contact me immediately. Do you understand?” You nodded, but she wanted a verbal answer. Her eyes sent you a knowing look, you responded; “Yes, Vil.” She smiled as you walked off.
  “Oh! One more thing.” You stopped in your tracks, hearing her out. “Would you like to spend the night with me here at Pomefiore tomorrow? I thought that you could use a break from that pesky boyfriend of yours. And I’m sure you’ve heard about my birthday party?” As soon as she said ‘boyfriend’ she felt her heart sink and her throat strain from holding back the poison she wanted to spill all over him.
  “R-really!? I-I mean, yes, thank you, Vil.. And yes, I have.” your cheeks flushed with a pink tint at the thought of sharing a bed with her again. “Good, I would have been lonely without you. Besides, it wouldn’t be a proper birthday party without my closest friend by my side the whole time.” She smiled sweetly, and her heart took a giant leap when she saw your face light up.
  With that, you bid each other one more goodbye as you headed over too Ramshackle, you knew your boyfriend was sitting in your room waiting for you to come back. You prepared yourself for the impact of his words and his fist, but by now, you were used to it. You could take it, you knew you could.
  As you took a step through the mirror, a shiver ran through your body. You were scared. Back at NRC, you found your quickest way out, just as you always did. It wasn’t so hard to find your usual exit, as you visited Vil almost any time you could.
  Grim was probably asleep by now, he isn’t really one to stay up late, unless it’s for an assignment, or tuna. He knew all of the things you were going through, and he helped as much as he could! Sure, he may be bratty and lazy, but he cares a lot about his loyal henchman! ...I mean friend!
  Your dragged your feet across the rocky, dirt path on the way to Ramshackle. Your body felt heavy, as did your eye lids. In the near distance, you saw your bedroom light on, your immediate response was to walk quicker, knowing well he would be angry with you if you came home any later than this.
  Soon enough, you had started running. As you reached the steps, you caught your breath as quickly as you could, so it would seem as if you didn’t rush here. You were lucky Malleus wasn’t here, otherwise she’d be the last thing that your boyfriend saw in his short lifespan. He wasn’t a non-human or anything, he was human just like you.
  With a heavy heart and body, you slowly creaked the door open and snuck in quietly, listening slowly for any noises as you shut the door behind you. You didn’t her anything as of that point, so you made your way up the stairs, watching out for squeaking floorboards that you knew would make noise. 
  Ah, here we are. You stood in front of your bedroom door, cracking it open the tiniest bit and peaking inside, you go ready for the door to be snapped open and braced yourself for impact, but to your surprise, he was sound asleep! You let out a sigh of relief, before quietly and carefully opening the door fully, stepping inside to be sure he was really knocked out.
  You whisper shouted his name; “(B/n)! (B/n)!” No response, you did a little happy dance in your head as you shut the door and changed into a baggy shirt and pajama shorts that Vil had given you as a gift, they were very good quality.
  Lifting the sheets, you climbed in bed with his and made sure your bodies weren’t touching. Every time he touched you. it felt like hot coals on your skin. Not in a good way, no, not anymore. You couldn’t even look at him, so instead, you turned away and looked out the window and stared at the moonlit, starry sky until you fell into the world of slumber.
  The sound of a blaring alarm woke you up, you shot out of bed in a panic; But soon calmed down once you realized it was boyfriend’s phone going off. You took a quick look around, eyeing how everything sat in it’s place, just as it did before you went to sleep last night. 
  You shook (B/n) lightly, nudging him awake. “(B/n), wake up..! It’s a school day.” His eyes flickered open and he grabbed your wrist, pulling you down next to him. “Stay in bed with me, you’re warm.” You didn’t want to anger him. “Fine, but only for five minutes! If we don’t get ready soon, we’ll be late to class.” You let out a fake giggle. You felt so uncomfortable right now.
  After five minutes passed, he let you go and got up. He... He fell asleep in his uniform? “(B/n), you fell asleep in your uniform? Wasn’t that uncomfortable?” You questioned his antics, but who are you to judge? “Yeah, why not? Now all I have to do is brush my hair and brush my teeth I guess.” You only sighed in disappointment, he needed to fix his habits, but he never listens to you.
  You got up as well, stretching and yawning. Oh! You just remembered! Vil had instructed you to do a special skin care routine. ...Speaking of skin care routines, you forgot to do your nightly routine last night! Oh no! Hopefully Vil won’t notice when she sees you in your shared classes today. 
  You stood in front of the bathroom mirror, getting yourself ready for the day. Brushing your hair, brushing your teeth, washing your face, showering, and then getting dress in your uniform. You threw your sleepwear into the dirty laundry basket, you’ll do those when you get back from the party. ...Ah, the party. You didn’t have anything to wear, but Vil always had something. Maybe you could ask her. You weren’t too worried about it, it wasn’t like anyone was going to talk to you anyways.
  Opening the door to your room and closing it, you walked down the stairs and slipped your shoes on. “(B/n), I’m heading out now! If you want to come with me, you better hurry.” You heard stomping like running, and a shout of ‘wait up!’ coming from the kitchen. He came running to the door with a granola bar in his mouth, he reeked of sweat. Gross.
  With that, the school day passed by slowly, and all that was on your mind was the party, and Vil. The party would start at around five, it was currently one. You have four hours, you have time. You should tell (B/n) that you’ll be attending the party and going to a sleepover as well, you were just worried about what he’d say. 
  In the morning, he seemed pretty all right; Almost like he was a little out of it. Was he? You wouldn’t know, you felt like you were so far away from him now, if it weren’t for his abusive behavior at times, you wouldn’t know his name.
  ...Finally, as your last class had ended, you got up, collected your stuff, and rushed over to (B/n) to tell him that you would be out until tomorrow afternoon. You were afraid to tell him, but you had to if you didn’t want him to get any angrier. You knew he would be back at Ramshackle already, he spent most of his time there with you, and you hated it.
  You started your way too Ramshackle, preparing your heart and body for any upcoming insults and strikes. As you hoped and hoped that he wouldn’t be angry with you again, you felt a buzz in your pocket and your ringtone for Vil go off. ...Yes, it is Jenny by Studio Killers.
  You pulled your phone out of your pocket, swiping and answering it; “Hello?” You were ready to hear her honeyed voice, it was so soothing to you. “Hello, potato. I was going to ask you this but I forgot; You don’t mind sleeping in the same bed with me again, right? Oh, and I already have an outfit picked out for you. When you get here, come to my room right away.”
  You felt your body immediately relax to the sound of her voice, she was like a drug to you, in a good way. “I don’t mind at all! We’ve done it before, so I don’t understand why you’re worried about it now. And thank you! I didn’t really have anything fancy to wear...” You chuckled nervously, waiting for a response.
  “Haha, I’m always happy to help when it comes to you, potato. I’m looking forward to seeing you here. I will see you at the party.” You said your goodbye as well, but you seemed dazed as she laughed, is that what angels sound like? “Oof!” You were ripped from your thoughts and taken aback when you had suddenly walked face first into on of the wooden pillars. Wow, you should watch where you’re going.
  You collected yourself quickly, but your heartbeat sped up again when you saw the front door to your dorm. You told yourself that you were ready, but were you really? No, no you weren’t. Although scared, this has happened so many times, shouldn’t you be used to it by now?
  As you pat yourself down of any dust and grime, you opened the door and took a step in, poking your head in and sneaking a few peeks to see if anything as changed. Grim wasn’t here, so he was probably with the dumbass duo, most likely. 
  Walking further in, you heard the crumbles and crinkles of a chip bag in the kitchen as well as the crunching of food. “Hey” You spoke out loud, getting his attention. “What.” He responded blandly, with an attitude. You wanted to knock some sense into him so badly, but it would only make the situation worse.
  Taking a deep breath, you finally spat it out; “(B/n), I’m going to Vil’s birthday party. She invited me.” Your heart raced in anxiety, awaiting his response. He stayed quiet for a few seconds, before putting down the bag and turning around to face you. He stood his ground, attempting to make you feel small.
  You only wanted to laugh at how defensive he’s about to get. He looked like a scowling, angry chihuahua. “...Why did she invite you? Is it because she thinks she’s so much better than me?” In all honesty, yes. It was because of that. She wanted to show him how to treat you right, she wanted to show you how she could treat you so much better.
  “What? Why would you come to that conclusion? She simply invited me, and I’m going.” You were ready for him to blow up on you, you were ready for him to shout and scream so loud even Crowley could hear it from NRC. You were seriously thinking that he was nothing but a noisy, loud, annoying, bird; But then you realized even birds are smarter than he is.
  “No you aren’t. Ya’ look like shit now, you’re gonna look worse when you arrive. I don’t see the point in that if ya’ look like some gross worm already.” He scoffed and turned back around to eat more. You glared holes into the back of his head, you were waiting for him to start acting up, so you have all the more rights to act up too.
  “If I look like ‘some gross worm’, than you must be some fucking blob fish on land.” You scoffed back at him, about to storm out and go anyways, who cares what he says? He isn’t in control of you. But before you even stepped out of the kitchen, you heard a loud slam on the counter and stomping behind you.
  Just like that, he had a painful grip on you wrist; Leaving rough marks and bruises. “I said, you’re not fucking going!! That bitch of a woman is trying to steal you from me, are ya’ just gonna walk on over to her like some whore, huh!?” Your eyes widened at the sudden name calling, not to you, but to Vil. That made you see red.
  You struggled and wiggled all you could out of his grip, but it only got tighter and tighter the more you tried to escape. “You fucker!” You shouted at him, before biting his arm and making a run for it. His flinched and yelped in pain, pulling his arm towards him on reflex.
  You tried the best you could to ignore the burning pains on your wrist, but with the way he twisted your skin, even how your clothes rubbed against it, it made you wince with every touch! But you didn’t have time for that at that moment, right now you only had time to run as far as you could back to NRC, you knew he wouldn’t run out like that; He always said ‘I have a reputation to keep up with’. ...What reputation was he even talking about?
  As quickly as you could, you turned the door knob, not bothering to close the door behind you. There were students still around, good. You ran and ran, blending into the crowd of students. You could see him from the door, he slammed it shut and huffed, hoping to get back at you next time.
  Pulling out your phone, you did just as Vil told you to do. You went to your contacts and swiped left on the icon of you and her at a boba tea shop, her name had hearts around it as well. You stood in the crowd of people, eyeing everywhere you can as you held the phone up to your ear.
  Much to your surprise, she picked up immediately. “Hello? Potato, what happened? Did he hurt you? Tell me.” She sounded more panicked than usual. “U-um... Well, yes, he did hurt me-” She interrupted you. “Where!? Where did he hurt you!? I’ll be there right away, stay where you are. On that note, where are you?” She spoke quick, you hear voices on the other side of the line desperately trying to get her to calm down and sit down so they can continue their work.
  You only grew more worried as well, your eye brows knitted together. “I’m outside Ramshackle near a group of students, they’re scattered around a bit.” You heard a bit more commotion on the other line, than everything went silent. “Alright, I’ll see you there. To be frank, this isn’t how I intended on bringing you over to Pomefiore, but after I get your wrist sorted out, I’ll help you choose an outfit and makeup.” You gave her a small ‘mhm’ and hung up.
  Your eyes kept on darting towards Ramshackle, on the lookout for your rampaging boyfriend. Everything seemed normal at first, until you saw him glaring at you from your bedroom window. At this point, you didn’t care if he trashed it or not, you just wanted to be away from him! 
  With teary eyes and a worried look painted over your face, you begged silently; ‘Vil, please get here soon...’
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twsted-writer · 26 days ago
Shall We Skate?
Tumblr media
Scenario: Winter has come. It was that time of the year where winter sports are active. But in the Land of Pyroxene, there is a coldest part where it was always snowing. You, dear reader who is a rising figure skating star invited your wolf boyfriend, Jack on an ice-skating date.
Pairing: Jack Howl x Gn!Reader
Tags: Fluff, Smitten Jack, Skating, Cheesy, Cringy
The gigantic open ice-rink was filled with people of all ages, having fun as they skate with their loved ones. Many were taking pictures as they socialize, others do tricks as to impress, some just like to glide and enjoy.
"Come on, Jack! Skate with me!" Grabbing your boyfriend by the arm, you were already wearing your figure skates and the most comfortable clothes which also protect you from the cold.
The wolf was silent as he let himself be dragged by you. He was confident running in the deep snow but on ice, he is unsure for he does not skate often and spent his training pulling a sleigh in his wolf form in the snowy mountains.
You first assist Jack on balancing himself as soon as he stepped in the rink. Slowly pulling the frozen form of his, you giggle as you instruct him to stand properly, teaching him the basics on gliding across the ice. Deep inside, you were giggling at seeing your boyfriend's cute troubled and frustrated face as he does what you taught him which end up with him almost tripping or falling.
As Jack let himself get used to gliding, you decided to practice some jumps.
You lean yourself forward then leap into the air rotating your body and land on one foot. You performed a triple axel gracefully. No matter how many times he watch you perform those difficult jumps, he was always mesmerize at how you make it look easy and soft. Few people stopped and moved aside as they saw you going near them.
You grin seeing your boyfriend's look of admiration. He may be rough and stubborn, but this young man was loyal and keep his promises. You loved how passionate and honest he was. Kissing him on the chin, you whispered.
"Shall we skate?" Holding your hands, he didn't need to answer as he began to guide you to ice dance with him. He was not skilled at it but he managed to pick the basics from what you taught him. Immersing into the music, you let your body flow as Jack held your waist with his right hand while the other held your hand. He began leading you on dancing a clumsy waltz. There will be times he almost tripped as you dance but he still manage to balance himself.
Before you two knew it, the people around and inside the rink crowd as they recognized you. They immediately took their phones and began recording you skating with Jack.
He pull you to an underarm twirl, holding your hand tight making sure to not let go and you'll lift your leg with a smile before he pull you back, resting your other hand on his shoulder once more. Lost in the music, your bodies move on their own in sync, enjoying each other's attention.
As the music slowly faded, you gaze into each other's eyes as if the world around was drowned out. With a wide smile, you pull him into a tight hug placing a chaste kiss on his cheek. Jack was about to pull you close for a kiss when cheers came around. Many people were clapping as the others record.
Pulling away, you held his hand and bow towards the audience as Jack followed in suit. As much as you wanted to entertain more, the paparazzi might soon be here now after people already saw you. Both of you really need to go and continue your date somewhere else. Escaping the ice rink with huge smiles, Jack finally pull you into a short chaste kiss.
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