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#tw: arachnophobia
house-of-hemingway2 hours ago
Tumblr media
[Artist Credit: @wanderingfaerai]
Tags: HH:Seika
Name Seika Laurence Kaiche
Gender Male
Age Assumed to be 30 years
Height聽11 Feet
World Solace
Species Darkrai/Galvantula Hybrid
Birthday June 12th
Job Bodyguard
An extremely large beast with an even bigger heart, Seika prefers to act more like a saint than a sinner and give hugs and presents to everyone he meets. If they don't run away first, of course. Who says big has to mean scary?
A curse was laid upon a prince for his curiosity, and kindness. It was because of this that he lost his voice and can no longer speak his plead. That doesn't stop him from being the sweetest giant you'll ever come across.
Leaf piles
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ajokeformur-ray3 hours ago
I just phoned dad from my room in tears bc a big spider ran across my carpet and he came to rescue me in less than 30 seconds with a tub in hand and shushed me bc I started panicking asdfghjkl 馃ズ I asked if I was being silly or if it was actually quite big and he said "uhh... it's a sizeable one, yeah" (he had to use an A4 sheet of paper to slide under the tub, if that's any help for sizing images). 馃ズ and then I asked if it was a bitey one and he said "nah, just a house spider. you're fine" I cry 馃槶 BEST DAD AWARD馃挅馃挅馃挅馃挅
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rejectsbynaturea day ago
Halloween Starters: Accepting | @femurhybrid
馃暦 鈥斅犫淎aaaahhhhhh!鈥 Comes Arana鈥檚 response, drumsticks going flying as she puts all of her hands in the air. Her head whips from side to side as she tries to find whatever made the other monster scream.聽鈥...Why are we shouting?鈥
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howboutthatbreadthoa day ago
Ever since I saw that post with a cranberry harvest operation that uses wolf spiders instead of pesticides I have not known peace. I want to see if I can get in some waders and pick berries while covered in non-poisonous spiders bc I've been cool with wolf spiders in general and I want to experience it/see if I can handle it
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whipped-beana day ago
Tumblr media
It took me about a month or two but ive finally finished nightmare au shapeshifter! I had a bit of trouble with the legs but i think it turned out nicely
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cigarettes-n-daisies2 days ago
鉂 : What is your muse鈥檚 opinion about flower crowns?
Tumblr media
He really hadn't thought much about them until rather recently. Not flower crowns specifically, but they wouldn't seem all too terrible鈥攗nless he was forced to wear them.
Then I imagine Daedra's scowling up a storm.
Tumblr media
Thank you as well @sundered-souls!
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cigarettes-n-daisies2 days ago
Tumblr media
鈿 : How does your muse feel about storms? Are they afraid of them, or do they calm them?
While Daedra doesn't mind a distant storm, he's not a huge fan of being soaked through鈥攂ut thunder and lightning are the deal breakers.
Unexpected flashes wreak havoc on his eyes, which are a little more sensitive to bright lights due to their nocturnal make. Thunder causes vibrations, especially when close enough. Which throws his sensory into disarray; it's probably even more than blinding than blinding his eyes!
鈽 : Does your muse believe in luck? How about fate?
Daedra believes "luck" is for people with nothing else to believe in. He doesn't bank on luck when it comes to anything; he's either doing it through some form of skill or sheer determination.
Fate... is a tenuous subject. He loathes the idea of fate; the prospect of it being something out of one's hands is disconcerting to him. He doesn't like the idea that something he has no control over, has so much control over him. But some things in his life have happened... and sometimes he can't help wondering if that wasn't fate at work.
Tumblr media
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morguenecrosis2 days ago
Tumblr media
Bug ass
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outofwebs3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
uh路mei路zuhng 脳 adjective 脳 causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing.
Tumblr media
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nellie-dritz-official3 days ago
Tumblr media
A scorpion for a Scorpio
Doodle for my Mom. Finished it much later than I鈥檇 like, but personal stuff came up that had to be dealt with.
Not the cleanest doodle tbh, but this is one of those drawings where the thought would count, hopefully. And yeah, my Mom鈥檚 a Scorpio.
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st-hedge3 days ago
You know how spiders dismantle their webs before a storm arrives? Well, imagine all the spiders in Hyrule unraveling their webs and fleeing in one huge black tide, and mere hours later, the Calamity erupts from the ground.
Dude I've no idea how u came up with this but holy shit
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cigarettes-n-daisies5 days ago
About Daedra
Tumblr media
Name: ska'Daedra
Alias: Dae
Gender: Male
Age: Eighteen
Species: Grischa (arachnid-esque people)
Zodiac: aquarius / aries / cancer / capricorn / gemini / leo / libra / pisces / sagittarius / scorpio / taurus / virgo / unknown
Abilities/Talents: Web-weaving, spell-weaving, acrobatics, spatial sensory.
Alignment: lawful / neutral / chaotic / good / neutral / evil / true
Religion: Skol'une
Sins: envy / greed / gluttony / lust / pride / sloth / wrath
Virtues: charity / chastity / diligence / humility / justice / kindness / patience
Languages: Eorzean, Grischen
Family: Deceased
Sexual Orientation: heterosexual / bisexual / pansexual / homosexual / demisexual 聽/ asexual / unsure / other
Relationship status: single / dating / married / widowed / open relationship / other
Libido: sex god / very high / high / average / low / very low / non-existent
Build: twig / bony / slender / average / athletic / curvy / chubby / obese
Hair: white / blonde / brunette / red / black / other
Eyes: brown / blue / green / black / other
Skin: pale / fair / olive / light brown / brown / very brown / other
Height: under 3 foot / 3-4 foot / 4-5 foot / 5-6 foot / 6-7 foot/ above 7 foot
Weight: under 100 pounds / 100-150 pounds / 150-200 pounds / 200-250 pounds / above 250 pounds
Scars: The stains over his skin could be considered scars.
Facial Features: Black sclerae.
Tattoos: Blue-black facial designs.
Dogs or Cats?
Birds or Hamsters?
Snakes or Spiders?
Red or Blue?
Yellow or Green?
Black or White?
Coffee or Tea?
Ice Cream or Cake?
Fruits or Vegetables?
Sandwich or Soup?
Magic or Melee?
Sword or Bow?
Summer or Winter?
Spring or Autumn?
The Past or The Future?
Tumblr media
Tagged by: @kri-babe ~ 鈾
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roamngreenwoods5 days ago
went to move a large black spider off of my windowsill and it fell behind my desk聽馃檭 guess he鈥檚 just here with me now聽馃檭 i love summer聽馃檭馃檭馃檭
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gedddylee5 days ago
Big boy spider boy spider guy man
i never check my inbox so i have no idea when this was sent but yes
Tumblr media
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cigarettes-n-daisies6 days ago
What's Your Underlying Motif?
Tumblr media
the coffee
whether it鈥檚 your sharp tongue, your tendency to blow hot or cold, or the familiarity of you, you鈥檙e the coffee. don鈥檛 immediately assume that your undercurrent means you鈥檙e bitter, a common misconception, because people who like coffee always make it work for them. coffee doesn鈥檛 always have to be dark, it can be a warmth that鈥檚 comforting and the first start to a day. you aren鈥檛 nearly as tough as you make out to be, but we鈥檒l keep your secret. you鈥檙e a constant, won鈥檛 ever go out of style. not everyone鈥檚 taste, but what is these days? an unknown quote reads 鈥淚 like drinking coffee alone and reading alone... I realize that even though I like being alone, I don鈥檛 fancy being lonely鈥 remember you don鈥檛 always need to face things yourself, there鈥檚 a reason people suggest 鈥渃offee?鈥 when they want to spend time together.
鈥 馃暩锔 鈥
Woooow. Wow, Dae. They called you oooout. This is very accurate all-around for our spooder. He's always putting on a tough act, partly out of necessity鈥攂ut he's not all sharp angles and edges. Someone soft and breakable is suffering in there.
But like the coffee they describe, he's not always one facet. Sometimes, with the right company, Daedra can shed some of that solemnity and be warm and genuinely playful.
Tumblr media
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