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#twin flames
flameontheotherside · an hour ago
The difference between hearing Erik and my thoughts.
It's like when other people talk to you but in my head. Yeah I sound schizo but let me try to explain the best I can. When I began hearing him, I thought I was losing my mind until he would say things would happen and he was right every single time. Especially on things I had no control over which was annoying AF because what's the point telling me if I can't do anything about? Well I realized it was to prove to me I'm not entirely as crazy as I think I am.
For example...
I could be minding my own business and I hear him say something like a line of a song as if someone else is. It would take me a minute or until I Google the words to understand what he's saying.
It's similar to how you remember a song or a line. Only I know or feel the difference so to you it sounds the same, because you're on the outside looking in. Usually I can tell the difference between my thoughts and him talking to me. I can get a song stuck in my head but it's not always him feeding me a line. How I can tell is how I feel when I receive it. To describe what I feel is hard.
So I guess it's not as easy as I thought to explain this.
Another example...
He told me I would become homeless. At first I thought it was anxiety but honestly I had no real control over it. I had nowhere to go. Literally became homeless just a few months later. Of course I didn't realize it at the time because so much was happening.
People say ignorant things like:
If your psychic, wouldn't you have been able to prevent ______?
Not all the time! There are things well out of our control and we are forced to experience shitty shit because it's part of our path. I had no fucking control over my situation because it was part of my path. Trust me, if I had a choice over dealing with hardship, I would have tried, but being homeless proved to be a blessing too! I got to travel and meet interesting people. I even moved clear across the country by myself. Also lived through very eventful and scary situations but I survived when I thought I wouldn't.
A lot of the times, my thoughts are negative or pessimistic.
Erik is always uplifting me and reminding me that I'm beautiful, smart and talented. I usually know it's him because I feel it. It's like a warm wave that makes you feel all nice. I noticed that when I began to hear him because I asked for a sign to help me tell the difference. That's another way I can tell it's him and not my own thoughts.
I hope that I explained this right.
Trust me, as someone who was a skeptic, it's hard to believe in this shit. So I totally understand how some people feel. Now that I'm experiencing this I have a wider understanding and feel kind of like an asshoke for making fun of people like me. My drs think I'm pretty insightful and inspite of all of this, I have a good head on my shoulders. I ask questions and formulate my own oppinions. I don't force people to agree with them. I honestly don't give a fuck. All that matters to me is that in some way I'm helping people.
This is one of those things you won't ever understand until it happens to you. If it weren't for other things that happened to prove I'm not fucking insane I wouldn't be here writing about this. To me it feels wild to go from not believing entirely in the supernatural or God and here I am, doing it. I've lived a remarkable life and I'm thankful for all the experiences I've had.
😘💕 I love yall!
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wordsbyjenpoetry · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
When we give our love, it is precious. We only ever ask that it is nurtured, reciprocated, cared for, and safely tucked inside that of another. When you are holding their heart, treat it as a sacred gift. One that is never to be forsaken or taken for granted. Cherish what they give you to hold. It is irreplaceable.
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allureance · 5 hours ago
Hi! What are your beliefs on twin flames?
Tumblr media
Twin flames are just part ( fragments ) of your soul in another living vessel. It’s rare only those who have an soul mission to help heal earth on an intense level will have one or more parts of their soul incarnated a the same time because there’s so much work to be done. It is my understanding you can have twin flames in other actual vessels or in the form of an actual physical twin which is why twins have that insanely beautiful connection. You can have more than one!!! They are you you are them, you shouldn’t get attached to the romantic aspect of it. TF can be identified as higher level soulmates but not all soulmates are twin flames. I have one he and I are very close we are not currently romantically involved. We are still learning lessons however we’ve learned enough to be able to have steady footing meaning we are aware when one of us needs to dip off to do other things and we can come back together like no time has passed and teach one other what we just learned to help each other grow in new ways we didn’t ever imagine possible. This lifetime I have one twin!!!!! Just the one!!!!! He is me and I am him we love each other very much we are not obsessed with being together we are not obsessed with the connection because when we finally learned what it was and why we acted this way to one another we sat down and truly talked it over set rules and guidelines and promised to always talking things out and never leave things unsaid. Getting here took time, it takes TIME! They are not some magical fix all you may not get married you may not end up on steady footing you may end up hating each other and end up in karmic cycles if the healing isn’t taking place properly on both sides. Karmic cycles aren’t just for karmics you and your twin may have lifetimes of karma you need to work through before you enter calmer waters. Everyone needs to restructure how they see coming into contact with part of their own soul in another vessel this watered down idea of spirituality with this “oh they are your true soulmate” is driving people crazy and causing more karmic cycles than actual healing because you’re healing with the notion it will bring you both together…. Romantically… they may be you but they too have free will and can choose to have nothing to do with you 😐 then what ? you have a mission and that’s to grow and heal so you can help people grow and heal and here you are possibly caught in a cycle of your own creation. This is based off my own experience with my twin! This would be why are are best friends and have unconditional love for one another. Heal in the best way you see fit idk people don’t ever wanna hear the truth they wanna hear whatever gives them hope to cling to something that they don’t even fully grasp 😐 you have abilities and can heal people or pass on information you got from source itself but you’re obsessing over another individual and not respecting the gifts you’ve been blessed with because someone else has all of your energy 🤔🙃 you’re creating road blocks for yourself then wonder why you’re depressed, exhausted, & feeling like your lacking in some areas! Give yourself time & give your twin time! It’s not always perfect every go round 🥰✌🏼
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flameontheotherside · 12 hours ago
Watch "Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie | Lyrics Video" on YouTube
I remember singing this song a lot the first time I dropped Erik in 2012.
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flameontheotherside · 13 hours ago
Watch "Muse - Starlight - Lyrics" on YouTube
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flameontheotherside · 19 hours ago
My Babies
Tumblr media
Rose quartz, Lapiz Lazuli and Amythest 🔮
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wayti-blog · a day ago
Unending Love I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times... In life after life, in age after age, forever. My spellbound heart has made and remade the necklace of songs, That you take as a gift, wear round your neck in your many forms, In life after life, in age after age, forever. Whenever I hear old chronicles of love, it's age old pain, It's ancient tale of being apart or together. As I stare on and on into the past, in the end you emerge, Clad in the light of a pole-star, piercing the darkness of time. You become an image of what is remembered forever. You and I have floated here on the stream that brings from the fount. At the heart of time, love of one for another. We have played along side millions of lovers, Shared in the same shy sweetness of meeting, the distressful tears of farewell, Old love but in shapes that renew and renew forever.
Today it is heaped at your feet, it has found its end in you The love of all man's days both past and forever: Universal joy, universal sorrow, universal life. The memories of all loves merging with this one love of ours - And the songs of every poet past and forever.”
― Rabindranath Tagore, Selected Poems
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flameontheotherside · a day ago
Erik Plays With My P*ssy 😂👌
My cat you fucking weirdos! 😆
Barry is on his 3rd round of medicines and antibiotics. Today a new pendulum came in the mail and I decided to see if Erik would use it to play with my cat. So I dangled my new pendulum in front of him. By the way, Barry has learned how to open doors. Unfortunately our bedroom doesn't lock so we have to put something in the way of the door so he doesn't continually wake us up while we are trying to sleep.
Anyway this time Barry didn't seem to care about playing with Erik. He just watched it swing in odd directions. What I notice with my pendulums is they never move until I direct it to. When playing with Barry, it move is straight lines, not in circles or just up and down. Idk how to explain it. It seems to go up and down in all directions vs the simple up and down or circles. So that was interesting.
I remember a game I played with Erik in the beginning.
When we first began, I made sure the fans and a/c was off so that I was sure the pendulum was moving without influence. Of course I was a skeptic and always believed pendulums were moved on purpose. Even though I had made huge discoveries I still had doubt. Obviously I don't anymore. Soon I accepted that I wasn't moving the pendulums. It was creepy but for the sake of everything pushed that aside.
I would hold both ends of a pendulum or chain and move it like you would see in jump rope. Erik would halt the chain and it would brake the "circle" as if someone pulled the chain out of formation if that made any sense. I would do this several times and it amazed me a lot because it proved to me Erik was real and I was communicating with him.
That's was 5 years ago!
I remember when I couldn't talk to him telepathically, how every day I couldn't wait to talk to Erik. To learn more about twin flames and about our relationship. Back then I'd work and do the humaning all morning and day, come home from work...of course the first thing I wanted to do when I got home was to talk to him but I had other things like playing my video games, watch TV or netflix.
As much as I couldn't wait, I wanted to wait because even now, years later, I know he wants me to lead a normal life so even at the beginning my world didn't revolve around him. I left my conversations with Erik for at the very end of the day. Right before bed. Now, that we have telepathic conversations, there are moments I forget he's even around until he says something funny or wants to warn me about the spot I constantly stub my toe on. I still save my most important conversations for right before bed.
Erik and I watched a doc about Jim Carey and Andy Kaufman.
I'm surprisingly not a big fan of Jim Carey's silly stuff as much. My bf is just as silly and some of the time I just stare at him with a blank face 😶. Guess I've turned into kind of a stick in the mud when it comes to slapstick. When I'm stoned or high it's different story. Last weekend we tripped and laughed for about an hour straight about balls. And the fuck up cracking up over "I've fallen and I can't get up!"
Watching how people were frustrated with Jim Carey on the set of the fillm, I felt thier pain. I would have lost my patience with a method actor like that. When I'm in a serious mood, its hard to make me laugh.. probably not as hard but I would have lost my cool. I'm a huge fan of Jim Carey's more serious roles and comedy without the over kill on the silliness like Fun With Dick And Jane was great. The Mask is way too much for me and Ace Ventura was hilarious as a kid. Not really so much now.
Anyway, it's time for my chit chat with Erik now. 🥰
😘💕 Good night, yall!
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happy-littlegirl · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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star-maiden · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hello! Tumblr did indeed eat your first ask. 😞 Thank you so much for resending! It’s been acting odd on mobile lately. Not sure if anyone else has been having trouble? For some reason, it won’t let me type when I try to answer the ask directly. So, I took screenshots. I hope this is ok!
Let’s see what the cards have to say.
First of all, you have the 6 of cups. This is energy of returning to that which is comfortable and familiar. It’s a card of deep integration and soul-truth. So, rest assured that if you are meant to be together, you will eventually find each other again. Don’t be afraid to follow your path, even if it seems to take you away from him. What is meant for you will always find it’s way.
Next, soulmates and twin flames can be a bit tricky. There are so many different beliefs that people hold surrounding the concept of soul mates and twin flames. So, the way this reading resonates for you will be dependent on what you personally believe. I want you to know this going forward. In the event that my beliefs differ from yours, I want you to please be empowered to take only what resonates from these interpretations. No one can know your heart better than you.
Very generally speaking, it is thought that a twin flame is not meant to perfectly reflect your soul’s traits back at you. A twin flame is equal, but opposite to your form. Your twin flame compliments you by embodying all that you are not. Two halves of a whole. Some say that twin flames incarnate together to teach each other a life lesson. This is why people sometimes say that meeting your twin flame can feel more disastrous than fairytale romance. Soulmates on the other hand, are sometimes said to be many. A soulmate is someone who has been a close companion of yours for several incarnations. These can be romantic or platonic, but a soulmate connection will feel more like someone who fits you perfectly. This distinction might help you in deciding how to move forward.
In the cards, the 7 of cups shows that there are many paths before the both of you. There are many possible futures. You mentioned drifting apart on different paths. This card is reflecting this. You both have a bit of journeying to do before you will be ready for a potential long term connection.
You also have the ace and queen of swords. Both are cards of mental prowess and discernment. These cards appearing together tell me that it is likely that you already know what you want out of this situation, and you may have already decided how to get it. The queen of swords does nothing in half measures. She is decisive and sharp tongued. Not many would dare to mess with her. This can be applied to your situation in that the energy you need to embody is direct. Your communication, both with yourself and others, needs to be clear and concise. The best thing moving forward would be to consider the tone of these dreams. What happens in them? How do you feel while they are happening. This will lead you toward finding your own answers.
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jewish-sk8rgorl · 3 days ago
may 9th, 2021 💐
you’re a canary, i’m a coalmine
hold on til may. hold on til may. hold on til may.
i held on and let go. i saw the crows. i saw the cards. i saw you leave with her. it doesn’t hurt so much anymore. a stab became a pinch.
maybe we were never meant to be. maybe i made it all up. maybe you’ll graduate and i won’t ever see you again. maybe i’ll forget you ever even existed.
i’ll forget your birthday, your eye color, and the paragraphs you used to send me after i had gone to bed.
your dreams, your family, and the way it felt to fit into those.
in any case, that’s the real definition of love.
i loved you enough to let you go.
i loved you enough to turn you to a maybe.
i loved you enough to forget you.
and someday i’ll love you enough to apologize.
and you’ll love me enough to look me in the eye.
we are romeo and juliet without the satisfaction of death.
—lyrics are from i’ve got all this ringing in my ears and none on my fingers by fall out boy
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padme-amitabha · 3 days ago
Anidala Week 2021
Day 4: Modern AU OR Favorite Trope
I have always been fascinated by the concept of twin flames so here’s my AU with twin flames Anidala. A twin flame is a kind of soulmate so this counts as a soulmate AU. 
Half of My Soul
“I feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything.
Maybe we’re from the same star.”
― Emery Allen
I loved you before I met you. I think I have been in love with you for a very long time – since the beginning of time, really. I didn’t know what you looked like and I often wondered about you as a child. I would look around the other girls my age and you just weren’t there. My other half – the missing piece to my soul.
It hurt – just a bit – that you weren’t around when I needed you as a lonely child but I was determined that you would show up some day so kept on looking. And then I finally saw you. Not in school, not in the junkyard I often played in, and not in my neighborhood. I saw you much more closely – in a dream.
In my dream, I worked at a repairs shop but I was a slave. And you were an angel in the form of a girl. You were older than me and it made sense to me then why I had never found you before.
“Padmé Naberrie,” you say and the name resonates within me. Of course, that was your name. What else could it be?
Your name is etched into my very bones and imprinted on my very soul. Everything about you – from your big, brown eyes to the little beauty spot on your cheeks still burned in my memory.
In my dream, you were a queen from an elysian world and it seemed like you descended from the heavens when I met you. I was a mere slave, smitten by your ethereal beauty.
You have haunted my dreams since I was a child. I wondered if I did the same in yours.  
Amidst the crowd of people, my eyes sought out yours. I knew you were the one I've been looking for my entire life. The moment our eyes locked, I felt complete. Whole. Something I have never felt my entire life.
My life couldn't be any better - I am a Harvard graduate in mechanical engineering, I have a loving mother, a friendly stepfather, a supportive best friend and yet life has always been far from satisfying. Was it because I was only half of a soul waiting to be reunited with its missing half?
Your beautiful brown eyes sparkled with a hint of recognition. Your face was as familiar as my own.
I longed to tell you that you looked mesmerizing in that white dress. The rest of the world - this noisy bar - faded away once I had laid my eyes on you. It finally like coming home.
"You're the angel, aren't you?" I whisper.
You laugh and the sound is just as melodic as I remembered it.
"I have never heard that from a stranger," you say with a hint of amusement.
“But we aren’t strangers,” I say.
"No. We've met before," you say with a mischievous smirk. You knew exactly what
“Once upon a dream,” we say in unison.
Looking on you was a strange feeling – I saw a part of myself in you. It was as if the Universe had shifted around me and I had finally discovered my place in it.
"I remember you. Though your hair was much longer when I saw you," you remark.
The last time I saw you (alive), you were miserable. Tears had stained your cheeks and you were been desperately clawing at your throat. And after that, I only had the opportunity to see you in holograms. When you looked like you were drowning in a sea of flowers as six guaalars took you back home. The others were faint images of the times you were happy.
"Last I remember, I was a sad, sad man. You know why?" I asked as I played with a loose strand of your hair.
I know why, Anakin. But I let you finish anyway.
My heart beats just a little faster as I gaze into your solemn blue eyes. There’s a hint of sadness in them. I have seen that look before.
"Because I had lost you."
I gazed at the man I had loved in countless lifetimes. He looked like a lost child. There was a vulnerability in him that I had not seen in most men. He was beautiful as tragedies often were.
How could one feel so complete and lost at the same time?
I remember the last time I had closed my eyes because I was exhausted and it was hurting to stay alive. My time was over, I knew it but yours wasn’t. You were going through so much more pain but you had to live on and fulfil your destiny.
I always had faith in you, Anakin. And I told that to your Master and I whispered it in to our son. He had your eyes.
A small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth for he knew what I was thinking. We had shared a mental connection in our other lives as well.
I laced my hand in yours and tiptoed to reach your ears.
"But not this time,” I say.
Your smile is as radiant as the sun itself. When you smile, you remind me of that little boy I dreamt of.
“Not this time,” you echo.
"What do you say we leave this place and go somewhere more private?"
"I would like that,” I say with a smile.
You tremble slightly and I can tell you’re tipsy. I look at the girls who had accompanied me. I gesture them to enjoy the rest of the night by themselves. 
“I am not letting you drive home,” I say. "Tell me the story of the Queen and the slave boy again."
"You already know."
"I do. But I would like to hear from you all the same."
We found each other again for a reason. I’ve always known we would find ourselves in each other’s arms in the end. Perhaps, the Universe wants to make up for all the suffering it had put us through in the past. Perhaps, this was the happy ending we have always wanted. It was a faint hope but I saw it burning in his eyes as well and we held onto that hope. For without hope, we had nothing.
Odd how a simple word – just some wind, really – was enough to rattle him. Hearing it from surviving Jedi would fuel his rage and brought forth denial if it came from his Master but, when she said it, it haunted him. Her voice could calm him from even the deepest rage. She still had that effect on him, even when she was dead and cold in the grave.
He stared straight ahead, determined not to turn around and meet her eyes. This ghost from Vader’s past from appear at different times in his life – briefly, unexpectedly. Even in death, she had never left him.
Vader had many ghosts and he never hesitated to crush them down for ghosts had no power of their own. They were petty annoyances and reminders of a life he had long left behind. But he happened to love this particular ghost and so he let come and go as she pleased, not quite certain if she was a figment of his imagination.
She would whisper so softly he would wonder if she was there at it. Perhaps it was just the wind hissing.
He didn't respond. During her visits, she spoke very little. On the rare occasions he had dared to look on her face, it was the same pained expression on Mustafar. Her last moments…
He kept his silence, letting his loud rhythmics breaths drown out her weeping. He decided to take a look. After all, her grief meant his grief, and that would make him a better Sith, as his Master wanted.
He expected to see Padmé with braids, her belly swollen – the way she was on Mustafar or a shriveled, decayed corpse as she was in the nightmares that plagued him every night.
But she was just a child – the way he had first met her. She wasn’t looking at him kindly and Vader knew he deserved that look. He was her murderer, after all.
"You weren't like this," she said in her cold, regal voice. It had always fascinated him how a child could appear so authoritative.
He looked away but there was no escape from her. The Padmé that stood before him was in her yellow gown – the way she had been on the meadow in Naboo.
“I knew our love would destroy us,” she said in a kinder voice than the younger Padmé with a hint of sadness. Vader now addressed them both.
"This is what I have become without you,” he rumbled.
"You aren't the same," said child Padmé petulantly.
"Why? Why did you change?" asked the elder. She had the same look she had when she would be frustrated with her work. His Padmé...the one who was his wife would have been gentler. But he remembered she had a temper in her younger years.
"How can I be the same without you? We were two halves of the same soul and without you, I'll never be whole again...I won't ever be Anakin again."
"Without Padme, there is no Anakin. You were me, Padmé. You and I we were the same person. You were trapped by the Republic just as much as I was trapped by the Jedi. We led the same lives. With you died one half of my soul. And now I'm just what's left of me."
The Padmés faded away. Only this time his wife was in their place and she had flowers in her hair.
"Have faith my love," she said as she drew closer. The words sounded hauntingly familiar but he couldn’t remember why. It had been so long…
She put a ghostly hand on his face though he couldn't feel it. He tried to clutch her hand with his gloved ones only to let it pass through the phantom. "We'll be whole, once again. Just you wait," she said as she disappeared into nothingness.
Vader sighed. His other half had proved to be the best thing in his life and also his greatest misery.
Vader never hallucinated his dead wife again but when she did return, she did in the form of a fierce young princess and a young farm boy from a distant planet.
In a different timeline, Anakin Skywalker lay entangled with his wife. She was fast asleep in his arms but sleep didn’t come as easily to him. Anakin always had a hard time falling asleep. The war had made it very difficult to be vulnerable. He knew he was safe at Coruscant and yet he just couldn't let all his worries fade away.
He gently disentangled himself from his wife and watched her sleep peacefully, her curls spread all over the pillow, her expression as soft as an angel's. He paced back and forth their apartment and settled in front of the large windows in Padmé’s apartment. The city never slept but the traffic was less in Coruscant's skylanes at this hour so it was easy to see the stars clearly.
He remembered watching them from his own small hut back on Tatooine. The worlds that had seemed so foreign back then seemed so familiar now. It was the place he grew up in he had trouble remembering.
"Anakin, what are you doing?" asked Padme softly, her eyes still sleepy.
"I’m sorry. Did I wake you?"
"No, of course not," she said as she rubbed her eyes. "You should get some sleep."
"I just can't. It's hard to relax," he explained.
She nodded with understanding as she took a seat beside him. She placed a hand on his shoulders and rubbed it gently. "Alright, then. I'll sit with you."
"You don't have to."
"I want to. It's not that I get to be with my husband every day."
They sat together and intertwined their hands. "Do ever wonder if...we had never met?" Padme asked.
"No. I don't. Because we were always meant to meet. Don't you believe that, angel?"
"I-I do but that's wishful thinking on my part."
"No. it isn't. My connection to the force is so strong I just know we were meant to be together. It has always been our destiny."
"Mhmm," she hummed, "Wonder what destiny has in store for us."
“Whatever comes our way, we’ll face it together,” assured Anakin as he kissed her cheek. The couple spent the rest of the night sitting in comfortable silence and basking in each other’s presence.
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foryourtwinformation · 4 days ago
Upcoming: Celebrity/non-celebrity twin flame pairs
Guys please keep an eye out for my upcoming post. I’m going to be talking about celebrities when it comes to the twin flame concept and if it’s possible for a celebrity to be your twin flame. (Spoiler: yes, it is. However, there’s a lot more to it.)
Recently I’ve been coming across a lot of questions about this and listening to a lot of people’s experiences. I’m going to be explaining what exactly is happening when you start getting a ton of crazy dreams/signs/synchronicities with a certain celebrity.
In the mean time, feel free to contact me if you’re having an experience like this with a celebrity (or anyone for that matter really) and you would like some help understanding what’s going on. I’m here to help if you need guidance. I know all of this can be so confusing. You can send an ask if you want to, but we can also speak one on one through messages as I understand this kind of subject is kind of private.
Hopefully this blog will be of some help to you moving forward in your journey.
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foryourtwinformation · 4 days ago
How do I know I’m in a Twin Flame connection?
Tumblr media
For part two of my posts regarding Twin Flames, I’m going to go through with you some information that might help you understand whether or not you’re really experiencing a twin flame or if it’s something else. If you haven’t read my previous post about what Twin Flames actually are and what their purpose here is, I recommend for you to go check that out first.
So, a few things that need to be mentioned before we get into this. First of all, there is A LOT of misinformation out there on this subject. No, Twin Flames are not just “more intense” versions of a soulmate. No, not everyone has a twin flame. And if you do have one incarnated with you at this time, there’s a reason for it. I’ve seen some people warning against trying to meet your twin flame because it’s difficult, telling people they should settle for a soulmate instead. First of all, you can’t force a meeting with your twin flame or go out looking for them. If you have one and they’re incarnated with you, that means you have a mission in this lifetime. So you will meet only when the time is right. Also a twin flame is not meant to be for fun or just to live out some kind of romantic love story together. Don’t get me wrong, a twin flame is the most intense and purest form of romantic love you’ll ever experience. However that’s just a bonus and not the actual point. You have a mission here, and that’s not something you just pass up on for an easier soulmate connection because it’s “too hard”. You actually can’t resist it even if you tried. And yes, a lot of times people do not end up in union with their twins for one reason or another and they choose to settle down with a soulmate instead. But this is difficult in and of itself and it usually comes after years of trying. In the end, the reason people don’t come into union with their twin flames is because the only way for that to happen is to come into union with yourself first. To harmonize your feminine and masculine energies within you and to focus on yourself and your personal healing. Many people are unable to do this, it’s not easy. But it does not intrinsically mean that the twin flame connection is toxic, or just “doesn’t work”.
Things that don’t necessarily point toward a twin flame connection (on their own)
Experiencing signs and syncs:
A lot of people report having interesting signs and syncs start to happen around a certain person after meeting or developing a connection with them. Things like seeing repeating numbers, the person’s name or birthday, hearing or seeing things that remind you of this person and that seem very unlikely. If you search these things up on Google, you’ll most likely see page after page describing “twin flame signs”. Is it true that these kinds of synchronicities happen in a true twin flame connection? Yes. However, they also happen for many other reasons and it’s important to understand this so you don’t get confused.
One such reason is the law of attraction. Ask yourself first, “have I been thinking about this person a lot lately?” If the answer is yes, it could be that you’re subconsciously attracting these signs and synchronicities about them into your reality. Test it. Think about another person like a friend or family member all day long, then see if things start turning up in your reality about them as well.
If you don’t think it’s the last of attraction and you don’t really think about this person often, there are still other explanations. Signs and synchronicities don’t only show up in twin flame connections but are also common with soulmates, and especially catalysts.
Many people experience very vivid dreams involving a specific person. Sometimes for nights on end. Sometimes the person will tell them stuff in the dream about their life that actually turns out to be true. Sometimes people have dreams with someone whom they never met before and then later down the road they actually meet that exact person they were dreaming about. Can this be indicative of a twin flame connection? Yes! But again, there are other possibilities.
Again, you can have these dream experiences with soulmates and past life connections as well. If you felt like the person was really there with you, they probably were. However it doesn’t mean that they are your twin flame.
Another common sign that people relate to Twin Flames is telepathy. Knowing what someone is thinking/feeling/doing at any given moment or when they aren’t with you physically. Again like the previous signs listed, this happens with all different kinds of soul connections. Yes, you have a deep soul connection that’s for sure. But it’s not necessarily proof that this person is your twin flame.
Triggering/runner and chaser dynamic
Everyone knows about the runner/chaser dynamic between twin flames these days. Yes, it’s true that many twins get triggered after meeting and the running ensues. But this dynamic is definitely not exclusive to Twin Flames.
So how do you know if they are your twin?
I wish there was an easy way to definitively test of someone is your twin flame or not. Annoyingly, catalysts (someone who triggers you before you meet your actual twin flame to “prime” you for your true twin) tend to completely mimic Twin Flames so it gets really tough. But here are the most reliable signs you might want to look for.
This person triggered an awakening within you
Meeting your true twin flame will usually cause you to discover gifts or psychic abilities you’ve never noticed you had before. These gifts don’t have to be only psychic, they can be creative or artistic as well. You might also awaken to a cause or a passion that you never resonated with before, and through this awakening you could find your life’s purpose.
They reflect back to you all the inner work you do on yourself
Your true twin flame will mirror your soul growth. Say you haven’t been taking great care of your health lately. Maybe you’re a smoker and you finally quit. Your twin may never have been a smoker, but they’ll overcome a habit that was equally as bad for them. Maybe they stop drinking diet soda or they’ll start exercising. These are very base level examples but you catch my drift.
This will also reflect in the times they interact with you. Usually if you’re spending every waking moment pining over them and wishing they’d come back, they will just end up ghosting you. Likewise if you start paying attention to yourself and focusing on your own inner growth, they’ll be attracted back toward you and start trying to be in your life again.
Meeting them has caused a lot of rapid growth in your life
This isn’t always fun. A lot of times meeting your twin flame will turn your entire world upside down. But after everything crashes down and the smoke all clears, you realize you’ve actually made a lot of forward progress in your life. Maybe you got out of a toxic relationship with a karmic partner. Maybe you left toxic family, or a job that was stable but that you hated. You may not have had a plan at the time, and you may have gone through chaos for a while. But you came out on the other side having cleared away a lot of negativity and ready to rebuild something that resonates a lot more with your true life path.
You can’t forget them or disconnect from them energetically, no matter how long it’s been
For catalysts and soulmates, you can have a lot of the same experiences that you have with a twin flame. But the difference is that you can cut energetic ties with catalysts and soulmates. At least, the connection will fade with time if there’s been no contact. With a twin flame, your energy stays entwined. You’ll still have telepathy, dreams, and feel their emotions just as strongly as ever even if it’s been decades since the last time you saw each other. This is one of the most tell tale signs of a true twin flame.
I hope this cleared up some confusion for you guys. In my upcoming posts I’ll be explaining catalysts, as well as all the different sub genres of Twin Flames. Stay tuned.
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simplicitydefined · 4 days ago
Twin flame tidbit: The Refining Fire.
I touched on this in my first twin flame post. When we think of our twin we can get caught up in the fiery attraction, the blazing passion, the flaming intensity. We forget that a large part of the fire is for purification of our souls to bring us to our highest selves.
This is what makes twin flame relationships so hard, confusing, and painful. You trigger all of the lower vibrations within us and all of traumas and fears that keep us from being our highest selves. Things you didn’t think are issues (jealousy, insecurities, etc) because they didn’t come up in previous relationships will bubble up to the surface.
Imagine that you are a glass with a mix of baking soda and let’s say flour. If you were to pour vinegar into the glass there would be a reaction right? Even if you’ve forgotten there was any baking soda in there, even if it’s only a teaspoon, when that vinegar hits it will bubble up. It will trigger a chemical reaction. Your twin is that vinegar.
These flames are refining flames, burning true and bright and the only way to have true union, true and stable union, is to allow yourself to be surrendered to the flames. Allow the traumas and fears to rise up and be purged by the divine. Become your highest self. And you both will rise like phoenixes from the ash to usher forward a new life for both of you. You can’t fall into alignment carrying the same traumas and issues. You have to release them. You have to surrender them to the flames.
Sit now and meditate on what is coming up for you. What triggers have shown up since you started this journey? Do you find yourself feeling fear of losing them? Why? Why do you think they’ll leave? What makes you afraid? Now think about where that belief comes from. What past pain or false beliefs did you learn in life? Remember fear isn’t the enemy. In fact fear is trying to protect us. It wants you to run away because it doesn’t want you to feel heartache or any pain. It recognizes the potential for pain and is sending you all kinds of warnings and alerts.
Tell fear thank you, but I have no need for you here. This is my twin, it is safe to love here. Relax and release. Repeat “I am safe” at least 3 times, or until you feel it resonate within. Then say thank you to your guides, angels, ancestors, and universe.
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