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#twc poetry
my-dragoneyes · 2 hours ago
sawing through the threads suspended
overneath the deep departure.
the maw of the void fulfills me,
but still the words of god looms larger.
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pennywishpoems · 5 hours ago
from the docks
remember sinking under
the influence of summer
when the yellows bounced against
the docks and boats in slips
remember blinking twice
when i kissed you in the daylight
my hands the hue of sunset
caught in guilty footsteps
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lebuc · 7 hours ago
ecosystem of one
* an ecosystem of one with the universe at large, if not the local scrum;
'tis maybe my lot in life to be a shining star & not to be in my locality.
biblical, methinks - this fate, paragon to reprobate - one could say
far be it for me to try and sway the cognoscienti around the way;
i don't - at essence - deem it so unfair enjoying good food, wine, sounds & night air
placated & in place, just listen... when all is said and done
sated - peep the moonlight's glisten out there; here - an ecosystem of one. * 5/21 - lebuc - ecosystem of one
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sharkygiovanna2 · 11 hours ago
has anybody the right
to feel entitled to do something
coz he/she feels a hundred percent
sure you cannot do it?
take education
she claims you know nothing -
she knows
it sounds good to me
but how on earth she can claim
she knows?
leaving no space for negotiation
taking the rights in her own hands
you bet i suffered all these years
she claimed that obedience was all
that matters? Without my consent?
I tell you at first i perished
then i revolted and i parted
I felt , you see, entitled to do so
and i never have regretted it
@sharkygiovanna 2🗿🗿2021
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sharkygiovanna2 · 20 hours ago
mom is kept safely in a cage
in my memory
a cruel woman she was
attracted to punishment
using whips and chains
pa ignored her but he knew
he saw the bruises
the pain in my eyes
but pa was himself a coward
mom insisted on flowers
to show submission
not love or admiration
pa went shopping with me
he looked helpless
just before he died
he asked for understanding
I just couldnot
cut out the crap
and be angry with me
you may
@sharkygiovanna 2🗿🗿2021
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my-dragoneyes · a day ago
Building wooden castles in the mud-
swine trying to keep themselves together
long enough to lend a helping hand.
nothing clean seems to last forever.
I don’t understand what I’m not meant to.
being seem worthwhile while being clever,
Yet it has not saved any of them or you or me- and maybe
no matter what we do the cycle is forever.
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lebuc · a day ago
muddle east
* in the unending hum, the buzz, the hush post-scrum
some ghosts are defending in the stead of those whose heads
remain beneath, deep in the fray; on sheets, slayed in the field
by attending hosts, wielded against those without a shield
or a spout, lying lame & mum no time to speak their piece to come -
before their light's put out - or nigh, peace on fleek in the great by-and-by.
if you're sitting, stop & hold your breath, simulate the stasis of that cold death
imagine how the slabbed-out felt moments before they saw their dreams melt
now tight-lipped, felt-tipped over the places the coroner's knife outlines wounds & spaces,
the cause of death that left 'em bereft & graceless, soon to be lyin' in a tomb
forgotten, faceless.
all this to say that it's no coincidence, the clash o'er land & cash is so immense
enduring through travail & fears - homilies, generations' trail of tears - no anomaly
insane choices derail the seers, visionaries, who query for days in ways quite contrary
their fairy-tale life turned faded, haze fomenting, nixed destiny, malaise incubated  
for a gambler's take - make no mistake, eons will not this impasse break,
alas - religion's code cannot surpass that mother lode ore at critical mass
gone fission, toil & trouble doubled,  unending in-division by the fooling class
leading sheeple from valley to steeple, flipped as our righteous others remain tight lipped... * 5/21 - lebuc - muddle east
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goneahead · a day ago
Friday Fun! Round Robin May 13th
Rules: Each poet tagged writes the next two lines of the poem using one of these prompts:
river, sidewalk, irony, sleep, unless, worship, ember, pattern, green, tender, air, park, mind, reflection, smile
then tags another poet. (If you're too busy, just repost with 'pass' and tag another poet) Poem is done when all the words are used up!
This city sidewalk's a lonely place, While a thousand miles from here
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my-dragoneyes · 2 days ago
Once I thought that anger made me stronger.
I sank my teeth into every throat that spoke.
eventually decided I dont want to be mean any longer,
but it was too late i was already broken.
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maxmundan · 2 days ago
She had no more friends
who could wipe her brow
and wipe her ass
and chop the crystal meth for her
into tiny, little lines
She had no more friends
who could burn her bacon
and call her pretty
and carry her up and down
the stairs when her legs failed
This was her valley story
because her parents were the mountains
and she was sentenced to exile
in the prison of her body
She had no more friends
who could drive her to the market
and drive her out of her mind
and clean up the blood when she
smashed her face on the nightstand
She had no more friends
she could call “fucker”
and “asshole” and “stupid son of a bitch”
after they’d wiped her clean
when she’d soiled herself in the bathroom
This was her valley story
because she’d been a waterfall
but now she was stale, lonely droplets
disappearing in the unforgiving sun
This was her valley story
because she’s lost on the highway
traveling from peace of mind
to sad and pointless death
alone in a room
alone in a room
alone in a room
about six weeks
after the last of her lovers
had ceased
to give a damn
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quaintobsessions · 2 days ago
Ribbon-tied, trailing verdigris with the passage of fervor, your soaked letters pull me in because I intend to build them a slow-smoke pyre;
let them vanish beyond mention of furies and lions, kelpie skins and monster kind. Across time I can feel the candle flame, the delight of lines
making themselves into an image of feathers, of fetters, of an unfaltering heart. There. Fingertips trailing in water, currents connecting us.
Interplay turned from poison into righteous plunder, inviolate, non-volatile, a constant fortified by letting you go:
your changeling skin has set, gone are your name, your frame, your ease with asking questions, with my reading your aim; but my gratitude
is finally the same.
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adamkamerer · 2 days ago
Young brothers and sisters, gather round, listen to the sigh of the earth, to the quiet breath beneath her muddy breast, the day is ending, our tired mother settles down.
We clamber up into her lap, colicky children fighting sleep, hush young brothers and hush young sisters, loosen your small fingers from the green tangles of her hair —
I know
all our bodies hurt but suckle quiet beneath the stars, let her lullaby lull us down, let her blanket us with ivy and petals, listen to the sigh of the night, to the quiet high breath of the wind in the night.
Even nestled in the cradle of her gullies and greenwoods, even nestled in her cool rivers and her sun-warmed dunes, you stir restless, young brothers and sisters, and I stir restless beside you the night grows dark, mother is still,
we lie sleepless beneath the stars with our thumbs in our mouths.
Yes, I know
tomorrow we will wake wounded still, fevered on our worries in the light but listen to the sigh of dawn, young brothers and sisters, to the quiet breath of tomorrow’s crowning, a timorous promise in a small clear voice:
remember wild children, even broken you are radiant.
-- Adam Kamerer
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purgatorypoetry · 2 days ago
and I’m back with broken promises in tow, ships on a rope and hooks on a line I’m back and drawing lines through the waves of your skin I’m tearing tiny bits of myself tiny bits and I’m throwing them in I’m watching them sink I’m floating, I’m floating, I think,
that I’m back as regrets etched in memory as finite masked affinity for the end the endless sea, carry me, prodigal, Sisyphean simplicity explicitly excepted, the gross margins subtracted, operators extracted, finer facts redacted
but I’m back with lip kissing, tongue hissing, teeth missing still spitting venom in alliterated obliteration, destitute damnation sated on the safety of my station, my happiest of faces for the kindest of your graces and the erasing of the traces of my return when,
I’m back, broken, buckled, bent and bowed and bested,
defunct and detested
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lebuc · 3 days ago
* moments.
life's full of 'em each day, every hour...
now the number one can call truly momentous...
precious few.
tho, it only takes one to take your breath away, to change a life;
to make all past & future ones irrelevant.
i recall one - day i met you.
i recall two - days i birthed with you our crew.
now i find myself pondering, wondering...
about... um... uno momento, por favor. * 5/21 - lebuc - momentous
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my-dragoneyes · 3 days ago
still I yearn for Fresh blood
to Wash away these curses.
to bathe my teeth in Sweet Meat
will Clarify my person.
I am not an animal nor Thing with human form.
I am not the beast who sleeps and Dreams of being more.
I more an angel less “fallen” than “entangled”.
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pennywishpoems · 3 days ago
this green thumb comes from
my mother, as if she knew i'd
bloom with spring's buds.
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tinysupergiant · 3 days ago
The space I stare into
Without a footfall to stir me,
you approach at my back;
your whispering concern,
like a tree that falls in a faraway forest.
Your words are silence to me.
A breeze through the moonlight disturbs the
mirror of a still lake.
There is a universe between us;
as if you were talking me down
from Andromeda –
talking me down from the dark matter halo
which rules, with its starlust,
my head
– you whisper a name that isn’t mine
drawing me back from the space I stare into:
in through the four corner window;
in through my porthole eyes,
where I am to be found,
in the daze of a night
that dawned in them.
And you ask me what the matter is
And I tell you, matter of fact:
“I have betrayed my dreams;
I’ll pay my debts to the sky.”
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sharkygiovanna2 · 3 days ago
that cheat May
on the verge of the third week she
suddenly decided to show off her body
which had been wrapped like a xmas parcel
for six months
and i must say she looks gorgeous
her fresh ollivegreen coloured dress looks
inviting together with the springflowers
in pastel lilac, canary yellow and vermillion
red in which she obviously likes to
May just did it again: nature exaggerated by
forcing a change of season overnight and
putting us under its mysterious spell without
asking first
standing at the frontdoor i hear "surprise"!
as if i do not know
May, what have you done to us?
confusing our mood, making us hope for
something that we know nothing about yet:
a warm summer, terrace weather, and
enough time to prepare for what comes after
@sharkygiovanna 2🗿🗿2021
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my-dragoneyes · 4 days ago
This shouldn't make me cry.
I thought this was my best.
I’m not that broken am I?
Should I just give it a rest?
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