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#twst headcanons
drac0nia · 45 minutes ago
May I rq headcanons reactions for Lilia, Azul, Idia, and Epel with a crush who tends to be a total goody two shoes, but one day they just skip class and starts causing some mayhem around campus?
— 𝐒𝐨 𝐬𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐭 𝐲𝐞𝐭 𝐬𝐨 𝐝𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐮𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐯𝐞
Tumblr media
Pairing ; Lilia Vanrouge x Reader, Azul Ashengrotto x Reader, Idia Shroud x Reader, Epel Felmer x Reader.
Tw ; -
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➝ Azul was peacefully doing some paperwork in his office until Floyd comes barging in his office about shrimpy making chaos.
➝ It was Jade that alerted him about the outburst of chaos somewhere around the school and of course he has to step in because he does not want Crowley to put him indebt from property damage to possible school students injured by your actions.
➝ He does not care whether you have an excuse for skipping class to make chaos around the school, you are taking remedial classes whether you like it or not; consider this your punishment.
Tumblr media
➝ He either joins you in with the chaos or tries to stop you from being expelled... again.
➝ As much as he likes the energy you made at the cafeteria, he is not going to let Vil torture him with a month of doing skincare every night (or help clean up the place).
➝ If he joins then you are both at Vils's mercy because one; you made Epel join you and got him messy and dirty, and two; do you know how much effort he put on his makeup because he refuses to?
➝ It's really depends whether Crowley wants punish you by cleaning everything with your boyfriend who failed to look after you or Vil whips you; it does not matter how much you protest, if it's the whip he chooses, it's the whip you'll get.
Tumblr media
➝ Idia was at peace in his room, watching some anime until Ortho goes in his room and alerts him about what tomfoolery you committed.
➝ His iPad will go out with Ortho to stop you from further causing destruction to the campus, not to mention to save you from expulsion if you get on Crowley's nerves.
➝ He'll look into the drone's camera later (that he didn't possibly send out because he was testing it and found you) and rewatched the clip you reck havoc, of course he had some food for the whole thing, he was quite entertained.
Tumblr media
➝ Lilia was possibly the one who made you lose impulse control and started creating chaos, he actually didn't expect you taking it seriously though.
➝ He giggles from afar but he will eventually stop you from burning this school to ashes; he places you somewhere high and hidden where you both watched it all happen as if it was a movie scene.
➝ What's your punishment for the possible injury or property damage? You will consume Lilia's famous cooking!
Tumblr media
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coffeeleafdepression · 3 hours ago
this with malleus, azul, rook, and deuce
i’m begging you
Lmao sure- Sorry for the really late reply ;-;
TWST T-pose in front of them (2)
Malleus Draconia
You wanted to do it to see his reaction.
you did.
Malleus was quietly looking out of Diasomnia's dorm window,
just minding his own business,
wondering what his precious s/o is doing
and then-
Malleus turned around to see his s/o standing there...
a weird pose..?
"I am t-posing to assert my dominance. And because I am the more dominant of us in this relationship we have created, I demand to have cuddles with you."
Malleus blinked in surprises,
before he chuckled softly,
rising from his chair and bringing you into his embrace,
gently stroking your hair.
He gazed at you.
"My little beastie, you surely are strange. It's quite endearing sometimes."
He rested a hand on your shoulder, guiding you to his room.
"Well then, shall we go to a more private area to cuddle, my dominant little beast?"
Azul Ashengrotto
Being Octavinelle's dorm leader ain't easy.
Especially while running Monstro Lounge and tackling with school.
You swear he's never got out of his seat until MIDNIGHT
with the knowledge you have possessed in your world,
you know,
this is the right time to unleash it.
Walking up to Azul in his office who was still drowning himself with work on his desk.
You unleashed the beast.
“S/o, what are you doing?”
“Azul. I am T-posing to assert my dominance. And as the dominant one in this relationship, I demand you drop your work and sleep.”
Azul was slightly caught off guard,
but he ended up sighing, before he chuckled.
He stood up to ruffle your hair,
before placing a gentle kiss on your forehead.
“Alright, alright. I’ll sleep.”
Honestly, Azul,
you were the sub to begin with
Deuce Spade
During the Star Sending Event
Deuce put in a lot of hard work to make sure he’s got it.
He didn’t want to mess up,
and he wanted it to be perfect.
He’s the one in charge of sending the wishes after all!
Except with Trey, Idia and Ortho...but that’s not the point!!
He’s been putting his very best in this!
And he’s still not sleeping!
unleashing the knowledge
you have acquired from your world,
you went up to Deuce
and strut your very best T-pose..
“Um- S-s/o?? W-what are you doing??”
You cornered him to a wall, T-posing in front of him.
To be honest, you were already the dominant one in this relationship.
Comforting him and reassuring him he’s a changed man.
“I am T-posing to assert my dominance. And as the dominant one in this relationship, I demand you take off that outfit of yours and go to bed to cuddle with me.”
Deuce was so embarrassed-
his face was redder than Riddle’s hair-
Jk jk-
Unless 0-0
He hesitantly agreed,
you took him by the hand, and lead him to his dorm.
Honestly, I can’t tell who’s cuter in your relationship-
you or him? I don’t know~ <3
Rook Hunt
Being Vil’s henchman vice dorm leader of Pomefiore ain’t easy-
In general,
being Vice dorm leader isn’t an easy task.
Rook’s still smiling throughout the day.
But you can tell he’s getting kind of exhausted.
All the vice dorm work thrown at him, schoolwork, SO MUCH-
It’s quite fascinating and admirable that he’s still keeping a smile on his face.
No matter how tired he is.
But you are his s/o,
you ain’t letting YOUR MAN fake he’s not tired-
you WILL get him to
It is time-
“Hm? Mon Cheri? What are you doing??”
“Rook, I am asserting my dominance. And as the dominant one in this relationship, I demand you take a break and stop faking you aren’t tired. You must relax with me, and ‘no’ is not an answer.”
Rook was slightly taken aback.
Looks like his s/o is very observant.
He knows you aren’t gullible,
but he didn’t expect you to notice detail.
He smiled, dramatically posing as he scooped you in his arms.
“Mon cheri! I’m so moved! Of course I will!”
You’re just so adorable!
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courtlyharlequin · 3 hours ago
"May I have this dance, Jack?🍸🌹✨" congrats on 1k and tysm!!
Tumblr media
A/N: Thank you so much, anon! I still can’t wrap my head around it. It’s surreal. It’s such a big number to me-!! Anyhow, thank you for requesting~ I appreciate your support ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ
Jack knew how to dance. He learned from an early age, actually. His sister often danced with him, pretending to be a princess at a royal ball. Naturally, he entertained her. He doesn't know anything fancy like a waltz, but he knew how to decently slow dance
This particular ball was a junction event between various schools. Its main purpose was to parody balls held in the past, balls some of the Seven had attended. It was an extra credit event for history class. Students were required to don attire from the era and whatnot. Even those who were not fond of Professor Trein attended. Though it was a scholarly event, most students mingled
Perhaps it was his sister’s influence, but he was ecstatic for the ball
Though the event itself did not live up to his fairytale expectations. He found himself at a loss when he realized that there weren't many familiar faces here. He caught a glimpse of Sebek, but he was with other Diasomnia students
He made do with small talk with other students, but it was awkward. He eventually retired for the evening, absently swirling red fruit punch in his glass by a window sill
He wasn’t antisocial or anything of the like, but he did have a hard time asking others for a dance on top of socializing with students from other schools
There just wasn’t a moment that was timed correctly. He tried to ask a plethora of times, but he always missed his chance. Someone either whisked away the person he intended to ask first or he asked at the same time as another person and ended up yielding to the other student
When you asked him to dance with you, his ears perked up in surprise. He didn’t think anyone would ask him as he was glued to the refreshments table. He was taken aback. He didn’t think anyone would ask him. You wanted to dance with him. He took your hand without hesitation and followed your lead
Once you’re on the dance floor, you snaked your arms around his neck and he followed by placing his arms around your waist. You both smiled at each other before immersing yourself in the soft classical music playing in the background
Jack is a bit stiff. His muscles were tense. He had almost forgotten how to breathe. He was excited. He tried to steady his tail, but he just couldn’t help it. It kept wagging
Heat rushed to his face when you commented on his tail. Your giggles made his heart melt. You were terribly adorable. His ears drooped in embarrassment, earning an “aw” from you
Maybe this... wasn't so bad
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natewriteslol · 7 hours ago
lol is it okay to ask for headcanons about the dormleaders with an mc who is a retired magical girl or superhero before the got isekai'ed to NRC?
MC is gender neutral, however is referred to as a “magical girl” (imo anyone regardless of gender can be a magical girl :) sparkle on my dears! )
Characters: Riddle Rosehearts, Leona Kingscholar, Azul Ashengrotto, Kalim Al-Asim, Vil Schoenheit, Idia Shroud
When Y/N had been whisked away to Night Raven College, the mirror had spoken of them having “other worldly power”...
-Riddle was quite curious and when you told him that you were a retired superhero
-He didn’t bombard you with questions, but it wasn’t everyday that you encounter a superhero
-Def appreciates the uniform and how perfect it is, very symmetrical, well fitted
- “Wow, you have quite a bold power, Y/N”
(Bonus: Cater loves you sm, “You’re like those cute cosplayers I see online!” I’m sorry I have a soft spot for Cater-)
-How curious...
-Could your power possibly rival his? It does?
-Well he’ll have to keep you in his sights
-You’re quite the wonder, Leona knew it couldn’t just be a regular non-magical herbivore that could cure and stop overblot
-When you reveal your powers he tries to act all nonchalant like he knew exactly what it was
-Stares at you when you’re in your uniform just a tad bit too long
-Another one who was quite suspicious about you
-I mean, this talk of other worldly power sounds incredible
-He had anticipated this moment
-What powers were you hiding from him?
-And how can he use them?
-. . .
-It’s… a fashion transformation… with cute sparkles. . .
-Very much underestimated your power, until you actually started fighting
-Stay away from the spooky fish man, my dear. He might try and indoctrinate you with some fishy people. (Ha get it! Fishy, wow I’m hilarious-)
-I have this headcanon that while they are from different dorms, Kalim listens to Idia talk about his interests :))
-He remembered Idia saying something about magical girls
-”Oh! Your powers are like that one anime character! Sailor Crescent, right Idia? :D”
-”Kalim, you’re embarrassing me please-”
-Automatically thinks you’re the coolest person ever, Kalim loves your powers
-The fact that you’re a hero in your world is super cool too!
-Y’all are besties now sorry
- “You’ll protect me, right Y/N?”
-Very much enjoys your magical girl powers
-They’re so sparkly and aesthetically pleasing
-No wonder you’re such a beauty, I mean you literally sparkle
-But these powers did tickle his curiosity
-How can powers so flamboyant be so vague?
-However, he wouldn’t pressure you to use them since you are retired :)
-Wait. . . .
-Transformation sequence, sparkly powers, small magic wand
-He already knew your type of magical powers before you could say it
-Idia is your biggest fanboy, and he loves your whole aesthetic
-This is quite fascinating, as your type of magic has been documented in fictional media
-Let’s you borrow his magical girl manga :))
-Could this be some type of interdimensional thing, where you’re fiction but you have your own dimension?
-Or is it that someone knows about your universe and can get you home?
-He works very hard for you babe
-Oh my god Idia let me give you a kissie
-Malleus had also been anticipating a demonstration of your magical powers
-But unlike Azul, he off the bat thought it was super cool
-He had never seen magic like yours before, it’s honestly quite incredible
-”Its so . . . sparkly”
- “Your uniform is quite cute, Y/N”
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fairestwriting · 9 hours ago
This is my first time requesting so I hope i don't mess up :') . Can I request the dorm leaders (anyone you want or comfortable with rlly) visits MC's world cuz they're interested/curious/etc. since there is some difference between their world and MC's. How would they react to our world? I hope I don't confuse you much with this request since I never do this lol. I understand if you ignore this if it doesn't follow any of the rules. Aside that- I hope you're doing good and taking yourself! Luv u
its all good! you didnt do anythin wrong. and thanks so much, i hope youre doing well too anon n__n<3
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
Riddle feels like a shy kid, coming to your world. All that backbone he has when scolding his dorm members is just gone -- And all because he's just... painfully aware he doesn't know the cultural customs, so he's genuinely afraid to do something wrong.
He loosens up a bit as he learns, watching others, but still keeps trying very hard to be polite. He wants to give off a good impression! Especially if you're introducing him to people you know...
He's mostly passive, just taking in whatever information you decide to give him, sometimes questioning here and there about how certain things work without magic, but mostly, he's just putting on effort to not be a troublesome visitor.
Leona Kingscholar
He's still low energy as always, he's never been very curious about your world, honestly. Maybe one or two things have sparked his interest, but in general, he just feels meh about it.
That opinion changes when he realizes how out of place he is, being a beastman, and you ask him to wear some kind of hat and hide his tail. Now he feels awkward about it too, and that means he gets irritable.
If Riddle is trying to not be a troublesome visitor, then Leona is trying to be that troublesome visitor. He's just annoyed that he needs to hide like this, his usual grumpiness turned up to eleven. You bicker through the entire visit, but that aside, he adjusts to Earth habits rather easily? And if you manage to catch his interest with something, his mood improves considerably.
Azul Ashengrotto
Similar to Riddle in that he's worried about coming off as maladjusted, but he doesn't show that nearly as much. Azul lets you lead the way and takes mental notes on everything, making sure the image he shows your world is a good one.
He's interested in learning the differences between Earth and Twisted Wonderland, but in that business-minded way of his. He wants to know if you have any new strategies he could mimic, so whenever you visit some sort of establishment, Azul's brain is just going a mile a minute, wondering how he can do something like that when he gets back home.
Introducing him to people you know is... not the best decision. He'll be polite to them, but he's also always looking for more profit, and being the only one who's capable of magic in a magicless way... he's gonna try to rope your friends into some contracts, so watch out.
Kalim Al-Asim
You're expecting this but, well, Kalim is very excited. He's bouncing around in excitement, everything looks so new and interesting to him, even if it isn't that different from what he knows in Twisted Wonderland!
Asks you all sorts of questions about everything, pretty much, but he focuses a lot on what you probably think is very unimportant stuff. Like, he wants to know if your carpets can move on their own too, he gets very invested in how you do certain things without magic.
Also wants to see how you have fun and hang out with others in your world! Kalim will beg and plead to meet all your friends, and then to bring them all over to Twisted Wonderland one day, so he can throw them a big party!
Vil Schoenheit
Asks you questions about your world before letting you take him there, but in the way someone would research about a place they're vacationing to. He wants to have a good idea of how he should act before doing anything, just so he doesn't make a fool of himself.
Treats it like a vacation to another country, in general. He's done it before, so he adjusts rather well. He'll mostly let you lead the way when it comes to what you're doing, but if he finds something that piques his interest, he'll ask you to show it to him too.
Actually finds all the differences and similarities in culture interesting and ends up having a good time. He's decently used to not relying on magic too much, so the lack of it doesn't bother him much. Though he's still as picky and judgemental as ever, not afraid of telling you when he thinks something is just bad.
Idia Shroud
Terrified. Genuinely. You've probably had quite the argument about bringing Idia to your world, he keeps going on about how he'll stand out so much with the flaming blue hair, and that's what holds back his visit the most, really.
If you manage to drag him there, he won't be too keen on leaving the house, but that's just regular Idia. He's still curious about things, though, so if you want to stay home and show him things through the internet or something, he's open to it.
You should take him to some sort of anime convetion! He might argue against it at first because of how inhuman he looks, but once you remind him that cosplayers exist, you manage to convince him. He'll actually have fun, learning about how otaku culture is like in your world, and you two will probably have a lot to binge watch together when you get home.
Malleus Draconia
Another one with an appearence problem... Malleus is open to visiting your world, sure, but shouldn't he do something about the horns? You end up settling on using some magic to hide them, and you're stuck with horn-less Malleus for a couple days. A strange sight.
He wants to see whatever you want to show him, his curiosity being very general. Though he can't lie he leans towards things that have some sort of personal connection to you the most, like the places you played at as a child, or where you hang out with your friends.
Anywhere you take him will feel entertaining to Malleus, being so unusual to him. From museums to your favorite ice cream shops, he wants to see them all! Speaking of ice cream specifically, though, he'll be very impressed with the variety you have around, it's nothing like what he gets back at the Valley of Thorns.
Tumblr media
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sweetleaf-cafe · 11 hours ago
Floyd Crush/Relationship Headcanons
First off, if you've attracted this chaotic eel, good luck.
Once he's decided he's into you, or even before he realizes it, he's going to be extremely obvious.
Floyd will straight up attach himself to you.
Say goodbye to your personal space!
(Though if you were really uncomfortable, he would back off, a bit.)
He can and will squeeze you whenever you're in the vicinity, and if you're not, he'll probably just chase you down and do it anyways.
And if he surprises you or manages to get some sort of rise out of you while doing it?
Then it'll be extra fun in his book!... And you can expect it to become even more of an occurrence.
"Found you, Shrimpy! Lemme squeeze you~!"
When he squeezes you, he's still very firm in his grip, but usually not bone-crushing.
(It wouldn't be any fun if he broke his favorite Shrimpy.)
Well, unless he were very excited or if his mood was at some sort of extreme.
If so, you'll have to be quick to remind him that he's not trying to kill you, and if you don't, R.I.P. you.
Also, he doesn't particularly care where he squeezes you.
You could be giving a presentation in front of the entire school, and that wouldn't stop him.
He would just run up, pick you up, and run right off the stage or wherever you are with you in tow.
(Que Jade chasing after Floyd while Azul tries to get the chaos at the assembly under control.)
If Floyd wants his squeezes, he's getting his squeezes.
Overall though, as long as he isn't murdering you or you aren't super shy or easily embarrassed, hugs from Floyd are very fluffy!
Physical affection from Floyd is certainly not limited to squeezes though.
He loves draping himself on you like a freaking coat.
Only he's very heavy and chances are, you will topple under his weight.
If you do, will he bother to move from this position?
He's comfortable enough as is, as for you?
Pray you aren't in some sort of public space or a hallway.
Hope you can get comfy quick, because who knows how long you're going to be there?
And that's not the end of it, not by a long shot.
He'll also rest his head, arms, or whatever's most comfortable on your head.
If you're somehow taller than Floyd, then DOESN'T MATTER.
He'll just have you sit down first.
Or he'll even just straight up grab a box, stand on it, and rest himself on top of your head.
But if he can't do that, then your shoulders are pretty comfy too, right? :D
"Shrimpy! I'm tired.... lemme use you as a pillow!"
Overall, even before an official relationship starts, Floyd is already very physically affectionate with you.
And he will want your attention, like, all the time.
Whenever he can, he'll be looking for his favorite shrimpy.
Time spent together is spent doing all sorts of stuff, but Floyd is always going to looking to make it FUN.
He wants to play with Shrimpy!
Which somehow always ends with him chasing you around.
If he doesn't find whatever it is that you're doing interesting, he has absolutely no issue trying to find some way of distracting you from it.
What he'll do will certainly vary, but he'll often poke and prod you while complaining till he has your attention.
Or if he's really wanting your immediate attention, he'll just pick you up and carry you off to do whatever it is he wants to do.
At that point, good luck trying to get anything done.
And he'll also get rather possessive.
Does not like it at all if your friends get too close or they flirt with you.
Well, he doesn't like it if anyone pulls something like that if it's not him.
If someone gets a bit too close for comfort, Floyd will squeeze you, all the while sending a death glare towards the offender.
From there, he would be even clingier for the rest of the day, or even longer, depending on how you interacted with them.
And hid mood would also be rather foul.
If you were to ask him about it, he would be honest with you.
"They got too close to my Shrimpy."
If you ask him about since when you've been his Shrimpy, he'll shrug it off.
"Since I decided it."
He'll want a lot of cuddles from you, and somewhere along the line, he'll probably just trap you in his arms and stay like that until his mood shifts.
"I just wanna stay like this."
Floyd is also one to be very vocal about his love for you.
When he's not ranting to Azul and Jade about how adorable he thinks you are, he'll be telling it to your face.
He has absolutely no shame when it comes to this.
What he says will also differ.
Sometimes, it's remarks about how cute he thinks you are.
"Shrimpy is the cutest when they're jumping around like that~"
To other more upfront remarks.
"Because I wuv my Shrimpy~!"
Either way, he's very good about letting you know just the way he feels about you.
It's honestly endearing.
While many of these aren't said in super serious situations, he certainly means every word.
And if you're easily flustered, then he'll definitely notice that.
Once he does, prepare yourself, because you're in for one heck of a ride.
He'll be even more vocal about it, because he thinks that it's adorable when your face turns all red like that~
Throughout all this, eventually, Floyd will just decide he wants to make it official.
He's already aware that you two are essentially in a relationship, and the idea of being able to take it up a notch makes him feel all happy inside.
(The idea likely first being presented by Jade and Azul.)
If you think he's going to wait to tell you, YOU'RE WRONG.
The moment he decides this, he'll just barrel through to find you.
Once he does, he'll pick you up and twirl you around, seemingly happier than ever.
"Shrimpy! I was looking for you all over the place~! So I like you, I want you to stay with me, and I want to date you."
He'll be very upfront with it, not really leaving any room for interpretation.
And from there, he'll also tell you about all the little and big things he loves about you, already in a really great mood.
Should you accept, he'll legit start beaming.
That mood will certainly last awhile, so you can expect most people nearby to be breathing a sigh of relief.
They did not want to be around if things went awry.
Now that you're officially in a romantic relationship, somehow, he'll be even more affectionate.
He'll want kisses from you all the time.
And is not afraid to bug you for them.
"Shrimpy, I wanna kiss~!"
He loves it when you pepper his face with kisses, and any sort of affection you give him, he'll return it three-fold.
Whenever you kiss him, depending on his mood, it can go many different ways.
Still, a lot of the time, he'll be hungry for more.
So it's best to not kiss him a whole lot unless you're looking for a full-on make out session.
As for his erratic mood swings, you'll have to deal with that.
Sometimes, when his mood is sour, you'll be able to brighten it up with a kiss or something cute like that.
However, much of the time, he'll likely just get annoyed with you and will just want to be left alone.
Should you persist, it likely wouldn't really end well. When it comes to this, it's really best to just give him space when asks for it.
Once he's feeling better, he'll be sure to find you and hang out with you more, and will give you an apology if things didn't go so well.
Overall, things with Floyd are always a rollercoaster of emotions and will bring more than enough chaos in your life.
So once again, good luck with our eel boi!
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twisted-whispers · 12 hours ago
Sorry I haven't been around to post more - I have part 3 of the mermay outlined and am working on it but I don't want to rush it :(
In the meantime, why don't we daydream about Conquerer!MC? A powerful human ruler who tears through Twisted Wonderland with either their own powers or a loyal army.
Instead of killing the princes of each land, you offer them the option of becoming your concubine. Only the most obedient and appreciative concubines get to bask in MCs presence, let alone have a rulers attention lavished on them.
I imagine Malleus would either be amused or humiliated at the thought of becoming a humans trophy piece. 50-50 chance it would be the hate-love romance, or he would become absolutely obsessed with our dear ruler.
Leona would pretend to be pissed but would be in your lap purring to ensure he's #1. He's not going to let this opportunity pass him by.
Idia would only truly care if you didn't let him have his devices and his own palace wing. He would appreciate not having to take control and be left to his own devices for the most part.
Kalim would be confused as all hell but that won't stop him being a smiling sunshine boy!
I think you'd just have to make sure Leona's and Malleus' palace wings are as far away from each other as possible.
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bubbledumbbinch · 13 hours ago
Hi there°~° may I request some not-sfw headcanons for Boyfriend Epel, Riddle and Deuce? Thank you!
Of course!!! 
This piece of writing is 18+, minors DNI
NSFW headcanons for Boyfriends! Epel, Riddle, Deuce x Reader
Epel Felmier
Epel always takes your consent seriously! Growing up around the elderly has always given him the “I must respect women/my partner” juice
Sets a safeword when you are having sex so that when he’s being too rough he knows
You have a set of a few positions you like to rotate around with, including doggystyle, missionary, and on your sides. 
Epel is a bit shy to ask for oral but he loves doing it! 
When he is bolder though, he sorta grinds his clothed cock on your body and tries to let you know he’s ready now. 
Riddle Rosehearts
Riddle is not a shy person but he’s really shy regarding sexual activities. I don’t believe his mother ever permitted “the talk” with him or let him even get near sexual related things unless it was for educational purposes. 
Riddle wants you to be the one to initiate sex but if he is feeling particularly horny he will ask you for it with his cheeks burning red.
He will want to either be a soft dom or just have you take control
I don’t see him having a mommy kink yall.... maybe he wants something nurturing but I think his mother trauma would be like. Too unsexy for him.
He wants you both to climax together, he closes his eyes and his eyebrows furrow when he’s close~
Deuce Spade
Deuce wants to protect you, he’s mostly, if not always, super soft dom when he’s having sex with you. 
He blushes profusely when initiating sex. Sometimes he doesn’t even want to initiate at all, it’s only when you see him with precum stained pants when you decide to help him out. 
Deuce tells you repeatedly that he loves you during sex so you know. He wants you to tell him the same thing!
He would call it “making love”, he blushes really hard if you call it “fucking”
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bubbledumbbinch · 13 hours ago
How do you imagine Jamil, Jade, Floyd and Epel initiating sex? Some headcanons please 🤗
Wheeew yes here goes!!
Pairings: Jamil x Reader, Jade x Reader, Floyd x Reader, Epel x Reader
A/N: This piece of writing is strictly 18+. Minors do not interact.
NSFW below the cut
Jamil Viper
I can see Jamil being a bit shy about admitting to being needy about sex.
He would most likely take the classic route of starting with making out, then touching, and then asking if it was okay to keep going further.
Jamil would also probably do some favors for you before he initiates sex to win you over, for example give you a massage with warm body oils, rub your feet, cook your favorite food, etc. You always know where he’s going with that ;)
On days he’s feeling rougher or if you’re being bratty, he would roughly grab your ass and just drag you to his room. He doesn’t use his unique magic on you to tell you what to do but he would be dominant 💖
Jade Leech
Jade is teasing… he is so very casual in the way he can whisper lewd things into your ear causing shivers to run down your spine. It doesn’t matter where you are. 
When you pull back to see his face he is as stoic as ever, you wonder how he could keep his cool when saying things like that!!
Jade would, once you both were free, take your hand or arm and lead you to his bedroom. Once you two are alone he in turn strips himself slowly of his butler-esque attitude and switches it with a sexually sadistic one~
Floyd Leech
I wouldn’t be surprised if Floyd just tells you he wants sex whenever the mood strikes. He doesn’t care where you are either.
“Hey Shrimpy~ you smell so good today. Let’s do it~” he would whisper into your ear and lean down as he ravages your neck with wet kisses.
You panic and tell him he has to get you to his or your room first! Unless you are into risky sex, that is. Because Floyd would be down to do it anywhere as long as he can do it soon!
Epel Felmier
For Epel, the way he would initiate sex would depend on his mood too. Is he feeling normal and wanting to be perceived as cute? Is he feeling bold and rough?
If he’s feeling like he wants to be sweet, I could see him showering you in compliments while leaving feather light touches along your thighs, giving you his signature doe eyes. He’ll also kiss along your neck to the shell of your ears and whisper into them~
If he is feeling bold he will grab you by the waist, pull you close, and use his hands to palm at your ass. Epel squeezes it firmly while he uses another hand to grip at the back of your neck, lightly squeezing it to make you let out a moan. Once he sees your mouth open he comes in for the kiss! You can tell where it is going from here…
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torikaku · 13 hours ago
Sebek’s parents headcanons
Actually, I had some ideas before, but finally wrote something; this request finally urged me to write these headcanons. so thank you anon :D
Mrs. Zigvolt
Since she’s a fae ( a nocturnal faerie to exact) she’s super tall. ~195-198 cm (6′ 5″ - 6′ 6″)
And when she wears heels… she’s totally a giant woman!!!
She likes black colour, so most of her clothes are black. She prefers to wear long black dresses with sleeves.
Her hair is mint green, the colour that all her children inherited. Also, her hair is pretty, she takes good care of it; usually has loose hair.
Her special power is “biting power”. so she has long and sharp fangies :3c
Due to her having a great sense of justice, she sometimes can be quite straightforward with her words.
She dearly loves each of her children. And often openly shows it by giving them hugs or kisses on the forehead or cheeks. The same way she shows her love to her husband.
It seems that she's been knowing Lilia for a long time. He was one of those who supported her relationship and marriage with a human. And as result, she only encouraged her son's training under Lilia's guard and friendship with Silver.
Mr. Zigvolt
He’s just a human male, so his height is pretty average. ~175 cm (5′ 9″)
His skin color is fairly light, most likely due to a lack of sunlight.
I picture him being brown-haired. He prefers to cut his hair short.
He wears glasses.
He's interested in literature. He wanted to find something that he could talk about with his children, so he introduced them to some books he enjoyed. As a result, Sebek became interested in reading so much that he even now likes to adorn his speech with poetic language. Despite the fact that Sebek speaks low about his father, the boy secretly likes to discuss books he reads with his father.
He absolutely adores his children. He has pictures of them and his wife that he always carries with them inside of his pocket. (If one asks about his family, he will proudly talk about them by showing photos; just like Maes Hughes from FMA :D)
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animealways · 14 hours ago
Today 1 of my friends headshoted a guy walking past us when they were throwing with a waterbottle.
Spongebob narrator voice: 5 minutes later
Dude came back and threw food at who headshoted him also in that 5 minutes my friends broke the water bottle but not before throwing it in some guys balls.
Ace definitely do this to deuce.
Tumblr media
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drac0nia · a day ago
Hey I see your req are open can you do headcanons for Ace and Deuce that live with Yuu in the same house since their college/workplace are in the same area ? They just live together to save the rent everyday three of them act like couple without realizing it ?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing ; ADeuce and Yuu (+Grim)
Tw ; -
Tumblr media
➝ After graduating NRC, Crowley trusted Ace and Deuce to continue being friends and possibly a second family to you considering that he gave up on finding your home.
➝ Eventually, the three of you needed to find jobs like the 4th years did before letting you go to live freely as adults. It was somewhat coincidental that you happen to have your workplaces near eachother so you three decided to get an apartment and live in together.
➝ You made a budget list for how much you and your two friends had to spend on the rent and other necessities so no arguments occur, they agreed. It took possibly a week or three before you finally get comfortable with living with eachother.
➝ If Grim lives with you all, Deuce will be delighted to help you carry bags of groceries filled with you all need and of course Grim's. Old people on the streets would assume you both were a couple which usually causes Deuce to get flustered and stutter slightly.
➝ "We a-are not dating, m-ma'am! We are.. just roomates..", he looked away in shame for yelling and shortly apologies.
➝ Cooking with Ace is either fun or plain annoying depending on his mood at the moment; he would do the thing where he hides some of the ingredients or he holds the food above you and you have to reach it for yourself.
➝ "C'mon, [name], you could at least make a cherry pie for me for helping you cook tonight!" Ace pouted, "Stop being acting childish, you baboon", you recieved tickles on your waist shortly.
➝ Chores with Ace is tiring sometimes; you tackled him once on his bed because he won't give the dirty pillowcase to you and Deuce had to carry you in his arms so you both can stop rough housing with one another.
➝ "O-oi! Stop that!", Deuce lifted you off Ace whom sticked out hus tongue to you, "They started it first!", he protested; "You're the one who won't cooperate with me!", you argued back.
➝ If you were to have movie nights with them; you end up either being squished by Deuce if something caughts him off guard during a horror movie or Ace falls asleep on your shoulder.
Tumblr media
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blueberrytao · a day ago
Mommy Vlogger Vil
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
“Hello there, and welcome back to my channel. Today I will be showing you what I prepare for the little one’s lunch.” Vil started on his aesthetically pleasing video and preparation of the meal “First I slice up tomatoes as a healthy side. Then I cook these mini sausages, but. I bought this little thing that will give the sausage a little face for Finn since he loves byebye kitty.” He continued on filming and put the finishing touches on the meal before serving it to Finn. “And that is all for today, thank you for watching and we hope to see you later. Bye bye!!” He said his outro with Finn chiming in on the ‘bye bye’. From there he took to cleaning up and got straight to editing.
The video had been up for about an hour or so when Vil got a notification. He checked and saw that another mommy vlogger had commented on his video.
@mommyandbaby - Do you know how many preservatives are in those sausages?! And you just go ahead and fed your child that crap? You are a HORRIBLE parent!
Oh boy, Vil was pissed. He cracked his knuckles, getting ready to drag this bitch in the mud. Sometimes, cyber-bullying is okay. And this was one of those times.
@schoenheithouse - how are you gonna come for me and my parenting when you have your child on a vegan diet? That kid looks like a skeleton with those bird legs. And lets not talk about your canoes for feet. Go learn how to cook good meals for your kid instead of sticking your fat nose in my business. You raggedy ass hoe.
This was it, the start of the mommy vlogger war. It was like a free for all in each persons comment sections. Any fans of the other mommy vlogger in Vil’s comment section got shut down fast with his hoard of fans. Meanwhile the mommy vlogger had swarms of Vil’s fans dragging her and defending Vil’s honor.
“UGH! I can’t believe someone is so STUPID! HOW dare you question MY parenting skills when you can’t even dress your child to not look like they came out of the dumpster!” (Name) listened to her husband rant.
“AND when they question ME on MY parenting choices they automatically question your parenting and that in itself is a CRIME! How dare they speak when you are the better mother out of the two of you by a long shot! This is just insulting!” She patted her husband’s back in an attempt to comfort him.
“Vil? My love? Maybe we could go get boba tomorrow, would that cheer you up? I’m sure Rook could watch Finn.” She spoke as she held her husband’s hand, running her thumb against the back of it in an attempt to calm him. He sighed “I suppose I could use a break, this whole situation has me stressed. I’ll ask Rook to watch him.”
Both (Name) and Vil walked out of the cafe holding hands with their tea in the other. Suddenly Vil stopped, as they happened to run into the other mommy vlogger. “Oh, well if it isn’t the terrible parents.” She scoffed and gave both of them a dirty look. That’s when Vil snapped. “Oh yeah? Well if it isn’t the raggedy hoe who walks around with canoes for feet. I can hear them slapping down on the ground from a mile away. And next time you come for what I feed my kid I WILL NOT HESITATE TO CASTRATE YOU WITH MY VOUIS LUTTON! YOU COME OVER HERE AND I’LL SHOW YOU SOME FUCKING REALITY! YOU ARE GONNA BE SCARED TO TOUCH YOUR PHONE AGAIN BITCH!” At this point she looked about ready to cry, she scooped her little dog into her arms and started speed walking away. “YEAH THATS RIGHT! GET OUT OF HERE AND TAKE YOUR YAPPING DOG OUT OF HERE TOO! THIS AIN’T THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD…BITCH!”
A video had been posted of Vil yelling at the lady with over 10 million views. All his fans in the comments were laughing about it and cracking jokes.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Feel free to request anytime! My commissions are open as well!
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fairestwriting · a day ago
uhh, if I can, can I request male s/o who's a professional motorcycle racer (I think that's what it is) with Deuce and Epel? Thank you, sorry if my English is bad
Deuce Spade
That much is obvious but, he’s gonna be starstruck. Magical wheels are one of his main interests, so he’d definitely be curious about motorcycles too. Besides, you’re a professional, how cool is that?
Asks you all sort of questions about how it’s like, mostly wondering about races, but sometimes about the behind the scenes of it too. Magical wheel races are littered with sponsorships, so he’s curious if you have to deal with things like these too. 
He won’t ask to do it, being aware that you being a professional means you probably already have more skilled people who do that for you, but, f you let him do any sort of repair to your motorcycles, he’ll be so honored. He’ll be doing his very best to impress you with his work, just like you’ve impressed him!
Epel Felmier
Ugh, you’re so cool, he’s actually jealous? Epel gets sparkles on his eyes, asking you question about the races in a rapid-fire pace. How did you get into racing? How did you actually learn to do it? Epel wants to do that too!
If your races are getting streamed anywhere, you bet he’s gonna watch every single one of them, and very passionately cheer for you, if not actually show up to watch it live -- Which he does as much as possible, but he can’t always afford, much to his dismay.
Whenever an opportunity for you to give him a ride shows up, he’ll ask for it. Epel loves the adrenaline rush he gets from it, he wants to be the one driving the motorcycle one day, but while he can’t, he’s also having a good time just tagging along too.
Tumblr media
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fairestwriting · a day ago
What about Leona, jack, Malleus, Sliver, and Sebek with an s/o who is like the main singer of a band, that makes songs that are about social issues and stuff? (Kinda like Maretu) idk feel free to skip this, I’ve had this idea for so long 😭
Leona Kingscholar
He's never had much of an interest in music, he has artists and songs he likes, sure, but he never stops to think too much about why he likes them. But since you're dating, of course he's gonna check out your work.
How into it he is kind of ends up depending on the delivery of those messages about social issues? Leona is... kind of very caught up in his own world, so when he hears things like these, it feels a lot like a wake up call, and that feels odd to him. If you have a sort of darker style, it's bound to really reel in his attention.
The praise he gives you is very much based on how your music sounds, and whenever he has the energy for it, you bet he's showing up for concerts and such, but most of his appreciation is very behind the scenes. Your songs make him think about his actions a lot, it's not really enough to get him out of his selfishness entirely, but, again, it's a bit of a wake up call.
Jack Howl
It's probably one of the things that had him drawn to you. Jack is a guy who holds his ideals close to his chest, and seeing that you're so willing to speak out for yours, for other people, makes you really admirable to his eyes.
Of course he's your number one fan. Shows up to every show, buys merchandise and albums, streams songs -- He probably has a handful of favorites, and you probably know about these too, because he'll be very passionate in telling you what each one of them mean to him.
Everytime you have any new songs coming up, he's curious to find out the meaning behind them. Asks you questions about lyrics and instrumentals on occasion, wondering about all the symbolism and the work put into it. He's just so proud of your work!
Malleus Draconia
Malleus is an overall curious person, and he's got some musical knowledge too, so you just know he'd be very interested in learning about your art. He's a lot more on the classical side of things, but he's very open to listening to new styles, especially when his partner is the one behind the music.
He's not much for showing up at crowded concerts, but he'll gladly watch you rehearse with your band, if they don't mind him tagging along! He never speaks up much when he's around, but watches very attentively, especially when you and your bandmates are discussing how to get certain messages through in songs.
When new songs are out, Malleus always looks into them deeply, trying to pick off the meanings, and then comes to you to tell you his interpretation, so you can talk about it. He finds your work very grounding, the sort of themes you deal with are things he wants to be well aware of, as the heir to the throne of the Valley of Thorns.
Silver has some level of awareness to social issues, so he catches on to what you're trying to say with the music pretty quickly. He thinks this sort of work is impressive, regardless if the way your music sounds is his cup of tea or not. He finds it a noble cause!
Also not much for crowds, but he'll come with you to your concerts, though it's mostly to act like a bodyguard of sorts. He worries about you and the risk your following might put you in, whether it's a smaller or bigger one, so his protective, dutiful side really comes up here.
Likes listening to your explanations of your songs. Every cultural reference, every word of protest, he wants to know which is which, and how you're trying to get them through! Watches you with attentive eyes and a smile when you tell him about them, and keeps them in mind, seeking to become an even more aware person. You're sort of a role model to him, in this regard.
Sebek Zigvolt
Sebek is... rather sheltered, so most of the messages get lost in him early on. There's something about your music that sets it apart from others, that much he can tell, but he doesn't have enough knowledge about what's going on in the world to be able to pinpoint that.
So he asks you about it. And he asks a lot, sometimes pointing at parts of the song that don't even have anything to do with the message, like why you sang a certain line in a way and not in another, but his enthusiasm is nothing short of endearing.
He's a bit embarrassed when he finds out just how little about your work that he understands, but also very determined to understand it better! So, please, would you explain what you're trying to say in your music to him? He knows that you're using quite a lot of metaphor in this one, but what exactly are you hinting at? Sebek will eagerly become your student in these matters.
Tumblr media
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fairestwriting · a day ago
How would Azul, Vil and Ace and Deuce react to Yuu drawing them?
Azul Ashengrotto
Blinks, kind of confused. You're...drawing him? That's okay, but why? Does he look weird or something? Logically he knows that's not it, but that not so suave part of his pokes at him cruelly. Azul generally doesn't enjoy people staring at him too much when he's not prompted them to do that.
On the outside, Azul just tries to keep his pose, but allows himself to tilt his head and smile, speaking up to mention how pleasantly surprised or flattered he is that you'd want to draw him, asking if you needed him to change his pose or stay still.
He stays there until you're satisfied with the drawing, then asks to see it, sparing you some cool-sounding compliments as he looks over your shoulder. Then he names his price for the impromptu modeling he's just done, because nothing comes for free in this world.
Vil Schoenheit
Well, of course you'd want to draw him. Have you seen him? He's not that shocked to see you looking him up and down, squinting while you hand gets to work on the sketchbook.
But... is this really the best pose of him you can get? He'll want to see how the sketch is going before he really lets you give it too much detail. Bluntly and suddently asks you, without moving too much, to show him the drawing, he wants to know what angle of him you've gotten.
It's a bit of a weird interaction, he gives you sketch a good look when you show it to him, then tells you about how that's passable, you can keep going. And of course, he perfectly holds down the pose he previously was in, then asks to see the drawing again, which he reacts to with a proud smile and rare praise, I'll have to give credit where credit is due.
Ace Trappola
Ace doesn't really sit still, so whatever distracted moment you caught him in that made you start doodling will end soon, and he'll notice what you've been doing on your sketchbook. Tilts his head, "You're drawing me?" He asks, with a smirk.
Teases you for it like the bastard he is. Eh, do I look that good, I'm flattered, or something along these lines, whether he makes your life easier by holding the pose and letting you finish the drawing or just changes it completely to mess with you depends on the day.
Either way, by the end of it, he wants to see how you made him look! Ace jumps behind you, looking over your shoulder, and whistles as he looks at the art up and down. That actually looked pretty good? He'll let you know he thinks that, and asks you to have the drawing. If you say no, he'll try to annoy you until you give to him, which might work or not?
Deuce Spade
Kind of flustered. Just doesn't get why anyone would want to draw him? He doesn't think he looks like anything special. In his startlement, Deuce completely changes his pose, posture straightening as he asks "Are you drawing me?!" and... there goes your sketch.
When you complain about him changing poses, he hurriedly apologizes and tries to go back to his previous stance, but isn't really able to, which just ends in more apologies.
The drawing is probably left half finished, and he doesn't know if it'd be impolite to ask you to see it or not, but ends up doing it anyway, on impulse, and when you show him, he's really impressed at you talent! Deuce will praise you for your art, while apologizing again for ruining the potential full piece.
Tumblr media
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riddlesimp · a day ago
Hope your feeling better if your reading this and decide to come back! Can I request some fluff of gn!reader cuddling and scratching jacks ears?
(Edit:This is a draft just so everyone knows and I’m not coming back yet :))
Yes of course
“Jack”y/n called Jack came to y/n “yes y/n” I wanna scratch your ears”y/n says Jack blushes “Y-you can scratch my ears and cuddle”Jack says blushing “Yay”y/n says laying on the couch and Jack lays down right after them y/n scratched jack’s ears and he was blushing a lot y/n giggled and after they were done scratching Jack’s ears y/n cuddled into jack’s chest making Jack blush even more but he wrapped his arms around them smiling.
(Edit:Sorry this took forever I did this right after I got the request but I’m not coming back yet hope you all understand see you all when I’m gonna come back)
Hope you all like this
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fenii-ix · a day ago
Can I get twst-descendants sibling headcanons for mal-malleus, azul-uma, vil-evie, and ben-yuu?
Headcanons for the TWST-Descendants Siblings
Tags: Sibling Fluff, a bit of comfort because these kids need help, GN! Yuu, takes place in between D2 and D3
Malleus - Mal
Malleus helps Mal find herself while shes in wonderland, he is royalty himself and he knows how hard it is
Maybe he'll help her quit her spray painting habits too, who knows
They're both faes, only Mal is a demigod so maybe Malleus and Lilia would see just how strong Mal is
Though Mal does get a wing leg up with being half demigod, perhaps she can outlive Malleus?
Did I mention both have dragon forms? they fly in the sky together when they have the right time to
Vil - Evie
You just know these two have fun together
They don't just spill the tea they throw the whole damn cup
Evie likes to test out Vil's makeup and Vil tries out the outfits Evie designed for him
He's honestly quite impressed with how much material she has, the feeling is mutual for Evie and his makeup
Azul - Uma
Group Therapy because they need it
They both have trauma from kids bullying them as children so they need to have some moments with eachother to get that through
okay maybe to much angst
(Yeah I know they're the same age but we don't get Uma's exact birthday)
She teaches Azul and the Leeches different types of fencing techniques and somehow manages to get Floyd to bot hurt anyone or anything
Azul and Jade are actually pretty good after a few lessons
Ben - Yuu
he just feels so bad for them
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torikaku · a day ago
May I ask for the dorm leaders reacting to a androgynous mc? Anytime someone asks their gender, they just reply "yes"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For Leona, it doesn't matter how you look or identify; he loves you anyway and finds you attractive for you being you regardless others think about you. He hasn't really thought much about you looking androgynous; the most important thing for him is your intelligence, not your look. However, he finds your appearance cool, you can wear anything and look like anyone. Leona just smirks anytime you reply with a simple 'yes' to the question and he'll just play along with you if someone asks him about you.
Tumblr media
To some extent, Vil looks androgynously as well or pretty feminine, and he used to be mistaken for a girl. But he shrugged off these mistakes and just corrected people. However, it's quite amusing how you respond to such questions. In any case, he's glad you can express yourself and you don't care about what others think. Also, Vil finds androgynous people quite attractive, such people usually become models, since any clothes look nice on them.
Tumblr media
Azul finds your style and appearance really cool and beautiful. It's the first time he comes across a person with such a unique appearance. He loves that you express whatever you want, not worrying about looking different from the standards. Though he doesn't really get what your answer means, is it the way you joke? If you explain to him, he'll understand everything and will play along with you.
Tumblr media
Riddle doesn't really think about your appearance, of course, he finds you beautiful, but he will never judge you based on your looks. He himself looks and dresses quite gender non-conformingly, so for him, the most important thing is your comfort. Though Riddle doesn't really understand your answer to the question or what you mean by it, he will try to ask you about it, even if he doesn't really get it, he won't stop supporting you in your expressing yourself.
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