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#twisted wonderland imagine
courtlyharlequin · 19 minutes ago
"May I have this dance, Jack?🍸🌹✨" congrats on 1k and tysm!!
Tumblr media
A/N: Thank you so much, anon! I still can’t wrap my head around it. It’s surreal. It’s such a big number to me-!! Anyhow, thank you for requesting~ I appreciate your support ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ
Jack knew how to dance. He learned from an early age, actually. His sister often danced with him, pretending to be a princess at a royal ball. Naturally, he entertained her. He doesn't know anything fancy like a waltz, but he knew how to decently slow dance
This particular ball was a junction event between various schools. Its main purpose was to parody balls held in the past, balls some of the Seven had attended. It was an extra credit event for history class. Students were required to don attire from the era and whatnot. Even those who were not fond of Professor Trein attended. Though it was a scholarly event, most students mingled
Perhaps it was his sister’s influence, but he was ecstatic for the ball
Though the event itself did not live up to his fairytale expectations. He found himself at a loss when he realized that there weren't many familiar faces here. He caught a glimpse of Sebek, but he was with other Diasomnia students
He made do with small talk with other students, but it was awkward. He eventually retired for the evening, absently swirling red fruit punch in his glass by a window sill
He wasn’t antisocial or anything of the like, but he did have a hard time asking others for a dance on top of socializing with students from other schools
There just wasn’t a moment that was timed correctly. He tried to ask a plethora of times, but he always missed his chance. Someone either whisked away the person he intended to ask first or he asked at the same time as another person and ended up yielding to the other student
When you asked him to dance with you, his ears perked up in surprise. He didn’t think anyone would ask him as he was glued to the refreshments table. He was taken aback. He didn’t think anyone would ask him. You wanted to dance with him. He took your hand without hesitation and followed your lead
Once you’re on the dance floor, you snaked your arms around his neck and he followed by placing his arms around your waist. You both smiled at each other before immersing yourself in the soft classical music playing in the background
Jack is a bit stiff. His muscles were tense. He had almost forgotten how to breathe. He was excited. He tried to steady his tail, but he just couldn’t help it. It kept wagging
Heat rushed to his face when you commented on his tail. Your giggles made his heart melt. You were terribly adorable. His ears drooped in embarrassment, earning an “aw” from you
Maybe this... wasn't so bad
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fairestwriting · 5 hours ago
This is my first time requesting so I hope i don't mess up :') . Can I request the dorm leaders (anyone you want or comfortable with rlly) visits MC's world cuz they're interested/curious/etc. since there is some difference between their world and MC's. How would they react to our world? I hope I don't confuse you much with this request since I never do this lol. I understand if you ignore this if it doesn't follow any of the rules. Aside that- I hope you're doing good and taking yourself! Luv u
its all good! you didnt do anythin wrong. and thanks so much, i hope youre doing well too anon n__n<3
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
Riddle feels like a shy kid, coming to your world. All that backbone he has when scolding his dorm members is just gone -- And all because he's just... painfully aware he doesn't know the cultural customs, so he's genuinely afraid to do something wrong.
He loosens up a bit as he learns, watching others, but still keeps trying very hard to be polite. He wants to give off a good impression! Especially if you're introducing him to people you know...
He's mostly passive, just taking in whatever information you decide to give him, sometimes questioning here and there about how certain things work without magic, but mostly, he's just putting on effort to not be a troublesome visitor.
Leona Kingscholar
He's still low energy as always, he's never been very curious about your world, honestly. Maybe one or two things have sparked his interest, but in general, he just feels meh about it.
That opinion changes when he realizes how out of place he is, being a beastman, and you ask him to wear some kind of hat and hide his tail. Now he feels awkward about it too, and that means he gets irritable.
If Riddle is trying to not be a troublesome visitor, then Leona is trying to be that troublesome visitor. He's just annoyed that he needs to hide like this, his usual grumpiness turned up to eleven. You bicker through the entire visit, but that aside, he adjusts to Earth habits rather easily? And if you manage to catch his interest with something, his mood improves considerably.
Azul Ashengrotto
Similar to Riddle in that he's worried about coming off as maladjusted, but he doesn't show that nearly as much. Azul lets you lead the way and takes mental notes on everything, making sure the image he shows your world is a good one.
He's interested in learning the differences between Earth and Twisted Wonderland, but in that business-minded way of his. He wants to know if you have any new strategies he could mimic, so whenever you visit some sort of establishment, Azul's brain is just going a mile a minute, wondering how he can do something like that when he gets back home.
Introducing him to people you know is... not the best decision. He'll be polite to them, but he's also always looking for more profit, and being the only one who's capable of magic in a magicless way... he's gonna try to rope your friends into some contracts, so watch out.
Kalim Al-Asim
You're expecting this but, well, Kalim is very excited. He's bouncing around in excitement, everything looks so new and interesting to him, even if it isn't that different from what he knows in Twisted Wonderland!
Asks you all sorts of questions about everything, pretty much, but he focuses a lot on what you probably think is very unimportant stuff. Like, he wants to know if your carpets can move on their own too, he gets very invested in how you do certain things without magic.
Also wants to see how you have fun and hang out with others in your world! Kalim will beg and plead to meet all your friends, and then to bring them all over to Twisted Wonderland one day, so he can throw them a big party!
Vil Schoenheit
Asks you questions about your world before letting you take him there, but in the way someone would research about a place they're vacationing to. He wants to have a good idea of how he should act before doing anything, just so he doesn't make a fool of himself.
Treats it like a vacation to another country, in general. He's done it before, so he adjusts rather well. He'll mostly let you lead the way when it comes to what you're doing, but if he finds something that piques his interest, he'll ask you to show it to him too.
Actually finds all the differences and similarities in culture interesting and ends up having a good time. He's decently used to not relying on magic too much, so the lack of it doesn't bother him much. Though he's still as picky and judgemental as ever, not afraid of telling you when he thinks something is just bad.
Idia Shroud
Terrified. Genuinely. You've probably had quite the argument about bringing Idia to your world, he keeps going on about how he'll stand out so much with the flaming blue hair, and that's what holds back his visit the most, really.
If you manage to drag him there, he won't be too keen on leaving the house, but that's just regular Idia. He's still curious about things, though, so if you want to stay home and show him things through the internet or something, he's open to it.
You should take him to some sort of anime convetion! He might argue against it at first because of how inhuman he looks, but once you remind him that cosplayers exist, you manage to convince him. He'll actually have fun, learning about how otaku culture is like in your world, and you two will probably have a lot to binge watch together when you get home.
Malleus Draconia
Another one with an appearence problem... Malleus is open to visiting your world, sure, but shouldn't he do something about the horns? You end up settling on using some magic to hide them, and you're stuck with horn-less Malleus for a couple days. A strange sight.
He wants to see whatever you want to show him, his curiosity being very general. Though he can't lie he leans towards things that have some sort of personal connection to you the most, like the places you played at as a child, or where you hang out with your friends.
Anywhere you take him will feel entertaining to Malleus, being so unusual to him. From museums to your favorite ice cream shops, he wants to see them all! Speaking of ice cream specifically, though, he'll be very impressed with the variety you have around, it's nothing like what he gets back at the Valley of Thorns.
Tumblr media
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animealways · 8 hours ago
Obey me x twisted wonderland: part 2 Halloween event
Prologue: yuu is adopted by the demon brothers and lucifer as their father finds out about how at Halloween his child had to deal with people breaking in their dorm.
"I really hate Halloween here" "why my little dove?" "Well last Halloween i had people breaking in my dorm randomly in the night. I swear i never had slept less in my entire life. Its a miracle i didn't kill someone in a fit of ra- papa? Are you there? Hellloooo~" "i'm at campus right now." "Wait what!?" "I'm gonna speak a little with your headmaster. I will call you when i'm done." Hangs up "...he is dead..."
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bubbledumbbinch · 10 hours ago
How do you imagine Jamil, Jade, Floyd and Epel initiating sex? Some headcanons please 🤗
Wheeew yes here goes!!
Pairings: Jamil x Reader, Jade x Reader, Floyd x Reader, Epel x Reader
A/N: This piece of writing is strictly 18+. Minors do not interact.
NSFW below the cut
Jamil Viper
I can see Jamil being a bit shy about admitting to being needy about sex.
He would most likely take the classic route of starting with making out, then touching, and then asking if it was okay to keep going further.
Jamil would also probably do some favors for you before he initiates sex to win you over, for example give you a massage with warm body oils, rub your feet, cook your favorite food, etc. You always know where he’s going with that ;)
On days he’s feeling rougher or if you’re being bratty, he would roughly grab your ass and just drag you to his room. He doesn’t use his unique magic on you to tell you what to do but he would be dominant 💖
Jade Leech
Jade is teasing… he is so very casual in the way he can whisper lewd things into your ear causing shivers to run down your spine. It doesn’t matter where you are. 
When you pull back to see his face he is as stoic as ever, you wonder how he could keep his cool when saying things like that!!
Jade would, once you both were free, take your hand or arm and lead you to his bedroom. Once you two are alone he in turn strips himself slowly of his butler-esque attitude and switches it with a sexually sadistic one~
Floyd Leech
I wouldn’t be surprised if Floyd just tells you he wants sex whenever the mood strikes. He doesn’t care where you are either.
“Hey Shrimpy~ you smell so good today. Let’s do it~” he would whisper into your ear and lean down as he ravages your neck with wet kisses.
You panic and tell him he has to get you to his or your room first! Unless you are into risky sex, that is. Because Floyd would be down to do it anywhere as long as he can do it soon!
Epel Felmier
For Epel, the way he would initiate sex would depend on his mood too. Is he feeling normal and wanting to be perceived as cute? Is he feeling bold and rough?
If he’s feeling like he wants to be sweet, I could see him showering you in compliments while leaving feather light touches along your thighs, giving you his signature doe eyes. He’ll also kiss along your neck to the shell of your ears and whisper into them~
If he is feeling bold he will grab you by the waist, pull you close, and use his hands to palm at your ass. Epel squeezes it firmly while he uses another hand to grip at the back of your neck, lightly squeezing it to make you let out a moan. Once he sees your mouth open he comes in for the kiss! You can tell where it is going from here…
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torikaku · 10 hours ago
Can i request a one shot with Sebek introducing his s/o to his family. He didn't tell his family that he has a s/o. So at first his family thought that they were just his friend but they are actually his s/o.
Upd: here also I wrote some headcanons about his parents
Tumblr media
It’s the first time you visit Valley of Thorns. It looks almost like what is pictured in your head. In any case, you are happy to visit the homeland of your beloved boyfriend. You visit each of the significant places of the country, and Sebek proudly tells you about the history of each place.
By the end of the day, you feel exhausted and just want to lay on the fluffy bed and fall asleep; in addition, you're starving. Since it was Sebek's idea to invite you to visit his homeland, he, of course, planned for you to stay at his house. You surely agreed. And mostly because of the fact that you will be able to meet his family.
The house, where Sebek and his family live, looks really impressive. It looks like sort of a cottage, big and black.
The house inside looks just as gloomy as outside, and everything is lit by candles.
“Here’s the room of my big sister… it's my big brother’s room… this one is my parents’. This one is mine. And for you, there’s a guest room. I’ll show you. Come with me, would you?” You have a small excursion inside the house.
Moving along Sebek, you study every detail of the interior which you find quite interesting, especially pictures that are hung on the walls.
The boy stops in front of a door. He opens it and gestures to you to enter the room.
“It’s the guest room. You will stay here.”
The room is quite big for a guest one, but you certainly don’t mind. Also, there’s a big bed which you are happy to see after the whole day of walking.
You enter the room and just walk toward the bed and lie down on it, being finally happy to relax.
Sebek says nothing, looking at you. However, there's a small smile on his face. He just enters the room as well and puts down your bag that he's been carrying all the time (he insisted on carrying it himself!).
"I will never get out of bed," you say, closing your eyes and enjoying the softness of this bed.
“Unacceptable. You will die because of hunger, and I can't let it happen!” Aww, isn't he adorable? He does care about you, but in his own way.
“It's already evening. Judging by the time, parents will come soon from work. And judging by the fact that neither brother nor sister is at home right now, it remains only for me to set the table.”
Your ears perk at his words. And you quickly jump from the bed.
“May I help?” You smile. You are looking forward to meeting his parents so you want to make a good first impression.
Sebek raises a brow and smirks.
“Just a second ago, you were literally glued to the bed. But fine. I don't mind. Just don't mess up with anything, will you?” You happily nodded.
The dining room is big. There is also a big table in the center. Setting a table with Sebek is quite fun. Since faes usually eat a lot, the food here is cooked in big portions. And there also remains a lot of leftovers. But today for you, Sebek tries to cook something of your favourite.
The front door is heard to be open and then closed. A quiet giggle is heard as well. It seems that Sebek's parents finally came. Sebek told you that his parents work as dentists in one clinic, so it's no surprise that they usually come home at the same time.
Both of them enter the dining room, and they look quite happy. But when they finally spot you, there's a look of surprise on their faces.
“Good evening!” Smiling, you greet them.
"Good evening, little one. Sebek didn't tell us that he would invite a friend. But it's a pleasure to meet you," Sebek's mother greets you in return. Her voice is melodic and sweet. She smiles brightly, and her long fangs can be seen.
"My name's [Name]. And I'm happy to meet you as well!"
"Good evening, dear [Name]. Thanks for keeping an eye on our son. I'm happy to know that Sebek made friends in the college," now it's Sebek's father who greets you. His voice is quieter compared to her wife's.
"Father..." It's Sebek's voice. In the corner of your eyes, you can see that the tips of his ears are slightly pink. Is he embarrassed by his dad's words?
He clears his throat.
"We set the table. Would you like to have dinner?"
Talking to Sebek's parents is actually nice. They are cool, no wonder Sebek speaks so highly of them... or his mother. But his father is an intelligent and sweet man, you can see why mrs. Zigvolt has fallen in love with him.
But the whole dinner they both exchange glances and look with interest at both of you and Sebek, who decides to ask them about their intentions. His mother giggles at his words.
"Sorry, sorry. We just think that you two look so nice together."
"Um, thank you?" You answer sheepishly.
"Just... there's something that we wanted to ask you,' Mr Zigvolt continues.
Now even Sebek looks confused. You and he exchange glances and continue to listen to his parents.
"Dear Sebek..." his mother begins.
Suddenly, Mr and Mrs Zigvolt join hands and intertwine their fingers and lean their cheeks against each other. There are literally stars in their eyes. With one voice they speak:
"Why didn't you write us that you have a significant other?"
"What?!" Sebek has almost fallen from his chair.
"You wrote us so many letters..." his mother begins.
"... but didn't even mention that you have a beloved one?" His father continues.
You look back at your boyfriend and see him being red in the face. You just laugh at the whole scene. His parents are adorable.
"Really Sebek? You didn't tell them?"
"Um... I actually mentioned them in the letters... but..."
"You wrote about a certain "friend" that you highly respect despite them being a human, but never mentioned that you two are dating," his mother whines at his son's silly antics.
"I apologize... I just..." He takes a big breath.
Poor Sebek. He's so easy to embarrass.
But suddenly the front door is heard closing.
Two people appeared in the dining room. They seem to be Sebek's big siblings.
"Greetings, ancestors, Sebek and a human?"
His parents look excited again as they were a few minutes ago.
"Do you want to hear the news? Sebek has a significant other!" Again, in one voice, Mr and Mrs Zigvolt speak.
The siblings exchange glances.
"Oh-oh? Sebek and a human? Congratulations then!' Totally an irony can be heard in the voice of his sister.
"Cool. Human, do you want to see his baby photos?" His brother speaks.
"Ah yes baby photos! Sebek was so cute back then!" Mrs Zigvolt cooes.
"No, they don't!"
Poor red-faced Sebek suddenly gets up from the table, comes to you and takes you in his arms. He quickly goes away from his family to his room, carrying you bride style.
A burst of loud laughter can be heard from the dining room.
While you are just amused by all of it.
You put your arms around Sebek's neck and kiss his cheek, and he, despite his blush, smiles at your affection.
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animealways · 10 hours ago
Today 1 of my friends headshoted a guy walking past us when they were throwing with a waterbottle.
Spongebob narrator voice: 5 minutes later
Dude came back and threw food at who headshoted him also in that 5 minutes my friends broke the water bottle but not before throwing it in some guys balls.
Ace definitely do this to deuce.
Tumblr media
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animealways · 12 hours ago
Obey me x twisted wonderland
Prologue: yuu is adopted by the demon brothers and if you dare disrespect them at best you have a black eye and at worse you end up in the hostpital.
I just inmagine yuu reaction during the Halloween event. Like yuu is calm till someone breaks into the dorm and considering first reaction is to tell someone off while looking like a maniac who is about to muder when someone disrespects them at BEST. It a real surprise no one has been sent to the hostpital.
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Tumblr media
@snlangford This is part 3/3 And now I write this for Idia and Azul
Tumblr media
Idia would be very sad even though he was secretly waiting for this.
He would be very sad about this because he wished you were already in love with him.
Idia cries as he tries to find you through the internet.
Ortho also helps his beloved big brother find you.
They shouldn’t go very long before they know your location.
And then Ortho picks you up back to his big brother.
Idia will be very happy when he gets you back
He can't be angry with you.
Idia will most certainly install a tracking chip on you so he always knows where you are.
Say goodbye to your own time as either Idia or Ortho will be in control of what you do in the coming weeks.
Ortho is also trying to come up with "fun events" for you and Idia so you can get Stockholm Syndrome faster.
"I know that you don't like me but if you play this board game with me Ortho will be really happy"
Tumblr media
Azul is a destroyed mess.
As soon as he notices that you are gone he starts to cry and hyperventilate
Tweels have to look for you because Azul really can't do it.
And we can only hope they find you quickly as Azul is very strenuous.
He just cries, repeats your name, and clings to everything that moves with his tentacles.
Once the Tweels have found you Azul will hug you and not let go.
And that's where you two are for many hours.
But don’t worry because you will get the punishment later.
And Azul is even more clingy and dependent after this incident than he is normally.
R.I.P your free time
He will definitely force you to sign a vague contract
" Do you love me right? You don't want to leave me anymore, do you? Hahahahahahahaaaaa. "
It is best to answer these questions in the affirmative
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Tumblr media
This is part 2/2 and I write this now for Sebek and Deuce. I hope you have good day too.
Tumblr media
Sebek would watch the movie just because you or Malleus asked for it.
He really doesn’t want to watch the movie himself.
Lots of complaints because he doesn't want to try "people's entertainment"
Sebek is exactly the person who constantly asks questions.
( Even so much that it’s a little annoying)
(( Stop only when Malleus tells him to be quiet))
Sebek might enjoy the movie a bit.
But he never admits it because it’s made by human.
He thinks these films are bad influences for his young master.
He’s terrified when Malleus wants to watch more anime movies.
Often complains about how "you ruined his young master"
Tumblr media
Deuce would be happy to watch a movie about the two of you.
He wants to hug you during the movie but is too shy to ask if he can do it.
Loves the story of the movie.
He would agree to watch any movie if you like it.
Deuce doesn’t want to watch a movie if Ace is involved.
He would recommend this movie to his mother.
He listens to the music of this movie when he wants to calm down.
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drac0nia · 20 hours ago
Hey I see your req are open can you do headcanons for Ace and Deuce that live with Yuu in the same house since their college/workplace are in the same area ? They just live together to save the rent everyday three of them act like couple without realizing it ?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing ; ADeuce and Yuu (+Grim)
Tw ; -
Tumblr media
➝ After graduating NRC, Crowley trusted Ace and Deuce to continue being friends and possibly a second family to you considering that he gave up on finding your home.
➝ Eventually, the three of you needed to find jobs like the 4th years did before letting you go to live freely as adults. It was somewhat coincidental that you happen to have your workplaces near eachother so you three decided to get an apartment and live in together.
➝ You made a budget list for how much you and your two friends had to spend on the rent and other necessities so no arguments occur, they agreed. It took possibly a week or three before you finally get comfortable with living with eachother.
➝ If Grim lives with you all, Deuce will be delighted to help you carry bags of groceries filled with you all need and of course Grim's. Old people on the streets would assume you both were a couple which usually causes Deuce to get flustered and stutter slightly.
➝ "We a-are not dating, m-ma'am! We are.. just roomates..", he looked away in shame for yelling and shortly apologies.
➝ Cooking with Ace is either fun or plain annoying depending on his mood at the moment; he would do the thing where he hides some of the ingredients or he holds the food above you and you have to reach it for yourself.
➝ "C'mon, [name], you could at least make a cherry pie for me for helping you cook tonight!" Ace pouted, "Stop being acting childish, you baboon", you recieved tickles on your waist shortly.
➝ Chores with Ace is tiring sometimes; you tackled him once on his bed because he won't give the dirty pillowcase to you and Deuce had to carry you in his arms so you both can stop rough housing with one another.
➝ "O-oi! Stop that!", Deuce lifted you off Ace whom sticked out hus tongue to you, "They started it first!", he protested; "You're the one who won't cooperate with me!", you argued back.
➝ If you were to have movie nights with them; you end up either being squished by Deuce if something caughts him off guard during a horror movie or Ace falls asleep on your shoulder.
Tumblr media
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fairestwriting · a day ago
uhh, if I can, can I request male s/o who's a professional motorcycle racer (I think that's what it is) with Deuce and Epel? Thank you, sorry if my English is bad
Deuce Spade
That much is obvious but, he’s gonna be starstruck. Magical wheels are one of his main interests, so he’d definitely be curious about motorcycles too. Besides, you’re a professional, how cool is that?
Asks you all sort of questions about how it’s like, mostly wondering about races, but sometimes about the behind the scenes of it too. Magical wheel races are littered with sponsorships, so he’s curious if you have to deal with things like these too. 
He won’t ask to do it, being aware that you being a professional means you probably already have more skilled people who do that for you, but, f you let him do any sort of repair to your motorcycles, he’ll be so honored. He’ll be doing his very best to impress you with his work, just like you’ve impressed him!
Epel Felmier
Ugh, you’re so cool, he’s actually jealous? Epel gets sparkles on his eyes, asking you question about the races in a rapid-fire pace. How did you get into racing? How did you actually learn to do it? Epel wants to do that too!
If your races are getting streamed anywhere, you bet he’s gonna watch every single one of them, and very passionately cheer for you, if not actually show up to watch it live -- Which he does as much as possible, but he can’t always afford, much to his dismay.
Whenever an opportunity for you to give him a ride shows up, he’ll ask for it. Epel loves the adrenaline rush he gets from it, he wants to be the one driving the motorcycle one day, but while he can’t, he’s also having a good time just tagging along too.
Tumblr media
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courtlyharlequin · a day ago
Um, m-may I have this dance with you, Vil? ✨
Tumblr media
A/N: Hi anon! Thank you for your request~ I went on a field day with this because it was so open-ended. I based it off of the way you wrote your question and the sparkle . It reminded me of a romcom anime~ I hope you like it ( *´▽`* ) ♡
Your phone skidded across the table. Its vibrations transferred to your entire desk, earning a frantic yelp from you as you scrambled to turn it off. It was time. You had no time to lose. You couldn’t put this off any longer. The spring formal was the day after tomorrow. It had to be today. You had to ask Vil today. If he accepts the invitation, then you would have one day to process the fact that he even said yes to you out of all people. If he rejects it, then you have one day to sulk before putting on a brave face and attending the dance as if nothing ever happened. You paid for the ticket already. You weren’t letting your madol go to waste. Initially, you bought two tickets. One for you and one for Vil. It was part of your plan to ask him out. Unfortunately for you, it came to light that the blond had his own ticket as he was part of the planning committee. You ended up giving your other ticket to Ruggie who wasn’t planning on going in the first place due to the admission prices.
This was one of many instances where you ended up putting off the grand question out of nerves. It came back to bite you in the butt as the dance’s date was nearing. And here you were: two days before the dance and you still hadn’t asked Vil out yet.
Today had to be the day. You weren’t going to run away. You had no choice. You had been crushing on him for forever and this was truly your last chance of shooting your shot with him. The school year is near its end. Vil would be a fourth year the following year which meant he wouldn’t be on campus, let alone attend school dances as he would be out and about interning and completing his thesis.
You checked the clock before grabbing your shoes off the rack, gingerly slipping them on. You wiggled your toes as you laced them up, lightly tapping your soles against the wooden floor for good measure. It was three thirty on a Wednesday afternoon. Dorm leader meetings ended at two. Vil shouldn’t be too busy now. An hour and a half had passed since the meeting. He surely would have time to kick back and relax. You bit your lip and pushed the door open, welcoming a warm breeze. The door clicked behind you. You inhaled.
“Better late than never,” you reassured yourself as you made your way to the Pomefiore dormitory.
Each step you took sent your thoughts into overdrive. What would he say to you? You were acquainted with one another as you shared a few classes, but you weren’t close to the extent that you were certain that he would say yes. Would he even say yes? If he rejects you, you’d have to see yourself out of his own dorm. Coming to his dorm room to ask him out seemed oddly intimate. It was a bad idea now that you thought about it. Depending on where you found him, there was a chance that the other Pomefiore students would witness you humiliate yourself in front of the Vil Schoenheit.
Your hand ghosted the door knob of the dormitory’s main entrance. It fell to your side. Perhaps this was merely a fickle desire.
Color drained from your face and a cold chill washed over your body as the door swung open. You swallowed a scream, shoving it down your throat.
“Bonjour!” the perpetrator beamed.
“B-Bonjour,” you managed, stepping back.
Rook’s smile widened as he stepped forward, revealing the vice prefect all decked out in Pomefiore’s bright indigo robes. The gold embroidery shimmered beneath the chandelier’s lighting. elegant
“My, to what pleasure do we owe you, (y/n)?”
You blinked.
“I’m looking for Vil,” you said.
“(y/n)? What are you doing here?” a familiar asked.
You peered over Rook’s shoulder. Your breath hitched as your eyes met with Vil’s own amethyst orbs. His heels clicked and clacked with the white marble tiles of the foyer. He was like a runway model. He sparkled, shimmered, and shined under the building’s ambient lighting.
He crossed his arms once he neared the doorway. His vice ducked under his elongated sleeves. A scowl was etched onto Vil’s face.
“Where are you going?”
“I forgot something. I won’t be long, Roi du Poison,” he said, waving his hands around theatrically.
Vil sighed, turning to you, “Pardon him. How can I help you?”
“I was wondering– well, actually I– Um, if it isn’t too much to ask... can we go inside? It’s a bit hot out.”
The blond directed his gaze into the sky, examining the sun and the cloudless sky.
“My apologies, come inside.”
The door shut behind you. You cursed yourself for stalling. Just ask him.
“Would you like something to drink?”
You coughed, “No. I’m good, thank you.”
“Are you sure? It is a bit hot out.”
He used your own words against you. Your mouth was left agape as he flashed a small smile at you before heading into the Pomefiore common room. You hurried after him.
“Wait, Vil!” you exclaimed, pulling on his sleeve.
He withdrew. Your hand fell to your side.
“Don’t pull. What is it?”
You bit your lip. It was now or never. If you played it off cool then who knows when you’ll get a chance like this again. This was the closest you’ll ever get to asking him. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath.
“Um, would you like to go to the– uh– dance with me?”
You cringed as your voice echoed throughout the dormitory. You were so nervous that you ended up being more... vocal than you had intended to be. This was far from the scenarios you daydreamed about. It wasn’t as romantic as you thought it would be. In truth, it was embarrassing.
“Ara? Is that what you’re so worked up about?” he chuckled.
Heat rushed to your cheeks.
“I understand if you don’t feel the same or if you already have a date. Knowing you, you probably have a–” you gasped as Vil placed his index on your forehead.
He stared down at you. His stilettos made him so tall, so unnerving.
“Eye contact is the key to confidence. Stand with your shoulders back, feet firmly planted on the ground. Don’t use filler words like ‘um’, ‘uh’, ‘ah’, or anything of the like,” he said as he pushed your upper back forward.
You nodded, holding your screams on the tip of your tongue, trying not to break eye contact with him and burst into tears. Was it that terrible that he had to correct your posture and give you tips on confidence? Vil put his hands on his hips, admiring your figure.
“Try that again,” he said.
“You heard me.”
“I don’t understand.”
“Ask me out again.”
Was he serious?
“No filler words,” he chided.
Your nose crinkled. He crossed his arms. He was serious after all. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath once more, trying your best to pay no mind to your sweet palms or shallow breathing. Your nerves were on fire.
“Vil, will you go to the dance with me?”
He put his hand on his chin and hummed, feigning perplexity and concentration. He smiled.
You sighed in relief. Your shoulders loosened. He said yes. Vil said yes. You were going to the formal together. You were ecstatic, but that feeling was quickly replaced with a burning curiosity.
“Why didn’t you just say yes before?”
“I want to be asked out by someone who is confident, someone who knows what they want. I don’t want someone unsure or insincere. I have no time for puppy love. My time is valuable,” he scoffed.
“Then you should have rejected me.”
“Do you not want to be my date?”
“Yes. Well, I mean– no, of course I do. It’s just that I don’t know what to say and–”
He put a finger to your lips: “Then, it's a date. I do not doubt your feelings for me. You were simply nervous. You were always quite skittish around me. I had always assumed I intimidated you though lately, I’ve come to realize it was more so admiration than intimidation or infatuation.”
Vil tucked your chin between his thumb and index finger, tilting your head up, and gave you another one of his heart-throbbing smirks. You couldn’t break eye contact with him. Your heart fluttered and your stomach swelled.
“Was it obvious?”
“Maybe a little,” he laughed.
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fairestwriting · a day ago
What about Leona, jack, Malleus, Sliver, and Sebek with an s/o who is like the main singer of a band, that makes songs that are about social issues and stuff? (Kinda like Maretu) idk feel free to skip this, I’ve had this idea for so long 😭
Leona Kingscholar
He's never had much of an interest in music, he has artists and songs he likes, sure, but he never stops to think too much about why he likes them. But since you're dating, of course he's gonna check out your work.
How into it he is kind of ends up depending on the delivery of those messages about social issues? Leona is... kind of very caught up in his own world, so when he hears things like these, it feels a lot like a wake up call, and that feels odd to him. If you have a sort of darker style, it's bound to really reel in his attention.
The praise he gives you is very much based on how your music sounds, and whenever he has the energy for it, you bet he's showing up for concerts and such, but most of his appreciation is very behind the scenes. Your songs make him think about his actions a lot, it's not really enough to get him out of his selfishness entirely, but, again, it's a bit of a wake up call.
Jack Howl
It's probably one of the things that had him drawn to you. Jack is a guy who holds his ideals close to his chest, and seeing that you're so willing to speak out for yours, for other people, makes you really admirable to his eyes.
Of course he's your number one fan. Shows up to every show, buys merchandise and albums, streams songs -- He probably has a handful of favorites, and you probably know about these too, because he'll be very passionate in telling you what each one of them mean to him.
Everytime you have any new songs coming up, he's curious to find out the meaning behind them. Asks you questions about lyrics and instrumentals on occasion, wondering about all the symbolism and the work put into it. He's just so proud of your work!
Malleus Draconia
Malleus is an overall curious person, and he's got some musical knowledge too, so you just know he'd be very interested in learning about your art. He's a lot more on the classical side of things, but he's very open to listening to new styles, especially when his partner is the one behind the music.
He's not much for showing up at crowded concerts, but he'll gladly watch you rehearse with your band, if they don't mind him tagging along! He never speaks up much when he's around, but watches very attentively, especially when you and your bandmates are discussing how to get certain messages through in songs.
When new songs are out, Malleus always looks into them deeply, trying to pick off the meanings, and then comes to you to tell you his interpretation, so you can talk about it. He finds your work very grounding, the sort of themes you deal with are things he wants to be well aware of, as the heir to the throne of the Valley of Thorns.
Silver has some level of awareness to social issues, so he catches on to what you're trying to say with the music pretty quickly. He thinks this sort of work is impressive, regardless if the way your music sounds is his cup of tea or not. He finds it a noble cause!
Also not much for crowds, but he'll come with you to your concerts, though it's mostly to act like a bodyguard of sorts. He worries about you and the risk your following might put you in, whether it's a smaller or bigger one, so his protective, dutiful side really comes up here.
Likes listening to your explanations of your songs. Every cultural reference, every word of protest, he wants to know which is which, and how you're trying to get them through! Watches you with attentive eyes and a smile when you tell him about them, and keeps them in mind, seeking to become an even more aware person. You're sort of a role model to him, in this regard.
Sebek Zigvolt
Sebek is... rather sheltered, so most of the messages get lost in him early on. There's something about your music that sets it apart from others, that much he can tell, but he doesn't have enough knowledge about what's going on in the world to be able to pinpoint that.
So he asks you about it. And he asks a lot, sometimes pointing at parts of the song that don't even have anything to do with the message, like why you sang a certain line in a way and not in another, but his enthusiasm is nothing short of endearing.
He's a bit embarrassed when he finds out just how little about your work that he understands, but also very determined to understand it better! So, please, would you explain what you're trying to say in your music to him? He knows that you're using quite a lot of metaphor in this one, but what exactly are you hinting at? Sebek will eagerly become your student in these matters.
Tumblr media
if you wanna support my work, you can buy me a ko-fi or commission me!
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fairestwriting · a day ago
How would Azul, Vil and Ace and Deuce react to Yuu drawing them?
Azul Ashengrotto
Blinks, kind of confused. You're...drawing him? That's okay, but why? Does he look weird or something? Logically he knows that's not it, but that not so suave part of his pokes at him cruelly. Azul generally doesn't enjoy people staring at him too much when he's not prompted them to do that.
On the outside, Azul just tries to keep his pose, but allows himself to tilt his head and smile, speaking up to mention how pleasantly surprised or flattered he is that you'd want to draw him, asking if you needed him to change his pose or stay still.
He stays there until you're satisfied with the drawing, then asks to see it, sparing you some cool-sounding compliments as he looks over your shoulder. Then he names his price for the impromptu modeling he's just done, because nothing comes for free in this world.
Vil Schoenheit
Well, of course you'd want to draw him. Have you seen him? He's not that shocked to see you looking him up and down, squinting while you hand gets to work on the sketchbook.
But... is this really the best pose of him you can get? He'll want to see how the sketch is going before he really lets you give it too much detail. Bluntly and suddently asks you, without moving too much, to show him the drawing, he wants to know what angle of him you've gotten.
It's a bit of a weird interaction, he gives you sketch a good look when you show it to him, then tells you about how that's passable, you can keep going. And of course, he perfectly holds down the pose he previously was in, then asks to see the drawing again, which he reacts to with a proud smile and rare praise, I'll have to give credit where credit is due.
Ace Trappola
Ace doesn't really sit still, so whatever distracted moment you caught him in that made you start doodling will end soon, and he'll notice what you've been doing on your sketchbook. Tilts his head, "You're drawing me?" He asks, with a smirk.
Teases you for it like the bastard he is. Eh, do I look that good, I'm flattered, or something along these lines, whether he makes your life easier by holding the pose and letting you finish the drawing or just changes it completely to mess with you depends on the day.
Either way, by the end of it, he wants to see how you made him look! Ace jumps behind you, looking over your shoulder, and whistles as he looks at the art up and down. That actually looked pretty good? He'll let you know he thinks that, and asks you to have the drawing. If you say no, he'll try to annoy you until you give to him, which might work or not?
Deuce Spade
Kind of flustered. Just doesn't get why anyone would want to draw him? He doesn't think he looks like anything special. In his startlement, Deuce completely changes his pose, posture straightening as he asks "Are you drawing me?!" and... there goes your sketch.
When you complain about him changing poses, he hurriedly apologizes and tries to go back to his previous stance, but isn't really able to, which just ends in more apologies.
The drawing is probably left half finished, and he doesn't know if it'd be impolite to ask you to see it or not, but ends up doing it anyway, on impulse, and when you show him, he's really impressed at you talent! Deuce will praise you for your art, while apologizing again for ruining the potential full piece.
Tumblr media
if you wanna support my work, you can buy me a ko-fi or commission me!
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riddlesimp · a day ago
Hope your feeling better if your reading this and decide to come back! Can I request some fluff of gn!reader cuddling and scratching jacks ears?
(Edit:This is a draft just so everyone knows and I’m not coming back yet :))
Yes of course
“Jack”y/n called Jack came to y/n “yes y/n” I wanna scratch your ears”y/n says Jack blushes “Y-you can scratch my ears and cuddle”Jack says blushing “Yay”y/n says laying on the couch and Jack lays down right after them y/n scratched jack’s ears and he was blushing a lot y/n giggled and after they were done scratching Jack’s ears y/n cuddled into jack’s chest making Jack blush even more but he wrapped his arms around them smiling.
(Edit:Sorry this took forever I did this right after I got the request but I’m not coming back yet hope you all understand see you all when I’m gonna come back)
Hope you all like this
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twsthoodstar · a day ago
Hi can a request a twisted wonderland match-up?
(Sorry if this is bad I can’t describe myself well)
I am Jamaican American and I have Curly hair, I’m mostly stay huddled up in my room playing video games, watching TV, sleeping. I have a little bit of insomnia, not that important, but sometimes I can have a burst of energy.
I’m technically the ‘little kind’ of my friend group. Also I do have a small vegetable & fruit garden I’ve started recently. My clothing style is oversized hoodies, shorts and thigh high socks.
Also I can get pretttvmoody if someone wakes me up from a nap or interrupt me while playing a live video game, in the morning as well.
I mostly listen to Vocaloid as well, sometimes I listen to Kpop or Jpop.
Your prince charming is . . .
Idia Shroud!
Tumblr media
You and Idia are a match made in Heaven! Game nights are a must & they often take place either in Idia’s room or yours back at Ramshackle. Puzzle games, party games, fighting games, even RPGs.
Even outside of school you two are talking about games! Well, it’s more like you & Idia’s tablet, but anyways! You two are so similar that you often seek each other out if given the chance, which is new to Idia.
He’s used to being alone & often enjoys it, but around you he’s comfortable & he feel like he can finally relate to someone. Not just on interest level. Your little bursts of energy & that adorable kiddy side of you just makes him feel all warm & fuzzy inside.
Sometimes he’ll even get a little power boost just by seeing your smile. 🥰 There are times he wishes he were a bit more open, but just having you around is enough.
Idia may not be the strongest or stockiest guy around but he is tall, so no doubt his clothing is a bit big. So when he sees you wear a tshirt of his or anything similar he’s going to blush & hide his face. (He keeps this little bit to himself but your clothing style involving cute shorts or socks remind him of his favorite waifus & he just cannot handle it)
He gives you all his hoodies to wear. Purposefully leaves them out if you’re around just to see if you’ll take one. If you do & put it on he’s going to blush beet red in his hiding spot. You’re just so cute! Why are you this cute?! It should be illegal to be this cute!
CONCERTS! 👏 Tries to get you guys tickets to both your favorite groups. Never heard of em? Well let’s go right now! Idia’s a bit more into the idol group-otaku-anime side of things so you might get him invested into Kpop.
If you do, good luck. Either way, even if it’s just you two life is a nonstop party!
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quinn-in-hell · a day ago
Hello! I'm Quinn and I'm starting to write for Twisted Wonderland, so let me tell you a bit about my self and my boundaries!
I will only write for M!Reader!
I'm not lewding minors. No way in hell.
I will only do NSFW of adult characters.
I ask anyone under 18 to not read any of my NSFW fanfics/headcanons.
I won't write romantic or NSFW for Ortho or Cheka but platonic headcanons are on the table.
I am fine writing yandere and gore (to an extend).
No self harm/suicide requests please.
Trigger warnings will be added for certain topics, like abuse, mentions of SA, bullying, sex, ect.
This is an SAFE SPACE for everyone. Hatred and Bigotry will not be tolerated.
I will not put up with fujoshis/fudanshis. Fetishization of MLM/WLW will not be accepted here.
I might open up writing commissions later in the future. But if you ask for something I said I wouldn't do, I will turn down the commission.
You can send me random asks! I love interacting with you guys!
Thank you for reading this! Requests are open so feel free to ask!!
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drac0nia · a day ago
— 𝐆𝐚𝐨 𝐆𝐚𝐨 𝐃𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐨𝐧
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
im abt to sleep so i need this to get out of my head or i'll forget (yes ik i made a low effort making this shuushh)
yes ik i should be doing rqs but shhh
Tumblr media
Imagine Malleus carrying a gao gao dragon stuffy except it's somewhat.. weird looking; he enters the Diasomnia dorm. His three retainers looked up to him, Lilia being Lilia already guessed what is inside the stuffy.
Sebek ; Young Master! Let me carry the plush within your grasp! Someone like you does not need to–
Malleus ; No. But thank you for offering, I rather have myself do it.
Sebek's voice caused Silver to wake up, he was going to advise Sebek about letting their young master be but of course, Sebek just nagged him. Silver was close to sleeping again until he saw in the corner of his eyes, Lilia was giggling at the plush. He was confused until he saw the Ramshackle Dorm's Prefect on his shoulder wearing a Gao Gao Dragon onesie.
Prefect gave a wave to him and he returned the gesture towards you, Sebek was offended by this so he turned who was he interacting with. His eyes widen to see a human in his master's stuffy.
Sebek ; Young Master! A human is inside of th—
Before he could even finish, Malleus has already reached his bedroom and locked it shut so no one will disturb him. Sebek sighs in failure, Silver goes back to sleep, and Lilia patted Sebek on the back for trying, the old bat still giggled by the situation he just witnessed.
Meanwhile in Malleus's room, he gently laid you down on his bed while he took off some layers of clothing he has; leaving him in his white long sleeve. He laid beside you with a contented smile, not only does he get to cuddle you, you're showering him with kisses.
Tumblr media
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nanamisflowerfield · a day ago
Congrats on your 200+ followers! May i rq hcs abt the twst characters reacting to reader having lady dimitrescu as their mom? (Except she doesn't smell like a corpse and bad yk?) thx and have a nice day/afternoon/night !!
Thank you!!❤️ I hope that I wrote it well for every Lady Dimitrescu fan and twst fan! Have a great day!~
Tumblr media
♥️♠️🍎🎮🤖⚡️🤺🐾 They would be super scared and shocked to meet your mother.
God bless them. Deep down, they know that they shouldn‘t make any bad jokes or any dumb thing. Lady Dimitrescu und her children were super scary people. Blood-drinking vampire-like people. Who knows... Maybe they would even bath in blood and that‘s what would make this guys super scared. One bad move and it‘s over... Even if you tried to assure them, that you will try to protect them, they know that you aren‘t as strong as your mother... You could never do anything...
If they meet her, they will just carefully listen to everything the older and taller woman will tell them. Gulping, nodding and holding their own necks in fear of getting killed by her...
🌹☘️♦️🐺🍩 🏹🗡️ It is your mother. They have to respect the tall woman and have to be nice. No matter what. They love you more than anything and would even walk through fire for you. But now the time to meet your mother has come... If your mother would even tell them how she would kill them, gosh, your boyfriend would get pale pretty fast, but will sit stiff there and nod their head. “Of course. Nothing will happen to your child. I will protect (y/n). Please, ma‘am. Let me date your child....“
🐙🎉 🐉🦇🔮 They would be interested about your family and asks more. Also very friendly towards your mother. I mean, how couldn’t they? It was just so interesting to see that you have such a strange woman as your mother.
🦁🐬🦈🐍👑🖤🐕🐈💪🏼 Not scared at all. Why should they? They are after all stronger than your mother! They can use magic and have their unique magic. No reason to be scared at all, but they will respect and be nice towards her. They still want to see you at the end of the day. You shouldn‘t get grounded by their own stupid mistakes. Even Floyd will try to stay calm for you!
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