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#tw murder mention
binch-i-might-be · an hour ago
John: If anything ever happened to Alex, I would never be able to forgive myself :/
Washington, patting his shoulder: Ah, don't worry, son, that won't be an issue. If you ever let anything happen to Alex, I would murder you before the guilt could reach you :)
John, sweating:
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igcttabe · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
aria didn’t want to be the wife that ran after her husband when he came home LATE, however, tonight they had plans and she had NEVER known him be this late to a date night before. the food she had cooked had been sat there an hour growing cold, it reminded her of then night logan came for her… it felt like THAT night and on that note she was in her car and driving before she had the chance to even acknowledge what she was doing. something was WRONG and the longer she drove the more she convinced herself of that. aria had her gun tucked in the back of her jeans, she hadn’t been completely UNPREPARED but it wasn’t like she had ever had to use it on someone before. however, she would if someone had hurt will? she would do more than use it alright. “WILL?” her voice echoed around the empty building, all she could do was follow the only source of light and hope this was some stupid joke. when she saw the body on the table she thought it was him, she didn’t know how she managed to rush forward to check because it felt like she couldn’t BREATHE. it wasn’t him but oh my god, what the hell was this, now she felt the tears springing in her eyes as she leaned over the table slightly to check he was breathing. “hey, if you can hear me? it’s okay, I’ll be right back for you I swear but first I have to find my husband. HOLD ON.” her words a hushed whisper, unsure if the guy could even hear her from the STATE of him, he definitely wasn’t conscious but she would come back for him.. once she had found will safe and alive because he had to be, HE HAD TO BE, she couldn’t imagine a world without will in any more and she didn’t want too. it was the movement out the corner of her eye that had her pulling out her gun, hands shaking as she stumbled backwards but kept the gun pointed in the persons direction. just focus on will, don’t focus on the creepy damn mask, just focus on getting will. “WHERE IS HE?” her hands were shaking but she could take a shot and she would if they gave her NO other choice. “WHERE’S WILL? you know exactly who I’m talking about!” taking a daring step forward because if he was in this poor guys condition then she had to get them both out and now. “if you’ve so much as laid a finger on him i swear to god i’ll shoot you! I’LL DO IT!” her voice did break as she took another glance at the poor guy who was… oh my god? they had strapped him down to that table? she felt SICK. if she had ANY cell reception the police would already be here but she’d already checked and nothing. “did you hurt him? DID YOU?” the tears that had been pooling in her eyes now ran steadily down her cheeks at the thought that will could be hurt or worse. aria aimed her gun down at his legs, she’d blow both his kneecaps if he didn’t answer her as she took another step forward. “ALL I want is my husband and then we’ll all get out of here and you, you can go.” did she mean that? if depended on the state of will when they led her to him.
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nastyspin · 8 hours ago
@lcvariposeri​  :  "I know that look. You're going to verbally murder that setter again, aren't you?" ( Komori ofc )
Tumblr media
was  it  the  increasing  grasp  on  leather  encapsulated  volleyball,  or  the  glare  that  could  probably  make  a  small  child  (  or  adult,  really  )  cry?  either  way,  to  the  innocent  bystander,  it’s  really  not  all  that  different  from  sakusa’s  oh–so–friendly  usual  demeanour.  family  knows  him  better  than  most,  apparently.  stupid  komori  and  his  ability  to  not  miss  anything.
❝  i  don’t  know  what  you’re  talking  about.  ❞  though,  he  does,  in  fact,  know  exactly  what  he’s  talking  about,  considering  the  snide  remarks.  ❝  his  team’s  the  one  who  have  to  deal  with  him,  not  us.  let’s  do  some  more  drills.  ❞
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hol up
i missed that memo
story please??
we had a sociopath anon that shot someone, it was assisted sewer slide
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thesecretsister · 13 hours ago
//You know I think that I’m going to make it canon that Marsha has killed 6 abusive fathers in the past (as mentioned here).
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ace-with--a-mace · 14 hours ago
honestly if there WERE to be a real life musical-hivemind-inducing spore that started in a small town in the middle of nowhere i wouldn't necessarily oppose it
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sulkerbox · 14 hours ago
the reason tommy hates ranboo is because he pushed tommy's mother off a- [gunshots]
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a-dreamingflower · 14 hours ago
White, both blues, and pink.
White - 'i would be concerned if someone gave you a knife'
SDHGJJAHHAKK LMAO /lh but yea i mean you should <3 /lh /hj
Both blues ~Dark blu - 'you are so cursed'
so true bestie <3 /lh
~sky bluee - 'i will kill anyone for you just ask'
um??? thank you :> but i dont think i want you to be a murderer mate-
pink - 'go to sleep dumbass'
listen, its 6 am, i just woke up lmao but i would like that to be fair /lh
anyways, thanks for the ask! :D
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theoreticallyjasper · 15 hours ago
jasper. jasper what do you call a murder case that involves an unknown killer and a hot old woman with kids??
a..murder milfstery
was the milf the one murdered tho
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thesecretsister · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
“I wasn’t talking about killing him. The thing is that my dad resides in the Nightosphere and he can only leave if someone summons him elsewhere. But the thing is that he’s also all-knowing. So, I guess that’s how he knows about where I live and what my phone number is. That’s what I meant about being rid of him.”
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nanasparadise · 18 hours ago
Yandere + Darling playlist
Hiya everyone! I’ve seen some people here on Tumblr do playlists for certain characters and I thought to myself ‘wow, what a fun idea’! So I decided to do something similar. I looked for songs I like and checked, if their songs could potentially be seen through a Yandere or Darling lense (or both). I hope you enjoy this! 
Disclaimer: Some of the songs have no specific interpretation and some do. For those who have one, I’m not trying to undermine the original intention/meaning, I merely wanna show you a different perspective. 
TW: mentions of murder, mentions of cheating, mentions of abuse, mentions of Stockholm Syndrome, mentions of the police, mentions of an epileptic fit, mentions of emotional manipulation, toxic relationship, MINORS DNI
“Breezeblocks” by Alt-J
The lyrics and the music video are pretty self-explanatory.
“Figure It Out” by Royal Blood
The music video implies yandere-ness, the lyrics less so (but honestly, the guitar riff alone is worth listening to the song).
“Midnight Show” by The Killers 
This one is one of my faves because I’ve never really payed attention to the lyrics until this year and then it hit me like a truck. It’s about the narrator (do you say that as well for songs?) killing a woman, probably their girlfriend or the woman they pined for, out of jealousy (cheating is implied) 
“Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine” by The Killers 
This song is actually a continuation of “Midnight Show”. Here, the narrator has been caught by the police as they try to make them confess for their crime. 
“Always Forever” by Cults
You could just see this song as a sweet romance between two lovers or you could take the yandere route.
“Kiri” by Monoral 
First of all, ever since I saw Ergo Proxy, I fell in love with this song! Secondly, I can’t say what makes this tune yandere to me, it’s just vibes honestly, so check it out and see it for yourself!
“Sparta” by Monoral
Again, I love this song and again, it’s just vibes.
“Blind” by Placebo
Ah, Placebo, my beloved <3 The lyrics of this one are quite sad and they remind me of a desperate and clingy kinda yandere.
“Stockholm Syndrome” by Muse
I mean, the title already says it xD. But funny enough, the lyrics never indicate that ‘Darling’ succombs to Stockholm Syndrome. 
Just like many other bisexual Europeans, I’ve fallen for the Måneskin craze lmao. But for real now, the lyrics aren’t particularly yandere, but you could see them as a yandere being desperate to both please and dominate their darling. 
“Creep” by Radiohead
This song is the ultimate yandere tune. You can’t change my mind. 
“Me And My Husband” by Mitski
This song just breaks my heart, honestly. It’s about an unhappy marriage (maybe even potentially abusive) and ‘Darling’ in this case has to pretend that everything is fine, even though they feel hollow and broken inside.
“Fahrradsattel” by Pisse (you can find it on Soundcloud)
Okay, this one is a wild take. I personally think this song is a metaphor for marriage. Marriage is portrayed as restraining and negative though and ‘Darling’ would prefer to be in a more open relationship. But again, this is my interpretation, because virtually, the lyrics don’t make much sense. My fellow German-speaking peeps or anyone who wants to philosophise with me (there are English translations of the song), be free to tell me your opinion!
“E.V.O.L” by Marina and the Diamonds (you can find it on Soundcloud under her former artist name, that’s why I used it here)
This is about a toxic relationship, pretty self-explanatory.
“Kiss With A Fist” by Florence + The Machine
This song is perfect for a darling, who doesn’t accept the yandere’s abuse and fights them back. 
“Can’t Pin Me Down” by Marina
Again, also matching for a darling who doesn’t take the yandere’s bullshit.
“She’s Lost Control” by Joy Division
My favourite Joy Division song <3 it’s actually about a woman having an epileptic fit, but I think you could also interpret the lyrics to represent a state of mind rather than a physical state. In that case, it would definitely match with a desperate Darling’s well-being (or rather lack of it). 
“Blue Monday” by New Order
The lyrics are pretty open, so I thought they could also apply to a darling, who’s getting emotionally manipulated by the yandere and they wish to be gone from them. 
“The Bitter End” by Placebo
I reckoned the lyrics could both apply to a darling, who gave up fighting, or a yandere, who’s very desperate to keep darling by their side, even though they see their darling slipping away from them. 
“I’m Not Calling You A Liar” by Florence + The Machine 
Again, this song could be interpreted through the lense of the darling and the yandere: ‘Darling’ is broken by the yandere’s abuse and lets them do whatever they want as long as they get their affection or the yandere is so desperate for their darling, they’d try anything and let them do anything to them. 
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laurclparks · 19 hours ago
closed starter - @immcrtalsx​ ( laurel & miles )
Laurel had been avoiding Miles for a while. Since the attack, Laurel had tried her best to keep her distance. It was a Kaleb bloodline werewolf that nearly murdered his girlfriend, so she thought that he probably didn’t want to see her. Laurel didn’t plan to run into Miles while she was on a run, trying to get all her emotions out. They felt like they were on overdrive, which usually ended in a crash to a depressive episode, or a panic attack. Running into Miles left her speechless. She didn’t mean to go radio silent on him, but she did and now she had no idea what to say. “Miles... hey,” she said.
Tumblr media
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grxndcyphcr · 21 hours ago
『H E A D C A N O N:   S E O X』
Tumblr media
((Having finished reading through See.ds of Red.emption, I’m here with a few thoughts on Seox.
((Seox doesn’t readily accept help from anybody. After having murdered his entire clan by his own hands, Seox had nowhere to go and nobody to turn to. Until he met Danchou’s dad, who took him in for a time. And since then, as Seox puts it, there’s always been “somebody” for him, “somebody” to guide him and take his hand whenever he’s lost. Be it Seofon or another of the Eternals or Danchou and their crewmates, Seox has always had “somebody” to guide him on the path of life.
((He says this p much word for word in the event, but it’s because of this that he feels he’s privileged. Maybe too privileged for a murderer. His own redemption came too easily, he feels, and it’s because of all these people who will literally and practically die for him. And so, since Seox was responsible for the events that happened all those years ago, he feels that he should pull his own weight and forge the path to his redemption by his own hands. It’s not that he’s ungrateful for having so many people ready and willing to help him after his roughest time, but that Seox feels they shouldn’t have to do all the heavy lifting. As the saying goes, “change begins with one’s self”, and he’s taking those words to heart.
((But given his pretty stubborn nature, this does end up as him being insistent on doing things alone. But to be fair, he’s only opened up to the Eternals and to Danchou, Lyria, and Vyrn, and of them, only Seofon and the latter three he feels a much deeper connection. It’ll be a bit tougher to crack his shell if you’re not one of those people, but he’s not that averse to making new bonds and relationships. 
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bcssbitchs · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
matt was TRYING to do a medical assessment on himself to check how badly he was hurt, it also kept him FOCUSED on something that wasn’t the terror that was beginning to work it’s way through his body. IF this was the same guy then matt had seen first hand the type of DAMAGE he liked to cause — ripping peoples tongues out, pouring hot wax all over peoples face till they suffocate? THOSE thoughts did nothing to calm his hammering heart but hey, at least it was still beating and from the little he could see and do… well, he didn’t seem badly injured. YET. he didn’t see the kick coming so he had no time to BRACE himself for it as he hit the ground, a slight wheezing sound as he tried to take in a breath seeing as the force had hit him in the chest. “DONE WITH WHAT?” did he even want to be able to focus his eyes to see what the other was doing, he could see him more clearly now, well, the creepy as fuck mask as he sat up, making NO attempt to get back to his feet though. the mask was how HE KNEW this was the same guy or at least it was what gave him the indication he was in deep shit here. “what the fuck, man? I’M… I’m a doctor. I’M NO COP.” and he’d ALWAYS make that clear, not that he had an issue with cops, of course not but being mistaken for one after the GRIEF he got from his parents growing up. although, he was pretty sure he’d been taken from the hospital under ground car park but it was fuzzy, he couldn’t remember details like that right now with EVERYTHING else going on. “ALRIGHT, alright. i’m down!” bringing his hand to his chest as he tried to control his breathing, he was just winded, that was all or that’s what he was telling himself. “she’s…” his blood ran cold, how did he know? NO ONE knew, had he been at the hospital. “she’s not my girlfriend.” because she doesn’t want to be and he got it, why would she want to be? “YOU BASTARD!” it would ALWAYS be a sensitive subject and yes, the fact they were talking about angie didn’t help that but also he’d been there to help her… he’d seen what this asshole had done and he’d fixed it. who would fix him? his hands pressed hard against the floor because sure, he was contemplating getting up and TRYING to break this bastards jaw for hurting the girl he… LOVED? “leave her out of this, you fucking coward. TO SCARED to face me?” matt didn’t think he was but this guy has ALL the advantages, matt wasn’t sure he could even stand up again yet…. NOT that he’d gotten fully standing before the kick had sent him back down the first time.
Tumblr media
HE HAD BROUGHT THIS UPON HIMSELF, just as will believed, because.. of FUCKING course he had. no, he didn’t usually target any kind of cops but as of now, will wanted to send a message. he was going to send a fucking message - maybe he’d dump this idiot’s head or even his hand on garza’s desk, so she’d know. she was going to be next and then, everyone else who had dared to come back, when he made sure they were fucking DEAD the first time around. with everything that they had done? well, they deserved fucking dying, that was for sure. and yet, this poor idiot? well, like he claimed, he was a doctor, he wasn’t a cop, but he was so tangled up with them that he might as WELL have been one. “YOUR FATE. brought this upon yourself, doctor boswick. if you had stayed on your own, little corner, none of this would have ever happened. but no, you had to go and get tangled up with these people. do you even know how many lives your brother destroyed? ANGIE? oh! ain’t even going to talk about that one - she should be in prison or worse. don’t worry, though.. I’LL HANDLE HER, after we’re done here.” he wasn’t worried about the other recognizing him or anything in the slightest - the pig mask was never going to leave his face and it muffled his voice very well, as it always had and.. even if not, he was just a rookie. detective mark hoffman’s partner! a good man, with a family and now, with a wife.. NO ONE would ever look at him. he had made very sure of that. “oh, i know. THIS ISN’T ABOUT WHAT YOU DID. it’s about sending a message.” last time, he had started with this idiot’s brother and.. yes, even if he would get there soon enough - now, he was going to start by taking someone that both boswick and garza loved. someone important to them, just like they had taken his father from him. AN EYE FOR AN EYE.. in a way, justice was finally being served. his father had been an innocent man and yet, he had been shot to death, because of article fucking eight. it was only right that now, he took someone that they loved, as well. “GOOD. fucking stay down. i can make this a hundred times worse for you if you don’t fucking listen to what i’m saying - so.. STAY FUCKING DOWN.” he tightened the restraints on the table in front of him - the one that he was going to put this sorry, fucking asshole on, very soon. “THAT’S FUNNY,” and will found himself laughing, thanks to how much he fucking despised these people and if this idiot was about to die brutally, he could very well thank.. well, everyone he had ever known. “OUT OF CURIOSITY - you do know she’s toying with you, right? she doesn’t fucking love you, man. she doesn’t love anyone but herself - not you, not banks, HER. although, i suppose it doesn’t matter - you’re dead, anyways. at least you know why now.” will shrugged, almost as if he was anxious to get this over with, because.. he was. he wanted nothing more than to be able to get out of here - message loud and served - and to be able to pick up some flowers and some take-out for his wife, so they could enjoy the rest of the night. no doing that until he was done here, right? “oh, quite on the contrary. I’M FACING YOU RIGHT NOW. not that you can do anything about it.” will stopped right in front of the other - not that he could see it, of course, but.. he was there and as of now, he was starting to get fucking pissed off. kicking the other in the ribs, just so he would fucking shut up, will had to sigh. he didn’t like violence, but.. this? well, these people were so fucking insufferable he lost his cool right there. “still, though, did you listen to a word of what i just said? TSK, TSK.. she doesn’t fucking love you, man! i mean, from what i heard of the little lovely chat you two had - she sounds like she tolerates you, not like you. AND YOU’RE STILL WILLING TO DIE FOR HER?” what an idiot. “bad fucking move.”
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binch-i-might-be · a day ago
hello what's up fic-reading anon is back again
by the way I all of your Hamilton stuff except for the porn and it was amazing. i love trans alex
hi friend :)
Tumblr media
ahh thank you <3 I love trans Alex too :')
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Okay, so I did a murder mystery today and I was the killer, and after the fact @raetheorygal compared me to Charlotte Bronte (from Poe Party). I just started watching Poe Party the other day, but I have never been more honored. Also Rae makes the best memes about these murder mysteries. They are giving me life. 
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morbidgrl · a day ago
clownwork asked: 🔴 xoxo
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
11. your muse helping my muse clean blood off of them.
She's stuck in deep thought as Sebastian helps her clean off,finding it hard to focus on the moment,she blanks out. She really did a number on one of the contestants they had kept alive and her father wanted her to do the honors since they'd given her a hard time and tried to harm her. - nobody fucked with Scout Murder and got away with it,her father made sure of that and got the others on board to do their worst in her honor.
Once she made the first whack,she didn't stop,and that resulted in her being covered in blood,it soaked through her clothes,soaked into the corpse paint she was wearing for the occasion,and soaked platinum locks as if she'd just dyed it red that day. She hasn't said anything since he took her to her trailer,which wasn't too far from his,and was the first one on the scene after she'd come in for the kill - seeing her still whacking the dead man. She sighs heavily,just sitting there letting him do his thing because he wasn't taking ''fuck off'' for an answer.
❝You didn't have to drag me in here,you know. I was still at it,for a reason. I wanted him deader than dead,Seb. He fucked with the wrong girl,look where that got him. I-I don't know what got into me back there...❞
Tumblr media
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bcssbitchs · a day ago
Tumblr media
ANNIE CRESTA COULD STILL REMEMBER EVERYTHING THAT HAD HAPPENED TO HER. it would have been impossible not to, given that no one exited the games completely unscarred and.. as of now, annie hadn’t been one of them, that was for sure. the ONE good thing in her life had been finnick and even that had been taken away from her, and.. currently, the only thing holding her in place was her son. the one that she had named after finnick - LITTLE FINN..  was always with her, no matter wherever she was going, because she didn’t trust anyone enough, in order to feel COMFORTABLE to leave her son with them. currently, he was walking by her side, as annie moved through the crowd, keeping her eyes down, moving as fast as she could, because.. even if she loved her son with everything that she had, she couldn’t help it but remember a time where it had been finnick’s hand that she was holding. he had been taken from her and.. NO, she couldn’t do this here. not in public. for a moment, ANNIE stopped where she was, trying to catch her breath, but.. given that she had stopped in the middle of a public sidewalk, still clutching LITTLE FINN’S hand, it was impossible to not end up bumping into someone. “i’m.. I’M SO SORRY.” she muttered, too terrified to even look up, because.. who knew who would be there, waiting for her? NOT THE ONE PERSON SHE WANTED TO SEE. he was never coming home to her. EVER.
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