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courtlyharlequin · an hour ago
"May I have this dance, Jack?🍸🌹✨" congrats on 1k and tysm!!
Tumblr media
A/N: Thank you so much, anon! I still can’t wrap my head around it. It’s surreal. It’s such a big number to me-!! Anyhow, thank you for requesting~ I appreciate your support ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ
Jack knew how to dance. He learned from an early age, actually. His sister often danced with him, pretending to be a princess at a royal ball. Naturally, he entertained her. He doesn't know anything fancy like a waltz, but he knew how to decently slow dance
This particular ball was a junction event between various schools. Its main purpose was to parody balls held in the past, balls some of the Seven had attended. It was an extra credit event for history class. Students were required to don attire from the era and whatnot. Even those who were not fond of Professor Trein attended. Though it was a scholarly event, most students mingled
Perhaps it was his sister’s influence, but he was ecstatic for the ball
Though the event itself did not live up to his fairytale expectations. He found himself at a loss when he realized that there weren't many familiar faces here. He caught a glimpse of Sebek, but he was with other Diasomnia students
He made do with small talk with other students, but it was awkward. He eventually retired for the evening, absently swirling red fruit punch in his glass by a window sill
He wasn’t antisocial or anything of the like, but he did have a hard time asking others for a dance on top of socializing with students from other schools
There just wasn’t a moment that was timed correctly. He tried to ask a plethora of times, but he always missed his chance. Someone either whisked away the person he intended to ask first or he asked at the same time as another person and ended up yielding to the other student
When you asked him to dance with you, his ears perked up in surprise. He didn’t think anyone would ask him as he was glued to the refreshments table. He was taken aback. He didn’t think anyone would ask him. You wanted to dance with him. He took your hand without hesitation and followed your lead
Once you’re on the dance floor, you snaked your arms around his neck and he followed by placing his arms around your waist. You both smiled at each other before immersing yourself in the soft classical music playing in the background
Jack is a bit stiff. His muscles were tense. He had almost forgotten how to breathe. He was excited. He tried to steady his tail, but he just couldn’t help it. It kept wagging
Heat rushed to his face when you commented on his tail. Your giggles made his heart melt. You were terribly adorable. His ears drooped in embarrassment, earning an “aw” from you
Maybe this... wasn't so bad
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otomes-world · 20 hours ago
Better then love potion
Some drabble which I started in last august... another one to my own seria with candy
Tumblr media
A pleasant, sometimes even suffocating, perfume filled the rooms and corridors. The expensive fabrics of the students' suits fluttered everywhere. Although, of course, Schoenheit stood out from the general stream, the head of the most elegant of the dormitories of the Night Raven College - Pomefiore. Queen who received her title for persistent efforts and work. No one doubted this, not even Epel, who disliked him with all his heart.
A talented actor, whose stage was the whole world, and now the walls of a majestic castle. Everyone must play the role of destiny. Even those who do not yet understand this, or resist with all their might, without knowing it, like marionettes, act according to the skillful play of the puppeteer.
Everything is predetermined by the script, however, there are fewer fools trying to resist higher powers. However, Vil could not blame them for this, because from childhood he tried to break the labels hung, went against the wishes of the world. Contrary to the role designed to shade the main hero and let him shine on stage.
In this college, there is hardly anyone better than the head of Pomefiore. Schoenheit took his life to perfect all kinds of skills: academics and sports. The model never chased muscles, as some of his acquaintances did, but a toned physique is the key to an attractive appearance. The ability to brew various potions is a good basis for creating your own cosmetics brand.
However, the stronger and more perfect the Villain, the more glory the victory over him will bring to the Prince.
As well as the gaze of the Princess will invariably to her destined. Indeed, in fairy tales, good always triumphs over evil, and deep inside Vil strongly doubted that his story would end differently.
Nevertheless, as one of the desperate to prolong the allotted time on stage just for a moment, to be in the light of the spotlights of the Main Heroine, Schoenheit brought himself to the point of moral and physical exhaustion.
Refused to fade into the background.
While the favorite of fortune is near, the attention of the universe will be riveted on him. Fate will have no choice but to make edits to the script, if the Heroine in the end prefers Evil Queen to the handsome prince.
If he helps the Heroine in making a decision. If he will guide her on the path true.
And now, sitting at a table in the luxurious Pomefiore garden, she is the center of the story. Silky hair sways in a light wave along with the wind. The sun, like spotlights, illuminates the crown of the head at the right angle so that the strands sparkle, even though the prefect does not wear any grooming products. Who else but Vil does know about this. Clothes is too simple, but, as if in mockery, it suits her most.
Therefore, Schoenheit did not hesitate, holding out a small box of sweets. Elegantly shaped, purple lollipops lay inside, ready to eat. Vil knew about the taste of grapes only by hearsay.
The prefect happily claps his hands, tilt her head in question. Is it really okay for her to take one? There is no flaw in the perfect smile of a model. With a movement, he prompts the girl to finally take the candy.
Everything is only for the best.
After all, this is the only way he can stay on stage until the very end.
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courtlyharlequin · a day ago
Um, m-may I have this dance with you, Vil? ✨
Tumblr media
A/N: Hi anon! Thank you for your request~ I went on a field day with this because it was so open-ended. I based it off of the way you wrote your question and the sparkle . It reminded me of a romcom anime~ I hope you like it ( *´▽`* ) ♡
Your phone skidded across the table. Its vibrations transferred to your entire desk, earning a frantic yelp from you as you scrambled to turn it off. It was time. You had no time to lose. You couldn’t put this off any longer. The spring formal was the day after tomorrow. It had to be today. You had to ask Vil today. If he accepts the invitation, then you would have one day to process the fact that he even said yes to you out of all people. If he rejects it, then you have one day to sulk before putting on a brave face and attending the dance as if nothing ever happened. You paid for the ticket already. You weren’t letting your madol go to waste. Initially, you bought two tickets. One for you and one for Vil. It was part of your plan to ask him out. Unfortunately for you, it came to light that the blond had his own ticket as he was part of the planning committee. You ended up giving your other ticket to Ruggie who wasn’t planning on going in the first place due to the admission prices.
This was one of many instances where you ended up putting off the grand question out of nerves. It came back to bite you in the butt as the dance’s date was nearing. And here you were: two days before the dance and you still hadn’t asked Vil out yet.
Today had to be the day. You weren’t going to run away. You had no choice. You had been crushing on him for forever and this was truly your last chance of shooting your shot with him. The school year is near its end. Vil would be a fourth year the following year which meant he wouldn’t be on campus, let alone attend school dances as he would be out and about interning and completing his thesis.
You checked the clock before grabbing your shoes off the rack, gingerly slipping them on. You wiggled your toes as you laced them up, lightly tapping your soles against the wooden floor for good measure. It was three thirty on a Wednesday afternoon. Dorm leader meetings ended at two. Vil shouldn’t be too busy now. An hour and a half had passed since the meeting. He surely would have time to kick back and relax. You bit your lip and pushed the door open, welcoming a warm breeze. The door clicked behind you. You inhaled.
“Better late than never,” you reassured yourself as you made your way to the Pomefiore dormitory.
Each step you took sent your thoughts into overdrive. What would he say to you? You were acquainted with one another as you shared a few classes, but you weren’t close to the extent that you were certain that he would say yes. Would he even say yes? If he rejects you, you’d have to see yourself out of his own dorm. Coming to his dorm room to ask him out seemed oddly intimate. It was a bad idea now that you thought about it. Depending on where you found him, there was a chance that the other Pomefiore students would witness you humiliate yourself in front of the Vil Schoenheit.
Your hand ghosted the door knob of the dormitory’s main entrance. It fell to your side. Perhaps this was merely a fickle desire.
Color drained from your face and a cold chill washed over your body as the door swung open. You swallowed a scream, shoving it down your throat.
“Bonjour!” the perpetrator beamed.
“B-Bonjour,” you managed, stepping back.
Rook’s smile widened as he stepped forward, revealing the vice prefect all decked out in Pomefiore’s bright indigo robes. The gold embroidery shimmered beneath the chandelier’s lighting. elegant
“My, to what pleasure do we owe you, (y/n)?”
You blinked.
“I’m looking for Vil,” you said.
“(y/n)? What are you doing here?” a familiar asked.
You peered over Rook’s shoulder. Your breath hitched as your eyes met with Vil’s own amethyst orbs. His heels clicked and clacked with the white marble tiles of the foyer. He was like a runway model. He sparkled, shimmered, and shined under the building’s ambient lighting.
He crossed his arms once he neared the doorway. His vice ducked under his elongated sleeves. A scowl was etched onto Vil’s face.
“Where are you going?”
“I forgot something. I won’t be long, Roi du Poison,” he said, waving his hands around theatrically.
Vil sighed, turning to you, “Pardon him. How can I help you?”
“I was wondering– well, actually I– Um, if it isn’t too much to ask... can we go inside? It’s a bit hot out.”
The blond directed his gaze into the sky, examining the sun and the cloudless sky.
“My apologies, come inside.”
The door shut behind you. You cursed yourself for stalling. Just ask him.
“Would you like something to drink?”
You coughed, “No. I’m good, thank you.”
“Are you sure? It is a bit hot out.”
He used your own words against you. Your mouth was left agape as he flashed a small smile at you before heading into the Pomefiore common room. You hurried after him.
“Wait, Vil!” you exclaimed, pulling on his sleeve.
He withdrew. Your hand fell to your side.
“Don’t pull. What is it?”
You bit your lip. It was now or never. If you played it off cool then who knows when you’ll get a chance like this again. This was the closest you’ll ever get to asking him. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath.
“Um, would you like to go to the– uh– dance with me?”
You cringed as your voice echoed throughout the dormitory. You were so nervous that you ended up being more... vocal than you had intended to be. This was far from the scenarios you daydreamed about. It wasn’t as romantic as you thought it would be. In truth, it was embarrassing.
“Ara? Is that what you’re so worked up about?” he chuckled.
Heat rushed to your cheeks.
“I understand if you don’t feel the same or if you already have a date. Knowing you, you probably have a–” you gasped as Vil placed his index on your forehead.
He stared down at you. His stilettos made him so tall, so unnerving.
“Eye contact is the key to confidence. Stand with your shoulders back, feet firmly planted on the ground. Don’t use filler words like ‘um’, ‘uh’, ‘ah’, or anything of the like,” he said as he pushed your upper back forward.
You nodded, holding your screams on the tip of your tongue, trying not to break eye contact with him and burst into tears. Was it that terrible that he had to correct your posture and give you tips on confidence? Vil put his hands on his hips, admiring your figure.
“Try that again,” he said.
“You heard me.”
“I don’t understand.”
“Ask me out again.”
Was he serious?
“No filler words,” he chided.
Your nose crinkled. He crossed his arms. He was serious after all. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath once more, trying your best to pay no mind to your sweet palms or shallow breathing. Your nerves were on fire.
“Vil, will you go to the dance with me?”
He put his hand on his chin and hummed, feigning perplexity and concentration. He smiled.
You sighed in relief. Your shoulders loosened. He said yes. Vil said yes. You were going to the formal together. You were ecstatic, but that feeling was quickly replaced with a burning curiosity.
“Why didn’t you just say yes before?”
“I want to be asked out by someone who is confident, someone who knows what they want. I don’t want someone unsure or insincere. I have no time for puppy love. My time is valuable,” he scoffed.
“Then you should have rejected me.”
“Do you not want to be my date?”
“Yes. Well, I mean– no, of course I do. It’s just that I don’t know what to say and–”
He put a finger to your lips: “Then, it's a date. I do not doubt your feelings for me. You were simply nervous. You were always quite skittish around me. I had always assumed I intimidated you though lately, I’ve come to realize it was more so admiration than intimidation or infatuation.”
Vil tucked your chin between his thumb and index finger, tilting your head up, and gave you another one of his heart-throbbing smirks. You couldn’t break eye contact with him. Your heart fluttered and your stomach swelled.
“Was it obvious?”
“Maybe a little,” he laughed.
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nyaacaron · a day ago
Tumblr media
A little fanart for teacupi’s beautiful fanfiction TommyInnit's Guide To Being A (highly successful) Wingman!
It’s really great and I totally recommend it for anyone shipping rivalstwt and liking feral racoon Tommy
Wordless version under cut!
If you are considering commissioning me check here!
Tumblr media
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yume-han · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Este es un proyecto Colaborativo de Color Club, estos son unos libros del CC del Twisted Wonderland, aun hay vacantes para hacer participar en esto! Si tienen duda pregunté le a la cuenta del CC de Floyd, Color Club es una cuenta donde encontrarán de varias Franquicias, tanto anime, Manga, Videojuegos, K-pop o Series.
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shuuenmei · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I completely forgot to post this.
I drew what nycthemeron! Yuu (Rei) was wearing until she got isekai’ed to Twisted Wonderland.
Complete with outfit notes since I mixed and matched the apparels you get from the latest games that has trainer customization.
The last pic is taken via phone and is what nycthemeron! Yuu (Rei) wears throughout her Alola journey (With a Sea Star headband and sandals).
Just to note, she initially came from Sinnoh, the Pokemon world equivalent to Hokkaido Japan like the original Yuu (Rei), where the region is generally colder (And I’ve been to Hokkaido once 6 years ago during the Summer and even in Summer, the temperature’s chillier than I expected, so I can affirm that yes, Hokkaido is a cold region).
So when nycthemeron! Yuu (Rei) arrived at Alola, the tropical nature was off-putting to her as someone who is used to the colder weather back home, that she opted clothes that would be far more comfortable for her to wear for as long as she is living in Alola. No long sleeved outfits, no long pants or shoes.
In Sinnoh, nycthemeron! Yuu (Rei) was born and lived in Eterna City, one of the cities that is in close proximity with Mount Coronet.
As for why she had some jagged scars on her upper left arm in the present, I give you this:
Hydreigon bite and small Torracat scratches.
That’s all for now!
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courtlyharlequin · 2 days ago
Congrats for your 1000+ followers, you deserve it. For the event (and I hope I'm doing this right)
"I know you don't quite enjoy this events but we're already dressed, isn't it? Would you dance with me, my king?" for Leona and the emojis: 🤴👸🎻
Thank you so much!
Tumblr media
A/N: Hello again Mila~ Yes, you formatted it correctly. Thank you for your request! It’s always a pleasure writing for you and this was no exception. This was honestly very cute to write. Anyhow, I hope you’re doing well <3
Prior to courting Leona, you were aware that he wasn’t big on formalities. He had always complained about his royal duties, how tiring they were, how superficial appearances were, and how dressing for an occasion was much more of a hassle than waking up in the morning. This was coming from someone who woke up at noon
His complaints grew by tenfold as soon as you became his significant other. You had also become a victim of formal events. You were his plus one. It was only fit for you to accompany your king to a ball. He would often scratch the back of his neck as he handed you the invite, waiting for your answer. It was always yes
His graduation party was no exception. Your answer was yes. He rolled his eyes as you admired the invitation’s gold lettering
“Sorry,” he mumbled
“I don’t mind,” you said, dismissing his apology
You knew what you were signing up for the moment you confessed to him after his magishift game. He wasn’t fond of his family– save for Cheka– and he was most certainly not fond of their festivities either. Your presence would reassure him. He wouldn’t have to sulk in a corner or indulge in one too many glasses of whatever the refreshment table had. You wanted to be there for him
As one would guess, the Leona at school greatly differed from the Leona in a ballroom. He spoke eloquently but retained his sarcastic, very-much-over-it tone. He was very distant for being the ball’s guest of honor. His distaste for crowds could be felt throughout the entire room. His smiles were strained. Each interaction with foreign diplomats and distant relatives tested his already thin patience. His mood lightened up when Cheka stopped by to greet him, but, overall, he counted every single minute, waiting for the celebration to end
You found yourself alone midway through the evening. You scanned the ballroom for your beloved lion, but he was nowhere to be found. Cheka was still here so he couldn’t have stolen your lover away. Where could he have gone?
You mingled with the other guests, making small talk with royalty whilst keeping an eye out for Leona
Eventually, you came to a point where your glass was empty. You took small sips of the fruit punch while entertaining the guests, but had you really been talking for that long? You sighed as you made your way to the refreshment table. Leona probably went to recollect his thoughts. He must’ve been tired from answering some extremely personal questions as to why he graduated so late and such. Knowing him, he must have found some cozy place to recharge his social battery
Still, you wanted to dance with him. You watched the dance floor as you filled your glass. Couples swayed across the marble tiles, immersing themselves with the orchestra’s music
You turned back to the refreshment table, placing your glass down. You raised your brow as a shadow shifted across the table cloth. Your eyes trailed from the glasses to the shadow’s source. Ah. So that’s where he went all evening
You dusted off your attire, smoothing out the crinkled fabric before walking towards the window. Leona’s ears twitched as you opened the door
He was leaning against the railing, admiring the night sky. His glass was placed on the edge of the rail, right beside his elbow which propper his head up. His tail fwipped as the door clicked behind you. The music was audible even if the door closed
“Found you,” you said, hugging him from behind
His tail wrapped around your arm
“You had me worried,” you continued
He hummed.
“Can we dance?”
He scoffed, “I don’t dance, darling.”
“Just one?”
He sighed. You liked these sorts of things. Balls, parties, festivities. Dancing. You didn’t experience much as he did as a child. Every time you stepped into a ballroom, your eyes widened like saucers. It was a foreign feeling to you. An overwhelming yet overjoying feeling. You were ecstatic. You had always dreamed of experiencing things straight out of a fairytale. You were like a child with an allowance who was left alone at a confectionery
Leona turned and took your hand. You smiled at him. He returned the gesture. You wrapped your arms around his neck. He snaked his arms around your waist. You both swayed to the soft melody of the violins and violas that echoed throughout the ballroom. It was far from that waltz that the guests indulged in. But for you and Leona, this sort of dance was much more intimate than any traditional dance. He buried himself into the crook of your neck as you leaned against his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat
As the party died down, he parted from you, taking your hand and spinning you around before bringing you close to him once more
He graced your lips with a saccharine kiss
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doubledgesword-2 · 2 days ago
Can I get Vil Schoenheit x Rival Celebrity? They shoot insults at each other but end up flirting? Take it as far as you want! Any gender reader is fine lol
Oh, ma Gooosh!! This is the first Matcha Tea I've gotten, and I'm all for this. I had so much fun with this one, and I want to show you lil' sugar cubes the difference between characters I know and the ones that I don't. I do my research before writing a character that I'm unfamiliar with, but I will be sincere: I butchered the last request (Shalnark's). I will try to rewrite it, but other characters apart from the stated ones are a bit hard for me ( ˘︹˘ ).
I will always try my best for ya'll! Enjoy this steaming Matcha (❛‿❛✿)
Tumblr media
“What a shameless potato,” nimble fingers scrolled down on their phone, looking at the menagerie of pictures from one single account: yours.
You and Vil were from the same industry, just not the same department per se. While he was a model and actor, you were a j pop star and actress. Your popularity and his were on the same level, but he was slightly higher if you asked him or his fans. Ever since the two of you met on set for a fantasy-like movie, you repelled each other’s presence like oil and water.
Amethyst eyes glared at your smiling picture, and a thousand critiques passed through his mind. Your make-up did not complement your features; what was your make-up artist thinking? That nail polish didn’t match with your skin, and your haircut didn’t go with your face and countless other thoughts. But that wasn’t his place to tell, and besides, you living in his head rent-free wasn’t good for his skin. Stress kills, and thinking about you was very stressful.
The subway doors opened, and Vil gripped his side bag, adjusting his beret and sunglasses and walking out with the amount of confidence and power it took to walk down the runway. The sea of people diligently coming and going parted for him without a cue. They just did like mindless fish around a predator. It was in their nature to give in, in the presence of something so regal.
Vil had a photoshoot to go, and he couldn’t miss a beat. His agenda was full and complicated; anyone who tried to follow it would surely lose their minds after the first three days of the same arduous pace. But he could handle it with the grace of a swan. He was the great Vil Shoenheit. He wondered if you could handle a week in his shoes. You probably would drop exhausted and disheveled, complaining about the hard work. The thought made him smirk smugly, and passerby fans who recognized him couldn’t even keep up to ask for an autograph.
He just couldn’t fathom how you had such a fan base with your attitude and manners. Sure, in front of the cameras, you were a sweetheart, stealing everyone’s hearts, singing like an empowered angel, and making them think you were as far from the villain he knew you truly were. Vil knew your kind and recognized it the moment he met you on set. Heck, you couldn’t even contain your disdain in interviews when the two of you had to sit side by side. It was uncomfortable, to say the least; the poor reporter was so painfully awkward trying to alleviate the tenseness in the room.
“So (Y/N), how do you feel being an actress in a big-budget movie while also singing and performing the next week? Is it exhausting?”
You sided glared at Vil, and gave the reporter a smug grin. “Well, I think I can handle a little bit of work. It’s not in me to sit around and look pretty, you know. But then again, I guess that’s what some people are into, so we can’t judge them. They might not understand hard work.”
Vil smiled with closed eyes. You were such an amateur. If it weren’t for the fact that you were actively throwing shade on him and being so annoying at it, too, he might think you were cute.
Of course, Vil wouldn’t back down; that’s not what he was taught. The crown was his, and he would take it with hard work and determination. Which means potatoes like you don’t really matter in the long run of things.
“Vil-senpai, how do you manage your modeling gig and your acting? I mean, it must be hard to run from one event to the next since they’re so close behind each other?”
“Well, dear, we models are more than just a pretty face. We represent big companies and events that many couldn’t even fathom getting into. My schedule might be a bit tight, but I was born into this lifestyle, and I have learned many skills to help me move and work in these types of environments. I can say one thing for sure not a lot of people can handle my agenda, one day in my heels, and they might slip if you know what I mean, darling.”
You scoffed under your breath, and it made Vil’s smile grow wider.
“Ahh, Vil-senpai is a hard worker for sure. Perhaps one day I could do an interview that can provide insight to one day of your agenda.”
“Anytime you want, darling, it would be lovely,” he knew with every word that came out of his mouth; you simmered even more.
“Are there any hobbies or activities that can fit into your schedules?
Vil was about to open his mouth when you beat him to it.
“Well, I don’t think he’s allowed to have any, you know, with his busy schedule. But I do love partaking in (hobby). I think it is a nice way to unwind and take my mind off of everything. Since stress it’s not good for your vocals, you know. I try to keep myself in top shape for my lovely fans.”
Vil was raging. How dare you interrupt him when he was clearly about to talk. Didn’t your parent taught you any manners, or are you so much of a spoiled brat to care for?
“Ahh, interesting. Does Vil Sendai have any hobbies in particular?
“As a matter of fact, I do” you were looking at him with an expectant smirk. You were genuinely curious to hear what he had to say. “I like to make beauty and make-up tutorials that are beneficial for a lot of my fans. I like to show them how to use brushes correctly what and what not to do with concealer. Those are bonding moments for me and my fans. I think they are important.”
At the end of that interview, a single question brought the anger and tense meter to burst. Now the tensions and dislikes weren’t palpable. They were visible.
“Oh, I’ve had some partners, but I like to focus more on my work, unlike some other artists who like to jump around; my projects come first, and I don’t want to ruin my partner’s and I relationship by not spending enough time with them.”
“Wow, he really doesn’t like to have fun.”
“I do just not with the likes of you.”
“Come on, pretty boy, you couldn’t handle me even if you were begging pretty on your knees.”
“Dream on, potato, you might be prettier than most potatoes, but you’re still that a potato with some potential. I bet if push came to shove, you wouldn’t last seconds with me.
“I bet you wouldn’t make it into the second round without having to retouch your make-up with me. Besides, it’s not like you’ll last long enough to even sweat that much.”
“Well, that’s a relief to know I wouldn’t have to put much effort into pleasing someone like you.”
The reporter was utterly flushed, and that was cut from the interview recording. Good thing that it was, or people might’ve gotten the wrong impression. That you liked each other or something.
Or something.
After that interview, rumors spread like they always do, and fans started gossiping about the two of you secretly together but having to hate each other in public to save face since it’s a big rumor that singers and models don’t actually go well together in the industry.
Such wild imagination and machinations fans have. It brought out a small chuckle.
Vil passed through the automatic doors telling the receptionist his name and guiding him to the set. Once there, he settled his stuff over the make-up table and sat back to look once more through his phone.
“Have you seen this?” A text notification annoying appeared on the screen.
Vil tch and opened the message to reveal a very well photoshopped photo of him and you sitting and drinking at some café. You were smiling like he just told you you were beautiful, and it was a good look on you.
This was outrageous. Who would go to such lengths? Suddenly a bag dropped right on the table next to him. He looked up to meet your eyes as you took off your sunglasses, slowly realizing who was sitting beside you.
“Oh no,” you faintly muttered underneath your breath but not faintly enough that Vil couldn’t hear you.
He scoffed and went back to look at the stupid picture, texting his manager as mad as he was.
“Oh, you saw it too,” you commented, sitting down and looking at your own phone.
Vil didn’t answer. He really didn’t care about your opinion on this; his credibility was on the line. He was supposed to hate you, and that’s how things should go.
“Well, at least they got a good angle of my face, not to mention I’m actually smiling for once.”
“Actually, smil- what are you talking about potato? All you do is smile in all of your pictures. That’s why you have to hide your wrinkles with make-up,” he said as if it was the most obvious thing.
“Well, as presumptuous as that was, proud little peacock, I actually never smile genuinely for the cameras. My genuine smile is reserved for good moments. I guess not anymore.”
At that, Vil felt like the two of you clicked. He knew the feeling, the invasive nature of fame, and the lack of privacy was very real in the industry. It’s the first thing you have to get through. But listening to you say made him realize you’re just like him.
“Well, if you behave during the shoot, I might feel inclined to reward you for good behavior” he grinned at you.
“Mmm, you make it sound as if you don’t like the way I make you crumble in front of everyone. It’s like you’re denying yourself the pleasure, and here I thought you liked the masochism.”
“Hahahaha, I’ll step on you once we’re done here. Maybe that and a little bit of discipline will put you in your place. However, your lack of manners and running mouth might be a problem; perhaps all you need is a nice pacifier. I can help with that.”
You both were so close to each other muttering salacious threats that you didn’t realize how flustered everyone else was in the room.
It was going to be another one of those shoots.
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Chapter 7 "World of thorns"
Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6
Tumblr media
•Barely cool down from a heart attack that would have knocked you down so early age, you looked around with incomprehension. One thing was clear for sure. Something happened that you have been waiting for. The last dorm and the end of the exchange program. Even though Grimm often played on your nerves, now you were ready to forgive him anything.
•The weather turned out to be, to put it mildly, unexpected. You can say that for the first time, you encountered a bad meteorological the state of heaven. Octavinelle and Ignyhide are literally under the ground or water, so thoughts about forgotten an umbrella didn`t rush to visit your head. The rest is the bright sun.
•Noticing the enthusiasm on your face, Vanrouge immediately rushed to assure that this is not the worst picture yet. At least now for the time being the lightning died down. It seems that dorm leader is in a good mood. After these words, the vice looked at you slyly, but you were in no hurry to share his joy. Especially after Sebek's loud scream pierced the space. You've heard of his "emotional" nature before, but when faced with it, your ear membranes begged for mercy. If you do not go deaf at the end of these three days, it can only be called a miracle.
•You've also heard of the mysterious second year falling asleep in unsuitable places for this and capable of challenging Leona in this. However, seeing him peacefully snoring during Ziegvolt's loud lecture, you involuntarily overwhelmed with respect for him.
•No matter how you look around for the head of the Diasomnia you never succeeded. As if reading your thoughts, Lilia intervened again, who, shaking his head, said a simple "He`s shy". Well, maybe it's for the best. You wouldn't grieve too much if you didn't met him.
•Because of the incomprehensible weather and time of day outside the window, morning or evening you check by "SILVER, IT'S TIME TO GET UP!" and "SILVER, GO IN BED!". This served in place of the cuckoo clock. Probably, not only you thought so, but the whole dorm, which, by the way, turned out to be not very noisy and very responsible. You were willing to bet that Riddle would gladly trade a couple of his students for those of Diasomnia.
•At the end of the third day, you trudged to the mirrors, barely raising your legs. One smell of Vanrouge's cooking, which he carefully brought to you all this time, made you feel dizzy. You mentally vowed to get rid of biological weapons as soon as possible. With every step you took, you got closer to the familiar abandoned building. Crossing the gate and smiling to the first-year friends who came to congratulate you on the end of the trip. You slowly slid down, losing consciousness. The last desire was to strangle one crow, but first a long-awaited and deserved rest.
Diasomnia is the best choice for those who have clearly set themselves the goal is to become a great wizard. The only parting word for those who are going to enter next year: you shiould have a strong stomach.
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otomes-world · 2 days ago
Chapter 6 "In the world of high technology"
Here we go! Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 7
Tumblr media
• Already accustomed to being dragged from place to place like an abandoned toy, you accepted your fate in Ortho's metal hands. A friendly robot along the way, without ceasing, continued a monologue about how good his older brother is. Well, you already have the experience of "caring" for another inept person. True, in that case, the person herself completely refused to get out of bed and do at least something. However, the difference is not great.
• Barely glancing at the "good older brother" you whistled, not expecting to see such a pigsty. Ruggie take the cleanliness - he was paid for that, but not the point - so Kingscholar's room looked more or less presentable, which could not be said about Shroud. A lot of different anime merch, spread out where it shouldn't lie in principle. Food packages covered every millimeter of the floor. In the sub-cortex of your subconscious, the thought flashed through you, how the apartments of the head of Ignichide are similar to your room, but it was driven away.
• Finally, looking away, you noticed something huddled in the corner. Noticing Ortho calling it "nii-san", the answer came naturally. For every step you took, Idia tried harder to blend in with the wall. Therefore, in order not to tempt fate, you again went to the threshold and began to voice the robot's upcoming to-do list.
•Spring-cleaning. Solemnly entrusting the holy cause to Ortho, you grabbed the elder Shroud by the collar like a kitten and dragged him away. Fortunately, as an example, you managed to see Schoenheit dragging Epel along the corridors in the same way. The "kitten" struggled and tried to grab onto everything that was possible with his hands, but you turned out to be more stubborn. Therefore, after half a circle through the entire dorm Idia ran out of steam and allowed himself to be dragged. After another one you returned to a clean tidied room. The hikikomorii glancing over his shoulder barely recognized her.
• Eating and resting regimen. Here again you remembered the famous model, from whose schedule Felmier wakes up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night. If earlier the head of Ignyhide muttered barely audibly, cursing you, the good director, the whole program. Now he did it with all the strength of his weak lungs.
• Needless to say, this was the first dorm where your departure eagerly awaited and celebrated? Idia said goodbye through the door, while a kind child prevented her from closing. How rude.
"I agree, it's rude."
Turning around sharply, hearing a voice near your ear, you saw a wide smile and piercing magenta eyes.
“I suppose it's finally our turn?”
Despite the negative first impression, Ignyhide is a great place for those who call technology and appliances their best friends. Unlike other hostels, the head is very loyal to everything. You will hardly notice his invisible presence.
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drac0nia · 2 days ago
Hi! May I request a scenario with Jade and a s/o who is similar to him? They tend to remain quiet but are capable of causing chaos. And how would he react? Thank you so much!
— 𝐇𝐞𝐥𝐥'𝐬 𝐅𝐚𝐯𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐞 𝐂𝐨𝐮𝐩𝐥𝐞
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing ; Jade Leech x Reader
Tw ; dropping a heavy object on a person
Tagging ; @strwbryrainbows
Tumblr media
A client was refusing to pay up the deal he signed with Azul last week and today was his deadline for payment; the student was currently hiding around the campus but he remembers he has a certain partner to help him up.
"Lovely afternoon, my darling", Jade greeted you at your dormitory, "Greetings, Jade", he flashed you a smile before asking to have a small chat for you. You welcomed him in as he made his way to the common area, making Grim jump. "Why is he here?!", Grim exclaimed, clinging to your arm, "Calm down, he isn't here for us, we don't owe them anything at the moment"; Grim wasn't buying it so he went upstairs to your room.
A sigh left your lips as you made your way to the couch, "So.. what brings you here, my beloved?", you asked, "If it's an offer from Azul then you could ever so kindly exit the building", your snarky remark made him exhale. "Your words wound me, dear", you rolled your eyes and waited for him to get to the point, "Will it be alright if you accompany me to search for a indebted client?", you paused for a moment to think about it, "What do I recieve in return?" You shot a smirk to him which caused him to slightly giggle.
"Dinner for you and me at the lounge, 6:00, sharp",
"If you pay for the meal then it's a deal",
"So is it settled then?", you nodded in response and got yourself ready for the playdate you and him are going to have. He stood up and offered his arm for you to hold on as you exited the dorm. You first collected some of the details about the student before planning anything. "He is a Savanclaw second year, a cheetah beastmen, his payment is either madols or carrying new boxes of supplies and food for the lounge; it'll be a hassle to catch him by his speed so I believe you have some effective ideas?"
You slightly got a little too far with some ideas while brainstorming but it does have a high chance of working, "I am going to need a couldron, some rope, a high place to stay on, and some cooked meat from the cafeteria for bait", Jade was a slighly taken back but did as you asked.
Eventually he brought the rope, bait, a note of some of the highest places on campus, and... Deuce? "Jade, darling, why is he here?", you tilted your head slighly whilst Deuce does his best to keep his composure. "As you can see, Deuce has the ability to summon couldrons so with that in mind you won't have any trouble carrying one." You chuckled and started to put everything at it's place.
"Make sure to keep silent while communicating through your phone, my love, you wouldn't want to upset me don't you?", he chuckled, "I won't", he smiled back, "Alright, Deuce, you could go now", Deuce nodded and ran off. Meanwhile you both went to your hiding spots, a certain beastmen identical to the client's description appeared; he was somewhat sniffing the fresh aroma of meat. He made his way to where it was left off and started munching on it.
"He's there", Jade whispered on his phone.
On top of Savanaclaw's roof, you dropped a couldron directly on the feasting student, he loudly growled in pain whilst Jade used his pen to levitate you down. You landed on top couldron, with your legs crossed, hands on the pot, and wearing a satisfied smirk; "Will you pay up now, our dear client?", you teased as the student slowly passed out. Jade offered a hand to you, making you twirl and kissed you when your bodies went near to each other and his lands his hands on your waist. He shortly lifted the couldron off the student and carried him on his shoulder as if it was a dead body.
Most of the nearby Savanclaw students cleared a path for you and him; Jade is carrying the knocked out student on his shoulder whilst his lover had their hand hooked on his other arm. You two wore such friendly yet evil smiles as when you both walked out and made your way to the lounge.
My, my, you both really are a match made in hell.
Tumblr media
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tsukikoayanosuke · 2 days ago
Watch Me Post Meme of an Horrible Abridged Summary of the Christmas Special Sections I Just Finished Writing to Raised My Motivations
Tumblr media
*Madison is Riddle's fiancée, twisted from the Mad Hatter
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courtlyharlequin · 2 days ago
"The moon looks beautiful tonight, huh. It takes two to tango. Shall we, Jade?" 🌙🌹🍃
Tumblr media
Warning(s): gender neutral reader but they are wearing a dress, established relationship between Jade and the reader albeit they’re in the early stages, brief mention of death (only used as figurative language; no character death is featured in this scenario), mention of choking (on sobs)
A/N: Thank you for requesting, Taku! It honestly means a lot. I appreciate your support~ I wrote you a little something that highlighted Jade's indifference, a trait of his that I find often overlooked in favor of his shrewdness. I hope you like it! I had a lot of fun writing it ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡
A/N²: This piece was inspired by the word "apogee" (hence the title). For reference, apogee has two meanings. The first meaning of apogee is the point in the moon's orbit where it is furthest from the earth. The second meaning is "the highest point in development". The first meaning correlates with distance yet the second one is associated with progress, moving towards something e.g. the development of a relationship. Ironic, don't you think?
You pursed your lips as you plucked dainty white petals from the daisy’s pistil. It shook violently in your fist, swaying back and forth as you continued to tug on the flower. One by one, its petals littered the hem of your dress with its suffocating fragrance. The more you stared at your feet, the more the petals began to resemble discarded tissues. The night was alive. People danced. People dined. They had a grand old time. Their laughter echoed throughout the ballroom, audible from even the lonely rose garden– occupied by you and only you. Your eyes were blurry with tears albeit they have not fallen from your eyes just yet.
He loves me.
He loves me not.
He loves me. 
Your eyes shouldered the weight of the world as you dropped the weed onto the lawn. Its petals flounced into the air, dancing their last dance before falling onto their deaths. You glared at the daisy. Jade didn’t love you.
Perhaps love was a strong word. You liked him. You liked him an awful lot– so much that you actually worked up the courage to ask him to the dance. To your surprise, he said yes. You were already a couple, but you figured school dances weren’t his forte. Nevertheless, you were excited. It was a first for the both of you, the first time you attended a dance together as Jade and (y/n), the first dance as a couple.
It would have been a first if he had actually shown up. The night was young, but he was nowhere to be found. You had grown tired of hosting yourself a pity party, tired of tagging along with your friends and their own dates. Three was a charm, but it was also a crowd. You were the seventh wheel– worse than a third wheel. You tagged along multiple couples. They didn’t mind. They were your friends, but it was their night not yours. Your night was meant to be with Jade.
Eventually, you had given up. There was no use waiting for him. You excused yourself from the crowds, the whispers, and retreated to a vacant rose garden. A daisy, a feeble weed, had become your victim of the night.
You sighed as you glanced up at the moon. It was bright and round, smiling upon the rose garden, upon you. It was beautiful, perfect for a clandestine waltz. Its silvery glow embraced you. You basked in the moonlight.
“The moon is beautiful isn’t it?”
A twig snapped.
You turned your head, coming face to face with the last person you wanted to see tonight. Jade smiled at you. You scooted over as he made himself comfortable on the wooden bench. You eyed the bouquet of soft pink roses in his hands.
“These are for you,” he said.
“You’re late.”
“I know.”
“Are you not sorry?”
“You’re late, Jade,” you repeated.
He tucked his hair behind his hair. It was as if that single strand was impeding his hearing. He brought the flowers closer to his lips.
Jade sighed, “My apologies, dearest. Thank you for waiting for me.”
You huffed.
“I am here now. The night is still young. The ball ends at midnight,” Jade mused as he rose from his seat.
He held his hand out: “Shall we?”
You stared at him, unable to contain your tears for any longer. His eyes widened. They returned back to their original shape in a matter of seconds.
“‘The night is still young,’ he says. Jade, the ball started at six in the evening. It’s eight thirty now. Where were you for the past two hours? I thought you stood me up.”
The warmth of his hands ghosted your shoulder. They fell to his sides. No answer.
“Jade. Please,” you pleaded.
You were dying to know. What took him so long? 
Jade had a knack for schemes. While he had never played with your feelings, you hadn’t ruled out the possibility. He once told you that he initially accepted your confessions a few months ago due to his own amusement. You were so... reactive, full of emotions. You were a spitfire. He adored you for that. In other words, he liked to tease you for a reaction. You were aware that your love for each other, despite dating for a few months, ran deeper than that, but there were occasions where Jade took things a little too far. Today was one of those instances. 
“...It is customary to gift one’s date with a bouquet of flowers. I wanted to get fresh flowers for you,” he said, gesturing to the bouquet, “Unfortunately,  flower shops also closed around this time so I spent most of my time finding a shop that was still open. I arrived around seven fifty yet you were nowhere to be found. I spent the remaining time looking for you.”
“You’re joking.”
“I would never lie to you, would I?,” he beamed, placing a hand on his chin, pondering.
Regrettably, he was right. You sniffled, shaking, scolding yourself for overacting and assuming the worst.
“The moon is beautiful tonight,” Jade commented once more, turning his gaze to the celestial body.
You wiped your tears, choking on your own sobs. It was hard to get a hold of yourself. He was so… calm. It angered you. He wasn’t upset that you were cursing him for being late nor was he fazed when you burst into tears. He just stood there, watching you miserably recollect yourself. You wanted that sort of composure, you wanted to hide your feelings a little better than whatever you were doing now. His hands loomed over your shoulder yet they were far from touching you.
The eel sighed as he draped his coat jacket over you. You perked your head up and he placed a hand on your head, stroking it softly. While he was touching you this time around, it was gentle. It was as if he was holding himself back. He kissed your forehead. You yelped, earning a chuckle from the vice prefect. He peppered your face with soft butterfly kisses, following the trails of your tears.
You placed a hand on his chest, pushing him back. He smirked at you, knowing you felt better already. He was genuine with this particular gesture. You would like to think he was genuine. He got you flowers after all. He went through all that trouble for you. He was doing his best to console you even now. Physical affection and comforting others was still foreign to him as much as it was to you. You supposed… you could forgive him for being late. He raised an eyebrow as you giggled in his chest.  As he said, the night was young. You had till midnight. He was here now. That was all that mattered. 
“May I have this dance?” you asked.
He took your hand without hesitation, whisking you away beneath the moonlight. 
He loves me.
“Sorry about all of that,” you cooed, hugging him close as you two swayed in the serene rose garden.
“All of what?” he asked, spinning you around.
You stepped on his toes. He smiled, trying not to grimace.
“You know what.”
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In depth of forest
As my enthusiasm doesn't cool down yet I decided post it now! Rip my internet.. Don't worry Exchange and one small drabble with Vil will be here in several days as second part of story. There was first meeting with master, life with master and life after their death(?). So I decided write part before main actions, enjoy o/
Idea belongs @twstedforyou ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶
Tumblr media
Many people mistakenly believe that the most mysterious place is ocean. Well, they are not far from the truth, but for a long time the forests have been chosen by creatures that the more powerful then them. Perhaps this is why fate, determined to maintain a delicate balance, tied strong, immortal monsters with mortal masters. However, when you are an ordinary fox, your head is occupied with completely different thoughts, one of which is how to fill an empty stomach.
People often encroach on the gifts of the forest, but at the same time constantly raise a commotion if you take something from them. The red fox could not understand such double standards, however, it was not for him to judge. Everyone survives as best they can. That is why he did not feel any pangs of conscience, making his way to the temple and eating the offering. In the end, it is unlikely that the deity decides to descend. Food will be remove as it begins to deteriorate. No matter how you look, the priority in the choice is obvious. Probably, the little blue crow, who got into the habit of carrying sparkling coins, also thought so. Why keep something that cannot be eaten, the fox did not understand, but until the bird doesn't attempted to eat offering, he did not care.
People foolishly decided that the gods had finally noticed their attempts. Well, if he gets more food, so be it. Voiced croak from above confirmed the thoughts of the small animal. However, the older the fox got, the more food he needed. Therefore, as soon as there were not enough offerings in the temple, he began to steal the residents' carelessly left food. They will not become poorer because of the leftovers.
One day, waiting for a man to come and lay out food, fox sat in the bushes. The little crow on the upper branches, apparently, was expecting the same. An empty stomach was already beginning to make itself felt. People, who find out about the disappearances, took a closer look at their stocks, so it became more and more difficult to steal food unnoticed.
"It seems that we have arrived at the place" someone's calm voice distracted him from the torment of starvation. "If you believe the denunciations, things disappear in this village."
Looking closer, the fox saw that the voice belonged to an ordinary young man with green hair, if not for one "but": he was dressed in something similar to the uniform of the workers of the temple and behind him were a pair of wings.
"The place is it, but you could carry me more carefully, Trey-chan~!" The second voice, more resonant than the first, belonged to a battered red-haired boy with four tails.
Tengu and kitsune.
The red fox hid deeper in the bushes. All his life he spent near villages, so meeting real yokai took him by surprise. To be honest, he considered them the same invention as the deities to whom people erect temples. Just a beautiful fairy tale in which someone continues to believe.
However, it's not his problem, if he manages to quietly slip away, the duo will leave with nothing. At least that's what the fox hoped for, without taking off his red eyes from yokai. However, his hopes were not destined to come true, because his accomplice in theft, dived down and grabbed the tengu's glasses, frightening him to the bones.
"A! Cater, what is this?! Unhook him from me -..!" The green young man clearly did not expect an assassination attempt, trying to gently unhook from himself noisy bird and not hurt it. He cannot do it.
The village was not poor, but the glasses were still considered a luxury item. The happy owners of the object took care of them like the apple of an eye. Why the raven needed the glass, the fox sincerely did not understand. However, for all the time he had already managed to get used for it to being around him, sometimes even sharing an offering. Therefore, with a warning growl, he jumped out of the bushes and rushed at the second yokai, who was trying to help his friend.
By this time the tengu had come to the conclusion that glasses were a small fee. For, finally, having received a shining little thing, the little crow calmed down and allowed himself to be held. Now he twisted his head with incomprehension, watching as a noisy friend tried to scratch out the eyes of another fox, without letting the glasses out of his beak.
"Listen!" Not wanting to risk and loosen his grip on the bird, the green youth tried to help. "You're hungry, right? I know a place where there is a lot of delicious food that you don't have to steal!"
The red fox just snorted. They are trying to bribe him. However, a second hesitation was enough for the yokai to dodge and practically strangle the animal in his arms.
"Caught you! Thank you Trey-chan~! Something tells me that we have found the culprit. Now, just what can we do with them?"
What the strange duo continued to talk about, the fox no longer listened. He was more worried about how to get out of the embrace. The animal tried to give signals to the stupid bird, obsessed with trinkets, with a glance, but the raven did not seem to notice. Nor did he react when the yokai turned and headed towards the mountains. It seemed that now all his attention was concentrated on stupid glasses, and a red fox was tormented by concern about where they were being taken.
"How wild you are!" Despite the offended tone, the kitsune did not loosen his grip, trying to ignore the bites and scratches from the claws.
“You were the same,” as opposed to him, the tengu walked lightly, mentally figuring out that making a concession was the best decision. "I am sure Grimm will gladly tell a couple of stories about your childhood."
Kitsune could not answer as they had already managed to approach some temple. However, the fox noted that this one was much larger and better than its counterpart in that village.
“I thought what could have delayed you so,” came a third voice. He looked like a young man with red hair and small horns, clearly oni, was the youngest of all, but the way the others addressed him spoke a lot.
"Has a tough time, huh" Lazily asked the young man, on whose head was a pair of cat ears, enveloped in flames, and a forked tail swayed behind his back. "Evokes memories, I remember you two-.."
"Wa-wa!" Apparently kitsune really did not want to remember his childhood once again. He immediately interrupted the nekomata and drew attention to the two animals, which they still held in their hands. "We found weak yokai, they would have a little time to become full-fledged!"
"How can you interrupt the Great Grimm?! There is no respect for elders at all! I-…!"
"Since there is no other choice, we will leave them here. Since we have future kitsune and tengu, I entrust you two with mentoring over them." Nekomata was not as authoritative as he himself believed. Oni easily interrupted him again, getting back to business. "Names.. as I understand, they do not have it.
"Cough! Since I was the one who nobly gave names to you trios. This time, I will also make newbies happy! Listen here," the cat turned to the animal. Surprisingly, no one has ever said a word to a nekomata. "Since I noticed you first, you will be Ace, and you, quieter, will become the second Deuce. Welcome to Heartslabyul Temple~!"
The incident was too chaotic for the fox.. no, now he is "Ace"... but since there will be food and a roof over his head, then he probably stay for a while.
From the moment the fox was given the name "Ace" and was sheltered at the Heartslabuyl temple, a lot of time has passed. During this period, he managed to acquire a human form, like the others, and the ability to express his thoughts aloud. Than he took advantage of it, saying to the crow or "Deuce", everything that he thought about as a fox. About how he held glasses with his beak, as if his life depended on it. About how he allowed himself to be easily taken into the mountains. About how, unlike food, he dragged coins, which, in animal form, were of no use to them.
Needless to say, Deuce also acquired a human form, but he stll learned how to fly. For this, Ace loved to tease a fellow accomplice: what kind of bird is he, if he cannot fly. For this he often get scolding from Trey, that was the name of the green haired tengu, who soon acquired a second pair of wings. The same is true of Cater, the kitsune who brought him to the temple and who became a full-fledged nine-tailed fox.
Ace wasn't jealous, not at all, no. On the contrary, he sincerely believed that caring for so many tails is a real hassle. He would have to cope with one, but Cater should deal with nine. Moreover, from the back, he looked like a lump of red fur with ears on top. However, this did not stop the older kitsune from teasing the fox back. He needs to try best to get all his tails. Maybe it's just a part of their nature. After all, people wouldn't called kitsune pranksters for nothing.
Together with the full-fledged form came lessons about the structure of the world, which Ace hated so much. The younger tengu, by no means, listened attentively to the words of the mentors. He took to heart the words about their purpose, who in the future will become the center of their universe. The master whom they will serve as familiars.
Ace lived well without a master, so at first he did not understand why Cater, with an empty expression on his face, each time saw off the yokai who left mountain with the human. Isn't it better to live for your own pleasure without worrying about the mortal? Or so the fox often spoke out to the public, once again teasing Deuce and getting scolded by the head-oni, Riddle.
There was no such thing that the yokai wasn't meet a master. However, many yokai who have lived for more than one hundred years often wondered whether they would have one. Therefore, looking at Cater and Trey, the fox also think, why the statement come from. Maybe this is just a consolation for those who have not yet met their master. A sort of "Cheer up!" for yokai.
“Maybe it is,” the senior tengu interjected, hearing Ace mumbles. “However, in most cases, all we can do is hope. Hope that the meeting will happen sooner or later." As a tengu, he felt the emotional state of everyone in the temple, because the words were spoken with a kind of sad tinge. True, Trey soon cheered up and ruffled the fox's hair. "If I were you, I would not be so obviously shirking. In front of Riddle and I can't always cover up"
"Why do we need a master?" Kitsune finally voiced what is always wanted to know, but was afraid to ask. "What's the point?"
"There is may be no sense, but spending all eternity alone... sounds sad, doesn't it?" After that Trey disappeared completely, leaving Ace alone to ponder his own words.
This conversation became the starting point for the kitsune, who outwardly also neglected the lessons, but secretly began to listen attentively to every word. Deuce often pushed feathers, noting that Ace could recite by heart all lectures to the first stump, but not to the teacher. However, the opinion of the bird's brains worried him last.
Now he began to note how often the yokai brought their masters to temple. As if they took over the human tradition of meeting their parents, which was not an exaggeration. The temple became a home and a haven not only for the fox and the raven: someone came himself, someone was brought. So different, but so similar in action.
Trey always set the table with sweets so that greet another pair of master and familiar. Riddle, as the head, officially congratulated the yokai, while Cater cannot found a place for himself.
Reluctantly, Ace pointed out that it’s likely the older you get, the more you worry about your own fate. This is what all creatures of the other world were so afraid of: to reach the peak of strength and age and understand that your master died before the meeting could take place and the scarlet thread emerged. However, no one could predict when the master would decide to appear and under what circumstances. As the senior tengu said, they can only hope.
After a while, Ace got used to life in the mountains, occasionally continuing to make noise. Only occasionally, because Riddle, being they, possessed a very unstable condition. Getting hit on the head was still all right, but things could take a more serious turn. Trying to suppress irritability, the young man loaded himself with affairs, the rest took duty to make him angry as little as possible.
Grimm used to do this, but after the sudden disappearance of the nekomata, Trey and Cater took on the sacred duty of caring for the rest, as the third in seniority and strength. Who was the second? Ace snorted in displeasure at the young yokai's questions, saying, of course, it's Riddle.
This is what made the fox angry. Despite its late appearance, the one-tailed kitsune became the best friend with cat. This was no secret to anyone, even though the couple, for the sake of preserving the images, continued to turn up their nose.
What could make a cat, which has settled for so long, jump out of place and disappear for months? Deep down, Ace, like many, guessed, but still stay silent to preserve the fragile peace. He had no doubt that everyone in the temple would sincerely congratulate the nekomata on finding the master. However, this also meant that Grimm, who became the talisman of the temple, would soon leave it, this time forever. The yokai continued to visit with their mentors, but it was very rare. They had other concerns, other priorities. Therefore, hearing the news that the cat had returned and, moreover, with a human made the kitsune drop everything and dash off, ignoring Deuce's cries. How could a nekomata disappear unknown for how long and return as if nothing had happened.
Feeling the aunt, invisibly pierced the heart and pulling it forward, Ace stopped.
It can't be true, can it?
Will he be the lucky one to meet the master so soon, when some are waiting for millennia?
Will they be happy about the meeting?
Will a person like him?
Will they agree to accept the red thread?
Each step forward is an answer to a question and an increasing tension on the string.
Jumping out of the bushes, the kitsune meets a frightened human and Grimm, who is still looking at him lazily. However, all of Ace's attention is not riveted on him.
He probably looks like the last idiot now, however, so be it. For them he can be fool.
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drac0nia · 3 days ago
— 𝐀𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@strwbryrainbows and i were brainrotting over ace so here's what i thought abt
tw ; ace is being a little shit
Tumblr media
It was almost time for class but apparently the professor had a problem he had to deal with and Deuce caught a cold so he could not attend any classes.
You were busy reading your text book since there was an upcoming quiz your professor planned today and of course your.. Crowley's responsibilities had to be taken cared of by you so you didn't get the chance to study. Ace was bored, Deuce was not there to accompany him and Grim will only pick a fight if the conversation gets too heated so his best bet to hang out at the moment was you.
Several pokes landed on the left of your cheek, you ignored it since your grades were nore important than fooling around with your friend. Ace pouted for not receiving the wanted attention he wishes to get, "Hey... Hey!", he exclaimed yet no response. "Oh c'mon, prefect, let's chat for a bit, it's not like you're gonna get grounded for bad grades you know", he slowly grew impatient of your silence.
An idea caught his attention the moment it entered his mind, he shifted his body to your direction while his hands crawl towards your face. He grabbed your chin and pulled your face close to his, lips inches away from contact, your eyes stared back at him, and your face full of shock from the sudden gesture. You came back from reality shortly afterwards and was welcomed by Ace's signiture smirk.
"Are you gonna pay attention to me now, prefect?", he teased.
Tumblr media
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hanafubukki · 4 days ago
You’ll Be in My Heart
Summary: Malleus was crying. YN’s heart aches. Lilia can’t believe his eyes. 
Paring: Lilia Vanrouge X Reader, Malleus Draconia X Reader (platonic) 
Yuu and YN are two different people. They were both transported into Twisted Wonderland at the same time. Yuu would attend NRC with Ace, Deuce, and Grim. YN would do odds jobs to have some financial stability, act as therapist 2.0 for these boys, and help the first years study. YN is older than Yuu.
·      Malleus was crying.
·      Buildings were broken.
·      Roads were destroyed.
·      Smoke was rising from various areas.
·      But...
·      Malleus was crying
·      All YN could think as she stared at the giant black beast in front of her was: Malleus was crying
·      It hurt her.
·      Silver and Sebek was in front of their lord, distracting him while Lilia was casting a spell.
·      Ace and Deuce was helping Yuu from the ground after Malleus’ roar had brought them all to their knees.
·      Idia and his brother was in the back…doing something that YN did not care for at that moment.
·      This is wrong. Malleus shouldn’t be crying.
·      YN didn’t know what to do. She just wanted it to stop. She just wanted Malleus to stop crying.
·      More tears fell from his eyes.
·      No.
o   “YN! Look! I found you a flower.”
o   “Aww! Mal-Mal! Thank you.”
·      He had such a precious smile. I always wanted to protect it.
·      Malleus raised his head.
·      No. Please. 
o   “YN, I love you!”
o   “I love you too, my little prince.”
o   “Hey! Where’s my love?”
o   “I gave it to YN! Bleh!” Malleus’s laughed as he stuck his tongue out.
o   “The pain! My little beastie doesn’t love me! Whatever shall I do, my beloved?”
o   “You could always give him ice cream.” YN laughed as she looked up at Lilia.
·      Watching them, I was the happiest in the world. Nothing brought me more joy.
·      Malleus opened his mouth.
·      No no no no please no not him  
o   “YN, I am going to marry you one day!”
o   “Sorry my little beastie, but she is already mine.”
o   Little Malleus pouted and looked to YN with wide, teary eyes.
o   “I don’t know Lilia. Malleus is so handsome and he brings me flowers all the time. Maybe I should marry him.” YN winked at Mal-Mal as Lilia gasped.
o   Little Malleus looked at Lilia with a smirk on his face as Lilia bemoaned his fate.
·      “Malleus! STOP!”
·      YN ran towards Malleus.
·      “YN, don’t!”
·      She didn’t know who it was yelling at her.
·      She didn’t care.
·      Her precious little prince was crying
·      Malleus stared at her.
·      “You will stop this at once, Malleus.”
·      Malleus didn’t seem to like that command; a growl could be heard.
·      “My little prince, didn’t you promise me that you would never use your flames on those that you love?”
·      Malleus froze.
·      He stared.
o   “It’s okay Mal-Mal. I’m okay.” YN tried to sooth a crying Malleus. He clung to her side and didn’t want to let go.
o   “No! I hurt you! I hurt you! I never wanted to hurt anyone! Especially not you!”
o   “It’s okay, my precious one. It was by accident. You were trying to protect my from those badies.” YN wiped his tears.
o   “No! No! I won’t ever do it again. I won’t ever hurt anyone I love again!” Malleus took YN’s bandaged hand and kissed it.
o   Even as such a young age, Malleus knew what that meant. He had sworn an oath.
·      “But I am here, my little prince, and I have missed you so much. Will you not turn back and give me a hug?”
·      “LIAR!” Malleus was done. He was angry now. Who was this human? How dare they try to trick him!
·      He opened his mouth to breathe fire.
·      “YN!”
·      YN sang. She sang a song she sang to him for many nights. A song that he would always try to stay awake for the full verse for. A song she made for him only.
·      “It’s you.” Malleus had turned back.
·      “Hello, my little prince.”
·      Malleus turned to look at the others. Everyone had a varying degree of shock. Lilia looked as if he was staring at a ghost. His eyes trained on YN.
·      “Lilia.” Malleus pointed at the creature behind him. The overblot creature was chained in flames. Lilia took his chance.
·      The ovebrlot shattered.
·      Malleus fell.
·      YN caught him and lowered him to the ground.
·       “YN, you won’t leave again right?”
·      “No, Mal-Mal, I won’t.”
·      Malleus fell asleep.
·      “Dearie.” YN looked as Lilia. He sat down next to her, lifting a trembling hand to her cheek.
·      YN raised a hand and place it over his. Her other one gently patting Malleus’ head.
·      “My Star.” Tears escaped Lilia’s eyes as he laughed in disbelief. He leaned his forehead onto hers. YN closed her eyes and soaked in the warmth of those around her. Everything would be okay now. She would make sure of it.  
I hope you enjoyed. This was a short drabble I had in my head. YN is more of a personal OC/Self-insert character that I have, but I haven't fleshed her out yet. I love the idea of reincarnation trope and being reunited with your loved ones again, especially when they are the long living ones. I hope I was able to hint at that enough. I might drabble in this universe here and there again.
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drac0nia · 4 days ago
hi, can I have this but with leona? thank youu, stay safe and have a good day!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing ; Leona Kingscholar x Reader
Tw ; -
you too, anon! stay safee -w-
Tumblr media
It was noon, Leona was not around because a professor made him take remedial classes due to the times he was either absent or late so he had to make up for it. You plopped yourself on his bed, resting for a bit after babysitting your group of friends and your racoon cat child, Grim.
Eventually, you rummaged around his room to look for his uniform since you haven't tried any dorm clothes other than what you have which is.. just a regular school attire for a dormleader outfit. You managed to find it and started to put it on, it is a little loose but it stays on you so you really didn't care much.
Shortly afterwards, you were daydreaming.
It was empowering when you wore it, it felt like you were the leader of a feral pack of carnivores whom is ready to pounce on you if you dare enter their territory. You laid down on Leona's bed, you did the type of position he does whenever he shows up; you know, laying down on your side, a hand on your cheek or chin, and one knee bent up for the leg to stand, that type of pose.
You were giving that smirk he does whenever some of the members were fighting or arguing before Leona steps in and stops them by putting them in their place. You sat up thinking Leona was giving you a kiss on the cheek as he lifted you up and placed you on his lap. He burried his face on your neck and sniffed your scent, sending tingles down your spine.
Your imagination was slowly engulfing you into a dream like state where everything you saw was real when really you were spacing out. You fell back on the bed with your head hanging on the edge due to slipping on something on the floor when you were still stuck in your little world.
Leona had his smug face shooting at your figure when he saw his uniform on you, not to mention seeing you zone out when he turned the knob of his room's door.
Your hands travelled to your face as Leona steps inside and carried your figure in a more comfortable position next to him as he keeps you close. "My oh my, did the herbivore think that they can handle the dorm full of big and strong beast men? How cute", he teased. You gave him a pout in return which turned into a more surprised look when he directly kissed your lips out of nowhere.
"Don't give me that look, I like it when you're blushing but that doesn't mean I don't find it cute when you're angry", he once again teased you.
Tumblr media
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tsukikoayanosuke · 4 days ago
You were on your knees, surrounded by blot monsters. You held Grim (unconscious and breathing heavily) tightly to your chest. Ace and Deuce were standing in front of you, but their hold on their magical pen was weak and on the verge of collapsing. Is this it? Is this the end? Are they going to die like this? You screwed your eyes shut as the monsters shriek. Your lips whisper a prayer. A miracle.
"Everybody, get down!"
A blur jumped over your head, slicing the blot monster with its mouth open. The figure landed in front of you. It was a young man with spiky black hair and tanned skin. His face was covered by a white and blue kitsune mask. He wore a light blue kendogi and teal halaman underneath a white haori, along with a white tabi sock and traditional wooden sandals. In his hand, he helda katana, smoking slightly from his usage of magic.
The blot monsters shrieked again and ran toward the man. You were about to shout for him to be careful but the young man had already mmoved His movement were elegant and precise, like a flowing river. His katana sliced through the enemies until there was no ink left.
The three of you could only watch in awe as the young man finished the last of the blot monster before sheeting his katana back. He ran back toward you, worries filled his voice. "Are you alright?"
"W-We're fine," you answered, voice hoarse from the screaming earlier.
"You saved us," Deuce whispered, one arm over Ace's shoulder and his whole body leaning against him. "Thank you."
The young man nodded and he hummed.
"Who are you anyway?" Ace asked.
"Wha- Oh." The young man pulled his kitsune mask to the side of his head, revealing a pair of sharp but warm brown eyes.
"My name is Enma Yuuken. It's a pleasure to meet you guys."
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otomes-world · 9 days ago
His Treasure
I planned write a love letter but you know i just sat and went with the flow. Enjoy <( ̄︶ ̄)>
f. Friendship, Broken Glass, Smiling Stranger
Tumblr media
It is always cold in the Coral Sea regardless of the time of day and season. Of course, piercing frost isn`t something to fear if you were born and raised at the bottom of a reservoir. If you can call the ocean home.
However, life there isn`t as bad as it might seem at first glance. You can get used to the semi-darkness, to the coldness of the water and the views. You can find an occupation or, better to say, a hobby to your liking. This is exactly what Jade did, from childhood searching sunken ships for forgotten, abandoned valuables. While picking up this or that trinket, he wondered more than once: what did the Princess feel while collecting strange curiosities from land. Did she experience genuine joy from finding a new thing? Did she try to guess the purpose or history of the item?
Jade wasn`t interested in the culture of the walkers on the ground, there were enough interesting events under the water. Until the illustration in the book that caught his eye. Even then, he still couldn`t understand why people put fish in a glass prison and disguise it under the seabed. The idea itself turned out to be surprisingly original, so without noticing, he began to pick more and more sparkling, shiny things from the land.
Moray took this unusual hobby with him to College. Here he received great freedom in the choice of materials for creating aquariums. It was no longer necessary to conduct hourly, and sometimes useless, searches in order to find at least something worthwhile among the silt and algae. Now he could give free rein to his imagination.
However, like any collector, Jade was soon fed up with simple things. Like any sophisticated critic, he wanted something new, something worthy to become a part of his collection.
What is the point of rushing from one extreme to another for the sake of what everyone has in abundance?
To get into the world of villains from fairy tales.. perhaps for some it was a lifelong dream. However, without a shadow of a doubt, Yuu would call everything that happens a bad dream, from which she has long dreamed of waking up.
In a world where magic is common, not wielding it is like being an exotic, defenseless animal. The one that everyone looks down on. The one whose life passes under the crosshairs of unfriendly gazes. However, inside the viper's nest, you must be a viper, too. Therefore, rolling up sleeves, the self-proclaimed prefect put on a mask and began to pave herr way of survival.
If you take the mockery too close to your heart, you will break.
If you allow yourself to relax, you will hurt.
If you let someone get too close, you will condemn yourself to suffering.
Three simple rules, nothing could be easier. However, people need communication, support. With friends, it was easier to forget about pressing problems, briefly push fears into the background, allowing yourself to enjoy the moment. For a moment, close eyes to the danger, which is getting closer with each passing second.
Without Ace and Deuce's intimidated reaction, Yuu sensed that something was wrong with the Leech twins. Jade's unchanging smile and Floyd's unpredictable mood swings were great reasons to avoid both of them. However, fate always had its own vision of things, because the girl often began to notice two bright multi-colored eyes in the shadows.
Not to notice them is admitting that you are blind.
What calm, but no less frightening, vice-leader of Octavinelle found attractive in her, she didn`t know, but intuition dictated that it wouldn`t end well anyway. Therefore, when the young man finally approached her with an invitation, Yuu was already mentally prepared for the battle.
"Is this... what you wanted to show me?.." Having heard the rumors about the clandestine activities of the top of the Sea Witch's dorm, the prefect was ready for anything, but for the various aquariums in Jade's room.
However, despite her mistrust, Yuu couldn't help but acknowledge the quality and the amount of time spent on them. With different shapes and fillings each tank has a small world bounded by glass. Without noticing, the prefect began to look curiously from one aquarium to another. In one of the materials at hand the building of the College was recreated, in the other the Sea Witch's cave.
Jade was silent all the time, giving the girl the opportunity to slowly enjoy the fruit of his hard work. When she reached the last empty bowl, he allowed himself to speak.
“The world is full of unusual, attention-grabbing things. For some, a simple fork is nothing special, but for others it is a curiosity that carries a rich history behind it. I guess, this is the beauty of any thing,” Moray allowed himself to laugh. “Nature reserves the right to be the main creator, but it is merciful, allowing us to try ourselves in this difficult task. So, any person can bring something of their own into this world, so any sea inhabitant is able to recreate his own universe in a glass."
"What are you mean?" Yuu didn't like how far away the Leech started the conversation. "I didn't think you would decide to give me a lecture on philosophy."
“Like any connoisseur, the climax overtook me,” the young man continued his thought, as if nothing had happened, gradually closing the distance and forcing the prefect to retreat. “The moment when you understand that you have reached stagnation in creativity. When simple materials cease to cause joy and you want to create something that no one else in the world can do." For every step Jade took, the girl took one step back. "Replenish your collection with something that others absolutely do not have"
"You c-crazy," realizing where the Leech was leading, Yuu shivered. Colliding with the table, the girl inadvertently touched the empty aquarium, which with a loud crash shattered into small fragments. However, the sharp glass at the moment worried her least of all, because the prefect didn`t take her bewildered gaze from the tall figure, who remained calm despite the hype. "I will be damned if I'll let you stuff me into one of your t-toys!"
A moment and moray appear very close. The moment and back of the head pierces a sharp pain, depriving consciousness. Finally plunging into darkness, Yuu thought she heard a voice:
"Of course not. There was always something great in my thoughts."
Somewhere at the bottom of the Coral Sea is a cave hidden from prying eyes. The cold stone bends curiously, forming something like shelves inside. At the very top, there is a small hole that allows crumbs of light, like spotlights, to illuminate the treasures inside.
Silver shimmering cutlery stuck in an antique chandelier just like candles. Oil painting of a girl in a long dress leaning against a wall. Broken mirrors, fragments of expensive porcelain dishes, carefully laid out around.
In the center of the cave was a handmade pedestal made of stone, on which sat a girl in a dress made of airy flannel, swaying with waves. The arms and legs are fixed and suspended by subtle threads. The view seems so serene that it seems as a stranger is about to wake up from sleep and open her eyelids.
However, who, if not the owner of the collection, know that this will never happen.
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minzart · 11 days ago
All I can imagine in the sga au is, Y/N falls in love with the sidekicks like all their plans fall apart when instead of falling in love with one of the boys, she is just spending time with Diablo feeding him giving him attention and similar things with the others. Even better if they know a lot about animals or creatures that the sidekicks are.
Yuu holding the henchmens: Don't talk to me or my children/honorary uncle ever again
Poor Grimm's gotta catch up or he's gonna be replaced
List of best sidekick to .... ok, from Yuu's perspective (till they meet them better):
Iago(gossip privilege), Iago made an amazing first impression to Yuu and overtime he just got more and more relaxed in their presence, so relaxed in fact that he started to hangout with Yuu to gossip the news constantly
He got into so many fights with Grimm bc he gets more pets than him, the bird just fakes stupidity when the monster cat trys to blame him for some chaos that happened when Yuu was away for five seconds. And seven have mercy on Ace and Deuce bc Iago will do the pleasure of roasting them constantly, while Yuu's away, and hide under their protection when things go out of the rails
Over time Iago just becomes a constant companion it's to keep an eye in the others, not bc he enjoys Yuu's company, no sir, not at all to Yuu during classes and breaks, together with the one brain cell trio, that Yuu starts to research more about his specie, now in lunch time, Iago may see himself with loads of fruits and vegetables as snacks, and somebody help him when he got so comfortable that he rolled his belly up to get some scratches may noone ever find out or he's in one hell of a teasing ride for the rest of his existence
As for Jamil I think he would see this more of an opportunity to bound with Yuu over Iago and his shenanigans, even if he gets jealous sometimes of how much attention Iago robs him of, Yuu would just gush about things Iago does when he think nobody is looking and Jamil would inform them about Iago's preferences, since the bird is with him for more time and die internally bc Yuu can just be so fucking adorable when they want to what the actual fuck
King of Hearts (pleasant funky old man), is becoming a pleasant uncle, every time Yuu goes to Heartslabyul he's there with a cup of tea and a friendly ear for their problems finaly a therapist for the unofficial therapist of this goddam school, he's very shy and doesn't have every solution for every problem, but just the fact he's willing to listen in silence is good enough, the Queen is this close of singgin the adoption papers
Riddle's a little conflicted, on one hand they are coming in their own will and spend a little bit more time with him than normal, on the other most times they are with the King, instead of him, having tea, he gets a little sad that yuu prefers the King's company over his, but he understands why the King is doing very good things for Yuu, and honestly some days Yuu comes to hang out specifically with him and he suspects the King may be a mastermind behind that shy exterior
Crow (just a pleasant Crow, best buddy), while Iago gets to hang out with Yuu during classes, Crow gets the domestic stuff, after all he's the mail boy and his duty is to delivery the letters, so he spends much time in Hamshackle with Yuu while they write the letters back, which can take some good time when inspirations doesn't strike
Crow is very affectionate after he gets used to Yuu, to the point were his mimicry ability can say Yuu's name, playing with their hair and even helping Yuu with simple things, he's a very smart boy, a little helper in the dorm, Grimm even got a motivation to be less lazy bc Yuu just showers Crow with praises every time he helps around
But of course, remember, he too is a smug little shit, messing with Grimm's tail is his favorite activity and the only time poor Grimm has a break is when the headmaster is around, it's a war between those two
Suddenly Dire Crowley gets so more useful, helping with the dorm and even getting Yuu gifts, in retaliation Crow just flexes his bird form privileges, getting gentle scratches from Yuu right in his face, but that's ok for the headmaster, the problem is when the praises come "aren't you so kind? Thanks Crow", That's HIS TITLE YOU-
Vil is quite surprised when Yuu comes asking him about Crow, he's so busy that he doesn't spend much time with him or Yuu sadly as it is, but Yuu's fascination catches his attention and he starts paying more attention and asking the evil queen for details on the bird, sharing cute pictures with Yuu ever saw the video of a crow playing in the snow?, he won't admit it, but in his bad days he hates how much Yuu is so entranced by that bird, he wonders if the little shit is plotting against him, which is proven absolutely wrong when Crow makes then hang out more than ever, even if Vil doesn't notice the master plan the bird brain is doing at the moment
Diablo (guardian angel and Yuu doesn't even suspect) is more reclused than Crow, watching Yuu from afar during the day, always ready to mess somebody's advice towards the child of man, he's quite chill, and if Yuu ever needs a time alone, he's the best choice for a companion, sitting in their lap doing happy noises as quietly as he can manage so not to disturb the peace
Night time is the best time to hangout with him, in the nights Malleus doesn't show up, Diablo does and has a little moment with Yuu in the forest, being in silence only forest noises as their atmosphere or hearing how Yuu's day went gathering info for more victims
Of all of them, Diablo has the best relation with Grimm, since the raven doesn't try to catch Yuu's attention constantly, and only shows up at night time, when Grimm is too tired to cause a fuss
As His and Yuu's bound grows, he gets bolder with the chaos he creates, now if Yuu ever briefly mentions a prank they desire to do, Diablo's eyes GLOW WITH EXCITEMENT and Yuu gets the impression that this raven really, really~ likes causing mayhem in his spare time as much as he likes stalking
Malleus doesn't even notices how much Yuu loves Diablo, until they mentioned missing the birds presence in their night walks, he gets pouty but he can manage, specialy if this gives him an excuse to talk more to Yuu, he asks Malleficent about the raven just so he can have more knowledge to share show off to Yuu who already knows what Malleus is saying
Pain & Panic (those shapeshifters imps that just get into constant trouble but are endearing) messed up one of the days they tried to spy on Yuu and got caught, Yuu is just so tired and used to all those animals appearing out of nowhere that they don't even care anymore, gives the two imps some lunch and gets to bed [the imps will now die for Yuu], and then the next day Yuu notices that those things maybe aren't animals
Pain unlucky strikes gets him in constant dangerous situations that Yuu helps him on instinct, and then they screams bc THATS A FUKING DEMON, and then they stop bc of fucking course demons exist in this world WHY WOULDN'T THEY. JUST LOOK AT GRIMM!
Panic... panics. But he's quickly calmed dow by Yuu's ability of: fake it till you make it, that gives them this aura of "I got everything under control" that calms anyone
The imps kinda hangout in Hamshackle some weekends, shapeshifting when convenient, which makes Yuu's day way more fun, they usualy give terrible advice and have half a brain cell in total, but are strangely endearing. The kindness Yuu shows them makes the two kinda forget what they are supose to be doing manipulating Yuu's view on the boys in favor of Idia
Idia isn't realy bothered by it... until he sees the boys doing the stupidity of encouraging Yuu's confession to somebody Idia has no idea who is, ohhohoho do they get a lecture from Hades and an unusual frustrated Idia, but those interactions give Idia an excuse on a crazy high of anger to get out of his room Hades thanking the fates in the distance to get pain and panic's asses back, which involves talking, in person, to Yuu congrats Idia you gave Yuu a reason to visit you besides gaming night
The hyenas (they didn't made a very cool first impression) their first impression was "trying" to eat Yuu so... yeah. Not a great start, so when Yuu visits Savanaclaw somedays later, they are... aware of the three hyenas, and the trio doesn't make it easier either, they like to mess with the herbivore, until Shenzi and Banzai found Ed being pampered by Yuu, this shifted their interaction to a more amicable one and then to "were are my favorites Boys and Girl!"
Yuu gets used to the diferent sounds the trio does that they can discern which one is "talking" before they even see their appearances, Shenzi tried to talk to them once, but magicless humans can't understand animal lenguage until Yuu falls to an unfortunate accident in potions class and gets beastmen characteristics, then it's another level
Leona doesn't like that he can smell the trios scent in Yuu, it gets annoying he can't leave his scent so why the three idiots can?, so his solution is to just pick the herbivore and lock them in a nap... that gets interrupted by the trio trying to get Yuu's attention they just settle in sleeping closer to them instead, then he asks Scar to give more work to the trio so he can spend more time with his herbivore alone
The eels (they look creeply at Yuu every time the go to Mostro Lounge) don't look exactly very friendly to Yuu and are constantly watching them with those big glowing eyes that are way more unsettling than Jade's or Floyd's ever was.
But with time and research they discover that some of the duo's habits is nothing creepy and only natural, the open and close jaw is for breathing, even if it looks more like they are chatting or plotting, the second set of jaws intrigues them to see it in action don't tell the Leech twins
So one day Yuu offers to feed them, and lo and behold Flotsam and JetSam can look creepy, but are oddly shy to a new person in their territory, days are needed for them to actually get closer to Yuu so they can play together, petting them and feeding while they entangle themselves in Yuu is surprisingly fun and relaxing, just got to be careful with the feeding part, their eyesight can be poor and accidents may happen
Ursula is pleased by how much her soon-to-be-in-law gets along with her boys, and Azul... is managing the jealousy inside him, that isn't enough to overcome his insecurities and show Yuu his cecaelia form more frequently, however their little smile and delight is enough to make him a little soft... next day he trys to persuade the duo into letting him make profit of them
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