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sunoogfs · 24 minutes ago
8 letters | chou tzuyu. (1)
Tumblr media
synopsis. there’s no doubting tzuyu loves you, i mean clearly she’s made it clear. but, for some reason ⎯ she can’t bring herself to say those 8 simple letters to your face.
genre. angst, fluff, established relationship. 
pairing. chou tzuyu x female reader. 
warnings. oc deserving better, mature language, nayeon wanting to kick tzuyu’s ass, tzuyu being terrible at explaining her emotions, nayeon being the greatest unnie/bestfriend, that’s all 🤭. 
⇢  8 letters, why don’t we. 
“if all it is is eight letters why is it so hard to say?”
Tumblr media
“you need to let loose, YN-ah!” nayeon’s voice blasting throughout the silent room, at this point you were drowning out her words. eyes wandering around the room, trying to find the younger girl- to your surprise, she was staring directly at you. she smiled, motioning you over to the seat beside her. you complied, taking a seat next to her ⎯ tzuyu, how do you even put her into words? well firstly, she’s your girlfriend. you’ve been dating her for over a year now, she’s wonderful, honestly. but, there’s something you just don’t understand, tzuyu is a very.. introverted person and no, that’s not a bad thing but, you are the very opposite from that. you always wondered why the “L” word never spilled from her lips, around the third month of the relationship, you were the one to tell her you love her- and she replied with a nod. a fucking nod. you felt utterly embarrassed after that encounter. 
“hello! earth to ms. YN?” nayeon grumbled, waving a hand in your face. you blinked a few times for responding, “yes?” she sighed dramatically, before returning back to her seat.
“thank god you responded, i thought you were dea-” 
“even though i repeatedly told her you weren’t.” tzuyu interrupted, rolling her eyes.
“yeah. but still, i thought you were dead.” nayeon noted, while pulling out her phone, checking the time. “how is it already 1 am? dear lord, i need to go!” she shrieked, grabbing her things.
“me, sana and dahyun, are coming over tomorrow. make sure you look decent, love you guys~” was the last thing she said before rushing out the door. 
you chuckled at nayeon’s antics, she was the oldest ⎯ yet, the craziest. 
you turned your head slightly, getting a good look at the girl beside you. it amazed you how perfect she was, even while doing nothing, she still had this effect on you no one has ever had before. you rested your head on her shoulder, glancing at her phone. 
“are you staying tonight?” she questioned, placing her phone down- giving you her attention. 
“if that’s what you want.”
“baby, that’s what i always want.”
Tumblr media
“if you don’t come, i’m literally gonna drag you.” nayeon whined, pouting at you through the phone. 
you scoffed, “oh come on! anytime i go anywhere with you, you always ditch me, by either hooking up with a guy, getting drunk, or just ditching me for no absolute reason.” 
nayeon gasped as if i just shot her in the heart, “kim YN. you and i, know that is totally not true! i never hook up with guys,” she scoffed, “they definitely aren’t for me.” 
“Im nayeon. you and i, also both know that whether it’s a male or female, you still ditch me.”
“stop saying male! i have never hooked up with a male.”
“oh yeah? what about beom-seok, you were basically head over heels for that guy!”
“first of all, i was NOT head over heels for beom-seok. he was just a good fuck, that’s all.” she resorted, rolling her eyes for like the eighteenth time.
you gave her a “i know your lying but i’ll drop it and pester you about it some other time” look, “okay, yeah, whatever. in conclusion, i can’t come. ‘zuyu asked me out last night, and do you really think i was gonna decline?” 
“liar. you guys just wanna fuck, i’m not stupid YN, neither was i born yesterday.  but, fine. i want all the details tomorrow.”
“yuck! not everyone in this world is a sex-crazed monster like you, unnie!” you groaned, hiding your face in your hands.
“true, but they need to be. that’s why everyone in this world is grumpy and fucked up in the head,” she shrugged, sipping on her drink.
“i agree with that, slightly. don’t get too cocky. but, i actually don’t have a date with tzuyu tonight, i just didn’t wanna go. have a good time, love you unnie~” you sang, blowing kisses at the phone before hanging up. 
‘god, she is such a weird person.’ you thought. 
Tumblr media
“you’re so pretty,” you mumbled into her neck, wrapping your hands around her neck, settling yourself on her lap.
tzuyu chuckled, while rubbing your back lovingly, “if i’m pretty, what are you?”
“nothing compared to you.”
she sucked her teeth distastefully before responding, “i hate when you say stuff like that, YN. why can’t you see that you're literally an angel. a beautiful angel, baby.”
you gushed, “you always know the right words to make me feel like i’m on fire. and i’m sorry, i won’t say it again.”
she grinned in result, “what can i say? i know the exact words to make a lady burst.”
you both laughed in response, a comfortable silence filling the air. well, maybe not a comfortable silence for you. 
you removed yourself from her lap before speaking, 
“tzuyu, do you love me?” 
to say she was surprised, might have been an understatement. and hey, i don’t blame her. if my significant other just randomly asked me that out of the blue, while we’ve been dating for a year, i would have the exact look on my face.
“w-what do you mean? of course i do, YN.” she stuttered, looking at any other place but your face. she knew this day would come, and honestly, she had been dreading it. 
“i don’t know.. it’s just that, you’ve never told me in words. always by your actions and, it just makes me wonder. that’s all.” you sighed, trying to find some reassurance in her facial expressions.  
“i’m sorry, YN. i truly am. but, i just can’t explain it to you.” now it was your turn to be surprised, what the hell does that even mean?
“what are you talking about, tzuyu.” you trembled.
is she leaving you? no. she can’t. why would she, she wouldn’t. right?
“i need you to leave.” she blubbered, tears pricking her eyes. was letting you go really the best option? of course, she loved you more than anything. she would do anything for you, you were an angel. her angel. but, her emotions were betraying her. she couldn’t even defend herself, it was pathetic. she couldn’t let you see her like this. she wouldn’t.
“and go where, huh? where the fuck am i supposed to go, chou tzuyu?” you have no idea where the sudden rage came from, but, you were in no mood to flip the switch back to lovey dovey.
“anywhere but here. get out of my fucking house, kim YN.” you could tell she was trying not to let the tears fall from her eyes, but why the hell is she crying? if anything, your the one that deserves to be crying. 
“baby, plea-”
“get. out.”
you sniffled one last time, while walking to the door. you twisted the knob before stopping to speak,
“i love you.”
she stiffened as she watched you walk out the door. this was her fault, and she needed to fix it.
a/n. i was listening to better by khalid while writing this...
Tumblr media
“seriously! what the hell is wrong with her? she kicked you out with literally nowhere to go, god forbid if something was to happen to you. she’s lucky i was close by, or i honestly would have kicked her ass!” nayeon hissed, circling the couch. you were still numb, your thoughts replaying every second of the argument. this was very unlikely of tzuyu, she has never been like this. and that’s why your so hurt. a part of you really wants you to believe she wouldn’t throw a year down the drain but, the other part of you wants to believe you finally pushed her to her breaking point, and she’s completely done.
you nodded, letting nayeon know that you were still listening. one look at you, and she completely softened. 
“i’m so sorry, bub. i wish there was more i could do.” she mumbled, pulling you in for a hug.
let’s just say, the night was long. filled with anger, sadness and most importantly, regret. 
Tumblr media
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uwu-momo · 47 minutes ago
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"🔥Billboard 200 #6🔥
All because of ONCE😎❤
ONCE💫 comes before TWICE
So Thankful for being 'Always Together'"
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innietiiny · an hour ago
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like/reblog if used or saved ^^
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haticons · an hour ago
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⚘ ⠀twice◜ icons ! please ♡ or reblog if you use_save
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twicepictures · an hour ago
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b000mbayah · 3 hours ago
MLT to do PDA with gf♡
I'd sat nayeon, sana and momo would be rather high in that list.
Nayeon having the confidence that no one else has I feel like she'd be first
Sana being a proud snake would be second
Momo gives me the feeling she'd happily hug and kiss you infront of people because she's just confident in your relationship, making her come third.
I'd say Chaeyoung jihyo and mina are roughly I between confident and timid with the relationship
Chaeyoung would be cute about everything, not caring about the people looking to an extent. Chaeyoung wouldn't do it around her members or anyone she knows due to the teasing the baby cub would gain. She'd be careful, doing almost anything to not become embarrassed on live TV or something. A fourth.
Jihyo wouldn't mind everyone finding out her real sexuality, nor would she mind the bashful comments directed at her, however, the comments directed to you would scare her. She'd only feel comfortable when you reassure her. PDA is the main fuel to this since there are always pictures of you two together, commiting such action. This is to protect you, a fith in my book.
Mina would own the relationship like a boss, at times. PDA isn't something she's comfortable with since the fear of being judged comes into play but other than that she's fine, she just prefers to do everything in private, a sixth..
I feel like last would be Tzuyu, Jeongyeon and Dahyun..
Tzuyu is cold at times, but PDA changes that, making her a sweating mess. Even if she acts all cool she's just a flop inside when you're holding her hand. She'd prefer not to walk like a meme whilst being photographed by people around her. A seventh
Jeongyeon wouldn't want to interfere with your life, allowing people at your university to know you're a (cleaning) God like herself. Keeping this relationship between you two is the best decision for now.. an eighth
Dahyun would be scared of what her parents think, being a Christian and all, dating girls may not be something her parents are particularly impressed of so she'd try to keep the relationship on the low end of the radar. As much as she loves you and the electric sparks she gains from every touch, it's not worth her parents finding out. A dead last on the list.
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twicepictures · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
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